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(3EJJEVA Diit-Y ^j^m^^&^sstss MjljjjinMffdli dgg&gg&Seh % JFiHfctlY, AUGtfST 9, 1895. ssssfe ^* ^ *^t Bj^tjrt \53 fJsmpoa Street. AiWsSas allCommuntcatlona to »/ /5EN!§vm' DAILY TIMES, 1|< iKU, MM*)!', Editor and Pabltaaer, ^ * • ••^f3B>»nBJVA. N. Y. «j*j . ftONG »l$Jftf(|jB TKLBPHOSK SO 77. Subscription Price. IK ADVANCE. thttJ WWW «W » Six jtaontim J-gJ. Ihrco Months - 1-28 2u per isont will bo widen to above priced If not jp&lrltn advance. ' .Per week by carrier, 10 cents. Rntered at setiomlcbu* matter in the HoM Office „ < at Geneva, Jf. Y. j Xhc Geneva Dally Time* rw#r<* fall anil latent £ew» «r both United and Aa-ioclsted Vrmn Asso- ciations. LJlilted States that be bad dune so, Brazil uttered no protest. If she had iuy objectiong, ItlooUs as If then would have been the time to nay BO. But she was silent' until lately, when sonic Englishmen BGlzod the island for » cable station. Then Brazil protested and England withdrew any claim. The I question now is, Does the little island belong really to Brazil or to Baron Harden-HlckeyP Brazil claims the Island on the ground of former Portu- guese occupation, which is a legal claim enough. But why, then, did she not refuse to permit Harden-IIickoy to take possession? And yhy, again, if \I'rinre James\ really meant It, did he not stay in his kingdom and fortify it and cul- tlrate the land and set up his govern- ment? Leastof all, why should be now appeal to the United 8tates? A prince and ruler of a kingdom cannot be at the same time a citizen of the United States,can he? LEADING HOTELS MNWi Distinguishing Features of Geneva. PBAHKIiIlfflOUfil GENEVA, H,. Y* • . • Proprietors •; r • Bpoojul Attention CSlvort to rJtir>ijn<t-tn und .Annual Jlijnfieffi. «-— ooo— — '—t ELECTRIC LiaHTRD, ' STEAtl HEATED RATES $2.00 to $2.50 mil, i iVnh i in rV.VuBirifi^^^j^-jfrf^aiaii 'Jhrao banks. 'Six social clubs. Nino public hallo. Aboard of trade. Bixfuocompanics. Electric surface railway. Threo oxprcss companies. JSIoctilo terminal railroad. MOO aweo of nursery grounds. '•' Ten churches and throe chapels. * A lino Of steamers on Seneca lnko. , Twelve nowspapors and periodicals. \\ six steam railroads and two stations. i Twenty-nine incorporated comjianwu. > The Smith Astronomical Observatory. ' _A population of about ten thousand. * ' \Bwitiltig academy and school of mmio. I i Heautifiil residences and pleasant streets. \Eho liandsomost opora house In tbc state, ' pMio state agricultural experiment station. ' aim two bost mineral spring in the world. ONE IUII,Y NHwsi-Ai-Kn-'rius TIMES. i Communication by Sonoca and Cayuga canal. 111 only-four Ijcnonolary and secret societies. A suburb Y. M. 0. A. building and equipment, iitnta military company and an Independent bal tcry An enterprising, intellectual; and progrcgtilvo population. J£ight schools, two business colleges, tnolud- • Injr Ilobart college. Grand army post, Woman's Relict corps, and Onion Veterans' union. An excellent water Byetom, and both gas and electric lighting plants. ( Horns lor old ladlos, Church Homo [hospital, and projected hospital. JtBpBoplo welcome now comura and are will- ing to advance new industries. WILLIAM H. BALLOU, Yice-presidont of the American iiuniaae society, who has beou most actlye in opposing the Importation of animals 'or bull fighting at the Atlanta exposition, announces that this feature has been abnolutih called off. PP - Concentration of Thought <_An Effort When combined with Practical Knowledge ts Sure to Win. If You Want Stylish Comfortable Shoes That Fit the Feet —ao TO— DENNISON'S. 4 T t e Kirkwdod COXE & GLOVPR, Props. Steam Hea t and Electric Llglit, GENEVA, H, V. Itato $2.00 and $2.00 »pcr. dhr> 31 ! IT IS said that a movement IK on foot iu Rochester to secure the coiupulsorv regiitratlon of cats and dogs. It would likewise be well for the authorities of Geneva hot only to rniuire the retjiti- tratlon of cats and dogs, but t<> enact that every feline and canine on the street without a number shall be ar- rested. IN the #«ath of John Hodire of Lock- port a j try largo number of people throughtout the state will feel the loss of a personal friend. For many years Mr. Hodge was an officer in the grand lodge of masons, rounding out IIIH ser- vlcos therelu with n yeai's occupancy of its highest honor. In busliicm< nlfulrs Mr. liodge aohleyed fluttering sunwn and In every rotation with Ins fellow men he had their respect and couiiilenoe. GENEVA TONSORIAL ARTJSTS The Palace Barber Shop The Verdict OF ALL WHO HAVE TRIED Harper, the Tailor, Is the BEST of Them Ail, And LOWEST in Price A TRIAL SOLICITED. F A ARMSTRONG flo. 22 LMfill Strep! Geneva's Tonsoriai Artist, ^ J N. B. STANLEY, 'foimorlal I'nrlorKj «H Seneca iiUepl ( lean »liu\er<, clean louctH. Al l work llone ncht ly mill Willi dwimtch. Where are Yon Going This Summer C0T0SUET I COTOSUET!! C0T0SUET !!! Ask your neighbors if they ate any of the nice things made with (Jotosuot at the exhibit in Geneva lately. It takes the place of lard. Sold by all dealers. Put up only by SWIFT & COMPANY. FAIRFAX BLOCK. GENEVA, AUGUST 8th, 1896. GOOD EVENING I BEECHER AND PRE-EXI3TENCE Of all the obituary notices of the late Ed wind Beecher none apparently lias mentioned what was the Bost Impor- tant and original Intellectual work of hlallfo. Tills was a Deck callad \The Conflict of Ages.\ It daalt with the problem of existence previous to this earthly one, If Harriet Beecher Btowe ' and Henry Ward Beeeher had not been • go famous that they eclipaod In a meas- ure tho rest of Lyman Boechor's 11 ohll dreu, Edward Beecher would have been , better known. He was really more of an original thinker and investigator than bla brother Henry Ward was. And ho retained nil his Intellectual powers up to tho time of his death at tho age of 93. Only for the accident that necessitated tho amputation of his lev; In 188!) ho Would orobably havo continued la nu active pastorate till his last Illness, a* wondoiiul-were-hls vigor and physical power. Edward Beeeher reasoned out and Have to tho world tho dootrlno of pre- exlatenco nearly CO years ago, long be- fore Blavataky and tha theoaophlsts pro- claimed It to the world. Beecher did not Indeed go so far as to say nan had had hundreds of existences on this plan- et, his spirit boing born oyer and over again into a succession of lives till he developed all perfection lu the ooitrse of the nges. The Faritan, yet kindly pieaeher, nourished as he had been on New England theology, could not rec- oncile the justice of God with thti eter- nal punishmeut of man. Even if into a life of 70 years a man had crowded all the wlokedness he could possibly derlae, that, Edward Beecher thought, wvuhi be insufficient to condemn hi in te suffer In a ilery sheol through all eternity. To get around the difficulty and reo oncile it with Biblical -statements the preacher hit upon the idea that man had existed in a life previous to this, and there had sinned. A merciful Deity would not condemn him utterly, but would let him come into another life ou probation. Then if there was no re pentancc at the end of the probationary life the sinuer would go down to meet the doom of damnation. To the end ef his days the good old man believed this iu an interview with a newspaper cor- respondent some years before his death he said he never saw any reason to change his view. And his father, Ly- man Beecher, said on his deathbed, *'Bdwnrd, it does account for things.\ NOT A CITIZEN. In the midst of the row between Bug- ., land and Brazil, over tho possession of jfrt tiny Trinidad, a singlo small hand has |> stretched out from the Uniled States to- ward the isle, a single small Yankee P« , yoice has whispered, \ No; It la mine. \ »\ ,. ihe hand is the hand of \Baron \James |,, Harden-Hlckey Bou-in-lawof Mr. Staud- * ard Oil Flagor, and A 'citizen of the -• - United States. At least he waa a citizen . of the United States before he took pos- - session of Trinidad and assumed the tttJciAf James I. When Harden-Hickcy caaton of Trinidad, two year* IN November the doctors of the. state will be permitted to vote upon three profound amendments to the new con- stitution, and a canal proposition. Amendment No. 1, eliminates tho word \male\ from Section 1 of Article 2, thereby establishing equal suffrage of the sexes; No. '2 IH for the regulation of prison labor and prohibits prlsouern from|being|\farmed\ out to cop tractors. No. 3 forbids the sale and destruction, except for certain purposes, of timber on the State Forest l'reserve: while the canal proposition calls lor tho lst-'iic of bonds umountinii to ulna million dollars for improvements to the state canals. Tin llm—l tup i \ Auu'iini is tlwnuitli tile ureal lalief a n tin- Inrire, Bate, elegant and /afit now •ileuincrx \NiirtliwKnt\ and \Nnrllilaud\ o r by 'Anchor Line,\ t\ IMilulli. Mackinac, Milwaukee. CMticnit\. inlerni 'ilinte cities and places In tjie \\r>*t 'lhc sti,nnc r 'lUui Vinai*e\ fo r th e lh<ui-niiil I-lnnd- n.uml lii|i tu-UelH(afiOTickCtx f,tr New \<uii i en'ial iiml ronncfuout, t o all point\ an d on Icielmjf ouan HteauiMlilim. Look For the Opening of Gayuga Lake Park. \ AMKKICA' S GREATEST UA1JL.BOAO.'' NEW YORK (ENTRAL >—-— ***<' & HUDSON RIVER R. R, THE FOUR-TRACK TRUNK LINE\. LKAV K OKNKSA-GOlNG KA8T. 7 1 n a m., Watirloo 7 26, Seneca Falls 7.30, 1II Syracuse 9 20,arr. New Yiu-a 7.00 p . in. 9 nr a.m. Waterloo It.48, Seneca Falls li.Si, jj 1 ] hyineuse 11.26 11. m . New l'ork 6.80 ii np a. 11. Waterloo 1.50, Seucca Falls 11 00 i2i ' i ''.- s J'™<' i \ <fi i - :,u 1 in !'•'\-. Waterloo 1 88, Seueea Fa 11 \ *• 1 4t J 3V raeuse S.40, ar. Now York 10 15 4 0A II. in., Waterloo 4.4fi. Seneca Falls, 455, jll Syracuse C.40, ar. New York B 80 a. in 8 in p. in', Wa'erlo o H -a, Seneca Falls 8.SS, IX Syracuse 10.10, New York 7.00 a, m I.ICAVIO UKNKVA-GOlNli WEST. 6 1 o HulTalo Aceoniniodation via Kntnvin Ar. ^Q lliltllllo lo:i9 a.m., Oaks Curncrs s 07,1'liolps 8.13 fill \ * \ Si«*X*: S^.my-ihstruK§n|f^| ; ^ ?! .| r ^ '1 ~%33mmz WESTERN NEW YORK T.B. Foster &, Ero. Booksellers « and « Stationers 21 SIMM'A ST11I.KT. OKJItTA SNltKET, .N. Y. FITZWATER'S Economy Shoe Store Many Items of Interest Dlslied m> Km- Hurried Headers They ore arresting boys under In \ im.ru ul age In Elmlrn for smoking eigarette*.. JamOBtown'B English-American resident* will organize a club. \ East Clean, which is known to many n» Martin's Farm,\ talka of incorporation Charles E. Ofdon, of Foun Van, IUIK made a lecture ongngoniont for this winter w itb the Ridputh Buraau of Boston. Tho annual picnic of the soldiers and »nil ors of Htonben county will be held ut Gib sou's Landing some time Ibis month. Liqour has boen illoffally sold in Kranklm [ ville and nn imjulsy is now on foot to get ovideneo against those who are guilty A Lily Dale correspondent writes his paper thaf psychics nt that camp liki-s t<> \furtell theinuit. At a meeting of the Keuka Yacht flub hold on Thursday last, it was ducnlcd to postpone the first regatta from August s tb to August INth. The Oolder family plonle and reunion lull bo hel d Thursday, Auuils t 3Ud. a t the ivsi denoe of Hudson (Joldor, nuar Klinl (reel , Ontario county. For This Week . . . Child's Russ j t Shoes, Ni/c* s 1- On 11. hut ton or lace i,75 c cuts POSTOFFICE FACTS. Mails entered for points east of MjrflriiM. IIUKI be In tlieufllco not Idler then D:lili a in., an d foi Albany, No w York and all points cast at v ufi a. m.,and 8:*0 p ni, and for nil points cas t MII Lyons a t 7:16 p in. For buffalo, Cleveland. Chicago and all »e»t orn polntent 7:!15a m.,an d l:B7pm.Koial l imint* woat of Syracuse ntftiuS n. m., an d for all \ve«t of Ly(in»at7:15 p. iu.. A rinsed pouch is sent to (too osier a t 11 .so a. in. Mall for Lyons and al l points mirth cwri da ) at 7:15 p.m. , Going south, all points on th e l.elnah \ idle) at A:30and 10:aSa. m. andatsdS for all points on tho MlddlSBOX Valley R . It. Mall on th e Fall Brook R. II. goes every dnv n t 7 :Sti a ni.nn d for Ovid and Wulardat6:4n p in. At«:A0 p in for all points on tb e lSrlo I t 11, an d the -MUHII Tho above figures ar e when the mail closes ai the poMofllco ready for the trains. GEHEVA NlTUl BANK Cap>ltl»l $1BO.OOO. Burplua, »7S,000. Safe Deposit Department.. Our vault is built of sixty tons of steel mid pro- vidod with Sargent and (livnnliiafs nine locU. Safe lor rout in our vault at tlnce to inmh. flvo dollars per year. The time cotmumci in hunting lor a mlssinir paper t» often «..iih rr tbaa the *oat of a safe for a j ear. ABSOLUTE SAFETY. 'foe strongest vault obtainable is to be pre- ferred especially If Itcosts no more, S TORAGE OF TRUNKS, IttiXr.s snu-hi-l. Paokagosor I'a)iors. foi any ii-iifttli i«f time at very slight oxponso. R ENTED SAFES, or ARTIC1.KS STUUKU wllh US, always accessible to the owners m Linden : Block, GENEVA, N. V. Just Opened A New Saloon on Linden Street. Miller - * Fine Holtle.l Ale Miller's Kme Hottied Porter Miller's Kiu« Hottied Lager Always ou snle. Ilottleil Koodsdclucrcil five to nnj par t of the eil\. K\er\bodj ei.rtlmll) united to give me a call 20 LINDEN STREET F. D. AlVrORD, Prop. C OUPOK ROOMS for tho fro. use „f our patrons. A BSOI.VTK PRIVACY assun'd (•> renters of baslaess' boui-s UPOK I patrons SOU sales. P KB80N8 LHAVINO TIIEIK tlnlutCS va- cant for a low days or w.'oks wllhoonsult their Interest anof comfort by storing their valuables with us. T 1IK t'HICAI'EST rf»8UBANtl<: known for the |irottctlon of proiiertv. Russet Walking Shoes. H'(> have about 50 pairs of Husset Walking Shoes tor ladles wear tlint wn are closing out at 75e per pair, Call and examine. We make these shoes this price which is away under cost, for this reason, We tin not want to carry tlieni . over. This is a bargain. Burbank, IT Sriircji M. iir\l«i.M»i In V S. I'.Xpyr^ t'n. FOP This Week Only. You can buy a ....Hat Rack For $3.50 Up. Something Good :::: TO EAT Tbey must go I have tho finost line of Hat Racks over soon. Prices marked way down. Baby Carriages At Cost to make room for other goods. 429 Exchange St. B. BORUMAN, JR. Swoot Pickles, per bottle, - 12<• Sweet Pickle Relish, per bottle, . ^ - Pi c Sweet Pickles in bulk, - 10c Pickled Onions, per bottle, 12c Purveyor? (something fine) 2, r >c And lots of other things. Finest and Freshest Green Groceries and Vegetables in Town. D. CREEDON INSECTS, WORMS, BLIGHT. ROCHESTER Steam Laundry These ar e the great enenilei of the Forme r and Gardener, wh o lose millions of dollars in this country every year through the rav- ages of these pests. We can help you savo some of this money b> furnishing all th e principal INSBCTI- CIDKS an d the chemicals for emulsions o r iu i xtnros for spraying. We have Agricultural Reports, Hooks, Journals, etc., containing lots of recip.'e fo r tanking such compounds,and ar e alway s ready to give Information upon th e subject. Here are some prices on tho principal arlleler used in bill lots: liluo Vuno l ly- Hellebore l.'c Pans Given SOe London Purple 15c Insect Powde r 86c W. O. NEELEY, Corner Drug Store. Steamboat Express Syracuse and Geneva. THE STEAMER C. W. WARNER Will run between Geneva.an d Syracuse,leav- ing Syracuse every Monday an d Thursday a t IS m. mid Gener a eiery Tuesday and Friday at 3 p. in. All goods Imndled carefully and your patrnn- ago Is Milinted. I) L. SMITH, Captain. You can set a Hat at E J.Bixiflerick's Gent's FniHislimg Store, From 50 Cents up, I.at«it Styles. Summer Underwear and Neglige shirts a Specialty. FLOURS The Best Minnesota Brands nln^a in stock. All Kinds • of • Try n package of Whealalene, th e perfect breakfast food. Don't fail to try our celebrated Minnesota Pat . lliand of Flour an d you «ill use n o other. Our p rices aie right. S. H. MERRILL 40 CASTLE STREET. Successor to Carver Jonos S. 11. VKBFLAKCK, President. Ladies' Waists. 1 .'it* and 15c Collars, 2e Cutfs. per pair, - - - 4c Shirts. .... - 10c . Best Work 'Guaranteed Ik ft PAQI, 43 Seneca St REMOVAL. fhe Geneva St?am laundry HAS REMOVED TO •i/f ' : .' ; ' •••-'- ' - '. _-<}- IF YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR MEAT - no TO - - . Ii. WILkDE S 8 nfl a.m., oak s corner s s 07,1'holps 8.13 CUf IIII ton Springs S iu, Ganandalgiia H,15, Roch- wv ester H.20 9 i n a. m., Oaks Corners y 25, Phelp s asa, 1 h GUfton Springs II.s«, C'aimndaigim 10 00 *\ p. in. Rochester lii.So II cc a. in.. < laks Corners 12.0s. Phelp s 12.16 1 I flil Glifton Springs 12.27, Canandalgua 1 1 \\ la 56, Itochester 1 m p. m 2 fin p m, Oaks Corners 2 87. Phelps 2 46, 7 / Clifton Springs 2 AS, Canandalgua 8.20. ul R.u-liesU'r 4.20 4 nn p m. Uak-s Cornors l.Ofl, Phelp s 4,12, llll Clifton Springs 4.20, Canandalgua, 4 4U, ww KocliesU' 8.S2 7 f)A p. HI, Oak,) Corners 7.2H, I'helps 7.3.\i /|| Clifon S|inugs 7.fm, C'uii'indnigua 8.20, uv RiH'liesturll.11 IA nri p. in., oaks Corners Iu.U, I'helps 10.20, III III! Clifton Springs Ili.21),Caluindaigua I0..10, IU vu Koe.liesterll.4S T. B. FOSTER & BRO-, City Ticket Offloe, 2 :-Seneca St. Anthracite coal'iia<ii^e1^ali^^a^niiri B P i„„ ' hnesa and .leemfort. 8 aui \ •' m^^ia •• •; GOING 'MiTJk&j^i^imv^ 6esp.m, IJailyexMptSnntt^y*\^ w * 8 »w* U -f)QA..*. Flyor-Ho atojos'between o»* •4« novo and sayws; wmffiM*Jxt ' flew York -a ^.kmimmMMmn^J3 aud dining cam to New ^^ifa'Slett 11.80 '&&** **> *»«!»•» «• * >•• One P. M, irumanabuwr 8 67, Ithaca in it Al.-*Wneva and 8ayrb; 'PSinidolnhA am GOING WKSK-LEATJB G8NKVA. 3 f)B A. M. Flyor. Rochester * 45 Buff.i. U0 610, Ni»gav*FaljUe#a. m. fiafiy \?* ••WW osterii is a> m.BoluHbM 85^. m: 3 n»r. H.stoneatallitetiehe, arrivesKm-t, Sundaf. C8tW * M''*** 6 * *®- W»TeS$; ••*0 cept Sunday. •<,., > \\'rw. S,03L|ia F «ffir^t.r\« . 7.05 Daii}-.* Mlv<!8 UmB ^'° vi » «u«M UOLLINH.Tv-ILBTjB,Geh.9up't. 80. Beta- lehem. — - UNAS. S.LEE,Gen. ( Pasa, Agent, PUllaileJl- A.'w.NONNEMACHKtt,''A88't Gen'l tiit Agent, South llethlelwjm, Pa, ' G. S. 11U RRALL,.Otty Ticket Agent, Ueaevfc Fa'l Brook Railway. In Effect May 19, 1898. LEAVE GENEVA-GOING SOUTH. 8 1 r\ A.M. I.vons7 26, Gi'neva « 10. Dies- . 1 U ''en •< 4\. Penn lanli 1.1, Dundee 1) 04. Uiilkius'.i 2.V Coining in 1\ a. m. Arrives a t Wdliamsport 3 20 p . m . 1 Q fir P.M . l.io„- n nu, i.cneva 12 06, 1 xC.UO Dresden 12 3->, Penn Va n 133, ImnTlei-1 u4, Watklns 1 23, Corning 2 10 p.m. A rues at Wilhamsport 10 10 p.m . ~J i~)f\ P M. Lyons ti 40,Genova 7 20. Di-os- / . /\J 'h'u • ''2, Penn Vans 20, Dundee s 17, VVailuii- * 37. 'orningG 20 JI. m. Kuns no fur- tber. l.K WI-. ohNhVA-GOING NORTH. 9 1IU M Corning 7 10, Watkln s 7 64, , 1 \J Dundee s is, Penn Yan 0 42, Dresnen s in, i,ciieva Ii In. Arrives a t Lyons 9 46 a. m. 4 QC I', »!• Corning II 25, Watkln s 12 17, l.OO Dundee 12 3d, Pen n Yan 12 07, Dresden 1 II.',, i.eueia 1 3-J Arrives a t Lyons 2 16 p . m. 7 /C P- M. Corning 6 85, Watklns 0 27, (,40 Dundee B 511, l'unn Van 6 42, Uresilcn 7 Pi. oeiii.\a 7 16. Arrives a t Lyons H 16 p.m. All pii^s, nuei trains dally except Sundays . ( omiei in,ii- MI Pnlon Stations a t Lyons and l.enein \iilh N ^ . C. & II. R. R . R.; a t William-port «ilh Philadelphia mid Reading It. It W. 11.NORT11RUP, Passenger Agent. G It. HHuWN.i.oiicrnlMip't. Middlesex Valley Railroad. 1.1'..\\ E GhNLVA-t.iiING SOUTH. 8 /H a. in.. Dixon SJS7, Stanlev 11:16, Gnrham • •rw !i;4-„\ Ruslnllle 10 l.'i.am've Naples 11.06 5 9 n p. in., Dixon i!:S0, Stanley (1:40, Gorham ./UU 7 (in, Itiishvllle 7:2n.arrive Naplcs7:.'i6 I.hAVli NAPI.I'.s-(,ii|N(i NORTH. S Crt a in., Ru-linlle 7 21 Goiham 7:41, Stan .OU |„y 7:.m. r iiiviiii mils, arrne GenevnH:2fl 2i JJ ii.ni. UIISIIMI e :i.in. (loihiim 3:46, stan- .10 li-i .1.6.1, Dixon J:in. nrrive Geneva4:S0 W. W. A 1 WuOI), Manager. SENEGA LAKE SEEAHERS. TIME TABLE. Takes Effect August ist, 1895. GOING SOl'TH. I.KAVK Gcnva Willianl 0\ui Highlands I .rail Lainnreaux Nortli Hector Glenora VVatklns, arrive A M. H on •j 211 * 0 .In * 10 20 * 11 40 GOING NORT H A M. 7 III! « 12 s 40 P H . 2 ,10 3 60 * 4 20 * 4 60 * «00 r. M, 3 30 * 4 40 * 4 40 * 6 40 7 00 LEAVE. Watklns Glenora North Meetor Lamnreaux „. Lodi Highlands - Willard-Uvi d 1)10 Geneva, arriv e 10 4u Passengers along the lake wishing t o reach Watkins or Geneva bv night stonmors will make arrangements to get such land ngs by tho after- noon boato, where the nveni ng Hummers land, as y will notstnp on the night trip a t those laiul- the s marke d • . Hoots leaving Geneva at s.OO A.M.aid Watkins nt 3 SO 1'. M. carries freight Signals must not b o displayed bxdept for paB- songm-B an d freight. • Land on signal. TIME TABLE. G.W.S.F.&C.L.T.CO. Leave Hank Corner R.Wa m. 7.60 a.m. S.3011. m. \•Inn in . 9.6s a. m. m.:io a . m. H.lnii. in. II..In a. m. I2.3U p. m 1.10 p m. 1.60 p.-m. 2.:io p. ni. ai0p.ro . 3-60 p. ni. 4.80 p. tn. 6.10-p. m. 6-60 p. m. * •e.ao i>. m. . 7.60 p. in. s .10. p. m. a 10 p. m. n.tto'.ft: lij. All cam connect w.t h til late Leave Waterloo 7.10 a. m. 830a. n. ».10 a. in. oJHln.m. 10.80 a, m. ll.ldn. m . 11.60 a.m. 12.30 p. m. 1.10 p.m. 1.00 p. m. 2 3d p ni. 3.10 p.m. S. 60 p.m. 430 p. m. n.Iop.in. n.50 p. ni. 0.30 p. m. 710p.m. 7.M p. m. asop.tn. ,»iep.jh. ; o.80p..n>. lo-Se p. m. Attorneys* Directory. ONTARIO COTJUTY, GENEVA , N. Y. JOHN E- BEAN, Atfomov and Counsellor at Law, Geneva, N. Y. GEORGE w. NICHOLAS, Low Office, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public witi Heal, No. 42 Seneca St., Geneva, N Y, GEORGE L. BACMMAN. Attorney counsellor at Law, No. G27 Exchange Geneva, N. Y. BACKENSTOSE & KEYES, Attorneyi J and Counsellors nt Law, Smith I'uildiug, -m Seneeji St., Gi nova, N.' Y, Oillce hours from' $5 ila. in. to tip. m. J. G. FAR WELL, Attomoy and Counsellor at Law,Nos. D and 6 Linden ltlock, Geney», N. Y. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 0 p. m. . CHARLES N. HEMIUP, Counsellor »t . Law, No. 1 Smith Block,Geneva, N. Y. HAWLEY. NICHOLAS & HOSKINS, .1 Attornoys and Counsollorsrat Law, Gcnevai \1 N. Y. Charles A. WawlOV, Philip N. NichO- - 1 las, Lansing G. Hosklns. DITMARS & WYCKOFF, Attorneys and Counsellors at l^aw, Insurance, Real Estate, Geneva, N. Y. George F. Dltmars, A R, Wyckoff. - CHARLES D. BEAN, AJt^rneyandcoue- sollor at 1M\S and Notary Publio with eeal, Ofllco Linden Mock, Geneva, N. Y. GEORGE W. BOSTWICK,AttornevaKi I Cou'iscilor, No. 41 Linden St,Geneva, N.t.-.|§ SACKETT &, SACKETT, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. Linden Block, Genevi, N. Y. C. V. 88Ckctt. T. B. Saekott. HENRY LUDLOW, Counsellor at Law, No. 4 Seneca St., Geneva, N. Y. WILLIAM 9. MfOQRL?, Counselor at Law, | and Notary Public with Seal, No. 4 Seneca St., | Geneva, a. Y. CAVANPAIOCA . WALTER H. KNAPP.-Attornoy «d } J Counselor at Law, oillce in the Times Uulldtug, Canandaigua, N. Y. - Leading -Physicians' or Qenefta, M. D. BLAINB, M- D.-16* Genesee St | Dfflco hours 9 to 10 a. ni.,« to * and 7 to 8 p. m, Jg NLB. COVERT* M. D.-41B Main St. I Offlco hours until o a. m., 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. «• M Tolephoiio 24. ' •• AD DIE B. DAKE. M. D^-48» Mnm St I onico hours 8 to 10 a. m. ( 8 H) 5 and 4 7 to 8 p. •»• a m. ' J. POPE,, DELANEY. M. D-12 P»* | rinco. Oflice hoursfi to9 a. m,, 12 to 2,7 to p m. \ ' > H. M. EDDY, M. D*-T«'.WHUamSt. Oiffle? | hours 8 to 0 a. m., 1 to S, and 7 to B p. m. HENRY DEG3CLAPP. M. D.-Oh1c*at 870 Mnin Sti«eot, W. W. HOPKINS. Nl. D.-11I Mam Sfc Offlcohour88ta9a.ni.aJO»iaii<l7to8p 111 ' J. C. KN APP, M. D.f-4C Bark Plaoo OS* at Park Place. J ___ _ C. D. MoCARTHY, M. D;-M Caatlo St Offlco hoursa too a. m„.l»|p„*, and 7 to »p. • WILL McCAW, \NtiMXMVbMi 1' 0*<* hours8 tooisoa. maVifiifUfi&l to 8 pm. J. E. MoKENi|B,\M.; Di-fl6 William » M. H.'PICQt,rW.'^4o^%al» St OJW Hours 8 to9l. at., lSSifjpids, t|na 8 toll p. I«^ TO. ROPfeHti''Ml'By»l'aionecft9t : ,oj^ hours 8 to9 s. m., 1 to janM'tO8 p. m. M* phono 108. .....^' : ;.-'' -' F., .LANSING 'sVlBBlrVIS.'M. Brf* toBfrm. Teleplion«8L? 'j*-\' '' . h— ^ JAS, H.StEBfl»SS i fyi.%- 1 'l35« 1 gl | S t ooi^hbnwoa mtospiw. -feloplion**' H. B STfiONO.M. D.-»SenccaSMM»* hours 8 to 10 a mVa to 6 aod7to8 p m H.D. WEYBURN.M. D.-1M ^^ Offioo lioun>8toOai*J».ilto «,andetonin|« Leading Dentists. W..I YNTN ADAMY^<mtr«l.«S°\Jf* * Office hours 9 to 12 a m,aniUto» P \> hofir«9a nt.iof.pm . , v'S «our»»a.

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