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i J » THE TIMES, •J uc the coniBtOR P«*p(< 'rv?S VOLUME 1, NO. 179. <SERBVA, 3^ X, THCBBDAY, OlCEMBlB 26, 189a WOOES$ ON CHRISTMAS DAY. It Came With Brightness in the Morning. wrr^t »^'fSo\: TO AIXMEN •uowvfi<B< MAT-WAS OBSERVED IN GENEVA.^ '-**. /MOtifr AND AT o&xifma. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN Chi:i8lmftB.pi»e.yeBter«ay. Ola the breath of aJj^ht'.auS mild morning its glad nje|aafijeqf \Peace on earth, good will to rag%'*was wafted to Gen- era, and few.tUera were who failed to note it? presence. The morning was beautlfu1» without sign or Suggestion of winter, tut lowering clouds came up at a later hour^ and at noon rain began to fall, keeping everyone within doors where greater brightness and cheer, reigned* The day was universally observed, sores, ana. offices were clpsedi and the street? were practically deserted. All Geneva seeinlngiy united in the cele- bration of 4h.e.day's festivities* Many homes were cheered by the presence of absent Members, and the reunion of families irt.jmany instances made the day memorable. * There were jmbllo services in some of tlie'ebftrchea. At Trinity the day was celebrated '4t the morning hour with the usual Christmas\ service, the Bt Rev. A! eievelaud Goxe, Toisbop of this diocese, preaching the sermon. On ChristmaSieye achpral service washeld, and at midnight the celebration of holy oommunloriwaa/ observed. A Christ- mas night service was held In the even- ing. : • •;\ ^ The Christmas services at St. Francis de Sales church consisted of midnight mass, which;wa? largely attended, with ehildren'sinassat 8:30 and high mass at 10:30., The, tousle wasof a high order. There ^ere regular services at St. Peter's church yeaterday. QlVm AT TSM OPERA ffOUSM ON CHRISTMAS! DAY. The theatre-goes of Geneva, who were disppsedto deyote a portion of Christ- mas to theatrical entertainment, had an opportunity last evening to witness the *>ldplay, Unde Tom's (Jabin, by the Stetson company. This is a play that rarely fails to draw, aud last evening a »oods''zed house was in attendance to augh at Topsey and Mark aud Miss Ophelia, to cry over Eva's death and to sympathize with the sufferings of Uuole Com, A matinee was given in the after- noon. The company is a large and well equipped one, and he several parte of the play were well taken, with good scenic affects. The play was enjoyed and the >ld story was told again with good effect. A. Record of Current Events in Geneva. HAPPENINGS OF A DAY. ITEMS OF LOCAL INTEREST ABOUT TUB TOWN CHRONICLED BY OUR REPORTERS. SOME BUNWAY BOYS. THEY START FOR THE SOOTS BY THE JPALL BROOI{. PERFIDY OF HAM. s Men at the Helm. The following are the new officers of the Geneva Wagon cotipany, chosen for the essuing year, at the last meeting: 1'iesident, M, F . Blaine; ylce-presiaeat, D B, Moore; treasurer, C. H. Huke; director, 0. H, Huke, D. E. Moore, M. r. Blaine, O. J. C. Kose, W. a. Dove. A satisfactory showing of the business of the year was made by the treasurer^ report. \ « Masonic Election.* The annual election of officers of Chapter Ao. 36, Eoyul Arch Masons, was held at the lodge rooms last even- ing and resulted as follows: George A. Peel, H. E.; W. E. Hayes. K ; W. A. Biekford, scribe; C. A: Dewey, sec- retary ; M. S. Sandford, treasurer. The following were appojuted: W. E. dtubbs, 0. of H.; A, VV. Sperry, P. S.; M. Jacobs,5E, A. C ; Nelson Jilliott, M. of 3rd V.; W, C. Hofmanu, M. of 2ud V.; A. McMqster, M. of 1st V.; James L. Turner, sentinel. The installation of officers will occur on WeJuesUay eve- ning, January 8th s W. E, Slubbs, P. H. P. r officiating. Notes from Waterloo Observer. President Craig, of the Electric Trac- tion company, is looking up plans for the erection of a number of new houses on the western addition of our village The steam boiler and apparatus for heating the new M. E. church were placed in position last week and tested thorougly, and worked admirably. They are of the Dunning pattern, Gen- eva. An old Cayuga Lake car, with a capa- city of seating 60 persons, is being over- hauled at the power house premises of the electric road, upholstered, and made as good as new, for parties to make pleasure trips on the electric road be- tween Geneva aud Oayuga Lake. It bai two trolley poles. OLD WHISKEY. There are a few bottles of whiskev that have been in my store (18)elfihteeii years. P. E. Demsey, 32 Castle street 160-tf. VUSEFUL ! •? fc ^ Why not let your remembrances take the form of S= servic eable things that will be a perpetual source of fc: pleasu. re to the recipients? The tax on your purse will •^ be no heavier. J. P. Hill & Co.'s Store is full of articles' ^ that anybody would be glad to receive. FOB THIS LARGE Antique % Rocker % I • ^ 1 m m m m m m Feet of Floor Space | All devotedjw the/Storage of furniture. It will-pay the realer to be ^ sure ana shy you s«en thl» In The Daily Times, or better still, cut this ad %* out and take it with you. . ' , 3 J. P. HIULA'CCX, ** A B Floors on Castle **& Wbmm-tynm Si W OTOEVA, N. TT. Sifce of Back, 28 inches high. Siae of Seat, 20x215n. IVBIITIHliB' ST OBE In Central 20,000 8iliiipii»i A trolley party to Cayuga lake park will be given so'ne time next week. The cars on t|?e electric road haye been well patronized during the weefr. The Geneva Wagon Works are dolug a fine business. Orders are pouring in upon them. The Mansion House is again under the management of E. HL Damon,;who holds the original lease. An elegant dinner will be served at the Franklin House on New Tear's day by Messrs. Atwood & Coon. Christmas was very sienerally ob- served in Geneva, with the usuxl festivi- ties. Itwasamlld day, with showers during the afternoon. Work has been started on a new house on Sherrell street by G. H. Townsend. The frame of the Stryker house on the same street has been com- pleted. The mail and express business iu Geneva has been larger this holiday season than ever before. Employes have been kept very busy, •During Tuesday the.electric cars run- ning in Geneva registered over 1,100 fares, aud between Gtneva a\d Seneca. , Falls over 2,000. Good enough^for one day. The town collector has begun gath- ering up the sheuels tor the support of the best government the sun ever shone upon. His seat of tribute is at :Ue First National bank. A magnificent illuminated sign was placed to-day in front of the Alhambra on Exchange street. It is the .fiuest sign ever put up in Geneva. St. Andrews Christmas festival will take place this eveniug at the chapel on Pre-emption street, for wbuoh ample preparations have been made. The Hobarc college safe has been re- moved from the post office to the office of the stove works, a^.iriemJber of thut firm, W, A, Clark, behag treasurer. The power house of the Traction ompany at Cayuga lake park has beeu completed. The pier and pavilion will soon he lighted wtth.electricity and the pavilion will be heated with steam. An elaborate Christinas dinner was served to a large number of guests - at the Kirkwood yesterday by Messrs. Coxe & Glover, The meuu was One of the finest ever gotten up here. The unfortunate Italian, James Tol- larke, who wa3 killed by a L high Val- ley switch engine at the Junction Sat- urday nigat,, was buried Tuesday after- noon in the Catholic cemetery. A Chnstmas free gave employment to .liechildren of the North Presbyteriau Sunday School on Tuesday evening. After the distribution of the giffe, r.» freshments were served ia the church parlors. The Keyes place on Genesee stree has been purchased by Mrs. Alexander, a daughter, who had been living there previous to her mothers' death, consid- eration $4,500. She will occupy the place. The regular meeting of Arrius court, ito. 9, Triue of Ben Hur, will be held this Thursday evening at 7;30 o'clock' sharp. This is the nicht for the annu- al election of officers and a full attend- ance is desired, The Sunday schools of St. Peter's and Trinity churches wL\* ault&fn; a Christ- mas entertainment at the opera liouse* on Saturday evening, to begin at 7 o'clock. Preparations baye been made for an enjoyable time. A woman who liv^s In the country was placed in the lock-up Tuesday night for intoxication, and amused herself by setting fire to her bed clothing. No serious damage was done, but she was hustled out in a hurry. A little hoy by the name of Frank Townsend, of Peiur Yan, who Is visiting friends oii Elmwopd ayenue, feitfrom a wheil this rqorning while on the cor- ner of Puiteney and High street and suft'ertJu 1 quite a severe shock. He was uacoueeiom wbenpickel up. The artist F. M. Tuttle reports at the TIMES office that he has recently sold twelve pictures, and will finish throe more soon- While on his way to Mr. Coursey's office this morning* he says someone threw a stone at him, aud funks there are bad ooys who should be looked after. Three Geniva boys, each about four- teen years ofWe, rati away from home last night Jausing someexeitemout. They were WiP Updike, Eusrene Ton- noy and Roy Biddlecome. They board- ed the evening-Fall Brook train. The Updike boy had mouey to pay his fare, aud only weiiji as far as Earle»,wMu he loft the party and, returned home. Mrs. Tonney became frightened and made an effort to get trace of her boy, 3Uo learned f|A'« M»« Updike boy their departure. v|prd was sent by the sta- tion agent tofpoluts along the road. The two bay&Wore found at Himrods Junction, while they were held until this morning Shen they wore brought home. .- , | • Making? Improvements. The Geueva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls &,Cayuga Lake Trauion Company is equipping the oar house at Waterloo with steam heating pipes. The repair shop will soon be furnished with a huge swinging a large arma- ollow spindle for rod will be a planer oap- 24-luch place of Iron 1 heavy drill press. A fjsrane will oocupy the jihe two car pits. The A Oanandaigua Mystery Cleared up at Last. SAD STORY OF BETRAYAL. LIZZIE LQCICWOOD FOUND NEAR RUSUVIliLE AND RESTORED TO HER SQRRO WIJXG JPAREM TS. lathe capable o; ture and with cutting. Theft able of planing or steel, also-; large hoisting space between necessary accojupftnimsnts of black- smithing forge, fsmery wheels, etc, will he supplied. Aflarge stock room has been built at on|> side for keeplug tools aud supplies, also a dust-proof apart- ment for wludtng magnets. AH the uuchiuery will bo run by a large motor fed by the generators in the neighbor- ing power house,'. - Y.M,.<5. A-Notes. Membership 406. Blues 341, Redss 323. Eeds and Blue\$ will play a. game of basket ball. •' The membership has exae.ly doubled since Sep. 1. J F. A, Herendeep, W. A. Brewer, I. L. Peck, A, G, Parker, Joe Eranklin, F, Early and. WsH<|uniuiiugs are rtcent accessions. . »-f L. H Stelgelm^r 1, H. A. Doxsee 2 and John 0. Rocjtelinanp of the Y. M. 0. A.. LuEch roorfi 2, haye been the suc- cessful workei'ssitce the last report. The association tooms and privileges were Well partrCiuized yesterday the approxiua^e, atieudanco belnc fully 250 during the day. Seyeral games of bas- ket Ball aud in door base ball were played. A neat contest thermometer has been added with indication to show the lead-- er aud the load by points. It is the work of C.E. Hammond. CANAJf ADAiauA.Deo. 25. -Tlie Lizzie Rock wood mystery Is cleared up at last. The story of her disappearence from her home here is known to the readers of the DAILY TIMES. The other night Officer J. W. Booth went to the residence of John Uaderhlll near Rushville and found Lizzie with her three weeks old baby. He brought her back home to her sorrowing father. The man with whpiu she went away Is now living in town. He Is a well known musician, The Underbills state that on the Sun- day night when Lizzie disappeared from home here, this man drove up to their door and asked for board aud lodging for the girl Whom he represented as the wife of a friend of his, a traveling man nameKelley, who desired to boaru in a quiet place for a while. Assurances of a goodly sum for'board and their friend- ship for the young man Induced them to admit the girl to their household. Of late the board money has not beeu forth coming and the Uuderhills having learned the true state of affair« divulged the factB and the girl's father promptly sent for her* As the man In the oaso Is married and can not offer legal reparation for the girl's wrongs the outcome of the matter can only be conjectured. The girl's father will take the matter to the pro- per authorities. CUT BY A SAW. WORKMAN INJURED AT LEONARD MILLS. THE Christmas Dinner at JKIrkwcod. The menu for Christmas dinner at the Hotel Kirkwood yesterday wns a very elaborate affair, and reflected great credit on the proprietors, Messrs. Ooxe anl Glo/er. About forty prominent r. sidents of Geneva sat down to the t ibles at that popular hostelry and speak in the highest terms of praise of the service. The dinner was an honor to the house and a privilege that Geneva fauiillis apureciate on such an occasion, Canandalgua Briefs. CANANDAIOOA, Dec. 26.-^A pleasant Christmas event, at high noon yester- day, was the wedding at the home of the bride's p'arents on Cliapiu street, of Miss Jessie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Grieve and Mr. George T. Thompson. The groom Is a well-known lumber dealer; the bride I 8 one of Canandaigua's most gifted vocal- ists. The ceremony was performed In the presence.of near relatives only, by Rev. J. Jones Lawrence, of the Presby- terian church. The happy pair left at 3U0 p. m. tor the east. Yesterday morning early A burglar- ious attempt was made to enter the Lally liquor store. The burglar, in liia attempt to get in over the transom, broke a large light of glass, which made a racket and drew the attention of Officer Sheehan, whose approach fright ened the burglar away. While working at Leouard'8 saw mid at the foot of Washington street Mon- day afternoon* at about 1:80 o.clock, says the Geueva Courier, Robert Puttey, colored, was terribly injured. Iu com- pany with Sylvanus White he was em- ployed around a large saw. Puttey was Standing ou the saw-carrier arranging something. Mr. White iid not notice him aud pulled the carrier back. Put- tey was tin-own on the table. His left foot struck the saw and that member was'frightfully cut. The left leg was also broken lu tour places, the bones being badly splinted. Other workmen came to his assistance, He was placed In a wagou, bloedtug profusely from his frightful wounds. Drs. Rupert and De» Lauey dressed the wouuded foot and redueed the fractures. Puttey is a sin- gle man, a hard worker, and Is well thought 'of by his fellow workmen, His home is in Union Alley. He was taken to the Church Homo.. HGIilDAY. SOSIIf * A'Jt CHITRY'S Oanandaigua Trustees. CANAUDAIQUA, Dec 20.—At the reg- ular meeting of the village board of trustees considerable business of inipor- tance was transacted. Bills were audit- ed as follows; Koah Ti Clark, village map survey, $170.40; John B. Hall, sewer commissioner, $0.0u; Theo. Per- klus&Co., material, $H 61; George W. Tltt'auy, hbor, $10.50; Frank W.Chese- bro, sower commissioner, $0.00; Peter Lee, et al., street labor, 137,15; M. Tuoney, carting hose, $1.00; C. H. Baldwin, coal, $.'3.75; James Van Ars- dale, erroneous assesstnout, refunded, $a.02, A petition containing 176 names, asking for the appointment of an extra policeman for night patrol was talked, fho Ontario County Journal was des- ignated to publish the annual statement and to publish the annual statement and to print the ballots for the coming charter el'cc ion. The committee on printing acknowledged tiiat it had not asked the democratic paper for a bid because the custom was to favor the politics that were in the majority on the board. Th!s was protested against by Messrs. Smith and Burrell, both re- publicans, the latter saying ho consid- ered such a pro\oediug as petty and beneath the dignity of the board, es- pecially now that the village govern- ment Is run under the uew charter. Referee Case on Trial. The case of McMann vs. Manchester is on to-day before J. N. Hammond, of Seneca Falls, as referee in Lawyer Moore's offijo. Tue action was bro ught to recover for services lu the estate for which the defeudent Is executor, ' W, S. Moore appe&red for plaintiff aud J. E. Bean for defondant. The case will be_summed up to-day.. Dr. Chapman's Accident. The Rev. W. W. Weller, chairman of the executive committee, received a tel- egram this inornine to the effect that the Roy. J. Wilbur Chapman, D. D., has met with a serious accident which will lay him aside for a mouth. He wasexpeited In Geneva within a few days to conduct special religious ser- vices. Other arrangements, however, will probably be made, and perhaps he will coine later. Married In Phelps. PHELPS, Dec. 20.—The marriage of Frank Waraer and Miss Kate Garlock was celebrated here yesterday at high noon, Kev. Dr. W. II. Webb, p.utqr of the contracting parties, officiating, at the home of the bride's brother, Charles Garlock, 0 East Main st'eot. The house was d.wkeued and handsomely brimmed and lllumiuated for the occa 'slon. Only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties wero present. The wedding dinner was served by Caterer Ridley. Following a short wedding tour. Mr. and Mrs. Warner will take up their residence iu Clifton Springs where, the groom h is establish- ed a grocery business. Dolls and toys of all kinds, Doll CarrlagestExpress Wagprts,imn a 11 wood Sleighs, Swing-Horse*, K > k ing Horses', Shoo Files, SklnH* TK\> and Carts, Drums, Tool Chest* 1 ov Trunks, Iron Tovs, \Blackl w Is * Easels, Bamboo Cabinet^ f»*m« Desks, Blocks, Magic LantCri i Doll •» Chairs and Children** Chain* A very large line of Fancy CUj« »uil Saucers and Fancy Crockery I ok» of all kinds, Gift Story and Hlog raphy, at very low prices. To and Juvenile Books of nil k n 1* < Also a very large line of t my Goods, etc*, etc, ' ' Chitry's • Bargain Hotfss Is ynj Holiday Headqaarters, \M M. GATES Gte anl Hosiery Specialist Our linoaof Wtntoi Uuderweoi for ladies, men and children we still very complete and no car* ful buyer can affoid to overtook thorn. We shall continue to make Gloves and Hosiery our- leading feature and you will always fln 1 the latest improvemo its and cor root novelties We shall contimio selling tb» best 25c Hose In America. i 522 •'•• - ^ Exchange Street, Unredeemed pledges half pnefe Present's 139-MG Acting Like Mad. The Waterloo News of Tu slay chroniclet the following; A trolley car/ left the track just this side of the Ki g- dom, last evening, running Into the em bankment and smashing the vestibule of one of th« new cars. Another similar accident, though with no damage, oc- curred this morning. The cars were delayed several trips by the accident, Which was caused by ice on the track. Harrigan Did Play. Manager Hardison informs the TIMES that the report that Actor Harrigan did not take bis part In Old Lavender at.tW opera house on Saturday night, by reason of indisposition, was incorrect. Mr. Harrigan has no uuder-study, and although suffering from a cold at that time wat able to sujStainlils part. With- out Mr, Harrigan there is no Old Laven- der. / Kid Gloved N*ck»ear;» Mufflers, dol- lars, Cuffs, Underwear, Dress Shirts Dress Tie*, all new at Oastler'e, Y. M O. A. bttllillnjr. ***** A GOOD -N Can be selecjteel from our stock, which - is absolutely fresh. Mr. Allen Undarstards, The Geneva Advertiser says: We un- derstand that A. A. Allen of the drug store has taken charge of Beebe's hat store and will mauace it hereafter., We don't quite uu-lerstand the situation, as he is proprietor of the drug store. WILLIAM VAN LEW( Headquarter* for., Win1 Fric s, 25,35 and 50c a bottle, • We make a.specialty of Coffees and Spiceft 'IVg 74 SENECA STREET. Bapplayca'a M s>»nd. 2£ We want to close out \our entire stock of •»%%%%* Me Raisins* fiaiifdfflia: Oranges. Pine toi Ifc \9&1^•{lm , m tftwi & LITTLE* mmm- mmitimMiiii* and have marked them so low that they all go in a very short time Make your Selection Ear] 40-42 Seaeea Street, Linden BU 3wtdioor HV««t of ar.' W. Smith Dry- Oootla Q x

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