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/\ *•<,* (GENEVA DAILY TIMES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER.27,189 !», L* i< fc*4 fad**- £* * iif fti !T ^ Si,'*' W j 4 \ I. .It if 4 & 1 SMITH OPERA HOUSE F.K. HARDISON, Manager. Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 1895. THE GREAT POWELL In on entirety new ami original prognnnie ol ------ - Fantastic Creations and Latest Illusions Noah's Ark or After the Flood Rnpld Transit, Cabinet of Pliantoms ami many oilier Nmcltou. REGULAtf PRICES 25c to 75c. Dlugriiui ojiuns htttiirdii}, Hc|>t. *lli. THE WEATHER. Indications for Western New York Special Dispatch u> The Ti mcs. WASHINGTON, Sept. '21, -Forecast till « p. IU . Saturday: fair weather; cooler; northerly winds. CITY BRIEFS. — Auopeuftlr conceit will lit #lveu this evening ai l'liltcn-y park by tin- 34:h Separate company latul. —The attention of smoker* 1ms been culled by Grocer Kane M hi s aniiiujiiei- mi;nC In another column in nliioli lie has something to »uy . A festival, iiiulnr tlie .uHpiec* \f th e Utiles of the Universalis!, church, will lie Klvoii oil the Invn of L F. Me;lar, Grove street tin* c\ enuijr. —Tlie cane of Charh-H Curtwrtsflit who is charged with liavluir romuiitleil an assault on John Howard hint Saturday uljrht, is ou trial by jury before Judge Bmelzer to-Uny. —The commission in the CUKC of the Middlesex Valley railway company against the Torrey I'urk I,auil Com]) my, to acquire right of «'ay across the lamN of the latter is sitlniif to-'iny at tin- vi1- a#e bulklliijr. —Tliu Ueuevn ladies will have con- trol of tlie electric cars l.i Geneva and one ear niniiiiiK to Waterloo all da y to - morrow from K in tlie nionuujr till 7 In the evening, tlu uroceeiU f*r belicvo- lotrt nses. Siioulillt rain the event will be deferred one week. —Harmony Tempi-, No. 2(5. wa« in - stituted on Monday evening, Sept. 23rd, by Mrs. Adi K itou, niureuio uicxWleiit of the Worn wi'n I'roteeiive Order, IIH- 8lsted by Mrs. Eiizibeth Smith, ruiiu'iuie deputy. Ollle. rs for th e co njng year wo.e also iust.*l e I. The charter will remain open a short time, —A night blooming ccrcus was wit- nessed hist evening at tlie residence of Dr. H. B . Strong, U North street. It was about eight leches iu iliauant r, an d of remark ible beauty. Three more will probably open this evening, and the doctor and family will h o glad to show ttie-n to their frieuil-'. —The remolns of Mr*. Kh/iheth Smith, widow of the latu Audro Smith, are exp >3ted in U uicva SI ur.j,«y morn- ing at 7 o'clock. Interment will h e made In the Washington street ceme- tery. Mrs. S nith died in 11 tidings, Nebraska, on Tuo«l*y, aud wa s over seventy years o f ago. Tlio only mem- ber of th e family fiert-aluiuts is Mr s JSJward Haslctt of Seneca. A liENKVAN HAl-ril.V MAltUIKD. The Ouotler- Walsli NnptUtls Celebrat- ed In L'tica. The departure of A. L. Oastler from Geneva for L'tica and ins contemplated marriage were announced in tl.eTlMKS on Wednesday, when hlsfileud- accotn panied him t o the train and gave linn a jubilant send oil', He was married t o the lady of his choice thatsanieevenuig, reported iu the Utlcu llmaltl of the '.iBtu lust as follows: A pleasant home wedding took place at H o'clock last oveninj; a t tlie turns.\ of John Khrs.tin, jr., lo.'i 1'arli avenue. The groom was Alfred Lindsay Oastler aud the bride Miss K«i e Marco. I la Walsh, daushter of Thomas L. Walsh. Hev. l>r. Sclmlto of St Luke's church porfonued the ceremony. Mr. Oisder i s tlie eldest sou of Kicliard W. Oastler of this city and !s engaged lit buxlncsu in Geneva, where b e and liis bride will make their liouifi. lioth theyoiiug p*ople grew up iu St . Luke's parish and were among tho tallhful workers of the society. A large number of luiudsouie presents attested the esteem iu which tiny ar '' '\'U ''J 1 'heir friend-. A collation was acrvi d after tlie ceremony an d at lu.-'o ti n youiur people left for Niagaru Falls. Ladi's'Trolley Day, Next Saturday. SOMK FOOT BALL I'L V Y IN (J. The Local T« nin^ Gcttl.j; Keiuly for u Cainpalgn. OUR CITY COUNCIL. Special Business Meeting Last Evening. AN APPOINTMENT MADE Lad.es' Trolley Day, Next Saturday. PERSONAL. —Superintendent of the 1'oor Levi I'age is iu to w i to day. —D. F. Attwood has resigned the Olllce of police eomuns-ioner of G neva — M. M. Stock well, who has been in the west for some mouths past, ha s ru- : turned t o Geneva, —Alfred A. Guthrie, frratnl master of tho I, O . (). F. o f the state, will vl-it Ge- neva ou October Stli. —Rev. Thomas Duck, of Hammonds- port, a graduate ol Houart, lias been in town for a few days, —Charles II. Huke lias been appointed by the board of trustees a s member of the sewer comuiisnun. — Mrs. A.V. Hurl, of Main street lias arrived home from New York city where she lias been the past Wet k ou a business trip. —George Nn'tli, of the Ktikwood Hotel; is suITi ling troin a stroke of par- alysis. Hi* throat is affected, making speech diilicult. KUNAIVAV BUY' FOUND. This niomtog at 3 o'clock ofticeiv Beales and\ Hawkins found a boy prow- ling around the New YorkCeutral yard They took him I n custody an d upon ex- amination found him t o be William K Sellers, of Chambereburg, Pa. , who had run away from home August 28th. A picture and description o f th e lad sent out by Spittals Detective Agency of Philadelphia established the hoy's, iden- tity. This niirnitig Ciik-f Katie com- municated with the agency. An answer was received Hayiug to hold th e boy un- til a man arrwd to take bim home. I. « isnfteen yeaisof age, well dressed an d the sou o f resectable parents. Ana gementn have been in al e for a game of foot ball between tin- teams uf llnb'irttuid the Geneva llijjh school to be pbiyi'ilon th e coll. g e campus in xt at- urday aftcriiooii at . - l:3() o'clock. Uotli teauih Imye lieen in juac'Jce for -onn- time an d expect to put up a lively game. The Ilijrh sc'io'il te a n h com^ in il a - folliWN.- Murray C'OIIIIH, e ; Giirth ('(denial), 1 j;.; Thomas Wiljjht, r. g.; Fled Wilson, 1. t ; Ja.ne- Hauloii, r. t.; Charles Hammond, 1. e.; Arthur Snell, r. e.; Dean Attwood, capt., g. h . ; I'M. Ilersln-y, I. h. I..; Will ZohriM, r. h. b ; Archie Mori'l-on, f. b ; Thomas Coursey and Frank Siuitli, sutj- stitutes. 'I h e team is coiwidered a strong one and promisrt, to make a re - coid. A seiiis f -aiue.i hus bren .1 nirigei' Dy the niniiager of the High i-cliool Ic.im, Fred ILimtnond, which up to th e present time are as fo lows: Aluorasal Aurora, Oclobei Oth, A uroriis at («eue\ a October iilili; Seiiect Kalis a t Geneva, November \.hid: -4t neca Kail- a t Si iiecu Fulls. Noveuitier lilli —»• •<» - ** — TEA TABLE TOPICS. It seems singula.' eno n;li lliit tin classes of ilobart arc stll I de\ otid to Hie perpetuation of that t> irb nous euslimi, known iu collegiate purlance us a cane rush. It is understood that elT.n Is were made to p it an eud to t ' e practice, bu t notwithstanding- tlie affair caue oil' yes- terday iu Is annual periodicity. What the * UMilts ( stabllr.li , beyoud aching bones an d bruised flesh tli.it th e partici- pants are conscious of to-day. tli'in lit acute stu lent probably could no t say. Many colleges have long sincu ltDollsln d the practice an d arc lb- better fu r it. + * + The revival of an interest In font h ill In town shows itself in the contexts ar - ranged Iietween the lliirh school boys ami some others to take place soon. 1'lie game is a violent one and its plny- IIUJ Is attended with considerable dauber. As tlie game is carried on i' eauiint be said t o appeal to an y pleas urable etnot on s o n the part of cve-wlt- ms'-ex, au d surely ibeie ar(i p'lduced no evidences of beneficial results to the participants. 11 i« at In— t a lnnl-biiiily game, an d uglti to b - o*fracist-,1. Ladles' Trolley Day, N^-xtSa*urday. roWFI.LS MiSTEKIOUS ACT. 1'lie Great l'ou ell will np[icai at Hie Smith op-ra boii-c, Octole-r 1st, and will produce an entile clump of pro,;raniiin tills season, introducing many m- w and novel features, a m .nic winch are the natural growth of flower*, the flags of all nations, th e O eciau slave dieani, the spiritual cabinet, sul--tittiti >n, Noah's ai k In which aniiua's of al l des- criptions ar e used, besides the niiinj other mysterious illusions. Keguhir prices. -»-xc»«- —. The best practical courses of study ever offered in (Jeneva, are'given at 1'rof. A. K. Maekey's Buuu-ss and Shorthand (.'ollege, Hydrant Hose building. Kteuing sessirrns will h e in order on and after September 3D. I'M Kii; IIISTONtil'K ('IT IN TWO. Claude, tlie six year old son of Sian- ley Uarr s, met with a serious uii.xhap ou Wednesday afternoon. He was play- ing with Ins coinpaiiious on th e High street school grounds, when h e Stum- bled and felt, sti iking his eliinlu such away that his tongue, protruding from his mouth, was cut ncaily in two by his t-i th.and hung only l>y a h el of fl-sh. He bled profuselv, aud was rendered •unconscious. A doctor being called sooti stauuched th e flow of blond an d secured th e tongue in position. At last reports the boy is doinsr well. -. ' —x*l—**-Xta* — Indeed they are just the tiling, those new fur capes just come. 100-5 KOENKK & llOOKKS. Police Commissioner Attwood's Resignation Accepted, But His Successor Was Not Named. A special meeting of the board of trustees was held last evening. There were present President Heieudeon aud Trusrees Moore, Hawkins, Humphrey, Ileuuessey, ^chnlrel aiulHofmann. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Mr. Maxwell appeared before th e board Iu reference t o the vvalkou Castle stritit In from of nis property. He said It was an unfortunate time t o judj;e tils walk, the time the committee had Visit- ed it. To-morrow it would b e different. It was a better walk than had b-en there si.,ci; Iffli), and wa s better than many of T1IK HHICK WALKS he had travelled over in comlpg t o th e meeting. \It Is a suburban walk,\ •said Mr. Maxwell, \ aud i s a s good as my near It. \ He desired to pu t in a sjuod gravel walk and asked the trustees to consider the subject again. Mr. llercudeeii s lid lie saw th e walk before and after th e rail. '1 h e walk from Oak to Uiook street was better than th e walk heyoud It; from Brook to Nor til were the po irest walKs of all . Mr. Ilerundceii moved th i t Messrs. Maxwell and Smith bo ordered t o la y either Hag o r ccm-,u wilks. He did not think the waiks in q loslion were i n tlie MiLuibs. Air. Vaxwell icplied that \two t o one\ walked on State street au d plank walks were tolerated there. Mr.Moore said it was not proper to as k women and children to hi s,near their clodiing by passing over su-h a walk. \You order others t o laj tl.if or cement walks; why not Mr. Maxwi-li'/ No walk made of ts|,es i- tit t o w ilk ou. Mr . Lvdun has a fair, pa-sable b,ic\ walk, ye t you iiid.-t upon hi s laying oiii; of il i g or c iiienl.\ Mr. Maxwell thcught Mr . Moose would chiiu/e Ins mud when he saw the w.tlk asrun. and hoped to se e the day whin tlie trustees would no t order walks ju^t becftus> '•some ueig'ibor wanted t|iem am i s.iid Mr . Maxwell or somebody else is able to pay for them.\ Th e board h e thought should use THKIU OW\ JIIMJ.MKNT. Mr. Schnirel sail the wilk wa s In a bad conditlou when he eximiiitd it, but it was better n iw. \ It packed after the wet weather. \ He asked that time lie given Mr. Maxwell '• to se e ho w the lot would improve.\ If It did no t mi- •prove then It would be all right to make linn lay a n-iv wdli. Mr. Hu npli rey said h e had se.-n ituud it was nearly as hard a s cement. Mr. Hawkins said it was one of the worst walks iu Geneva. 1'oor pe()| le o n William st n ethire ( oui- pelli'd t o lay walks, aud Mr. Maxwell should not complain. Altera protract- ed argument n was agreed to defer ac- tion for a wet k . Mc«.xi's, Moore and Schnirel agreed to luspect th e walk at 11:30 to-d.iy. John I.ydon wanted to know what was the matter with hi s walk. It had co~t him Jllll and was iu good condition. 1'lie walk of hi- in ightior. Mi. HaUen- beck, w as too high, Mr. Moore moved that tins trustees of that ward examine tin-condition of th.- walk Mr. Ileteii- dei I, said he wanted to lie put o n record ag.uu lor this, . hat he did'n.it think th e bniuil had a ngnt to ifri'er a in-in to take up a walk that wits iu good condition. 1'lie committee agreed to make au in- spection at i l a, in. t o day. Mr, Moore reported o n the pa\ing ot the square at tin-juncture of Castle an d Kxehange stu-t ts, to the effect that the contract had b.-cn le t to Cole A Fmerick. They were the LUWEM' Iill)I)Kli-x, ai-d the conditions, to l-e roiupliei] with In the exi cution of the eontiact, were similar t o thos\ ,exue ed from Mr. Hennessey iu the Main s rect job. Mr. Hennessey siiiii that, when he gave hi s figures to Moore, he intended them as an estimate not a bid. \1'lie bids.\ In said \ought to b e put i u writing.\ Mr . Moore said lie hoped nobody thought there was any crooke mess In the mat- ter. the board had passed a re olntion to let the work to the lowest bidder, an d tlie committee could not d o otherwise iua-inuci a s Messrs. Cole & Euierick weie the lowest. Mr. IL niiessey, wh o waspresent, .said In- had to l 1 Mr. Moore h e would do th e work for fi.llUO, but this was not a Did; his bid was put iu afterward''. Mr. Hu\ endeeii asked for th e reading of the reso- lution. The clerk read It. Mr . Ilertn- deen said the committee coul.l uot have done otherwise. He did Lot want Mr, Hennessey or Mr. Cole to thiuk that either of thtui had a MONOPOLY ON PAVING. Work of that nature .should b-i given t o the lowest bidder. Mi . Humphrey explained -n a satisfactory manner how the contract came to b e made. He hoped that no member of th e board would think h e ncted unfairly. Tlie committees o n Kose street, West street and Nursery Avenue walkp, and Lewis street cross walks asked for an- other week. Granted. Mr. Uawkius said the village attorney was looking into the matter of the extensiou of Avenue B. Mr. MOore reported that the Postal telegraph company di d not desire to place their poles o n Castle streot. Upon motion of Mr. Uawkius it was ordered t o lay a new cross walk iu Car - tor Alley. The whole expense would not be oyer $-20. A petition was road from Charles A . Smith, of Auburu, wherein i t was stated that he had beeu taxed t o the extent of $14.40 .for $2,000 wor.h of property h o did own. The question of refunding will be voted up- on at next tax meeting. A communication fr m A. E. Koblu- 80!) was read. Mr. ltobinsou asked that plank walks b e laid near hi s property on .Nursery avenue. Air. Hofmann moyed that tlie walks such as Mr. Robin- son asked for tie laid \ou Nursery ayenue south an d ou Washington street east.\ Mr. Hawkins reported that Village Attorney Wyckoff ha d written several times t o Mr . Uuinvell, attorney fur tlie New York Central railway company, relative 10 th e placing of gates at the railroad crossings and that Mr. Dunwell answered only one letter. Upon motion of Mr. Hawkins it was agreed t o ENFORCE 1TJE OKDEK as to gates and the village attorney will be instructed to proceed forthwith. Mr. Humphrey s; ok e of the bad con- dition of the walks on Genesee street south of and ncir th e bridge. Upon motions it wa s agreed ao order Messrs. Heuiiup, Rice and Glanville aud Mrs. Moore t o lay walks of flag o r cement. Mr. Hereude. u introduced th e ques- tion of appointing a sewer c o nmission- er, to till a vacancy which existed in the, board aud exp;\ssi d a hope that the tiusteos would ac t wisely iu the ma'ter. His preference was f>r Mr. Huke. Up- ou motloii of Mr. Uawkim the board weut into excutlve session, liy coultesy of th e board, tlie TIM lis reporter, the ouly ou e present at th e n n eting, was uot excludid. Mr . Hofniaun expressed the opinion that, iu a s much as tbe papers of Mis.,rs. E. W. Hereu-leeu aud C. E. Coon hud uot been signed by the ti ustees they thiitlore wele Hot yet sewer commissioners, au d three vacan- cies existed instead of one. He there- fore u oved t o leconsldir the action of board a s t o the pn-v.ois appointment of Messrs. Hereiuheii and Coon. «• The motion was uot seconded. Mr. Moore moved to ballot for the one necessary, (l.i th e first ballot ('• II. Huke reccivnl four Miles; K- •xchnircl, one. O n th e second ballot C H. Huke re-elved live; A. M. Hennes- sey, oie and I L A.'Zibnst, one. Mr. link-was declared clouted abd Ins ap- pointment received the necessary signa- tures. Clerk Nares read th e resignationbt I)- F. Attwood as police cooimt.-sioner. Four ballot3,weie taken. On th e first W. (J. Hove received thre..; J. K. Vance, t iree an d H. A . Zobiist, oue . On tlie s Kiud W. G . Hove received three; J. K. Vance, three and E, N. Squires, em. Tiie third resuded the same. The fourth ballet was as follows: C. F. Leonard, two; J . K. Vance, two; W. G. Hove, one; c, S. Codington, on e an d Dr . C. D . McCarthy, one. Upon motion of Mr . Hawkins the meeting adjourned. Following ar e the pills audited : THOI.LEV DAY IN GENEVA. The ladles Will Have the Us e of the Electric Road. By arrangements made with Presi- dent Craig, of the Electric Railway company, to-morrow, should it be pleas- ant, will be a gala day fo r Geneva. It will be a ladles trolley day, That Is to say, the cars ou the entire city system, and one ear betweeu Geneva and Water- loo, will be operated to-morrow, from 8 in th e morning until 7 i n th e eveuiug, by th e ladies for benevolent purposes, the entire receipts above operating ex- penses t o be retained b y th e ladies. It is provided that a matron shall occupy each car a s chaperon aud that the fare shall b e collected and rung up by a young lady, who has charge of the whole affair o u he r paticular trlDS. It is ex- pected ^that trolley parties, i n the in - terest of th e cause, will be gotten up b y the friends of those concerned iu th e en- terprise au d outings b e generally tak- en, especially by the young gentlemen friends of th e fair conductors. It is un- derstood that, if it snould rain, the event will bo deferred oue week. The ladies who aie manuging the af- fair ar e ( utitlid to a good deal of credit for what they have done, as also will b e the young ladles upon whom a very se - vere task will fall to-morrow. Mr. Crais;, in behalf of the company, has paid to the ladies of Geneva a most no - able compliment iu extending t o tnein the courtesies of his road on such liberal terms and iu s o generous a spirit, 'l'ho event will be a novel one for the town, aud will be complimentary au d credit- able all round. Our Great Handkerchief Sale Takes Place This Seaspn on OCTOBER 2d, Sd, 4*tH a nd fc| l'a> i'f llieiucn \\ m lit un.-ssey !> 1 ti|iiliurt . .... Ten illume Co V V ( .1 H . R K. co <'. s Kiiiriill K. ( . .smith I-. A 11 ^mt .1. (>'JInlii.\ . . . lYlS -119 & ( O !• Ilns-iiii t ll.-ixs.-ni $ls.) en US 34 •> 12 '.'4 in- 2H «'• 17 '-'o 1-J .111 7 uu .1 ii*i .. 5 >e .'• ('(J 5 d\ Ladles'Trolley Day, Next Saturday, A STARTLING FACT. W lien the nailer peruses this item, the i lea may not be.prevalent that what we ar e about to say is s o very startling -iftt r all. Howevii'the news we wish to convey will- plain truth. It is this; we have just n ceivnl th e grandest line of capes, j-n-ki ts an d fur coats and capes ever b-oiight t o Gene; a and the old Ion-like an d Kogirs Dry Goods linn wish to have every lady iu Geneva see thun now. ]00 .I '1! (i( IODS DKLIVKRED. inc\!i, Waterloo, Keneen Kails and Cajugn IJIKI- Traction Company is prepared t.., ..licit pun-els m an y pint of Geneva and \. Uirli.o an.1 deliver same to an y part of Wan-rlmi and (Jeneva respectively. Cars c.in \ in,; im.kiig.s will leave Geneva at ii..m '. 'in nn I 'i |o a. in., and will leave Waterloo : >, s ,•• mid :i;Soa. m. 4stf Toe b xt practical courses of study, evi r niT.-red in G'-neva, ar e given a t Prof. A. K Maekey's Bus ness and Mi ill.and College, Hydrant Hose hiiinl ng. Kienlu sessions will be'in onlcr e n and .-.fte September 30. lOxi-lOfi. SOMK POINTEK-x. Point'i- for ladies arid gentlemen. If i ou win: t o look neat, bring in your tret, I iui\f the shoes that will make you complete. Ai l goods up t o date and guaranteed. Oulehan's Desidera- tum shoe store. loitf Ladles'Trolley Day. Next Saturday. HER WIT GAVE IILU A SEAT. Oue day last week a large Irishwoman got luto a Sixdi avenue car , and th e ca r being full, sh e wa s obliged to stand. She I'ode for mauy blocks quite patient- ly, first resting herself ou on e foot an d then ou the o her. Still no one got out. Witli a face that Harrigau would have giveu fifty do.lars for , sh e exclaimed: \Well ain't none of yees going home, or be yei-sal! going t o ride into rlie next county?'' \No we are al l goiug to see Lillian Keuuedy in \She Couldn't Marry Thee.\ The b-st uractie il courses of study ever oil. r e 1 m Griieva, are given a t Prof. A. E Macvi-y's Hus-iuess and Shorthand Co lege, Hydrant Hose building. Evuning s-ssioiis will be in order ou au.t liter S ptember 3 i. 1U4-10G. A GUEA T S'.'CCESS. Ther ar e many remarkable sitectsses on th e road this season, but noire exceed the p'ipul.illt.i ell'iyed b y the latest New York Mi'.eexx \She Couldn't Marry Three\ Pii sx an d public accord It a u ovation whenver pn sen ted. The scenic i IT i tx are superb, the story a u iuteiixe and Interesting one, unlike th e many uuieaxnuatile am; unnatural plays wi'h which th e publi • aresurfi t -L I t Is full of hearty laughter, bright an d catchy - u-ic , th e mn- t sensational climaxes. 1'he company is ou e of tlie strongest on the road AN OPPORTUNITY. The Walton house, on the corner '.,( Genesee nuil North streets,Torrey Park, is for sale o r to rent. Apply t o E. A. Walton o r I). W . llalk-nbeck, G neva. x - V. 73. t f THEY ARE GRAND. An I ''grand \don't half tell ih e stoiy. L-idy, yo u must s. e those uew capes and jackets!, a Uoeuke A liof er? t o appreciate them. 100-5. Those jackets winch we have just re - ceived nn- beaiitn «. Lady, if yo u miss' seeing them you will miss a good thing. 1,111 o UOKNKK A KoiiEKS. It's a fact that we havp tli • finest line of the latest thing in cams, just re - ceived. Ladies give u s a call. I0\-\> HoENKE & ROOERS. JI ST ARRIVED. New rapes, nt w jackets and new fur capes a t ROENKE & ROGERS. 100 5 All icIwrtixeiiii'Mx iiinler Hits head one cent l-ei Hi.nl <-,rh rimci-tinn. No notices taken for i'- J \»\ ^ i'1-nts situation warned free. fflCII .MIST aroomiwiny adyertiso- ViisJXX meats tor Hits column. W ASTI.D-<;irl for general housework. Ail-h at the TIMES office, gutf. iX/'AN n-.I). \ girl to do general housework. *\ Atmlv to8:i l.jceuin street. S8tf W AMKH-Itv W. J . Francis at 44 Castle sii-ei't two apprentices for millinery work. ' 103-5» • W ANTI-.P-Anai-nrent rein millinery. Ap- !• y i.t M. I.. Allen's, 45 Seneca St. 101 t l I OsT-Maiiirilny, Sent. 2l9t,nt noon A small •— navy ti no cape, p'inilor please leave at this \Hire 10S-104t W AITED—A hnght vnung man for general rei ortorlal wnrk in Geneva. Apply at TH re '1 I M us i.tlleo at once. injjtf P\R SALE —A parlor Arjranit stnve, aeeond liaiel, nifro.iil orler, modi rate price. Kn- ituireaj Lafayette Ave. ]n„* W ANTKU—Itv JOUIIR ladv, position a» nn- vnte inslriirlur of clnlilien. Highest i-e- •'omnii-ndatinnsglico. Address at once A. C , care Sniiitaniiin. im-\ft We Have Held Some Immense Sales in Pprmer Seasa uS , But This One Will Eclipse. Bern All, * | WAIT FOR THE GREAT SALE. WE WILL SAYE YOU MONEY. OCTOBER 2d,3d,4triandSt <%*/%^%*/%/*/*/v%^. mith Dry Goods I 40-42 Seneca Street. L OST-Ne r Lelitsrii Vallev atnii.m, n ximiil ailigato-Pkin satchel. 8ui a b e nwaid if returned to ,lio residence of Mr-. P. N. Nun. Jan. Main Street. . 104-8r A Good Cig; ro SMOKERS WHO ENJOY THAT WE ARE SPECIAL AGENTS FOR 7a' SALE OJ= THE CELEBRATED R0B3RT BURNS CIQAR, EL CBRAFIKA, CAPADURA CIGAR. LA CAROHA ALLEN DRUG c| 3d Door west J. W. Smith's Dry Goods Co. Remember we carry the largest line of Cigars in NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Crockery*- Three New Stock Patterns, Beautiful in Design and ex- cellent in Quality. Prices Moderate. Jardineres in all colors, sizes, and prices. - - Lamps of all kinds. A full stoek just received at - - CHITRVS BARGAIN HOUSE ELEGANT Wedding Gi LATE ARRIVALS! NcwUesUrns In Cut Glass Bon Bon^Ol New York cat, loiffo size, {3.50,BerrkM Vases, etc. Also a new line of 8tonOS«t«ji the largeal andflnesl line 111 Geneva 188§| lias WcddJng Rings, wajTariieil, nt J. R Worti Opera House Block, Gertevil A full line of Sliver K((ft| Blouse Sets, Felt fluekles, tto. ^wfTTnfffTfTTftffWfWfffffTrwrwftTfnfTfnffWfTffWfnrnnf^ I OUR ANNUAL-^*^ EPTEMBER I Handkerchief Sale, g Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, gi SEPTEMBER S'O.tl-i, SSth arid 26th. _ O'Brien & Howard Our Special For This Week IS A VERY HANDSOME Chinese Crac&Gr Jar We give it with a pound of Tea and Raking Powder, both purchased togetlier. - - - - GflWft I L. Lt Rea Tea CompV Seneca Street. At Geneva Steam Laundry 5I1 Exchange Street, flenet» t »'| Clothes Cleaned. Dyed nndrrWl anU'Mode to look M M 1 Wo make a specialty ol dyemff ?\\,*', any color; also, faded goods raswwo • onginalcote %Vool goods i*tt* silk can be ttyed wiUimit romorwr. Striped gaoda dyed-.uniform °°'°'* ,,$ • We dleaii kid gloveB and work otm 1 £§ For prices oniike quality ol woiK \n. a any competitor. HOWARD BOBBf . *• - ?• • .. ^-,-J- -Li-.-, J... m?J. i^L^Eii^ks^Sa^lA ..-iMrSSBar*\\***^' ----ii*\- •.;•*•

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