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'• Daily, Slee pmg £g-»M T-I.EAVK GENEVA.: -i eetov9 40, Buffalo UioMiJi ladolphia. \ 01 \ DffC8t 8%| Ives from Sayre via wiii^iif pt Sunday. v \ l m& ' Sj a '' f»«ona, arrives BtiriJI Buffalo fi 55. Uatiy >5J95a [fHE WHi AWAKE, Castle St. - f'.y ves from Itliaea, Da j lye j| |OHd parlor ca f 8fr^$|j ra from sayie via iOmM ^BUB, Gen. Sup't so. BeM ien. Pass. Agent, «!Ms|j| ACHEB, Ass't Gen'l tfjl eltem, Pa. ?wi , City Ticket igent.Cle^\ ys' DfrQctoryT^l LKIU COUNTY, iHBVA.N. y. Si, Attorney ai.d Counsel/if a St., Uouevii, N Y, <VCHMAN, AitomayrtH iw, No. 6sS7 Exdmtfgo r* »E& KEYES, Atteoni ut Jiiiw, 811111I1 BuiMi4, >va, N. Y, oiltre iMiuiBjjjJl L, Attorney imd COim^ffl ml 8 Llmlon Bluck, GC«i.t :•« from 9 a. m. to 6 p. a, ^ 1 HEM I UP, Coiinsollofil Block, Uei.ui 11, N. Y t 'v f rHOLAS & HOSKlffil Ounsullols at Law, Gi;mtti 1. llnwluv, Philip ti.Mm oekins. YCKOFF, Aiton,eysil aw, Insuriiiiie, Keal JSslalil George F. Diimais, SJlt 3EAN, A torney and CODII|_ it Mitiiry Pulilio withtati ik, Geneva, N. 1. ' m lOSTWICK, AttnvnevM 1 Liiidou til, Uoiiova, Sill ACKETT, AttnrMSf.j aw, Linden itlouk, (icnejiJ 3tt, P. B. Sackoti. .OW. 1 ounsell r at Mrjl eiiova, N. Y. OORE, Coun«oloi at L«J \uili seal, N1 4 seueciitt,! AJTDAIGUA. KNAPP.-Attovnw Wfj otllco in the Timu liinHftAf jicians of QeMaj VPP, M. D. 37(1 Ma]B&| A.* St. 2to4aMl7to8r*J , M.'D.—JM tMiwa* 8l a. m„2to*niul7io8j t y , M. D.-41\ H» in * I a. in,, 1 to 4 and7W8H t* J CE. M. D —486 AlainStj a. m., 3 to 5 an 17io Sji mj >NEY. M D-n/»ji 18 to 9 a. m. lilo 2.T»»| D.-<3 William St 0** to 8, and 7 to 8 p m. C A. Block. READ THIS\ CAREFULLY: Best table oil cloth, 12c. yd., worth 25c. a 4 red table cover, 39c. worth 70c. Ladies' heavy ribbed vest or pants, 29c, worth 50e. Smintf niopsticks, 6c, worth 15c. Wood handle stove lifters, la, worth 5c, 2doz. coat buttons, lc, worth 15o. 25c brooms for 15c. q'nool basting thread, 500 yrd, lc. Lamps from 15e. to U 50, • Lantern globe oc, worth 10c. Granite ware cheaper than ever. Shelf paper lc. doz, worth 5c. Dinner sets at half prices. \-shelf solid oak book case $1.99, worth §3.00. Larw size wash tubs 49c, worth 75c. Flafiro\ or pot stand, lc, worth 5c. [Special .alein Glassware, Special Sale it? Tinware, Special Sale in All \ epartments [pOIsr'T IMIISS THIS SALE. THE \A?TDE™A\WAKE Y. M. C. A. Block SCHWARTZ, Props. A FAMi OOSTDMB. A, !JTattT Jascket of N**y Bine, »U«t U WortK Copying. It Is a JttOe ea^ly. penhaps, t o talk o{ fall coistwme's, but the fall modes are be- ginning to appear, and soon we shall be deluged with sombre stuffs for the .win'ten As the season wanes the eveirings, at least, ar e chilly, and soma part of a light wrap is necessary. A ne^d which is entirely filled by th e lots « f pretty new styles of cape or coat exhibited a t private views a t the greait modistes in Paris. SSbort reefers of navy blue are going to be immensely popular and are as swagger as can well be.^- The sketch shows a short coat of navy •blue kersey of medium weight, which has a unique decorafiloa of white kid and large pearl buttons. I t is very • short, and has a fullness in the back (Castle St. J. Sc B. re You Prepared To Fit O-UL-b iro-ixzc? 0±L±1<3-3?©XL For If So, You will find the Largest Assortment of tooks, Slates, Pens, Pads Composition and Drawing Books, PENCILS, INKS, And in Fact Everything Thatis Nseded by the Children, AT ieibel & nulcahy's^ waeBB ^ 62 Seneca Street Frsg Excursion TO THE IDWAY. Course Everybody is Going, Be- cause They Can Get a Nice Free Luncli a kLFOKD's CAKE 20 Linden St. BOT'll, !•: I) PORTWB, «m~=gmu • ||» 1———1' mirrmiD JJASER [lways on Hand. Don't Forget the Place 20 Linden St. F. D. ALFORD, Prop TO THE WISE I.APP, M D.-OfllceMMSUFFICIENT. S. M. D -1M u i\ u5t , m. 2 to ;i, and 7 to 8p i« D.-i0 Park PlaoB. 0W »uy Your V, M. D.-37 totleSJ m., 1 to 4, «ua 7 (o &J> m I. O, -387 Mam « 0W dto4,aiiii7to8PJ»' ~j^r o.^ii! wiiiu*' l., 1 to 8, and 6 SOW*? 1 t>^502 Ham ff\ :a0to2,ai«l«H>BS *i I D — 47sonocaSfJ'l i>8und71o8l> ni S-61. too itiKiJMS J^ J !i.,ahdiw«I?'* * GENEVA T0NS0RIAL ARTISTS The Palace Barber Shop A TRIAL SOLICITED. F. L mmm u 22 yyin street Oeneya's Tossorial Artist, ~* N, B. STANLEY, Tonsorlal Ftrlorn, OS Seneca Street Clean Bhaves, clean tmvois. All work ilonen<>nt ly and with rtiBiiamh- LEADING HOTELS OF GENEVA FRAMLIHHQUSI GENEVA, N. Y. ITW60D& C00I enm*--- Specie! Attention Given to Be»n<i«*ete einct Annual DlnneiK -0O0- EJJBCTRIC LIGHTED, sTEAfl HEATED RATES $2.00to $2.50 The__Kirkwood •AT- ular One-Price Clothiers. -1 St., Geneva, 1Y J v in-ii Ymi cmii\ down streei ''\ k in oiir U iutiow nnii ace \•'• \-\8 ins in li-ittun IKes ForniPi. l» ncea tttiflt,3iH)MfttnSt. «*«Js I n2S0j3.flfl,$3.BO urbanks, **<W«W,lo W »rtoU,iS. Ex|lrO*8Qo, CPXE & QLOVER, Props. KlficJrlo I-'trlit The Natty Juofeet ot Navy Blue. gathered into a narrow belt of kid at the waist. Tlbe double-breasted front and all the edges are fliulshed with kid, stitched heavily with white silk. One row of large, perfectly white pearl buttons ornament the front mod- estly. The sleeves are full gigot In sh$,pe, and immensely punted out at tho shoulders. This jaunty coat is worn with * skirt of \putty\ colored serge, and a hat bearing the latest ParMan quirks and krinkles. I t is round and quite flat in shape, and is lifted from *he head on one aide by a twisted bandeau of olive green velvet, set thickly With chous of cream white, rose pink and lemon yellow crepe de ohene, formed to tmitato roses; these fluffy affairs fall softly on the hair, and are tremendously becom- ing. • On th e crown is a mass of cream white crepe to soft, undecided loops, and two tall black plumes, nodding an d swaying with all the prescribed grace of the feathers of th e (hour. A I large, loosely worn veil of coarse white net, tied with floating ends a t the back, is a modish adjunct to the natty costume. Baking Soda for Bites. ' MosquJto bites are said b y physicians to be dangerous, always, an4 none the lesa so because the majoittty of nfos- quito bites do not turn oult to be any- thing more than temporarily distress- ing. The mosquito is loaded with bac- teria, and possibly disease germs, and if they are not irubroduced into the sys- tem it is thanks to ohanoe. Therefore, it is best to avoid being bitten, so far a a possible. The easteat remedy to get a t Sor mosquito bjttes, and one that is as efficacious a s any, dodtora say, is the -J|V!9P!4gRPJUKB NOTES. TheTtykhaim, Cycle Company, incor- porated under tfte laws of New Jersey, with a C*pltajt. stock of $100,000, have been orgaftlased for the manufacture and sale of bicycles »nd carrier tricycles. Petrolein of a fine quality is said to have beeti struck a t New Plymouth, New South' 'Wa^es, 240 gallons having bwn obtained In two days. A large com- pany ha s b*en formed in Sydney to work the deposit. A Boston dispatch asserts that the re- moval of the works of the General Elec- tric Company from Lynn, Mass., with the view of consolidating all the facto- ries of the comtta-T-v at Schenectady, N. T„ la an assured fact. A dispatch from Sa;n Francisco inti- mates that the sugar planters of Hawaii have undertaken to form a combination with th e object of breaking down the American Sugar Trust and establishing a free market for stigar. Soho furnace at Pittsburgh, formerly owned by the Moorhead-McCleane Com- pany, has,again resumed blast. It is now controlled by the Pittsburg: Inra and Steel Manufacturlnc Company. It has been idle for about three years. Machines for transferring coal from cars to vessels more rapidly than can be done by any of the old processes are now receiving a great deal of attention at Lake Erie ports, and three new ma- chines ar e soon to be put in operation at Cleveland. Looking to the Increasing importance of the Are hazard in electricity, the National Board of Fire Underwriters have established a n electrical bunau, with headquarters at Chicago, and have instituted a thorough system of inspec- tion an d testing In connection there- with. There are but few who have any ldoi of the magnitude of the cutlery industry of the United States, there being nine manufacturers located in the Eastern States, four in th e Middle States and two in the Western States, a total of is, with a combined capital of $2,500,000, employing about 6,000 hands, and manu- facturing about 2,500 gross per day, equaling 750,000 gross per annum. In making a knife and fork there arc 43 operations on each knife and 71 on each fork, making i total of 114 opera- tions on a pair of knives and forks, and when the fact is taken into consider- ation that cutlery Is sold as low as about five cents a pair, it is almost Im- possible for any one not acquainted with the details to believe it can be done. The electrio plant used for klllin;; criminals at Sing Sing prison will b.> duplicated before '.he next execution. The plant will be purchased from the General Electric Company. The plant now in use was bought from the West- lnghouse people, but had to be shipped first to some port in South America—the \Westinghouse people refusing to sell it for the purpose for which it was needed. What Is said to be the largest steel girder ever made In America has just been placed In position at Sixth street and Allegheny avenue, Philadelphia, where a bridge Is being built over the Philadelphia an4 Heading Railroad tracks. The girder Is 122 feet 10 inches long, 10 feet 6 Inches wide and weighs 49% tons. I t was manufactured a t Pittsburgh and transported on three flat cars to Its destination. In order to more efficiently determine the displacement of war vessels. Chief Constructor Hichborn has order-1 -e construction of an experimental tank at the Washington Navy Yard, in which models of vessels may be teste 1. The tank will be 70 feet long. 30 fe -t wide and 12 feet deep. Models of battleships Nos. 6 and 6 will be the ilrst to be tested. Similar tanks are used with valuable results by* the Navy Departments of Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. A large car ferry boat, built at a cost of 1178,000, was launched a t the yards of the Craig Shipbuilding Company, To- ledo, O., o n August 5. It Is destined *or service on Lake Erie, to run between common baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda. People Who do not have access Port Dover, Ont., and Conneaut, O.. con- to a kitchen should keep a packase of this aheap powder on hand. Molsrten the surface stung by the mosqutto an<S pat a little of the powder on it. Wlhere the skin seems badly swollen and In- flamed, as is often the case with young children who have bean bitten, bathe 4he affliated surface with a solution of the soda and waiter. ( ^ \ Qaeon» and Sarretlonlats. Queen Sophia, of Sweden, whose fifty- ntoth birthday had just been celebrated j clay-working industry of the Unite- with much pomp and ceremony at Drot- 1 States, According_ to iiuw.« 4lW a gatn- inIn»holm Oaatle. is one'of the most en- e»a by the officials of the Survey from thusfcwttc friends and promoters of the I wpwwntatlveB of over 14,000 firms an d Salvatfion Army, a distinction which ! Individuals employed in the business. she shares with her niece, the Queen ] the esHmated value of the clay products Regent of Holland. Both Queens pub- of tteUaltoJ States for 1894 was over licly countenance the work of Gen. *«5,000,000. Fifty-three per cent, of the sending liberal subscriptions to • P»*«* «* ™* J*M i n bricks. Ohio 0 ... stands a t the head of the-States In clay manufacture, Its product being valued nectlng the Grand Trunk Railroad and the Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Brie Railroad. The vessel Is 300 feet in length, 64 feet beam and 26 feet deep. She will carry 28 loaded cars, and Is pro- vided with special machinery for crush- ing ice so as to enable her to navigat- the year round. A new feature of the forthcoming r e port of th e United States Geologlca Survey will be a consideration of th r Booth, __. his various funds, and expressing- th e g£S* «* ^^SnS.'ffiS ] f* W00O. or over 16 per cent, of tha* of worship wtoloh seems to suit the of th e whole country. Illinois comes next with 13 per cent.; Pennsylvania, 11 per cent.; New York, 8 per cent; New Jersey, 8 per cent.; Indiana, 5 per cent.; Missouri aao\. Iowa, 4 per cent; Massa- chusetts an d Michigan, 3% per cent.; Maryland, Wisconsin and Minnesota, % per cent. PEB80NALITIE3. Mtss Lilian Hamilton, an English- woman\ is the- medical adviser of the Ameer of Afghanistan.. The late State Councilor Fermahoff of •Russia gave $5;000,000 to charity during his Btfe, and his funeral was attended by BO.0OJ) people. George Q. Cannon Is an accomplished Kates $9.00 ami $2.50 nnr rtav TRY THE MEW FOR ALL BC8S&03 OF k Salt Prices are WAY DOWN and the Quality of the Meat WAY UP. M, F, CONNOLLY, 358 Exchange St. Piano Playlnf S6r*»»•»• VHvpti&i, 1 Some one, says the Ph«adelpij*( Times, has thought to utilize th« force exerdised by piamlata for the love of tht art only. He has invented * p*»ho?sew-. ing miaohtae. Ah tngenWu* weOh»hlam is fitted under the keyboa*a* and while you play a sonata or a minriet you se*» lingerie dr. whatever you pT<**e, *h« inventor who had tiffs mdraculous ld« has calculated that th« exwtitton of on« cf Wagner's opew* is (WU*1 to ».ewin| a complete weddta* two****. ,\0»«» Save the Queen\* will sew * baby's boa- net. The waMs to 'Skii*\ will run m a. flannel waistcoat. JWie lnMsMn**so of \Cavattet'la Bu#tt<»n*\ will »»«* » nt.Ild'. Mhh*. ^ - masses, and finds the way to their hearts. But the Empress of Germany and the Emperor, too, give evidence of the most undisguised hostility to tho Salvaitlowfats-'their army having been by imperial order subjected to annoy- ances and persecutions by tihe police.— PhHadeiphiia Ledger. —ii , . -Or* — For the Business Woman.. A model dress for business women presented at a private dress eresstoh of a recent woman's oouacll has a skirt of | fashionable cut, with Che approved j number of gores In the back, a simple f vest With a breast pocket and a cutaway coat with a French back. The coat con* . tains seven pookeiSi The dress- skirt, which is of the usual walktogr lenjrth, has two; the skirt is so arranged thai linguist. His latest achievement is the it can quickly be adjusted for a rt^uy- translation of the entire Book of MOr- day dress without ohangto* Its \han«\ mon Into Hawaiian. or making the figure look either a*k- ^ Newman Hall, the distinguished ward or unusual. By such aaju*tm*w English preacher, has entered Upon his the hands are left free, and one1 does el g h ^j etn y ^ ar< He was Born at Maid- not have to struggle with several hand- _ ^^ ln 181g< He is s'till almost asaotlve fuls of dress, umbre|te.aaq packages. ^ ^ young man. Jo&n Blakely, a successful business man, who died in New York a. few days ago, had a curious method of disposing of his money durtog business'hours. * He had seven pockets in his elothlngi ana in ea.cn pocket he kept a special denomi- nation of colHj mi he iriade change by dleinjf his hand into this or that pocket, wbich»vec was necessary. Brother Reginald, a^tfrappisit monfe and principal of the Gethsemane col- lege in Kentucky, has been appointed a Colonel on Gov. Browtfs staff. When ordered to attend encampment Brother Reginald laid aBide his white cowl, and, attired In,military uniform, escorted the Governor under his secular name of Col.'3barhley Beufbrt. - JIEADQEAR. The hat of Napoleon is as well known as his face. I t was (« the style of thei artillery school at Brienrie. The cardinal's' red ha t Is emblematic of his readiness to shed his blood In de- fense of the Church and its doctrines. After the death of Nero thousands of citizens of Rome put on caps in token of their belief that the liberty of the republic was about io return. The first hatters mentioned in history formed a n association at Nuremberg in 1.360. They called themselves fllzkap- penmaeher, \felt cap makers.\ Sir Philip Sidney at a great fete sported a hat worth $20,000. I t was felt, broad brimmed and turned up at the side, with a rosette of diamonds. The fez or red cap universally worn by the Turks is so called because it was first made at Fezzan In the Sahara. The t-.z is a woolen or felt oap, red and vv.thout a visor. In many parts of Germany an eco- nomical person will buy a silk hat, pay- ing $2, wear It a year, return It, pay $1, and receive a new hat, this process* be- ing kept up indefinitely. The earliest cap was probably cntn- t»>Mfd of hie skin of the head of an «nl- r. al, worn with the hair outside, nosa :i:..i f^rs protruding. This form of cup bus been depicted on many ancient monuments. When ha t making was Introduced In- to America is not certainly known, but In 173H the industry had become so ex- tensive that English hat-makers com- plained bitterly that not only oould they not sell their hats in America, but that American hats were actually sold in England. A green turban throughout all Islam is a sltcn that the wearer Is a descend- ant of the Prophet. Many persons who have the right to this mark of honor are now In low life, and a traveler In Constantinople or Cairo may have his r>;»i?gage eai-iled to his hotel by a gen- uine descendant of the founder of Mo- hammedanism. In mediaeval times the hat of a ruler was regarded with peculiar reverence, something of the respect shown for the crown as a n amblem being also enter- tained for the hat. The story of Will- iam Tell with Geslei's cap or ha t on a polo to be reverenced by the people fur- rlshes an Illustration of an incident nften seen In the Middle Ages. RELIGIOUS NOTES. It Is stated that of the mission churches In Burmah 419, or 68 per cent.,' are self-supporting. D. L. Moody Is planning to put a BIblo in the hands of each of the 750,000 crim- inals in this country. It Is said that a church in Tokepa has e v ployed a woman whistler to whistle sacred music every Sunday. As the result of six weeks of revival effort In Fort Scott, Kan., under Major Cole, there have been 818 accessions to the various churches. The Aus;ustana synod of the Lutheran General Council has decided to trans- late the old Swedish psalm book of 1819 for the benefit of English-speaking Lutherans. Ex-Senator James M. Scovel. of New J' r=ey, after 35 years of activity In poli- tics, has turned evangellBt and will as- rlst Dwight L. Moody in revival meet- ings throughout the United States. Archbishop Corrigan Is not to have, an auxiliary bishop In his diocese, so cay the latest private letters from Rome. This Is a surprise, a s negotiations for such a n appointment have been going on for a year. Rev. R. S. Vincent, of Wilmington, Del., Presbyterian, has told his congre- gation that he should go into the Epis- copal Church, because he likes Prof. Brlgg\s views and oan hold them In that denomination. It seems to be recognized generally that the monster Endeavor convention recently held In Boston was not only in size but in the genuine religious awakening It caused, one of the most notable things of the kind ever held In this or any other country. WOMAN'S WORLD. Ella Ewing, of Price, Mo., Is said to bi 3 feet 2 inches in height and weighs 290 • pounds. \* Archduchess Stephenle of Austria Is reported to be the best dressed woman\ in Europe. Miss Maltby. an American girl, has taken the degree of doctor of philoso- phy, cum laude, a t Gottlngen. In a cemetery In the suburbs of Low- ell, Mass.. there are five headstones all alike, except the Inscriptions. The first one reads: \First wife of John Smith,\ and th e second, \Second wife,\ and so on until the fifth stone, which reads; \John Smith; at rest a t last.\ The most prolific writer In Russia Is said to be Mme. Irma Fedossova, a peasant of th e province of Petrossa- wodsk, who ha s given to the world more than 10,000 poems. How good they are Is not related. The late Lyttleton F . Morgan, D. D., bequeathed to th e Woman's College of Baltimore about J6O.O00 to endow a chair of Bible study. The New York Chris- tian Advocate says: \This Is probably the first endowment of this subject in any of the colleges of the country.\ Mrs. Leland Stanford has been at Palo Alto consulting President Jordan about the opening of Stanford University In. September. Mrs. Stanford's finances will no t permit of any expenditures that are not absolutely necessary, but she will be a,ble to furnish money to run the Institution on the same plan as last year. Mr. -Jordan has submitted esti- mates showing that the university can be conducted without impairing its effl piency for $10,000 a month. PAIftY STORIES, The same fairy stories are common to the Hindoos, Arabians, Greeks and Teutons, The fabled exploit of William Tell may have been Inspired by.the fairy legend of a hobgoblin who shot an apple off a child's head. Sritlsh elf concep- tions are divided Into two elasBeS^Hthe bright fairies and the:*oblins--theiatt*Jr tricky and bad. IMMiMt <& •It ..,'dw«i>tt«* .. not w JtrMMi**. , CURE YOURSELF! of titacoill'IppM l>AftilM»,,#»4-ajiofelltrlai' famwi&miwm, <«<« d J,, itnMi ut live hemmiiu } BIT'* VlimuUt «»t orr'j IF YOU WANT TO SAVE ON YOUR MEAT LBE'S Meat Market 73 SEN£CA STREET. FLOURS 'lln Itt'.nt RIHIIU'C- '.-i Hranils 'ilwtn* in bti It. • of a UJlUxl EALS Try a |\Wkap(* of \\ hPuiuti m% Un> jii'i'lt't't lm'nkt:,M fiHitl. Don't furl to m i-u: •«». i-r,.i. •! M nnc-i.tn I'm. lintnil of Klutti .nil \ -u \> • i u^v iiu uil.ei. Our prices im j HLIU. S. H. MERRILL 4-0 CASTLE STREfcT. B. HORGMAA'Jr., Furniture Dealer and Undertaken l.>7 r and 15l> Exchange Kt., Geneva, N. Y- Another of the FINEST LINE OF COUCHES Ever brought to the city. If you want s.imcihuiK IIW.I'POIIH'. O-MifiMo and Clienp, p'>m'. in \tid 'ct n- .\inu ui u our S&G. SO Couches, v-hicli boats the rasi'iU.' B. Borgman, <HS& Exchange St. GET OFF THE EAUTU. Vou iloii't belong hero and urbody Una an}- vea for j oil It's nil up with Straw now, Time lias un-henloil him «implotely. Our iiewund etylish fall Oerliio- ennui nil liea'ts. Tiiey nro the cor- rect i-hupo for tho season, urn] fur quality and wear BS well as upp nrnnre, tliov are not equalled. -- - __-_. 5/ 'j&ifj&'.&i!. G£/VJEV^ Hatter and Furnisher, CASTLE STREET. - - J. «, C. h. BLO'G., '& Di<5lionary \Iavaluabiein Of&oe, School, and Home$ Now- £?om CitvertQ Cover Succeasorofthe \Unabridged.\ Standard of the ', V. B. Ctov't Print-. tag Office. tBeir.S., Supremo Court, and, of nearly all the; Schoolbooks, Warinly com- mended by Statet Superintendents < of Schools; andi iother teducators al- most without num- ber. THE BEST FOR EVERYBODY • vtcAusi: J It Is etiy tor find the w«rd want*]. sr»ph«o«toJiorttttli(y<wtatafp»«».*T*^ ! It U <uy to •icertttn the pronuucWlon. dmaltlBUlr wtolMd l«tt*r» wstS. tolheunooj. * i«MW^vha»e iontiiM are tbgut j n m p\Ma < ) It t« tuyto tr«c« the growth of • Word. , '3ftee,^blogJ*iii«(!wpwteindiKiefltli0i»nd, .j$» glf etwnt nwn 11m *>otd Una aoqulcei *re ' t itaelriroirta from too root! i It la euy t o Ham what > word mtani. \ ' *he«Itoltiandfttt!!t*we, i Uoniawni 5 .; \i»Wf«^«^«tiM[r»iib. SpritiiaM, Mtuu,,V.S.A, . •• f»«'Ss^ea3lj^,efe,.a*^on»ppttaiiflon. , •W'liaflotbny^JMlireprintDoianijKint edltlom. -iA, COTOS0ET ! C0TOSUET 11 COT0SUET !! I Ask your neighbois if th'y ate any of the nice things made with Cotosuet at the e\lnbit iu Geneva lately. It takes th e place of lard. Sold by all, dealers. Put up on)/ by SWIFT & COWUt i@s. For Sale or M\i%i Mills and Factory Sites*. Wo linvo Options ou centi 1! fiopeity at miuo lesa limn their Rttiiut value FINE UESIDKNCE-5 nttiulf tbcli C08fc I.E. DEt^lPSEY I.SSBITIN0- UwiM, Whiskies and other A,, i( THE TEIUMPH OF LOVE \IS HAPPY, Plil'inui. TAllttlMlJg.\ Every Man Who ttquitl KIIOIT tin <ii nd Trntha tliv Plain iiirlH, f lie Non l)t s< o>irlcs of MeU*t ScienceJIH n]iiille<i toJIairiid lift AhoVouId Atmio for Past Frrorit ami Vvoul 1 uti re FitftUa slimild Sct'uiti tlic Wonilofful little UookOiUtd '•romiilPtd Jlniihoitl, r.ml Hoi> toAttnlalt.\ \Hero at Inst i* lurniiiu Imu fiomn highuedi. rnloiiurre Hint niUKt \m K «<ulois with, till* puiicratlfUi i.f mon.\ Tlii'l.o'l: fully ilts.jillokn ni<llii<1 by WbtCk toutuun full vl(ioramt uianlv \> i\ui A muiliiHlliy which tuci I till iiiimiiariildrains on 11m system. •Piii'uro iiurToiu-ne*», limli of stlf contra!, ile- ^pi.inl, ui'y , &1 1 . 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