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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1895-1904, November 22, 1900, Image 8

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{'\•'•'V^i^'sWFW^*''\'\ S*-T;. ' : '^f^\^!^7^%'-~ GENEVA DAILY OTES* THURSDAY, NOVEWBER 22, J900. ^MM^JIiSifir:! COLLAPSED f f feSi. Pf It Wi\ : WW' mi: H' $& It* Jp ; a* One Killed and Number Bart. felling Walls Struck an Italian Home Near the Building. Montreal, Que., Nov. 23—A portion '** the new Theater ' Francaise, now 5a -course of construction on St. Oath- wine street, ^collapsed yesterday after- noon and a number of poeple were buried in the ruins. One man was killed and several people were Berious- Jjr injured. The man killed waB An- gelo Oostello. A number of workmen were engaged •n the building, rushing the work of •construction. A hisrh wind was blow- ing and suddenly a portion of a brick V«ll in the rear collapsed and crash- tea into a small tenement situated near the theater building. The tenement was occupied by eev- ••ralltalian families. Oostello who lived in the top story, was sick in bed When an avalanohe of brick and mor- tar came crashing into the house bury- ing him in the debris. A small stove in the kitchen was overturned and the jplaoe set on Are. Oo»tello,was removed in a dying condition and expired while on his way to the hospital. The other injured were taken to the hos pital. Sessions at the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium. NEW TORPEDO BOATS South Boston, Mass., Nov. 22—The United States torpedo boats Blakely, somber 27, and DeLong, number. 38, Were successfully launched this morn- ing. Last Session Will Be at First Baptist Church This Evening. The Northern and Central New York district Salvation army convention is being held in this Gity. The first open session was held in Y. M. 0. A. hall at 8 o'clock last night. About 800 persons were in attendance. The meet- ing was addressed by Brig.N. A. Me- Intyre, of Buffalo; Staff Oapt. Barter, of Rochester, and Ensign A. E. W. Ooate, of„Elmira. There are o ver 40 delegates present from the several posts in this part of the state. Meals are served at the local barracks, in Exchange street. There was a private session in the hall yesterdav afternoon, from a to 5 o'clock. The reports read showed the army to be in a flourishing oondition, and a large increae in the number of converts during the past six months. A private business session was held from 10 to 12 o'clock this forenoon, and another is in progress at the army rooms this afternoon. The final meeting of the council will be held at First Baptist ohurch at 7:30 o'clock tonight, when the leading officers in attendance will speak. The 1 object of the sessions is to outline the best methods of work and to gain spri ritual support. A grand Salvation march preceded the meeting last.night, and there will be another tonight. hope that they will be adopted. The committee has devoted itself for three years to the question, and their report was decided upon unanimously.\ Dr. J. B. Hubbs said he is in favor of the canons as formulated. He thinks they will be adopted by the conven- tion next October. The civil law per- mits the marriage of the innocent party in this state ;bnt the guilty per- son can go into another state, get mar- ried and come back to this state and live. Dr. Hubbs has adopted the plan of not marrying any divorced people at all. BOUSE OP PRAYER Newark, N. J., Nov.32—The House of Prayer re a ones itB 50th anniversary today, and it will be celebrated with a week's special exercises, beginning tonight, under the direction of Rev. John S. Miller, roetor. All day tomor- row there will be devotional exercises, and on Sunday the Rev. Dr. Leighton Ooleman, Bishop of Delaware, will ofiiciate. and many olergymen will be present. The anniversary of the con- secration will be specially observed on Monday, with a,U the imposing cere- monies of the Episcopal ohurch ritual, Rev. Dr. Starkey, bishop of the diocese of New Jersey, preaching. SELECTING A CORSET. It I* *n Important fTa«k and Heqotrc* • the Eicerelie at Great Case and Hipc Jadtcment. Comfort and beauty both considered, a woman's corset is her most important article of apparel. A good corset will accentuate the good points in her fig- ure, and help to conceal imperfections. There has been a great deal of non- sense written and spoken lor and PAINTERS STRIKE Buffalo, Nov.22—A number of paint- ers working on the Pan-American buildings have quit work, demanding 40 cents an hour. They have been re- ceiving 30 cents and are said to have been under agreement to work at that rate until next April. ROBERTS INJURED London, Nov. 22—The Standard in a speioal edition says: \ Jnst as we are going to press the news has reached London that Lord Roberts has been thrown from his horse and re- ceived severe injuries.\ The officials of the war office say they are not in a position to \report anything in con- nection with the rumored accident to Lord Roberts.\ SULLIVAN DEAD London, Nov. 22—Sir Arthur Sulli- van, author of \Pinafore \Mikado\ and a number of other light operas, died this morning, aged 58 years. AN ILL-FITTING CORSET. •gainst tihe corset. This being a free country, there is no reason why a wom- an who prefers to go about -without stays, whether from physical reasons or personal convictions in the matter, should not be allowed to follow ber own sweet inclination. Personally, I consider a well-fitting, properly constructed corset a .blessing. There are, of course, some slight, wil- lowy figures' which can do wthout the support of a corset. But they are very rare exceptions. Take, for example, Mrs. Leslie Carter. Mrs. Carter wears a little girdle about her waist, which is all she requires, her figure being natur- ally slender, and the physical culture she has receivedi in hex years of hard training having given her extraor- dinary littleness and poise. But the average woman has riot the advantage of Mrs. Carter's figure, nor the benefit of long and harmonious physical train- ing. This everyday woman requires a corset, and not'any or every corset v> hieh she may ehance to discover that happens to have a certain number at- tached to it. There are two things which she must observe with the great- est care. First, whether the corset it- self is made in the proper form and well-constructed. Secondly, whether it ii t s her. How many women, who are so <-uref uL about the way their gowns or coats fit, when purchasing corsets ig- nore either one or both of these pre- cautions! There are many good ready-made\ as well as custom-made corsets in the market, anu before making her pur- chase she should first decide which form is more suitable for her figure. TWrp RTP oorsfts for slenrter figures »»d o*h«*« adapteff ©My to 6V<r*M.u* woitoen^rtiifeve> ajfe'*(wh«' for' In>ii|f waists and some i o> short waists. £ Having selected hjr corset, she should insist upon trying it on, and, above all,'she should never select a cheaper corset just because it is cheaper. In stays, as in toiltt soap, a woman cannot afford to economize, for health aid comfort *as' \well as personal appearance afseggKltaiiy con/ cerned. No matter. holi|jfcandsome a gown may be, if i t is mWS and worn m m& VPQR^Am4Mmm »Bdlofc~^rr^ i_sy i> '^%- —\ '- J . I in *>\ 4U|*S E«Oft S<M;B^Hon!»an(ilot w^Tt h WASP'S** ¥& toSeTMSf A WELL-FITTING CORSET.' over a badly-made corset the effect will be ruined. To show just how great a factor her corset is in a woman's appear- ance, I induced a lady who wc. wear- ing a most hideous corset to allow me to make two little sketches of her. In No. 1 she is wearing the corset of her own selection, while No. 2 shows the same figure in a well-fitting corset. Everyone who sees these pic- tures will recognize the first figure as one she knows very well. The sec- ond corset is not heavily boned, but is so cut that the ugly curve at the waist is entirely suppressed and ob- jectionable embonpoint, caused by the wretched shape of the old corset, has entirely disappeared.—Gertrude M. Anderson, in Detroit Free Press. Hough on the Bar State. A teacher in civil government had told his pupils that once in ten years the state of Massachusetts tHefc a census. Little James, who is an at- tentive scholar, upon being called up to recite, said: \Once in every ten years Massachu- setts comes to its senses.\—N. Y. TrE>- une. It la Worth Remembering. It's the man at the top of £he lad<- der who can reach things,\ remarked the haughty representative of a noble family. \True remarked the sarcastic man in homespun, \but it is the man at the bottom who can upset the ladder.\ —Chicago Post. I^UR aAtJB^De«ii»blehotwJnaloIS ! i 4 of Ditmara & TratBd*!e, ^160 if W^fe §f OSR SALE--^ifine line of Bwitche^w ^ I? strands, all human, air, will sell oheS? 1 ' Call on Mrs. Bnwh Wajsh, Opera houseTBlk«J __ ^ iss lm& i H ALL'S BARBER SCHOOlTirEsL * • eieneca Sc, Buffalo. Earn «£!:> learning, ljodgings, tools, tSj! ^ railroB d tiuket and catalogue free.H2 toijg f Saturday, 2 pm. Nov. 24,19O0ij,, -AT- Thomas & Burbank's • AUCTION HOUSE m t- : r -0 ^ One Sorrel Horse, & * a Abdut 1150 lbs,. Good all around general pur^ pose honse. Two or three single harnels'aqs, etc, etc. ERMS CASH. A. W. THOMAS, Auctioneer.^ Notice—Any person having horseg, hu^ % neeR, wagons or sleighs to sell, can enter ; them <or t|iis sale. «*»• ^TTT???!TtTf!TTtT?TTT?TtT?T?T*TTTT???T??T?TtTTTTT??TTT?frTT?mTTT???!f???t?TTT?TT?n??t?n??t!?TT?mtt?tum?m^ 486 EXCHANGE STREET. jm, % m 1 | Stewed Clams and Oysters by the 1 Steaming Process. «£: We desire to announce to patrons and all who relish a delectable dish of Oysters,, Clams £r or Lobsters* that our new process of steaming produces the food in the most palatable, delic* ft: ious style. By this method of steaming none ot the original flavor is lost, and the r©^sjar] j£: clam or lobster is served with all its excellent qualities retained that are lost when cooked by «•: any other process. Best Grade Obtainable. We also serve Sauerkraut and Frankfurts which are steamed by our special new process. ^S WE SELL EXCLUSIVELY NEW YORK COUNT ( j^E, «• J. A We shall be pleased to fill orders promptly for any amount, 50c. Per Quart w fiSs?SK& 'mi

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