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' X ' , No. 7.— . KINBERHOOK, N. Y. THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1826. [Whole NW59- PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY ' PETER VAN SCHAACK, JUN. ' ' ^ HENRY D’RETLLY', PRINTER. •TfiRMsl—The Ilerald will be issued from the office at §2 per annim^ payable half-yearly. . Papers will not be discontinued until all ar- ^rearages shall have been paid, except at the discretion erf tho editor. Advertisemeiitsinserted upon tho usual terms, and those which are sent without orders, will be inserted until forbid. . IJ3’ Letters, to the editor must be post paid. [!::> P rinting of Pamphlets, Handbills, Cards, Justices’ and Attorne 3 ’’s’ Blanks, &c., executed . in good style at the shortest nqtice. KtNDERHOOK B o O K -S t ORE. f I^HE proprietor of the “ Herald,” having ; JL opened a Bogh and Statio’nary Store, in the room adjoining the Printing-Office, in the Village of Kinderhpok, offers for sale the follow- ing-among other books, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms t ^ Historical, Poetical,. &c. Rollin!s An’t History, . “ 'Josephus’s Works, ley’s Works, feyron’s Works, phesterfield’s Lei ^ Lacoh,HI^Man; -Bum’s jSr»rks, ., \ 'anyThings in Few Words, Goldsmith’s Works, jPope’s Works, ^ _ Beauties of Sha*s- peare, American Revolution, Reid on the Mind, Beauties of Watts, Life of Washington, Life o f Wallace, Phillips’s Speeches, Sporting Anecdotesecdotes, History o f thp Pirates, 3tionjtionary ip Pirates. Dic of Wonders, Man of Feelinjf- Domestic Cookdry, Musica Sacra, or Has­ tings’s Psalm and Hymn tunes, Speeches of the differ­ ent Governors to the Legislatures of the state of New-Tork, (just published,) Bunyan’s Pilgriha’sPxo- Spectator, Shakespeare’s Works, Bryden’s Virgil, Hornet’s Iliad, Young’s N’t Thoughts Cowper’s Pilcm s Cai^bell’s Poems Milton’s Works Thompson’s Seasons Pope’s E ssay^^lan Watts on t h c f l |^ Lock & BacormF Goldsmith’s Rome Godk’s Voyages Edward’s West Indies Mexican Revolution Practical Navigator. Bournes’ Ch. History, Columbia and Greenp County Preacher, Jay’s Prayers, Common Prayer, Family Bibles, Small Bibles, Pocket Testaments, Dutch Church Psalms d Hymns, for Religion Glad tidings Edwards on the Affec- Kinney on Prophecies Scott’s Theological Works Newton’s Works Paley’s Evidences Rise and Pri Domestic Encyclopedia Christian’s Perfections Works of-Fiction. Female Quixotism Tonewante Peep at the Pilgrims in *-1636 Connecticut 40 years Move and Cheap Goods. BAZSSr Si BZBLCE X T A V E just received from New-York, and are now opening, a Splendid As­ sortment of SUMMER GOODS, which, together with their former stock, renders tlieir assortment more general and exten­ sive ^hhn they have ever before .offered. They respectfully invite their Friends and the Public to call and examine their pre­ sent stock, which, having been purchased at Reduced prices, will be sold on uncom­ monly low terms. Their stock consists of Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS GROCERIES of all kinds, a choice quality China, Glass, and Earthern WARE Hardware and Cutlery Bar Iron and Steel, Nails, Window-Glass, & c . &.C. Their selection of Dry Goods comprises, a- mong other articles, tSie following— Black, blue, and fancy colored Broadcloths and Cassimeres Black, and blue mixed Sattinelts Black, plain, and striped Circassians Plain, black, and twilled Bombazetts Superfine jet black Bombasin Black and colored Canton Crapes Super black, white, anid green French do. Figured gros de*Naples Silk Levantine and lustring, black Satin White, pink, and green Florence do. ' 5-4 Cashmere Shawls Man of Feeling Knickerbocker’s York Crusaders Madeline, a Tale Foresters Sir Andrew Wylie John Bull in America Pilot, My Uncle Thomas Thejteeluse Juliana Oakley St. Ursula’s Convent Scottish Chiefs Romance of the Forest Sister’s Cayern, The Quakers, a Tale, ago National-Tales Marriage Tales of the Genii The adventures of Sir Launcelot Grgaves Rasselas Charlotte Temple Arabian Nights fiumqrist, ** The Entail, by the au­ thor of Sir Andrew The Ayrshire Legates, Wylie, &c. or the Pringle family. The Gossip, School and Classical Books. Blair’s Lectures, in full Bennet's Book-keeping Ainsworth’s Latin Dic­ tionary Virgil Delphini Horace, Cicero, Cscsar Sallust, do. Cicero de Oratore Viri Romce Historia Sacra Adams’s lat; grammar Sh’^vilii Lexicon Grffica Minora Greek Testament ts jjculuica, and abridged Blair’s Philosophy Tytler’s History Pike’s Arithmetic, full and abridged fiaboll’s Arithmetic, Hayfair’s Euclid Day’s Algebra Flint’s Surveying Conversations on Che­ mistry ■ Hedges’ Logic Murray’s' Grammar, in ftiU-and abridged Murray’s R^der Murray’s » ^ u e l Morse’s Geography & Atlas Woodbridge^ Geogra- phy with? Atlas‘ Ciimming’s and Wil* lett’s' do. Ancient Atlas,* ’ Greek Greek Grammar Webster’s spelling-bk. ■ Bentley’s do, Burhan’s do. Bentley’s Instructor Walker’s Pocket Dic­ tionary Johnson’s Dictionary Benjamin’s Architec- ,ture or American Builder’s Companion W OOB C A S L D m a , Fulling, and Cloth Dressing. Subscriber begs leave to inform ■ -his Friends and Customers, that he ^as again taken the works o f the late Ab- ^er Mallory, diseased, and is now ready to . deceive Wool for Carding, The works having been thoroughly repaired, the Sub­ scriber thinks he will be able to give en­ tire satisfaction to those who may favour , him with their custom. He will be ready to receive Cloth for Dressing on the first o f next. The utmost care will he take* in this branch o f the business. P L A S t^R GRINDING will be carried ■m, by the Subscriber, as heretofore. He Has constantly on hand Ground Plaster for sale, or to exchange for that in the stone. All kinds of GRAIN received in payment for the above work. ♦ MARTIN BALISy MillyilW, (Rinderhook) May 2^9. 53tf ■m/JUSlOA SACRA, or, Utica &.‘Spring- JL field collections of psalm and hymn tunes, anthems and chantSrfor sale at the Kinderhook bookstorp _________ ^TpIHE Act for the support, o f Common Schools, Ju w i ^ latest am endm C n ffor sole at the Kinderbook bpok-store. iteb.'it conrAsnr & axubn X J f AYE just received from New-York, in addition to their former stock, a large and splendid assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, H , Hardware, Crockery, Stone and Earthern Ware, Glass by Box, Grass and Cradle Scythes, Duch­ ess County Cradles, with the Harris ' Scythes, &c. which they offer for sale on as reasonable terms, for cash or produce, as can be pur­ chased in the county o f Columbia. Chatham, Jure 2k 57tf New Cash Store. D. e . AnrxnwoRTK X X A S taken artdfttted up the Store for- merly occupied by Messrs. Crocker & Van Dyck, situate in the village of Rin- derhook, next door to the Church. He has on hand (to which he is constantly making additions,) an elegant and exten­ sive assortment of Staple and Fanc’j Dv’^ Goods, * Groceries, &c. which will be sold unusually cheap. June 29. % 57tf Merino and Cashmere Handkerchiefs grosI gauze do. Super ( Cashmere Handkerchicrs * do Naples, barege, velveteen, and Super black Canton dio. Flagg and bandanna do. Gent. Madras, stripedl muslin, and buff Cravats Black, brown, and colored Cambrics Cambric, book, and leino Muslins Plain and tambored Swiss, jaconet, and mull do. 7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens Black and brown Holllands , Imitation and linen Cambric, Long Lawns Ladies’ worked pocket Handkerchiefs Swiss Pelerines An elegant assortmen t of figured and plain Sa­ tin, and lustring Ribbons Black and colored Belt do. White and black Silk Lace Robinet Laces and Edgings Black and white cotton and worsted Hose ’ Ladies’ silk, kid, horse-skin, and boever Gloves Gent, horse-skin, beaver, and buck-skin do. English, American, and French Calicoes, as handsome an assonlmeet as was ever offered in this village Yellow, blue, and German Nankeens Cotton and linen Drillings Cotton Florentines—hangup Cord Rich figured black silk, Valencia, and Marsailles Vestings Black silk and tabby Velvets Silk Braids, Gimps, and Cords, Clark’s BuperioF Sewing Thread, and Floss Spool Twist—Italian Sewings JBi-own and bleached Shirtings and Sheetings Plaids and stripes, Checks, Ticking, &c. Sec. An assortment o f Ladies’ Large and Small size Imitation and Sfhell Combs. June 22. 57tf NOTICE. ^I'^IIE person who took the first volume of The Revised Law's of New-York out of our Office, will return it with­ out delay. J. & A. VANDERPOEL. Juno 29. 57 DRUGS & MED WINES. Drs. H. L. & A. Van Dyck, tr y IpiirAVEjust received from ^ 4 N|||iYork,«t general as ( BortmeanWr DR UG S & ME­ DICINES, of a tuptrior qmli- iy, which they offer for sale at their office, on reatopable terms. They hold themselves , 11111.1 ■ in readiness to attend to the calls of patients at all times. Kinderhook, June 1,1826. 63tf HAY. f i l H E subscribers will pay cash and the h^h- A est price foT the first quality ofBJjLiTj to be delivered at their Hay Preps in< the vil­ lage of Kinderhook. WHITING & CLARK. Ktnderhook, 22d Feb. 1828. n39tf ICT Wanted—a quantity of bright Bye Straw, Just Received, m H E D E F I N I T I p N TESTAMENT ■ —being the New-Testament with an extensive vocabulary of the principal words, tyvided^efiped and pronounced according to the authorities of the cele­ brated John Walker; to which is prefixed Walker’s Key. The DEFiNlTIGN READER; bein* Murray’s English Reader with .a vocabu­ lary and Walker’s Key. W EEM S ' LIFiB O F W A S H IN G T O N ~^in the German language, with plates. For Sale at the Kinderhook Book-store, ^uly 6. I# L E W I S ' S n O i E E X i . MAETER I. LEWIS respectfully informs JL his friends and the public that ho has taken charge of the Hotel kept for several years last past by his father, John Lewis. The house is eligibly situated, in the cen­ tre o f the beautiful village o f Kinderhook; commodious, and in every respect adapt­ ed to the comfort and convenience of those' who may favor him with their patronage. His Table is supplied with all the varieties that can be obtained during their season; and his Dar contains the best Liquors that he is able to procure. Servants, faithful and attentive, are employed. To TRAVELLERS, his airy and «!pa- cious Stables, attended by active and hon­ est Ostlers, ensure the most satisfactory accommodations. Horses and Carriages^ of every description are always in readi­ ness at the call of bis Customers. 0 ^ The Stage recently established be­ tween Kinderhooh and the New-Lcbanon Springs, will stop, both going snd returning, at Lewis’ Hotel. P. I. LEWJLS, by unremitting attention to his duty, hopes to merit a continuance of that liberal patronage with which the Public have always favoured the Stand he now occupies. Kinderhook, Jiine 1. 5.3tf FT IH E subscribers having taken John ■ Shu7i} J^Ic Meehan into copartnership in their STORE, the business there, will in future be conducted under the firm of * Whitings Clark & Co, The Stove, Tin, Sheet-Iron, and Copper bu­ siness, also, that connected with the Hay- Press, will be conducted under the firm of Whiting S; Clark, All those indebted to the firm of Charles Whiting & Co., and all those having de­ mands against them, are requested to call on either of the subscribers and s^tle the same, as they are determined the business of that firm shall be closed without «Iblay. CHARLES ^^HITING. JAMES CLARK. Kinderhooh, April, 1826. 45tf NOTICE. pnpiHE Subscribers having lately enter- I ed into Copartnership in their line of business, under the firm o f W heeler Jemson, inform their Friends and the Public gene­ rally, that they intend keeping on hand, ready finished, at their shop, near the Fed­ eral store, in Chatham, a good assort­ ment of WAGGON'S, both one and tw o horse, m ade -of t h e best matenaU, add executed in the tteate.st manner and newest fashion.-^PeVsons de­ sirous o f purchasing Waggons are respect­ fully invited to call at their shop, where they may be supplied immediately, or have the work done to their order on the short­ est notice PAINTING and REPAIRING Wag­ gons and Carriages of all kinds, will also be dohe immediately when desired, and ip the best manner. HORATIO N. WHEELER. LEARNED JENISON. Chatham, May 18, 182'6. 61ff NOTICE. f J l H E Subscribers will on the 20th day JL of J^ly next, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at the house of Petpr I. Lewis, sell at public auction. THIRTY SEVEN AND A HALF ACRES OF LAND, of which John Van. Alen died seized. It is situate near thdRouse o f William N. Har­ der, and has lately been in possession of Heury Head, i The purchase money to he secured, one half payable in 60 days after the sale with interest and the test in one year with interest. 21st June, 1826. J. VANDERPOEL ) J. L. VAN ALEN Jr. > Trustees. B,, VAN ALEN^ ) ' 66r-td# STANZAS D ost them idly ask to hear At what genUe seasons Nymphs relent, when lovers near Press the tonderest reasons Ah ! they give their faith too oft To the careless wooer: Maidens’ hearts are always soft— Woyld that men’s were truer I Woo the fair one^vhen around Early birds are singing— When o’er all the fragrant ground Early herbs are springing: When tho brookside, bank, and grove, All with blossoms laden. Shine with Jbeauty, breathe of love. Woo the timid maiden. Woo her when withTosy blush Summer eve is sinking— When on rills that softly gush Stars are softly winking: When through boughs that knit the bower Moonlight gleams are stealing,- Woo her till the gentle hour . Wakes a gentler'^);Jing, Woo her when autumnal dyes Tinge the woo'dy mountain— * , When the dropping foliage lies In the half-choked fountain; 0 Let the sc|p^that tells how fas^ Youth is passing'over. Warn her, ere her bloom is past, To s|cure her lo*.'er. < Woo her when the north winds call At the lattice nightly— ' When within the cheerful hall Blaze the faggots brightly; While tho wintry tempest round Sweeps the landscape hoary, Sweeter in her ear ahall sound LoVe’s delightful story. B . SH Z .£<m S D MXSOBZJC.AN'Sr. EVENTS OF A TEA-PARTY. “ IMan pleases not me, nor woman neither.” It is an unfortunate trait in the charac­ ter of many individuals that they can never be pleased. Not all the allurements of pleasure, the blandishments of flattery, the seductive charms o f beauty, or the at% traction of social sympathy or friendship, can ever draw forth ,a smile from the gloomy countenances, or impart an hour’s contentment to the callous hearts of|hese surly children of discontent. Such a one am I. Selfish in my disposition, to an ex­ treme, and dead to all the genial and sooth­ ing influences which humanise and enten- der more susceptible minds, I will scarcely confess to myself that any extraneous ohr ject is capable of affording me any gratifi­ cation. Hence it is that 1 am inclined to censoriousness, and that I frequently as­ sume a certain moroseness of temper which does not render my presence at all times and in all places the most agreeable, and which, 1 verily fear, would procure my banishment from all societf, but that I am •possessed of a certain income and own a calculating cynic I aim L 1 instantly forgt^ every other purpose but that of counting the probable sums*’which my. cousins were ' expending.' Iii doing Ibis, I beg ..you^ gentle reader, do not thipk ^that there. i$ to be any reversion in my favor. W in tb'dt o f my children, in case of the probabje death of one of these fair cousinsi^ No i they are young, healthij, dekendeii .front long-lived ancestors, ahd~-^poor. ' At this stage of my reflections I m s interrupted, by the entraypee of one o f * ia ir relatives i and here, after a moment’s, involuntary offering, in ray mind’s eye, to her personal charms,. I fouad choice and fresh incentiva to my niggardly surmises! Flounees. up* on flounces trebling the price o f the ori|io-* al gown, belts of many colours eUcirclin^ the tapering, slender waist, and bound by a sparkling clasp in front. Oh! I forgot the beauty of the waist, as I had just over­ looked the pretty ankle and the small foot 1 —and then the lace around her snowiihitc bosom, and the necklace, too!—’twas, all in all to me. I glanced, coldly on hrer,cOal- black eye, whose bend could tanie a sa-^ vage soul, aye, and the ravgn locks of her long dark hair—-all were lost to ine, itheti above towered a head-dress of brilliant hue and costly price, 'and still above, thd backbone of a huge and monstrous combi the price of which would have given the—^ board and lodging for a week, in ffecent quarters. A fair lady now disturbed, my selfish reverie, and aroused my attention, for a moment, to what was due to thosfe around me. W # Hilkcd of a variety of, subjects on literature and po1itife,^;&d X was about being deeply iuterested m soinef remarks which she had begun upon the importance* of fugitive essays in a Maga­ zine ; when in: came Blacky with a spa­ cious waiter, bearing oh its ample surlac^ cups o f coffee and tea, the smoke from which barely dimmed the lustre o f a jarge silver teapot, flanked by a sdgar-disH and milk-pot of the same m et?^’ Isighedi as my thoughts roved to the sad condition o f the poor mechanic fr^m, whoih ‘their plate had been taken, “ certainly not bought,’’ quoth I. But for once my fears were aD layed; as the splendid* Chargers wet& brought by the sooty Ganymede near to my person, I recognized the coat of arm.# of Simon the broker. Well, well; this i§ not quite so bad. Next came a raaypold girl of twenty, with a second waiteil-^ There was profusion 1—I thought the shop^ of Poppleton and JItoes had been tfans^ ferre<|^to my cousins’ apartments with '^ili their contents— plumb-cake, and flubens-^ cak§, and pound-cake, and spongc-ckke,' and in short, every cake on which the im^» agination o f a bon'vivant could dwell with rapture, and bis palate feast with ecsiacys This was but a beginning, howeVef-*^ mere promise of what was still behind.^ Not Tom Moore, in his description of thtl Feast of tbe Veiled Prophet, nor Jemmy Thompson in his Castle o f Indolehc^,- had so charmed my conception o f sensual blissf^ as my fair cousins, by their real exhibiiiott of ices, blanc manges, floating islands, cor^^ dials, and wines, and lemonades, afOnsed my avariciously inclined soiil to depredate pretty estate, which is altogetherat avariciously inclined soul to depreeate own disposal, when 1 cease from trouhiinlpbejr extravagance and luxury. Do m rr^._ 1 ---- . « r ---- “ hink, however, that I carried my mOfoSd disposition so far as not to partake o f th A goodly cheer. No—-I condemned, but lik'^ my neighbours I feasted on another’s folly — and to such a degree, that I was fain id take my friend Dr. Le Gcour’§ advice^ and drench with large dfaugMs of c h ain^ild tea the next morning. But to return td my cousins—^thought I, .to what tvill iC tend 1 what game is to he played o# This recalled me to one of the objects I bad in view* in visiting the scene befote me, I turned to my coosia Leejnofa, and asked her who that gentleman was; sitting next to her sister Polly 1 ” Why,” said she, don't you know that is Mr. Fiddle- strings from the Smith 7 He is a Very rich young man, and, they say, he is going td get married in NeW-York-^on’t you think him very handsome 7 —oh! he ii beautL ful!” I had scarcely time to utter a reply, ;When this very handsome, rich stranger afose-^pleaded the inbst urgent biisinesfi and bis early departure from towotbe nexfr morning, in excuse for bis goings Bufi you will return to spebd soipe tim« ^dlil us 1” “ No, madam ; from the Springs 1 go to Boston, and thence to EUropc/^^ Here was dolefnl news indeed 1 I thought m wm ^ poor cousins tvould burst their* M i f ts with crying—\ Oh I the mender} , l | | p t for this we gave a partV-i-spent alX * tM ^ d o ey. we cotild mcister, and a Ifttld more which tre bOrrowed-riS it for this j ^ -^ o h ! ob i oh r ’^ D early they pay for it,* poor girls.*^ I left fhefti,' thinking • Goldsmith; . Bow be|gkr ftfiae doftand* didly To bbiust a_s]^en3ia banqueti* ^ XnbilAll ON A tfcp T ’S ORkY p A l i , ^ Tho’ age has changed thee, late lo ftiifi Hqte thee ne’er the worse ? » ^ For when he took thy golden h«rf Bfi imeii 4 m gold thy j^rse* These advantages, and perhaps a general regard cherished for the memory of my departed parents, whose manners and dis­ positions were no less amiable and bene­ volent than mine are austere and pnsocial, secure me an occasional invitation' to the houses of my4*elations, especially when it is their object to have a crowded levee or fashionable rout. The onfy return I ever *make to those who thus di-ag me from my obscurity, is ic^ o m m e n t on tbeir follies or laugh at their weaknesses i and as some of these coffloiehts may not be UBiDteristing lo thereadep of this instructive miscella­ ny, 1 propose at once to vent my spleen and make myself useful by relating at times the result o f my experience andthe fruits of my solitary meditation. I cannot withhold from myself the acknowledgment, that I may thus* make myself a useful, al­ though I am debarred from being an agree­ able, iqpmber o f the commiinily. On^returning to my rooms last evening, I found a billet on my desk, TviHb gilt edges, from my cousin’s in ----- r street, contain­ ing a very polite invitation to spend the evening with them. “ Poor, deluded girls!” aid I, \ another speculation must be on foot;—some stranger must have arrived ; handsome, rich, in short, a look out; well, ril go and see what's doing.” About eight, I went, according to'my invitation, n^at and trim dressed as a beau, ascended to. the head of the room, and made a bow to the old lady—another to the right, and a third to the left, and took my seat. ** For­ tunately for me, 1 was shaded by a projec­ tion of the chimnly-plece, so thay[ could better see than be seen. The room was flllediivith fashionable company. ‘Six large spermaceti candles graced the mantle- piece, and Tour candelabras, weH lighted, were sui'^orted «Su a stand in a recess of the r o ^ * What a critical, scrutinising#

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