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Kinderhook herald. (Kinderhook, N.Y.) 1825-1832, June 03, 1825, Image 3

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Itig, bust sfend swcel^^rrittds of mercy to Iheir affiicted brethren, , . ;; Charleston has the rejjutatldn of much i %)od feeling^and the calamities which have . ,/^j^ecehtIy occurred abroad, have tended (with- out our desiring to profit by the misfortunes Mothers) greatly to increase the pecuniary resources of our citizens. , ’While the planter of South Carolina ex­ ults in the produce o f his last harvest and looks forward with eager hope to continued eyes of increased prosperity, the German peasant, in the vicinity of Bremen, is seeking ,th e bones o f h is r e lations am o n g th e w recks /o f the flood, a n d finds a-poisoned soil, w h ich, ibr years, will yield him nothing. We are pccustomed to be generous^ we aid the Greek that he may be free—^we instruct the s a v a ^ that he may be civilized—^we subsidize mis- •sionawes to the Hindoos that his supersti- tiona may die—^bui the Greek may be hap­ py although a sldVe, the Indian, contented with his ignorance, and the Hindoo prefers lis infidelity td bur faith; This is specu­ lative pMlantiirdphy---the charity of intellect —the charity of imagination. F a r stronger, and ino^ Immediate— more earnest and more impressive, are those appeals which the sorrows of a desolate peasantry, without house or home—;of af­ flicted widows and orphans, of bleeding humanity sufiering under ari awful dispensa­ tion of Providence, carry irresistibly to the heart of the generous and the tender. , * W hen therefore our citizens shall receive, as they jrill, kind solicitations for the aid of the untortuU'ate peasants in the vicinity of Bremen—-we anticipate with confidence their most cordial reception and liberal re- fvard. \ Probable fate of the Wasp .— is suggeMed %y a correspondent of the -Baltimore Federal Gazette, that the account given by an Arab chief of the loss of an English ship, and the to­ tal destruction of her crew on the African coast, is probably a detail of the fate of the U. S. sloop of war Wasp, and her unfortunate crew. The Wasp was last seen off Madeira, ueariy in the latitude and longitude in which the * Spring-grove experienced those heavy storms which drove her to destruction. , The lady of the Ex-Emperor Tturbide and family, at Mexico, are daily expected in New- York, where they purpose establishing their permanent residence. The word literati, whicb tibw confers ho- jior, had at one time a very diflerent sig- fnification.* Among the Komans it was usu* al to affix some branding or ignominious fetter on the criminal, when the ( rime was infamous in its nature 5 and persons soj New Spring Goods. A I N ^ B I R G E j TLTAVE jui^ reOeivod from Now-Yorlf, 4 gWeral JLJL* and well eeleoUid assortment of the most fa-, •hionable ' I , . . ... *■ .* - Regimental Order. ^ V R e g i m e n t . . TjIJRSlJA N T to the “Act to organise, the Militia,”. X. passed April 23,1323,1 hare.^ppointed a Court Martial, consisting of Maior BarentVan AleVi.asPresi- stu d S t a p l e DRY GOODS; i Also, a variety o f choice B K A U O R S j infl other GROCERIES, WARE anki CROCKERY, whicli. they offer for sal< ASH, COUNTRY Kindertfitik, Maif 30/11, 1825. they offer for sale at the lowest prices', for CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE, or approved credit. ------- - W a tcV v - A lak e p , S llN e v s m itli a n d j e w e l l e r , ^^O i^IN U E S his business in thS village of Kinder- v y next door nortli o f Lewis* Hotel, where ho has onband and keeps constantly for sale, a variety of W A T C H E S a n d J E W E L R Y , ^ which he will sell on reasonable terms. IVATCHESand CLOCKS, * I repaired in the best manner. Ih/t All orders will bo thankfully received and purt(^ally executed, and every attention given to bu- j^^erhook, June Is/, 1855. _______________ n ltf I To Farmers. riTH E subscribers liavc erected a HAY PRESS in J l | the village of Rinderhook, and will pay cair/t, and th«|^i%/iea/ price fox the first quality of I h a y . , tope delivered at the abOvo montionecLIIay Press. I CHARLES w h i t i n g & Co. \Kindefhool:,^Jane, tZ'2^. , n ltf ocnaacK, ot me Juignt inlantry, as memb wlxich court will convene on the lOth day o f Septi next, aV9 o’clock, A. M. at.tke house of Isaac Frink,' m the village of RindorlioQk. ' ; BT Officers commanding Comptniw, are hereby' directed to make IheilretuMis immediately aft'er Com­ pany parade*, . By order of Col. CHARLES WHITING. JOHN I. VAN BUREN, J^inderhooh \siJiine, 1825. . ^ .n l - 4 t New-Yoi-k Mirror* fjjlH E subseriber infbnns the Ladies and Gentlemen X of Kinderhook and its vicinity, that, having been appointed agent for the THE NEW-YORE m I r ROR; LiWies’ Literary Gazette, he will receive subscriptions for the same at the Bodk- Stdre of P. Van Schaack, jr. . . The Mirror iS published weekly, by Hopkins & Mor ris, New-York, on fide paper, quarto size, and is one of the best, if not the beit paper ^ i t s kind in the city,— . A specimen o f it can be, seen at any time, by calling at the Book-Stoife as above mentioned. * THOS. S. RANNEY. Kinderhook, Itt June, 1825. TO LET, ON REASONABI-E TERM S , A BUILpiNG in this village, suitable for a Man- i X iuatHaker't.Shop, . Dl V. SCHAACK. ^ Kinderhook, June Ut, 1825. n ltf LIVERY STABLE. K m d e ¥ h ( ^ I ji ^ ^ O ffice^ Whatmortal so d o f^tothe whispord^Biipe, Through the drear waste of isW fid-ever t<rgrop«? ,, Thmsand 'I ? . D o ll a r i JVew-York State LITERATURE LOT’PiRY, ^ ^C\ass Kot i, for 1 S 25 . \ITH^ILL be drawn oti tlie* 20th'JUIy nextVand finisfif T T ed in a few minutes. fiOnuihbers—9 ballotstO bo drawn. J, B, YATES,and A, McINTYRB,,Managew. H I G H E S t P R IZ E , 3 0 ,OOO j UoUs. S - C H E M E ; .. r b r a n d e d were called tn*. o r stigniatici,i ole terms. or by a more equivocal term, liter ti. The;! The sulbscriber continues, a» heretofore, to pxyeath same express on is likewise adopted in Stat.|'|°^ COUNTRY PllODUCE, and keeps constantly on '■4. Henry VIL, which recites that dlversj ^ • persons lettered had been more bold t(| ISOVCI S c o t t d P l o t S t C T f co.nmit m 1 scbievions deeds, &c. Th pre|| Stoties, Horses and Carriages, yHiiO be had at the Hotel, ibr any part of the conn- X try, by applying to the subscriber. P .I. LEWIS. Kinderhook, June 1,1823. n lt f TO MILLERS; t(5 i s SOLD B f PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Grist-Mill k Saw-MlW; together with a JDwelling Home tdjoininff— and also , * - S E V E N A C R E S OF LAND , The above sloop has e.xcellent accommodations, and which is a productive ORCHARD. The above Will carry Freight and Passengersoathemostreasona- U property is «l The Sloop Chatham^ C . € v o o k e ^ M a s t e r , T l ^ I L L sail CotJfew-Torb', V * from Stuyvesant hand­ ing, on the following Thurs- dayt in each month during the present season, at 2 o? clock, P. M. viz: Juno 2d, ^16th, 30th, July 14th, 20th, f August 11th, ^ t h , Soptem- |fber 8th, 22d, October 6th, 20th, and November 3d, 17th. 1 prize of $30,000 is $30,000 1 do I5;000 , 15,000 1 do 10,000 10,000 1 do 5,737 . 5,737 20 <16 1,000 20,000 30 dh 500 15,000 30 do 200 ,5,000 51 do 100 5.100 51 do 50 2,550 1734 do 22 38,148 11475 do l i 126,225 13,395 prizes. 20,825 blanksi inr Price ©f tickets, $9. Shares in proportion. ’ Is. J xt. _ ..L . _ ^ t a V recently been sold, cash'advai ^ ^ 1 , 1 . rmer classes of the'Literature^ tickets. KinderkoohMdy2(iih,lB-25.^ h lt f ' ttcry, and of all othem under the management o f tes and McIntyre, will be received in p ^ m e n t fbr^ sent meaning- of the word is tak^n from th' Chinese, among w’hom however, it is appliec inore specifically to one particular sect 01 Ifearned nfen. A physician o f the name of Butler, re- . siding at Hamburgh has lately invented fi hew surgical instrument, by means of wbici he can amputate a leg in one second, Unt Which has the effect of benumbing the pan of the patienty by a simultaneous pressure which accompanies the operation. Pride often miscalculates, hii'd there often'J inisconceives. The prbud man places himself at a distance from other iiieri | seen through^ that distance, others perhaps appear little t ^ ■ K m; but he forgets that this very distance cau-|! ses him to appear equally little to others. | To cure Us of our immoderate love of gain,^ we should seriously consider how many god* Miere are that' m o n e y 'will not purchase, an<I ' 0 mm the b e st; and how many evils*jthere are | |h a t money will nbl remedy, and these the Jforst. An ancient philosopher of Athens, VhOre the property of the wealthy was open the confiscation of the informer, consoled Salt, Pish, and other heavy arficlci usually gold at landing places, which he is enabled to sell at the lowest prices. ^ He^las also made arrangements for a constant sup- W e s t e r n GRotiNo pl a s t e r , fresh'from the Mills, w’hich ho flatters himself he will be enabled to dispose of to Farmers,' at a less price than the Nova Scotia, and which, experience i t s prd* ved to be equally as good, if not better. proi>crty is situated m tlio town of Stuyvesant, about one mile north of the landing, on a never fail­ ing stream of water, and in a populous neighborhood. As there arc no other mills within several miles, the purchaser may make the situatioif profitable. Likewise to be sold in connexion with the above MILLS, or separately, as tha purchaser may eleci, TWENTY ACRES OP LAND, well timbered with white oaki &c. and only lying half a mile from tho MUl Lot. ^Thb above was die property of the late Jacob Claw, deceased, and will be sold on accommodating terms. Application may be made to either of tho subscribers. JOHN M.'CLAW, EDWARD W. BAYLY, J. P. BEEKMAN, Executors. n ltf Valuable Property FOR s a l e . A GRIST-3HLL and SAW-MILL, with ten acrei J m . of l a n d , lying in the’ town op 'Chatham, lori meriy occupied by Daniel Staats. The mills we in good repair. . ^ Kinderhook, Jwhe 1,1825. Troy Line of A LIST OF LET’rEIlS. . Remaining in the Post (^cc ht Kinderhook, sY. Y., June 1st, 1826. B . Henry Bfotik, j Gafret Burgert, Antiinas Brbckdway, I Benjamiii Barton. John M. Bliint, I STEAM B OATS. THE putoic aM informed that the TROY LINE Of ito the tjonfiscatiou of tfib informer, conaoledj - ‘S T E i i V M i B O i V T S ' I t s e l f for ifie loss of his fortune by the ,i xt,. ^ .. & rrfeetion: I have lost my moeeyi Jwith ,it m y cares ; for when I w diCnch,,l.wai in pacing both to New-York and Albahy. Electus Chamberiiinfli Jarvie Clow, John Folansbcc, i. ^fdry,Ann Glapp, Abraham I. Coie. Augustus Fidler. Arith M my cares; for when I wdiC rich,, x. nm ft&BiH of every poof man, but not^. that I air every rich man is afraifl of me* |« a r o f her age, Mrs- A m M A n iAYtfm Q o rM n tanod maybphad on the cldsingof the river. ' wffeiof X o g u stus W ynkoop, F s q > ^ city, -4nfldftU|liteF o f the late P e ter Siftester, Esq. o f ttiarBIage.^ ' . ' WAcmi h a v e vne witnessed such heart-felt f« f r w on the d e c e a s tljif an indirW ual, as is nmni^nrtedo&this o c c a s ^ w h erever thosub- if c t ^ this ^ t k e w as! kc OBITtTARY. tioU laay be had c n ltf B dwdhg of the river. ' A. 8. P. he^volence^ tl|e native ease nn^ ghanac* ilw tiB iortentatious c/kfitv, she secured the o f th e poor. ;A lt% u g h in th e ‘en- i an ahundanef o f wfTrthly eortforfs, liie t n ^ c t ihe '/o n e thing nendfni/’— jm tbO m e tim . I , , s Removal o f this i n i e a * ^ fri^d* '*»•• ®c* I.” ta n c h in g hi an eiteiisive cir- fwarwhelnied au ;rief. ovarwhelnied a X a d t f o i f M i d in parsing both to New-Yofk and Albahy. ' ' ’ ABEL S. PETERS. Siuffiesant, 1st JwUti tS25. , , ■. N. B..In cdnsequence of iUhdalth^ the undersigned wishes to dispose of his p r^^rty a n j business at th< W l l c o x ^ n & . V a n S c b a a c k , A ttorni E s at law , J J A Y E their ^ e tKo first door ribrth of Peter TfibinasHare.Jr. I Job S. Hawlik’,' Sdm'uel Hull, I Nicholas Hoosd; J . William Johnsom Benjamin R. MRlard, ^ Ezra»Maiibitt, Henry'^Palmetur,' . | Peter Phffip, Waltef*Pugsley,’ , j Hugh Paid. R . ThomdSiL Rooti S. * JuditH Sharp, | Hiss Anny Smith, Oliver Squire, | ' Gersham Salmon. __ _ Van Buren’s Store, in the yillOi^e of KHdef- ^n d e r k o o k ,J u n e U i ,m d . , . ; , , « l t f Pomp VamAlstyne, James Van Alen, A. G; Van Hagen, - David Vosburgh, Hannah Vosburgh, . N O t t C E . . , THE iinnaalm««Oir meniwnof the “ KianEitH ooa Uxxoa L n a A n v S ociett ,” will he held at the house of John l^ewis, in the vjtlafe of Kinderhook, on the 7th instant, at 6 o’ch^k, P. M. Plv* TausTscs will he cbooen, to manage the concema of the InatUntion for the nnseiof year. Dated Sd^nne, lht& P^VAN 13CII4ACK,Jr. tt ^ bUinitim^ Thomas W^herwax, | ABrahaK Wilds. L. VAN BYCK;jr.Po^Vrt»<er. Drugs and Medicines. D r s . H . t . & A : V a n D y c k , m H w fM^,whieii they ofikriht sale at thsit onrMseWea&tfnae. . ^ JTiiiiedWiA^SrlW. alt ONE HUNDRED ACJlES of LAND, lying three and one half miles north of the.villagc of Emfierhookj Two thirds of said lot covered with heavy yellow pine timber. . A STORE, DOeX,' DWELLING-HOUSE, and out-houscs{ in the town of Schodack, with^/irfi acrei of LAND, formerly occupied by James B, Van Der- Also, ajirst rate FARM; lying one and an half miles istof ther village of Kinderhook,'contkining ONB :UNDREITAJ«>-rOKTTT^;€3ilEStOF LAND ;for4 ty acres of which is well timbered. ‘ The said farm iat in good fence, and under good ctritivation; with a good bam and dwelling-house. Tlie whole o r the above pro^rty will be sold on reasonable terms, and payments made easy to thepu|- chasers. Apply to ‘ ^ ^ Henry Van Vlect & Co; in ihe village ^ Kinderhook, WHO have for sale a gcneihl assortment o f ' ^ . Iprf deeries. Dry Goods, Hard and Stone'Ware; Crockery, Iron, Steel, Nails, &ci at their NEW STORE, a t ths^omer o f Grand Streep audthe Albany Avenue, insifld village, vriiich.they' will sell da low ms can be purenased north of tho city o f New-Yoric. Pathni past Iron . PLOUGHS, ^ of ap|rovikpatterii«, for itle at reduced priow. •* X tn d ^ a 0 * ,D ^ 1«^'1B2$. - - n l t f . F IR E iN |TO A N C E ; m H B foM hdr hr u p ^ ted AQENT and m A * J-vVEYQIlfpfth#^^^ , F u l t o i k F i t e I n s u m u e e m tkecityprB n r-Y ^ k . 1 The bminiisii of this olwpanjr JWfll he mbimiAo€ ^pfiiaiaina eh*ifo4« The oapital it ai rdifooton at» TUpiiiftli

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