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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, September 13, 1870, Image 2

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A v r v j • y : \ ; i '* v c - t ' i t ft r •-M.& .4 * ? * ? S! 7*»x< ' --r ►sW/COJ 'C MB D A I L Y TIMES. ■WATERTOWN, SEPT. 13,1870. BBF1IBLIC1N STATE TIOKYBT, For ©ownor, I1 1 V A B T i,. W OO»FOR», ol Blngr. ForUsutenant-Gocemcr, IK N H l'X D K Al’F F a A S , oi H a w Tork. Fbr Comptroller, - ABIAH W , PALMER, v ol OackcH. • ^ P ' t e r ' OmaTVmnUtridnere, A B U L O n NELSON, of ErieflODg term). A 1 B X A S D B B B A t t K l E T . o t W s ih ln g ton (abort term ), For State Prison Inspector, tom p a B k h i j b s t , o l Clinton counly. PoUtlcal IS b s i In Mlaaourl. Gov. McClurg haa been nominated by the regular Republican Stato Convention for reelection, and Gratz Brown, by dis­ senting Republicans. Tbo ground on which this unfortunate division of our party in Missouri has been brought about, ivaB th e reenfranchiscment of the rebel el- ement in -that—State.—Gov.—McClurg is the candidate of th e clement 'opposed to reenfranchisement, and Brown of tho class favorable to it. This was one wedge -of-discord——A-notliei was~therMgff tariff notions of the McClnrg interest, and the more liberal policy of the others. Mc­ Clurg is rather a light, thin man, mental- •eeemdt Assembly District Convention. Tho Republican eleotors o f the (several towns of tho Second Assembly Histriot of Jef­ ferson County, will send three delegatee eaoh, and t h * Bepublioan electors of the part of the d t y of Watertown in said Assembly Dia- td c t will send threo delegates, to an -Assora- U y D istrict Conventiowto be heldat Vibber’s 'Hotel, in Evan s Mills, on Tuesday t b e 27th day of September. 1870, at 11 o'olock s . m. to aotninste a candidate for member of .Assem­ bly. a n d to transact suoh other business ns may b e deem effneceasary. -------------------- WAYLAM) F. FORD. Ch'n_Di&ttict Committee. . - B a e a M l c a i i C o u n t y C o a i v c n t l c n , - A Republican County Convection will be held at the Conrt Bouse in. Water­ town, on Tuesday, the 20th instant, at one -ddoek ». M., to nominate Connty Offlceis, Bid transaot such other business ae m ay he tneoeesary. •Tbe town pf Ellisburgh will be on titled to A representation of four delegates in tine Con­ tention. and the o‘her tonne and wards of the ooanty to a representation of three dolo- - gate* eaoh. R. B. BxDSisooaf, Oh’n Jeff. C o . Bop. Com. Watertown, Sept 6, 1870. D r. CyruB D . Glannigor has b e e n re- nom inated fo r Congress by t h e Democrats o f th e X t h Congressional District of Fennaylvam a . • , A fo r m id a b le looking movement is on fo o t in Now Y o r k to run tho parcsunt Sheriff, Jam es O'Brien, os th o candidate o f th e Y o u n g Democracy for Mayor '-again s t A. O a k e y Ball, tho present Mayor, w h srirbooked for rcnomination. Those w h o k n o w O ’ B rien think h e is not suffi­ cien t ly “hefty” to materially affect tho voto o f M a y o r H all. t e ■ A fe w years ago, whon Horace Gr-eoloy - - s igned the b a i l b o n d s of Mr. Jefferson D a v ii, ra in y o f his R e p u b lican frlonds be­ lieved u d in s isted th a t hia political influ­ ence i n the future w o u ld bo nothing. How Iff i t t The T r ib u n e increases in strength, in fln e a c e and circulation e v e r y montta,nn<l ly, whilo Gratz Brown is one of the ablest men in the State. McClurg is regularly nominated, and comes before tho poopli; ns the party’s authorized c a n d idate; while Brown is regarded by the more advanced Republicans of the State as much the largest and most liberal minded man.. The division is an unfortunate one, since it i.-- quite likely to throw the State into the hands of unreconstructed Democracy. Il would havo been better if each side had yielded a little, both as to men and meas­ ures. Roonfranchisement will prevail without doubt, since it is to be voted on separately from the ticket,, aa a cQUBtitu- tional amendment; and tlie regular con volition bad the good sense not to make it a party.test. It would have been bet­ ter to have endorsed it openly, instead of giving it-mercly a permissible approval. Tbe Prussian Advance. The udvance of the Prussians upon Paris continues without interruption from the French forces. They aie reported at several points near the capital, the num erous columns moving by every road con verging from tlio north-east and east upon the city. Unless the public sentiment of his conntrymen, or h is own sense of hu inanity and pity restrain him, there is nothing-to keep ffrng William out of Paris. The military power of Franco is brok en. The Germans have already passed tlio natural barrier o f the Argonnc forest, where Dumourioz, in 1793, turned bach the Prussians iu their invasion of the Re­ public. Tbe Germans havo marched thro' and thro’ this intricate country of alter unto forest and lagoon in rapid pursuit ot an onainy thoy have utterly destroyed. The Prussians are indeed beyond the position^’United States o f America send jdeciw n tioii t h a t he’h a d no “ c laim !,\ . TK b N e w Y o r k W o rld, th o avowed n e w ip a p e r lender o f t h e Dem o cratic p a r t y , dttrbag t h e w h o lo o f the Franco-Prassiait • W B , h M been from tho first au c&rnest e lu m p lo n o f F r a n c e und the corrup t and tjfa a o O B N a p o leo n ic d y n a s t y .' It’s arm b iff-been continually raisod against Trus- w l*. W i l l onr G e rm a n readers forget this ^ a a d r o t * 'with an enem y to th o ir farther- la n d t I f t h e y w ill com pare t h e course of a a y u p r ig h t R e p u b lican j o u r n a l with that o f t h e “ W o r ld ,” we t h in k th e y can u n d e r ­ stand w h e re t h e ir intorests a r e , nnd fo llo w th e m w i t h t h o ir votes. Its e d ito r la c k e d o n ly a dozen votes o f ru- P a r i n g a I a i t C o n v e n tion. A l l th s t prcvontecd his to record an a n a m e lea d in g the t ic k e t w a s h i G y nwwi.. _ L h o n ilaji halt o u t s id e tlicjeitv w a lls.— T r i . which Napoleon, in 1814, with an array proportionately larger than the French now possess, abandoned as indefensible 'against a smaller number of allies advanc ing in less compact columns than thoso ol tlio German armies o f 1870. The greatest soldier of his day pronounced Paris inde­ fensible when these positions were lost. -- How then can the French now hope to maintain tlie siege o f a more helpless city against the first soldier and strongest array ol Europe f Itis reported that tho Prussians are to bo in position bofore the c ity by Wednes- “ 1 \\ we liop“ to record an armistice, wbich will bring inuie. M ata C e n tral Commlxtee, -T h e fo l l o w i n g n a m e d gcntlemon w a r s elected m e m b e r s o f th e Republican S t a l e •JO e o trebCom m ittc* a t tho Saratoga O o n - ,’V e e t io n . .T h e y m eet in New Y o r k , w e be- H e r e ; o n F r id a y next, for the purpose of o r g a n izin g t fitep h e n B , French^ Snm u e l T . M s d d o i . — K . D . W e b s ter. . . H e e n y S m ith . T h o m a s M u lligan. H t ig h G a rdner. AT A J L O o r M L - C h e s ter A A r th u r . G « o n e O p d y k e . _..H e*Utiali,D.Robcrtaon, C y r n i B . M a rtin. H e n r y V a n D c k a r . . G e o t g e H . Sharp*. Joeepn H . Ramsey. ~STD, WS»it. ___ -John H sm m o trd. Edwin A . M erritt. H o r a tio B. B row n . E b o n o zsr Blalcelv. A. H. T,aflin. Levi Hlakely. John A . Place- R. M. Gero, Albert Jewett. -I,.- In D o t y T. J. CJjatfield- 0. B. C o le . Ben. F i * l d . R ichard. Crawl* Rodney W .D a n sela 2Y. X X I T I l t O o M f r a a s l o n a l D i i l r t t u J ohn E . B s b l b t , o f Otrid, Seneca conn- ty * i* th© R e p u b lican nom inee 1br C o n - -g r e e e i n th e D istrict com p o sed ofdYayne, 0 * j n g * and S e n e c a counties. Re •was xh o e e n o n the 139th ballot. H e is n Dnv.-- ^y^bypttjfessionnnitinm itcd''C S “bYn‘'peff A lem a n o f em inent' abilities and High ch a r a c t e r - It ie bolioved his nom ination tw i l l u n i t e th a party in his district, a n d WC certain ly hopo it m ay. H o succeeds fa y n e countyrw F o TTas aerr«d h ia D istrict w ith credit fb r a single term . i t t l n e a l l t t l t l i t . - * T h e election tn Maine,hold o n Monday, resu lted i n the success of tlie Republic-un tic k e t by a majority o f about six thoufimd. -O n c hundred a n d Dm towns gives F*rr- - .h am , Republican, 23,750 ; Roberts, Deni- - ocratic,18,609. -Republican majority, 3,- W O, again s t la s t year, Chamberlain, ~3,- . 1 6 7 ; S m ith , 15,834; H itcbbem , 2,301-— L y n c h iff undoubtedly elected t e Cmigre-ts in th e first district, which was tho omly doubtful one In the State. TfiO Legislature is undoubtedly Repotb- T f Below are the names o f the Congressmen tJeeti -o T J iitrict 1—J o h n Lynch. S —W i n . P. Frye. 8 —J . G . Blaino. 4 —J o h n A -P e ters, 5 —Eugene Hale. i} E-r:y^V- - S larrlinff. ■ T!ho R e p u b lican tick e t for CongresB ineit I b M a r y h m d ia n o w complote. as follow s i D itarict— H e n ry R T o r b * r t Of C e c il. r r f S i . D iatrlct— W illia m Mr-MGEffio « f SMMBtan. ' * n i 4 1 ) i B W c t ~ R B tockcl M a tthew ! o f B a ftiB in rt v, ^ J W t i l D latrict--Ji ohn E Sm ith o f (Jaa-- Ar-Gray o f Howw- ia isc e lla .n o o a « . The population qf Washington, D C is 114,105. —T h e product of pins in Connecticut is estimated to be 19,71 9,000.000 annually. —California develops bumor. There poor Dow, jr., ground out his patent ser­ mons a n d drank himself to death; thero John Phmnix wrote his mirth-provoking Phamixiana ; there, too, Mark Twain graduated from a newspaper oflice aa the court jestor of a whole poople. —Milwaukee is the greatest grain mart in the world. It has six largo elevators, ablo to hold from h a lf a million to a mil­ lion a n d a lmlf bushels. Y et last week flvo hundred cars were standing in the freight .yards and on the tracks of that city, unable to discharge their w h e a t.-- Tbis immense glut is from old wheat, and tho merchants estimate that there nro million more bushels of the crop of 13U0 to come. —The great question now agitating the world iB, where shall wc get our fashions, now th a t the empire o f Eugenie It as col lapsed i n company w ith the political do mmion o f her husband i Berlin is talked o f a* th e next seat of Fashion; but is it not a splendid opportunity to shake of! nt T H E ttEPBJBEICAN PLATFO R M . R e s o lution* Adopted by tbo Saratoga C o n v e n tion. On AVedndsday evening- the regular committee, through tlu-ii chairman, Ros- coc Oonkling, reported the following res­ olutions, which ivete unanimously adop­ ted; ________ . ___ m . - —- ~ Resolved, That th e National Admixiis- tion under President Grant has, in all re­ spects, kept faith with tlie people, and fully established its title to tlieu’XQtlfl.- dence and support; By reducing the national debt, by the unparalleled financial acliievementof pay­ ing in eighteen months, in addition to all accruing interest, one hundred and seventy million dollars of principal ; By restoring the National credit afhome and abroad, and with rapid strides bring­ ing near the restoration o f specie pay­ ments; By largely increasing the revenues of th e country under diminishing taxation, through an bdncst enforcement of the laws aud at the same timo great ly decreasing tlicexpenses o f the government and rf :|-.c collection of the revenues ; By providing lor the relief of tlie peo­ ple from eighty millions of existing taxa­ tion, nnd so limiting the subjects o f reve­ nue ns to lighten the burdens of nil clas­ ses of people; By maintaining honorable peace with all nations^ while .cnirefully. vindicating our own rights and advancing tbe name and honor of the American people among all nations on cartli ; By so dealing; with tho Indian tribes as to avert tlie chronic wars which have heretofore drawn deeply from the blood anil treasure o f the country ; By providing a system for the funding die-national debt, by which its interest will be largely diminished, a n d n just por­ tion of the burden ca rricd o v er to the fast growing population ofthe future; By encouraging and finally securing the adoption of of that Constitutional amend­ ment by which the rights u nd liberties of all classes of citizens, without regard to past conditions, are placed by the funda­ mental law on a footing of universal equal ity ; By completing the reconstruction of the rebel states by measures designed to m -- rure justice to all, and permanent peace to the country ; And these things it has done without display, with a firm amd quiet luuid that gives promise «*f continued progress in the same direction and of sure prosperity to the country. Kcsolved, Thai the licpub!i*-nil*, of the eougratn on c e a n d forever the shackles- -of -servitude- -bt lnisgnxera-U io-Sugo. t o tile cap r ice o f any foreign mistress, h e r o a fterin v e n t our o w n lashions ' mid '^A geutlcmnn residing in Schenectady county says the drouth lias been very se versly felt in that section. During four months they, havo had only a few showers. A ll the wells are dry, and the farmers have been obliged to curt their water for the use of thetr families a n d cattle from a con­ siderable distance.' The crops, as n result, havo suffered severelv. -FaU-appIes in Lyons, Wayne co., arc worth $1,25 per barrel, and purchasers insist upon receiving sound and careful I v se­ lected lruit at llisfc* Il’iuicx. .fruit.. wiU. choice probably open Ait $1.50 for choice lots. T h e apple crop in Wnyne Co.. and, indeed throughout all Western New York, i larger than for many years previous. Political, \ Tlie Nciv York Times nptly remarks •Tho criticism ofthe Democratic journals on the Republican ticket will remind th viiblic o f the celebrated instructions to a av.-yor in difficulties, — “No case; abuse th e plaintiffs attorney.” •The New York llctj^l^pointedly re marks: “ The best election canvassers that General Grant can have are the statis­ ticians o f the Treasury Department. They ajTv the most effective and convincing of trump speakers. Every now nnd then they utter sentiments in advocacy of bis rcelcction that bum like words of fire.— T h e very, largest rends somewhat in this w a y ; ‘Receipts forrcVcnflo from ail sources front September 1, 1837, to March 1, 1809, under Johnson—$556,315,203; receipts of revenue from all sourcra from—March-b- I860,,to September 1, 1870, \Buffer Grant. $643,728,968; strength of argument in fa­ vor of Grant, $87,413,765. ’' N o m i n a t i o n s . T l io D e m o c rats have nominated Wm. D. M u r p h y for r e e lection to t h e Assem b ly in th e F i r s t D istrict o f A lb a n y county. — The R e p u b licans o f the Second Dis­ tr i c t of W a s h in g ton county h a v e renom i­ n a t e d H o n . I. V . B a k e r , j r . , f o r Assem b ly. M r .'B a k e r has represented the d istrict for th e 'p a s t t w o years in t h e most creditable an d satisfactory manner. — The R e p u b lican s o f Clinton county h a v e nom inated tho fo l lo w in g excellent tic k e t : F o r M ember o f A ssem b ly, A . P. B r a n d ; C o n n t y Clerk, Stephen M o f f i t ; Ju s t ice o f Sessions,'H a rvey Carter, Intions to tho-T-nited States of licmnany and lieurtilr join with our Gcrmea breth­ ren in rejoicing at the righteous victories uf their FntberFand, a n d fondly trust that tlie brave people who have given a Repub­ lic to France may soon enlabiisb freeiimti- mtions in their own country. Resolved, That we hail with unmingled joy the new Hepulilir o f France; theover- throw of Imperial rule, tun! the swift de­ struction of a usurper's claim, lo dynastic power. Resoli ed, Tbat we sincerely sympathize 'viibGtg..P.|’t>plp °f Ctt bn ia.-Lhe-strugglu- Tbr lilmrty against a despotic Government in whose administration Ihey have no dia-re. - ' • ’ \ Resolved, T b a t the Democratic State Administration has m»t shown itself enti­ tled to the conn donee or support of the people of this State. Because it has put itself into the hnuds of tho irresponsible political corporation which so long ruled tho city o f New York, and made the wealth nnd power o f that city subservient only t o its own selfish and corrupt purposes*, and is now seeking to make the Sfatc itself a wider field for the same abuses nnd corruptions. Because it has so mismanaged the en mils ofthe State that while the expenses are largely increased, the revenues are nearly destroyed, and a deficit has taken the place of an annual surplus o f more than two million dollars; while the tolls have been reduced w ith such unjust discrimina­ tions as to confer the chief benelits upon products of other States, many ofthe pro» 'ducts of *>ur own State are unrelieved. It has burdened the canals uith a host of iihiiecrMnory officers: it has permitted State claims for dnmntges to he relieved for the benefit o t its partisans, and is seeking to transfer the debt, now \cbnrgt-d upon the revenue of the cannls. to the shoulders of the tax-pnyers alone, while other States will reap the chief benefit of the change. And because i t lias upheld, with nil ils power, the acknowledged crimes and Iraudsupon the Ballot box, through which it lias heon elevated to power and enabled Kcsolved, thnt the common School gov­ ernment o f our Stato mnst- he fostered and maintained, and that w e condemn a ll ap­ propriations for the establishment or main tcnancp of sectarian institutions, ns hostile to the spirit of the Constitution and th*- religious lihertv and equality it. secures to all. Resolved, That so long as the people of towns, cities nnd villages have the right, by law. to license the sale of intoxicating liquors itLtheir several localities, they al­ so. by a majority of votes, should havp the right lo prohibit such sales. Resolved, that it is th e duty of ull hon orable citizens, and firm determjnation nf ihfi Jdq)lililicaruparty.-U3-pmerv.e.tlie_pti-„ rity ofthe ballot box in such form that the VQie_of every lawful rlector shall count as it is cast, nnd not lie nullified by fraud or crime; that we demand the enforcement of all laws, and especially such'ns have - been—eufteted -by'rmngrertS.'flTrT'tnny b e ’ en­ forced in the Federal courts, which are designed prevent violation c f the n atu­ ralization and election laws of the coun­ t r y . ----------- ~ . Thnt, laying aside all individual pref­ erences. the Republicans of New York will, with ono heart and one mind, strive to redeem our Plato from the rule of tho e whose power was first obtained hy Iraodulcnt votes n n d dishon­ est count or \otes which were never poMerl *. Tlia llesiitt! of Uic War, T h e F r e n c h E m p ire uhudi lua zui long. led in politics, the diplomacy,the fashions, the laws of Europe, was a Roman Catholic power. Her main idea Iras been military and political glory. She was briliant, au­ dacious, fiery; but her musses were uned­ ucated, and she seems to be without d public conscience. Germany is a protes- tant power. She is solid. ijiiittv..urdei:lv-; an d tli oro tig hi y cduea i *’'>!■ The ideas that she will take to the front of European politics, and that will now become the general fashion, are not showy, but they’ are massive wifli power. They are— Universal Secular Education. Entire' Divorce Between Church and State. Tlie Uivil Authority Supreme: v The Church Excluded from Politics. A Froe Protestant Press, Pulpit, Litera­ ture, raid Schools. Political and Religious Toleration. Free Pointlar Discussion of Public Af­ fairs. Pgre Social and Family Relations. Popular Sobriety, Industry and Order, And nn admirable Military System, which by making every male citizen a sol­ dier, compelling ull to serve aliko in the army, tends to make war unpopular, unless for a just cause, and disposes the people to maintain pcuce, so that they may avoid the universal losses nnd hardships o f war.—Detroit Post. A Good Opinion from one Competent to Judge* We take the liberty of publishing the following business lettter from our es­ teemed friend, J . 11. H. xmskv , President nf the Albany it Susquehanna Railroad, ad­ dressed to the publishers of this journal: A. A S. Itui.ROAn Co., i P k e s i I i e x t ' s O f f i c e . At.iuKY.Sept. 10,1870. \ G e m s : —Enclosed you will receive $2 for your paper one year iu advance. I consider it one nf the best published in the btato, and wish von all manner of prosperity. Very truly vours. J. H. R A M S E Y . P. S.- If the Country does its duty, from what I learn we shall gain sufficient in New York nnd Brooklyn to carry the State. So mote it be. A R o v \ l Coincidence. — Tlie Em press disguised ns a Si-ter of Charity, under the escort of JI. do Lo'-scps, joined the Prinrr imperial at the Marine Hotel, Hastings. <m Saturday. The dispatches say tlml the scene .* and son •••!•* who witii* -i-rihabh'.\ Tlio Era; the 'U l t ..*-d meeting of the mother described because thnsr it siiv that it was itule nss was sick vhe next da\ ,nnd the same phisiciuns w* re culled to admin­ ister to In r that attended I.ouis I’hillippc on bis landing nt Hastings twenty-two year* ago G e rm a n Jo l l i t y . The book* o fth e Revenue Bureau show a large iliena-o in the -ale of beer stamps -Inre The e' iTnuimicenicnl of the European War. About 090,000 stamp are now sold riuity. -xvtrirtr is rhTCC nr four I lilies as many ns before. Tire increased liymnnd is main- trfrnm St. L.nis, Chicago, Cincinnati. Milwaukee, and is undoubtedly attributed to the jollity with which tlie German vic­ tories linve been celebrated iu this coun­ try. Jlarrlod i Z I M M E R M A N - C A L L — A t E v a n s M i l l s , S e p t ., 1st. b y U o v . R. M . W a r n , M r. A d a m II. Z im m e r m a n a n d M iss C h a r lo t t e C a ll, b o t h o f P o r c h l'R iv e r . L I V E r V a C K -1 < N’ O W A N — O n tho C a m p - g r o u n d , 8 o p t., 1st, b y tho s a m e , M r . W i l l i a m L i v e m a c k a n d M i s s M a r ia h K n o w a n , b . u h o f B r o w n v ille . R E E A T S — W I L S O N — A t tho B r o w n v i l l e H o toL, S e p t . 7iit b y tho sa m e , M r . C o lx a p h in B . U o e v e s o f P i l l a r P o i n t , and M ia s L e t t i e W ils o n o f D e x b r. N A N C A R R b V — B A R N S — In A J o i a n d r ia , S e p t . 5, b y th e *tov. H . O . T il d o f t , M r . J a m e s N a n c a r s n n . *•! P h ila d e lp h ia , tn M i s s S n n a n B a rn s , o f (!*•« I -w in e r p ln r e . \ H tcd : SAWYER - lu Watortown, Aug. 29th, Mary Florence, only Hunt of Charles 8. and Eliza­ beth Sawyer, c*iQd 10 montha, JVe miss I bee. ■ 1 angolic babe. We sadly lores lh- ■* now; hushed Iu death do- lit* Wo heard ; >* RF.MINGrt'N — In ins town of Lorraine, Sept. 9tb. i-7'A rf I ington, aged 7, yea-s. Tho decon ed was , r:.* of the pioueera of the town in wlucli bo (bed-—having come into said town with u number of others, at a very early day. from Berkshire connty, Mass. He belonged to a hardy sl ick, and battled hard and nobly with oil !bn toils and labors inci­ dent In a new- co-mi ry He leaves a widow and a number of children and grandchildren to mourn his lore. F O l'B T M IV 1 R D r A IIf li s . - A cicro. uh ’ * ’i~ s e c t o r s or tbo F o u r th •f *V .r r nxrn. xrt 1 be hvl -1 at tho Tuesday erenirg . f r h t fUtLOflO r f 6 ii''c t i r > * r.l iho »V a r 1 of t S' c < arm *ty •«»- ' < 1.9, inm . a* 7 > <5e e ja e j i - i Sfpt in ls-.o. ivLlAUP, • e vnon , P u t \ In h ■■ ! A fre-h i c p / l y », M , J J u l , ______ Pi fi i r e L a 'rl lu r. ci ir korwr jnst r*rived G eneral N exvs. There was n slight frost in ninny parts ofthe Rtate on Monday morning. -Tile World states th a t Got. IIofTtiiun has flocepteri Gen. Woodford's challenge to discuss the principles and eia-ims o f the ’RgpnTvttcSn and Democratic parties, in the principal eities o f the State before the eleetion. We are glad t o hear it. --Ham ilton College w ill open its Colle­ giate year on Thursday, with a Fresh-nl'nn class larger than has been known since 1860. In anticipation of the URttnl “rows,”, the well trained Sophomores v.91 ho obliged lo \sue for pence.\ nr met l ov* r whelming numbers. The Steamer Yctido exploded her boil- er’at Yeddo, Japan, on th e first o f August killing Rev: Edward Barnes, Airs. Alida Barnes, nnd Edward Barnes, Alary Sim­ mons, Mr. CasBidy, and a number of Jap anoso embassy, and injuring many others. The Coroner’s jury fountfpgross careless­ ness o n the part o f tbe engineer. The steamer Hiago.also exploded h e r boiler at Osaka. Four Japanpw Tvtwft-klllpd und 15 or 20 wounded. Fre. C:.t by i. 5W. m j S Z l i S Mtw: t • n rcTcini o’ pricf1, 4-1 c*8. T 0»K«NE. 1 \Vt*JfLj>p*on FT ill B'rrk. »l«u • nrrt u u 'T i nMOnt o f i b r a c n a ln favor J I u b F -* M.M.T f X T r t A f.T !<■ eer- /*in it.rtr? t» di •■!••• l cmIhp lo llie raindity of ftstflcr,-, v ’ i h •■••ain m ra-nro i Ivon il Ibe cbli f •*. uf n r d<- i liere csF t a bnt a f*»w U) I ®* f c i * ” • f < !*r- n • • arrhi*, di?ea«c$ * f lh( etoipftcli, a : g o o i’l 'I Ue Jon.s, w b ich eo mi ri]y t i . j nt ibe f*{. .• t tr- prom p tly a« tlcflf'e M a t Kj: i ' I j * f- n fin o . • ttblo ovf i* proved i * '*C' W NUIMH.ESS FAMILY ■i CFFBH80N COUNTY FAIH. Pi-em tam s Awarded. CLASS No. 1 SHORT H0BNS. Best btdl, 2 years old, Groen Jr Clark, Ellisburg, ' $m 00 Best bull 1 year old, H.-.L. Chapman, Malone, 10 OO 2(l dq •* ... dsJL.EloodrAdams ---------- fr OO Besfcow 3 yearaoid -or over, A. Law­ yer, Brownville, 2d do Simon Mather Henderson Best heifer calf 2 years old E. Clark, Ellisburg. ______________________ 2tf_ do do do do 15 00 10 00 Beat heifer calf, M, Flood, Adams 10-00. H 00 8 00 \ , CLASS No. 2, DEVONS. - None on Exhibition. ----------- CLASS No. 3, AYEESHIRES. Best bull 3 years old or over, James Brodio, Rural HiU, $20 00 2d do J. F. Converse, Woodvillo, 15 OO Best bull 2 years old, ’Wm.H.Ellsworth Woodville, J5 00 2d do J . M. Phelps, Adams, 10 OO Best bull -tyear old, MoGinnis A Brown Pamolia, - io 00 2d do B. Brodic, Henderson. 5 00 Best bull oalf, H.W.Eddy, Watertown, 10 00 5 00 16 OO 10 00 10 00 8 OO 2d do J. F. Converse, JVoodville, Best cow t vears, J. Brodie, EurnlHill 2d do do do , do Best heifer 3 yeara old do do 2d do J . F. Converse, Woodville, Iiest heifer 2 years old, G. C. Bradley, Watertown, 2d da . do do Best hoifov 1 year old,J.Brodie,R. Hill, ill on 2d do W. H. Ellsworth, Woodville 8 fKi Best heifor calf,G.ti.Bradley, Waler’t’u 8 00 2d do J . F. Convorse, Woodville :> 00 IvEManxs.—-Very superior uuium’.t all. without any embellishment for show. J udozb .—Chas. Shepherd, John L. Danish. Nathan Clark. 10 00 8 OO CLASS No. 3, ALDERNEYS. Aa there was no class for A Morn tvs, your committee have put them os Ayrabires, and fonnd but one exhibitor and havo awarded. Best cow over i years, C. Hart, W’t'n §15 00 - \ . “ 10 00 Best bull uulf, “ “ 10 0O Ji'Dona—Amos Goulding, Donald Fraser H. Blodgett. CLASS No. I, GRADES <t NATIVES. Best bull 2 yrs old, JV. 8. Hadoock, Ilutlanil, -$10 00 2d do D. Smith, Rodman, Best bull 1 yr old, A. P. Sigourney, Jr., Watortown, 2-1 do Geo. Mather, Adams, Bent 5 dairy cows owned by exhihitur, J. F. Converse, Woodviile, 2.1 do E. Wescott, Watertown, Best cow 1 yra old or over, giving milk, E. Wescott, Watertown, 2d do Simon. Mather, Henderson, Best heifer;) yra old, giving milk. J. F. Converse, JVoodville, 2.1 do Simon Mather, Heni'.orhon. Best 2 y r old do, Cr. C. Bradley, W t ’n 2d do Simon Mather, Hcr.d.erson, Beet heifor, 1 yr old. It. Brodie - — 2d do G. C. Bradley. Watortown, Boat! calves according to ago and keep- 5 00 10 OO fi (Ul fill no 20 00 in oo :> oo in on fi no 8 (Ml s no 8 no fi uo in no 5 (Ml (j IM fi 0(1 8 OO 5 (Ml ing, R Brodie. Henderson. 2d do E. JVescott. Waterlown. Best buU calf, JV righut Woodard, Adams !d do L. Lawyer, BrownviUo, Best heifer ca! f , It. Brodie, Henderson 2d do G. C. B r a d l e y , Watortowu, Sum m ary of Bejporl, ' Y'ddr Committeo wonld report on the lots of 5 oowb exhibited. There w ero 8 lots of very superior cows with eert-ittoates ail satis­ factory. Tho first lot for Inst week in May, “ \ June, ......................................... July. \ Augn-*t 1,77.1 1,653 1.344 l,02o 5,792 Tho second lot, last week i May, J u n o , ’ J u l y , ’ A u g u s t , 1,661 t.fiOl 1.26* .,11)1 judges possession after they had made their awards. I t was thought beat not to attadh tho prize carde on that day, a n d tha day fol­ lowing the committee not being aware of the facts the exhibitors had removed their prop­ erty. The committee could n o t remedy the mistake. Had the exhibitors returned or left their animals on the grounds, os the regula­ tions required, the matter conld hays been contented — Asit-is,-!-see-no-way to-reaohrit 7 only b y the same closs of eihibitors-proflent-' tug the animals to the committee again, oth­ erwise the result will stand as reported. S e c r e t a b y . CLASS W -TAIR TARM nORSES. “ , Best pair farm geldings, H Spioer, Brownville $10 00 2d d o do Fulton Brown, Win \ 5 OO Best pairfurnrmaren, J D'Loe, Itr’nv’110 00 2d do dp TV G Sloat, Clayton, 5 00 \Ve recommend a speoial premium on pair of farm geldings owned by B F Stams, Ellis­ burgh, ol $12.00 J udges —Albert Lane, N M Olean, Gard­ ner Towne. 'C lash i t - single a years old geld ­ ings AND MARES. Boat 3 years old.gelding in Harness, Luther Lawyer, Brownville, $8 OO 2d nest do do John Palmer Hnsfld 4 00 Best 3 years old mare in harness, J EdghiU, Adams, 8 00 2d best do do R P White, Adams, 4 OO J udgeb —John D GiUett, jr., C G Rider, H C Avorill. C I S C O ! . D O O H L * - V T H A L F I J R I C E . F 0 I t SA I E HT S T E B L 1 N O eSs MOSHER '^rcFftrs Th T! ^ opby, '•j’l r r o T a C o m m o n t'c b o u l ( J c o ' f a j i h / , M’. r r s n 'B lV i o a r j r G e o g r a p h y rd s C o m p l u t e A r i t h m e t i c , $ 0.75 liu l l i o n 'e (D a m m a r . tU»hii •u’d New Geometry ft»id Trlfonemotry, U o b i o e o u ’B Surveying and N a .ig-tlon, 1.19 LaU n ( i r a m m a r , f p t c '. a l p r i c e , \ t.m's Ladu LcvotP, facial pr!c**, I o *8 G c tm a n G r a m m a r , 1 (0 1 CO 1 70 A JONORE 1 E W A L K S 11 ; urch)i?#A tbe for tbo t l ^ r a e l P l i k * C o . t i> V E N T E ' N T , a t i D a v e ill t i c M a i d i a l s a c d M i c h l u c r y l o w p r c e - •ii* W W a t c r t - w D *o c o m m v c c o l a j t r g t b e t a m e . o W a k a a r t } b < l c 2 « .x U Q * i v i i y h i d In r a c u j p , V. o c h c » t e r . N W . C f a t r a l P a r k B O N D S i h> ltd or t]., Carthage, Waterto^ -AH SAOKET8 fi ARBOR R A I L -RO AD c o PRINCIPAL PATABLS At Taa Naib*l T r m t Company’s Office .IN THB CITT OP NSW T0HK, ON TH R 1 st DAY O F ftN D A R Y , i*#o. I N T E I l E 8 r A T T P E R C E N T . Parable iem!-ax*mllj, ob the lit s . . , and Jatj, with aiarra, ittschwl.Tarahi.^. iiiaco se tno I ili U ocs af uu cnapou* attached, Dttabl® principal. BosdTs’i X ^ ^ S ; ONE TH0CSAHDS k P i t r HDNDBBW, 4 & T 2 * «WOrt»»ay i» OCX .fltasa BUrtUM, ITB S T -O L A S S , 8A»E, H o m e XnvoBtment I H I0B, V A l AH D ABCBD Z D fY Trwrnyp A llmWed tmos I* oftsrsd FOR SALKalkaAt. lowing Basks urt BitUll. - •TNATIONAL CHI0H BAIO. ■WHATIONAL SANK A I / 1 AN,COMPANY. « ■ JEFFERSON OD SAVD7GB BANK. WTMKB0HANT8 MANX. 1m P. HVXDTi 90 If I I A Y E N G D E C I D E D -it-1 p!ij •» 8. arc i I U'lTlNU \ MVBK'.nI. I'OMMKXDATIOX. 7 H The third lot, last week in May, “ June, ..................... “ “ July, “ Aug., 1.58a 1,633 1,137 1,069 5 ,3 2 ’ Tlio third and last lot above-mentioned are all bountiful grade cows, nn ornament to any farm, being grade short horns, while the oth­ or two lota wore Ayrshire and other grades. The duties assigned to yonr committeo on grades and nativea havo beetS vory onentia, and we would recommend that hereafter thero should bo four classes instead of one. in order to draw out a full exhibition. The best cqw fonr years old and upwards. In the judgment of yonr committee, waa Na 175; but us the exhibitor did not comply with your rules, wo eotdd not award a premium, but recommend n special premium for her. lho voarbngs and calves were very oreditable disoawv-Beel U-em-4-^0- -i^--ezluhiLara-aR ef which Jnftareon county \homo fool proud of, JtnoEs.— Chan. Shepard, John Loire W H. H. Ellsworth. ft 00 4 00 CLASS So. .*>—WORKING OXEN AND SPEEB& Be*? yoke of oxen for work owned hy oxhibitor, Bylvrmus Pool, Water­ town, ?d do .1 and K H Eddy, Rutland, Bast yoko 3 year old Rteora, T C PaiV. or, Wfll’n, ?d do T H Ilungorford, do B®st yoke 1 yoar old steers, Sylvan us Pool, Watertown, 2d do, D Fuller, Adonis, Best yoke fat oxen, 0 V Loseo, Water­ town. 4 no 3 on 3 on 2 00 .GLOQ. “ T tliT E S ^ IaSroT ^ n u tE r^ OtTtil- *ling. Simon Mather. I’ LA’SS No. 6 , STA L L IO N S . BeRt stallion for all purposes, R. P. _JYhite,,Adams^ ____ _ ... .. . qm 30 no 50 00 20.00 no 2d do C. R. Wallace, Ellisbnrgh, Stallion showing best 5 specimens of his stock, of any ago, H. Bacon, JV't'n, 2d do JV. II. Hunting. Pameliaj Best roadster sfaHToh In harneas, S. H. L e w is. H o u n s f ie ld , Best stud 4 yrs old, M. B. Main, Ellis, bnrg, 2d do J. Hadley, Sandy Croek, Best stud colt 3yrs old, Dyer Washburn Hounsfield Best stud colt 2 yrs old, B. D. Northrop JVest Martinsburg 2d do A. McKinley, Cfiayton, JtmoES.—Gardner Towne, Elijah MoLean. Sylvester Kollogg. I w i l l 1 V o r r i . n l i b . T V a l k to \ T A N 1 ) F R O S T A N D N O T H E A V E , and 1 w ill gcsranloo fiAYISrACTIONrOH 10 7 0 ABB Tbo Price w ill te r v T d w . a n d a b s l r C e n t s P e r s q . F o o t FOR ALL UNDER 1,000 FEET. rtd stand c f H . * K. F. TO GO OUT OF THE RETAIL S A L E O F M E R C H A N D I S E ttOW t'FFER THEIR f H«-m rw clTcd at ihfl «*o -1 c-_ W. F. B E L K N A P . SPEC IA L N O T IC E S BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. ■ v . f f l a L t a w a tir\treamj r ra lb t r ThSh scuiiia, v, h h t;:j pon* r a flon i o f mcq havo w o rfblp- Ai t i h e ? r X. O w It be w w i-V n r i at, ’ h « n ,t b a t fo mr.c.' i.; w man’* Um oaiid at lent* on »booM b« dl* ttnr TtrsmfiT'PT aevp.iopjjg 8 r 5 pfcewrlDir v I ‘•Y’ftti j ! women know , too, thui when mfn •]i nk o ' ihe '.n??U* ci ol w o c h o . tb c y ip r a k crljlc&l v f , n.-.liy ; b a t w t r o th o j come to 'p o t t o ! hi r k a i m ? «f a bcRatliql wom en, tbclr l& & g a ige aod h - irn y c * kindle w ith an w N c h i^ow * •i.pm {.-> h r pr.i.v o n d lr, ii t «.• Judo d, M d U a ftnm y In ajn fft. Ii 1$ p a rt of ibo u&tnml ra^actty ot woxn&n o ceive ai: tbi* and therefore employ erery allow- &b c A-t t o boeom* iba yoddeM of tbat adoration. h t o «h-» eontrarv, &8 wo m a y , igm lnst tha arti cm j i *’m cn fur o&h&ncing th e t r beaaty, the'-.'.'tl )>#:«nUA t ' c cteroal f*ct, that the world dt>e« m t pro er tbe eccK ty ot >n a^’y wom a n of e«d- nr D* t b a *«I a beanty o f lera ln to llectn a l aco n lr® - , 'i'h c WTfld“ h\MlycTilTow»?d no higher mle- t BOCld w r r ►U»o 'o wcm'-Ji tbaa g*be- bwmifal, tnd •• • m rb*t iho tfidlo® of :i-epr»**nt «;b Mjryirf ina t.f be w o t ’ d i o grt5'\*er c s t r c m e s th a n e v e r left 00 10 oiff IS 00 8 00 CLASS 7-STALLIONS FOR SPEED John H. Phillips, Watertown, ' gold medal valued a t $100 0(1 JtmoEB—M. Burrows, 8. Averill, R e y n o l d s , H. OKARXi&a y. q s h h n b , Wo*9 Washington Hall Block,, A O K . X r F O R I F F ! ' F T , 'T I N C O U N T } '. Pewlos Ha h t i . r e a ’ i l.’n ;e Tor sa’o. to Eont, Excbar.vcJ and Kept*r*d Kamil? y crn (d *n t' ^ neitcet meaner. 'rrTE 7 '.r>, N E F .D b E S . T U C K -,4 RK2P „ i ' ! L UERiiti-*, pKILLSRs. QU16T CORD \Us. H.’ -r.WKHa, HSIAMBRS, EH.', am i*! lfreS' ^ i , ' H ,N li O .l. O l u S ’r0N B 8 ,H (_lS S O R s , CAUTOK8, A c , ‘ •cp S m iw ll. CLASS. 8-MARES JVITH COLTS, .to, Mare ivith 4 beat fipocimons of her stock, J. > Stears, Jr. JVatortown, ftao on 2<1 do do John P. Wilson JVat. 20 00 Bast brood mare with foal at foot T ' Cavanangli ’ M best do CR Wallace, Ellisburgh 10 00 A! A A?';,C0,lt’ D 0 1,0Wolf, Hnsfl'd 20 00 -u uy A W I eck, Clnyton 00 J udoes —C D Graham, H N Kimball, S C L A S S } , 9 — 1 A - YEARS OLD COLTS. Best 2 yra old gelding, Thomas Akins, od „ sio t ) « L L a w y e r , B r o w n v i l l e . 8 OO b e s t 2 y r s o l d m a r e , C h a r l e s T o n E y c k B la o k R i v e r , , j q B e s t m a r e oo lt, B J F u l le r , A d a m e , 8 00 J c d o e s - C D G r a h a m , H e n r y K i m b a l l , S K e l l o g g . ' ExrnAKxxiaNT B y some unfortunate ciroum stance ths re- portoi o f classes 8 and 9 were lost from the : , j y 1 17 ‘ 171 n n c w t ; Kbom D i-n-r b l ! denied th t iil.r i n ' c jn w e r o f b c a c t y , eopplj tbe_delclency_ _ by '-hrt u s e of a m o s t acHghlful toilet u icle , known ' so I*.c • relo-rn o f Y o n t b .\ w h ich hso boon lsto lj lntro*lac'*d iD;o tbi** r o m t r y Q i o j w * \W. L ▲x&D; a o ' 1 b t e bfaa Ifler, w b ich rm p o tfcst o o l all In d e t •a»iu. ?, fuiroW f, IOA7P, n ’m o v iog U c , freckle?, 4bd uiro(*l«)rAt ivos frxtm tbo pkln, ledvicg tho ooniplGx •:d c - a r. I nriant, and ccao Ifni, ih e ;ekln lofl and «m'juih. WUh the assi&ianc€ o f » now A a e r ie*n irU '3 . 1 ' a Lady’* toitot Jetnalc bctuty U d c r t ln e f l to p la j . r pxi t In Ibv Adm lratloa of m att hnd the f c . l l i m o f of W P o c a liiac nit thi art* employed rfrvut'.on. i rM. i*-. F, Chandler, c h m irt MctropolttaixL'oftrd o f Health, h a - recent’ [• a rhemica! ai.af) »1oof this delightful P i''.v i o n find ro o that i b e * Bloom of Tooth fm U B3 COLlnia COtlUog ilijurUrvU t0 Lac’l.sueod h a v e r o fear Q iu ^ m g t o ll lnTr4hs. UK U ’.Jet oeqniilottr ; L A R G E A N D E X T E N S I V E sro c ic OF GROCERIES, TEASyWTNSSr- LIQUORS, HRO VISION8, AND CHOICE FAMILY GOODS A T R E D U C E D P R I C E S , T O C H O S E . O U T T H E I R 8TCj C B ; p r b p A R A - T O B T T O A D O P T I N G A N wan It heali! FoM thu -fruhiyB< f ^ rU fglst aHd ,s a ^ JJep o t a G o l d S t r e e t N e w T o r k . -mral dwly A Gough Gold or pore Throat E X C L U S I V E W H O L E S A L E T R A D E . • <t im m e d i a t e a t t e n t i o n , t t c e g i o o f t e n re e n lts ! q m a m c o r a * UittL e g D isease- b r o w n s B r o iid b lalT r o c ltii v/lil m ost invariably give izutairt ro- „ ■■ I «Lf° r li; o n c h itie, AM h m *. (.lutarth, uonBbm p tive and. T h roat D feeaset, they havu a boo* alllfj bffCGtw- Sin g o re and Speaker* u s e llram to-elcarand strcD^lhon the voice. iu S thogoiifl- rep p t a lio fian d p o p a la:ity o ln« rochee, many w o rm iees-an d chvop im itation f I K i ! ff00^ for nothtog. ts e e n u to c h e s , ” * B r o w n ’ * O w » a c h i » l T r o - DBOWxr>SBR0IIC!HUt, TROOHK8. *-» F o rria.obv TI1EO A. PK0K, D r r u ittst. urtlcrP[ly 00* 011 Wb”11** wrttiont ,m£ yiMttcn Wsjoitowra, An*.» , 1 W>. , w ithont ,< n f wriU K. B.hAKHB tT, a*W l»w * t. C A S H B U Y E R S W I L D F I N D T H I S O F l rpl S, dwtw. I N T E R E S T . H B A Y S O ASTKRG8 For Bailroad Shops & Bolline Mill** “ V J B S B> * T . SA .T JX T O O ., Steam Engine Builder* and Founder!, NBW HAVKH, CONN. r i L L StfO M * T V i ------ - ------------------ H h lij}' ’I m ones, i* A ^ I « * p i . l , x m T ^ U b d iH i 9m n fM a i F*rtw r- -w g l m r U f f l i n M o u a u u u t d a o ltt da* firm o f H. * > . F . Cooper, a w t b j r i thie jvatf IOC/ fi'tic circub ovan 1,200, a sd v e r t ia e r s a i a n o t e of thia L o c a l Ite m this c o u n t y . will . b e com in to all o u r fri* O U R P A 3 b y le a v i n g f Jon W o r k a R o o m , in th e C i t y subs* p r o m p t ly o f p a p e r s re g u la C o r r e s p o n d tak e n o n o t i tiona. N o c h a r g e : c i e n t o f a de( c h a r g e d fo r e T r Trains of t! densburg Rai UtVE V For Rome, 8; . For Ogd* 8:35 Saturda; I.KA.V For Oape Yin 8:25 p . M. AS. From Rome, H. From Oj P . H . ABBIVE From Cape ’ BTAO For Clayton, Lowvillo, 7:6 h a g e n , 7:50 i Arrive and cl* as follows; A ll p o i n t ! S o u t! (cxcepttne i All poiais S , U tica All point! S., B. D. P. N e w Y o r h , A lb: A i t a m s , ih i o e g C a p e V i n c e n t a i A ll p o i n t ! l'O r t O p f io n s b a r g , t h Ulayion, C a r t a a g o , v i a . ( C o p e n h a g e n , fiaoi e ta Harbor O f f i c e o p e n days fr o m 12 C711 - G o l d l S j — W e a t h e r — D r . W a r n — M e e t i n g e v o n i n g a t th — W e e k l y C h r i s t i a n A s i — T h f l Ctau. d a y . — D r a f t e d r ca n t h i s a f t e r — M o r n i n g g e r lo v i n g l y * d a y s . — F o u r t h J O o u r t B troet I c i t i z e n co m e — O v o r twe d a n o e a t th e A d a m s — f if t y - T h e JVe T e r r y A L o w o n l y s h u t t l e : C o u n t y F a i r . — T h o W e i A g o o d in v o s e v o n i n g a n d boo w h o aro t Ta* JV x a t tha p e o p l o o f w o r e b lo s s o d e n j o y , a n d ii ss this hoB b p a s s e d an d tl h a v e b e e n a] e x p e c t . b - th o - p r o g r a m i t is p o s s i b l e s e a s o n s m a y fa r o r e d . w i t h co ld w o a t b e r n e a r a t h a n d in f o r m i n g n t an o e , to p r e ] a w a i t s us. I c a n n o t b e all are g o n e fo i w i n t e r bo no m e r , w e c e r t c o m p l a i n t c o n t e n t e d w T h * D k a t m o r e to n c h l i h o l p le s s b a b i th e te n d e r s * a t t r a c t s to A s y m p a t h i e s < also u s u a l l y i fo r t h fro m s a n d o f t e n q t la r g e a p a r t c o n n t r y jo u i th e s e m o u r n th e n o n e th i th e o b l i v i d n lo w i n g vert so m e w h a t in B e iected fr o i b y t h e ffnthi w h i c h , w e a m e m e n t o i n fu n e r a ) treai Grim death The son o Seven days And then I t w a s t h e £ W h i o h m H im I t ’s p r o b a b l A s s id u o u s M o s t; l i k e l y H i s bo ttle to n e B u t w i t h th F o r th e r e g o n e . Equai.izi C z s t b a l O i sesaonfi'iffhl rof t h e save ore the flgu hereabout : Couctiee. A Jeffereon $' Onefds Lewie 1 Onondaga O tw e s o l f)t.Lsw r'C ! :

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