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FSF£DTIMES« TIMES. Demands of tional Cooee&UMT--:' f. *VH' Big Battle For Wages Opened In Rochester. SEEIOUS STBIKB MAY ©|*M0:|. - -, .,.;.-u.i......-'. ••-'**& }•*» Unless tl>«> Employers -f^WJJfl ordi- the Weaiim'ds of Those.Stow, out, All other IJtfaujdUos ,fetr the Trade Will Bo. *,_ v <•\' Culled Upon. ,' /.• Rorm -i'Fit. Aug. 20.—O40 of Hjrgreafc jst lutmr *t niggles over waged befcweett Binplciyi-r unil employe 1« this citybpg&i| Patunluy \itfht When 1,^ meniberjs o| tho fiiitt-il Garment Workers' asUoc!a|idn of this city wont on strike;'. '0ii^ss''.the !„„,«,., fimrndo their demands ^toiti•%& night the finishers and'button, i 6ofo\8ia^'. ers, niiiiii'i-rluff 1,000, ore said^tObe :re'a$y to RO out and the difficulty: •<#}$ affect' xouu lainiri-rs. She .demands: fe'.SI'fefc luWS. .'•.-,- ; ;[ \. ; ',. i'- v >;^t 1 Tha' imne but union help'be* em ploynl in thu tailoring £|hops, ' .\ '\ •'\ 3 ih.it wagesshallbepaidjAt-iiie^d'of- enrh w,.-U, Friday to be the'end dip the wwk i'-r .Jewish help and .Saturday'for Chri-i Lin 1'i'lp- ... 1 a In I'riliT to secure the payment of jviig'\- t'.u h ci uitraotor shall futnish bonds in th.- -urn »f f50 for each maehfae run.- nine in rji.- \hup; said amount to- be Jfe jpinl. it ,1.- liquidation of damages foVan|j iiivm ii -i . on tract on the part of jthe eon-' trait..i- •••-.,_, 4 w.nr.-must not bo reduced-during; thrwinti-r i-K 5 K'j in.- hours shall constitute ; a mik r- <\ >,-k .> 4 \, o Tt.Mt '!»• \blackllst , \'beabolished 7 c i.tMutoi-sareto reinstate pij their., form, r • iiiplnycs. » N'.. -..Mime, piece or task Work, » '1 !••• >if,'ii-umont shallbe fojr one, year^; Thi—• irtioles were thoroughly;- dls- - cus»iil i'j Stllti « I mwit fli'ir -1.. and mi • to pat 1 > AIL'.• mass i.' Iivt H-.1 (rriiii\'- win- i'. Phlliul. lyn .imt tl«. wl&hfy^n\ 1 \ ln-r thoy wouli h.y fear that wfiotf tn% f opl3h' - thu union men will interfere , 11 a detail of police-was asked for* : '.u vicinity of the\ Shops. •in strikers were-busy holding' nii(?s, at which speeches wero,de- > l««nil labor agitators. Teb> ••Mining words of encouragement i\.-.l from Now York, Boston,' •m Hultimore, CJleveland, Brook : •.. rm-iiso Henry Belcher ()fNe^ Ynrk. -npi-i•mi« soorotary <tf this tlnitad Gin in. 11' \v • .ikcra of America, <oh>graphe}l : 113 (.;i A . ('iingratulaVe yeur efforts Ju»t 1 -i,. Victory.assured, fetters fol lllW ' .'. . • Th.- -rtnk. rs headquarters'^oro^orowdetl andtl,. -tnit» flllcd wlth^strjfe;ers. and aympii'li..-. i-.. who stood aroundlngtonps • Mu- Bituatlon. Thblrb Were no i ili«r fheshopspi-ospntod a nti.iMt to previous Sundays, the . I'IIIIR idly in tholtldoorways t.'i. strikers gathered about. 3 at- SOi-ll.-. 6trniiji. bllSM-n Will. In SL-iJUS FREIGHT 1, JECI&. 1 One M11, Killed ana *feJ olkels'liadly Injured. N V , Aug. S6.^rA'-bnd wrecll\ r 1'iiluHkl, on the Romo, Watpr- 1 iifii.ii-jluirg railroad,rosulting ih .>f Waiter SlHson.of. Yonkers • ii..iiM injury'of tfwb\ trahips,' Kiimvn. »v fi. jht train of 41 cars, Conductor\ (Mil otviin-. tfuvn . In th.-. ami il naiii.i Oniri- tfUSjn li-l •'t..r, bound from Notwopd^to Bridge, broke in t-wo pieoes while ..-..i,,,, „ t „ high rate of speed, ¥he break Whirl, u. the triii., The „ , • down a -t d\ln tin, bant 11,. 1, conslil. r, Th. :,.j brneiit!, , train i»-j qutrwl :- sun's h.>: arm« I, ; Several ,, him it « , man 1 , aliniit , traiu|i . his h,, . cnuM-ii oa» NEW ^ Who ni r Oskeil ii- it V.,,. ; Wil l .1,,' • StHi :. Won. : . 11 ml between two gondolas • -.indwichcd In jtho center of \I'wcarao togothetwhile going -•!• urudo, telescbpfiig bothgott- «injr 13 otho* cars down.\ an pin- uml tearing up tM track for a, : \ distance. , •• ' .mi tramps were jound pinned •nu-k • ._ •i\ not found until the; ^recking in to clear the tracks. Jft re- •urn to perform thlstask* SIs- 1 WHS badly anangiod) his back, ••\id shoulders being brofeon In \••••' Proin letters tound- on i-arned that ho wosivdianghts- \!<• ond had- been traniplug > «r Ho traveled alpftp, .tjhe v ''i-e Injured not ]cao#lng of •n tho train. The damlge ttic wreck is estimated afe$iS,- - Buitgiars at-Gorham. 60BaAitj N; Yr, Aug. ao.-~The store oi Chas,X. grozier, of thfe placo, was entered bybiirglwrs just atter midnight last night, 'atod'afep»te!85 worth of eutlery was taken. Entrance was-made by the rear way. No trace of the perpetrators has been discov- ered,-except the finding of a*knifenear Stanley. - sut?i»-l«',«he^¥^l^nK- - jii''-'' m • • No Mors Spanish Soldiers. MAOKID, Ang.Slf.~The Dia asserts that the goyernmenthas abandoned their toten- tioa to send 25,000 soldi&rs to&iba in Oct- Oler. The paper also says Gan- Martinez Canipos has declared that he will resign if the Spanish feovernmont insists upon, the appointment of a lieutenant general in Cuba. ' $pair> Disturbed. NEW TfoaK* Aug. M.—A despatob jo the Heyald from Berlin says,; The chanc,ejlory has received alarming news of the disttjrbad condition of Spain in consequence of the re- publican, agitation. DORANT MURDER TRIAi. «1T»rt to Tlwow tine Crime on rastor GIIIBOU Continued. _%m 3?R«i«pco r Aug, 29,-r-The trial of TheoJRjre Durant for the murdtir of Blanche Lamont -was resumed today. When Dui-ant's preliminary examinar tlo4 for tho Iiamont murder waa being held, Rev. J. Gibson, pastor .of Emanuel TjHSODOBE DFBAST, bosses, »n^they - |e|ns : eJcfe L ^haxeii^.«tas<aikwi by purant's counsel W iig^jajf, evep feeoii pastor ciT a cHtt*61i 'in .R^ainjr.ist^eeti* London, and \he said lie htuinoti. ,,. ''»:;.., • • ; , The defendant's counsel say thai<» RSv. i|oseph> &ibspHi >vhllp pa\sto#df'tbB ,: Ro i mlny street jchjirch, became^ inwl^ed' ir| n. scandal through attempted familiarity with tbedndies\ in his congrfigntion. He iscas conipejied to leave England'ttnot' camo fa Amojjea. Tho defendant's-'ootineel- in- f yi^ate that tho.two Q-ibsons.«?8 oxie and he.-sajne,. ' ' ' . Robert 3C<ynoh, Mr. Glbsonts- pHta*e seis- s rotar^'saidthat, Jesse and George Crlbsbn ,wer^ follow, students at Spurgeon^a - col- lege hi. liqndon and they formerly preached at tJojniiny. tynch declares Jesse has alwaysljornea good reputation. • Policeman Shot by a Tough. DAYTON, O., Aug. 26.-William Willard shot one policeman dangerously and near ly wjnged another: Willard, who was ,drunfeV.,-yTO«i beating his- mistress* 'whon I%ftht^i .patrolman Kohler appoar6d on ithg acenq. ...jpilard.shofc the • offloer r fcwico, one-,boll-.pawilhg,'through his rlghfr-sldo and the other cutting a furrow in the top of his skull, He was then pursued by Special Officer O'Brien) ahd flrcd at the policoman, cutting a button off Ms-'unC for)n. O^Brien, idw^ver, suecoeded in overtaking: him and plubbed MwintQ sub- mission. Policoman TlOhler is at the hos- pital nod his condition Is very serious. Two Unknown Men Drowned* — • WAI/EHAM, - Mass., Aug. g6W?wo un- known, well dressed men, oiie-apparently about 20 and the othor 35 years of ago, wore drowned in the Charles River near •Lily Point grave, about two ihilos from this; city. The men hired a canoe and .startod*o paddlo up the river. Somfe tinio afterward two hats and an emptj?; canoe were scon floating dawn stream-near tlly' fiolht grove. The police hastened to the Sclnlty in which the men! had been last \seen paddling and after grappling three hours found the bodies of both men. Drygoods Merchant Suicide*. KANSAS CITY* Aug. 86,-Etimry B. Roll, for. many years a leading drygoods mer- chant hero, cominltted suicide by shoot- ing. iPinaiiclal losseai led to the deed. Roll was SO yeareojd, and at one time was one of the wealthiest men In Kansas JClty Se leaves a wife and two children. \l-i Hays It Is Blackmail. •UK. Aug. S8.—George S, iRoidd, • 'i i>y tho steamer \Paris , when it tho Zdiiq, Nicolaus case, said • • iy 11 caseof blaofcniaU; thafc-fche - iivrdj ho had beon told, by just ••i- for years. Ho added that ho 11 the matter to the end.' Established on the Soil of United States. SPOBTOFTHESPWiiSlft BullT*ights Coiidueted lisl&b s •g&Yfb-.i 'V.I \, ?tTMAKB,Sq0IEIY IS AUbAflDQ^ how ttie Sport Goes Right Along. Boylnes Tortured In tu« Most Approved Sj>*n- , Ish Style, ,/ • * jf?i . n\^-» »1 |»^.;Edii,|l(i«f CBipfii^BEEK, Aug. S6.~The greatest lm#Jwl8| s ip|«i'' vW^.^^r Tom Two <J $M:„,.«^suioranow,HiSlierJ , «ii «h(» *«'. Iihwio • W. Paii> Weatlier. noli! W»vf the Fiesta at Gillette. It vras anncinnc^ Hiattheflght would-be held; to *pit^ of the threats andj-p/ltes^lons of -AM' -H* mane society,'and *»»»»•-thtf goveitfioriiaS' given his word not to interfere with tho sppsfc^f n o cruelty oc/cRrrod. j ', .. , .' It-jfas'-ndverttsecll'^tali lhe : iBghl'w*nlfi >0- MlK)|ii?*li|pr«ure '.thi;^; --';••..--;- ifcpv-?*:><- - V- • - Coiaff»v» M$?§jM$^^&$lm mxtm BM81S i|f, t «f!e»i.fteS Stationary Tem. UBnlofcSnow^ ., \f • « \'\\' \' i-Tom., '«m 1?:. fair Weather, Cold Wuve 1 Bains, Uglier Torn Rooms £<& P^erfldeirit Cleveland. BJ)^fe|&tii|&%,. SO.T-A. suite -of taamH^mm #p|la*at the Pomfret Inn ioMhefamuy^dF^resideBt Cleveland for PPP>f!#l» ^fe^^P 60 * 63 onSepteiu- possible that the goyeaior gave h'is totheflght, __ The flght, however, resulted in iH»e.-atQsF- horrible massa?]$ of-oqltle, pfHggkiifejjl: tho genuine %anisH s^lu^ n^«d^A^m-' from days nf barbarism,-and was theifl»sin of its kind to bo held on the soil ojt the United States. ^. r „ «* 4 ,, . In'the^flystboufcinthearenaftball* wa*' horsis were Badly Irijurod. TheHumane^ soelotjf at once callod^^upOn. the ,gove^npr;l; whqwnsinattendamxiatthes-KiestaiJ an% deniandeS «h«tjis^> th'ejlghj. Wt.m, der to stop thu flght was dfs,re^amled] and* the state inilitta, was called\ du,t, Before, the light eojdd b>?J^PP<W«4of*e*PS8ii was gutted and more horses injured, lATER,—Anotho> .bull was, killed to the arenaat GJllette;;inHthe,*,pies6noe s&6flfo peoplo am tho%bri #«s dbne.ln thelstrle, of Spain tod;afe*lco. TBoftr#tb»lltUrttBa, into the jtsentwae an.ojseeedlhglyiaixo anifflaly^ef al# tho*, torjto.WQ«itoin^- He refused, to Jgfit and thojniiltliraotot* cried tor a\new animal. Arjzpha jOhatlie appeared! tjb-fai e^ttt^iaisgu&ea' and headed the band of cowboys thatdrofethe. bull into the arena. ' ' \ 1 ~,Vi Thoinexfeftilmal jiHade a -fight f«r<hw life, butits battle was qujokljr ovqr. i ehi- retta, the king of the arena- jin aotlonly Meilcobttfto Spnfn^mac%^w0-.Rtai» &%. theonimai and oifen toft Mm praVswcally 3 ' dead, but the Mexicans wiifrthe rod <fioaktf tqasefl the creature and made him, dart at them. ••\••;• \• '\'*' { ^jgrt One of them came within an ace of Jt>«-; ing his life and there was great eicltemiiit,, tn consequence, especially among thjs MW, tie coterie to, which jhe.) individual be- longed. Not a few women fainted. J TRAIN RO&BfeRt* CAPTURED. Two More of the Gothenburg Bandit* Bun to Earth; OMAHA, AAig.*58.—A-speciallMmiltaBoiXj City, Steb., 4oys: .* ; v < <>J i- ' l '\ ; Two men* were captured ftomt five .miles east \of this place, who\ n*e supposed to have been Implicated in the robbery i>f the ••Union Pacific express,; near Gothenburg,' Wednesday mtfwitagf, The eanti|»e \rtAs aiade by H.-£. Crossley, Ullage*- fearsMlj • And ox-Deputy Sheriff William Russell. • - They were irailedt,'Trtth'\blopd)iotuid8k Tho uien were armed with three large re* yolyers a f d gftva .evprj5#pij9 ( »r^i6e oit be; ing- /deKperntet chntflwrSi .Mint twerfli, -brought to town and. soon after Depn^r Sherut ,3ltinter and- posse. aaivedl and' lp\entifted tho nioh -^s !pe?\onos wanted.1 The prlSoneni wore taken to'Brokon Bow.' Today thoy will start for Kearney for fn> ther Identiflcation. The men glvej*hehr ' names as Knudlson and- say they live in Dakota county, Nob j , J . -< ? They deny any knoWledge of the holdup. '• Dstrandor, the man captured Friday, is ta^lktyM&f^-a^^jt the Union, baciflo'bandits,-and a* conKssion is ex- plau%to-day. iein jfte case ojt Colby |nit th]q village of IWlteftiepnihiissJon- I'^ipaoii' of'the new Jhe arrival of the'do. irtntois the boilors are theJtrial of the new A Father and Child Dragged hy Trolley Car. #EA'JPHiiU SIGNALS. ' BIiA3TS, One U.jr Blunt tt 0 -^'-'- ? '-. t: 1»r«e 0*tSfctat| iw«- •'P?l#i INDICATE Fair ffMtlier - ll»i«. or S»»w rganize and Demand |||(%',;\rV'ageS. : \*o^jf -» - •.*#v^^*Si»<|| ilKARTIirfl 1 'Wf DBB f AST U8AGB, f^<&&&gKIS££J!Jt&\% •'• *' Betldent .flfoji,'ffS***t«-«9*y They-Were year mnd Tlndorhld by . Trandents, •* * «>^ NEW YORK) Aiur. 36^Tho World today The hop crop of 3hU state is in danger of ruin because Of-^e refusal of hop pickers to' Work for thtf priciM which thegrowers aro flMli^|o^^ha4hngrowers-exi»oot .to'- get their crops harvested on the ganwbasis as to wage* as last year, but the hop pick- . ers have.organized a union to enforce their ,dcinajuj»,. .and,.. If those/ demands aro not ^^^.^Ofl»,tiKdywlui-str|te;';f- : . The honest hop plckors In the counties of Madison and Oneida In this state claim ZtastyMi- they aasort that there was- a dis- posltlon.on tho part of the growers' .and thp''fa*mp pickers''to take advantage of %hq^'^ey-suppo^^^at'-|8e^'iwere to; ie^^fl|ibllft|a-d^^^--'b^i|v:i\It' w^s\-. natloMttat fee hasSeW givln^hBa, In many Instances, Were larger 'than-'usual. ytTien: settliing tjime came the/pldkera wero I »ia l ;lhstea^6t«l'a o>«ionly 30 cents a basket, ft wag a good worker who' 'could fill more %h&n two baskets per day. . The regular pickers objected strenuously to this now order of things, but tho \tramp •'pickers'. 1 cufctha-tatcsfandL toisdnimtostan. ces, it Is represented^ openiy robbed the honest pickers. •-•-.', . Just now th6*New York PontrtalRalk road company's dofccctlves aittd the'jtqlice tramps 'their opportunities to steal rides on the trattsboiind,no|th and West and despite the best efforts of the officials It Is almost impossible to drive them away* froniriho for a good tbno, *» r «. ' ,-, i — : \m$%M§&it$m poking m, good Hay and straw stacks to sloop in, and beer and elder abound. They lead an easy life iSt4 fewlveefeaftttTOb wh6n-~ ever the opportnnlty ; 4s -presented. The' poUoeed^ateKthittAt/tW&sthjS *Ast 10 Myl#cr^4tep¥hlv|^rf peotod from him. < .IIIIIB Works Destroyed. Dn::«.i ,.,v, ji j,, Aug. SO.—Tho large •rk««f B. F. Jtawle & Co. at wrc destroyed by fire. The \»\» The Ann employed be 11 'I 5()0 hands and but recently - us. m'R pack of tOraatoeswitb .,-. t.> flu. r cnnni- ('ri.i-ii losn 1 tWei-n IfRan I.IIIIII'i Siiri 1 dpsitr ,, fiu-t.,r. ttelM. , Taiiie Factory Burned. • ^ M.I R, ind., Aug. g6.—Eire has •1 t ..ni-oy, Bierly& Co.'a table 1 •-.fr.5,000. it was ih& : largest t iiiic factory in the world. •'•iio^- for,$he TIKBS. Wounded Htis Wtfei Killed Himself, t MAtpKN, Siafs., At'g. 2e.—Saniol J. Mo- Leod, a Molrosd carpenter, attempted to kill his divorced wife, Mary MoLeod, on Washiuijton street, Oahgrove, and aftor wards shot himself through the head, dy- ing instantly. Although tm woWan was badly Injured, it was thought that she would recover, ^frs. McLeod obtained a divorco from her husband two years and a half ago- Since then MoLeod has fre- quently asked hor to live with Mm, onco tliroatonijig her if she refused. . Advloea From «nlm. KftYWEsf,\ Aug 86.—passengers b y tho Iteanior Mascott froin Cuba report that it fs rumored in Havana that Sangullyand rAguerro, the American oittons who have -been confined in Mofa castle, bftd been rd- leased by the Spaniards d»4 Would sail for .'New York on the steamer YaJMurl. It is . officially announced in BTavaiift that Joan Alberto Gomez, Colombia Aotoniat|nd 50 othor Cubans, known to be, fympathizers ! wltb the ihsui-gents,' Wer6 deported to 'Spain'.. . , /\—.—-B.JU*' ' Indlaiu Adopt a *»****. ^ . . ABfixjOBB,. h '•£., Aug, SS!9/.ra)el4ga«ii; from the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations met in oonventlofl t&. Wiilpvi? 'Sprihgs in response to a popular call arid adopted resolufions strongly dedlaritag themselves tinaitorabiy opposeot to*t¥e allbfinedtof their lajnia n^Wppsdd-torthe Bawcs 00m- mfsslfttf. %hT&MMdn'8TOpl<>^ th>^leg- islature to pass laws maktag tt toipossiblo . to jswatc^uchi a change^ t&miffink that tbelr pMent-.«onditiorf s Is i *ilP fliSydeste), and that they did not want to chan|ieiha condition for ono of \misfortune pAttper- lem and persecution,\ whicb thq^believe would follow the now prd&r bf things. The currying out of the .d6|ir«i of tjhe Dawes commission, they sftyv W&i»ld>neaa an overthrow of their government'and^tlie obliteration of all government patents to tholrlands.^ ,. . .•.:;.;...... . Sea Serpent Captured at -XaMr MONTREAL,-Aug. 2«.—Montreal ;ha»»~ soawrpent. ., At least it-is very near, Mxmv trc*al. On Friday Samuel Meadovrs, «*-• tist, of tlds phico,Jsvith asparty of Wends, wiA: rowing on Back rtter abdut |i»jmiles from here, when the head of ft torge fl»n was seen, and whwitreappeawsdr^ was, nromntjy shot. By ncffawl'jnoaanremoiiti flwStfho widest^art.\ It has ashrooth skin and.'hiia yellow eyos of a natural «»% Jtist back of it's head is ft small ffim ••»»• made a good «wt Jbftd jvnen dead f»& Wft*,, brought here. It has boonplaeed ft» toirita* ot.ainmonia.af 285 St. Martin-street| • -r - - • ' , ..'• :• (,',.• ,. -' *. U !•• g^ntlemenj is : said, to, have already over 600 members. The Passengers Were Horri- fied at the Sight, *- • • OVBB PAVIMMT Both Under tha Wheels a Do? n Tlm«a-Ttio Child Unhurt, but the Father Sustained injur- ies From Which He May Die. CHICAGO, Aug. 2(1.—A hundred horrifi. d people saw Albert Golden tigbtly hugging bis two yoar old child in his arms, dragged half a filoek yesterday afternoon. The ours were crowded with; pleasure seekers, and Golden was obliged to stand. As the car shot around the curve at Cottage Grove Avenue the man was hurled from the plat- form. Ashe fell he graspod the footboard and Vainly tried to lift his ctild to tlw out- stretched hands of a dozen passengers. Bo rapidly was1- he dragged over the rough pavement that neither those who wore seen running toward hint nor those o »• the car were enable to take the child from biin. A dozen times it seemed «$s if both were under the wheylsbut by a- desperate effort the father each time'savod himself. At last the car ww stopped and thefttthai' and child wero carried to the side Walk. The child was unhurt. Golden had several ribs broken and sustained internal injuries which may prove fatal. >. . Double Century Ride. RopBMWW,- N. Y.. Aug. 26.—A double century ride was made yesterday by Harry MiEiMJnmanof the lako View Wheelmen. Bachman left Erie, Va,., in the morning, wheeled to a point five miles west *tnd reached Rochester through Fredonia, Buffa- lo.and Bt»tavia, Near Batavia he broke b ^ wheel hntiiecttred a new one. After reac^* lag Rochester he rode to Charlotte and re turn twice to complete the distance trav- ersed by him iSra*- 218 miles; time from start to finish 14 hours CO mitt tes; actual riding time 18 hours 56 minutes. He will receive a double gold bar as a rewar 1 from the t. V. Wheelmen. Convention closed. .ROUND LAK«,N.Y.,Aug. 2«,—^The con- vention of the Epwbrth league closed last night with an enthusiastic Consecration service. The delegates pnmberiug over five hundred left this morning for an excursion toSnrttaftd'and Kike Georg.'.and will re- turn to New York to-morrow. * '• -»/fi.-- . - ••'•;•;; • -•• Not a Dry Sunday. MANOHBMXBR, Ni H., Aug. ao.—In this city of 55,000 inhabitants, ahd the metrop- olis of a prohibition state there wero neoily .fifty arrests' yesterday for drunkenneiiH. This Is 'the largest numbet for one 24 hours In the history of the city. NpA^TbROtiGHl ^WtoiVUES. .Hew Torfc Saloon -Men Ql»e Vp the iGhort \a«iao?»e-tfet l i#ii. ' : N«wYoBKi Aug. Sftis^Iliiw** another dry««rid»y to New -^Srfcsa#r. A 1 toil* made through various sectloiflis 'of the city .\pointed^tb tho fact that only the sin aUest proportidn of thotJialopM; inadfeiiamy at- teiapli to cto'Busines8aW4MwW'shales in gome of thednubtful tplafie^iyelje' not al- ways an indication tlui^.th^traiao Was go- ing on within. . '.' . -C.-7'-;•\.'•' ' ; Tho police of the central offloe reoelved occasional reports from offloerj that it was • tho ( djrlcst Sunday over known lit' th©' Eifc' : toiyort^munlclpaliiyjy'rii*••• v*' '••% *- In «p!te^Mhrpiroiniiw»tnHh-rWIneand tiiquo* Dealew'- asso»natl(«t-ithaf * thoy would urge all momb^ ; c^itM|vBody fe olo«e: their saloons, laxed thofr ylgBani ed places. Anariajrol,^- tire were on the 5 obi lnririiforin 'all'' v Bn.poct- ,_„J»:|tfp»*s-«t- lookOntSfor yip. latlonS of tho law and niadom*i^S>oi»ibie (#^: It Mv» Client iWt|il4uor wa. be- ing dl8i>ensed. Such ovidenoo thopo'llc*^ 1 tsM ,f,ofthWt|wry diSflouitto coIIec%f*Jr flim saloonl licpdi»'wen? extraordinarily vigilant and suspicious of anyone who AH Death ot a Publisher'. BOSTON, Mass;, Aug, 20..—H. C. Houghton head of the: publishing honsoof Houghton, Mifflin & Co., died suddenly at his summer resiaence In north Andover yesterday of heart disease. He Was tSyears old. Va-kyHe III Afloat. New yoBK, 'Aug. 20,—The sluices weue opened and the water was let into the dry dock at Erie basin, Brooklyn, at 7:80 o'clock this morning. At 0 o'clock the English yacht Valkyrie lit was afloat. Her crew began getting ready for a sad outside, but • owing to the tide it was #:#\ o'clock before the Valkyrie could bo taken through the gate of the dry dock. Four men, two on either, side .of the dock, tuggeel guy} ropes fore and aft, and the graceitttcuttejrj showing her true trinvbe- gan -14 i&iiye sjpwly tpwartb the entrance of the dbcltt \Cap'tafk Cranlieldand Sycamore, with the full craw, were ondeoic. .., ;'' -What' the ifew Woman 'Bueaped. \A Woman's duty to bet earthly lord in thq,mlnd of hian In the fourteenth century Wa# hardly inferior to that she owed U epd. Indeed A t oiitno oommitted at the command of » husband was considered ox- cusablo. Tho Householder places the two dutiea together without invidious coiiipnr- NEW TOBK, Aug. 30.—A Sun special says: The manager of the Mississippi \convict farm announce that one year's experience with it has been thoroughly satisfactory, and it will turn into the state treasury $50,- 000 not over all expenses, this amount would have beea twice as large if the farm had been large enough to give employment to all the convicts, Mississippi abandoned the system of walk- ing out of convicts, so general h» thOj south last year, and purchased a farm of 10.000 acres, the convicts furnishing the labor. The experiment bos been a success in all res- pects. The convicts are better treated, the farm produces a handsome revenue, and there is no objection from the people, as the production of cotton 1>y convict labor does not affect free labor unfavorably in any way. Authority will be asked from the legislature for the purchase of another farm. l l -*IS| Cuban Pii busters. NHW YOUE, Aug, 2H.—The Herald sayst Another Cuban filibustering exhibition, it is reported, sailed from this port two weeks ago, under the command of Colonel Fran- cisco Sanchez, A rumor is also current in this city, in circles in sympathy with the revolutionists, that the expedition has land- ed on the shores of the island, i Colonel Sanchez expedition it is said, sailed from Brooklyn in a large ocean tug, which had on board a baud of recruits for Maceo, 200 rifles, 70,000 cartridges, some dy- namite and uniforms aud hospital stores. The money for the expedition was furnished by sympathisers. So Says Her- WBflj^ Year'Old^Ri^fc^ •v.* $@» Johnny Sticks. t«pc -Hj$. £^ft the W <m SINGULAE- ',« Mrs, Korn Onoe Before • Le'ffipor4t and was Con^ a . W$0ih-\, Jgl Found on the Lake $jjqS||^ , ^«'' as If Contemplating Suicide. '-V %,<i No Indians Killed by Cattlemen PORTLAND, Oregon, Aug. 80,—The report from Burns, that a courier had arrived from Diamond valley with the news of the hill- ing of 15 Bannock Indians by cattlemen, is not given much oredencee among those fainiliur with the condition of things in that sections. .No reliable news has been re- ceived hew from Diamond Valley of any O'sturbarice between Indians and settlers and thestoiy'is not believed.-'.- - '•' v 'Tragedy In a »»gnl»* •*-.. * .' . „ SIODX Cray, Jn., Aug, 199.—jUi a*'ptwe of illfamohcre ocourred what was probably a murder and euloldo. Max Nc*ok of Marlusj la., was found dead In a room with a bullet wound In hfs brain. By his side lay Hazel Hammond, an inmate of the' house, with a bullet wound in is,fsf hood. Hazel Hammond Is said to: have come from Central>.^lty,Neb. t wheinjJ»r parents live. jHoack?» i«f heiievod./ww trying to induco the woman to leave the life she was leading and: return to\ hor home, and that whed she rof used he shot her and then killed himself. The doctors, say the woman may Uvo. •' • .' f '<\\ ' Ifatal Hfoardini: Hon»e right, ,' ,,,,, MBNOMISBK, :Mfoh.i Aug; J»<-I-;FIJ» caught In a bed at a Miohtgftn arpnue boarding house kept by John Andorson, and his two boys, John and Matthew, aged 7 and 6 years, who were asleep, wore so badly burned that, both will,die, .The father was 90vorely burned in rescuing the children. The mother Jumped from o second story window with a tittle babe and fracturiid ono of her limbs. • Negro's Brutal Crime. WASHINGTON, Aug. 26.—A special from Colninbla, S. C, says: Charles Lloyd,, a noted negro desperado, shot two white boys, W. R. Welsh.nnd John Hough, both about 17 years old, near Halles gold mine, Lancaster county. Xiioy<! tooi? to the mountains, but a company of white men aro after him with tho-avowed' pur- pose of lynching him. -• N. BOCHKHTKR, . JM. X,, AUg, ».«,..T|(!J three weeks has passed Since JSrs^Mtd^ Korn went to Charlotte with' her sej|ifyr old boy Johnny, who camc. ? l)8^ : 4!|® days absence with- a 8io^th^fel||&0ij! waspHtln i»U at Oharip|te^^||||l« p his story, yesterday Ms. faiheit,'t^|i,8w toward ihecity jail.andsal[d f ! ^#c^MyPiJ going to take you to the 4B|J:jjind^k.^oi up if yon don't tell nie the• tjmth id^^Cy'dd mamma.\ The litfle fellow io^&^M^U iph his father's face and said withyiji^fn i eyesi \Papa I'm tellmg the',t»Tith|.%| The boy has been taken to, ^|^|l»|(e «ftjg with the police endeavoWd to l^^Qp;'\ where he says his mother- ^a^fm;\\ * by a man but is unable to tra?<>4| traversed after reaching thetMhflSSp: fcnts. The .theory-in»t th^Jigif^ii ! < nected with the ease is Btrengt|en6di-by 1 foHowing,pogtalwb^ch^a>;re|||ip^hy < ^ , Kprn^sppji after *'\ *\ '*\ .\Mrs end'6'fstr&t-cai' Moh • -''It-i8..ah»p'.-said that tih»»»e, ,o^3cJ||^*L, I&>rhlef't homeand ym iti^-'^^^pi and found near tho lake'look|njii?5isi>-^ ^water as though to junip ihw'\^^*!! when »h* w«» grabbed;fromi behihd>|^? ^en 1 soawibers. Her dress was: in. ^att^r)|if\''' \* ** had no shoes on, :;»Ms oneomedtobeini or whisky. JO and expresses himself with his nmuii moderation. In explanation of the plan of . his work bo writes, \Inasmuch as these two thing*—that I* to say, tho salvation of the soul and tha p«aoe with tbohusl>nnd— are the two things priboipally necessary, : *h^yarapla«5a?i»ere4ri|,^ '-* Prompt, uuilmlted obedloneo was of course the phtof virtue he enjoined. In all »a»fl«, in all plaoes and In all »oa80nsdo and accomplish without argument all of his commands whatovor, whether they are . made seriously or In jest, about something of; sinall lniportanoe or of gnat impor- , ; tanoe.—Ban Jranclsoo Chronlolc. - (IopklKH Iteleaied on Ball. jVlciiKEEPBiis, N. V.,. Aug. 20.—Will- ,1111. l&. Hop..lu.s, tho Matteawan asylum, :,.,-li-r, who is iictuhod of aiding Train Robin r Perry mid his pals to escape from that l.u'titutlun was released from: jail. Hi? m-ither furnished ball In 1500 fc/rhle ip r . :.;;mce before thu next grand jury. For, «t irfrcn tn Wew Jersey. '. CM'K MAT. Aug 2tf.—The forest flres 'i r.'i- broken out again near this place. Wangs of men from West Jersey and riouth Jorsey railroads have bfeen fighting she fires all day In tho neighborhood of Sosiieu. Some fiO acres of land havo been mmtd u..-y. . ' ; Foit brio Pool Rooms Close, Four lCniE. Out., Aug, 20.— The pool rooms of this town,, which havobeoJi do- ing a very l.u-jzu business during tho^iorse racing season, drawing their patrons-from. Buffalo, Toronto and other praces} sn» Impended operations nftep the running pf tho Futurity Saturday. The gambling/bus- iness has been carried on hero for some time in violation of law, in buildings which wore ostenslblya tolegra'ph ofBoe, a. banking house and a blsfclo agency—With- out bicyolts. Saturday the Colonial TeM- graph and Teluphouo company suspended business, the banking bouse Wont into the air and the bicycle agency is no moro. Thu susponsipn is Said to bo due to the'rO- < cut discovery of a Dominion law, passed Boiiio months ago, which jisovera the case and Which was threatened to bo sot In op- eration against the proprietors.;. •. (iiirary Hotel Engineer Arrested. ASTONiio, Colo., Attg, SO. — Elmer Loosener, engineer of the illfatcd, Gumry hotel at Denver, was arretted horoi He says that thu boiler explosion which killed 22 people was not due to any carelossness on his part. Ho claims that before leav- ing the hotel he banked the fire and made sum that the boiler Was'^wothlrds full of water. He left Denver, ho says, bocanse he feared personal vlolbnco.. 'J. . .,Tr<-, 1 fa |,a.4l,.|,.,«,- Choctaw Nation Kleetloa. HABTSHORN, I. % t Aug, «5.—Wilson has been elected treasurer; Dukes, auditor, and Jaoobson, secretary of the nation There are only five votes dlfforonco be- tween Vincent and Roebuck for attorney general. The council and legislature are •i mixed, . \ • •' i- • ••- JTall. Delivery **UjiJt»^ft^|t ^ ,, DKTHOIT, Aug* 2fi.--AvWhplos^i^|4eit*wi ry of about all the pfisoaei^^pnipjed*wp orio of tho wards of the jsojttlfe;.pll wa\ ' f^tfstratedrbyihe, muSt^^trnm 1 ^ <> the secrot sjphsme preiighc^hji^fthB^ oriers had hepod td »gaii|;S|6lrStt> Certain sMpiolohsMtlons among, the 1 oners led to an .tovpstigath>n-.|»^ \-fl$i Knnuss*., The rosutt'wai th&MW»TOhiil discover^ of a tonhell- -JO-, : «M.|So|I _„_ large enough to easily con|i|l4t,^a% ijais stooping position. „ The tnhn'ol le^^lfrom.. the cell occupied by Davi4\Wh?o%^ and; under the outer wall of tho jatti^ t . ; \* ' Bannock* Killed by Cattlemen. CMioAao, Aug.* 26; — A sp^eiJali -jfrdm Burns, Or., say#r AVcoMBie^e^^awoildU Valley, reports the^llihgiof IfcB^ojklpf by cattlemen nnder tKleadersftlfcpf! iByert Smith. Sinith'sreas6u%i*'i?ev,#fe 5 ldr m - murder of his father in i$7# l,dj DiamaBd Valloy, There h> great excitqjisiBnWtt ., town and through the country?=ii^Ppj|* is: in readiness to march on short ; nottco, andis awaiting orders frp,ni IWJptinfy** sheriff for authority to act. liidlajiis aro \reported as approaching the;Jo^#-f»!n¥ the south, hut are helleveel t^ J$:f^gne!\y Urowalng Accident Near ItoclieAter. ' B00H88TBB, Aug, :8S.—Haniilfons.- Bon nle, aged $L and^red Lypn f b.ptfc^f this * Wty, left Charlotte Saturday nighl* 'te'*?S small sailbpatfer Forest Iiawn,;-:a#_S^aS|BSS.'f| resort about nine miles east of, Chfiflfpe*?? 1 ! When half way there the rudder <^'(##hte!W thb ho'ati thKiwlng it Into a trbligh* of lhe> ' ; : sea,) causing it to capsljse,, Lyon clung to tha boat and after four hours drifted inta w Sea HreewJ. Bonnie, who was t£ good swimmer, started for the shore; but was drowned ' , Voir the Care of the Wounded. WASHINGTON,, A.ug. g6i — Commodore'^ i feryon, ohief of-the medical bureau of the-.« navy department, has prepared, and'Secre- ^ tary Herbert has approved an order^ niak> V.I ing regulations for the care of the wounded, \' Ih naval engagements; Tho n,ejv oi-der is to obviate the difficulty of transferring v wounded men from the deck to tho sur- geon's room. . Wlttthrop Found Not Guilty. SAN FIUNOISCO, Aug. S».—O, W Win- throp, superintendent of Laurel Hill so- ciety and an officer of the Order of Chosen Friends, has been acquitted ef tho murder of Mrs. Jennie Matthews. Wlnthrop was accused of poisoning Mrs Matthews id order to obtain control of 12,000 life in- surance. •. , . Australia'* Qold Supply. r v \ WARmNGTON, Aug. 20.—According to a report just received at the state depart- ment from Consul General Maretta at Melbourne, the mint there received. 63?.- Oil ounces of gold during the first *bx months of 1898, as against 510,288 ounce* for the same period last year Secretary Doe Goes Went, WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.—Assistant Sao* retary of \«Var Doe, npon the arrival ot Secretary Lamont, left for the West oh • Vacation. Mr. Doe has not fully woof- .J sredfrom his recent illness. i$r$ztn&s.*A. JF. ..„ iWfi'tt&O. £••'> •im *.i -J^-^H t •**.. «, • i »v^y>-,& •r €%..*

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