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GRANITOID SIDEWALKS. I A. R. APPLEGARTH , CIVIL ENGINE ER & CONTRACTOR. RIVERHEAD , N. Y. 31 W. Main St., - Patchogue , N. Y. TELEPHONE , 82K. :' .l PATCHOGUE , N . Y. CHICKENS IN THE SUMMER. The Best Treatment for the Flock in Hot Weather. . The chickens should always have a good dry bed to .stand on , as a wet or damp bed breeds disease and the ohiokens soon become weakly and sick and then die . They should have wate r constantly before them and should be fed at regular hours each diy, not less than live times. Light bread , dutch cheesa or cora bread is prefer- able for chickens until they are two or three weeks old when they may be fed cracked ka9r corn or ground corn When chickens run with 8 hen and get lice and mites , on them, they s ' liouid be greased on the head ind under the w.ings and tail with butter mixed with a little penor oil. This should be done as soon or even before the chick droops its wings , probably once a week. As the chick- ens grow , they should be allowed plenty of good loose ground to scratch In. Iu th' s way they can make part of their own living. As soon as the young cocks get large enough to weigh a pound and a half or two pounds they should be caught and sol d, as ,i't does not pay to fee<l them after this time. Some of the finest of the flock may be kepi to take the place of old ones. WAK ES WE IGHT. MAKES BULK. Wilbur ' s Stock Food puts more f»t on the f-tork and on tlie poultry boca\i«e It supplies ;iu< -t what the comiron everyday fattening **rds flJJ Jack, An animal can divert and ut>e all the fond *»t\n Jf the Tood J3 perfectly balanced. If It {* ¦ not balanced It eats tlie same or more and digests only part of it. All Undigested Food Is Wasted. Wilbur ' s Stock Food balances up the feed , r. 'rplU's* all that ordinary Ki-alns and meal;* li rk , andciiiiblpsthe animal TO DIti KST AND VSE ALL ITS FOOD. If von keup their appe- tite and dilution rijrlit Vftft Wilbur ' s Stock 1' inid and Ktve them plenty wf good fetvi , the fcMmaltt will do the rest . Money Back If Not Satisfied. B CALL TOR FNtC IAMPLI . I K, L. WHITTAKKR , W O BmrnMimmMW ^ymmFSBam firiftin Avenue. Kiverlieud, N. Y. Second Houst* North of Railroad , We>t NH<\ ADvmi^E 'lz- r iis C olumn, ^mir needs will reach those who are seeking. B3 PITHY POINTS. v«J Many a rich man has nothing but sympathy for the poor. If tis ' .i could talk anglers would liave to revise their yarn ' s. A summer girl' s idea of economy is to make one hammock do for two. Competition works both ways. It is either the lite or death ot 'trade. Som e men would rather tell agree- able lies than the disagreeable truth. inline men are unable to stand up for their rights beciusd their wives sit >i\ them. When a uacli e ' .or- has more money • _han he can spend he siuuil anno: a wife. Don 't be too molest. Because of its modesty the lowly violet is frequently trampled under loot. Possibly yon may have obser' cd that lots of ^irls marry during ie.ip year who never marr.ed before. Experience is a great teaclur . 1ml there are some conceited men who imagine they can teach experience. Wm. H. Preseott' s Unique Way of ; Forcing Himself to Work. Rollo Ogden . In his brief and very readable biography of William H. Prescot t . the historian , cites many passages fro m the diary showing Pres- ent ' s habit of flogging himself to Uis work by making wagers with his sec- retaries that he would complete a given task by a certain day, the odd: ' , always heavily agaiusc himself. \Pres- cott always i.Si!< the betting on his own industry with perfect seriousness. Sometimes he wou 'd radiantly greet Ills secre.ary with 'You have lost. ' You owe me a dollar. ' And he would exact payment. Occasionally he would with wvbegone countenance , produce and pay over to the protesting secretary I the $20 or $:!0 he himself had lost. \ I One elaborately mad e memorandum witnesses that a bet of %l to Soil had j been made \between R. B. Otis and j William H. Prescott . Esq.. the latter i betting $50 that he will write 100 I pages of his 'History of Peru ' in tOG ! days. \ V/ROTE HISTORY ON A BET. | LADDERS. Have received a cur load of firt<t. class ladders in lengths from 10 to 111* teet. We offer them ut 10 cents per loot. Now is vour opportunity to He- cure ladders at alow figure. Have an assortment of Step Ladder* from .5« . to *1. Extension Ladders up to 40 feet at attractive prices. South Bend a»d Syracuse Plows. $».4S. South Bend and Syracuse Plow repairs in stock. The McWoiterhand Seed Dril l $!U)0 . This machine \ill not clog in trashy ground a,ul nas forc<i feed, come and see it. We sell the Six Row Perfectiou Sprayer ; this machine will handles the Lime , Sulphur anil Salt Solution successfully where others fail. As a fruit tree sprayer it has no superior. John E. Yo ung, Roinoke A ve. RVERHEAD. YourJIeart. When Your Heart Fails to Pump Your Blood , Trouble Results. Have you heart trouble? Ton h. -n-e , if you find it hard to breaths after walking up stairs, exercising etc If you have pain in your l..ft ;:,!. . m chest , back or shoulder. It you iutf r from cold extremities , pile j a ,. , . . \ lllua lips , dry cough , swollen ankles. If you have faimins s].-lN b- , ., .xi pang:, palpitation . ;,.,;„..„ ,„ • , :... j^ . ' discomfort i n sleeping J>;! ,„,„ , , . ' , '\ ' ' ' ' T 1 only scientiiie tv-atm. \ • ' ¦ \ ¦ ¦ .] ¦ • . ¦ , whole train of irouiil-s i.i {„ ¦ ' y ' . '\ New Heart Cure. ' Dr . MiW y. „. ,, . _ \ pi-MCripiioh' of a ' r.I•>- . . \ > ¦ :j . . . whose great suc' ws j. . t , nate nervous heart , 1. *,,.-, . ' ; name pre-minem ]„ t ; ' . !' . ';„ ' , , \' . , ' ' ' j) scientiiie world. Tiie medicine will r- . - . r- . . , . - , . , ,,- . .. .. , It. We want you t ,, . . , ,,. . . , . , ,, ., , bottle «„..„ not ,„.,„. . : . ' ../. ' . ' - \ rl ' will give you back yo'i r moR. ' s- \ '' \I have for sev.., : ; .. . ../ ... ' .. . „ , ,. times wbi, ,„,,..< t ;. , ; - ¦¦ < =~ ..., ; r ,1 at *>..- ¦¦ - 1 ' ... .a.i n.,t ^1,., . . , . . . ' <= ¦ - ^- o and had x „ pn 1,, ,,. ¦ , ' J, ,! - ! ' e ni^ht , bed I DIS of tim- , \ >,, ' . : , \ , ' • v \ \ f tim O f IK iir.iihe 'i l ,, V '' , 1 \ •'\' ¦ Thren ble . and 1 tlmus-llt i \ w^ ' e ' .o, \\ . ' . \ '' ' ' •\' ¦ \ way, but j.bont t...« f. !1-% tiifi sim.i aso 1 sot fc mmh'.fV!!; 1 ¥ lt y= ! \« New Heart Cure ; , ' 1 \ ut Dr - M»c- ' try a few bottles \ vft r^ \ \ 1 ™°<>M recovered , and have 1,. 1 V K ' . n? n,em [ since then than b Jnr» j \ ,,tor beaitli I can lieartil \ ? ecrmm \V ? evoril1 y ea ™. trouble. \ - -i;|. -v lt jPSV, '\' 1 th\m for heart Baytist Clnu-i.),; iV , :il u K . HLKT . Pastor .. 'f ^K^^~pi^y r 7T^rM Pain Pills , the NLS' O 0 , \ ' «\« ' Antl- for Pain. ii s0 L \ a * Sclemiflc Remedy Specialist will dl?££, ptom E!anic - O - \- - you what to wron ~ en ° s f >' ou r ease, teU Free. D R •?f&S nd ,?SK, to right it. \BOIUXC ^ '^l i^^A^O, mm LIFE INSURflftGE CO., of Hartford , Conn., Issues Policies with the following IMPORTANT' FEATURES . Incontestable. Paid-up Values Automatic Extended Insurance. Cash Surrender Values. Grace of 30 Days Allowed for Payment of Premium. Quinquennia l Cash Dividends. Life Polices Mature as Endowments. 6te H. Howell & Son , General Agents, RIVERHEAD , N . Y. C. E. BUNCb \ F Y\ -^? ' * ~ * ' ' . \JSJ^ ftjff ^\ \ ' ' ¦¦ ^^>*3S g|^^B| O^^^S|E^^»-g \ • - . - \ ¦ -• - VtB j Kn^^^B fe seMM fj M iJ BBtyvff^*^' - ' iE—Li J ^^^B PLUMBING i — ¦ ¦ This is the time when your plumbing should be overhaul- j ed and put in proper condition j This is the best time for best work- We are read y to do your work and anxious for your satisfaction. We believe in the persistentl y good kind and won 't be satisfied with any other sort. We do our work as it should be done r and so satisfactoril y that no one can improve upon it. Agateware , Tinware and Housefurnishing Goods. ! *iKjJi^iii si ' Send us a model or sketch of invention , WP win examine and report, as to patent nhiiijy . THEE , send for special offe r to inventors liu£ore» applying 1 for patent; it win jxiy vou: thU i* ^o boirus guarantee or refund scheme. Fit E K valuable book on patents. Patents secured byusadver- tisedfn \ Progressive American \ FREE. fOLlTO l COPYRIGHT AW PUF.M CO , Inc . WarJer tilde , Wash ington , D. C. mm^mmmmBBmmmmmammm ^ TUCK'S\ RESTAURANT, South Side Main Street. Three doors west of RKVlKwOfflci* . Home For TH6 Hunanj . ???? «????????????????????? : OYSTERS :j ? IN EVERY STYLE *| ??????«? ????? *?*???? ?????? 1 Mr. TUCKKK is a PAST MASTER in the art of making CLAM CHOWDER Hi* reputation along the line irO.est attested by the large patronage he controls. Chowder delivered anywhere in village . 25 cents per quart. Little Neck Clams Always on hand, ( ¦ lams b y the Quart , l' e. -k or Bushel GEO. TUCKER. Coal, Wood , Baled Hay , ^T^ Straw, ^^f ess^?^ at *^ e LOWEST PRICES. WKsToN ? I 'ATTI.K . HOUSE AND 1' oVLTRY F.inn . UIVK ME A L'AI.I. B. F. HOWELL. Real Estate The subscriber is in the market t cleared or wooded , in the Towns of RIVERHEAD BROOJv 'H A VEN or SOUTHAMPTON Si-n.l .l. _ -.!ri|,!i„ii . Hi;!, ;„ wv -t ,a,i- . ,„ i. .« GEO , D. SQUIRES , Good Ground , L. I . Accommodations For Court and Transient Boarders with the comforts of a home at E . L. WHITTAKERS , Grifflng Avenue. Second house north of the railroad weat side. A Scottish singer named Wilson was being trained for professional sTTTslng. One day he sung a love song with exquisite quality of voice , but with insufficient passion and expres- sion. His teacher tol d him lie must put more feeling into it and sing as if h\ were really In love. \Eh , man , \ t . tt ra>{.;). j - \h*y; rrt r. L do that an^l me a married man T — — ~ _ Few Americans in Manila. The Manila Board of Health esti- ma'es the population of Manila , bas- ins its figures on the preliminary rough count of the census of 199;! , at 2111 , 041. The Americans number -l , . '!S9; the Spaniards , 2 , 528; other Europeans , 1 . 117 ; Filipinos , 1S9 . 782; Chinese , 21 , - 2:;0; all others , &95. Didn 't Feel That Way. Steps are being taKen to develop valuable deposits of fuller ' s earth near Buelah , Pueblo County, and near Akron, Washington County, In Color- ado. The few deposits of this sub- stance already located in the Centen- hi*f state are said to be among \ tne purest found anywhere In the world. Jap Soldiers In Winter. No troops are better equipped for a cold campaign than the Japanese . New Deposits of Fuller ' s Earth. Trie dangers of work in a white lend factory are ir. ieresting ' .y de- scribed by a medical authority in a discussion of the causes and effects of lead poisoning. Most of tie cases occur among the workers in the de- partment where the preparation of the carbonate of lead is carried on by what is called th« \Dutch process \ — in which th» lead . In sh eets , is placed on the top of pots filled with acetic acid , and converted , first . Into the subacetate , and finally decomposed by carbon , dioxide emitted by tar. In moving the carbonate , clouds o white lead dust are easily caused by care- less handling on the part of the work- men; and in spite of the respirators worn by them much of the poison is taken Into the system. —Harper ' s Weekly. A Very Danaercus Trade. The mean distance of the moon from the earth is 2;' .S , S50 miles. The maxi- mum distance , however , may reach 252 ,830 miles and the least distance to which it can approach the earth is 221 .52') mile* . The moo n ' s diameter Is 2102 miles , and if we deduct from its distance from the earih the sum of the two radii of the earth and moon , viz . :{9(12 and 1081 miles respectively, we shall have for the nearest approach of the surface of the two bodies 216 , - 477 utiles. Moon ' s Distance from Earth. The eyes of the world larely have been more and more directe d to the extraordinary wonderland of the Can- adian Rocky .Mountains , to which tour- ists of wealth and fashion are now flocking. In these fo rests and over these, mountains roam the bipgest gaire to be found on the continent , the grizz- ly and black bear , the panther, the lynx . elk. moose , deer, caribou and Rocky Mountain sheep and goat , and the innumerable lakes are at seasons almost covered with ducks . gpp:-e and swans. A hundred lodges in this vast wilderness offer their hospitali ty to the hunter , aud from any of them he can set out with a guide and be sure of meeting with bighorn , gr ¦ / , ¦ /. ' • . - or panther it' be can stand rhe fatigue of the trail. —Tlie Independent. Canada ' s Bia Game Reaion. Where hens are kept in colonies during the summer , the cheaply con- structed house shown herewith will prove very convenient. It is made of matched boards with sills iu the form of runners , so that the h .use can easily be moved !iy a horse. One , ! end (away from prevailing storms and I winds ) is left open for coolness and \ air. The other end is boarded , one I board being hinged to give access to j the nest boxes. Make the roosts high | enough to protect the hens from j prowling enemies. This would also make a fine roosting coop for grow- ing chicks. A Summer Poultry House. , If hens are to hatch the eggs , place the nests on the ground , if a safe j p lace can be found in some snady and ; sheltered location. If the nest must j be in a box or on a floor , use an 1 inverted sod as the base of the nest. | Keep coo l , fresh water within the j reach of the hen . also a place where she can dust herself as often as she feels it necessary, Food should lie within easy reach , and a current of air should pass through where she is sitting. Keep Setting Hen Cool. i -«— __ . I Let every keeper of poultry remem- ber th ese three most important ! truths. j 1. That overfeeding, whether by excess of quantity , or excess of stim- ! ulat.ing quality. Is the cause of the 1 most usual diseases , and death in the j poultry yard. 1 2. That a daily supply of green ; food , grass , cabbage , or a:: y other j vegetable , is mos t conducive t\ ' .he j health of poultry. 3. That plenty of grit and some sunny place for the dust-bath is an absolute requirement. Variety is our great oharm of life. Variety We demand on our own tables , and variety we must give also to our feanherod favorites If we would have them fulfill our expectations . p / Some Poultry Notes. M 1 is ¦ • ---* Eggs collected during June , July 1 and August keep better it infertile than if fertilized. For this reason egg merchants advise the killing off of all cocks after the season for .set- ting eggs has passed. This may be good advice as many cocks used this season will not bo . wsnted for next yea r and only such as are considered d esirable need be kept. They can bo placed in separate enclosures. E ggs in the Summer Months. How to rid poultry of lice is a great , bi g question. Perhaps the I quickest way to eradicate the evil is to immerse the fowis in kreso or some I other sheep dip. But getting lice off the birds will not chase them out of i the hen house. NesU should be fre- i quently changed and lime and sul- phur sprinkled in them. The roosti should be suspended from the ceiling ! with -wi re and frequently wiped with : kerosene. In addition to this , if the I walls are frequently whitewashed and ' the house cleaned thoroughly and often , lice and mites must disappear. To Rid Poultry of Lice. I -Half-fed fowls never pay, whether 1 kept for the table , or to produce eggs. j A fowl cannot get fat for the table , j nor produce eggs on little or no fixid . j I know of no oth er business where neglect of tittle things is so disas- trous as in the poultry business. Feed Fowls Well. Ill* BUY THE gf i JLHinG |rp CtflNE Before You Purchase rlny Other Write THE NEW HUME SEWING MACHINE COMPANY ORANGS , MASS. Many Sewing\ Machines are madeto sell rega rd- less of qua..ty, but the \N>» Home \ is mada to wear . Our guaranty never runs out We make Sewing Machines to suit all conditions ¦ of the trade. The **N«*w Home ** stands actha j head of all IHsh-Waile family sewing machines Sold by authorize*! dealer**only, FOR SALE BY Silverware, ^g^ f\ p^ ^«F p THOSE who are in need jW^Bu ^ V/I\ OIlL*3 of Tableware , will W JHHHI find a line it ou* {H^^B^H stcre that will interest HflH^H , r them. Knives , Forks and '^^^^^Hv Spoons made from Solid ^^^^^KF M Silver Metal , and nt prices ^|HP^ ft which will surprise vou. Vf I iirn y wn ^ iv * >>i«- , ^ ¦ mr^j m^™ f . \. Wflf J RC£ . tt!F! R r.r,d nickel , which g ives H fl i«»a *-# i-* i V w fJL^ Lv firengib , lightness and ^\ lichness of color— S EE \^U D ISPLAY IN O UR S TORE . IB WT SSS B 1 f \ * MB 1 I SON 'S HffiDH H? if BHIH &£5! soc. DEPARTMENT ¦ utBIl is i-ii \ii > iuuiii IKtfJrarVfiH Set of Three en. MpiJ jyipH Tablespoons , dUC ' ¦ MB SESs a*. STORE, , IPJHHHR9|1| _ Set of Three 50c i^^a --- soc FuvtKHt/i or UBBBHHH Knives........ *\*\ ' CUABAMTEED It flirt Saibfacttoo or Mner RcfaKfed 1 > C M thai tb«7 in Bruld-SILVEK METAL, B. K. CO. L9. I. Betore PlaGlno Orders ! Fill! *jf Q, % ^^|lrt» if I GET OUR PRICES: 1 ._ ! \ V /E are prepared to execute orders for Job Work j VV of every descri ption from a postal card to a j newspaper , promptl y and in an up-to-date manner. I We have a job p lant equi pped with all modern app liances j 1 for turning out first-class work at rock bottom prices . ' S pecial attention g iven to phamp let and booklet work. ! Wciliiins and Announcement Curds, Invitations , Culliiiii tied Reception Card s Kngravcd or Printed in the latest r.p-to-date sty le. Samples and prices upon request. ' THE REVIEW PRESS. I'M READY ! ARE YOU ? j I The Pall Goods are here for you. Are you ready for them ? \ The best products of the fashion makers. I provide quality of work that will p lease you. Call in now and get { ' .he cream cf the pickings. j Comp lete line of Gent ' s Furnishing. j — 1 Cleaning and Kepairinji Ladies ' and Gents ' Garments Promptly \ and Carefully Attended To . Step hen Gondola , Merchant Tailor One door East of Review Building. W. F. MorelU Successor to C. M. Blyienburgh. r HAVK Jt' ST KKi 'KlVKl ) lira Gar Looas oi Fam WQDOIIS OI Fish Bros. & the Capital make , Both first-class Wagons , comprising all sizes ot SOLID COLLAR STEEL AXLESJ The reirnlnr two-ho-se wagon has ] 1 r>-S\'1ll iiieh loi.g arm . this is nearly 1 two inches more leng th of arm than j will be found on any other make , and ; it is needless to point out the advan ! tuge of this , as it is well known. j Also Thimble Skein Wagons , hi g h , medium or low wheels . Wood Huh or , Surven Pat. Huh . 'IxT-Hi inch tire. ; The Sarven Wheel is the strongest in i the country and one of the easiest to repair , assertions of quack wagon i makers to tlie contrary notwithstand- ' ing. 1 keep also a large assortment of Surreys , Huggie- , Runabouts , either ' . Cushioned tire or Steel live Two ?Seat ! Wagons , Buck boards and Business Wagons . Lawn Swings , seating four persons with changeable backs. We are still headquarters for put- ting on Rubber Vehicle Tires of all kinds , and carry on a general repair 1 brunch with our business . All work j guaranteed. Prices aud terms reason- t able. W. F. MOIIKLL . i I K1VKKHKAP .L. I. SPECIAL SCHOOL MMK'JIX \ A si-wiAi. >n-:'\iN'V'f rV'\\!'i> wi x ;;;!; ,1 mi . «tw to fill the v;i .lucy c..u>.-. l i.y '\ , . r V'; -' . ' i , \ ¦ ti..iiof lir Annuel Illume . v . M '» ¦ . \ \ '' < ' , '' . Hi,:!! SWuml llllil.llli . ! . 'i'l t!,c Mll _ - -e »t 111 rhft. il .,11 Fi'iiliiy evei.il.L- \ct.il„ r . ¦ i t. :. '\ ¦ > ' ¦ '• ¦ • » liv onli - T liiiiinl \I Muni' ¦ -ti. Uj irrv It iciuell. • . • -!>

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