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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1895-1904, June 17, 1895, Image 2

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,Tm»$a0*i If^ry; ™™ vw .\.SftlT'^r??^?\ fife.;-, ••Mill Ut- ile publicans nlioiild nominate not only srood uieu, that senators will hold oilW-e forthree years, that hBNAToB HILI. must be beaten, etc., etc. This article appuared simultaneously on WediiesJav GENEVA Mitt TIMES, MONDAY, JUNE:. j^MPS,- NOW IS YOiFlBl ililU'WUliLii. Ijpg^ eyery day except Sunday I m several newspapers which put }''^ ft •fgf?*ri«l' 53 Seneca Street. 88..., ¥. f^4|^iU'Cowmanieattons lo. ^E^ljgfck 'DAILY TIMES, * BI^^P^TM, Editor and Publisher, TglfellJ^NE NO. 77. between the lines ami made it louk like 'editorial.\ But. it may be wild that most newspapers preler to write their own editorials rather than to make their readers believe some documents sent out by a political committee are burning thoughts from the uewspijier's sanctum. B.THB wat clouds have cleared away. * f. »fbe» who toil to receive TUET.MKH I THIS New York »un wants the next «• «Wii«nte? 1 rtii«m»r»i!j]»jii»o' eouijreps to pass au anti-third term reso- b» n^|l|.«io tot at tlio business offleo. I lution. N PJfirWwe cannot, ncoe-pt anonymous or re- . f \*«n j^W^Cflmin^eiiiiloiis. In ' nil caecu the i WffiiQ writer will bo reuuircd, not for puli- I At itfjTam m a guarantee ui tooil faith. ifr*** lite flitf-payable on the 1st d a & ol each muiiili. THE statue of WILLIAM I'ENN in Philadelphia is doinj,'norviee as a Hag bearer. <tf a$'i(tcnnilclass matter in the I'ust Office ' at Geneva. ,V. Y. II (fcneva Daily limes roieivea full «n<1 W™ 1 n imorfcotll Culled and Aiwor-teteu Proud Anno- fl«lloilS WILLIAM C. WHITNEY .8 looming ui> as a pre-iiueniial candidate. CLEVE- LAND is said to favor him. IT WILL. PAY YOU. H.DENNISON&SON Popular Shoe Dealers, 30 Seneca Street, Geneva, IM. Y. IT costs a million dollars a year more tOMipport the theatres lu New York triuu it does the churches. Moral un- necessary. LOOK \_• DjstmguisiiiDg Features of Geneva. J n.e bnukf). • social clubs. ** UP i MhXle halls, board of trade. wflifl companies. I iLlric surface rail way. . I wc<,xprossooim>anle». I octi o tamiinal railroad <00 acres of nursery groiindn. I n <,liurchea ami Hi ice chapel*. ^ lino of steamers on Seneca laKe, 1 VC1\0 newspapers and periodicals. x ateani railroads and two stations. I AOnly-niiHi Incorporated companies. \ population of about ten thousand. I anting aendomy and ne-hoo] of music. I jilitlf ill rcsidenees anil pleasant streets. L lie 11 indsomest opera house in Hie stuto. 1 icstale aerie-tiltm-i.! experiment station. I lie H\0 host mineral springs in the world <HS UAIIJ V NltWSPAPElt—TUB TI M KM. iniinunicatloii by Seneca ami Cayuga canal, lwonly-four beneficialy and secret soeicuea. \ eubCrb-Y. M.C. A. building unrt equipment. • *to military cnmimny and an independent 1ml t r . \p enterprising,Intellectual and progroashr I ullititm, Hglit schools, two business colleges, mclud- k Hobail college. « rand army post, Woman's Relief Corps, and L on Veterans' union. tn excellent ivnter system, ami liolli gas and i trie lighting nlants. IfomefW old ladies, C'hurcb Homo hospital, * piojcclefl hospital. Jta people woleomc now comers and are will- infftoailvaneo now industries. STKBKT cloaulng Commissioner WAU i INO lias given u» writing letters a:,d i Kotie to work cleaning the stieetc. | This is as it should be. I JTO (JKT YOl'B WATCH AND OPTICAL WORK Done at Reasonable Prices. EYE FITTING A SPECIALTY A Solid Gold Riding Bow Spectacle For $4.00. Fit Guaranteed. LOW PKICKS and GOOD WORK is cur SPECIALTY UNDERWOOD, 34 LINDEN STREET. W. L. Young & Co. Jewelers. Week Oiil^ Diamonds AtCireatly Reduced Prices. Yoii ea» feuj^ft,' ' •; M-. •••• •>Mk 1 Watches never as cheap be- fore. Silver Blown Sets, Link Buttons, Silver Novelties. F.r f 3.50 T iPii. They must go I have the finest line of Hat Racks eye^'Seen. Prices marked way down.- POLICE Commissioner KOOSEVKLT is fast making a record for efficiency, lie is up early and late and tho cops never know when to expect him. His work It well done and if the police do not do theirs well it will not be his fault. • TlIK Laidlow case against KUSSEI.I. SAOIS is on for the fourth time and it is to be hoped the jury will agree this time. Mr, »SA«U ought to pay LAID- i.ow something and the $311,000 wnich he charged, being made a target of, does not seem to be unreasonable. For the Opening of Cayuga Lake Park BusaiA and Japan have been maki g a treaty of commerce which is (o go in- to force in four years. A tariff treats Including the moit favored nation clause has also been agreed upon to go into immediate effect. Trim docs not look as if Kunsia nud Japau have inn di idea of going to war, Why Not be Well Dressed? We Stay Right Here. Two for One. Do you Catch the Idea ? NO!!! Well, we liuve marked down all of our $8, $10, $12 Suits to Tho largest .stock of Cut Class in tho city. Banquet lamps and silk shades. A large stock of crepe papers in all colors. Special Optical Department. Examination free at Baby Carriages At Cost to make room for other goods. W. Ii. Young & Co. $6.00 2~> Seneca St. 429* Exchange St B. BORGMAN r JR. IRRIGATION IN THE SOUTH. »toE aubjeot of land Irrigation, which Jvas reoelved wtdo attention in the west, ^yill bo first taken up lu a general waj by the people of the southern states at ft special eougreS8 that will meet at At- lanta in October for this purpose The congross will be composed of live dele- gites at large from each of the sou them •tales, members of state commissions of THK president is not counted a prac- tical joker, hut it is said upon lielng in formed that JUDSON HAMON, his new Attoruey-Uoueral, was a man of ample physical proportions Hie president said — \1 am glad ot that. After exchang- ing BISSEU.'H two hundred and seventy- flvcpouuds for WILSON'S one hundred and twenty-five we had to do something to add weight to (he administration.\ Suits for Men at... .50, $10.00, $12.00 '*! !&&<£jti' : irrigation, iiud one delega'e each fnu fiV* 'tegufai'ly or|aulzed irrigation, agrieul * ttaral and horticultural socloiies, socle ties of enghiocrs, state departments of agrieultuie, agricultural colleges and r CODluaerclal bodies in tiie southern * utates Besides these, duly aceredlicd » delegates to\the Farmers National con- ^ Stress aud the road parliament, meuibvis o£ the national board of irrlgat'on, *» * members of congress, governors of i?* ^t»tcs, the secretaries of agnciiltiiic #*•, K&Hoi, the interior, will be admitted a>. ^honoTftVjr members, ;aud many foreign 4 officials, aoct other persons Interested In ttie objects of the congress will be In- r vited to attend its proceedings. s Thepurr/ose of the congress is to dls- *^ tiusa methods [of Irrigation and the '-*• effect Of such laud iuip'rovemont upon »* T southern crops. It is claimed thai there i* ^Hffl large areas of productive laud now lyrocrm almost uselessconditlon on ac- COufat of the dryness of soil which, lu other respects, is capable of fertility. In the same regions are streams, swamps aud artesian wells that might t»0 made to supply the defect. |How can thiB he accomplished, and with what probable results, will bo considered by the in!gation coneress. CLOUDS LIFTING. Tho dark Clouds wide hhave depressed men's Spirits for nearly a con pie of yeais aie graudually lifting and the country teems to be making ready for another era of sueeessful industry and-for sraiii- Jtulttatie. Hard times never last long In this country. In tlio old times be- fore the railroad system made the mar- jketsco»estensive with tho natural lu territory, and many a farmer who had - rejoiced over the bouuty of natuie had to use his crop for fuel, It sometimes took a long time for the country to ro- (!(»ver from a linancial crisis. But now the development of the machinery of commerce has swelled tho recuperative capacity of the natiou to such a degree tuatieotiyery follows ou the heels of depression, and people hardly fully realize that they are floored before they are on.ijleir feet again. The prospect Is that 1896 will beagood year everywhere aod th»t purchases of property made during line period of depression will turn r Jt>u JLlH& le y wntures. lu view °' »' th e jcroanr'.of the croakers who see the future painted in black aud who howl for legislative intervention to make two and tw^Jfpotup five seem pitifully lu aicrous;' Dassuintfra may possess her Boiilln p6ac;e.; while she is lamenting, men Are working, the mills of the gode *re grinding, and the grist is good. WAYS OF AN ORGAN. •• The Koino Sentinel bring* to light the i*^ t methpd.o|#»)eetfitorial writers on the ''iLjpollticiSl^rjfithiifia the state, very naive- \- A s Jrt the following maiiuor: fpi 1 * <»1t*ll the newspapers 1ft the iP'«iren>tfstly<50ufined to newspaper jQbBbi&f^Wttt the/ will not fail to liot'ce ^ jae$tepr%; word for word, between T/editoi'lI) article* W hj C h appe*r«I slmul- x&ltiimij&iti » number of repu6Ucan p*. '\ ' ^^^JM^ct»reUted.to-^tflMi \; : i on to : i»j> :t)«t \^\' ' ' nf^W'^iififcltfl'V\ HOOK gardens arc getting 'popular in our large cities aud there is every reason why they should be. If properly con- ducted they afford recreation t o those Who cannot ge t out of the city if mini; the heated term and tho light rcfienti uientsaud tuuslc offered ure praief'ulli received b y numerous patrons. '1 here are six public gardens of this kind now in New York. THE Cincinnati t'ommeicial i.t a good republican paper, but it indorses all.the handsome things that are lifiny -ui.l atiout the new attorney-general, and adds Its own tribute by reinaikiiii; that, he In in ttie front rank or a bar thai i» distinguished throughout the counti j. In politics he Is a democrat of the uld school. Nei'hi-r greenback iror free stiver coinage Jiad an y attractions fm him. He is a civil reformer hyeonwe- tlon. His last two appearauccs at an\ public function were a t the MOKKK hard money dinner, and a night or two aftorat tiie UOOSEVELT lecture, when he introduced iu an extremely compli- mentary way the late president o l Un- civil service reform commission. -Iiicli fabrics, stylishly cut, tastefully trimmed, OMpiisilely tailored, and as perfect fitting as garments can be made. Finer Ones at $13, $15, $18 and $20 That equal even the best custom gannonl.* in style, lit, finish and general excellence. A larger and better variety in each and every grade than most stores have altogether. Sure- h- these are inducements enough t© cause you lo do your clothes Inlying of us. It would be if vou invesligate* fl. Jacobs & Son 523 Exchange St Ni' MI- in Hie lilblorv ot tlm Clothing Trade lias such \alues been offered. The jdaceiBiU MERRIAIYTS, 4-4-4 Exchange St., Smith Blk. We Stay Right Here. Nuliliy elutli loi>, button and lace Patent Leather Shoes •49 L Bargains t Bargains FOR MEN AT FITZ WATER'S Economy Shoe Store Only $3.00 for any Pair in the Window, Linden ISlocli, Ucncva. IN. Y. FANCY PRESERVES LARGE JARS, Including Peaches, Plums, Black and Red Raspberries Apricots, Strawberries, etc. Only 10 Cents PER JAR. D. CREEDON EXCHANGE STREET. THE Al ham bra 486 Exchange St., DAN. DEEGAN. FIRST FLOOR, Gentlemen's Restaurant. SECOND FLOOR, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hestwrant, Tfie Leadng Physicians of Genen. M. D. BLAINE, M D. -IM (ii-m-ei- si. Ofllcv hours U 1\ li> a >n.,2 In i an 1 ; lo » p m N. B. COVEPT, M7D. -IU Mu n M onu-e hours until !• a. HI., I In I aiel 7 lo N p. m. Telepliom- -21. _____ ADU1E B. DAKE, M. D.-IM Mam si. * >llU-o h-iurB s lo lu a. in., y lu :» an,l 7 lo s p ui m. J. POPE DELANEY, M. D 12 |-ink I'lai-0. OlUcr linmi>n lull a. iu., l i lo J. 7 lo si p. m. H. M.EDDY, M. D.-tS William si (iili.i liuura 8 to II a ra , 1 Ui 3, nud 7 lo - p. in. W. W, HOPitlNS, M. D IK Main si. Oilli'i' hours S lo 9 a. in. -J lo ;;, ami 7 lo n p. in. J. C . KNAPP, M. D. -10 Park l'laoe. (^ilm at Park Place, c- D, MCCARTHY, M. D.--.\ (a-n«- si. Olllee hours S to a a. m., 1 to i, an 17 to !- p. m. WILL McDAW, M. D\ Main -t. otlln- lioureS toU:3Ua. m.,-i Ui4,ani 7 to s )< in. ' J. E . MoKENZIE, M . D.-Oi! William SI. Oflli-c tiou.s 7 lu !>:3o., 1 to .1, and CSu U/S. ji. in ( EVERY DAY AT Harrison's Big Bargain Store Foot of Seneca Street, opp Geneva National Bank. Specials INSECTS, WORMS, BLIGHT. llic lint I ie he^t Ammonia. .V. •Joe decorated ( liina lMates, ISp. Hread I'an* all si/.es, ;lc, liucliinter Decorated Lamp, $1.!>S. Screen liours, she . tjiisfe China Cuspidors, inc. < an Openers, ;ie. Jh-Milviug lluiidlc iiolling i'ln , :!c. ({niul Caipt-t Sweeper, !»Se. lDijiiart (ialvaiiued I'ail, loc. Our ijit-^o large 1'rescivlng Kettle, gr mite, ,s!ic. Our $1 Oil Hull Carnace, 7!ie. Our Mil- copper bottom Tea Kettle, -loc Oianile W.-ish f!aslu!i. I5c . (iraiiitc 1(1 ipiart Tail, C9c. Celluloid handle Fruit Knives, 5c. (jalvaiii/ed iron Dish Pan, 20c. Bit brace, Klc. Brass radlock, 2 Keys, 10c. Double handle Hatr Curler, 2c. .\il)c se t Cups aud Saucers, handle.!, These are the {ureal encmle of the Karnier and liardener, nlio hw millioimof thiKaw in tliiti eoiuilr> every .vear tbrough the ra\- auen of theer jiefets. We c-an help \ on *ave BUHIO of tliH money hi fornishiiiK all the principal INSKCTI- CII-KN ami the ehetnit-als for eiiiuldlons or iiuMiirei. for Npra> nig. \1',' ha\ e Ai:rn*ullural Ueporui, lJook-^, .l\iirnalfi. elc, eontainiiijr lot.-* of l-enp -s for milking ^urh coinpoundti, and are alwavn naiH to ui\c Infornialion upon the Buliject Ibn-im- some jirii-es on the principal ai'tleier. II.M.I in 1.1,1 I..I-.. Him V ilriol... e,c llclli-hoie .. . I' r Pun-1 i -.Or Londoti 1'urple Lie lli-.l'1-t PnUilPl -J.V- W. O. NEELEY, Corner Drug Store. 30c Our handsome 15.50 Toilet Pets, $4AU \V How ( loihesBwkeU\ 39c. Solid copper nlckle plated Coffee I'ot, oile. Our 4 burner double Oil Htove, $l.H\i Handsome decorated Banquet Lamp, *l.;«i. Steamboat Express Sjracnse and Geneva, M. H. PICOT, M D -MJ Mam St. uilau- h»ur»8 to U a. ui., li:30 to .', ami « nm p. ni. T D.RUPERT, M. D.--17 Seneca SI. Oilltc liimi-8x inn a. in., 1 to 3 ami 7 lo c p ui. 'li-ie- phoiie 103. F. LANSING STEBBIMS. M. D.-3H1 WainSL Olltcohours »to |n a. m., 1 to a, nud 7 to 8 p. in. Tele]ihmn' ni. JAS. H. STEBBINS, M. D. S«» Main St. Oniecliom-B u a. m to 0 p. in. Telephone til. H. B-STRONG, M. D.-Su Semca St. Office hours8to 10a.m.,2 t«6 ami itrn) p.m . Harrison's Big Bargain Store Opposite tieueva National Bank H. D. WEYBURN.M. D.-IfiO Seneca St. Offieo hours 8 to u a. m., I to 4, ami evenings. Leading Dentists W. LYNN ADAMY-deniidt. ni scira si.' OOIco hours y to 12a m., and I in fl. p. m. , F, A. 6iREENE-I»entist,SW Main »t. onn. houivjlla. m to Cp m. Jl F. KNAPP-I'entiot, SO Seneca St. office hours u a. m . to5 p. in. J. 01ALLEY & BROS. Grocers and Brokers. I'raflu and I'liRsage Tickets Neuod at 1,0\V UATIvS. 3W f 396, & 398 Exchange St D. E. DEMPSEY IS SELLING GENEVA, N. Y. R. T. REYNOLDS—Dentist, 8!> Seunn SL j — Ofllcohours 0 a. m. to fi j). in. \ ' ' A Triar Soipt^cl, SOON The Geneva Steam Laundry Work in a .Kirnt-otaM SI««nei Straight Whiskies •' «t» Uqnnw for less than you can buy Bectllled, Compounded or Inferior Llquor8elsowliera. It, E. DEMPSEY, 32 CASTLE ST. THE STEAMER C. W. WARNER \\ ill inn lii-t XIUI (irupvA and S\ i-acu-e, Icav- HJK MiauiM. eicry Monilay ami Tliiirmlav at li in ami (ii'iirva i'M-1'i Tuomia\ and trulav at 3 p. in. All gonili bamlled carefullv and \oiir paron- ngoisMiiicitwl. n I., SMITH. Captain. Leading Hotels of Geneva. FRANKLIN HOUSE, GENEVA, N. T. I t, SANBORN, ^op-tor. Sju-i-Inl Atn-nthm tllvi-nlu tianqurlH mill Annual I)itiiio r8 , -oUo r - Something for Nothing J>- Thai's nn I'M-iiim- niul (iflt'itHtjnp: iliHtjoti I'au't wi \H iiu'ihin^ fur for nothing,\ I nii \\f cjiti diHproM' lint. A I<IU* nl Unasiihp run or \soif b.iHtci 1 )^ n jfrtat *'<•»- \01iietu-c 1\ ncM nun . '1 hev iisuufi\ co.-l front $[ tn$'.;iti. Ho luivr iint* Jtiii a- <lurnlilu ; will rlo Hit* wnrK j ii—t n-* UI-JI ami i* (H- tuallv p\**n n\\a\ w Hi *>uv }\HJini nf ..ur (Jiifrit Itaknijt i*ow- ilcr, « Inch uc ^naraiili-c *-jiiisfac- lor\ or li-fumi I'r inmif\. Ju-t In IL. Mi'prlMntM l>u.-tat l.'c. L. L. Rea Tea Company, <> <I l'l-lolllc. lllii'L Summer Clothing At Half Price Odd Sizes io Close Out- Opera House Block ROCHESTER Steam Laundry Ladies' Waists, lUe and lae Collars, _ c Ctifl's, per pair, - - - .] 0 Shirts, ----.. ](),. Best Work Guaranteed L. M, PAGE, 43 Seneca St. Geneva's Toasorial Artist. . .^, N. B. STANLEY, Tniisoilal Parlors, ds Senrca Street I lean .-!»n, s clean l.,«,ls. All work done neat ly and with dispatch. SENECA LAKE SLATE GRAVEL Eiiixrntr LKiHTrn, .STEtM II! ATI D. RATES $2.00 to $2.50! ^IlE-Kirkwood COXE & CLOVER, Props Fm-ill- I li'uwi'i\ \ ' \' ' \\\'\• s • B \ I'^L^.^a'I'iS- and Halts fin me into a hard, amontli \ \'\ per yard lot \ J. T. COOK. A MiiniiKWonn, 78 North St, !i Smitli Blk, Jimi-Sir •BM Only Wholesale L'lauor i- s ''*. i \' n,,M \•\.'' - •--•-.. ,i fc.K'f-lric.'I.ifjhL, »«l«r in Geneva. (JBKtVA v ,M..Y i Biles *i«o tudtttM per d»j-. For Sale. I.-' i'. l !'£l' 1 'i\ e i f ' !n ,r.' 1! \\>\. Prenrrty of llielate, I.. Uinpsland. 'I Ins piano Iww: u eeu ,r»striihir Pols> Hu«ie St^j!0 4 The Allinml>ra is the finest restaurant in Western New York, anil everything was manufac- tured to order in Cincinnati, O., the home of all saloon and res- taurant manufacturers. The DifiTiTftRoom on the sec- ond floor is especially fitted up for the ladies, having aU the latest appliances and improve- ments. Imported Key West and Domestic Cigars. Beers on Draught, Annhauser-Busch Milwaukee, Bartholomay, St. Louis, m THE Alhatnkra c 486 Exchange St. DAN. D--EGAN. New Livery Stable. JleCurdj 'a om stand, Exchange SU-eot. New Rigs and Everything First Class. Funerals a Specialty- FOB SALB. A lot of Seconfl Battfi wagons carriages, ami harness tlia' niust be-'sotttatonce to u nkc, r^ont for new slock, Glyo me a calL F. H. Nichols. Seneca Lake Steamers. TIMBJ TA'B'ttf> QOINO SOtTTtt, LEAVB A. Mi Oenova ...,.,..,... .i.... 1 .. i ,i..„... ftW _ Glen Uowan ..ii.—.i...... tJ*> Willaiit-ovirt „.^.,.-.„ i .' Ji ..«.. «# • Hiphinnds. ,„. i; .„„.„^.„.^ M\ |''0dl->.r-'. ..,.,...„.,„,.,...« I amoreaiix ...J.., f\a North Hectmv- ^....-»,. 10.85 Peach Orchard.; ..„.;. ,i w .„... •*! Olennra ., '......Mm, Watkths, arrive w.,..„..'..'*„ k .....H *» GOING KOBtH. * •XEAVE. MfcV* Walkius..,.; ^.^ ».W* Qleiiora ..' I. „,.. .^..... t \ Peae.'i Or \u>x&............'.........„.....,.. * \-f '• ,.- m ^orth'Heotor..,.,.^.;..:!.....:;,:::^,,....^...?.?,! Lnmorea-x .,.....,....,....„.;„„,...,..,. » ... Highlands ;;. , ». ..~-*.: «h».'Qow»B..-.-.-. i -.^ 4 (lene»»,arrivo....... ;. •?£*$

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