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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1895-1904, July 30, 1895, Image 4

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UEKEVA TWdlS .'T®m&, TUESDAY, JULY m 1895, •^MifeiMn iwmmim.HM W#i THE WEATHER, Indications fo r Western New Yoik MODERN tiSTREiSY 71 North west winds .NKW YORK, Jul y xu t»^. _, - i Temperature in Ueueva to day » f> -\•. itt genevas Met the Phelps ,,- „,.. 7 „. <,,. n > 3p§f§| team Yesterday. iJKffl. WAS THEIRS««' 'IIP? rr^^ 1 ' IK Special I>lB|M.trh t\ The Tl '•• <' 1 _ _ „ . , _ . . _ -, Fair ana wani.-r \ SenfM Falls Troubadours Vis- I'HI'.LPB. K ii II -B II « ii I' THE it Waterloo. EVENING SERENADE > X 1 ot Make a Run. Sfcv W. nKo^MB* Phelps Boys Failed ljKm GOLDEN GOOSE EGGS ?§||si\\Soore That Astonished the Na- tives, Exalted the Victors and Paralyzed Their Op- |^|:' ;, ponenta Full Report %*:*'•-'• • o f the Came. g|f.. .— - II;* TbePheljH aggregation »r alleged bal 1 ;||§%>layer8 gave a n exhibition of how not to pl\V ^f/ijaji at Pre-emption park yesterday after ffT-.^QiSfm. The Ueuevas play ml all around them •S?^,ndsai»t the I.iclpsites home with nine fe.'.'irftORB ec-trs. it was «» good a ijaiim of ball a • Newlantl, •.. MuMniiKU. rf Moi'linn ... link , •I.ilal Sudden and Unexpected Termina- tion o f a Musical Act An Affec- tionate Euulne and Ex- citBd Drive. i.ciievn I'llI'lpM IJ Ii 1 i : II. H hit. ICurued ruii\ fieneva 5 three b Ditiiiuru. stolen buses, hell -' hit I n pi Hall: (line nf «\»\• - b\in-«. umpire. M Hums ;IIM? til Tin i.'iiMIMi HALL.* \M1- Nllln+.| \ llll'll IIM'1 HlI-llll's-I M' 1 netn Will I'lnv lb\ niir.ui wiien uii'l business uii'ii 'if '•' nevu will U'ons bats on the college i ampin. Friday afternoon. AUJJU-«I 'nd. and hun* made special arrangements for a li-'-li i-uii l«--ga08 9 0ggB. lt» n „»jw«|j««.i.. u-i^-jl-Ht. The teams ar - well sele. led ...id tic* t.' one would wwh to see The boys a m worthy j men are well np in P r„. \„ nit-iesti.,,' S'Wk * better patrnnag-i. They have gone to | game is expected lb. - . ip--\\ .,1 the tl „„. „ ma,,, I game will be borne hv pmnlc .•..iilrihulioii n tin- |.»inH tli\ receipts »d l '»• I '• 'I i.i Un-.Inn:. lug fountain fnu.l Tlie billoniug j- lin- li-l -I p'.i- i ' • IU1-1 III'*\ Ill'll. ll M 'ill I \llll-iM J. - - Ui.b'-ll ;nd b . ll,.- Km, . I b . I V\ ill Hallow . r . -i 1' !•• SOnBidoraldn expense to get togt §\?.' tb&t is a credit to (JIUH-V a. See to it II f|<ifSuture that their games an- In-Ller patron p|'/- tori; *%'\; Tlie game npniiuil with blaundl at tlio hat %.ik'He went out ou thrw \I rlktw. llttinani fol S 1 ','.\*10<*0(l going out. on a lilsli foul to .V-wland t AUoy got to llrnt ou ball\ Malum' ininloa ^^ afiileftn hi t t o left field and ad van. .«•! Kih-\ t\ i*' ^scsooad. Curtain hit u »luv\ ball l \ woml. -' 4 ' »:atlvaucing Kih-y and Malmi.) - i h<- i»i**~ %\ JIWRUOVT full with Kit/gtralil a t the bat * ^|0 UnXortunatc-lj failml to hit I In-bull uml , Eiluy wa s fon-wl oil' third l''or l'hel|w ft |>doloy gdt to tii-Ht on ImlN. Kobfi I-)nt lo JfitegOroM, who throw hun out at tirnt jSSu•• liflaltQ hi t to Hlnuvidt and I|I-»! a t h!t\. 'ii,' '.?f a a.' w ' , t »trurk out. jtfoll oponuil tin- wi-uiiil iiiiniiji wilh a beuutiflil two lingii\!- into |«u U-l.l Half.mi- ,,. ^tired on a high llv t o Natna.k Kiaiiniin &'/ fenaod out and H.-ll rail lo thu d on a paiwd 5;.^' \Ml. Blttuvt-lt wound up I lie- iiiuintf In %& •'• .sftyWnB out. Km- rh\lp« < aw il\« out in f\ J. ' 'Bell. Newlaii'l Hindi* a safi\ hit mtnr-liml «••\'' Cfltttor, Mhldauuli hit to lilauv.-lt who i.. ^l^gfn-flftlXl N»wland at »ornnd. Itih-? liu-d » I i.'ati h|iol I K. ||'airtii.x, (. I f . ll. W Slll-ll'.T. I.I b I <i- ''liol t. i-.. i''. S. WiNon. .' I. NUI^.-M ii.'-ii \\ I Mt-Kaj, - - J H A \••\•• Jii'l '• J I. H-.i nutt. r * spoo l • f Mai 11 J.I..O.I- .1' b . -K J. MHIIIIIIKIHI. N l 1 \l ••• t I f. H. !( IIIIIIH, j . II I-. M-ir.-ll < !• SKNKi'\ I.\k'K S1I-. \MKI:>- A I'lobald 41- in I in> lablf. I'I • fol I .ii. ••f It in runiori'd Ibal tli.' tiui»* tubli* I SI-IIPI a lalo. liniili. I- abiiiii lo undfi^'i II ' • lninH«*. ll i» |ii.i|iu-»i| I \ bin.. I\ ' In in l- mid mii-h iiialii' a IOIUMI Ii ip Uo> illl-tul I fnuii (iKiii'Va iit the iimriiiii^, ami matin,; a round I rip. will rulirn at nln.nl 1 bull in I In- .ifli'innou Tl Hn-) willl'iii. 1 WatKin^ in tin iiiorimij nit.I v ill n-lnrn .1 . liLMthAC nr 'Ilia ftJiiiM. / Wnii-iioii.-lull 3u. t«W. <i Two uiiMh'ul n|M»rtj) from Hfliefiv Falls with a hand iii^/ui, ami home ami buggy, ma.ir Wal+rlooa »iHit last fveiiiiij; at about ; o .lurk. Tlmy drove through the streflta ] and ™iinr»di.i| our • itiyi>m u» tliay were tak- . nif; thfir *it.»tu afur Kiippijr. Tint t'laWMir |fi 1 |HW c» ri'jidon.'l by thi< rotating cruuk of the . -BtWvu.i'e.i Mi»triiint.ut propulletl l»y the t.u i-p- o[ the .-lank a t its bandlc «er<. \ Pat ii. ki. i»a),'' \ ,1'ihntiv ib-t Yonr linn,\ and ' othiT pall.ati. aiul populnr aim, intefMpered with on\ o< - l wo uinvaiiientK a relignwo. The i*]iorU be- oiuiiig ..\ha.iial<'d from tin* nlfortt. put forth to pluHH*. their liil'Mii'in, .mil In Bt««rliis thohorm', tb<* other in \U'eniirf tli« iu-1 rumeiit ••lank. IU*- homi' lifiii,; lired and Un-oi^aii dry, the party iln- fpo| t» a 11 i b (».*. i, liit.-hi'd tlie ^lunlruiied in a po-t, li-aunj tl r^iin in the Im^uy and .noil am.Hid Uiu fai ii'*i lo *i<*** some fiiMiidM I Inn hm I not b«i'ii ifuue long w lien ll initial • oMiiiu'Ii' HI] iinutniK time with .ii^ • iiuihil appi'inliiiji., wliM'h \ontlns in cor. i... I A lb tin' Inn*-, that were .-arelessli , tin., i II over tin- l.fdib.iai I. iitiii.|ii|| them !u li..p .in in« Inn. 1 ijliul ti^i«, tlit'li tbt- ol'^uit •a.' HI\ ;;iniit ind th e IT O -••• began 1\ 'Ian-•-. -0 ill lifi'piii^ liiu.i with Ihi-afiuitMino •ippi-inlaji\. adiliii^ liii lif-l\ by wa y ul i.ti iiilnut .lianiii^; a ini'ii\ iiiiHd of ml I IHIIUI„ -pii lnl..r» In Iln- •.[•ol Tin* uplifts llllUli duti'dl l'1-.llHil lo 111\ tilMIB, Hill* of HIIUIII in hi-aiiMel> Hlippe.l oii.thoNiilewalli Iln- iiiMitnl tint to iiverloynil to «t» him , 'ii'il .1 lt-11 l\ivn thri'H it.-, fore II-JJH ovei j ..is r <i J li'ii unfit*.| N «lioitlih'|H, uii'l fnuii I TO A.OENEVA T<)L*»H. j If ttia particular one of the four Geneva I toiigfiis wbo tiaeklod E.M. Clarke a fuw night since while peaceably going home, will rail at 33 Elmwood avenue, he can reeeive some good a(Jvi'*e about tackling strangers wtiiVh he can impart to his lonipaniuuu in sin; HI*' watch, cliurin and small amount of UKUX'.V lost in tackling. K. M. I'LAKKE. HOP GROWERS' EXCURSION Tt) N1AKAKA KALLH AM- 111 KKALU IN Al'OCHT. O n Tuesday, August aoth. Via N. V t'. .v H. It. K. K. -Three Hpi-i ml Tram- of First Claw Coat hen GOOD Dn the aliove date the ltij; exi'iir-ioii ot the season will be run over the New York Central t o Builalo and Niagara Kallc Sev oral bands of niu»ie eiigiojeil fur the da). Pair for the round trip from (Jeneiu will be only $l.«.\i half that rate for thildren. Hpe cial train will leave (leneva a t 1:4\ a in Oo and nee the might-, tnlarutt. Stv the new eleetrie line that»kirt- the watei- almi^ the gorge. Hee Hroek'n monument and tin electric i-ity of tlie world The .'..nimittee will give a ticket to Lew intuit and return andatri i on the Maid of the Mist to the tiest looking couple on the exi-ui'Muii Koi full particulars teemii'ill hand bills. • I lot All tanned hoes and ties have been reduced 'i!> per cent a' Oulthulis lieMdtraliiin-.tore . Wt- give good values in all departim-utK. Our stock of Sum* iiitT (JCKIIIS i* fast ineltiiiffHwav.liut we can still show a good variety of Sew and Cloth Traveling Suits. Shirt Waists and Summer OijH-s. in all of wliifli we are giving in on- than good value. (iood Values in Suiinncr Dress (Jootls. (iood \'alucs in Hosiery and (iloves. (iood Values in Thin rnderwenr. (Iood Values in Suminer Silks. (Jood Values in Wash (Joods. flood \'alues in Sun rniluvllns. (inok \'alues in Table Linens. (Jood Values all through the store. -%/*-%^%/%*/%^%/%/*V%^ The J. W. Smith Dry Goods Co. •10-12 Seneca Street. IF YOU WANT TO ON YOIIR U|A T - - GO TO ki-*>.\l bi» oii'ilr itn frieo'l Hai| nut some I ••I in molion. the fol aier to beat the motor A NEWDKJ'AKTMKNT rtTOUB. Mrs. M. E. flachman. of Madi-oii -Ini-t. will open a ile]iartmeiil -I. re at I!\ S, neia street to morrow. Her st... k VMII . .insist ul dry gootl, groeeties, . r.-i Ut-i \ . jlii.-.ii:in-. etc. She haa u guild locnlmii and will lonl't less secure a fair trade. — . _ -«. « 1,UI)1 I'lUM' Take the morning boal I'm l.o.li and spi.ud athiyora week Ymt will i-nme bail, ivh.'sh «il by ltd cooling breezes. There is no more pleasant spot in New Yin k state m w hn It to spend a vacation than ai l.o.li Is tf Gil MIS JlK|.l\ KltKli. The Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca l-'alN and Cayuga Luke Traction Cojupanv is prepared .1 the • I'lH'l helped the ei'lline to Ills feet | .null e nin-ilei-In a ding stole they « ol'l'l to collect parcels in anv |iai t • d I icit. v a ami >lill be in -iiib • Ihei- warm embrace Watei loo ami tleliv er -ant. t \ iin\ pin t of \ll\i awhile ,...*r>lluii(* was put i n order ', WaU'l'loo and Geneva t. -pe. Hit l.i . Cm-s i lu-ii the vein, le ami H^IIII wi.ft-mice more ,. UIT yiug packages will l.-a.c iieneva at '• •\ • -.\ill an .1 li. in ll. in . ninl will I. an- Watei l\u a siimlar tune be particular^ tics. It lusuie- tlfnl lahe wllle s|*\\ ; ^i<> 1 *W 0 P lfl y*t ft™* •\\ t l |l '\' v ,n \ ,, \ i l wl111 . ||ySf'^tewi»g Mlddaugh to leadi third Mi'ehiin ^\'\.'(arlod to Steal sneoud but was thrown out . S' »C..i^'Bfaloaethrowing it to Fit/gerol* « h\ Melded („,.„ tn ,)„. j,,,,,,i „( „ -^ ^f|\v'It 60 Riley. j Navigalnm Coinp.tni * v ^^ .tntliBtlllrd Ultmiirs Hew out to the t tg'it th.*u i>ati-..n-. fluid. Riley drove a beautiful two bagger ItO-OOnter. Malone hit a hot one tn Hol.ei ts WlW tlrojipud it and Malone iiiiuU' llfst OitrtAiu lined out a clean hit past thu d and BilPJ' secured the llrsl run \f Hie &'>\\• mtSSgoralil came to the bat with Malnne mi *hifd and Curtain mi sei on.1 lie drove a 4»isy cutter past ilimi and In ought in 'I his tl \ \ Ml Mine.,.|ll'-|it will plfiiiiin! I'i CM -MI -imi pat a imilid l i • j • .ivel oil be ill it han^e •.( boat and u n tin Ll* I 'I In l.oiind !• |.'. nsl- id 'h< laltel t' a I i.ll . the tune \f I 'll i l Ulc bacli I \'i III, i- :ill IHld '.' \ill ft In l-tl A I.AKGK SI'Oi K OK Copper Tea Pots and Coffee Pots NlCKTL HUATkU, JUST .:. RECEIVED AT CHITRY'S BARGAIN HOUSE ¥. UL GATES Glove and Hosiery Specialist. E. WILDE'S MEAT MARKET 73 SENECA STREET. fll l .»•• Buy Furniture WE GIVE IT AWAY, hook at the display of Euga, Xabloa, Chain etc., la our w indow ami relleet that yon ran k>» them all by buying your Tc». Coffee, LS oft'., of us. ' \•\\\'i py CITY BRIEFS. ii. liSiv 'WPiMi'-'*- Mftloneand Curtain. Hell pui a sate hit into WM&&% Sbortleft', Balfourdiove.me].asi Meehiinaiid will I .I'itegW'ald Hcorod. Kntiiiiau again famietl Blawy<slti hit to llooiev and ret uml, . losing i'?\-** '* r |*'M'.'''*&« intling. Ktrk opeii'-'l foi I'h.'lps In hit s?' l*'%^Ht*St *° rutnmrs who threw him out on lir-t i -j'Sl'g-illooloy bi t safely into center. Huberts .^i^^jCOVe a hot one to Klauvell, but Mlanvelt ^lisCftfjionW not get it in time to catch Ihioley ill *.S|f^ JSBOOnd. Lonke went lint mi a llv to Illlei £&*' 3Staniuclt hit a hyt liner to Klnuvelt. Case Forrest I). Alfoi'd will open retitaurniit m lie* l'\alrfa\ hloej. 'I'lie ball game I'll I he college . aiuiiit- llaV lltterll'ton belweell 111\ lui-ines^ tllltl lite lllll'sel l men u f Ijeu.-Wl pl'illlt be ol unusual biteie-t l'he ^ule n \S |.. eipt - iiiitni u. o,. leviill'il to tin. dl.nlillU I\ lund Pne imuiis will |..ili.-ii i„ .1 I.. a lively game \ game of ball I- >ebe.|u|...l !•• dav l» I w eon the liipmr ItMiler- <*l ll..n.-\i ii.'l [.> tins, at the laliei plm *• \bout i .\ .-n»\ litplol dealols left f.il lions m i Hi,. I . , llltin It Is elpe. led He n W .11 i \I n i ii I. -n 1- etl with hoftoi's 'l'he bit \ . le Uiliriotlneul a i I't* clnpluili pall, to morrow will henu event f-.r it.-uewi 'l'he fin e- w ill he \ e| V h,t\l e-l iii^ and V. I life Iflsft*'-\ *•*''' '-'.'v- fe-JiiJ til. plot . mint m that pat 1 ot the tot, n i'bin les H K-.l-erts leputi fa. tot t in ipeitol , visited lienev a Yiu-tel bit an d l..,.l,e. o\er Un several liakei.es h\i\ tits ni-j.e- tloll of bakerie- is until.•! t/i.l un-l.-i Hi baiiery inspe. tiuti law pa-se 1 Mat .' '-'. • •hap Ms Mi Hol.ei t- I, in,.| .in I,.,' shops m good ' I' I't ! 'It lb- Mia -i I o ' I'l'^lll-f I-- tepil.l- >l I.Mil lltg s|iiiil--t i n Who WW running for lioobn did some dill : bill playing hore. He deliberately pushed BlttUVolt over, lutelfermg with the lattei's j mfi attempt to Held th« hall 1 he ninpii. The new llag walk !i.,n promptly decided In in out aiiinUl howl- \I the Chase nun-M v 1. ml. 1m IrrOtoat from th \ Phelps '.mlingenl In th e fouith Ditmars fouh'.l mil I. - SDooley. Kiley butted tti lii'alie and was re ••ttfod at Brut. Malone put a beauty over ' SlpCOnd base, but It did no good as Cm tan. retired the side on three strikes C.ne hit tt Fitzgerald an d wa s thioiwi out at ib-si Hewland went to tlr»t on bulls Middiingl ifnockod ft grouudor to Fit/geiald mid died t suggestion- i at flmt. Malone made a w i!d ihiow in sei [ \ ,l '.' ondnndNewIan.l leaihoti thu d lil.„tk<-4i The biWlwr simp IN II ttsifPUelps would s. ..re. but Meehnu faun.. I •'l\\r W\»t of the .d I p..-|..rtl. ,• ..n s. 0-Qj( f1 street, is tine of the limsi . ..nt ,.,,,,1.1 Ifltho fifth Kit/gmald put up a high Hi 1... , best .-.pupped places 11, t.-wn wbcte Cut, , Bell poun.l.,.1 one to Roberts and was , \\<• •' '• l\g \\'\ '* -« 11 \' '\' I - retired a t lirst. Kalfnur hit to Namatl. and ' '* fn ' ''\ ' \'\' ' \ *\ •was throw u out a t first. Kirk opened f.u j Snpci tnii-udei.l .-f pni.l.. U .1 i,s \lh..| Phelps with a g.iinl drive Into center Held has awarded 1 he . ..nt in- 1 1..1 ,.,,-t 1 u. IU.J It V«13 lielded beautlfullv bv Hrannan Kilev | veil,, al wall !.• pr..|e. 1 Hn* I • 1 m - 1.1,1,1. retired Donley on a high tit .an d lllnuvelt j Hie lav uga and Is'ent-n .anal at lb- I •• 1 did likewise to K\bei ts Hie bike, lo i: H Fleiii.i.g v 1 . •: *i Bi'anuan opened the sixth in- hitting « ; phi. i- .11 <-;-i.v>11 grounder to Dot.ley l'luuv.lt hit safeh t. \ \\\ ~ right tlehl mid went to second on a passed ball. Dltinars here niadu the hit of the game. He drove a long one for 111 rep bases and Hlnuvelt came home Kiley fanned and Jdalone went .nit to Middatigh 111 cent..,. Leake put a high one into Hell's ten 1I..1 y Bell got it. Naniai k hit to liitmars. The latter fumbled an.I Nanutck roa. lied lli>t i™\ l \\ n s ,s ,,..,-,., ,. ,„„,„,. mii-AiriK-s. 1 I h e \ \ llli-lluii Wheelmen » Weekly p i lit Hce 1.1. e meet will lake pla-ie al Maple i.iuii fun ground- litis eieniad, weather p 1 un) lin g I he \ \ atell ofueL band did not give it- 11-11.il Snl 111 .(at evening open air fonceil la-t wei I. owing tn the uiisellled state • ! He 'v.-.it her I lie sl.-llll p|. a-ll|i v.i.ht , leieutl v lillllt , in the lt'-tl - Hi 1 is . has I u lauut bed and hii-teiied The St.rangei she lm- had her engine oierbauled am i iin)trovetI -line hei tinil trip She I- a handsome little • i.ifi .tnd w ill |ti'u\.. n -w ift*-r -in.' limn an\ oil ll tv.tti'ls .luhll H Itctltlles gathered. Illsl Week. I mill His la. ul II' Kit \He '.'ill lill-llels of wheat J. 011. I . a, re- tnil.111^ an aterage.il it. I 1 l.ilsl.el. I., the in 1. fills I- llie l.e- t . |..p I ep .1 f W > Illl IVl'd f I nil I 1 lit- I li I || | t \ t- \ei 1 un iiuvoi.e 1.,-at I f Irf-I us hear II ,,t,t .1 IIII He I friends j \\ II I- I'.-n 11. . s. en : . uiti-l \f Si raiihe ' - • n^it^i-il piilnlili^ -1111* new -. eiies and . p.a. ho, .1 I .lies at I In Academy of . \l,,.i .1 ll.jsj.hi. ,. Mi '1 ,'llllt seems tube apeiIevlUUlster.il 111- pi utt'-SMi HI UuJ Is do | ,11^ ,.\. ,-lleut tA.H U fu| the lliaiiaiieiii.M.t ot fee \ 1 1- nil I'I U>I'N \|„-s .Ml-- MUtt liilahef it tlsw.w,, , , tl,,. .'li- l ..I Me- I' II I'tllt \ll Kits! W llblilit N11TICK. Hi'. F . A. Greenes Dental 1 Mil. e will be .lusi'd Saturdays tbruii^li .'nit and Vu^iist. A Sideboard is nlw.ii- ait urnauieut as well as useful, and we arc showing 11 new hie at prices that inu-t make them -tl 1 . Call anil see the late-tt le-. J. 1\ Hm. ,<. C11. -ni.V \..'Castle St. Foil SAI.K. Sri,ful III tele s \I household goods will be s..ld a t a riiicriH'-e K..r fin Hi.-r partic-11 lars apply .Satiudai ol this week, from in a. m to \1 p 111 nt Mrs Dr t'lm k's. No. II I lenei a street. '1 I t<' 1. , iinly O'I 1 cut-round trip to Seneca point • ul Canamlaigua Lake Thur-.la}, Xii^u-t 1st via the New York Central. Al'TKN'lliiN. I.VDIKS I will be 111 town for a slim 1 lime laknie, orders lor the Smulmg 1 ti-tom inade • \i--et Made stn jtlv to order and a pcil.-, t lit guaranteed. Call at Mrs Snutl.-. N.. '.' Mam street. MISM M. WKI.SH '.4 to V-' WANTS. \ 11 i.iltertisetiienis under this In ad uiie .-em |.ei tt.ird each insertion. S* notiee- taken (.a 1 incel.tt. Sltiialintis wanif'l fii 1 Ml'ST ilft'i'inpant adteih s inenlJt fur tin- ...'luinii hum )) hiiskets. Picnic I'hite iilld htllieh Boxes. Our W hiti- Lawn Waists have joined the reduction family. Nowhere else can yon Hud such fine mater- ial, choice styles, perfect .shapes and careful Jini-.li . They are now T.V. 451.lit) and Sl.nu instead of *M.im t o *ya..*itl. I'.efore goin; aw ny procure a dozen pack- age of \Sanitary Towels\- Inereasea.iCop|s| fort, cleanliness, diminution of risks o f diseases. No washing. Kniiorsed by physicians and nurses every- where. 522 EXCHANGE ST L. L. Rea Tea Com' Seneca Street. INSECTS, WORMS, BLIGHT. These arc the grout eiiomios of iuo rgtmnp awl Gnrdenoi', wtio Ion* millions of itollai* 111 this country overy year through ihn.«\ • ages of these peats. Wo can help you eavo some of lliii monn- by fiirnisliiiii: all the-iirlncipal INSKCII- CIPKS and the, chemicals tor emulsions oi mixtures for spraying, g!brMmg|^(|KHHajgM|9 -otrcchuttof 4 iakuic'IaiM;<fom\p^iii*s^;flnd ate » »»t« I. .jsptt.fnbull0i8t - ' ' -SSlijo vitriol....4J<o riallebore....,.i.' B \ raws Green 80c London Pmplo ISQ . Insect Powder.. .25c W. O. N-EELEY, Corner Drug Store. Famous New CASH -t 1 *'l M M l.l; Hid M \I.T H\ l sK I h«> lu<in.Iali\ii will- I. .1 llie aiMilt.'lilu H..-S K Ne-t.-l mnl l h.ulse .111 lh«- south 1..110, -if li e sene. a and laviua canal , ea-l .I the Ion I, I'll.Minis \ Bio's, e..i l y.-u.l .,1. |iis| . un,|.l-te-1 and the • nrpent \i - ate pifpnt.ne. I., biiibl th e supeis,t 1 n. 11111- Wll.-li 'itll-hed III\ bud llllg will he ,.f .o n -. li ' il.l\ bill, t' . I- -lis an d plesetll -ii, lm pi \ . ,114 .tpptinrnii' e 1,1 the pi-iii-.i, «>f .in t illume it \ . . uples '1 I'I lltl.ill ...t..|. I, I, e | ,.| t..iH|.| •s 111' \ HU N WANTKl l -h s situation hi a tuali of htisiuis. :-.- N. IS. MVIM li, I.em in. N V l\lf* W \N'I'II> An eneivelli mill unit a ft .t doliamt.i invesl 111 a pi oil table hn-nie — lifjii'ie \f II. .seaman, Muti-nui House VI to :,(• \ A I ANT1 II Tlllde ll.illldei- R'\. I Khun. 61 t.. )ttti\ls lull KI'.NT .rt oinl llnor 'I It.1 roOlllMl.lll II st-,-1 s Applv at tl e 'I 1 tt I. -•I 1.. -.,. Th. Ktutl- .i Hi.- purlin \Tl\' • f t| „ ^ 1 v en last eten M K .l m rib l.l PERSONAL, on 11.. .I w I I,. .1.1 II m 1 In Cade butted a fly l o Rilev who made a don bio by retiring Niimack In the seventh Curtain lilt to Meeluiu who threw hun out at first KiUgerald drove one at Huberts an d met with a like fate at llrsl. Hell reached lirst ..a a -hurl hit Italfmu made a two-baggei and Hull • rou-t .1 Ihe plate having stolen !.. set mvl on ,| wild throw by Leake Hrannan a^.un hit Ihe' air leaving Halfour mi-cunt I\ Chelp-, Ifewlanil liatted to FilKgirubl an.I was i r tired at first. Midilaugh and Mtt-hnn fanned theair 111 shnlt uldel . Hhiuudl slniledthe ball ill the etgltlh In a sab- hit t.. cntei Ditinars drove one to Nauui.k wh.. made a •double play by thinwiug 1,. iSr-t. n,i,., flow out to l ai,e •Kirk went out on 11 ton) llv t o Malone Dooley hit safelv to 1 ight 11, t 1 Huberts OTttdon clean hit to hdl and advanced Don ley to second L.-ukt- bit to Ditinars and the latter threw Donley out at third. Hell made thestar catch ..f tin gume. Namn.-k put n nightly into his lleb'l and after n hard inn Boll got It The play was ronudh applauded Malone gave the ninth a good ttart by send ingatwo lugger into center Held. Curtain M ii le-nedl! I letuiued I est* \ Ort bartl lll'nif \ll ( at lit'li Ink ! has been spiuiihug the past t-'i t family w ill ictm n .-n rino-dat 1 Hiram A1 nisi i-oii, b....ki p Smith dr r g b .p.re, 1- ta- n viii alitii, Joseph Wagliei u f the .-.Ii.itl, I'I' i,...|. contpauv, n . 1 olllpanied I' I In- lalldT t- v tsitinj-r HI Hutl'dlo and t cuntt Miss Mi'Ille \\hltwell . h Ik It lh\S • III go..,!- -tui 1 i-Mttav '.-in e . r I-.la- >, a It'ni'i of aliHi-tic\ (u-.-lgi F Dilniai - past gl.ni 1 I 11 n I W ill ICplfsent 1)1,1 I list |. l.i .1^. III II.. Ue 1 I ing of 'he »rnii.I I\ Ige HI .Lot.!-I, 11 1, \llgllst Mtli W F \ \ ill-on nold e gland 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 will be the delegati nttlu ni.ftit, , f ll,. Odd Fellow - Holllii llfc.iH tat .11 11, t.-l,p.-i : oil \llgus t nth Miss Ll/zie Allsop th e popular . I. 1 k nt Clot! V s 1 in 1 gui 11 -1ti| e I el in ited t \ i la V .it I. I a s..|ouin ul a lew -lav- >u l attnluhi— ua lake. Mr. nii.l Mrs I; ( ...I^U p !...-• -1 .1 |n.„ . , vt .-re in Genev a t t-stei tlav Wm H Dunning wiu. al-li |.. „ci .|..n. •, Ins ollb e j e-lfldlty 111, lulls ...II,I„I,, lates Mi Diinmng 11pm. his i..u,i n.nj. t Ml- .1 V*. [l„l illl-l s.„„dlll s e ' .,.. nan Is.. 1,it- lit 1 le sum of $'.'l ; tl .]• ,i,t- 1 1 p i i> entid tin mend loo I* n 1-O't 11 •I netted 'l'be pal s ,.t ,.„f, 1 \\K s \].l A eheilli -It I \p|'l> at TlMn.s,ifflre. W AN I I.H llmk hv tli-t dec.,iai,.i at J1.7-. .'••I k ,. , i. , uatttceit .11 no p:t\. 37 l.ui'leii HI ll sK TO I1KN t.tr premise*. s.lltaie plant • ll't e .'.I p. per Y. A |i]|lli|. 1 III.I dat. t.itu.l Illlkl I V l-.l t ( • I ]n l sK Tti IlKNT.-At lo North l-.\. hani-i' [ 1 Bio-et Km- I'altleiilars en.pine ..n tlie en.,tine .. 1- p. , ll-.I.D P CS I'M I'Utl llti.N-s I in in.-ml •(? tin \ M (• \ „,.. },„.i ,'u.. in tli'-'i pi'-piiratioiis tor then I- n-l.l ;i.,\ sp..|ts „i,.l .utiles lire Is-illj; i-,'.it\i-d 1U1. K at,.I tttst \u,..i,4 ttieui at e evpeit athltites and e\ . h-t s lion, -s\ raciise. \ul.111 n 1; 1. h\-tt t I'almvia . I t..,i s Cllde l'|.,,a\a 1 Inoii . Hiligliiillii.'ii I ot I laud. Ci.riiing I', i.n S nt Sen. .11 I-nil. un.I Kuir.ib. 1 in, ul .|., 111 st ,.|. . ..s.-lnl \V.-litn that bit- el, I ...in. i.l I..\ - 111I1 • ipaN-d \ii SiilMidai A-u \-1 ' 'll. al ll\ M ip> 1.1..1 . I,,, , F nK SAI.I. nit K\l HANi.K- 11,„. |„„.,. IJ naiMiM irit seiitle, snund, ami a (-..\il ti'te, ,w :l sell in-i'\i'hali^e fur a 1.1. tele •n 111 h I |M Ks ..nice. \pplt •••If 1 Mm ,\\ < > U 11KNT - Two liinuls.uuel.i fuinish 1] 1 Cage'- lint st,,,-, applv at tin- '' Ktf ' me ..f tin limsi niierestinjr etents of the presem amusement season will be the appearance of Junes' Famous Hew Vork hand at jJJOK PRE-EMPTION PAR&, SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, ISI95 'II 11\ F nlt sill A i.ootl liiTi-Mim-m- Mi prop em .11 Ki'iida a. .Seneca e niutt. euiisi,tii,e ..f -ti.ie. dttt-iinji and hiini, hon-e .,,,,| .p.,,. heateil lo slcain; now rented fur s itin- at tr-'i\ teailt Hosts a jfiH, 1 haijrani. A'U.. „i\ hum ,t,.*I ••!.;•. MadiMin street, iieneva; lot is lar.'t i^li f.-i 'unit er hi nisi'. Iiiiptne at llaehni.-u • if li- \ i\.« .w.i.^i ..ffl ,-.rr^..? . . '* inj--.iui.nrn1.i«' s-.-l.-c-non-. n- the flr-st part nf tlio profrram. PIHJII pel formanco concludes with a rendition of one , .. , • i,,-,, (' - ' , ' , ' ,V , •*?,\'' o S , 1 \\' U, ' I, ;;V, v '»' « 'I rea-'*;. vvlucli was rendered for tlm fh-st time during the late nntional encaniumei 1 \\\ '•'\\ \ n . 1 .\ Ib'l'iihlif ui I'llWiin-Koi \A Day at the World's Pair,\ the last jircatSIICCOFS from the sensat Ini.s • i , „ , i ..,.\ '\'•\\\ '\'\f \\'K \i v nay ai me w onus ran-, • me last jri'cat SIICCOFS Irom the sensationall penn off thee • i. i.. I. ns , t f ,• • ,, i „i , , far , v , ' i T,,''\'\,'' I\' 1 ,\ 1 ''\\'} n \ s ,iavr ,ulk \ 1 '' b0 oi eonsuinlnjr ihterostat the timodf.ife initio .,..,:' .'..\ '''' ' I', \'•••\il'i'ii fai exeeetled al auiielj.ntit.n. The veterans ruse to their foot and made a hlu audftorimriiiafrlr trei the first time during the late national encanuiniejl • • - satlona pe o th l)illU««j \'\ i*a. B*H UatprodMC- I ,,,,„ .,,,,,, ,,• ,,,„ „ „,., ,.,„,,, „ :-,- -•- •-.\....= ...^' to their foot and made a big auditorium .fairly treifllile *ulli •iii'ttheiidem\ , I ! till\!- evTi.Vum Pheiioinimon, astoni.iuiig c.ntlcs m the etiipondous magnitude of the fnuste.! Iileaadf itsf* < \IN ai and I'eaei \ ! • ,.f I;... h. • f tin I all,. good health and Iru-l- that he ma nil tii the imiimuuiti fui a,int come. hit to Mcehnii an d was shut out a t first ( VV M U \ 1 ' 1 '\ \ f u '\\ 1 '\ - \ Fitegerald planted another for two bags In . ' \; left field and Mulmi. H.m-e.1. Hell was hn -••'I'linn by a pitched ball ami took fimt. llalfour ftnd lirunnan stru. k out t use hit to Kilev ftnd was shut out at hist. New land Hew out at Bell. Mhldaugh got to first on bulls Meehnu hit to Hlauvclt » lm threw Mnldaiij-li Out on second. Thus the gam.- ended 7 t o (' to fin or ..! Oenova. Ap|a-mled is the s. on- I , spill I h e Ul,.., 1, |..r )\ tlei lo.. I . . I t Ihtt t> I ,11* t III 1 \ in tltul 1 l| I'll I . s ' i - n. ,-, I., nig .I..I..I t t.u ti ha in, 1 ,,, l|H..,:i i.\tr- iiui , I,,,, industries n.t.h...| i,, il-l in\ llilo|'ii-u w 'III a lnl„c a. ,ins., I 'ii nil- p. pii hi ti-.ti t In, n ha s M i o.l in a !• in; U ,1b Hum. Hule and Home Oil. I t n fn I., it- ' h. it is ii,. i,-us,.n that \v Hi lo- -f ', I I...I I.... II, Let hei I n , 1'. I .i . I.II 'f \li- lan e Nels,.,,. i, |„ J .-I ,t !.. '. nt\ in tin- i illag. hist S.it m hit n, ., ... k pin. e yeslerdat ftfter tt.- i. (t. Ill ll\ 1'tesl x telian .shapfl o n M»lii -tieelill 1 - -I.-. k I'\.ease.I wa- a ll.'ttllt -.f In ,an.l .tnd wa s ; . n-ui s ,,f „j;e Hei ' W S t sii n-i ivad th e funenil -HI t a .. T|„. tenia n° >t »tft l.-p. .sit,-.; in M-i|.|. lir.o,. ii'ieei.-.*! l-.M-haiifre bt. l.cneta N. \ P.i-tf F t'HsAI K A l'.twler l.irjile IS'.i!) nmdel nt Mne . ..ii,litinn. iittt ridden inure than one loin lo-'l iiiil.-« ,-nu lie had at a harjrain 1- s, Weil- I' lliulit street, Iieneva. 4.VU',* Two Performances, Afternoon at 2 O'clock; Evening at & Admission 25 Cts. Grand Stand, 2B CtSs W IN TKH I'.iiiplotiuent nf an tvillinj- mid hustling lining man I UK I i M tsnniee. kind. In n Apj.lv 4\-.0* HINT l'he lintel at the Driving Park mi leiisi.tiaiile lei tu~. Injiureof W. (,. Dim- Xnt •w^SiiR Ladies. Blativeit.bs. mtman. 8b BUey. 2b.'.;... . 'HbUone; e. Curtain, vl. Jfitizct&to, \< Seirif; ...... JliWfnui', Ih . j8r«nnau, <f... (JKNI- v A. P. nil -.ail nu i- u o t o .1 i o c the iDlei.-st city . Knii- I I. M..»g. tuw n t o day the gut s( uf t he Chasi- y'liisri \ . is looking the ground taking th, gemral -e, t mngniti-ent Y M ' \ W. W Hundi aiul w It... ,.f In. e .. Suiitluy with iieneva li lends. O Kdson J. Weeks, general ,141-111 m J X. Randolph, traveling agent el 11,. in P tv 11 |, 11 I.... I, I.' .1 111, York t cfitrul railroad w 11> th. *'\»' '»'., They Uiok o trt | .'D 'Uiie to Wftterloo .^j C: fvilllth.-t.f -Aubllll, - S -.Ithe Arinoir iieat i\mpi.. \ f H.iilm.., ,. ,, ••f M i J I. Heine 11 'iitpnni M r M..^, H I er It 111, a V ,,-w to lai t -hip <-f 1.. ,,. ,a - •i'.'tit ' U dat I t .', V Ian.I I: • •'.i' H i-u in- k died al i„. ii.l Mill -treet • ' • I. \i the sit), , , I ii.-,- , 11.1t ,t.. ,. f .,, and I,a- l.--i,l,-,i liei, •in-. II . I,.,,t,.s | , 1 t-sidelli t , 1 .1 j^er Simday lutiriiuig . ai of Ins age Di- mly CuMin. Ire dining the past it. .hi'ijilitcrs „nd Have ynu seen ou r lino of Walk ing slioes that we arc spiling fmtu *1 2\) t o S2.00? The mmilil y i- lijrlit; so is the prico. An exam-j Inatioti of thptsC SIIOPP will rnn- vince you that th e above asscr- ' thin i« correct. Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted Burbank, 1' • ' no 1 .il till.\- pla. 1- at , tit. 1 nu. 11 11.111 11,, h..!!»{.. Kei •'b- inline tt it), infei inent •• \i an t4 1 t *-• a M., nt xt iliHir m 1'. s. h\pre*- c 0. in I.. I . ii .i|f...l f.u • .r. liewva J tinl 1 i n tie 'ii. I ins oil AH i.M'\ Tn l.i 1 AN *\'\\ti' ,.ii g I Hia ! I'.-lni. . , lillng, ,.f lii-m-wi \|.plv a l itli'iii Itt-ni't a 'ile da t s & ubacrlbo t of Tfl» Tuns. REMOVAL. The Qeneva Steam Laundry HAS REMOVED TO •^mvmw^vm^m- . bpQ&t.tw S. H. VKR PLANCK. I P. N. NICHOLAS, I STFPHKN COHRSRY, I F. M. COXK. M.JACOB S MEYERS BROS. Is the cheapest place in Gehova to buy good Honest __ We will not be undersold. Kvory dollar's worth of goods we .•nrry was made this year. Old „„„„„,«„„ ,„ w „,„,.„ _ gnoils are not elienn at any price. Ncw *«•* out, largo aze. «.». !W 5*^,3 ' Vneos v |fe. AIM » new Jioe of Stono 8«t gJ3 Weddiiii Gifts LATE AWIVALS Now designs in qn t 6lm».Bon Bon »W» j 1 If a-ked will loll von lo jro to H. L. DE ZENG, JR., 20 sENbCA STREET. For tetUiMtory Work. \ii'l^i*irT'f ? .^^&^lii '-ft ifrif^ ^jy^tf^^ln'^lh'iiy.'fi Vl^C* ITtT^iri ^Ti, 1 t i Meyers Bros. One Price Clothiers 41 S«h«o»St, opp J.W.Smith* Co, 'jd^sjBik the]I*§bt|iin« flftcltlluC i»<3«hevi- -* **\] less Wtatfing Rings, warmntcd, ai 3 J.R Wortb^ n »—fr»' umnt*******\

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