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aided with j Strain on I ie old w«y I •y.w^ 4 < * . rahvond smit&ood.vmfaift iff-plants wheia refjuttB''sfi» l sure, as. is the advertising gpaa of th« nnjjg Jo m the rat$Sn GENEVA D^ILY TI IVIES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1895. 4 OUGCK IBITION TWOOOT Mimii nun iniU, The Bod3T Who wa.§ Twist, at £*ort Jervis, Exhumed. Tin 1 Physicians .Make a Careful iCxaj^imatiotoL, of the .Alleged. . I3uHei; '.\Wound: W^WW-ynyWF BULLET'S COURSE CLEARLY TRACED, Doctors Barnes arid Scutt of Watkins Made a Thorough Examination of the Remains and S^m^i0}p^^Mmmf^K Bullet Wound^Tw\st% Upther Insisted that the Autopsy Be Helcj by Dr. Barnes in Order to Satisfy Herself as to the Manner of Her Son's Death. Seneca Falls Flagman Killed at His Post, The Whole of the Engine Passed Over His Body, INSTANT DEATH, While Signalling the Engineer He Stepped on the Track In Front of a Freight and Did No t Notice Its Approach Until Too Late. , tJW:WEATHER. indications for Western New York Special Dispatch to The Times. , 3SRW- YolftK,. August 1Q,-Fair, southerly wittdsj becanii^ v«riable. SOQAB BOUNTY HgARINGw This morning a t Watkins the body of L'lmil'- Twist, who was killed at Fort Jer- vi>, »a< pxhumed. Twist's mother wag not sati-iwl with the exi.minajjon made bya (JiMinii physician and insisted on a jnaore thnr\ii^ii autopsy. Mrs. Twist went t o Wat- km- y-ti'nliiy. This morning Coroner 0 . 11 H i i^ht took the train for Watkins to, b c priM-iit nt tlifttntoiisy. The body was taken iiliini I .i thorough autopsy was made by Urs .1 !•' I Same* and 1). VV. Pcyjtt. 'flip l«ii % -i. nuis observed the alleged bullet hole in In i-t s ipft breast. They turned the body \\HI .111,1 discovered a similar '• hoi. in tin- i'ii • Tim body was op-in-d and tho in us,-. .1 t:r alleged bullet distinctly trifed. Tin' v iri.-tii ai> WHS cut clean, and both '»• tin- . \|.n-sB tin mselves as willing to testify mi.lii ..iih that Twist was shot. The h\i|\ » i Imilly <!i> <.mpo>cJ, but Drs. .iii.i Scutt liai no difficulty Ifc in tin. in,; tin. roursj of the supposed bul- let ( ,.ri.HIT Wright was an interested V i-'t-'i ami is firmly convinced that Twist « us -ii. .t i.y lomphody. This later develop m.iit t.-n.is tn establish the story first told in in.- I'.irt .lewis Gazette. Perhaps th,s cir I'liiii-i.-in. .•< under which Twist lost his life will I.I•.-\plained b y somebody. Certainly tli.-imtiiMiitiis at the place of tho becurreueo nrc I. ..n itiy „f censure for not giving tho csu.\ a more thorough examination. BPE AKER CRISP IN LOWBUB. JfiCKSON'S SUCCESSOR. More or Less Speculation 0 i ; v . the Subject. Ukm POSSIBILITIES SUGGESTED. Olney, Carlisle, Smith, Wilson anil KiiJ'us I'eeltlmni an d a Host of Others Mo»itloned — Will Hardly lib a Recess Ap« poijitmeut. Think* i.tttlo Interest Is . Taken In Bi- metallism In England, l/.M.ns, Aug. 10.—Ex-SpoakorChoiles y crisp, who is no w i n London, was In- tern, u„| i n regard to th e chances of ft ninnw.iry conference being called. Ho Rni.l \I i-otild not discover i n my travelsin Etiiilanil that, any interest in hiumtaiilshl was taken umong the people. They otonot disi-uss it and do no t seem to bo edttcated Up to it. \Mr. AlrNeil.Booretary'of-thoBimetallio lfftmii', Infiirnis ino that tho membcJ*hh> of th.. leiignp Ls rapidly tocroafingf but, wlnii tii,.y consider rapid i n .England, « •iii.l b.- -low in the United States. ' ; , \ ' 1 lnive been invited t o mee t som^ o f tho l'-iuliiiK hi motalllsts and perhaps; tho)f will show ,,„. that the cause i s developing more than 1 havo reason to think i t 1B.\' Mr crisp waa asked if there wast oaf \ kPlil d that ho would bo the successorin we si Mm . ra e gQ^j. oi thQ | ota j-ustloo Him,-ii K. iTnokson, but-the ox-ripeaker B-fitsiii t„ discuss th e question. Ti - I'nited States ambassatlor. Hon . ih.mins v. Bayard, has vfed Mr. Crisp at the Vietorto hotel, where he is stripping, an\ he has also been dined b y Richard Croker. ' , •' \eirroes iteturn to SprlllB V»llcj> Mavor Hieka, with the oity conndlv .\led aho„ so dl . pu( . ic8 ottj . ^ fa ii jaiije, wim.iy aftor tm) a^^ajof tho-depntlej- rtti '\'' (i , mineis arrived,rrom SeatoiJ. «'\•• hiih UepTOontatlvoBucknerattlioii til c , h \ \\SW^-appoawdto-BC* a t tl« «••'•• friRhtenod a%d nof-ctaaflbstatie. Ri,i T' ro , , owewsda W vmmtifcolon& tr,',,., l' hlto minem,but thace-washe ^ \i'ii- No onoattemptod t o obstruct the {£\«'•>;\. The shaft is, ; g»ttrdefl,,bttt.e*wy- ] i» \,' s 8 ° ? - al,n; '**** Ptofetion^fflap T, ' v \\'• >» «>«<»« aftetafowdayf t nZF n\ m , 1 '^ ,ief is \\* * he *OgTO08 Will wii i.,iiy leave spring Valley wheiith f en,mi i, withdrawn, »ira o* m» lfi,)iirlt«. KRA.HKU. Pa., Au g. io.-Ji<jjomos Hart- y \ff. ^yi.ujB/hoidlc^hertjasa.i'esuit '\'\itrnrtwl under an einbanknieiitof •mi. ,.t the lulling iron works. Hecamo -f troni.JonosViUo, N. %, Ksoefttly. ' _ 0ne Street CftTAoSdent. Xrn r '''\.i n ™ih fell off an ©fectrie «*r \» •,--th,. tl,- q •' y^WdH-jr whil* «u w>«eto *h^ki H up. ifr. *nd rao*ir«d • wtvw !\ wrrtoia WAssntNOTON, Anff. 10.—There is ninch speculation as to President Cleveland's choice for the tT n i^ ( . ( i states supreme court bi-.iuh to succeed th e late Justice .Jackson, Ijut beyond the intuition of available names fliero is little of a definite nature thus far. It is the gonftral tuuldrstandinfr that no appointment will be made until after the meeting of congress, as the plane is ono of too much importance and_djgnlty for a recess appointee tii go on the bench and take the chances of subsequent rejection by the senate. There has been no caso in t^io recent history of »the country-where an appointment ha s been made to th e su- premo bench during a congressional recess. 1 It is suggested that the selection i s irfflst liltely t o bo made frqm tho Bast, and prob- ably from Now York, as Jir. Cleveland mmlo th e last appointment—that of Jus- tice White—from the South, after th e sen- ate had rejeoted the names of Hornblowor and Penkliam, both of Now York. When the gorkras illhess of Justice Jack- son wa s first announced last spriin?, gos- sip mentioned tho name of air. Bissoll, then In the cabinet, as the probable suc- cessor. The same suggestion is beard at th e present time. As is usual when an important place is to be filled, the name of Secretary Carlisle i s mentioned, bu t tho general opinion is fhat should Mr. Cleveland go to his cabi- net for an appointco, he Is more likely to consider Mr. .Wilson or Mr. Smith. The name of Representative Josiah Pat- terson of Tennessee will probably be called to the attention of the president, as ho coinosfrom tho stato of tho late justice and is known as a most loyal friend of Mr. Cleveland. Don Dickinson and Solicitor. Gonoral Holmes Conrad ar e also mentioned. There are persons, however, whose rela- tions with the president are of tho closest character, who believe tha t Mr. Cleve- land's first choice would be Mr. Olney, the secretory of state. It is known that ho places implicit confidence i n tho sotjnd- ness of Mr. Olney's opinion on all imppt - ant legal questions which oomo before Win. ami that he fully appreciates the ' great assistance Mr . Olney has rendered liim in the disposition of th e great ques- tions that havo arisen during tho last two yeaw. . Wliother Mr. Cinoy's residence in Mas- sachusetts-will render him unavailable is not known, but It is the opinion of many well informed persons here but for this objection Mr. Olney w6uld surely bethn ihaii. K«art t o him Raftis Pcokliainis-thought ^nianytobethe most likely to. i-oecive ibie nomination. • The question of confirmation wonld hot fte raised, it is said, as it wa s in the cases •WWheeler H,PeciKham and Hproblower. •tji^, ' ;•' _,. ,.,- - ', > • <y/ Jiolgc Kerrjefc Also Mentionwt ' AXBAin', Aug. 10 s --Judgo,D. Ootly He^ lick of the supreme coui't of this district, a . Issidont of Albany and a very close-por- ' sdnal friend of president Clbveland, is Ibeirig talked of her© as Judge Jackson's • Wocessor: tt<\ mo«j than an y other man, was responsible fo r the noininaQon of GFrovcr Cleveland at Chicago i n 18!)3, and : his friends here believo that thftpresldent will favor Mm. He is a brilHamV jurist and well known to the bar o f tho state; .rustlon Jfsriksoti'ii p«»«*»l.-•\. ... • NASHVILLE, Aug- JtO.«The hour' for the ftaeratof Justice^ Jackson ha s |«6n ffised at mm o'clock Monday morning. • It w/w a* fl«t Intended to have the funeral htm tor, but 4elay »a» determined ttj»n •* oac^ttto give Chief JIMUO* Follerand tike SMNBCA FAJAS, Aug, 10,-Owen Nugent was killed yesterday morning at 10 :}0 o'ckicig, while in the performance of his duties t^' flagman on the New York Central railroad: crofting on State street, i n this village. A local freight train wa s standing on the middle track, in two sections, awaiting the arrival of the through freight from, the east. About the time that the west bound train appeared around the Cayuga street curve a woman started to walk along the main, track toward Mynderse street in a Ivance of the through freight. Mr. Nugent, while ignaling the enginoer of the latter train, stepped on the track on which the front ssection of the lo.cal freight was- bafekink rapjdly. He was knocked down ahdl dj&gfeld some feet, and then the wheals passb'd-ovef him, crushing tho lower part of bis; body and breaking his legs. He was killed almost instantly. The body wa s a t once picked up by the horrified specta- tors of the accident and taken\ into the freight house. Drs. Crosby and Covert, who happened to be near the scene of the nccident, quickly found that he was beyond human aid. Coroner Seaman was soon sutnnionded and after hearing the ac- count given by the witnesses of the accident decided that an inquest was unnecessary. Those who was very near Mr. Nugent, be- fore ho was struck, says that his attention was drawn toward the woman on the main track, ho evidently fearing that she had not- heard the approaching train. Between his anxiety on her ac ^onnt and tbo noise of the through train he-failed to hear th e front section coining on tho track on which he stood. The truck.of Hie car that struck him was derailed by th e impact. Nugent was about 49 years of age and for many years post resided on Johnson street in this village. He was known as a kind liusunnd and father and a most provident and industrious man. Ho leaves a wife and tbrre children, Jennie, Henry and Annie Nugent, the youngest being about 15 years of aye Deceased was a member of the C. M. II. A. in which association he held a life insurance policy of $-.3,000. Tie funeral will lie IH'M at St. Patrick's Church Sunday. tTmikins Was In the ?*S.we»e Box.\ MONTUEAL, Aug. 10.—Jenkins, the arson conspirator, who turned queen's evidence has sworn that ho was induced to confess by stork\! on the part of th o detectives to the effect that hi s immediate associate, Barnes, had already confessed.' Ifealso ewore that he had been plied with..dlink and cigars. j ^.. 11 ... ,i ;• 11 ^4^u*'l ,y? i - Uu t New Electric Kailwoy. ALIIANY, Aug. 10.—The certificate of in- corporation of the Fortchester, Eye, Hnrrl- •son and White Plains Electrio Bailway company wa s filed with th e secretary of state to ru n an electric street railway in tho towns' named in the title. Tho capital i s $150,000. Dearth Cut .Short His Sentence. ACBUKN, N. Y., Aug. 10.—Josoph John- son, a negro convict sentenced to serve a term of six years for robbery in New York city, has died in the hospital of chronic pleuritis with effusion. Ho had . served about three yours of his sentence. lenator Caffrey's Argument Favoring th * \\ \BtfM^fcy' l»w. • WASBEfO?6N» Aug. .JO.—Senator Caffory tc^feth§f),oojfe»wlicj(i Ijiosugiiv bounty hear- ing wa^ttSsumW'*te began by eliciting from Mi'. Bowler»brief statement of hi i position, which tliat gentleman said was based p%(i}pajly o n the boiiof that the laYCwas nihoo«|tltut|onal, Mfe CaSoryliien lldd down tho follow- ing propositions as, containing In brief tho points that ho ^ouht attempt to make. First^-Tjittt.' the Jiidiolary power lodges by e^^|rp»stlfevit|onal grant i n tho ju- digljildopi)|6iti6ntJtoatha)li aikmo. Seooh&VIf t>ny judioial function lodges to any other dopartoent it must bo by ojc- press constitixtional grant and if it lodges in the exeoutivo department at all, it must be i n it s ohief alono and not i n his su.bo.r- dinatea. Third--Concodlng.for argument's sake that-the bounty lawls) not constitutional, It i s no t so clearly so,, as t o warrant the in- Jerpretation 4hAt i t is unconstitutional -even front« court,.niuoh less from a min- tisterioJi officer. I t i s no t prima facie un- scodstitutionfd, Fourth—IVon' oOnceiling the unconsti- tutionality of tha law, tho power llos U» congress to 'appropriate money, especially Whore i t is appropriated for the purpose oi wpajringawrong or injury inflicted by opngress itself. 116 then proceeded to elaborate theso points in a n argmneht devoted almost ex- clusively to the constitutionality of th« bouuQfJaw. JSowey A«»wo|ii th e Chortres. ALBAW, Aug. 10.—In tho inquiry into the charges made against Su^retary Dewey - of the stateOward of-regents b/ tho Abell jpsemblb^mmittoe j Secretary Dewey ex- Wited sc^sxtonsive. a knowledge of the minutest, details of a, system of great mag- nitude tjBp tho'CO^inyttee was completely noiiplttssodl iMr^De'ivey disposed of sev- eral cjliargcl that hp,te been made in a mannerthatcauibd.Ihe committee some amusonacnt, EefoBrlng to the criticism that sihde,his incumbency salaries in his department had'beonpeereased 5Q per cent, he-admitted its trnthaut declared the sal- aries were still 10 poiicent greater than those paid for an e^u M amount of Jabot by business houses, m'has 'been charged^' too, that most o f tho Minting was dono by a corporation, o f Vfiich Mr. Dewoy Is president. The soo«fcry said h e was ready to swear |pVo '..corporation re- feiTcd to, the DibrawMureau, did less than one-half of 1 per cenMof tho department printing'. . -,, g t-roteetion' i^liamerlenns WASHINOTOK, Aug**.—In response to telegrams from the Siuthern Methodist and^Rresbyterian ajislbnar y sooiety ofllw cials a t Nashyitie Asking the stato depart moht to protect American missions In China, Acting Secretary Adeo telegraphed that United States Minister Denby had al- ready talseh the most Rigorous meiwuros to secure their safety, and -that renewed Instructions had already been cabled to the minister. A Horrifed Crowd Witnessed the Act. RAINES THE WINNER He Gets the Geneva and Seneca Delegates. M OPPOSITION IN GENEVA Seven Delegates to the Delegate Convention and Five From Town o f Seneca-All One Way. BUSINESS IS BOOMING. In Iron and Steel Industries at Least. OTHEE LINES RATHEB STAGlf ANT. Jugular Vein was Cut and He Dies Instantly. Were Stuplfed with Horror and Al - low the Murderer's Companion to Esoape-A Bo V o f Seven- teen Tells His Story— Probably Tramps- CHICAGO, Ang. 10.—A north bound Illinois Central suburban train from Harvey ran into an open switch a t 117th street yesterday derailing several of the coaches. A large number of the passengers ulighto i while tho cars were being placed o n the tracks. While watching the operations of the traimnon tho passengers noticed four men walking slowly down the tracks from the direction of Kensinutpn.^JVhen opposite the passen- gers they save one of the men draw a long knife and deliberately plunge the blade into his companions neck, The blow severed the jugular vein »nd the man sank' to the ground and died without speaking. The spectators were so stupefied with horror that the mur- derer and one of bis companions escaped The other, a boy of 17, was caught, but pro- fessed to have met the men only & fow hours before. They had theappearauce of tramps. MANY WERE HURT. The Usual Mhisuminor Diilness Continues, But Mot to Such an Kxtoiit as I<a»t Year—Crop Imports T'tlvor- ,,, able—Labor Troubles Disappearing. Tho republican towij caucus for Geneva was held a t the JranWhi Hptise at' 3 o'clock this afternoon to elect delegates hvthe dele- gate convention in Cauandaigua next Tues- day. M- F. Blaine wa s chairman, Pi; H. D. Weybtirn secretary, and fe. H. Fleming and O. B. Oulle tellers, The polls were open thirty-*Ive minutes, during which 178 votes were cost for the following list of delegates, who favor the ro-nominatibtt-of Hon. John Raines for state senator: Waiter A. Clark, S. D. Willafd, Clinton 9. Dixohj W . O. Biinn, Robert Billsboro, % P. Blaine, J. M. Smelsttsr, There was n o opting ticket. A report from Heneea shows that the dele- gation from that town, composed of five members, favorable to Mr. Haines, was elected. The town of Richmond Uns elected 4 dele- gates for Raines; Naples .'>; Manchester 6i iFarmington -ti. So far everything is for Raines. fippciRlto*BKTlMBf». CAKANI>AIOUA, Aug . W, Sr'ffl p. m.-r- The republican caucus was called to order at 2 o'clock this afternoon arid organized, Tbo polls will be open till <>:S0 o'clock. «Jl*at excitement prijvoik The vote is now running about 4 to 1 in favor'of'Rhine*. SniciiitoUwTlWBK PWW.PS, Aug-10, 4:10 p- m-t-The repub^ NEW YOIIK, Aug. lOAE. &. Dun&Co.'s flrcekly review of trade says i Business continues unusually active for midsummer, and though there is percept- ible relaxation, there are. no signs of reac- tion. • • r 4 * ; ' ,- The only change of great importance which tho past week has brought i s emi- nently helpful—tho amicable settlement between coal minors an d cmployfirs in Western Pennsylvania, OhioUmdlndittho. It is said that about 100,000 men will have their wages increased;-«$erOct>4J)Xthis; adjustment, and while the .eniafgoinont of t purchasing power Is pf ;Coqs 4 Dq,upnco,. It J seems even more important that a elironlo ! cause of controversy has been wuipyedby the ne w agreement as to company stores, There is no important change in crop prospects, and at <Ws tinfe fto hows is emi- nently good news. •*,. \ •; Speculation has beea more sttcdessf n l to cotton tha n in any. othot; product during th e past week, antfliaslifte^'tho;price an eighth. Some injury bOB»s$de»try b^on sustained from oxcesslye ratn'Sj\ and tho government report commands allttle mbro attention.'\ AVhettt'bas deii|a# a fraction with very scanty .tran^jbipns, the ©X* trembly small western receipts Influencing tho market for the pjcsonfe'nTiO]* >tftan tho restricted exports Corn- #ind s 1$' lowo): prices with morc^ cn^ul^ih^plospects, and the expectation, of atioiivy, cfem crop affects prices of provisions, as might b e ex- weefeedf ' *^ ', f '•; Thetodustricscoiitintto to malce prog- reBB, and higher prices fbp it^t.Bnd steel products prove that the supply has not yet outrim th e demand ^^W6^iion*i« a shade weaken,but-.gwsy foi-ge has ad> ^vanctMl-al«mm|Mfe»ft: ; |Ittl8ne& $M- ncts'.are:TOMp.ftB^JPB^%ttb-fwifthe*ad^ -vancoiii-^|'b<)iin]i*mM%«* ^ *»«!$* Umm^ihmMpm<m:.m, Via. has Tho anintiielte coat WkMt fa oomlilete 1 iy demorayzed «nd, priiafe3ia.ye\ again yleidM a Httlo tb &Bou1.'flSfl lowest eve* known. ' .'.,„, J , J Sales «Jf wool afts not -mmmi inflatod by speculation as they wc*s oturih^ |hio first half of July, biit they'sBl considet-, 6ftly oilcecid thtfttctWal 'WnBtesptiOn in tho' maaufflctdi*; anrotoithlg a * tne tteoe'* oblef ma*fetsto4,!^8(W-p<nWd8jrOgaitw* 0,3?i,700 poundB fo r the »M*eSpondlng vevekbximf, .-JE^^.^»8q&to«.. Soitte^t»pMe6ttotfp^^<ifve again ad- vanced to prf<» and th e marketis unutsual- l y strong for the season. Failuree for tho wook Wore 2S5 I n tbo United Sto«oi, »«Wni*aM la«t year and 48 to Oi»n«d» itgiimB* H**«*?. Elcotrle Cars Collided I n the Snburbs of Indiaiiaiiolls. INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 10.— Two heavy loaded electric trains on tho Broad Ripple Suburban streetcar lino collided at Illinois andlVohty-stxth, streets and a t least a dozen were more or less injured. Th e ac- cident was caused,by amotorman's failure to throw a switch. One train was loaded With people coming from an Old Settlors' picnic a t Broad BIpplo. The following wore Injured: Mrs. Martin, log broken and badly bruised. Susan Dennis, badly bruisod about tho lower limbs. Martha Sweeny, both legs brokon. Maggie Rico, head and face badly bat- tered and bruised. Edith Christ, lower limbs bruised and other injuries. Ii. H. Smith, badly bruised about the limbs. Mary Bly, badly bruised about the lowor limbs, Sarah Lonaban, bruised about the lowor limbs. L. B. Brown* lower limbs hurt. Besides theso there were at least a dozen others who wero slightly Injured. Protest From Americans. SHANGHAI, Aug . 10.-The Americans here nave sent a cable dlspatoh to Presi- dent Cleveland protesting against United States Mlnl8toi Donby's action in consent- ing that the British consul should repre- sent America in tho Szo Chuon inquiry. Thoy recommend a reconstruction of the commission by sending an Amorican ofli- cial of adequate rank and the oxclusion of implicated Chintsse officials. Thoy also rocdihmend that a marino escort •accom- pany the commission. « Another Body Recovered. NEW YORK, Aug, 10,—Ono of tho work- men of-the gang employed In removing the wreckage of tho West Broadway col- lapsed building uncovered a bent kneo. A section of tho-gang was at once sent to tho spot by Contractor Gallagher. Tho body was hold down b y heavy Iron girders. From papers that were found In the pock- ets of the clothing tho body was Identified as that of Augustus Phillips. Ho%as the driver for Parker Brothers, tho contrac- tors.\ ^ —____. Notice to Bond Purchasers. Iftaw YofcK, Aug. 10.—The Morning Ad- *ertlser today says that notices have been sent out by the Morgan-Belmont syndicate to those who had partloipatcd.in the gov- ernmoht bond issue, that they would re- fund in currency another instidlment, mnountlng to S4.440 per cont, or 134,401.00 •on every IIO&.OOO gold advanced for liand- Iing that portion of tho loss distributed in this country. BIlIKohnli-cs to Stave * Country Club, BofiiJ'ii ®BBBf, N> Y-, Aug. 10. — A syn- dicate wmposed of wealthy Now Yorkers, including Cornelius Vandorbiit, J. Picr- gdnt;Morgftn, Gehdrat Samuel Thomas, \Wflliam ami John D; Rockefeller, Chaun- ooy M. Depew, J. ff; McComb and B. Archibald, hayopurcjiasfid about 230 acres oflahSat this place and ihtondi to orect a country club, casino and hotel. TWo Voung Men Drowned. BBOOKLYK, Aug. 10.—ttugh McKnight, wlthhlsson Georgo, 2f years; old r - and a nephew, Charles H. MoKnight, went to Broad channel, a t tho head of Jamaica b>yi for M» aftornooh's fishing. Tho two young men decided to go i n swimming. Uhey weto oorriod away by th o tide an d drnwncdi MURDERED THEIR CAPTAIN, Then tho Seamen Stole a .Ship Only to Uti CremiUiid on Hoard. PHrxADRi.pinA, Aug. lO.-Cnpt, Sproulo Of the British steiunship Capao, who land- ed the survivors of the Prince Oscar dis- aster, had another startling Btory t o toll to- day. I t concerned the alleged murder of Captain Petqr Stogor of the American bark Edward Kidder. Tho Kidder put in at Topmast, a small port o n the western coast of Peru, on th o night of Juno SB. A party, inoluding Captain Stoger awd four seamen whoso namos aro no t known, loft on July 1 for Lake Royes' to hunt seals. Threooftho men bolongod to tho Amorloan bark W, W. Crapo, After'an absonce of three days tho men who ha d accompanied the skipper rotm-ncd wlth- «ut hUn and professed ignuranco of hi s whoroabouts. This did not satisfy the missing cap- tain s orew and a searching party was or- ganized. After muoh difficulty they dis- covered Stoger's mutilated body in a clump of brushwood. It wa s apparent that h e had boon mur- dered and a hasty return was made to cap- ture tho guilty men. .Thoy wore too lata, for upon their re- turn i t was learned that the four men had soizod tho Crapo tho night before and nut to sea. Tho master of tho Crapo was obliged to embark on another vossol for a more ex- treme southern port, an d when near Hlo Janeiro tho ohiu-red hull of tho Crapo was discovered In tho ocoan, tho murdroer* having probably perished on board. A Mad Dog Creates a Panic- CHICAGO, Aug. 10.—A panic was created on Welliugton street yesterday by a mad dog which ran through tho crowded street snapping right and left. Before the animal was killed it had severely bitten Jacob Smith, Mrs. Annie Bates and Mrs. Prank Korz. BALD KING ONCE MORE Captures the Competition Rec- ord For a Mile. New Complications, in forcing the Law. En- INTERPRETATIOI Saloon Doors May be Open All the Time MUST NOT SELL AN A00IDENT TO THE DEFENDER. Tho Crack Yacht Runs Aground, But b Floated Without Berlotix Injury, Komilt of tho Bust-ball Games—Grand Clr- cult Races. CHICAGO, Aug. lo.—The feat of riding a Ullo in competition i n 1:58 1-6, accom^ pllshed by K. C. Bald, thu class B louder, was tho particular event of the national circuit cycle racos. Tho starters In tho mil© open race for, class B.wore Torn Cooper of Detroit, Bald. , . - ^ of Buffalo, C. h. Coulter of Mansfield\ \ vantu 8T 6 «*. «''» amkeou their pine*. 0| Charley Murpliy of Brooklyn, L. C. Jdrfn son and A . I. Brown of Cleveland, 'ami A. D. Kennedy of Chicago. . Whon the start was nrnde Bald made a rush and hitched on first at the roar of tho triplet that wa s t o do'tho pacemaking'; On tho triplet wore Glthons, Peoms and Levy and thoy ground out a warm paoo. from tho start. Murphy, Cooper and Brown followed Bald In order, but tho others wore killed off almost from tho start. Pretty soon Brown gave It up, too, and before th e last lap'was fully under way Buld was hang- ing' tight t o the triplet and was leaving his competitors behind. Going down . the stretch h e went past the pacemakers and finished the race alono. He clipped 1-5 seconds off Johnson's \Waltlmm tlmo and it wa s clear that h«f could havo made it a second had tho pacev makers led along. . Gus Steele, the loenl flyer, rodo a mile paced against time in 1:65, and could have dono bottor, hud tho pacing bepnswjfter,, About 8,000 pooplo saw the races, ;ahd asldofrom Bald's brilliant performance, tho program was Somowhat dull. The Baseball Games. Tho games of tho Eastern and National leagues yesterday resulted as follows: .At \Wilkes-Barre— n. a. B. Wilkes-Barro. 00401800 2-18 23 I s Buffalo 0 0000OO2 0—8 5 2 Batteries—Ooalfley and DiggteS; Fournior and Dowse. , At Seranton— ' a. tt. m Somntoh 0 2 10 10 0 0 0—400 Toronto., 8 0 10 18 0 0 *— 8 tS.'^l,, fiattorles — Luby, Meauoy -and Schriver; Brenuouiur and Lake. At Providence— it. H. B. Providence,... 8 0 2 0 0 10 9 0—12 li 2 . Rochester.;... 0 0 0020080— 8 U i Batteries—Rudderhom and MoA'uley; Koe- naaandWbite.- 4t'BpringflflW- , B.H.8.. Sprhigilefd.... 0I800010 d- U 18 2 Byraousii 0000100-00—172 Butteries—Grubor and Gunson; Gonion and Hess. NATIONAt, tHAOOTS. At Boston— \ ' S, H„E, Boston 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2— i 12 1 Washuigbn.. OOOOOI 1 0 1-308 Batteries—Nichols and Gaiizel; Mercer and McGuiro. At Pittsburg— * It n. th Pittsburg. 0 0 0 10 0 6 0 0-184, Xoulavillo 0 0 0 8 1 4-0 0 0-4 11 1 Batteries—Hawley and Sugden; Woyhins »Ud Warner; • , _ At Brooklyn— . . ,.a,B.B. Brooldyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10—171 Philadelphia.. 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0- -1 4 '0 Batteries — Abbey and Grim! - Sniith and Grady. .- _ , ^/-5^|J ' At Baltimorc-r- , -.« ; • i' VBt H. K, The Acting Chief Thinks That New York Saloon Keepers Would See No Object tn Kaepjl« Their Places Open To- Wlorrow * < NKW YO«K Aug 10—The police will havo something intuel y now t o deal w th« *J tomorrow afternoon In the onfoicem< t l' the excise law which Is likely t o lend t< 1 plications. Tho faot that saloon doors 1 * 1 not be closed at all a t «n> tinwjduritfc th»\\! 34 hours, week days or Sundays^ w«' ni 11 | generally known unini.MagfstiateBui 1 an ».* uounced it in the Jeiferson Markot court on* day this week in the case of Jamoa/\WJc» Id v* riofca saloon .keeper, at thq corner cf th \ Ave. and 3d street who- had been, ar it e I ^\ for keeping his place open af tor hour *j*l ' Magistrate Duell said thore wan n* Jaw to >•> closo aaloou doors. Actoi ding-Ohtof C 1 lin>*3 was seen about the mutter to day and -Aid *j their was noting in the excise ta,w whl b * , compelled a saloon keopor to closo nls, Imi *S \ A saloon keeper can keep his doors 11 Je|£-4 oi en from one end of the year to ,the tli*iv5j if ho wants to, \ said Mr Conlfn, bt t he/j must not sell, give away oi expose inn It r«*. spirituous liquors aftefhoms Hecnn ^<«))}i his doors open all night and all day 1 Bui Uy** if he choose, and have as many people in% bis place as he wants to, s o long a s h e \ >\** not soil, giveaway or expose beerattifllqiiogi and the police have no license to mbl»li him i , Imder the old excigJI in w »* w «s reo 1 »d , that saloons should be closed from t oe to live a. m. week days and fiom midu^ht, Saturday until Sio'cloQk Monday jm^2g|j but there is nothing in tho present oxcJpi M-Hfek' prevents a man keeping 1 nlji dow open all the time but he must not sell, gtv' away or expose during prohibited hottay, J3 The acting chioi was nsked whctherl; thought tho saloon keepew -Woiild-tukwi to-night. ;j$,.tbjn-k.n,p.f h e replied '<l s don't „. , wbut.good i t would dOthentt tWy ca\^ sell anyth/ng and riiore wouldhi)rioobjr 5 in keeping thotf jiace dpon ««• '• Terrible Damage by LlahtnlnB*| .'SfuvADo, Mo., -Augaio -eJMgbtnrosr st the four story lniU.of 0iave» and An>l yesterday damaging i t badlyj and felfu five men who were at work ok 1ih0 JoW floor. James Perry and Thomas JAek wore fatally injured, arid the olhec* ihi; were seriously hurt. Sovoraljothor persrth on the same floor were stunned '^ 102 years o f A«e, CBiBFjELnj. M»i. Au^. 10 Phmtei' Croql ett died on Sikes island je«teuiay He ' Iteyears bid, and his \wife js % He*' never sick a day and never ' took t ihedlcif Hew.aa the father of 14 children, five O^ whqni survive him. New York Markets Brisk.. NEW YP8,K, Aug. lot (10 10 a. m}—Ih was a brisk den'iand for all the Reading sues'attneopeuing of the stock exchap •this mofningfao'd^pric'es advanced %»to - per ncent- Monhatisin however, was ensioi on roali«ation anr|rau oif fromil 9 Wf W8>i .. :- Jooi< S^li To-t|ay NEW Yonks 4ug. lb. The steamer Tr*t^ of the North Gei'mnn Lloyd lino sailed thK moi'hlng for Southampton and Bremen OB schedule time* not having been delayed by the fire in the cargo i n boi hold last evenfrkej whicli was promptly 03?tingUJshed # H f $30,000 Org^n Works Fire, HAOEBBTOWN. Md., 4-ng 10.,—M P . M6| Ier's organ works were burned this morn in •Loss 330,000; insurance slight Fifty ployes lost their' tools. > n * ! 0 4 3 0 0 0 0 1- 8 18 9 4 0 J 0-1B12,1 mhig. r ~ ' \ Hoffor 'and Baltimore.. New York.... 0 4 08 8 Batteries' — Pond, Hcniml Clarke; Mopldn.and Wilstm. Second game-* n. it. jg, BaltMnore 0 0 18 0 0 4 *—8 11 8 Now York....... 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-0-2 fi 8 BatteriuB—McMuhoa aad-'Boblnsou; Olttrko and Wilson. At Chicago-' B. a.xki Chicago........ 0 0 : 0 1 2 0 19 1—0 18 1 Oloveland...... 0 2 0 8' 0 ft? 0 0-18 18 (I Battories—Sutcbins»n, Thornton, Donohue and Kittridgo; Cuppyand 2immor, , . . Drowned tii tno Schuylldll. pHItADEtPJHfA, Aug. 10. ^ Lynn C. Trontman,'agon 64^ yeorsj was drowned whilo swimming in the Scbuylklll river, tic^r Slhawnlont. Mr. (Proiitman at tho 'tlWa&^fhlB death, was .employed with the bftikcH»&o firin of R. B. Baler, and wa s „ well known i n political and financial cir- cles. - • r ., : ... ' III ; ;I J Nomlnitt«d ft Third Time. ' •mtWttm, N . If.,- Aug. 10.-0?he Re- publican county convention a t Andover «»dmiih>f«d TMb. Fred A , RObbins Of Angelica for member of asseinbly for th e third tonn, breaking «m established preco- 4etttdf#ye«M. W4nt B«IIroad ChSTter* Repealed. BtaJTAto, Aug.. id. ~r A meeting of a largo number of canal boat owhorsand forwarders wa s held hero to discuss the pwaent stagnant ooaditipn of canial bu«l-l n -«!;J a 8 A »,S+,DniHah a iw«t. H«tn •a'nn^ tha t a oonapinwy of tbo mllroads bad rutbed th * biMtnaai of tiw oftaaland d# Bumtlo Grand. Circuit Kacijg, BSyFFAlA Aug. 10.—An attructlve card broughi , ottt another large, afioiHlanco at tho drivmfrpark. Mascot won tho match race with Ha l Pointer, though i t took him five heats to decide the event. Piointor was clearly tired, in tho last and dropped ids heat b y a'wute margin. , ( . •».'-'» Summaries: 5:88jpaco, S-ycaiM>idSi puree' H,O0uVrSulphid01, Patsy Brooks 8, Anan- ias!): best time S-AS14. ' ' »:13 trot,, purse *3,O0O—Bousotta 1, Kla- Matchrace, purso 13,000—Mascot 1, Ha l Pointer 3; boot tlmo 8:08. 8:11 pace, puno |8,O00-St»r Pointer 1, v««M\»i.t> Mroejert Kxtraoi^fl^ ^ WASBiNCftONj, AWf• 10,—A, warratt.fr fqj the surrender to th e Gorman uUthorltij; of Johiinnes Moyor was Issdcd from, ' stato dopurtmenti 'Meyer waSjWonfcodon a chargih of euibuzzlemont an d was b,cla for extradition t>y» a. tfnlted Statoi com*^ missioned in' Nbw* York \Watarautti \W9»*f ahjo issued for tho ^return t o GernwinyJ from Now York of Qlkar HSiilmann, «H»M_, Ottciir Buidmann, an d Mathilda Hel*eT ^ ajias Heldmann, who aro cbarged wiflfe^ the muMjer of the woman's husband fffi| Saifrio, PrusSla.' Tiio woman i s accused df§ poisoning her husband .with arsonlo . ( <5urt4^»y HeJImonn, her paramour. «— ,. .' r 11 ..^. Settlement of P«rn% Wur. LIMA,.Aug. lO.-r-it Is reportotl th«^C|iffl8 urges Peru todcelarotho provinceof Tt apaeti frco o f ull mortg(i^6Hen&T)irJuoli! \ previous to.tho war^oi 1S70 ^Pho pttn , of ^arantjiBa i s thp o^ptieme southqm _ tidn' of Peru whibh wa s cgnquoreifl Chm tofts wa r Wltti Bolivia'and ~ Xho seaport h.Qt)Teei|3[qulque and PJ which was ceded by Chill t o Bolivia in treaty of peace between those t*6-' co trlosiiS IH this\province and 0MHL*» ., quest to Peru noted above probably bW do with the settlement of questions ing, put of th e war. « 7 , Cflklmx sl|t«a«Mt tho at»**U AMtANYj. ^«8f. lOi-r-Ill t|lC ****«• 1 claims four claim* worn filed,fori of wages duo uiulorthti#p«M' l«#, • aggrei(»«iJK «^S04 JIR Wood of Ciimillus, Onond*» ask's reparation from the state I of '«*» for damans to | the ovorflowing of

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