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jr.- <SU. ^UWi. tJENBYA ;t ':C^ILY , AU&trBT26, \ '.'.ui..Ny£i ^f lie Geneva Daily Times last Saturday. A The Sole Purveyot of Important Local News, IT LEADS THE PROCESSION ts From Three Days to a Week Ahead of its Contemporaries, and Gives Them a Pace t o Diffi- cult for Tnem to o Follow. y»' The 'J IMK8 set ft pretty lively pace for Us contemporaries last (Saturday and threw a good deal of dust in their eyes *g It swept pat them on the homo stretch It does not claim any particu- lar credit for the act, for that Is a part of Us huslness, and to have done any- thing less would have been a signal de- reliction of duty toward its patrons and. ft confession of failure in grasping the situation It has been the purpose and aim of the fIMPS to furnish the new% proijipfc Iji fully and in proper order,* beflevlnjf *hat such a service, especially J& local matters, would demonstrate .tthe fact that it has a legitimate place among the institutions of Geneva. That it has already done this, during the period that constitutes the first three months of < it* existence, needs no confirmation save that found in the united voice o f Its \readers Ithas shewn repeatedly its fSuperiority, as a news-gatherer, over Its AQiltemporaries, and for enterprise and accuracy has placed itself in the front r)tuk of Geneva newspapers. i _ ' It has been a common remark among readers, and almost everybody In (Gen- eva reads the TIM us, that the volume and importance of the local news, printed from day to day in its coluipns, 1s not only a surprise to them but some- thing almost incredible, so accustomed had they become t o ah antiquated and * Imperfect eervice. Their conception of jiews has been materially enlarged under the dally presentation by the ilKKS of fresh, live and newsy matter. \Thepast quarter has been in p.duc>tion- „at one for Geneva now-paper readers, who-have come to know the place ancj the people hotter than ever before, and to realke that the TIM us has a mjisBion hf/e tMt tt Is tilling with some degree \4>t oretili. On several occasions ;it has out-news- papered its contemporaries, much to the delight of its friend^ but at no time HO completely as on Saturday when it pub- lished a full account of a Geneva* suicide,' In detail so full that the subsequent forty-elcjht hours iiave brought to light no new facts,, ot which its local contem- porary of that day had not a paragraph, a sentence, 'a hue or a word', The \seodp \ in the newspaper parlance, was so complete as to make one wonder Why such papers are published anyway. The event occurred during the forenoon, giving the TIMES ample opportunity to investigate, the case thoroughly, to sift the .facfcB from the rumors ourteit ou tneitroeffcfsithd to construct a .correct and logical narrative of the occurrence *»d the cause. It i» upon suoh a service, repeated as itJsfrom time to time, that the TIMBS claims to be a newspaper for its readers. It is the people's paper, and its province Is to give the news, always up to date, and in a way the he who runs may read, and ho who reads may bo intelligently posted on the current events in his own town as well as abroad. LAWJRLNCE PAKK |iALLf$}AME. The Seueca Falls and Waterloo com- bination base ball club will play the Corning club at J.nwrence Park on Thursday afternoon. A good game can be expected, as Corning has a crao k claband they will probably go against Mark Baldwin, the ex-league pitcher. Admission 25 cents, grand stand free for ladles All tanned shoes and ties have been reduced 25 per tent at.Ontohnn'aiJoaiderBtmu store ADVANCING PRICES IN FABRICS. There has been a marked advance in ^•fj*\the dry goods trade on all kinds of prints, cambrics and ginghams, that goes to aliow that the era of low prices is parsing Spine of our Geneva mer- chants have stocks that .can never be replaced At the present quotations. j , •' _• i» • m in' ; ' ' GOODS DEU VERED. The Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls.and Cayuga Lake Traction-Company is prepared to collect parcels in any part of Geneva and Waterloo and deliver name to any part of Waterloo and Geneva respectively. Gars carrying packages Will[leave 'Geneva at«:80 ffcoo and 9J0a. m n and will leave Waterloo 7.1P, 8 30 and 0:00 a. ni, 4Stt PERSON A L, — U. B,, Summers, of New York, ia iu town to-day. —Dan Deegan arid M. Broderlck are in Chicago. -rM|es,;H,M. Hctieuk Is visiting her Sister i a Buffalo. —Alfred Tcale, of Clifton Spring, spent Sunday In Geneva. —John P. Dolan of Ne w York, is registered at the franklin. —William Pitt, deputy sheriti ut Gorham, is iu Geneva to-day. , jjr-H. A. Thalman has returned from a week's outing at Sodus Point. ~-F. S. Hutching will reaumi! his old position at the Kirkwood, Sept 1st. —Miss Minnie Howe, of Rochester, Is visiting her sister Mrs. l>. K. Moore. —Prof. J. T. Sullivan, of Cincinnati, is spending bis vaoation in Geneva. —Mrs, F. M. Hill, of Oneida, is visit- ing her mother, Mrs. Eliza Alcock. —G. L. Pilchard and L. 8. Prichard of Phelps, were visitors iu Geneva on Sunday. —John Conniif, of the Standard Clothing house, has returned from his vacation. —Dr. and Mrs. W. G, IIem)up have returned home from their cas;ern sum- mering tour. —S. M. Lantcuell and Miss LUzie Fal- couer, of Peuu Yan, are rettintered at the Franklin. —Miss Carrie L. Meud, of the Geneva j^ubllo schools, has returned from her Visit in the east. —George E. Strang, of the Fraukliu House, has hoen couiiued to his room for several days past. —Frank D-vycr, of the t'luclunaiis spent Sunday ut his home. His club is now on its eastern trip. x \ -*rltev« James P Foster, of Geneva, otftolated in the Lyons Episcopal church on Sunday. —Mr, and Mrs. Baizel, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fisher and Johu Fowler, of Lyons, were in town on Sunday. —Mrs. John McGrnlu and family an $he guests in Syracuse of Mrs. McGraiu's sister, Mrs. Charles Dietz. —William Allen, of Boston, is the guest of his parents, Mr. arid Mrs. U. I>. Allen on Elm wood avenue. —John Howley and Ueorire Liobie, of Ly*ou8, the latter an eld Uenova boy, were tb town Saturday evening. —E. S. Martin of (iorhnm, In upending the day in Geneva, and has beeu a pleasant caller at the TIMES ollice. —W. Pierce, who reoently returned from England, will go back there for the winter, sailing next Wednesday. •4-1'rof. I. 11. Stout has returned from his summer vacation, and has gone to Syracuse to bi.gui his work for the year. —George K. Brown, of Hackensack, JN. J., a skilled moulder, has obtainud a position with the Phillips & Clark Stove Company, —Chas. Durklu returned from i'roy Saturday morning, where he attended tne firemen's oonvention. lie reports a very line time. —Taroslav Nlemetz aud son, of Rus- sia, are registered at the Kirkwood. They are wealthy Hussiuns aud arc t-lgblseelug in the yiclulty. —T, S. Hubbard and family, of titme- seo stieet have returned from a.month's outiug at Ocean Beach, and nre vvel- cumed homo by their friends. -r-W. It. Stubtu and Alderman F. ('. Hut maun left ou Saturday for Boston •w. ero they will attend the triennial conclave of the lvulstbts Templar. —Frank A. Smith, of Now York, who has boeu a guest for a couple of days of A. Thorton aud family at St. Clair Park, returned to his home ou Friday. —Mrs. S. Coxe aud daughter, Miss Hatcio I., accompanied by L>. K. Able, of Trumansburg, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. # C. Burrail, ou Madison Hi\ —Sir Eminent C'oiimiaudor, W. U. Deamson, left this morniug for Boston to attend the triennial conclave of the Knights Templar now iu sessiou theie. —Tlios. 11.Bibb, who has been spend- ing the past week iu Troy, the guest of friends, returned to Geneva jMimiuy eveniug. Mr. Bibb saw the parade ami otner interest lug events of the ilremen's meet. —Mrs. I). Breunau, of New York, cousin of Mrs. J. K. Baxter deceased, is in Geneva looking after her property Interests. It will be remembered that Mrs. Brenuan was the beuetlrmry of Mrs. Baxter's will, —Rev. H. W. Nelson, rector of Trin- ity ciiuioh, and family have returned from tlielr summer's outiug iu Maine, The doctor officiated yesterday in bis church, preaching an e.\ eel lent sermon. The people of Geneva pladly_ welcome u tii home again. —E. W. ,lunen, foruiPiiy of Rochester, is the now stage manager nt Smith's Opera House. Mrs. Jones and child arrived In Geneva yesterday and will take up a permanent residence here. Mr. Jones In a former Genevan, having . Spent his bovhood days mi South Ex- change street. MIDI POINT. Take the moruitiir l.ont for r mil and spend a day or a week You will come back refreshed by tin >UI.-K i>rei/e*i. 'fhere is no more pleas, ut »|iot in New York state in which to ppcmi a vacitlon thanatt'odi. t.s-tf A The Case Against Knight Probably propped. FOUR DAYS IN CUSTODY Held Without a Warrant and AOm- charfjed on Habeas Corpus Writ— A Singular Case, SUICIDE OF WM. A, BOSiB. James Knight, a Geneva boy witfo has been restrained of bis liberty for several days past by being confined in the lockup, was released on Saturday afternoon at Canandaigufl, as was an- nounced exclusively in the TIMES of that day. Knight was released on « writ of habeas corpus, tecured before Judge Metcalf. Argument- was made by the well-known law firm of Hawley, Nicholas & HosKlns. It was shown con- clusively by Knight's attorneys that the Geneva authorities bad no right to hold their client on a telegraphic order without a warrant, It took Judge Mot- calf only a few minutes to deoide the case, and\ Knight left the court room * free man. iu company with friends and' relatives he returned to Geneva on the 4:30 train. No officer from the scene of the al- leged shooting has yet made bis appear- ance in Geneva to serve the warrant Is- sued for Knight's orrest, a copy of which is iu the possession of Acting Chief Beaks. According to reports from Port Jervis none is liable to visit Geneva, as may bo seen by the append- ed despatch : POUT JBRVIS, N. Y„ Aug. 35,—The Com- misHionera of like County, Pa., yesterday at Milford reruuod to appropriate a dollar towards the prosecution of James J. Knight, the alleged murderer of Charles Twist, and. refused to authorize the distriot attorney to take any stops to bring Knight, who.was discharged from custody at Geneva, N. Y., to Milford. Bineo tniH decision it has become known that two other murders in the county were disposed of iu a like manner. The commis- sioners give an their reason that they were afraid the county auditor would refuse to allow for disbursements such as were asked. if the forogoiug be true the case Is practically disposed of. As a matter of fact there \un tittle evidence against Knight ou winch to baee the chaw oi murder. There was no motive. He and Twist wore the best of friends. The stories of the trainmen from the start were conflicting, no two telling the same story and no one telling It twice alike. The evidenoe wnB pure- ly circumstantial, and it is altogether improbable that 4' Pennsylvania jury would ever have found Knight guilty. He is to be congratulated ou the favor- able termination of the case. — i- CITY BRIEFS. Nothing new Ha* been Developed Since Saturday's Report. *JSttt3hingi}ew*-hHH dej«h,ped in the Rose sulciue enge es.c<pt l«*t' H hi.*, beonfgcertaiiied beyond, donht. that no one witnessed the taking off of tl.e un- fortunate man. Ralph Vagban., who J*ff»'''$i th,o Onondaga, saw,Rose fit- ting alone at the stcra of the boat be- hind the ladies'cabin. A heavy south wiud was Wowing at the time. It is supposed that Row waited until he was unpbj^vetf and then made the fatal •>' His brother Edward was a cailer Sat- urday at the TIMKS office and expressed deep regret at his brother's act. He expressed a willingness to attempt the recovery,of the body, bu* as » o one knows just where the suicide occurred it was concluded that a search would be in vain.1 The deceased was about 57 years of,age. Stay-atrHome Process to Tried on His Vote. be ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT HIM mm AT STOVE WORKS. A. Heavy tojs F?om Wat«r Amounting .to $15,000. Saxton in Worse Odor With AntrPiatt Men Than With Piatt Men, and Severely Criticized, GOOD We give good values in'»lJ.;departmeijtev^:#Wti' : IUi0k of g m \ mer Goods is fast melting away,;byt We~e^ of Serge and Cloth Traveling Snitg, Shijpl ^stS, tttiid\8uj n Ji 1 Capes, in all of which we are giving mow *htfn---ow*fta\^^l w l •value. The loss at the stove works fire which occurred on Friday. August 16th was one or the largest la the history of fire loss«giii*Gohev» The insurance corn- pan|*s%e v outfI4,300on the stock .and KV80 on tlie building, a total of»15,080. By this may be seen that nearly $15, 000 damage; was done by water. The damage by lire was comparatively small, Five streama of water were poured intothebuiidingfor nearly two hours and It is a wonder that the damage was uot greater.. The loss has been adjusted And the work of setting things aright has teen begun. ••V r !• • '•» i THROUGH TO SENECA FALLS. these — The poot iniffht well sing of delightful August days. — The Westerner will open the season at Smith's Opera House, Saturday, Aug- ust ;il8t. — Many Genevans express an iuton- tiou to ylsit the Groat Fair In progress at Syracuse. —This being fruit season freight busi- ness is p.irticulary good ou the lake steamers. —.several members of the Hydrant Hose company went to Cuibn Springs on Saturday for a week's camping out. —The Flower block ou Seneca street next to M. Wilson & Sons is being lm- [ raved by the addition of a bay window,. —Chief Tracy has received an myita- tlon for trio fire dopartuient toattcnl a firemen's tournament at Charlotte on August 28-29, ~M, W. Way, Hobart '80, is shaking hands with friends In towu to-dav. Mr. Way is a teacher in Rochester at pub- lic school, No. 2ti — Messrs. Blaine and Steele are uiak- iug a lively tuough.frlendly, canvass for delegates favoriug their nomination for member of assembly. — Business at the stove work will be brisk lor some time to come. Hundreds of stoves injured by water will be broken up and recast, —Arrangements are uudorway for an excursion over the Middlesex Valley road to Ithaca by the Stanley lodge of Gorii.iui on Thursday, September 5th. — While working on the Methodist Kpln'opal ( hurcii at Belloua last Fri- day, Herbert Fink, of this place, had the misfortune to run n nail iu his foot. --Barlow <& Rippey havo leaded the soutb store in the new VanTassel block, Torrey Park, aud will open about Sept. Nt, a branch store with a full line of groceries. —The meeting at the Y. M. C, A, on Sundi.y afternoon was addressed by A. P. Olllctte, the retiring secretary, it be- ing a farewell address to his many friends In Geneva. —Nothing has been heard of Otto lehii.ski, tne Geiman tailor, who dis- appeared from his boarding house a couple oi weeks ago. His friends fear that he has made away with himself. —G. C. Porsey says this is \plum week.\ The crop.is estimated at about one quarter of the usual size. Plums are rotting on the trees In large quanti- ties. The market is now lowti ou Uartlett poors as tUe cauuing factories are about supplied. Direct by the Electric Railway from Geneva Without Transfer. .. y-i Direct.communication by electric] railwaV. .between Geneva and Seneca Falls Is now. established. The first car over the. line, No. 10, with Charles Fitswortb, conduetor, and Judd Lerch, motoruian, left Seneca Falls this morn- ing; at 6:5ft., E - F. Slack, superinten- dent of th'e eastern end, and a party of friends\took' the initial trip over the road'. Superintendent Thos. Craig was present a*mt viewed with satisfaction the co•iipletio'n of the wedding of iron be- tween Geneva and Seneca Falls. Trips will be m'ade on the old schedule time. That is, cars will leave the Franklin House every forty minutes as usual. BREVITIES: Vxwa the Now Tork Sun. If the anti-Platt republicans of New Tork county can in any way contribute to the defeat of John Raines for senator in the Wayne-Ontario district they cer- tainly will. This was the announce- ment made last night. It was also made known that republicans more or less friendly to Mr. -Piatt will take a hand in undertaking to defeat Raines, The out-and-out autl-Platt folks are lo go Into the enterprise, they say, first and above all, because Raines in their estimation is not a fit republican to b e in the senate. They say that the .party mutt in future be represented at Albany by a higher grade of men, aud there is also a feeling against Raines, because on the floor of the senate last winter be said some very hard things about the republican* who are running municipal affairs in New York county. The antl-Platt, men down here say that Raines went'out of his way to af- front publicly republicans who were endeavoring to elevate their party. It makes no difference to these anti-Platt republicans whether or not Raines has been nominated regularly In his district. He attempted to interfere In their management of municipal affairs, and they will now retaliate by trying to in- duce the republicans of the district to leave him at home. The call for a \higher grade\ of sena- tors has already brought about the overthrow\ of .Coggeshall, Stapleton, Robertson and Donaldson. It was pre- dicted yesterday that Reynolds of Kings will be retired, but Owens is fighting for his life, I f Owens is nomi- nated tho.hlgber-grade republicans will be asked to stay at home and not vote for.him. And it, is on this line of pro- cedure, that the defeat of Raines is ex- pected to be accomplished. The demo- crats who learned of this programme spoke of this spasm of virtue on the part of the republicans with interesting com- ments. '• In talk over the proposition of the ^aatl-Platt republicans in New York county to bring about the defeat of Raines by the stay-at-home process, it was brought out specifically that Lieut. Gov. Saxton will have to explain mat- ters to the Union Leacuers, the State Republican club people, and the Re- publican Club folks before he can get back into their stood graces. Mr, Sax- ton's attitude toward Raines in the recent fight was thus described by an eminent republican; \A man who attempts to carry water on both shoulders ends op b y being drowned himself.\ Good Values in Summer, prefes Good Values in Hosiery and ! $loires:(*\ Good Values in Thin ^ijde|Wfa»v^.; Good Values in Summer Silks.' .••:''\.>\'.' Good Values in Wash Goods, • : -.•-.,< Good Values in Sun Umbrellas,. ; \, Gook Values in Table lanens. 1 \4-^*' Good Values all through Uw &te,. ••'. * • The J. 40-42 Seneca Street. Mmm-r TO SMOKERS WHO ENJOY 15 THAT WE ARE SRECIAU AQE'IN'T'9 F'OFv 1 SALE OR 1 ME CEU-EBg^D ROBBRT BURNS CIGAR, BUi CERAFIHA, CAPADUM-eiOtt '• U CASDHA BSPAKOU ALLEN DRU(3 CO.; 3d Door west J. W. Smith's Dry QQQ&IS, CO. I , Remember we carry the largest line Of Gigfifs in the city. —Little Joe is now-doing business in his own name at the old stand, having discharged his indebtedness t o Both- child, Baum & Stern, last Wednesday. He says he is prepared to sell clothing oheaper than any merchant tii town. —Work on the sea wall under, the new appropriation began to-day. Men are engaged In getting the, stone out of the quarry at Waterloo. This morning the engineers began setting the temp- lets preparatory to beginning the' work of construction. —There have been no new develope- ments in the case of Wm, A. Rose, who was drowned by jumping from the On- ondaga on Saturday, in addition to the report published exclusively in the T'IMKS on that day. .The body in all probability will never be recovered. —This merning Mrs. A. A. Campion fell into n cistern at her home oh Colt street. The top gave way and Mrs. Campion was precipitated to the bot- tom. The cistern contained about eighteen inches of water. Mrs, Campion fortunately escaped with only a slight Injury to oiie of her hands. —This morning E. J.) Broderick, the Seneca street hatter, sent by mail a hat to George E. Walker, Douglass, Alaska. Mr. Walker was formerly a resident of Geneva, having been em ployed at the Optical Works. He Is a brother of Mrs. Wm. McConnell and Mrs. 8. A. Daily. Mr. Walker evidently knows a good thing when he eees it, and he will see it when the hat arrives. CHEAP RATES TO SYRACUSE. . From August 26th to 3lst inclusive, the New York Central' will sell round trip tickets to the State Fair at Syra- cuse, Including coupon of admission to Fair grounds and transfer to and from grounds, for $3.20 good to return until Sept. 2nd inclusive. On Governor's day August 28th and Granger's day Aug. 30th round trip tickets limited to- day of sale will be sold for $1.70!nclud-' lug admission to grounds and transfer. For further information call on the New York Central agents or address E. J. Weeks, Buffalo. » • M • • RETURNED FJBOM CAMP. Thomas Steele, Bert McOrea Louis Stelgelmaier, Corydon Clark, Fred Breuer and Will Roblson returned this morning on the 10:41 boat from camp \Lake Breeze \at Glen Go wan where they have been enjoying a week's out- ing with Evans 9. Parker, director of the chapter of the junior Brotherhood of St. Andrew. The boys facetiously named their camp Lake Breeze because of the wind which prevailed during almost the entire week. A Hideboard is always an ornament as well as useful, and we are showing a new iue at prices that must make them sell., Call and see the late styles. J-r HILL & Co., 60 & 62 Castle St. LEAVING GENEVA. To-day or to-morrow W. H. Boyer will sever his connections with the Kirkwood hotel. Mr. Boyer haB been in Geneva five years, having been clerk at the Franklin House for three years and at the Kirkwood for two years. During that time be has made a host of friends in Geneva and has endeared hin> self to the traveling public to such an extent that he will be missed beyond expression. Of a genial, courteous dis- position he made every guest of the house feel perfectly at home. From Geneva he will go to hU home in Shel- drake where he will enjoy a brief vaca- tion. It is his Intention soon to visit his brother who is a leading merchant in Dayton, Ohio. Wherever Will's .lines may be cast it is the hope of his 'many friends that health and fortune iraay attend him. EXCURSION TO NIAGARA. The Geneva Commandery wlfl run an excursion to Niagara Falls on Septem- ber 10th. On this date the Grand Com- mandery of the state of New York is to meet there, and will appear In full uni- form. A grand parade Is to be siven. Half fare tickets are to be sold for the round trip. This will afford all an ex- cellent opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. ¥• JL GATES Glove and Hosiery Specialist. HIGHEST QUALITIES LOWEST PRICES 522 EXCHANGE ST SONG AND PRAISE SERVICES. The song and praise services in the M. E. church during the summer season have been a decided success. The musi- cal programme last evening crowded the church to the doors. This service in varied forms will be continued for some time yet. All advertisements under this liead ono cent per word each insertion. No notices taken lor tcsB Hum 16 cents, situations wanted free. PA 6 V MUST accompany adrertiso- \JAXI9MX mouts for this column. W ANT&D—By a competent girl, situation ut email family to do general housework. For particulars address K. St., thii office. -76 tf CHITRY'S BARGAIN HOUSE. Hickory Clothes Baskets, lurgo size, Hickory HUMIH-I Baskets and Hickory Picking Baskets, one- half bushel, handled, Only 25 Cents. A Full Line of HIM Hickory Harker Baskets, Satchel Baskets. strtd Preserving Kettles of all kinds and sizes. The Clyde Mason Fruit Jars, glass and porcelain tops. ,5 gallon Galvanized Oil Can, best quality, with 5 gallons best oil, Only $1.25. W ANTED — By a thoroughly competent dressmaker, a situation in some (suitable 8 .5?R' S r *•!,' and winter work. Address Miss \B.\ this office. 74-tf L OST-Somewhore between S.-ncca street and „, .Long Point a section of a wooden flute, Finder pleaso return to Armory. ward. 6. H. Wood. Suitablci re- 77* L OST:-A pocket book oontalninga$6 bill and „ house key, between Uoncseost. and the N. r. C. Depot on Lewis street, finder will get re- waWbylcaTineitattuoTiMKBOfflce. 7710.78 Democratic Caucus. The Democratic electors of the town of Ge- neva are rtqiiestett to meet lii caucus at the Mansion Home. Genet*, N, X;, August 29tb, I89S, at7:«) P. H„ to elect ten delegates to the Comity at Uananflagiua lioreafter to be culled, and to toanstctsuen other business as maypioperlybc- brouRbt bo fore said caucus' •• w.'P.o'juuxx,sr, y ?• J - & R & to \ toOK '2 IO WBComroltw. JOHN F. XooiiE, J , 78-80 SEE THE- Ouyer Hat, IT IS THE NOBBIEST OUT, AH the New Shapes for Fail and a New Lino of Neckwear Just Received at ^_E. J. BRODERiCK'S MEW STORE, NEW GOODS. ana t_OW PRICES Si LATE ARRIVALS . i * - Now designs in qui Glass Bon Hon htsli$« New Yoisk cut, large Bizc, JS.50, nony EOifii \ Vases, etc; Also a new line of Stono set Jtrtg* i trie largost ami flnestlUio nr Genera 18k Scan ', loss Wcdilitfg KiligsVts'liri'antcd, nt J. R AfVorth'si Opera House Block, Geneva. A full line of Silver' Jtudtitfi Blouse Sot9, , PeJt'',BuckIee, etc. One l*Pi«e Clothiers. MEIM'S S.UIITS, ail wool, $6.oo and upvward»J CHILD'S SUITS, sac. and'upw»n'»j AH New Goods Made Tnfe| Year, No Relies of the High Tariff. Fresh Bananas daily. Candies, reanuts and Every thing in the Confectionery line Give Us a Call. ANNA rtADAIO, 44 Seneca St. Geneva 41 Seneca St./op^J. W-Smith pG^j Geneva N. Y. ** .NrfV-** **-•*-*•* t TRY THE MEW City Meat Market] FOR ALL KINDS OF Fresh & Salt Heafe] Prices are WAY D0WH nndtB» duality of the Meat WAY UP. M. F. CONNOLLY, 358 exchange St, .-•tV . % 4 1 if,* 1* ( f l'ii> fffai^ri ** \ i'*£d2m deJmMtM A. hmi y fit K f •k*** » i <• 4 V *• -. ••^' : -.

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