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GENEVA DAILY TIMES. FBIDAY, OCTOBER 4,1895, iV., f 5 J- SfHTH OPERA HOUSE. I? K HARDISON, manager Coming Tw o Nights, October 7th I>KATIi <>!•' DAVID IiAUKO.V. Al the Ago of Ninety-r-'ivf Pat-ses Ann}'. Years Ho Special Limited Engagement of the Sterling Soubrette, MISS LILLIAN KENNEDY Supported by a Company of First- Claaa Artists. Produced With all Special scenerY, Ca'rium lights and olootrical effects carried especially tax these productions Monday Evening, \She couldn't Harry Three.\ Tuesday Evening, \A Midnight Frolic.\ A Secession of Beautiful Stage Features. Tlirlllmg climaxes, songs end danr.es ! A mirthful presentation whose chief Ingredients are Brilliancy, Vim and Sprlghtliness I Prices, 25 to 75 Cents. Seats on sale at Siebol & Mulchay's Bookstore My. IN ANNUAL MEETING. THE WEATHER. Indications fo r Western New York Special Dispatch to The Times. WABIUKOTOW, Oct. S, — Forecast till 8 p m. Saturday, local rains and warmer; southerly winds. WEATHER SIGNALS. BLASTS, INDICATE One Long Blast Two Three One Snort Tiro Three - Fair Weather Ilain or Snon - Local ltaliiH - Loner Temperature Higher 'Iimij eraturr - told Wau» Announcement Is made of the death of Dawd llarron at hi s limne in NMICCU last night, at the. ag e of ii\) years, after an illness ol eltflit weeks. l.'p t<> within four yearn of his death lie ha d not been sick a day, and was ulwnya distiuj;uisheii for his robust health. He was well know n in Geneva, fo r lie ha d lived .\ix years on the I arm wl ere lie died. Air. Barron was born in Northumber- land, Kupland, on August 1 fitb, 1800, and during the (•nine year came to Am- erica. With the exception of II yeai'f sp.tit 111 Caledonia and Hath he has lived in tlds vicinity. In IN;.'!) he wan married to Mrs. Ninih Shaddock, in heott-ville, Monroe'county , wh o die 1 font teen years ago . lie was the lathe r of four children, noun of wl.uin are living, anil Is survived by s'\.crul near relations on e of whom is W. J. liarron of this place. Th e deceased leaves a la life es - tate. The time of the funeral service is not yet been announced. 311*. liam 11 wa s a man most highly esteemed in (lie neighborhood, and ha d lived here longer than any foreign born knouu in the State. lie lias a huge nujiiaiiitaucc by whom bis death will be lamented. Be sure and see (he funny comedian* Willi Lillian Kennedy Conipauy. Ne w .sonifs, dances, every night. Proceedings of the Central Con- ference, METHODISTS IN SESSION. TEA TABLE TOPICS. INTEltPBETATIOK OF C0MBI.NATIOS BLASTS One Long alone, Fair Weather, Stationary Teni. Two Long alone, Ealn or Snow, \ One Long, One Short, Fair WeatU-r, Lower Tern. Two \ Two \ Kaln or Snow, Higher Tem One \ Threo \ Fan- Weather, Cold Wave Throe\ Two \ Local Rains, Higher Tern CITY BRIEFS. —Business la quiet at the police court. •—There Is little sickness i n Geneva at present, —Over Dne hundred colore d electrical lights will be used in the great garden scene. —Lota o f songs, dances and fun in the new edition of \She Couldn't Marr y Three.\ —It is rumored that another police- man will be added to the force in a short time. —The ftorseyg are buying a good deal of fruit, principally apples jus t now, for shipment, —Take your mothers, sisters, sweet- hearts, to see Lil Itan Kennedy during her short stay. —The opera house diagra m will here- after b e found at Selble & Mulcahy's boo k store on Seneca street. —The Marshall house on El m wood avenue will be ooctipied by Or . F . A . Green e an d family. —The funeral of the late I>. C.Tay- lor will take place to-morrow at 3 o'clock ** from his late residence on William street. -r-The annual meeting of the Woman's Foreign missionary society of Ontario count y will b e held in Shortsville on Saturday. —The Geneva nurserymen are mak- ing their fall shipments of trees and their packing grounds are busy places just now. —The advertisements of Geneva merchants displayed i n the columns of THE TIMES are the bes t Indications o f local business. —The Central-Hudson tram, du e here at 7:15, was an hour an d a half late tillsm iruing on account of an accident at Canandaigua. —The Myers—Barkman case before Judge Knox, as referee, was adjourned yesterday till next Thursday, when an- other hearing will be riven. —The Genera football team will play with the Auroras to-morrow, and un- expected to make things hum for they are believed to be good kickers. —JamesKennedy, one of th e finest comedians on the Vaudeville stage, has been specially angaged for the support of the Lillian Kennedy encasement. ( —Masons ar e at work eultirgiug the ' ne w J. P. 11111 A Co. buildin g on Oene- **! va street. Ic will make a co m modioli' t annex t o their already large building:. —Before engaging? In busluess again, O, II. Wright will take a rest of several weeks. He lias in mind a business that will be more congenial than the one fro m whic h he has just retired. V^ —The loan commissioners of the <, \ county will meet in Cauaudaisjua on I , Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the first three weeks in October to receiv e in- terest on loans of the United States de- posit funds. On Thursday , Friday and baturday, Oct. 3rd, 4t h and 5tn, I will give to each perso n buying th e tenth pair ol shoes one pair of ladles patent leathe r ties, free o f charge. M. F. Oulehau, 33 Seneca St . * 107-tf 1 a— * »»•• MARRIED IN GENEVA. Wilson H. Butcher and Miss Annie C. Van Gelder, both of Stanley, were married at the residence of the officiat- ing clergyman, Rer. J. H. Ballou, 15 Cojfcstreet, at 12 o'clock on Tuesday, ' thelstmst. is hllffenil\ is sliOWillJ: PERSONAL. —(;. I!. Burden, o( I'ciin Van, is in Geneva to-day. — !•'rank Dwyer is expected home from Cincinnati to morrow. — Baxter Barret, of Auburn. Is the guest of W. II. (lark to-day. — Malcolm Love, of Wi.terloo. was m town yehterday on busiue-s, — Mrs. ('. A. I-'owhr, of Kingston, is the guest of lu-rsim, ('. J . \V. Fouler. --Wardeu James ('. Mom, of Auburn prison, wa s iu Geneva yesterday' on business. —S. K. Bunker, president ol the village of Phelps, wa s m tonn this morning, — Rev. Walter North and wife, of Buffalo, were regl-tered al th e Kirk- wood yesterday. — Mrs. F . Conover, wh o from a stroke of paralysis, sigus of improvement. —M. J. O'Brien, of (.'unaudaigiin, the popular salesman of the MeKicknie brewing company, is in town to-day. — Cornelius l.y neli, of tie neva, who is In Kochcxtei for treatment for cancer, is dangerously ill IUSI, MaiyV Hospital. — Edward Weh-ter will li nv e smne time this month lor china, and expects to remain away from liomefoi elgliieeii mouths. — Mrs. (\has. II. Iteuedict, of ( 'urning, is spending a fevv d.n s \\ i.h her pal cuts, ,Mr. and Mrs. W. 1', H.iriiion on William street. — Joel I'.igc. of the linn M| li.iiclicsler i?t U11-0, lias |c I-IMI tin- W .il ton house on the corner of (i.ne-sr and .Ninth streets. •»hea L. ^aii'mrn of the Franklin, \\»s day and shoo\ lniiub old friend*. — Will lloilb'l' gave nil cxlilbillnii ol fancy I'll) i-ii 1 id.ng \ 1 • -11' 1 day at Kut- luud, Vt. Ills next i-xlrliitinu will be- in it. Louis, .M,,. — George s>nrth, of th e Kiikwoml, n lio is sulTci ,ng fi uin .-i »i rnki- of 1 ur.ilj - slsisslowl} i'ii|>io\ iug. He will l>«ic- mo\i. 1 to liis houie III l!oi hi-ter .•—;i I in - din . Ills m.'tiiv fi icuds in i.t-ie \ .t hoj'e for his sine and s|,i,.,|\ recovi M. foi mi r projii ietnr 111 (•cnc\ a \ 1 -li 1- w i lb 111 .11 v of lils Barlow .V Kijip. y w 11, gu . some .snuM'inr t\ 1 \ ri v I •>•> \ of guilds 011 >-a111 >• 1.1 \. [•in hand- > b-ts 1 1 II < 1 \ \ 1: N 1111 N ii'l li \ In III II Itili g -iij.-ind t'gn 1 • f •-•. u.'-l v I I1.11 li - A. 1,1 in i ,1 pi 1. PLMin It \ I li The dt 11.\i 1 1! H convention i, nl 1 1 lu-..| m ( to mm row , w In n 1 no 11 !•• 1 will he in li. n.lle-l i n \i- p -1 Steele. I: Is no: know n in litical circles whal llie s!.,[,. v \ i• I be. Following are the dclc^.tlcs i\|,,, |i ;l \c been elecleii. to r» present deiu-va: I'. N. .Nicholas <>..! (' Ki.se . 1 >. K. Mnoie. K. J. Biodei i.k. i.inve K. Ual-uii, liaiiniioud B. Initio, W . 1'. o'Malli \ , J.F.Toole, I). J . V.tu liiki-u aii-1 John W. Rcd.h. 'llie great pr*idtiction of the in w i dl- tion of \Mie Couldn't M-trry I'hlee\ will lie one of tile gre.ite-t t>\ cuts of the sen- b'\li. IHMM BALL A I IIOBAHi'. '1 he fm.'ball manager of Hobart's team has si. UM d a ilil e with Cornell I iii\ers t\, ,u.d bis ine option o n a great in tin ilit.s wild other colleges Th e I'l..ink-. . .. ; j i ii- '\ I! !>•• played tllil-.leiir i n L : :.i l VMIIi -he Athletic team of thai ili\. In- team ,s to h» Streiigtliened In II.•• l < turn of Floyd Case, one of : .-I M ,i'« h.df i..nl,., ami By ( BIT ol I i. ion -j-i i ,.•- Il.ivis ;s en. illg to. pla\ <• i.t. r. Address by Bishop Andrews*Before Candidates fo r Admission to the Conference Given Yesterday. The second da y of th e Central Confer- ence of th e Methodist Episcopal church, nuw iusptslo u in Newark, wa s opened yesterday b y services conducted b y th e Hcv John B. Foote, of Syracuse At U o'clock Bishop Andrews, the presiding ullleer, took the chair. Th e roll wa s called by the secretary and tbe journal was read Presiding Elder Blakeslee offered a resolution adding a new rule t o the rules of the conference, requiring that all candidates for membership coming from either denominations 0'|o n certifi- cate of location, be required to b e passed upon by the entire board of pre- siding elders before being received. Af- ter discussion the resolution wa s unani- mously adopted. It is understood tha t some uuworth y man gained admission to the conference a year ago o n a certi- licate of location, and this rule is Intend- ed to head off any repetition of such mistake. Th e Rev. Dr. W. V. Kelley, D. D., editor ol the Methodist Review, wa s in- troduced and spoke briefly in the in- terests of the magazine whic h he edits. A committee wa s elected to take into consideration the subject of a reunion between this and the Genesee confer- ence, no w in session in the city of Roch- ester, consisting of A. Copeland, C. E. Hamilton, K. M. Mills, 8 . F . Sanford aud W.JH . Aunable. Dr . J. E. C. Saw- yer, editor of the Northern Christian Advocate, wa s introduced, and spoke of the many improvements made in the paper aud still others contemplated. Dr Sawyer is very popular and hi s ap- pearance was greeted with cheers. Chancellor Day , of Syracuse Llniver- sity, was introduced and said: \I am here to represent Syracuse Uniyerslty, notwithstanding a leading paper pub - lished in Syracuse said yesterday that my count cCou with that Institution wa s .-non to terminate, as I wa s to take charge o l the diocese of Central New York.\ The conference greatly enjoyed this blunder of the newspaper man , winch nvealed utter ignorance of Methodist law , aud greeted the chan- cellor's statement with long continued laughter aud applause. \My work Is to beglycn to Syracuse University,\ said Dr. Day. If His address lasted half an Imtii an d was freipteutly interrupted by applause. Th e liev. Dr. Va n Beuscho- ten, of th e Newark conference wa s in - troduced, 'llie followin g ca uiidates for admis- sion into full connection in th e confer- ence were called to the altar and ad - dicsfcd b y th e bishop on the duties and honors of the ministry: Alfred J . riaxe, Fiahk ,s. Hater, George H. Halgh, Fnilip II. Riegel, Albert. E. Hall, Ar- thur \V. Battel, Albert F. Feuton, Mar- cus T. M urns, Charles F . Alle n and Wind Moslnr. In the course of his re- marks l!is'io,i Andrews exhorted the \ \11111.* me n to be good preachers an d held up M. Paul as an example. He said \Paul was a Usher of men.\ Some pn acini's arc not skillful fishermen. It set ins sometimes as If they get a big club for a pole, a big hook and throw it out wlib a sjiinsii mid in such a manner as pi duly s.iys, 'Bite or b e damned.'\ llie candidates answered the usual dis- cipl.iini\ qui siions, and, upon recom- mendation from examining committees and presiding elders, they were adtnitt- • i! int<> full connection and elected to di ai-Hi's iiiders, Victors. Britteu was . 1.. t. I i.i dcu mi's orders an d contin- ,o ,1 .-ii nl.i'. I in H-p.irt of the commission to con- -i.b r -i id in !nr il.e better sustenatlou ..f -up. r.iiiiiaies was read b y the secre- i\, ibis give rise to considerable The fact that several false alarms o f lire hava been given o f late an d the de - partment ha s been calle d out unneces- sarily at a n unseemly hour o f night ought to convince auy one that a signal box should no t be rung without every assurance that a real lire exists. It is a considerable item o f expense t o send out an alarm, and besides i t i s no t treatin g the members o f tbe several fire companie s just right t o call them out unices there is absolute need o f tbelr services. False alarms tend to sbake the confidence bt an averag e man i n tbe genuineness of a call, eve n when there Is pressing need. * * * It ha s been asked, now that a re-or- ganization of th e police commission ha s been effected, If tb e board can be de - pended upon to maintain the best inter- ests of Geneva i n carrying ou t the ex- isting laws to which public attention has been called. It i s always jus t to as- sume, however, that a body of officials will do their duty and then glye them a fair trial before condemnation , and there is no reason why an exception should be made m Geneva. The com- missioners, of course, have grave dutie s to perform and their official acts will show Kow seriously they regard the trust reposed in tbem. Caused by a Gasoline Stove Ex- plosion. IN THE FAIRFAX BLOCK. Building Saved by the Presence of Fire Buckets Which Were Put to an Immediate Use . Our Great Handkerchief Sale Takes Hac This Season oii N OCTOBER 2d, 3d, #tb ei nd m Miss Lillia n Kennedy, the brighest soubrette on the state, In the new edi- tion of \She Couldn't Marry Three.\ ATLANTA VIA LEHIGH VALLEY On account of the Cotton States and International exposition at Atlanta , Ga., the Lehigh Valley railroad com - pany will sell tic kets a t tbe followin g low rates: For season ticket limited to January 7th, 1896, $36,60 to Atlanta and return. For twenty da y tickets, limited twenty days from date of Issue, $27.25. Remember an d have your tickets read vi a th e Scenic Lebigh Val- ley route through the Switzerland of America and over tbe mountains in Pennsylvania where the scenery at the time of year i s exceptionally rare and picturesque. For any Information not here given call on or write to any Le- high Valley ticket agent. 101-tf The lire department tui ned out *on a still alarm at 10 o'clock this morning. The ru n was caused by a fire in the Fairfax block, corner o f Castle and Linde n streets. Mrs. Forres t D. Alford, who lives in apartments i n th e block facing on Lin- den street, was coming from the hall- way into her dining room. As she opened the door she heard a loud explosion. Immediately the rooms were tilled with deuse-enioke. Mrs Alford gave th e cry\ of fire an d summoned help immediately. She ha d the presence ot miud to seize a pall of Water and dash i t on the llame* which were issuing from a small room adjoining th e dining room, and which is used as a kitchen. Th e building is supplied with lire buckets an d these Mrs ; Alford aud George W. Harper, who was near at hand, used with good effect. They had the Are out before th e Hydrants, des- pite their promptness, could lsy a line of hose. Th e fire wa s caused b y th e explosion ofalarge gasoline stove. It communi- cated to the floor and woodwor k of the roo m and was making good headway into th e dining room. The loss will not exceed $10o. Ha d i t not been for the presence of the Are buckets, with which th e building is liberally supplied, the damage woul d have been much greater. We Have Held Some Iameuse SalesJn Formgr Seasofjf' Bat'This One Will BolipselTIiem All, WAIT FOR THE GMT SALE,' W£ rVILL SAVE YOD MONEY, THE OCTOBER 2d,3d,f thand The J. W. 4042 Seneca Street. All the scenery used during the en - gagement of Lillian Kennedy was especially built for the Company an d carried by them. ' SHE COULDN'T MARRY THREE. No oompany that we have eyer beard of has ever come to ou r city with such favorable couriers as \She Couldn't Marry Three.\ 'They hav e the unani- mous endorsement of th e New York press; and this, you ma y res t assured, will be your only chance to se e this su - perior company, a s they will make n o stops going from San Francisco to New York City. We have no doubt of thei r success here. CORRESPONDENC E. Our regular opening for fall and win- ter footwear will b e Thursday, Oct. 3rd . On Thursday, Friday and Saturday o f this week, I willjjiye t o every tenth purchaser one pair o f ladies' patent leather ties free. M. F. Oulehan, 33 Seuec a St. 107-tf VICTOR, Oct. 4.—A few weeks ag o the board of trustees of. the village of Victor passed several ordinances which were direct- ed especially at two billard, lunch and pool rooms which were being conducted in a manner which plainly violated the la w with regard to blinds, curtains or any obstruction which would hinder a free view of the interior of the room from the outside. The several proprietors apparently acquiesced in , the demands of the trustees an d tbe blinds were thrown open, curtains taken down and the soap washed from the windows. As a result trade fell off t o an amazing degree at once, as many who had made it a practice to frequent these places did not now care to be seen there. It was supposed that affairs were settled for good, but a fe w days ago Frank TJnderhill, who runs one of the rooms in the Waiting block, announded to the board his intention of closing his blinds again and keeping them closed until com- pelled to open them b y process of law. The board promptly accepted the challenge and as the blinds have been closed for some evenings will proceed to compel Underhill to comply with the law bringing legal action against him if necessary. TO SMOKERS WHO ENJOY A Good Cigar THAT W/E ARE 3F=ECIAL- AQENT^' J FOR TH^i SALE OR THE OELEBRATEO ROBERT BURNS CK2AR, Eli CERA7IJIA, CAPAJJURA CIGAR* IiA GABPHA BSPAH&J ALLEN DRUG eCl Ladies patent leather ties give n away at Ouleban'8 Desideratum Shoe Store, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 107-tf SHE COULDN'T MARRY THREE. This play is presented b y one of the cleverest companies i n existence, every on e of them oeing especiall y selected for their adaptability in portraying tbe character they represent.\ Th e star, Miss Lillian Kennedy, is th e brightest ingeuu soubrette i u America, an d in this comedy she has a role which gives full scope to he r wonderful versatility. A haudsome souvenir to every lady purchaser of goods at Barlo w & Rippey's on Saturday. 110 t,. .1 siuissjuii. .several amendments were off. i ni, .-ii. d while the question was p.M.diiig. In. I.. C. Queal moved as a siibsi.iute for the whole mattei that th e «t. w aid-U- diuctcd l o distribute tb e fun.I- Mil- }• ar on th e old plau. The i n u'l-!.;isim ss of the conference ha s not I.IH II deil as rapidly as usual. N i.f tin-districts have been calleo for • i p..lis and pii««age of character. At il. ai.niw isary of the Freedmen's Aid ai, I s uib.-in Education Society thi-CM mu g the Methodist Episcopal ciiui, hnis crowded l o the door's and -us!,,, si ui.i.iig loom all being taken. llie mi li. IIM- audience was composed o f i ni/. ns .iiirniieil by th e fame of th e speaker. llie Rev . George Brltton pies, b ,l, -mil Rev. J. F. Footeotfered prawr I lo- secretary, Rev. F. II. D.ck. |s,,n, made a report which Showed that the chinches had contributed fo r this calm ilii« year $1,826, a decrease over tbe i ..iitiibutious o f last year of ji-.'lii. In J. W. Hamilton was the ora- tor of ti \ or in H'., sj, Full s.\| |. A desirable lot, .\.0 feet fr- i the Walton house and (.em^, Genesee street. Fo r price appl y t o ii. A. WALTON. ', b I w cell I.li ill's on and terms IMJ-lf • nlug ami spoke fo r a n hour iking without notes. Oiileli-in's regular fall opening will be Ton -day, Oct. 3rd. Ladies patent lcatlu r lie-given away free o f charge. 107-tf WOODS DELIVERED. iThe Ueneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls an d Cayuga Lake Traction Company i s prepared Do collect parcels in any part of Geneva and Waterloo and deliver same to any part of Waterloo and Geneva respectively. Cars carrying packages will leave Geneva at 6:80 7:50 and U:lu a. m., and will leave Waterloo at 7;10 s:30 and U:50 a. m. 48tf Some of the most exciting and sensa- tional scenes in th e production of \'She Couldn' t Marrv Three.\ SOM E POINTERS. Pointers for ladies aud gentlemen. If i ou want to look neat , brin g in your feet, I have the shoes tha t will make you complete. All goods up t o date and guaranteed. Oulehan's Desidera- tum shoe Store. lOltf During the limited engagement ot the L'lliau Kennedy Company, prices will be 23 to 75. AN OPPORTUNITY, The Walton house, on the corner of Genesee and North streets/forrey Park, is for sale or to rent. Apply to B. A. Walton or D. VV. Hailenbeck, Geneva, N. Y. 78-tf . On Saturday a useful souveni r will be given t o every lady purctrtBerat Barlotv & Rippey's. 110 WATBBLOO, Oct. 4.—The October meeting of the Waterloo corporation board was held on Wednesday evening, all being present but President Day and Trustee Sweet. J.C. Fillingham occupied the -hair pro tem. Some $400 in bills were audited a d ordered paid. The water bill of $1,050 was deferred. The clerk reported the sum of $l,s'.ni in the treasury with $3,000 taxes due, and the tax book was ordered extended for thirty days. The quarterly report of Police Justice Mar- shaU was presented, showing that from July 1st t o October 1st he had received the sum of $71 in fines and $3 50 costs.a total of $74,50. There was due him on his,salary a balance of $32.50 which the board ordered paid. William Menzer presented a bill for $•£> for damages resulting in driving his horse onto a pile of cobble stones on Main street, at 11 o'clock on a dark night, while the electric lights did not burn. The bill wa s laid over for a full board to act upon. Co. ,-# 3d Door west J. W- Smith'i Dry Remember we carry the largest line of C|g?aTS in thecitt.I NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Crockery,- Three New Stock Patterns, Beautiful in Design and ex- cellent in Quality. Prices Moderate. Jardineres in all colors, sizes, and prices. - - Lamps of all kinds. A full stock just received at - - CH .TRY'S BARGAIN HOUSE. CANANDAIGUA, Oct. 4—Yesterday after- nt on Henry Theodore Shiller, the ex-Red Man and swindler, pleaded guilty to th e crime of petit larceny,- in defrauding Oslec Tribe, 299, of Canandaigua out of $!«. He was sentenced to serve three months in t he Monroe County Penitentiary. H e was i n clined to stick to his former plea of not guilty and stand trail; but Luther S. Lakp, Chief of Records of Canouchet Tribe, o f Lyons, produced warrants for Shiller's ar- rest. Shiller then withdrew his former plea. Shiller was very penitent and acknowledged his guilt, but said hereafter he would forsake his evil ways and become a better man. It was largely throufeh tbe instrumentality o f L. S. Lake that the esse was so thoroughly worked up against Shiller and he was given his just deserts. The Geneva Daily Times Is the only bright, and up-to date paper In Ontario County. Subscribe now. Gentlemen Have You Seen Those +r- Working Shoes IN OUU WINDOW FOB 98 OJB2STT8P Burbanks, 47 Seneca St. next door to b ' 9. Express to. : CLEGS A NT Weddinjf Gifts! UTfi ARRIVALS NewdMljjrns In Cut Glass Bon Boo filihri, I Jf ew. toiff cut, l*r«e »l*e, *s.so, Beny B$g| Vases, etc; Also • new line of Stone Set KlSp, I the largest a«nJ flnestllbe in Geneva 16k 9e»ra-;| loss Weddliif HIn'irs, Warranted, at J. R. Worth'! Opera House Block, Oenev%| A full line of Silver Novell! Blouse* 8et», Belt Buckles, etc. All advertisements under this head one cent ver word each insertion. No notices ttken for less than 16 cents. Situations widiod free. MUST accompany adfettiM- ments for this column. CASH W Af«TED-Aboy for general work. FAIB- FAX BROS., Wallpaper Store. 108-d F i)R RK.NT-Rnoms m house No. 117 Pulteney street Inquire within. 106-I1S F OUND—A pocket.book conttlning I«'Hi o( money and cards bearing a name. Inquire at TIMES office. lose, W ANTED—Two connecting unfurnished rooms for man and wife. A driress E. H., TIMES office 110-tf W ANTED—By young lady, position as pri- vate Instructor ol children. Highest re- „ „_^„.i :— Address at once A. C. MJ-sD.\ commendations given. euro Sanitarium. B OV WANTED-From 10 to 18 years of «ge. to the right Kind of a boy fair wages will lie paid. Call at once at Harrison's Big- Barcaln Store, opposite Genera National Bank, foot ot Seneca street. F OB KENT—Two furnished or unfurnished rooms, modern improvements, board if de- sired. Enquire 36 William street 106-lllt poR REKT-A furnlsUed dwelling house, tar. •J- further particulars apply at No. MS South Mam street, 106-11 F ORSAI.E.-A parlor Argand stove in good order, at a low price • Fnquire 99 Lafayette Ave. 9-nt F OR SALE or Rent—House at7« GeneSceSt. with modern improvements. This place con- tains a new barn. Terms reasonable. ^^ G*O.A.P»*L, A t 0«neva9tMM Laundry. St I Excnanf* Street, Genevtr'N.V. Clothes Cleaned, Dyed and Frenefl •nuT Made to took WkeW* We-maket specialty - of dyeing silks or *|2»J any color j also, faded goods restored to war i original color. Wool goods trimmed «»j silk can be dyed Trlthout removing lu»r J Striped goods dj-ed uniform color. i We clean kid glove* ind work Of like oo»litf. ForpWwsonhketiiiaiMyolwork we chshWj any competitor. Goods called for and delivered. HOW- DBOBBS. 109-1 it Dissolution of PartesMj, Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between O, H. Wright and Wm. J. Broderick under the firm n»moOf W. &. Biwlerick & Co.. has this day been dis»<iWed*by mutual consont,said Wiight retiring an d said Brndenc.k continuing the business. Said ;Brod- crick assumes and agrees to pay all the debts of said firm, Geneva. N. Y„ October 1st, 1838. o , fit. WBIOHT, WH. J . BBODJUtlCK. Our Special For This Week is A vmsr HANDSOME Chinese Cracto Jar We give it with a pound ol Tea aiid Baking Powder, both purchased together. - - L. *i flia Tea CompV

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