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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1895-1904, June 10, 1895, Image 2

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FJJWS^B!!?\* Ti WyfT •<mmt* ,i-mMi*L •\ •• ,'-v V-.\ V\--. V.S*t''?j-iL ' ••\'\\\\ .#3&*£W . -^.fe^'SOT MMKMMBttWd*! 11 *G$Wra Daily Times # * * 2 Putollfhad everyday except Sunday , ;gj,^|_ej_and 63 seneoa Street. ^T' yja&ifressjM Communications to. \J§gjm$I^ DAILY TIMES, \**\ DjHXON, Editor «nil Publisher, AE.^H3S-*Uofall to receive TUE TIMK8 regnlai-ly from carriers, will ronlor a irrcut ia> ui \tf fijportipi? tlio fact at the husiness oillco. ^ t %ST.ICE—Wo cannot accept nn»nj raons («• «- v U»Vja,i-cjcctedcomrniiniciilions. In all eases i»<- namo o* the writer will he n-uuirei , not lor i>ul>- - of good ialtli. Wtvrt,rejected coimnimiciilions. name oi the writer will lie r lication.bul as ii guarantee • TO-XUSJ.'UBLic—Notices or advertising In- tended tor publication ID this napi-v. by tliojlay. Week, or month, must be iicenuipanicd b> »« Sin advance. All bills for icurly contmc » are due and payable on Hie Xst dn\ of encli mourn. JSnter&l as tennul rlrim matin- i at (/enerii, .V. 1'. //«• /W O/BT The Geneva Bally Times recelto f«ll and Utest neWBUfuoth I'niteil and Ansoclatfii l'ras AHHO- clatlons. Distinguishing Features of Geneva. 'J hut banks. Six social clubs. Nine public hnl la. Aboard of trade. Sixflreeompani™. Blcetric surface railway. Three ox press coin na nics. Moctvic terminal railroad 1,41)0 owes of iiiintcrj ground*. Ten churches and throe chapels. A line of steamers on Seneca lake. Il'welvo newspapers and periodical!-. \Six steam railroads and two staliom.. Twenty-nine incorporated companies. A population of about'ten thousand. Dancing academy and school of music. Beautiful residences and pleasant strccin. U?ho handsomest opera house In the state. The state agricultural experiment station. \i'lio two best mineral springs in the world OKU DAILY NICWBI-AI-EK-TIIK TIMKS. Communication by Sem-i-u and C'aj uga canal. Twenty-four bencllclaiy and secret societies. A suberb Y. M. C. A. building and ei|uipiiieni. State military company and an independent bal tmy. All CJitenuising, intt'llti'liial and pi-ngn-wiic population. Eight schools, two husincio- enllegc-t., includ ing Ilpburl college. tirttud army post, Woman's Kchi-f ( nips, unci Union Veterans' union. All excellent water si»lrin. and both gun and electric lighting plants. Homo for old ladies, church Ilniue hospital anil projected hospital. Xls people welcome new coiners and are will- 'ing to advance new indnstiics. the wlieel, and was as far\a|fev; fr»m1 eyeu th e idea of ufloptinf t'li^Vwlit!el it self a year ajjo as i t wag before tli'e I\ veutlon of the safety bicyc.e. It was B. New York physician's wife win; first learned to title a year ittfo, ai'J hecuim the pioneer among fnslnotiablu ,\vlirel-| women, aud lier example and that of j her husband »m s«o\ followed b.\ I other well-known New Turk men uti'l I women. FOOLING THE LABORING MAN., THB|silvervltes are trj nitf l<> make ihe laboring men of the eniiniiy hi'l.e\i- that a return to tree »il\er .•uiuajft-', would he t o their beuelil, while if 'lie intelligent working-men will true tin-: matter a little consitlcrulion they will see tlilit sncli tlicoiieh cuunot he »«IJ.- ; ported hv the t u'tn'in tin' case, Tin-1 St. Cloud Journal nays' thai—-\The la- j boring men wh o have lu rely on tiieli j daily wages are the oiu-s who would bi the hardest hit by lln> free coinage of silver, and th e cheapening Ot the .dol- lar. The best stand ol value in htbor, and this is about the only product thai has not been cheapened. Th e laboring man to-day ca n buy as many gold dol- lars, and a great deal more of most everytliiug else, as he oould a few yeai> ago. It IB just a^ lioncht and rea.-omihlf to sa y that th e •'crime of 1> ;i\ wa s n conspiracy on the part of the luboriny people, to depreciate ilie price of [ i'«- ducts, whereby they doiibhd tlm pm- cliusin^ power of their olny's work, :t.- the claim aUvaiiui'd by the free -diver advocatos.\ iMZ$m& t>Al£$ !iPIMEB, MON1MY, JUNE 10, 1895, mmu:ff l\' jfl J^>|,|||- 'i i iiWrniifWa 1.1 iii.ii ' lim^iij J i '\_•_' ' L - Don't KM the Weather For This Week Only hot enough, de- H. Pretty shop* i«iuke pretty rfeet. It will soon be mill when it cornea ymi will wisli yo u had a pair of those Uptftliil, co<'l, pretty, low shoes, (jet them now . ir t o n are _wUii! awake* yo u will hapten to make some of our nice shoes Syourovwi. An early seWtieu aiwavs proves the be-<t. l>o i.ut wait HIJUI the last juouieiit. Come and select a nice, i omfortable pair of shot* while the asHi>rtinctit is complete. DENNISON&SON Popular Shoe Dealers, You can buy Solid Oak Dining Room Suit, for 30 Ser*i©ca Street, Geneva, INI. V. Sideboard, : Ex. Table, ' Six Chairs, $24.29 W- L. Young & Co. Jewelers. Diamonds At Greatly Reduced Prices. ,l LOOK For the Opening of Cayuga Lake Park Dont Buy Until You See • ...ths Line... Watches neVer as cheao be- fore. Silver Blown Sets, Link Buttons, Silver Novelties. WHAT a climate we have LKX polities \dr y up\ until full. 429 Exchange St, GENEVA, N. Y. I'KEKIPICNTIAI. llOOIIJS C.lllllol lif got- ten up in this kind of wi-utliitr. Tim ht. l.ouis is o n tin- (Jood luck lo the llnesl < liner. briny dei p ' i at A in* i ii- r HARRISON'S .-%^%^%^%^» Is woniairs Miiir*i JI^C to i-iiii llirhi? Mrs. CATI »ill soon In- aiding' genius. u a r.il I'sp,,. BIG BARGAIN STORE A CONFIDENCE IN THE TIMES- THE coulldeuo in Tun TIMKS, *X- prossed by the business me n of Geneva during th e past week, has been more tUali cratifyiug. A large number of the leading business and professional me n of th e place have shown tlielr ennii deuce In the enterprise, and given their encouragement In a most substantial manner, b y sending their Individual checkgfor advance imyments of a yearV subscription to the paper. We may be pardoned for saying that the receipts of the office for the week up t o Saturday night, from subscriptions alone, were greater tiiau the total ex- penses of the business for the same time. Th e meaning of this Is that THE TIM'KS ha s more than paid its own wa y during the second week of It AN important ipie-linu i-t n^itai -i <• the eltj papers of Ne w link. I n> t 01 i did Hot' HliN.lAMlN llAliUIMiN liny H fifty cent straw hnl 'i EIUTOKS throti^lioiil the utate-.Inuihi beware not t o make Ion iiriny \i-ii- in. (Jetieya, uiuce Till'. '1 I Mi:.-* h.i- piihllbln il its \whisky ftp] lug\ t ) Ihe woiM, \\ , >-ive wiirnliii;, Unit no nunc lupei- i.enl be represented in the \ ieinily of thai sjirln^r. TliK 'IDII'.M t-iiteniN its liearl ,i--l ThuUks to (ieili'Va'K bllpllii.si Uieli ai.d ' luercliants for Ihe llheial Way lliej IIIIM- come forward and paid for it a jear in advance. We a-<u 11- \-m, yt-nlleniii that your i-oiil'iiicm--- IIIIN not li.-i-u un- placed till- time. t l\l-l-|l- l|oll( sjii-iik loiiilu !.'%'*^%^%-'%^ 4 ^U.'%^'%''%-'%^^%^V%-' di ijiiolino; jirici-s fur jirii lllilll VVol'ils. l-\our T.ii IJa-ni-, 1 c. I.iil'ne ' 'u-fHdiirs, lu,-. l'rolly .lariliuieres, lo.-. Cahliiet Pu-lure l-'i iinn-s, '.'.\ic. i;.\ic lliooius, I Hi-. I -our pp-ce Siijjar ninl Cl'i-.'im >et, 'J.'i,- lli-.^ell'- ^uverii/fll Carpet Sweeper, *l !»v i'l i-ll; --all and l'i ppc-r ->hnkei«, 5c. I'lilnleil I old Tub-, -2:>r I urati-d rori-eliiiu I i-1 hct, ^.!.!'-. s <111IIrI Milk I alls pel IIO/HII, 73c, IHHIII tilt; - biliner I III Movi-j '.Ni-. 1'rclly Lemonade S.-t with Tray, -• piei i -, I'.'.-. Hi i ad Tan- nl! -i/e-, -Ic TJras-! liaiiijiiet Lamp, $1.7'\i. Kiilenn Wash Wringer, $1.7!'. (rood size Bread Kaiser, -llic. (^iiiirt Tin Pails, ,'ic Lai'jre Dripping I'an, 10c A iroori steet Hand Saw , \die. A set Mrs. Pots Smoolhiiiir Irons, i7< (•nod Jireail Knives, 10c. A good set steel Knhes and Forks Steel Hatchet, 3W. Hlock Planes a s low a- l!0c. Screen Doors all complete, Mc . screen Windows, pic. i'op]n-r Uottom Wa.-h Hollers, 5Se. The lai'i(os( stock o f Cut (iluss in the city. Banquet lamps and silk shades. A larye stock of crepe papers in all colors. Special Optical Department. Examination free at In Swoet Remembrance we liold llio Memory ol rtoimrted ones and to do so prujisrly is to place an order lor a Monument witb W, G. POTTER & SON. Kurt} or Fifty Monuments always on band to Siclcct (ruin. Grninle furnlslied from any of the New Knuland guarries. l'eople wanting work n( ilu- kind make a (Trent mistake if they do not call n ii Ki-t prices, before purcliasliiB elsewhere. W i•! k ciecti-d in any part ol Una community. 121-123 & 125 Exchange St., GENEVA, N. Y. A. H?**\*\' fr „ -^ Uiarkable exjierimee no newspape man will dispute. It is doubtful if n, Slnsiliar exporlencee has ever fallen to , the lot o f any dai l y jiaper in the state It Is surely SOtuethlug uuusual. The common experience ot newspaper pub Ushers, in new enterprises, points to a constant sinking of money, from week tp.weiBkfor a long period, in the cur- rent expenses aud a tjeroral lack of svin p&tuyand encouragement from patrons. It Is wltn a feeling of profound jrrtla- tudethat thepublisher of THETIMES re- cognizes the confidence of Its patrons in his efforts to make a llrst-class daily pa- per fo r Geneva, a confidence which means something, bucked up b y a series of tiro dollars uotts aud a substan- tial patrouaRe. W e believe nior« than ever in TUB TIMKS, and are more than ever sanguine of it s suc- cess. I t Is our purpose to show that the confidence expressed b y the buel. liessmen of Geneva In THE TIMES, at the beginning of its exlstauua, has not been misplaced, and that the many kind acts of ou r friands have b»eu ap- preciated. This w o shall endeavor to prove. \It 18 a Credit \ • Nftplrn Heeiiid Tun (iKNKv A'DAII I Tivii. first Hp]iciirauco on Tues lay of f week, and Is a credit to a- puhii-li 1 well as slinwiiijf the i.ipnj {jiowih the town. >l ( 'rni'ki-i'V, (iliis>\varc. Luinii-, el Tinware, Carpenter's Tools, ni \Come to Stay ' ( olie-polidenl lliniin 1 i-li-jiiiiiti TlIK (ll'.NKNA IlAIM TlMl- m.i.|, its tirst aiuiearaiiieou mil -Heel- '1 m-«. day allerunon ami was well rei uml l.\ ourcili/.ens. It is hsud-nun- and at tractive lu its appearance, and, li.uriuu unfuresee.i acciilinls, has evnlciil I \ come to stay. ,.Mi. Dillon 1- a himih'i aud uieaos business I-YCM time.- ' \Bright and Nowsy.\ Mini ts i llll- l.tlli-rpM-e The (Jcneva Daily News, which -«- Deuded publication mi Tuesday, w:i- succeeded the same alternonn hv the DAILY TIMKS. It is a bright and ne»-\, Seven-column paper, is well -upplh- l with advertising tavors, and ;i the ini- tial sample cop, before u - 11 any ci iit-i - ion of its promised staiiilnnl of excell- ence, the DAILY TiMit.s is eertiuiily ile- serving of the liberal patriiutKe of (n- ueva's advertisers and the readuijr pub- lic. M. Jer. Dillon is it.- «di'nr ami publisher, and KI011 (i. Sali-buiy ;th c city editor. Harrison's Big Bargain Store Opposite Geneva National Bank, lie -lire and read Krid.is's Advertisement. Steamboat Express Syracuse and Gema. THE.STEAMER C. W. WARNER Will run betncon Geneva and Syracuse, Icar- nijj Syracuse every Monday and Thursday at )i in. and Geneva everv Tuesday and Friday at 3 p. m. All goods bandied earclully and your palron- IIKC i» solicited. I). \.. SMITH, Captain. .Ill !•>]• 1.nit..h uli.i l:„ Patent Leather Shoes FOR MEHN AT FITZ WATER'S Economy Shoe Store Tie Leading fhyshlans of Geneva. D. M. D- BLAINE, M (llllce liniuu U in 10 a 111 I'd 1 ' I iui-1 M.-uii FASHION ON THE BICYCLE. JAMES B. TOWNSENU, wh o Is sup- posed to know something about fashioii- al)le women,having married one of them writes for the June Scrlbner t.hat the rapid development of the present Inter- est i n bicycling among people of wealth aud leisure in America i 0 perhaps its most striking feature. Scare jly a year iias elapsed since the first woma 1 known at al l i n an d t o the fashionable world of New York rode her wheel along the Boalevartl and through Central Park, aud ibis sh e did ainiu nil manner of ad- verse comment from and tiy- her asso- ciates.. A fea> society men, so .called, of apfiadventurous and athletic turn of mind rode the xvell-remembered \high wheel\ spasmodically for some years, and some few again essayed the safety bicycle when it was Invented. These, tod,were jeered a t b y their fellows, and With exceptions Soona jandoned a sport in wUlch they di d not find congenial companionship. Tue society world, which In this gen- eration had taken u p croquet, roller- Slcating/iBd lawn tennis in turn with avidity, an d tired of them in succession watched with languid glances th e bi- cyclists seen i n the streets and met with lu lta drives and rides—was rather dis- poned to grumble a t them as a n nui- sance, and to silently approve all measures t o restrict their privileges. It was tor the most part ignorant of the rapid developfcwent of the sport, ot th e capital toyeisftSftto Wcycleiaaijnfftcture, ' K, '^$Wfi*B>*tii*i leagues and clatter, It N. B . COVERT, M, D. -IIS Office lioui\ iinlil'.' a. in., 1 In 1 uml ' Telephone -.'4. ADUIE B. DAKE, M. D. l.r. V oillce IniirsK lu 10 a. 111., 3 ic '• mil ; !•• m. _ J. POPE DELANEY, M. D U I'laee. Ufllee linurns ion a. 111. P.M.. J. ]> 111. H. M. EDDY, M. D.-i:i « dii.-.m si hours S toll 11. in , 1 tu 3. and 7 in - p. tu. Only $3.00 for any Pair in the Window, 11 in ii -11 r.ini k, (,c!ic\n, N. Y. W. W. HOPKINS, Office lioiirs s |o u a. in. J. C KNAPP, at fark Plnco. D -1M Mm ;, and 7 in - p M. D.-lu Park l'lw-i C-D. MCCARTHY, M. D.-.''7 ln-tl< >i. Oillce lioursS toll a. 111., 1 lo I, an 1 7 In ••' p in. WILL MoCAW, M. 6T-3IW Mam -t. Oil,, e houm s toll:.')!) a. in., £ to 4,nu 1 7 lo s p in. J. E. MoKENZIE, M. D.-«i IViiliniii M OIUcu houm 7 toU;8u., 1 to 3, and «.8u lus. p m M. H. PICOT, M D -S0i Mam Si. oil,,-, hours S to Da. m., 12 K0 to J. ami 0 l-'lip m. T D. RUPERT, M. D. 47 Seneca M. 1 Hlu . houi-8 N to S) 11. ill., 1 t\ 3 and 7 I\ - p. 111. Ue.e- lilione 1U3. F. LANSING STEBBINS, M. D. .>•' Main St. yilieo hours x tn le a. 111., 1 lu .'I, in..I 7 to 8 p. ul. Telephone ill. c.'3'li'..i Office bourn u a. in to .1 p. 111. T H. B STRONG, M. D.-W St-nii-ast. ( ilh-e lioui's 8 to It)a. 111., a lu ft an I 7 lo s p. m. H. D. WEYBURN.M. D.- Ho S. neca <i. Office hours stud a. m., 1 to 4,and eii'iiiii(in. NOW IS YOUR TIME in <.KT \Ot U WATCH 'AM' OPTICAL 1 WORK I'liiieut l!ra-nnnlilr Prices, EYE FITTING A SPECIALTY. A^Solid Gold Riding Bow Spoctaclo For $4.00. fit Guaranteedi I.o\V PRICES ami '(HUH) i WORK i.soui-srKClALTY i UHDERW00D' r 34 LINDEN STREET. WHEN IT COMES To ('niching Customers Try Our SYRUPS AND MOLASSES Ami vou will then ill ink a cup uf'Tea or cnlli-e miiile from My riuiiou.s : : TEAS and COFFIffS 1'ichli \ ({.-I tniiU-s rtrcivod every Morning. We Stay Right Here. Two for One. Do you Catch the Idea? NO!!! Well, we have marked down all of our $8, $10, $12 Suits to $6.00 Ne ver in the lntdnrv of the Clothing Trade has I MIICII values heeu offered. The idaceisat MERRIAM'S, 444 Exchange St. , Smith Blk. We Stay I>. CREEDOJtfJ!! 1 - 1 ^ iHere. Leading Hotels of Geneva. FRANKLIN HOUSE, G68EVA, S. T. 1, SANBORN, I***.*.* 1 11 -il»-i-I«il AlU-tillcn (Jlvonlo ipiolH mul Annual IMnrier-a. BARGAIH WEEK Al the People's Shoe Stow. •200 pair Ladies $3.00 Shoes $1.50 10 > pair Ladles $3 50 Shoes I.97 300 pair Ladies §1.no Shoes 1.(0 All goods marked down to cost this week - . Come and se e us. -0O0 — FM.critln 1IGHTE0, STEVM H FAT ID. RATES $2.00 to $2.50 Leading Dentis's W, LYNN ADAMY—dentmi.fll sei a st. Oillce hours V to 12 a 111., aud I lo l>. p. in. F. A, GREENE—Dentist, ;:ii|) Mam M office lioura u a. ni to 5 n in. J. F. KNAPP— Dentist, .10seiicro St.. oilne bours 9 a. m. to C p. 111. Notice to Contractors. ...The KirkwOOd COXE St, GLOVER, Props. R. T. REYNOLDS-Dentist.Ki Scnecn Office hours U a. 111. to & JI. 111. Geneva's Tonsorial Artist,. 1ST, -B, STANLEY, TtMipftnl priors, 08 SOH*« S|w«it Cl«wnb«vei, clean toweln. All work dote neat I'l-iipoNiilt mil he received until Tuemia), June 11. l«af>. at 12 n't I\ k noon, /or eivcavaUiig- a noiv channel and liinl.nnir a MIOHO arch culvert or | lirulire iirmw Main streel at Caslhj I reek. I'lans Meant Ileal and and ts|M-t-tit,-jiti»iii-- f'-r thin work uiav he gcciuiml cxamineilat the place of business of Ihe uuder- mcneil, 1). !•;. MIIKKK, No 3ICii8tle.st ,(ienevn,N. 1 , until the dale above named. All bids must be seulcd and mailed -Trnposals for Building lindfre,\ and di-eeted to the undersigned. Kacli biddor «dl be required toiicciiuipniiv his proposal nllh a bund ncccntablo to the Commit- tee for the sum of Two Thousand Dollars, as a guarantee ol «ood faith, and that ho wilt, if the Contract ho awarded binij laicliflilly porfot'iu thd work ill acoordiuire With the terms thereoi. Tlib Oohiriiitlce I-OSM-VOS this rigl orallbids. •iglil to wjeotaiiy B. B. MOOBB,,. ff»V,^WIW;: A, «. nKNNESSKV. Couirultto tieclrlc Light, UaU's $a.(Kiand Si.C0 per tlaj'. The Palace Barber Shop, A trial SbUditecL People's Shoe Store 480 Exchange Street, I. B. WHITING, Manager. SKILTON MOTHERS .Are now offering a large line of seasonable goods. Lawn Mowers of different grades, Cultivators. Refriger- ators, Ice Chests, Ice Civam Freezers, Screen Doors, Win dow Screens, and Wire Cloth Poultry Netting and Staples. ©up stock of Hardware is toeing constantly replenished and prices correspond to the W, L, Young & Do, Is offering the greatest baiC'' gams in all kinds of qlothing- • Dress Suits, Business Suits^orlf.''] ing Suits, etc. Now is the tiin*' ^. to clothe yourself for very little-'.- money. Call on us as early as •' possible, inspect our Stock and/-'; enquire prices, arid if we can't! • lit you out in the nobbiest dress • suit, the slickest business .suit, or - the strongest working suit of any dealer in the city for the least money we will make you a pres- ent out and out. See the goods in our windows. All Wool Pants at $2.00 and $2.5o. Nice Dress Pants, at $2.00, $2.5o and $3.00. The same goods always sold for half as much again. Fur- nishing Goods, Hats, Caps, etc. Every article at prices within your reach. Our store is at 488 Exchange St. LITTLE JOE The Popular^Clothier. 20 Seneca St. The Corner Drug Store W. 0. NEELY, Prop. We are mAklug a specialty tins spring of lnsectlicldes—Sul- phate of Copper, 1'iiris CreMi, Loudon Purple, Pondered Hel- lebore, Osaka Camphorated, Camphorated Cedar Canipl or, rlalls, etc. We buy the above in larjfer quuii'ities tnan any other linn in Geneva an d sell you cheaper, li e sure an d get our prices. Hemembcr the j lace. Corner Drug Store OPP. KIR&WOOD HOTEL. •m THE It's Just Delicious That's w at everybody pays vhu liiti used our new Minute Tapioca And it's so easily made, too; reiiuiros only ten minutes soaking and has a much more pleas- ant flavor than the other kinds. Try it once: you will surely want it again. We are the sole agents for it. L. L. REA TEA COMPANY, H. J. LOOJIIS, Manager. Old 1'ostofllcc Block, Sencci Street. Alhambra 486 Exchange St., DAN. DEECAN. FIRST FLOOR. Gentlemen's Restaurant. SECOND FLOOR, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Restnrant, The Alhambra is the finest restaurant in Western New York, and everything was manufac- tured to order in Cincinnati, O., the home of all saloon and res- taurant manufacturers. The Dining Room on the sec- •011 d floor is especially fitted up for the Italics, having all the latest appliances and improve- ments. CLEAN CARPETS The Pride of the Housekeeper. We will Clean Your t'ar|iel.i, Curlalin. and Illankets.lso they will he entirely free from dnl anddust 1'ricc.i rcason- nhle. Do not he dcrelw-d l, v what others sa.v, we do Ihe work right or wc will refund the money. Geneva Stesm Carpet Cleaning Co. 24 Exchange St.-. Geneva. N , Y, Summer Clothing At Half Price Odd Sizes in Close Out. ^\* J ~Wi iM 11 \ ^ 1— T r t T 1 n 1 2& Opera House Block FASHION LEADERS It is freely aeknow ledged that, otir line of suitings cannot be surpassed in style, quality or workman- ship. : : : : • TWENTY DOLLARS Suvs a Suit that cannot be matched in Geneva for the Money. All (ioods positively guaranteed as to color ami workmanship. DURKIN BROS, Imported Key West and Domestic Cigars. Beers on Draught, Annhauser-Busch Milwaukee, Bartholomay, St, Louis. . .THE . . Alhambra 486 Exchange St. DAN. D2EGAN. JOHN J, POLE, PROFESSIONAL PI&KO FORTE AND MM TMRR 54 Castle St. , Geneva, N. YT\ * ueneral Agent J* Magjuft H„„,„„ ()l . gail B SENECA LAKE SLATE GRAVEL For drives and walks form* into a h»rd nmnmk J^lrj;;.. .11- time* „, M SrS^gSS r.+MWDittmofi, t.*i OUR LOSS, YOUR GAIH Wishing to devote all of our time to the UNDERTAKING BUSINESS We must within th e next 60 Daysolose out ou r Complete Line of hn&ut CAtL AN » LEARN PRICES KENNEDY « KEHIPJ, 475 Exchange St., The annual Season for buying 6umtaet Negligo Shirts has arrived ind%few^ ihoW- tog a very Complete line; ^Bst-^jftyii* call and see the Monlaroh Bi*ni *bteh H famous iu fine trade. AlBEKT L

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