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•'<!'•>'>? il^Vv. ' , J •(!»• 4 ^ ^^&s^£ki ;..5, ; ; aSisilis^iiimm OTIJMV ^CTOMEK S, WQS, 'jjmi i i ' \ | \J L • • J • • IIIJI '\n M^ M .,,WIY l ,„.j.«,.^i»i>ri. l ;M i ^^^ fcj&HUPftt • fe l #;i:*y 12, atisg; ^*^.£f^^bHr*l;Mi .J9jS*L.JSfo atona Buy Tour Iiapa^, ^GlassiArare, at gOrffcilSQ, I^c^l E&ttd 7 09, North H«L&» PWb». \Daily exeeptS' y®)f*% 8»yre is o JSfi »«.»*>* York „ wiar , life No Stops beSi ypmrm o as a. nT'iSffli ^»»$^ ijjjp P8r,or «W5J rrlVes from s»jre YJ» in TOBCB, Gen. Sup't Sft fetj !,Qen, Fas». Agent, fhiliSf IMAJDHKR, Ain't Geal 'w| thlehem. Pa. 511 Ctb, City 1'icket agent, f'\ Anci SWe Money. lwe.I« M Received a .l?aig^ .Assortment of Lamps at very Lew Prices. Glassware\and Crockery cheaper than ever. feRAMTEWAREt' ; lTO*r \BE : GIVEN AWAV t> ' •t.{l\lllit<(M.}J\M<Il»(>(lllHili.VWlilll\iii | | l, iTJu< K • i' \veax*aB|i Hosiery \Very Low ifeon't I 11 ' '- H*g^ Prices.-*\ We can sell you goods cheaper than any merchant in the city. THE WIDE AWAKE, frastle St. • -'- -^ £\ 1* :; : Y: M, C. A, Block, ^iTsca.iartNA/AlRtZ, Props. Castle St> -u W iV-jp;. C. A. Block. !it.ys' Directory, | TAKlO COUNTY, Qft&BVA, «r. y. 6-~8**ce, Notary Public nec*St.,tteiieYa,Br x. TO THE WISE IS BUFFI' ;; M'. By- -nOo- 6l8E *. KEYES, AtU r» r at. Jj«r, 8mitli Bob™ :D«T», N. T, OfUcc hounr™ guy Your Hothfe $3*53 8 linden Block^Geii ouw from 9 a. ID. to 6 p- n S -AT- r. HBMIUP, Counselbfl lUtffilook.Geneva, N. Y, , f| j^HOLAS&HOSKli Ilpw at Laiff.r rXTS»*lev, Philip} Hoikins. a^vdkOFF, Aiton*fii l*w, Insurance, Be»l fitr . George F. Dilm»rt,':A . BEAN, AttorneyindCoJ «&TjK>tary Public mtH;r\ lock, Geneva, JI. Y. JBOSSTWICK, Attor.„_ , 41 Jjiniien St, Uenov», K,.| SACKETT, AtttraeM -XJWT, Linden Block, Gen* okett, IV B. Sackett 3LOW, Counsellor at III ^UOsevfcN. Y. MOORE. Conmelor »tlil MCvWith Seal, No. 4 Btmtf L»Ajrt>AIOTJA. W. office in the Timet finuM levers Bros. |>opu[ar One-Price- Clothiers. |i Sfneca St., Geneva, Jf. Y 6ene?a's Tonsoiial Artist, ~* N. B. STANLEY, Tonsorial Parlors, 08 Settee* Street Clean shaves, clean towels. All work done neat ly and with dispatob. The Palaos Barber Shop A TRIAL SOLICITED. E A. ARMSIR0N& No. 22 LinittiW; TRY THE MEW City Meat Market FOR ALL KINDS OF Fresii & Salt Meats Frices are WAY DOWN and the Quality of Meat WAY UP. M F. CONNOLLY, 358 Exchange St. ireat 3 Day's Sale :A T: ^Q Big Bargaiit STORE 7W\ ftiftm of 5en| I1»a. m„ I to 4 and7to'8P. - 5wS*r»a. m., Wto SJW (fi-Bt'-HB wiiiiam se <m iJ»«Q*.-(»nd7to8p.m. - UL.APP. M. Dv-0*| HftiJji*'«> 3, and 7 tB 8 Rf • |Have not got time to say much, as we are receiving our New Stock of fall and .-Holiday Goods. | Will tell you^ #P$ them Later, Here are & f^w, Specials: Implete 0ed<mited Mnmt Sets, S^.9>3 snfcTUpwards.! Jandsome T«^I^f| $16d and Upwards, It Fancy loiored Cream Pitchers, Regular 28c. Ones, Special, iOc. pecinls ^iii \Hireugli the Store REV,S.R..qAfetHRbP. A 8ohol«Jr CluUtUv MM aad a Be- IOTWI Puttr, wkt balleTM la BET. DB. CAXTHJJOP, SYBAOT8K, N. T. The twen^ninth 4ky ^f April is a no- table day in tb,«J»ift9rf ^f ; tht*j£ay Memor- ial Church in Syraoute, ai it it the anni- versary of the iuitillatidn of the Rev. Samuel E. Calthrop, D.D. the eminent divine who to long o»» miniitered to them apiritually as pastor of the Church. Dr. Calthrop irai-born in'England and received hit preparatory-aoholaatao training at St. Paul's gshool, Iiondon^ Entering Trinity College. Cambriage,lje'soon became a bright figure sir that 'brilliant coterie of scholars, literary men and wita that followed in the traditions of Macaulay and his associ- ates at the univejnSity. Tn the middle of the century, he ti»fted Syracuse and.receirad his first impreuions of the young pity that nearly a score of years' rater Re was to. choose as his home and in which'his labors hare been, so long and effective.„The wasterly pulpit aldreises of Dr. Calthrop hftve had thefrfOhdameStaliBraWfrom the deepest . research;. His people hare Been -instructed by him, not only in things spiritual, but IS the elements of the broadest culture, in lit- erature, in art and in science. His young men hare been taught a muscular system of morality. In these and in many, other ways has he endeared himielf to his eongregntion, which is one of'the moat highly cultured and wealthy in the city,, Dr. Calthrop Has a striking personality. To the eye he i» a most pictnrei^rie figure. His head and face, framed in luxuriant mas- ses of silky, snow white hairand ; beard,are of type 6f Bryant tM tongjisllpw. Al- the though orer saveiity ydaii'old'his rather spare figure.is firm .and erect,»nd^yery movement is active aridgraceful. His whole life long he has bien'an ardent admirer and promoter of athletio sports, and even at his ad vance4 aga. plays tv4,niawUh all the vigor »nd( perhaps, this remarkably versatile roan is most widelrkttowii, •part-ftom his profes- •ion, asa soientist. On a bright April morning » reporter fol> lowed the'wiMding-'drirefay''that curving around the hili'leads to CalthropXodge, an ofd-fashioned red brick mansion; furronnded by agrove of pakaand cheatnnts. ^Wearing a blaSk ikhflrcaplrja rttiok coat of semf clerical,cut f .the,inaster of.jSalthropIiodge gracionsl/ received the rejwrter w% .called \to -inm«l» \abeut .Wj fceaith,\foi> thongli- manfully represslhjr all possible -'evidences ot his suflering. ?)!?,* Calthrop ifor. many years had neenlne vic^nf rf a dbtreasing SflSiotion, -nntirbjrTorlunite cnanee 'he was lead to take the reinWy which has effect- ually cured him. . . •_ . . During more than half of his pastorate in 4jrraou*«, Br.^dSathrop^haa been troubled with rheumatism, ahdatratervals he suffered excruoiating agony from it. At times the, pant was so great as to prevent him from walking; MWfWitte^e^trefrtried with4 outsuccessandlieandhtsrriendsliadgiven; nn hope: of a,,pemahen|, cure, or of More than Wmporitrir i%lief whetf'he 1 tdokTthe; preparation that dftove 4he v diseaae \com.' pletely from his system. ... ... In a letter wrjitten,.t<». the editor of The Evening Mint of Syracuse, last year, Dr. GalthroptbTd of hrs'sffllctidri 'and its cure. Thi*toDr,,CWthrifttokletter: To the Witor of. The; Evening,News-- 1 Dear Sir f MAreHhlin feyisarji'agAT Wrench- ed my left knee, throwing it%lmo*t front Ms socket. Great swelling followed.,and the synovial j'nice kept leaking from the joint. ..JB^.-*^jW^«fftt yearsj and frort «hie;toftinftHiie jreWekheft would give out entirely, aiid the swelling iv ould commence. !Thij( was always occusioited by sotao strain llltft•* IMden sw$ *ho knee gradually K Tecftvefed» JP»f «Sw4ya was weaker than the •other,' •' • • ••'• v Aboutv|6^ \j agOj the awclling rccom- 'inelitoed,''thisrtimei': without any wrench at all; and lwforeloh^ryrealieedtnat this was rheumatism settling in the weakest part of thebodjL; TJ»,fttta,nble/.pajnesooften that I #aabbliged;td«airy;an opiate in njy pocket .everywhere-'I-'weiife \1 had geherally a paokg^ln'my waistcoatpooteet, but in going , to &coni^renec:atBaffalo,I forgot it, and as ^he'oar was dfimp and eold, before I got to Buffalo, my inee was swollen to twice its natufail''si$e* J Bad seen the good effects that Pink Pills were tiavlMgWsuob cases, and I tried them myself'wjth the result that I have never 1iada,wingev0r;Aswelling since. This was Effected by'takitif seven or eight boxes. i- I heed: riot say that I am thankful for my .ree«y.erediiJ»deBendence, but I will add that iny knee Is fat stronger than it has been for S&yeftrs. . . , -1 took one pill at my mesls three times a day. •J gladly give yon this statement. Yours, S. R. CALTHEOP. . Since wriijing^thia letter Dr. Calthrop has not had any visits fjfom hi*, old enemy and is even more cordial now in his recommen- dation of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills than he was then. $0 the reporter he said: \I am continually recommending Dr. Williams' -Pink PiHs to acquaintances and those J chance to meet who are troubled with rheumatism or locomotor ataxia. \Pink Pills,\ continued, Dr. Calthrop, \ are the best thing of the kind, I know of. They are infinitely superior to most medi- cines that are put up for sale. I know pretty well what the pills contain and I consider it an excellent prescription. It is inch a one as I might get from my doctor but he would not give it in such a compact form and so convenient to take. \ I recommend the pills highly to all who are troubled with, rheumatism, locomotor ataxia or.any impoverishment of the blood.\ Dr. Williams' P^nk Pills are not looked upon as a patent medicine but rather as a prescription. An analysis of their pro- perties shows that they contain, in con- densed form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific.for emch diseases as loco- inotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sciatica,.neuralgia, rheumatism, ner- vous headache, the after effects of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and onflow complexions andthe tired feeling resulting from nervous prostration, all diseases re- sulting from vitiated humors in the blood, anch as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. They arealso a specific for troubles peculiar to female*, such as suppressions, irregulari- ties and all forms of weakness, They bnild up the Mood, and restore the glow of health to pale and sallow cheeks. In men they effect a radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork or excesses of whatever nature, / JBAY MBMOBtAIi CHWEOH, SYEAOTJBE> K.T. These pills are manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, «. Y., and are Bold only in boxes bearing the firm's trade mark and wrapper, at 56 eejots a box or six boxes for $2.50, and are never sold in bulk. They may pe had of all druggists or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company.— Fnt* th* Evening Nctoi, Syracuse N. Y. uTEE TEHJMPflOFLOVE \ is HAPPY? fuvmtn »ABHUGE.\ Eterj lav Who Wo»M Kaew tie Grand Troths the Plainf sets, tfce New Discoveries ef *eaie» Science as applied to Barrled life. Who Weald i Atone for Past Errors and Aroitl Fatarc Pitfalls Should Secare the Woaderfsl little Book CaUtd \Cenplete Manhood, and How tff Attala It.\ \ Here at last is information from a high medi- cal source that must work .wonders .with this generation of men.\ , p Ilie hook fully deScribea'a 'nietjioa by WWcS to attain iullviitorahd manly power, . A tnothodby Which to end all unnatural drams &n the;system. -. ..,*•<.. „ •.' . i To euro nervousness, lack of self-contral.de- »pondeucy.Ac» , , . . , , To exebans* a Jadcftand.woru, nature -for one ofhrlghtBe^hupyan6y'8tdpJfKer. .,;,^ To cure foWver effects of exewsive overwork •j^gV#fttUS|rtrjjJh t d^eKp^|nt,aaid tone io ^Two ev'e'r/pbrflSfiffia'qriat16j,tlie%ay,' AgoiiobarrBfe «. Tailtrre Impossible. This bbokis Jjirekmeaiealanrl fcfej less to curiosity sa»Mefs, fnvaluabhF- whoneedit ,. -'..Use- en only fimtaldrNi Y.,andaskfi>r.t6ei little,Ibqpfc called \cOMptftli! MAKHOOD.\ •Kete>-t#-this paper, aud.thg xsomMhy riMflialsea-tocaeM. Me hrok, in eeSled ettyelope* withoutTany'marka, and Bnterelyfree. , - ,„„,... FRAHKLIHHOUSI 6EMEVA, S; Y. & COON Proprietors 'Special Attention Given to 'B«k»qtie»» end Annual Umnera, «—^ • —0OC~\ m— > ELECTRIC LIGHTED, STEAH HEATED llATES $2.00 to $2.50 IJwJCirkWood COXE & CLOV6R, Props. Kates $2.00 and $2.86 per day. Strain. Heat and Electric Light, PROFESSOR BOYESEN DEAD. Stontous M «n Educator, linguist and ropular Novollst. NEW YORK, Oct. 6,-^Professor Hjalmar Hjorth Boyeson of Columbia college has died of rheumatism of thu heart. Death curno unexpectedly after nn Illness of but s fow daya. The news of the death of tho profossor waa a groat ahook to the faculty of Col- umbia college. Tho deceased leaves a widow and two eons. Professor Boyosen was born i n Norway In 1848, in Frodoricksvaern. He graduated at tho university' of Chrlstiania in 1808 When he cume to this oounfcry In 1W, he soon went to Chicago, where he became the editor of the Scandinavian paper, Fremad. Five years after coming to America he published his first novel, \Gunnar which waa an immediate suc- cess and attracted muoh attention. 'During the years 1873 and 1874 he trav- eled in Europe in tho interest of his stud- ies, returning to accept a professorship of German at Cornell university. It was in 1881 that he was appointod in- structor in German at Columbia colloge, and in 1883 he was appointed to tho Geb- hard professorship of German and litera- ture. The chair of Germanic language and lit- erature was created for him in 18B0, and that he retained until the day of his doath. Among the writings of Professor Boyo- sen wore \The Story of Norway,\ \Lives of Goothe and Sohillor,\ \Tales of Two Hemispheres,\ \The Mammon of Un- righteousness,\ \Ilka of the Hilltop,\ \Falconberg; \A Daughter of tho Phil- listines,\ \Essays of Girman Literature,\ and \Queen Tltanla.\ He enjoyed a high reputation as a loo-' turer, a broad and discerning student of language and agracoful novelist. Among his friends, Professor Boyosen numbered some of tho most eminont men of several countries. One of hie warmest friends was Victor Hugo and others wore Tourguoneff and Bjornstjerne Bjornson. Now Theater For Buffalo. BUFFALO, Oct. 5.—A new theater and amusement hall on the plan of Madison Square Garden, New York, and designed to seat 10,000 persons is to be built on North Main street in this olty. The prin- cipal mover in the enterprise 1B Charles A. Johnson, a vvellknown millionaire broker of New York. It is announced that work on the new building will be bogun at once and will be completed In early spring. THE MARKETS. New York Money Market. NEW YOBK. Oct. 4.. Money on call, easy, at 1}$@3 per cent. Prime meroantile Jianer, 0i®i%j>m cent. Sterling exchange: Actual bnslnoss in bank- ers' hills, «,87>^@4.873ifor demand and »4.8fl« @4.E6% for 8a days. Posted rates, I4.B7@4.88 and «. 88@4.89 . Commercial bills f 4.85? i@4.80 . Railroads: Paaiflo 6s of 'U6, 41.20. Silver certificates, 67^0. Bar silver, 67a Mexican, KtJio. Governments, new 4's aoupon at l.SJOJtf. New York Produce Market. NEW YORK, Oot. 4. FLOUB-rCity mills patent, 44.20 $4.45; win- ter patents, tS.40@3.70 ; city mills olear, (8.80® 8,9.);-winter straits, | 8.25@3.40 ; wintor extras, $2.60®2.05; do low grades, K). 00@2.50 ; Minne- sota patents, 18.60(^8.75; Minnesota! bakers', «2,8J@340; spring low grades, tl.00s2.60 ; spring extras, * 1.0O@2.5O . Southern flour: Good to choice do extra, 13.40,98.00. BYE FI1OUB—Superfine, 12.6532.80; fanoy, I2,85@8.(,0 COBNMHAL — follow western, O5@07o; brandy wtno, 1260. BUCKWHEAT PliOTJB —Quoted at $1.05 @1.75. BUCKWHEAT—Japanese, 60®54o; silver, 45 BYE—State, 60@31Q; Joraey, 49®51o carlota, 66c delivered; boatloads, 55@36o bid, deliv- ered; No. 2, 42o elevator; No. 2 western, 45® 48o boatloads; 48a to arrive. BAKLEY MALT—Western, 60@<SOc; No, 8 western, 88@70o; two-rowed, 85o; six-rowed do, 78®75o. BABIJEY-No, 2 Milwaukee, 6O0 to arrive; two-rowed state, good to choice. 40®50o; six- rowed state western, (W>ic to arrive; spot, 61a; No. 2 western, 05a; ungraded western, 40@90e to arrive; Canada. 70@72>io; western, 4fl@50c. •WHEAT—Spot sales No- 2 red, stole and ele- ' vator, 85?io; canal 065>i®05^o; f.o.b., 6OH0 afloat; No. 1 northern, 65^0 delivered; No. 1 hard, ff!%a delivered. Options: No. 2 rod March closed at 8J%O; May, OflJso; Oct., GiUa; Deo., 66^0. OOBN—Spot sales No. 2,87}tfo elevator; BStffi afloat; No. 2 white, 87J4o elevator; No, 1 white, 48^0 f.o.'b. Afloat; steamer mixed, 53%c; yel- low, 49?go elevator; 80^o deliverod; do 40% 5 41o t o. b. afloat; 47%@49%o elevator; elevat- or, ungraded mixed, 46M946Ho '• o. b, afloat. Options: May closed at 86J£o; Oct., WJio; Nov., : 8&%>;Dec, 85?io. OATS—Spot sales of No. 2,28Ko; No. 3, 2bo; UTo. 2 delivered, 24#o; No. 8 white, 26Jio; No. 8 do, 24o; track white, 253>80o; traok mixed western, 24c, Options: May closed at 85K&; Oct., 2io: Nov.,28J^c; Dec, 8BK0. HAY—Shipping, 66@70oi good to choice, 80® 'fiOo; striqtly prime, fl,0091.0S, POBKMNew mess, $ 10.00@10.25 ; family, »12.00 1912.60; short clear, fll.fi0918.59; extra prime, tl2.76. BTTTTEB—Western dairy, 10318c; do cream- ery, 16328c; do factory,8K®12>*0jelgina, Wo; imitation oreamery, Il@10o; state dairy, V4& 2lc; do oreamery, 22^@23o. OHEBSK-State large, 6^8Hc: small, 5^@ 6>4o; part skims, 8®7o; full skims, 2®2Jio. EQGB — State and Pennsylvania, 18^20o; Western fresh, 18o; southern, 16>io; icehouse, POTATOES-Tjong Island, tl.00@U2; sweets. fl.62@2.7a ; Jersey, 80c@tt,10; New York, 00c@ $1M; Maine, fl.4Jal.00 ; Bermuda, t3.00@4.0j ; North Carolina, U.50@2.00 ; Charleston and 8a- vannabi $ 2.60@cJ.0O ; southern, 75c@tl.00 ; Nor folk, : fl.53@2.00j Virginia roue, fl.50d2.00 . it,it'4^?^i K*'b'-B02 Main SkM :M!».to«,and6to»^J» ; .&'.0.-47 So»«*i^B t^J*Bd7loei>tf';;||| JTEBBINS, M.JpjSjl SffiiS*M0a.ia..<«»gPl I %,..-: (Jt'iieva National Bink,'Foot of Seneca Street. wpmim Stoves %«'' o.—60 ScneotJMSl m^^m l f; CURE YOUR I J *^fS'llig <** tot \J*S Tailor -1 his Geaeva fiiVnds that bis ^tbek of ^»«reii\'-« 'ipenWins|)ectiorj;^t his parlota ahfl jp-uewi!| ;„. in Goiiexa from, time to time. - - *:A. FINLEY, A<aEN ^ ,. • Ija^-AjAINSlrRI^ET, ROCHESTER* N. Y. m For Geneva Date, Watch This Space. fe£££=A N ty^m •Tfc /V L.ARGE -t.lfNltt.0r -Hand Pa^fpr Stoves. mm*. Bnffialo Provision Market. BorpAt.0, Oot. 4. WHEAT—No. 1 hard, old, 08%oj do new, B6%j;No, 3 red, 60^o. COBN - No. 2 yellow, 87«o; No. 2,80o; No 8 yellow. 87o. OATS-No. 3 white, 25*fo;No. Simlxod 23^0 BABLBY—Minnesota, 50o; Chicago, 42o. BYE-No. 2, 40o; No. 3, 41c. PLOUB—Spring wheat, beat patent, par bbl. $ 8.0O@3.83 ; low grudea, $2.50(»2.76; winter wheat, bust family, $ 8.25@3.50 ; graham, $2.75® D.00. BTJTTER-Stata creamery, 22j^a38o: western do, 22@2Jo. CHEESE—Fanny fnll cream, 93>9^a; ohoioe do, 7^®So; light skims, eSO^o; skims, 4®oo. EGOS—Staio, 17o; Canada and westorn, lfl(ai JP^o- East Buflalo Live Stock Market. EAST BDFPALO. Oot. 4. CATTLE—Extra export steers, $4,00@5.O); rood do, $4.2O@4,60; ohoioo heavy butohers' f*.00®4 85; light handy do, 58. <0(gl3.85: cows »nd heifers, »xtra, 42.5038.25; calves, heavy fed, 52.1,0® i 25: veals, $8 75@7.60 . SHWEP AND LAMBS - Ohoioo to extr wethers, $ 3.H5@4.0l >; goad to ohoioe sheep, $2. ©8.16; common to fair, $2.ii0@2 85; ohoioe > extra aprinu lambs, $4,26®4,05; common tu fair, f8. 4I^I.75. HOGS - Hoavy, J4.40@4.45 ; medinm a\ 1 mixed, $4.4o(^4 50; Yorkers, $ 4.4o@4.6t ); pifc>, $ 4.40@4.5J : nufl'alo Ba y Market. BBlNfAI.O.Oot 4 No. 1 timothy, por ton, $17.00; No. 2 »• 1, fl5.00@10.UU ; baled hay, $ 14.00@15.00 ; loooo Straw, $7.00®8.oO, bundled rye, $10.00911.00. ••1 oon't SOP any Usf In getting biuo over it, old rn.in. t-'hf> i.sn't th e only girl in th e world.\ \That's just what I'm blue about. Think of the chancer I have of making th*> samp kind of a fool of my- self again.\—Brooklyn Life. Grocer (to ne w boy)—See, now, If yo u can 14ft this 50-pound bag of flour. New Boy—No, sir, I can't. Grocer—Thought you said you could carry 50 pounds? New Hoy—Hut this wasn't w^lghi-d an your scales!—Chicago Keeord. Mrs. Zabbs—I met with one of tho strangrest experiences of my life to-day. Mr. Zabbs—You did! What was it ? Mrs. Zabbs—Just this: I was prtHtlng o n an open car and the ma n on the end seat moved in and let me have It. —Koxbury Gazette. The grammar class was on th e floor. \In the sentence '1 love you,' what in the mood of tho verb?\ askod the teacher. \Sentimental mood,\ replied one of the larger\ girls, who had spout most of th e summer at th e sea shore. — Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph. \For the life of me I cannot see wh y people think it s o comical a thing for a man t o get married,\ complained tho young; man who was o n his bridal tour. \Nor me , neither,\ remarked th e passen- ger with the white whiskers. \An' I may state furder that I been marrlt 12 years.\—Cincinnati Enquirer. B. BORGMANJr., Furniture Dealer and Undertaker, 157 and 159 Exchange St., Geneva. IV. Y Attsntion T. D. R. A INJ D „ NAPOLEON Are My Spvial IO Gent Brands. Try Uiem and You will Smoke no Other Our Special 5c. Brand is the GRAND AMEtilCM REPUBLIC FOR SALE BY T. A. KANE, The Exchange St. Grocer 1« A« FLYHN'S NEW MEAT MARKET Is Hemming Justly 1'ujmhir. Hir Fresh ancL* ...Salt Meats Are Always Klghu Humphrey D. Lynch, the well*, known Meat Cutter, is at the Market. Try Flynn's BOLOGNA and FRAMFORTS Flynn's New Market Van Iluten Mark, E-tcliungo Street. Another of the • FINEST LINE OF COUCHES Ever brought to the city. If yon want something 1 Handsome, Desirable and Cheap, come in and let us show yon our $8.50 Couches, which beats the record, B. Borgman, 428 Exchange St. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY ON YOURIMEAT - GO TO - - E. WILDE'S Me^t Market A Broafler Hat's lie Siyle. \-l 1 •> Jr* For Sale or Exchange. Mills-and Factory Sites. Wo Imvo Options on t'cnlrnl Property at rauicn lens than their actual value. FINE BliSIOKNCli-i at half thoifeost. VACANT LOTS In all parts of the city. TAltMP In Ontnr! 1, Seneca and SchnyiCl Counties. Wrplern ami Southern Lands. TLOK, >0ftr'8 expciKiice pivca us an opportunity to llnil you just what, v nu want. Call or nddi'OTO DITrVIAF?S 8t WYCKOFF • O R Q, W. ALLEN, Rooms 3 and 4 Prouty Builditig 1 Seneca Street, Geneva, N, Y* D. E. DEMPSEY IS SEI.WSO Straight Whiskies a^d other for less than you can buy Rectified .Compoun led or nferior Liquorsuieowiiore. D. E. DEMPSEY 32 CASTLE ST. The Only Wholesale Llqucr Dealer in oeneva. 73 SENECA STREET. FLOURS, The Rest Mmncsnia Brand* alwins in sKicK. AnK«n fCEREAL Try a p'nekagc of Wheatalone, the perfect bronUfast food. Don't fall tntry nnr celebrated Minnesotal?n,tt Braii'l of Flour mid you will use no other. Oar prices are ripht ' ' for fall and Winter wear, and some men will prefer Iho Alpine, soft felt to tho almost uni- versally worn Derby, 11 yon want a becoming hat at arensonaulo price, you want to he coming to eeo us while there Is a possibility of a good choice. M BfflBOA BfflBMSf, fiSHEfl; H. Y. \M <^^\ Gjeftgit* « /Kfe Hatter and Purnisher, mm '-STREET. - - V. », C A. BLD'fl... GENEVA. N.V. Ha JWERRIJMI* 40 OASTLE STREET. ; Sueneseorto Carver Jonea CDT0SUET! C0T0SUET!! C0T0SUET! I Ask your neighbors if they ate any of the nico things made with Cotosuet at the exhibit ill' Geneva lately, it takes the place of lard. Sold by all dealers. Put up only by \ill * 4 '&1M

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