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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1895-1904, September 06, 1895, Image 3

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iy. Sleepliitrcretoif | JA.VE GENEVA, ;g|W.Sapo via WiU,« ' Buffalo 12 sr,,, m m stations, mrnca Rod ft Sew YoikmHiPhft, Sf'Vk, isuKslH , parlor < n-noiuNott «m saj.c vm mm /(Son. Sii|i*l &o Ben *aas, Apnt Pining SB, ( Ass't Gcn'l r S!l Ticket 1gont Gcnifj torney nml Counscllo 1QJLAS, I aw Oflce •% , Jsoiarj l»uliiio »to • Geneva, N l MAN, Attorney ml fo. S27 rvtlmiige St • . V,'Onico hours 1mm! •torney mid Counsellor! Linden Itlnck.ficnejiJ it-.9 a, in lo <i p in •\ WUP, Counsellor « 1 fcVGonma.N Y LAS & HOSKINSJ llora at Law, flencria IWIOY, riiilipf. *,«)». J 3* iiBiiram* Real _,.-„,, USO.: **. Dilmars,A J.J N, Attorney anil toi ibiry Politic \\ttli«t), iijpya,N i rWlCK AttnrnoyWll uten at, Geneva, ft X < CETT, Attorneys «ri ^ Linden Block, <»CMTM . B.Saokclt. ?,. Comnellni i t JUifJ a,N.Y. ?E, Couiihclnr at Uw,3 seal, No 4 Scnecabl,! AJtatTA. IA*PP.-AtfoijiBy »«d | Jin Uic iimuIliiUdiaa'ii ans of Qen6Va| ( ', M. :D , S70 Malnijf I U 2to4ana7to8P)r; , 0i—1G4 Genesee HA ,,2to4iiii<l7to&i> *| U D.-41G M« ln &] ..,il»4anil7WBl) *f M. D-4 M fiain Si.| •., 3 tO 5 and 7 lo 8 i* m ? Da. m.,1210 8,1(0 *13 William St 0*»| and 7 to Sp in. PP. M D.-0fl«»<J ,M» D -H* Wlff, 2 tO 3, rind 7 to bt>V«. <40 Park Flncc. OH M. D.-W CasWJ t to*, an 11 to Hi tou;*iiii«30i«*J' ) ! -502 Mam Si 0*a to'2,nndGto9l>. *f >,-47SonccaSt < tuwUioBn m ^ ft loloiihow- [. D.-100 Sene*^ to4,anUoion<»&i rlcnlttr,lUSe««*S andltod.p * , 4 JT .eEKNVki DAILY WWWfe-SJtfbAY,.:. SEPTEMBER 6,1898, f BARSAJ:*-:^#^!'^*' !ll?1trR l*A Y - 3 ffijWfVW jft^^kMiiifji^ ^CopporKimmedTea^tne,.^.. 9-*y\; 'i.„.,iitii«re8. 99<5. I ir ill offer some Exce$e%t ^arfains. in all our Departments Some Particular Gbod things in Nickel-Plated Wares a,ndjardiniers, •mi J ' '\ irjtii'j^mmmmmm' JBfclyw Plated Knives ami Porks, oer ' set, $1.79. 35? Jleayy Dish Pan, 25e. 08c Pretty Jardinieres, 4flc. Solid Steel Hand Saw, 39c. Axe Handle, 5e. Hand.rfuie'Xoa Set, $2 9S. Rich Tojlet Set. $1.70. Iflower PoN ffir 5c. $hQ0 Express Wagon, 59c. Good Bit Brace, 15c iv hfto .Metal TeaSpoors, per set, 21c. $3.25 Banquet Larap, $2 75. per iolJsSe'-awl N'l^ e l TeaspooM, {• *™r, Nickel Plated Pot, 49o. knW irons, per aet,67e. «^Wa^o^M0c, ' And Hundreds a£;$r-ticl0s^ the store at l^e are Now Receiving a very Large and Elegant Line of Fancy Crockery and Imported French Bisque Ornaments, which You are cordially invited to call and examine, •= „.nr*lW CfAt»FJ OPPOSITE OENAVA NATIONAL BANK, =5 S BARGAIN ^lUI<jqi# Foot of Seneca Street. fc: —m . • > \„ . • - .-_-.. '*•: T& SMOKERS WHO ENJOY n A Good Cigar! Two Men Much Injured in Canandaigua. THAT NA/E ARE SF>rHOtAU AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE CELEBRATED ROBERT BURNS CIGAR, EL csi&Fim*' CAPAOTRA CISAR. LA CARONA BSPANOLA SALLEITOTUG co. 3d Door west J. W- Sitrith's Dry Goods Co. Remember we carry the largest line of Cigars in the city. Are You Prepared To Pit 0-o*\t Toixa^ For If So, You will find the Largest Assortment of ?Books, Slates, Pens^Pads, Composition and Drawing Books, PENCIli-S, INKS, And in Fact EvsrytMnj Ijtgit is Heeded by the Children, —AT * Seibel & Mwlcahy's..^ **< 62 Seneca Street LEADING HOTELS QFGEMVA 6ESEVA, N. T> ^rpprietors fppclnl Attention Glvento t Banquet H nr ,a Annual pl*»6er«i *—^ 006-T—••'. » > ELECTRIC LIGHTED, STEAn HEATED RATES $2.00 to $B0) Shre are Yon :*M This Summer •U?i?5S t , ' ,,, '\ America ta turoiifth ttiCRront •S .','!•' 'argo. snfo, oicganfr ahd fast now fVffi \ *'»U>wcst» and '%«jrililaml> ! ©r„ by iVwear , T^ rim ' ,,la w «\*w *n<i t*lnee»«vtuo I ?C Mn ?, ,n , swamor 'BOD Voyko\ ;fer tlio I • aSJS 1 , ; 1 '' n ' 18 - round tap MckotttiWO- Satitt 1 - I' *jni' ,,$2 -? ,,; Tickets lor Now y or* eenirai .**£2Sg$^ , * i P*»>t8, and oa jcafl|n>f. T B. Foster & Bro. ; Bookseilers « and r _ Stattanlrs' ^£W£J^4 TONSORIAL ARTISTS Wis: Palace Barjbsr Shop 4tRfAl,SOI.lCtfEO. EA.ARraQMi/2iMiStet SENECA FALLS LOCALS Watklns and Lyons Gpntrlpute Some Interesting Items of News- Newark's Population. CANANDAIODA, Sept. e.—A team be* longing to Vernon 8. Newton, of Hope* well, became frightened at an ice wagon here yesterday mornim? and ran away. Mr. Newton was thrown out and seriously hurt. Late Wednesday night while E. P. MeKibben in the employ of Foster Mc- Donnell, was on his way home in the eastern part of this town, his horse ran away, throwiug MeKibben to ihe ground and fracturing his skull. His re- covery is doubtful. The horse was also seriously injured aud the wagon totally wrecked. \ fieMa's Tousorial Artist,—^ ft. B. STANLEY, Tousorial Parlors* cS'Scncca St rcct Glean shaves', Clean towols. AH work none, neat 1J>and wlthCifinatch. SENECA FAI,LS, Sept. U.—The Seneca Fall> driving park association have de- ciced to have a two days' meet here on September 17th and 18th. The season will be opened in Johnson ofiera house next Tuesday evening with \Jim the Westerner,\ by the same company that played here last season. The expense to the village in the Sharp sewer nuisance case has already exceeded the value of the lot upon which the sewer, emptied aud the matter is not yetsjttltd. The democratic caucus for tt e elec- tion of delegates to the county conven- tion in Romulus on Saturday, Septem- ber 14th, will be held in Union hall next Monday evening. The town board has designated the following polling places for the Noyem- ber election: First d istrict, Sharp stove, Ovid street; second, vacant store in Johnson opera house building; third, Silsby hose house; fourth, Bailey hose house; fifth, rooms formerly occupied by the Gould Ore guard; sixth, residence of Patrick Reagan. YVATKINS, Sept. 6.—Of the $12,582 69 of corporation, road and poll tax levied this year $8,443.16 was paid at the bank at 1 per cent. Lewis CharleB' black mare, A. E. C, was distanced in the 2 24 race at Elmira on Tuesday, although she finished third in the first heat. Lettersof administration in the estate of Frank Jewell, late of Hector, have been granted to ^3arah A. and Fred Jewell, ot Hector. The engagement here of Miss Rose Smith, of Elmira, the daughter of the Opera House manager, to Proftssor Krug has just been announced. John \V. Gurnett bas recovered a judgment for $20 against George A Ringer for selling a pool table that be- longed to the plaintiff and keeping the proceeds. Ex-Speaker Fn mout Cole of Seattle, tVashtt., is to be called to New York city on legal business about October 1st next to remain about six months. Dur- ing that time it <* family will reside here. FO WIDER And get a l74uart Dikflpart, Or a Set of Bo#!s, or » Galvanized Baking Pan LYONS, Sept. 6,—While George Rau- kert was engaged in handling fruit Monday afternoon his office was robbed of $10 by a sneak thief. School Commissioner SamueJ Os«d announces that the teachers' institute for this school district will be held in Sodus village during the week com- mencing October 7th. The Lyons railroad yard SB unusually busy for this season of the year, owing to the transfer of 400,000 tons of coal which la being shipped from the P. and R mines to Chicago. The case of the People vs. William H, Hamilton, charged with grand lar- ceny, second degree, resulted in the jury finding the defendant guilty of petit larceuy. Sentence was' suspended. LyonB ft tends have been notified of the deatii In Galesburg, Mich., Sunday, of Harvey I>. Wmeni formerly of this Village, aged 83 years. Deceased oper- ated for several years a stage line be- tween here and Geneva. Invitation* hayo been received by Lyons friends to the golden wedding of Rev, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Belt to be celebrated On September 16tb at their home in Santa Barbara, Gal; Dr. Bell was for several years pastor of the Presbyterian church In Lyons. NBWAUK. Sept, 6.—The Arcadian Weekly Gazette \has had a census tatten ot the village of Newark and found the population to be 4,247, of which 1810 are jiuto and 2,437 arc fe- males. This is an increase of oVer 815 since the official consns of 1800. •' 48 0iistte Street \3* The Kirkwood COXE St CLOVER, Props. Ptcam Heat and KleairtoUght- SBHiirA,N.Y. Bates $2.00 aud I2.M per_day. \' 6YCI-ISQ : ^T BUFFALO, a«»ll Attendance nntt Slov'frimc at the ». State ,a|«ftt» • • BO»»AW, Sept. Q.*-Th4 attondahoo at tl.e oponbjg day of the L. &. W. stoto meet .was- very small, which was in groat moftguro accountotl for by Ww ditto follow- ing m •closoty the;twowasnt bicy^la meoti- Uigs'of Saturday Jasfc and Mpndayi The first heat'of tho mile open \was rodo Jn 3:88 3-8, and ag a time limit of »:8U hail boon tixedj.tlio heat was deolored no race. It wjitl 'ba ^uftovftHoday, wheft tho flnuls will also bo pujlea.off. Who suspension of Titus, Cabanno and Murphy and; tr»e absenoo of Bald have proved very disastrous to tho moot. Summaries: One nslle, h,ovlco—P. P, Nohrbos, Buf- falo, 1; G. H. Crane, Buffalo, S; H. Knlbbs, Buffalo, 8; time, B:40. Onomtlo, IBirlQ Gountgr championship— O. $. Worick,, Buffalo, 1; J.. MoFariand, Buffalo, i\ W,. 5. BusOi Buffalo, 3; time, ?:SS2-S.' Two-mile state championship, class A— C. B. Worlofe X, H. G. Winter 2, John Mo- tfartami 8) tlrao, &:0A4-6. Two-uille handicap, class B —A. J. Brown, Cleveland {45 yards), 1; K. V. Leonert, Buffalo (170 yards), 3 ; W. J. Helfert, Utloa (MQ yards), 3; tlmo, 4;S44-6 i , Five mllo handicap, class A—J. S. Mo- Farhtod, Buffalo (50 yards), l f W. H. Wil- liamson, Niagara Falls (160 yards), 2; A. L. Ijongneokor, Buffalo (880 yards), 3 ; time, 12:163-5, . The Itaieball G»mo«. The games of tho Eastern and National leagues yostorday resulted as follows: At Buffalo— a H. 1. Buffalo........ 0 O » 0 10 0 1 0 *- i 18 4 Providence.., 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 A 0— i 7 1 Batteries—Vfadswortl} and UrQuhart: Hod- son, Bttdderhani and MoAUley. AtKochestor-* n.n, % Soohester..... 08000000 0—304 Springfield,... 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 *—8 10 a Btttterl«a—Bttrp8r and Borger; Grubor and Onnson. At Syraouso— a. n. B. Syraonao 0 03101080— 0 10 4 Boronton 6 80O2O000—6114 Batteries—Delonoy and Baftor; Meanoy and SohrlviBr. At Toronto— a. H. E. •Toronto, , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0—0 8 <S Wllkes-Barre. 03 0 00000 0-280 Batteries—Oray, Casey and Lalco; Coaltoly sndpiggiiis. NATIONAL LBAOOE. At BOBtoil— R. H. B. Bosto» : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1—17 3 Chioago* , a a 0 1 0 2 0 0 0— r u a Batteries—Griffiths and Kittrodge; Stivotts anduanzel. AtNew sfori— a. n. a New York.,,.0 J 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 1 8 8 Olovolana..... 2 3 8 110 10 0-14 17 0 Batteries — German, Meekin arid Wilson; Young and Zimmor. . -1- At T\ djthgton— a. H. E. WaaUhigton.. 4 2 2 10 0 0 0 2—1113 I Cincinnati.... 2 00000300— 4 11 8 Batteries -r Mercer and SIcGhiire; Ihvyer, Gray and Vaughn. Seoondgaine— H. H. m Washington... .8 0 8 0 0 0—0 7 t> Cincinnati..,. ,...,..,, 2 0 0 7 8 0-13 v 7 2 Batteries—Boawcll and McGulre; Rhinos aud Gray. At Baltimore—' • a. H. a. Baltimore 0 0906002*- 794 fcouifiviue.,,,. 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0-2 11 ff ' Batteries—Esper and Rohinson;McFarland and Spies. At Philadelphia— B. H. » PhtlatteJphla,. 2 0 8 2 8 1 0 1 1-12 10 i St. LOuls..,,.. 10(1101 04-Oil 4 Batteries—Carsey and Grady; Ehret and Otten. At Brooklyn— n. H. B, Brooklyn. 8 2 3 10 0 0 0 Mill ] Pittatourg 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0- 1 7 8 T Batteries-Konncdy and Dally; Moran.Bart andMerrltt. ______ Sliabei After the Itoconls. , TORONTO, Sept. 0,—Ferdinand Shabel, the long distance French bicycle ohain i plon-, commenced hi s l,000*mi$o rlda against tlmo o n tho quartor-niile board track on Toronto island. He ha d made an open challenge for a 1,000-mile race, whidh had bee_ accepted bySeavoypf Boston and Welnlg' o f Buf- falo, but neither of the men showed up. Shabel started alone unpaced and will attempt to boat Glmm's 34-hour record pf 453 miles and other records tip to 1,600 miles. He Is In splendid condition and Will go the first 24 hours without dis- mounting. H e started off easily. \ His time at 10 miles wasSOiEf^feB,and In the first hour ho rode 31^ miles. For OOmlleahis time was 2«85:64, and Sot 100 miles 5:13:30 3-5. These are unpaoed rec- ords. . . - Driver Curry Fined. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 0.—GllCurty-, who drove Joe Patehen in Wednesday's matoh race with John B. Gentry, at Belmont park, has been fined *500 b y the Jiidgos f 01 alleged Improper driving.. i n the, yrace. There la cohsidorablo: doubt as. tip wliot.her the fine can bo colleoted, as*. Carry ciaimi that the contract with th e Belmont driv- ing club siinply called for a speed-Jejdiibl- tlon on the pnrtof the two horses. In- stead of a *4,000 purso, MeHohry, and.Cur- ry were to be given a certain ^e^eentaga of the gato receipts and the aitfodnt they did Rweivo,,lt is said, was I4B0 each,, Curry and McHeary, who drove Gentry, left for the West. .SPANISH AtROdlflBS. Koporteil RInsaacrc of Women aud Chil- dren In Cull*. NEW YORK, Sopt, 6.—The Press today says; ._ ••*\ Atroolties by Spaniards, as revolting aa those committed by tho: Japanese at Port Arthur, have just been reported to th e Cuban revolutionary partv in New York. Enrique TrujiUe, editor of E l Porvenla, has received a letter from Juan Maspons Prance, Chlof of staff uatlor General Max- imo Gomoz, thooommandor-ln-ohluil of tho insurgont army, It is datod \Headquarters In tho field, Aug. 8,\ and sends details of the oapturo and recapture of the city of Baii-e and the massacre of 87 inoffensive Cubans, mostly women and ohildron, by the Spaniards under Commander Garrido. Colonel Franco describes graphically the scenes of horror that foKlowea. The Span- iards woro wild for the spilling of blood Every human creature who camo in tholr path wa s ruthlessly slaiu. Within five minutes tho streets of Batrc Wore desortod by tho panlo-striolcon natlvos, but tho Spaniards followed them Into tholr houses and killed thorn i n tholr own rooms. \Age sex and condition were wholly disregarded by those liveried butchers,\ says Colonel Franco. \Old and young women,- chlldron, even infants, woro slaughtered one after another. Shocking indignities woro offered t o tho unfortunate victims before and after death. Tho Span- ish soldlors stamped on the bodies of those whom thoy had slain and ground their heals into tho faces of many who woro still living.\. ^__ Dig Swindling; Scheme Unearthed. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. (}.—By tho arrest of Robert Bitson of this olty, the police think thoy have unearthed a gigantic sys- tem of swindling by bogus drafts printed in th e names of 11 different national bunks and drawn to the correspondents of those banks in Louisville, Boston, Mil- waukee, Indianapolis, Chicago and on five banks in New York city. Last wools Bitson called at tho pflntlng house of Williamson & Boeoher and representing himself as the agent of a cancelling punch for the uso of banking houses, negotiated for tho printing of several thousand na- tlomil bank ohecks, which, ho gald, he meant to uso In advertising his patent punch. This brought about an investiga- tion and the arrest of Bitson. : Idivigno and GrlfTo Matched. NEW YORI , Sept. O.^Jlfa Kennedy, tha inatishmakor of the new. J!iupire?,\elub of Sfaspeth, U I., has succeedoairt matching Bid Lavigii' of Saglffaw; Mic'K4 againBt Al Griffiths, better known lis\ Yourtg Gjlffo, of Australia. The men ate matoh' ed to fight 30 rounds at 138 pounds-bofbra the Empire club on Sept, 85. ...'•• Pool Selling At Gonhon. / GOSHEW, N. Y., Sbpt. 6,—At the race meet which just closed hera |«ifp)fl were sold openly and bets' were freelyplaced. . Toromto'» Water Supply 'ct«t Oflf. TORONTO, Septi 8.~The r&i|e\c^onauM irhich is laid beneath thd Tlay; andnpoir' which, the olty is doponden* fprjalimogtiltl ^entire water sirpptyhroke^tt|ftr*e^iaQe'si completely otittlhg off pa iSater siipply, Coioilderable time WHl ^»refnlr^d&re- *|»lr the Dreaks aM in the meantime the city will be almost helples^iricassjiof flre> Incotodlarism has beeti .r4W|ainS fiere of late and the otty now being oilt off from •water stipply. creates a soaVce of great •JBixiofcy to citizens. Chic»go Wartant* 8at« jem* OPIGAQO, Sept. .O..r-_ne''iiili0- D> Comp. trollor Wethorell of I l,6(»|O09 Ohica^ocity warrants Is reported to- have fallen through. The sale was made ttf ! the NeW York firm of Kuhn Loeb oV Co*, and Wat conditional upon the Jegaliiydi the teiue, AiceordMg to advices feceiyed here today' Kuhn boeb & Co., after iBvestigatlon, re- fosedthe issue upon advice of Attorney W t B. Homblower. * - ' - • > T*» Ga'oereaht, an emineijt ©erman pencil maker, now dead, ««« over Ms gravis a gigantic storte representation of half a lead pencil set as a f&rnfestone. It is oi red aandBtone, witli a core of graphite elsrh.t inches in diameter.' Aintlrs In Peru. LIMA, Sopt. 0.—Tho Huaigayoo com- mission is returning to Lima, and it i s said that tho report they have t o make Is extremely favorable. THE MARKETS. New York Money Market, NEW YOBK, Sopt. 6. Money on call at 1 per cent Prime mercantile paper, 8X@4?iper cent. Sterling exchange: Actual business in bank- ers' bills, tl,D0@l.lX)>i for demand and 14.80® 4,8»K for 00 days, Poateil rates, |4,80@4,00 MUU4.0O@4,OL Commercial bills, il.88Ji- Kailroaas; Pacific 6s ot '05. *1.20. Bliver cortiiloatoa, 67^0; solas, 110,000. . Rar silver, B7o. Mexicap, B8}io. Governments, now da quoted at *1.28>i; old do, »1.18. . New York Produce Market. -NBWYQSK, Sopt. 5. . FLOTJR-City mills patent, «. 0B@4.83i win- ter patents, t8.6O@8.05 ; city mills clear, *3.85@ 4.10; winter straits, $ ttilo@fl.80 ; -(vinter extras, »8.05@2,00; do low grades, t2,10®2;65; Mliine 8ot» patents, l8.80®8.60; Minneaoto bakora', t8;8O®K0O; spring low grades, »1.0O®2.i0; spring extras, »i.0O@-2.i50« Southern flour; Good to choice d o eictra, | 3.40@3.9O . B0OJECWBBAT P1.0UB r- Quoted at tl.65® 1.60, BAEEEY It ALT - Western, 70@72o; No. 8 woatern, 08®70o; two-ro%ved,. 85c; six-rbwed do,78@75o. BAELEY—No. 2 Milwaukee, EOo to arrive: tWo-rowed stoto, 6O0; stx-rowod; state, western, OO&e, to arrive; spot, OlOj No. 2 Wostorn.Ooo; Ungraded western, 45@8Jo to arrive; Canada, 70@7J8^ . - EYli—r3tate, SOglBloi Jersey, 49@Slo oarlots, He delivered; boatloads, 55@56o bid delivered. * WHEAT—Spot sates No. 2 red Btore and ele- yator. 98^oi afloat, 6!)^o; afloat, I. 0. b„ MKo; afloat! No. 1 northerhi 66%o delivered; No. i hard, 60%o delivered, Options: No. 2 rod March, flOHoj May, 0i%o; Sept., 08%o; Oct., fU%v;Do6., Me. GOBN — Spot sales of No. 2, BBJ^c elevator: do, iafloat 40^c; t. 0. b. afloat, 48^01 No. 8 white* 42ef.o.b., afloat; No.l white, iS^at.o., b. afloat; steahlerniiiced, fiSJfci yellow, 80Jso; do40%9ilo to.b. jrilbatr *1fi®i1>ip elevator; elovator, ungraded Mixed, 4B^@4?Ho t• o. b. afloat. Options: May closed at SBMc; Sepfc, 883iof'Oet„ 88Jio;Nov.,87%o, 'OATS—Spot sales No. 2, 28K« to arrive; No. 2 delivered, 2«$c, new; old, 27®27tio{ No. 8, 23KO; No- ^hite, WHCi No; 8 white, 24}^ &$ic', track white western, B6®82c; track wMte state and western, 26@82o, Options: Mayolosed at\ «5)io; Sept. S8>ic; Oct., 28o; •U'«s,,a*?i. ' HAY-^Sbippiag. 03978c; good to ohoico, 78® 85o;,strIctly priiue, tt.0i)@l,OS. POBKrrNe.W'moss,fi0; 2S@10.75 ; family, $12.00 @12*Q; abort clear, 112.00(914.00; extra prime BUTTER—'Western orottmery, 18@30c; do fa6tory,_8@12Jjioj elgins, 20oj imitotibn oreain- ery, tl@iBci Btote dairy, 12® 18>£o; do cream- ery', lOK@20o. OHE&SE~Stato largo, 6®7%o; small, 0Ji@ c8K;partskim8i ,2J4@0Koifullskima, l^®3o. EGGS — State and Pentwylvania, 16®10Ho; Western fresh, 14@lo&o; aontherh, 18)^0. * POTATOES—Long Island, 80c@il.25} sweets. $l.«S!g8.00; Jewoy, 76c@$t00; New York, 00c® 11.00; Maine, ti.40@1.60 ; Bermuda, $ 3.00@4.00 ; North Carolina, «.50®2.00! Charleston and •«• Vannah, |2.50(p.O0.; southern, 75q@«,o0, Nor folk, *L60@2»00; Yirginia rose, lliOO® 1.60. nnfTrtlo Provision Market. BirrrALO, Sopt. 6. WHEAT—No. 1 hard, old, 64>io; do now, 88o.;No.2r«die5M<?: eoBSMWo. 2 yellow, 40o; No.; 2,880; No. 8 yellow, U9^c. OATS-J^b. 2 whitfl, now, 28o; No. 2 mixed, pewySSVsc, - BY&-No.,2old, 60c; nbw, 48o. ' BABLSY-^No. 1 western, 82c; No. 2 do,50o; chevaliett, 02@04c: Canada, «8@8te; PLO&B-^pring wheaft best patent, perbbl., ,t8,7&@4.00; low' grades, » 3.S5@3.60 ; winter feoat, beat family, »BV26®8.50; iraham, {2.76CB- tfiOf,;'.. • \ BUTTBB-State creamery, 21®2tMo; woatern do,»Ic. OBBESB-Pancy full cream, 8H@8o; choice do, 7Js08o; light skiroa, 6@te; skinw, 2®Sc. EGGS~-State, Xi%@Ma; Conada and western, Ea»t Buffalo live Stock Market. EAST But»AI>O, S»pt. &. dATTLB—Kxtra export stiiors, IftlW&S-OD. good do, *4.00®5.88; ohoico heavy butchers'. *8.2§@*25; light handy do, » 8.40@3.8J ; co« 8 and heifersj extra, *4.0Q@4i26; calves, heavy fed, I2.b0®a75; veals, » 0@7.28 . SHEEP AND LAMBS - Choice to extra *Wethera, *8: 76@4.00 ; good to choice sheep, $2 40' ®2.83; common to Fair, S2, 00@3.40 : choice to •xtra spring lambs, * 4.60@4.76 ;, common to 'f»lr;*8.B0@4XI0. j HOGS ~ Beayy, *4, 45@4.60 ; medium and Wixod, *4.40@446; Yorkers, M.85@4.45 ; pigs, suo&m- ' ______ Buffalo iff»y Market. BuirVALOrSept. 5. • No. 1 timothy, per ton, litpO: Wo. 2 do. * 15.00@10.00 ; baled hay, J15.009W.60t IOMO traw, i».00#10.00; bundled rye, Hl.0O3l2.O0 . Tfiis is .FOB' Fruit Jars.. CHAS- KIPP, Lindn St, la the (=>ltacc to (Set THorvi. SB* ! IF YOU WANT TO ON YOUR MEAT - (iO TO - - E. WILDE'S EAT MARKET 73 SENEGA STREET. FLOURS 'Ilio Best ilinneemn Branils always 111 stook. *N All Kinds • of • Try n pnrkago of Wlioataleno, tho perfect breakfast food, v, Uon't fail to try our celebrated Minnesota Pat. Hraiul of Klour and you will use no other. Our prices 010 right. S. H. MERRILL 40 GASTLE STREET. Successor to Oarvor Jones B. BORGMAN, Jr;, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker, 157 and. 159 Exchaugo St., Geneva* N. Tt- Another of the FINEST LINE OF COUCHES Ever brought to the city. If you wahi; something Handsomei Desirable and Cheap, come in and lot us Bhow you our $8.50 Couches, which beats the record, E3. Borgrrian, <*jB«' Exchange St. Free Ixcursion TOT HE DWAY. Of C\'»se Everybody is Going, Be- cause fiieyCau Get a Nice Free Lunch at ALFOhD's CAFEC . 20 Linden St. MNg BXTIflHiTf AI^Bl Always on Hand. Don't Forget the Place 20 Linden £>t. F. D* Al.rOIIO» Prop Subscribe for the DAILY TIHES and SEMI WBSKLY TiMBS, one year for |5.00, Familiar IJtit Hutod Sound*. \Auirh Waugh!\ It was the baby. He had repeat€d the rardark sixty times in the past hour. Mr. ^wleigh's Hair, such as U was; etood on, end. J^ \Gwow fthwb wowbdgwow fllwaugfi\ added the baby, while people living across the street got up and closed their windows. Sir. STewlelgh took a \whetstone out 0* thp table drawer and ground hla teeth. \To think,\ he groaned, buryJng his fare In the pillows, \that 1 should grow up to become the father of a ITnibn de- pot trairi-crler!\ —Rockland (Me.) Tri- bune. !l C0T0SUETIJI l Ask your neighbors if tney at© any of the nice things made with Ootosliet nt (he exhibit m Geneva lately It takes tho- pliaee of laid. Sold by all ^ dealers. Put up only by SWIFT & COMPANY. „THE .TRIUMPH OP LOYE , \IS HAPCV, HlWIlrUIi SAUItlAHF\ Eujory Dan Kh^ WouW Kuow the Cruact grr^« the riiln rWts, the Sow IMsnovcrlcs of XzAUMl •> Sclonc««s<|)|)lled to Married lire ffhoW'duId Atoiio for I'nut Epont aifit Avoid tatvre Pltntlin, Should Serine the WomlcrfiilXlttle Book Called, \ Complete .MauluxHl, and Hn« to Attain It,\ \ Harts at Inst Is tnfoi matlon from a high mcili* cal source that must wo»k wondcis With Uu» generation of men >' ' Tho book fully dcgi llbes a method by wliiclit WuttniiifiillviHoi imd miiiilj nowtii f i A niotbodby which to end allumwtuial/liflilui on tho system. To cure norvoiisnoBB, lack of self contra), dc- BiSoniU'uoy, &o. /rouxchangoii Jmlulnnil woin inline foi ^n« of brightness, buoy am,j ni d powu To cui'b forever cflctts of eMcrp^ivo ovexwOrk worry, «o. 'I'ogive full strength dovelopinoiitand tolioto every iiortlou and oi LBII of tho bodj j. Ago no barrier. ralluie impossible itfo tlionmnd roforonoos This book: is purclv mqdii nl nml scientific, UKC loss to'tnuioslt BiBfeoiK, iinnliwUloto hien only w*o nocd It. Write totltoElttb MKWCAT, COMPAJtY, Rufl°nln..N. x„ and ask tw tuo tutjo book.cnllqd \COMPTii-TH MANHOOO\ Kofqi ia this papor, and the comvauy tuomisos tos.cud tiie nook, in scaled oiivoiopo, without any marSs, swd\ optercly free. it -S3 and Berries, Vegetables Fruits For Canning {; are my Specialties just now. *•/! EXCHANCE ST. nomy Lost, $900^ U you have ovor lost any money, y^u c*i||| recover it on thlspurclmse A Uoudoant JUotfor^j tl.ooo. jSatypaymonU O e of tho; ^ Very Best Locations in Genem * • Lot alono worth *1,300 This offer Is withdrawn after one week, , % -_ PITIVIARS 6c V/VOKOFffrti ——O R O, W. ALLEN, JRooms 3,&nd 4 Piouty Building :Senec$ Street, Geneva, N. K, D. E. DEMPSEY —IS SELUKtt Straight Whiskies _andotnar T.iqnftM ipr less than you can biiy IiccttaQd,comr*Otin*IAl^ or nferlorlilquorsclsowlifli*. fi I D. E. DEMPSKT 32 CASTLE ST. The Only Wholesale Liquor . dealer in Geneva, Styles From tho Jungle. \You lpo» aa If, you needed a hair out,\ said the elephant:, nosing about: the lion's cage. \Before you .go around .making re- marks <8,baat other people'* appearance yuu's better trim down your ears,\ re- touted 'the lioii, shaking his manei \you show your worta too much* whett you tallr* 'MgMy-''~£Moa.g<>\\ fLYNH'S NEW MEAT MARKET Is Bocoming Justly Popular. Bis Are Always Bight. Hmnp&wyJ, Lyiic&i the welln hmmn Heat Cutter, Is at the Market, Try Flyon's BOLOGIAand FRnHIFORTS, Fiynn's New Market^ Yaa Hutcn Slock, Exchange 8treef. ,vii.

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