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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, September 07, 1870, Image 2

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■ K S t o S i l S r and Prince Albeit e f Saxony immediately gfl^A'H B B T O W N , SEPT. 7,1870. nextincommiana. ^1® Hi0*®®* to kiow that Victor Hiagoii again in Paris.- One of the very “ “belt hien in France he always waa. Na polwon drove- him into exile, because he knew this, Exit Emperor, enter Hugo i - H i* C r e a t B itllea Before Sedau. V t TELEGRAPH TO. TBE X. V. TRIBUNE, W H A T T B S FHEHCH PE ISO R E B S BAY. After their defeat on the 80th and 81st nit., the French retired enmaue on Sedan, and; encamped around it From w h a t T teamed of the French prisoners—of whom, aa you may imagine, there was no lack in our quarter—it seems that-tthey fully be­ lieved thst the road to Mezieres would al­ ways be open to them, and that therefore, iU cam df another defeat before ’ Sedan, their retreat would be caailyaecompHshed. Being at the Crown Prince’s headquar­ ters, Wednesday evening, at Chetnery, 13 miles from Sedan, I saw at once that ■omethihg extraordinary waa going on.— It was aobn plain that the troop* were in lhe ligfiteiF possible ^ marching order. All . their knapsacks were, left behind, and they were carrying nothing but cloaks slung around, their shoulders, except that one or two bon titant* had retained their camp-kettlea. But if tbo csmp-kettles were left behind, the cartouche-cases were there—hedging heavily in front of the . men’s belts, unbalanced, as they ought to be, by the knapsacks. Soon I learned - that the-whole Prussian corps—thoae lent from Prince Frederick Charles's army, the Second Army, and the Crown Prince’s were making a forced march to the' left in the direotionotDouchcry andJIezierea, in order to shut in MacMabon’s army in the went, and so drive them against the Belgian frontier. I learned from the offi­ cers of the Crown Prince’s staff that at the same time,- while we were watching regi ment after, regiment pass through Che- -mery, tho Saxons and tha Guards, 80,000 strong, on the Prussian right, under -Prince -Albert of Saxony, ware also march­ ing rapidly, to slose on tho doomed French army on the right bank of the Venae,. which they had crossed, at Remill y on Tuesday, the 80th, in the direction of La Chapello, a small village o f 080 inhab­ itants on the road from Sedau to Bouillon ln‘Belgium. v Anything more splendid than tha men’s marching it would be impossible to imag­ ine. I saw mon lame in both feet hob­ bling along in the ranks, kind comrades less footsore carrying their needle-guns. v- Thosa who were actually Incapable of put­ ting one foot before another, had pressed pwaaanta1 wi teyance into service, and were following battle, which all felt sore would come off on the hiorrow. - THR STiBT FOETHS Bim.R-riXl.D. At seven Thursday morning my servant _ Camo to wake me, saying that the King’s horses were harnessing, and that His Maj esty would leavo in half-an-bour for the battle-field, and as a cannonado had al- - ready been heard near Sedan, I jumped np, seised crusts of bread, wine, cigars, etc., aod crammed them into my holster, taking my breakfast on the way. Just as I got to my horse King 'William drovo out in an open carriage with four . horses, for Chevange, about tbree 'and a > half miles south of Sedan. Much against my will, I waa compeUed to allow the King's staff to precedo me bri tho road to the scene of action, where I arrived my- JHlttooa after B o’clock. It was impossi- - ble to ride feat, all tho roads being blocked with artillery, ammunition wag­ ons, ambulances, etc. As I rods on to the creat o f the hill whioh rises shsuply about 900 or 700 feet above the little hamlet of Chevange, nestled in a grove below, — ———A-BosnmoEiotm panorama - burnt on my view. As Goneral Forsyth of the’UBteJTStatea srmy'femaiSedto later in the day, it would have been wol - the coining, merely to eee so eplendid s scene, without \battle’s magnificently stern array.\ Ia the lovely valley below - us, from the knoll on which I-stood With j r p oRh tho King and his staff) we could see not only the whole Valley of the Blouse, but also, beyond tbe groat woods of Bois de Loup and Francheval into Belgium, and a» far aa the hilly forest of Sumo \on the other ride of the frontier. OPENING OF THE BATTLE. There wears a few stray cannon shots fired, merely to obtain the range, as soon as i t was lig b t ; bu t the real battle did not begin until 6 o’clock, becoming a sharp artillery fight at 9, when the bat­ teries hod each g o t within easy range, and the shells b egan.to do scrious mischief.— At 11:55. the musketry fire in the valley behind Sedan, which had opened about 11:35, became exceedingly lively—being one continuous rattle, only broken by the loud growliag of th e mitrailleuses, which play ed wit h-deadly effect-upoatlie Saxon- and Bavarian columnB. Gen. Sheridan, by whose Bide I was' standing at the time, told me that he d id not remember ever to have heard auch a . well-sustained fire of small arms. It made itself heard abovs the roar o f tb,e batteries at our feet. A t 12 o’clock precisely the Prussian battery of s ix guns on the slope above the railway bridge over the Meuse, near La Villettee, had silenced two batteries of French guns at the foot of the bare hill near the village of Floing. At 12:10 the French infantry, n o longer supported by tlieir artillory, were compelled to retire to Floing, and soon afterward the junction betwoen tho Saxons and Prussians behind Sedan was announced to ns hy Gen. Von R ood , eagerly peering through & large telescope, ns being safely completed. THE W E g N C B SURROUNDED. From this moment the result of the battle could mo longer be doubtful Tho French were completely surrounded and broughf'fo bay. A t 12:25 we were all as­ tonished .to- aeo columns of retreating French infantry on tho hill botween Flo- ing -and Sedaxi, a Prussian battery- in front of S t Menges making accurate practice with percussion shells among the receding ranks. Tho wvhola hill for a quarter of an h o u r was literally covered with F rench­ men running rapidly. Less than Ixalf an hour afterwards - at 12:50—Gen, Von Itoon called our atten­ tion to another French column in full re­ treat to tho right o f Sedan, on the road leading from Bazeille to the Ln Givonne wood. They ntver halted until thoy camo to a red-roofed houso on the outskirts of 8 cdan itself. Almost nt the same moment Gon. Shsridaxx, who wns using my opera- asked mo to look at a third French column moving up a broad, gross-covored road through tho La Givonne wood, im­ mediately abovo Sedan, doubtless to sup­ port tho troops defending the important Bazeillo ravine,to th e north-east of the town. THE KJEY OF THE POSITION. At 1 o'clock tho French battorieson the edge of the weed toward Torcy and a b o v e __ it opened a rigorous fire on the advancing Prussian column o f the Third whose evident intention it was to- storm the hill northwest o f La Givonne, and so gain the key of the position on th a t side. At 1:05 yet axiothcr French battery near the wood opened on tho Prussian columns which wero compelled to keop shifting their ground till ready for <the final rush at the hills, l a order to avoid offering so good a mark t o tho French shells. Short­ ly afterword we saw the first Prussian skirmishers o a the crest of the La Givonne hills above Torcy. Thty did not seem to be in strength, and Gen. Sberidsn, etand- inff behind m e, exclaimed: “ Ah 1 tbe beggars arc too weak; they can never h o ld tbat position against all those French.\ The Genoml'i prophecy soon proved correct, for th e Fronch advanced at least six to ons; and the Prussians were soon forced to retreat down the hill to seek re-enforcomenfcs from the columns which wero hurrying to their support. In five minutes they came back again, this time in greater force, but still terribly inferior to those hugo French masses. AS UNSUCCESSFUL CAVALRY CHARGE. 11 Good heavens! The French cuiras­ siers are going to charge them,\ cried Gen. S h e r id a n s n d sure enongh, the re- ment of cuirassiers, their helmets, and breast-’plates flashing in the September sun, formed in suctions of squadrons and dashed down wm the scattered Prussian skirmishers, without designing to form a line. Squares are never used by the Prus­ sians, and the infantry received the cuiras­ sier! w ith a crashing “ quick fire,” tchndl- fm e r , at about a hundred yards distance. The great object of the PruBsians was gained, since thsy wore not driven from th e crest of th* h ill they sought to hold. Holding it thus against.cavaliy, the.Prus- sians persuaded themselves that it was possible to establish artillery on this hill. “There w ill be a devil o f a fight for th^t crast before i t is won or lost,” said Sheri­ dan, straining hia eyes*. through his field- glass a t the'Bill which was not three miles from us. Ttxe full sun w a s ahjuing on that hill; we gazing upon it had the sun be­ hind us. At 1:80 French cavalry—this time, I presume, a regiment of carabiniere—made another dash.—at-the- Prussians, wbo were receiving reinforcements every moment; but the caribiniers met with the same fate as their brethren in. iron jackets, and were sent to the right about with heavy loss. The Prussian# took advantage of their flight to advance—their line about 800 yards nearer the line which the French infantry lield. A LITTLE IIALAKLAVA' BUSINESS was tried, bu* without the success of t' immortal six lundrcd, who took the guns on which they charged. The cuirassers came down once more, this time riding straight for tlie tw o field pieces; but he- forc they catne w ithin 300 yards of the guns, the Prussians formed line as if on parade, and waiting , ti ll thqse furious French horsemen had ridden to a point not fifty yards, away, they fired. The vol­ ley seemed to us t o empty the saddles of almost th* wbole o f the leading squadron. The dead so strewed the ground aa to block the path of the squadron following, and close before them the direct and dan­ gerous toad they had meant to follow. Tlieir dash nt tho guns bocnmo a halt. R E T R E A T O F TU E FRENCH . WheU once this last effort of the French horse had been made and had failed— fniled, though* pushed gallantly so far as men and horses could go—the French in­ fantry fell swiltly back toward Sedan. It foil back because it saw that the chance of its carrying that fiercely contested hil! was gono, a n i saw also that the Prussians holding tho hill wore crowning it with guns, so that their own line could not be mnch longer tseld facing it. In an instant as the French retired, the whole slope of the ground was covered hy swarms of Prussian tirnllours, who seemed to ri»c up out of tho ground, and push forward by help of every slight roughness or depres­ sion in tho surface o f the hill. As fast as the French went bnck, these active ene­ mies followed. After the last desperate charge o f tho French cavalry, Gen. Sheri­ dan remarked lo me th a t he never saw anything so reckless, so utterly foolish, ns that last charge. \It was sheer murder.\ deep. Behind1 the King, la front a f .1 tho... cort, was fhe Staff; and ten yards in front of them again, stood His Majesty, King 'William' of Prussia, ready to receive Gen. Reilly. - That officer, as we soou learned, was the boarer of an autograph letter from tho Em- poror-Napoleon to iftrlg William. The Em­ peror ot the French wrote \As I cannot die a t the head of my army. I lay my sword at the feet of your Majesty.” Why Napoleon H L could not die, as did thousands of his soldiers, sword in hand, with his face to the (oe, is not so clear. On receipt o f this astounding letter, there was a brief consultation between th e King, the Crown Prince, wO had come over from his hill on the arrival oi th e flag o t truce, Count Bismarck, Gen, Von Moltke, and Gen. Von Boon, -After a few minutes’ conversat­ ion, \the King sat down on a rush-bottomed chair, aud wrote a note (on another ohair held as a table by two aides-de-oamp) to the Emperor, asking him to come_neit morning to the king of Prussia's headquarters a t Ven- drosse. SHEW.)AN CONGRATULATES BIHUAKOX. While tho King was writing this note, Count Bismarck came up to Gens.. Sheridan and Forsyth, and myself, and heartily shook our hands, “Let me congratulate you moet sin- oerely, Count, ” Baid Gen, Sheridan'. “I oan only compare the surrender of Napoleon to thnt of Gen, Lee at Appomattox Conrt- fell back, advanced rapidly— bo rapidly cavalry being too closely pressed, turned suddenly round and charged desperately once again. But it was of no nse. The daya of breaking squares are over. Tho House. ” - _ \Vhen. it came my tura-to graap the Chan­ cellor's hand I could not help saying, after I had warmly congratulated him : \You eannot but feel a pride, Count Bis- marok, in having contributed so largely to the winning of to-day's victory.” 1 'Oh ! uo, my dear Sir,\ was the mild an- swor : I am no strategist, aud have nothing to do witb the winning of battles, What. I am proud of is that the Bavcrians, the Saxons, and the Wurtemborgcrs have not only been on onr sido, b a t have had so large a share— the largest share—in tho glory of the day ; that they are with ns, and not against os. That is my doing. I don’t think that French will say now that'the Sonth Germans will not fight for our common Fatherland.\ THE IMPERIAL PBIBONEB Next morning early, I started for Belgihm. As I rode along 1 suddenly came first on a knot of Chians then on two lackeyea In the green and gold Imperial livery. Directly be­ hind them camo His Majosty Napoleon IH., In his travoling carriage, on his way to re­ port himsolf a prisoner at King William's headquarters at Vondresso, a little dirty vil­ lage some eight miles from Sedan. A G ro a t F e e t o f Tolejgrwpli t rag. The Tribune correspondent at th e seat of war, hns telegraphed by cable six col­ umns o f matter for tho Tribune, an exploit which cost thnt newspaper tho sum of nbout $5,000 in one day. But as the in­ formation is for the public, we maka free use o f it in o u r columns for the readers of tlie Daily Times, It ia certainly a m arvel. _ thnt we should bo able, in three days, to give the full particulars of spoh a seriss of Eight at our feet lay the little town of Sedan, famous for it* fortiflcationg bv Vauban_and n9.Al birthplace of Thronno—the groat Marshal. ________ A-O B A V X FR E N C H B L U N D E R , The French had flooded the lotiv flows in ibe valley before coming mea to the -rollwAy—bridge—at—BaaeiHe-ia-orderTc (top the German* from advancing on the town in tnat direction. . With their usual stupidity (forone can find no other word for it), *he-Fronch-h4d-failed to mine the bridge at Bazeille, end it was o f immense service to the Prussians throughout the battle. Tha Prussians actually threw up earthworks OS The Iron bridge itself to protect it from the French, who more - than once-attempted early in the day to storm the bridge, in the hopo o f breaking the Bavarian communication between the right and left banks of the Meuse. This they were unable to do; and although their cannon-shot ^have almost demolished the parapet, the bridge itself was never materially damaged. ______ T H * F O H C E S E n G A O E D . \Th ana'tlmber of PruaSan troopTongaged was estimated b y Gen, Moltke a t 240,000, --aad-that—of the^French atriaO.OOO. W e kpt>w\that~MecMah with him on Tuesday 130,000 men, that is four corps , —-ilMsowiv that lately commanded by Gen - , - Ds Fallly, How under Gen. Ls Brun, that .rsste.- «{?alirD<m*jr; and a fourth corps prin- ripOUy commanded byJlarde-Mohilc, the IMsaa of offiise commander haa escapeff ***• -MarMthotyAlthDagh wounded,corn- ttjmdea fra ohlsfps the French side. •haoot\' needle** to say that the S l t e 5 ^ ' i * C h i ^ . c £ A h a J P n w i a n i o« Kelt!* ; with the Grown Prince Toadlng arid firing wrth extreme rapidity, and shooting with unfailing precision into the dense French sqnadrons. The effect. was startling, in numbers. Over went horses and men and the regiment off prohd French eiiriassiere went hurriedly back in disorder; went ■back—fastor-than- it- -earne-t— went -fraek- scarcely a regiment in strength, and not at all a regiment m form. Ita comely ar­ ray was suddenly ohffingod into shapeless snd helpless crowds of-flying men. CAVALRY PTfRSUED BV INFANTRY. The moment 'the cuirassiers turned back, tho brave Prussians actually dashed for­ ward in hot pursuit a t double-quick ; in­ fantry evidently' pursuing flying cavalry. Such a thing h s s not often been recorded in the annals of war. I know not when an example to compare precisely with this has occurrod. There was no more striking episode in the battle. NEEDLE OOKS VS. CHASSBPOTS. When th* French infantry saw their csvalry thus fleeing before foot soldiars, .they in. their tunn came forward and at­ tacked tho Prussians. The Prussians waited quietly; patiently onduring a rap­ id and telling Sre from tlio Chasoepoti .until their enemies had drawn so near as to be within a taundred yards of them. Then to the flro of the Chasaopots they returned a fire as-rapid from their needle g u n i; a n d the F'ronch' infantry could no more endure th is Prussian fire than the cavalry to whose rescue - they had come. The infantry fled in its turn, a n d followed the cavalry to t h e place whence they came; that is, behind t ridge a,bout 500 yards on th e wajyto S edan where the Prussian Are could n o longer resch them.' thin blue line soon stopped the Gallic on­ set. There was n either artillery nor mitrail­ leuses, especially th e latter, on the field to cover their infantry. The position was a most im p o rtant one, and certainly worth straining every nervo to defend. One thing was clear enough, that the French infantry after once meeting the Prussians declined to try conclusions with them again, and tha.t the cavalry were seeking to encourage them by their example.— About 2 oclocls, and still other re-enforco- raantscame to the Prussians over this long disputed hill betwoen Torcy and 8 cdan to support th* regiments already established there. HAVOC AXX0KG THE BAVARIANS. All the time tlmt this great conflict wns going on under Fritz's eyes, another was fought-not less severe and aa murderous for the Bavariams as the one I have at- tcmptep to describe was for the French. -Jf there was a wnnt of mitrailleuses on the hill above Torcy. there was certainly no lack of them in the Bazeille ravine. On th a t aide .there was, for more than an hour, one continuous roar of musketry and mitrailleuses. Two Bavarian officers told me that th e loss in their regiments was terrific, nnd that it was the mitrail­ leuses whieh mnde the havoc. TAE FRENCH FALL RACK OS SEDAN. A t 2:05 in th e afternoon the French to­ tally abandoned the hill between Torey arid' Sedan, anal feTT back on The faubourg of Caval, just o u tside the ramparts nf the town. rfNow IKe'^atlFiiTTostToTrThe French,” said Prussian officers. Ono would almost have imagined that the French had heard his .words—they—lr»(l~ h a rdly -been—uttered\ when there cam-e a lull in the firing all along the line, ar rather c ircle: as such it had now become. A t 2:45 the S in g eame to th e place where I was standing. He remarked that he thought thnt the French were about to try to break out just beneath us, in front of the Second Bavarian Corps. At 8:50 Gen. Sheridan told me that the Emperor-and-L&tiis-wore-ia-SediCfiK: ------ BRAVERY OF T-BEB.WARI.tNS. At 3:20 the Bavarians below us n o t only contrived to get themselves inside the for- tifictions of Sedan, but'to maintain them­ selves there, working their way forward from house to house. About 3 there, was a great fight for tbe possession of th e ridge above Bazeille,— T h a t carried, Sedan was swept on all sides by the Prussian cannon. This point of vantage was carried at 4:40. When carried there could no longer be a shade of doubt as to the ultimate fate of Sedan. At 6:80 there arose a sudden cry among the members of the King-* staff — “Drr Kaide-r itt da !\— and then came a- loud hurrah. Soon wo hagan to look anxiously for the arrival of a flag of truce. In ten minutes more Gen. Reilly rode up to the King of Prussia. THE EMTEBOR'S, SUBRENDZB. Ai soon as the Fzenoh General was in sight, the slender escort o f cuirassiers and dragoons we bad. with us m s drawn np in line, two battles 3.000 miles away. M a m e d ‘WHITTLESY—EVANS—A t tbe residence of the bridc'B parents, August 20th, by Rev. Brown, Mr. Nelson Whittloay, of Emporio, Kansas, to Mira Julia C. Evans, of Alexan­ dria. Thanks tor tbe cash compliment -Lew AUverti' entente. JLIP*-AND AC IjKNTAL IN 8 DR- ANOJB COMPANY, of Ha»tf0rd.Conn. C u h & M flte | 1 500.000. u n m t e L l F B and KNDOUAIKVT Foilcia* or all approved foi mt. Ample security. low rate*. A)»o luauras sgilntt Ac- ill policy Bolder*. <ID 1 f- N J'ScanUDg destb or total disability. Polletet written by the dsy or month. 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PRX 88 c iBCLEXRL q ^ ijLf^tiLina&d^&flatt.lT^JGift. ■-jL/re* ~ w uirc!IT'a d W t e ?eATTWay be secured , without extra ch a r je, any tim e d a r in g the d a y at Perry * W a tcrm a a a 'r, u*yart sirect Doors open at 715, - Curtain l i s t s a t 8 o 'c lock. M a t - n 8 O r y ice , C r r r or W a t k b t o w k , ) WiiieMo-wn, N. Y . , Aog. 8 1 , 1870. I N coropMn’ co wMb provisionso{ t B o Cily Charter, N o tice t i hirvi*y — . . , _ vwi t h a t ibs - ts x 'T o l f o r tbs C r tyo t V.'atv’iio<A n 0x3 been completed by the a s ses­ sor.', and Qcliv rod t o the c l l y T r ttsorer* Tbat. said tarx Sffd a#ses?iur-tft r r a gprreral iax npon th e rca) and persona! projRTiy ot sa<d <lty. end tb& t an? veraon. compp.nv, ro 'vo r a U ' n. or assetI& U o d , ma? poy bis, b«»r o r «heir ra r to weld clijr Treasorer, at ble office, wit'iln 31 ) dnvs from lbo f i r s t pnbilcatlon' o f this nof.cflteWithovit any a d d itional fee* or charge. Fr r tho s e x t lfi drtre n-’oi t b e c x p irarfon of t b e said r a?s. snch .m m i y to p a id to a i d Tren^arer witb t r c addltt'zn n d w n c e n t thereon, aud i f not paid wUhin ra d 15 days, sn c h tax w il, b e levied and XQlicctid.iJi>thfl-nui)-ovr-pr4Ms4ded--hy— }awrtowether~ w ith 7 per crn.i m - t * r - D i c i o o n fiom t ' e expiration of said t b lrfy lee 5 per rent lec* for col­ lection — --------------------t*BO . W. F L O A B R , atfg&dBOl t of’ t b e C ityof W o tertowiL J J E A V V C 1 5 T I \ G S Fof Railroad Shops & Rolling Mills. T H B B T , C i T . ■ A U L ’T C O - , Steam Kugine B n ild e r t and Founder*, M-’ W n .H ’ XN. CONN. |0> ti-ffrn J A V A Q U A L I T T . Prepared Irom different klndR n f Coffee, tbo flavor* »f w h ich m ingle barm onlonraj 'ocetber Put np in ~ - - • ,7B ai ‘ Japan Tin Cans, Bsrrolw, R a if Barrels, a c d Boxes. W RIGHT OZZ i KXHA a & BH O T H B H , 238, 285 & 237 Washington St., N a w York. sep t7 iw _________________________________ W e e k l a l a r ? !—Y o u ? m a n w a n ted ‘ ■ess !SS •7 S25 in. n u d latciy as traveilnv aaTesmen. A d d r t l n c io e in g s t a m p ) U .B . W A L S B R , B o x 8D^6,N Y F sifia LB c $ L L c o r,llerleitow i(9* J Beard and Tul.l^ n $X)6 per year. For Gata* lo n e w addreu B st .J N O . H B R A K K L B Y , A . X . , Principal. aosS dw A VOID QrTACKV— A victim of e a rly Indiscre­ tion, ean s 'n g n o ivon s debility, prem ature decay, Ac., b a v iu g triad In rain every advertised rem edy, his a s im p le m w a s s of s e lf core, which he ib M*nd free t o his f e n o w sufferers. Addrees J . H T b T T U t , 78 N a a s iu strwet, Ne w York. aogfl 4w O n P n s i a f ^ f v - W n t i p l C A L P t H P H L R T . To Whoniit mayuoncerh This celebrated medicine h&a won & deservedly high reputation as an alleviator of bain and a pre so* ver of health. Ithas her owe a household reme­ dy, from tbo fact ihat It gives immediate and perma nent relief*—Ivda-a-piwely- vegf-tuple preparation., ma<3e_frgm \the boat and purett mnterialr, safe to keep and nselatvrry fawl y It ts recommended by phytklina und persons of ah claases, and to day- after a public trui of. thirty years—the average llle of man-It stands nmlvuiied a d en.frxcellcd, spreading its uHHfulaops over tne wide world. Its Isrye ana increa-lug sties f.ffords positive evidence of endnring fame. We do uo reemft ntceisearv io say mnch in Us favor as one t mall bottle will do more to oonvlnce yoa of ils efficacy tban all the ad- verdcomeuta tn the world. (iWe it one fair trial, and you HUXtidnot be without lt for' ten tlinos m . - - - l/irecttoue accom pany each bottle S o l d - b y a l l D r u g g i s t s . * e p 6 4 w $ 2000 & lr“dexp,? . , ------- 7,je » guaranteed to all am b itious m e n anu wom en selling our w o r d renowned pat«Lt B t v e r Mou d W ire Clothes L ln f * . Far f a ll p a rticu lars address t h e Q lrard W iie M ills, PhU., Pa. sepi6 4w - < S S > - V w H serfl the re ceipt by w h ich I va« cur d of Cdiarrh and Deafness free. Ad* dress Mre. it. C Leg*' gett,B o b o k tK ,N .J 4w A G E N T I W A N T E D T O R F R E E LOVE. ’ AKD H S V O T A B I 8 S , bv D b . Ji*r>. B. B i x w . T h ^ most h t a r t u n o book o f m odern T h e whom t>ub* J“ct laid bare a i d Its hideonentss exposed to uni v« s?l execration. W r itten ln 'b e In u r e t* o f Ot?* I <sition, C h ristian ity and Pnblt-. M o rality Send for i.lronlareanl term s. U S. PunllfhlDg t*o , N Y., M n n n n a t t ,' b icig o and S t . Louis.. eep 'tilw [ a \T o Sell our jpojnlar Worn M t t * N F O R I * A T I O f t T o F t l, ^ P e o p le i B e f o r e t h e F O O T L I O H T 8 , Jto. O u r R U L E R S a n d o u r R I G H T S . . O h e a p e e t A B e s t P n m llv B l b l s a . \ Best Ttnna Offered. Addreu for CinruUn, T A S M K I g k CO., r u u a d p i i h , > n [i tfi 4 f. • C H I L D R E N C R Y F O R T U B S . ” Well’s Carbolic Tablets, A specific for all d iim n b of the respiratory organs or mucus membrane N o Umby euuuld bo m thont DR. WELS’ OARBOLIO TABLETS. T h e y s h o u ld be be prom p tly taken ln all c**eso Dypiherl, Ho»reeneac, and in all aflactloni o f tho Turoat ai d Lnn fo T O B W O B 2 0 8 Z i f f C B I Z * 2 > B Z 3 U j are alm p ty Invaluable when h o a thehe iftafta n t y * doo notot _prTform th e ir functlont they are alm p ty Invaluab le and an excellent remedy w t i n t y * d n pi pr*pe'ly. Send/or some, P n c i 95 cents p e r b:>T, cent by mail on receipt o f the price, by J«*bn Q. K c ’ lu g v , 84 P lait siroet, ag*t.l fo r tho U. 8 Solo b y all 1 r 'g g iets. soptfi 4 w W A N T E D , m a t e o r F e m a l e , F O R T H E P H Y S I C A L L I F E OF W ( > x l l A N : B Y G E O . H , N A P H E Y 8 , M , D . Thle b r a v b , t-Dita B o c k !■- the greatest m c c c e . <ij .tfiaja .a r — *K,00O-fwtra«»TCadrDiU'Ii a >13.' T t dm •e I. wtoh a rapidity qaite aopr-ne-rtcntr*l »nhry >7 makaaka r nr rn-y seilloe t r iban . - . A g e n t , all a t ran tbat a m m ‘ a r y otbor. M nch Qra- rlaea l . r m o r y i . a im—«p.p-- Ci-r-d et prco'-'Tor t-amphlct. A c AdJreee, o k u . M A t .L B A N , P c B L t o a t n , F U t L A D g L P U I , . N B W . O K K A B O S T O N . _________________ fip 6 i t G E T T I N G U P O X . T J B B . Groat Saving to Consumers. tbe '*Elwsl c L o c k 8 tlirh ,n and Is « ainnted for I yotrs. P i Ice $ 10 . A ll other m ichlne* w lthaan* d e r t - v d sold f> r $ 1 5 or le s s aro InfrltireineBtjL Address OCTAGON etKW ING MACH NE CO, fit Lonis, X o , C h icago L i., Pittsburgh, Pfo. or Boston M ass. J e lk te Parties et q u ire how to g« t np c ’nbs. O u t ans wer Is sm d ior P.lco L's*. rnrt a ciub form w ill ac­ company it w l h lull dir< c; o a i— m a k ing a ltr/e » a v ire to consum ers and r» rm io^aiivo l o C lu b or­ gan) Zttf. Ihe Great American Tea Co. 3 1 & 3 3 V i H S E R S T R E E T , P £ Box 6W 3 . H B W T O K H . eop 6 4« MINNESOTA Its Hesonrces and Progress—Its beauty Ilealthfulness and Fertility, and its At­ tractions and Advantages as a home for _ Immigrants.—A nqw boolt F ree of Goit, com p iled Item offl -tale aoorccea end p tbUahed by eirectU-n ofG o T crnor H o race A o etlo. In a cou v t s len t and readablo (orm It e x h ib its tbe I dneementa offered by M lnneaou to peraona seek- ra w homes, a n d Includes official .fatletlca lllaatra- * ito ot i ho m a m Iona (rrawtb and developm e n t o f th a t young, vtgorou , aed healthy HUto. her pu' ' f eta derived c h ’ elly from tbo State Borrao 8 atlatlca iz t s a ’ a . l a a e r l a l a s t w e l v e a q n r t a -Sem ’ o- a l , F livstcal ted oervoaa DehtUty. its effect, acd co r e . P r ic e tS jccn ta A d d r c iiS K O R E T A R Y , K ttaeom ol Anatom y , 818 Broadw a y ,‘Bave Y o r k . SALESMEN t V A N T E D tn a pajlntr b e iln r a s 6 . K a m o v 41* O h eatnet ht PhU . N L V F A L L S T O C K o p dry-goods, mrnoira; A N D J E W K L B Y , m d othorwtso snpportod hy scientific sn d disinter esied lofltlmony or the m o s t In c o n tcsisb li chxraa A f t r q phort v f o m p b l c a l sod historical stetch , sh o * lp g tbo central post ion oi iho fiu f e an d tho events a r i a yoQfig history, F o D gws a description of its besQ tysnd fertility frota tho testlm o d y of high m ilitary tn d U u r a ry •u t h n r tco i; *n e x h ib it of m ii.«rti jcsources; a dcbcription o f i l s besQtlful takes rivers, tlm b ar, gams xnd flah; a dissertation on tbe climate. Illustrating Its marvelous hoalihful lo k a n d ad*pt«M iiiy to au r lcu ltu r e ; show s bow tbo cQhivstcd area vrew frotn 1,90:) a^rcs In 185*1 Vo ’,C90,«)jscrts in 1* 9 , with a sarplu* o f 14 WO,OOJ bn«bels of w b o s i for e x p o r t: elves tables ofrcm p a r l*OD, provinB odcIaR y that V ln n c s o ta excels Iow a and f n i o In her avorago product of wheat, ao d ill other staples e x c e p t c o m ; ab d w i a more am p le and effective water power than all New Rnglind. and that, w h ile not a tithe o f th is powor Is y e t Uzed, the ext-n t a n d v a J n e o f m anufacture baa lLCreisod 947 per c e n t In n ine yiara. T h o book al o shows ibe v e 'n e aod im p o rtance of the lim b e rin g InioreeL ‘ com m ercial resources and provr<*fo raflr* - • * - -------- *— ............................ . a. w, ad^ ennstfheted aod prolcctod, clndtrg ths N o rth Pacific— already e n e rgetlcly posb* cd forw a id— the am azing devtlopm rnt o f its in* •b- COflJ non r r h* n|g from tt I n e e a dlatrlctfoflyoEdiO Q A a n d - 59 scholar^ to-9-6Str_aTIlflcU, 1,990 school bonses and 103,088 scholar* In 1869 - p r o g r e s s In population in w b lch she la s h o w n to nave outstrip* poo a ll her sistexv. D n a a ttentlon is given t o polft- teal aud social insfrnctlans, govem m ens, tax&t'on tnentriSfTanixr, w x e m p tto ffli w f ,; law n f defcent, io* *41 practice, s u t i s u c s of cdaritable in s tltn tlon s , toor. l . I T O l i concludes with a chapter on “ Pnb tc Laodi, bo« and whefe t o get them .’ ’ show# the am o n n t ot of nnoccnpled lande. how to obtain \tree firm s \ i l w s t b q locatlonjtl„tlis^gQVernm ent,-land-QBoe«r d u r c r b e , the different c l u , c s of pnbl c lan d , and the ,everal m o lesa n d co e t , o f obt-lnlng thom un­ der tho home«tead law s, by pro etqptton. A c ., w ith JUST OPENED AT rho\Magic§omb mei » ro r m a n e n t '- 'B ’ack or B row n . It oonl THE \ — -iprlrgfleld.JM a * * .' CO P U L A K r p ) C L O S E l>I T W B O F F E R TO TliJE T P A I E A L O T OP T H I Cham p ion F r u i t J a r s A T U U B T I P. M U N D T A S O N . ant? 541 lot J N 8 T B l I C T I O . ’y IN P A I N T I N G . MISS M. A, 8 A 1 I T I I , w i n give Instruction* in Drawing s n d Tuinting in Oil, W ater C o l o r , tnd P a l- telk, nnttl Decumbcr 1 s t , at - b o residence olM v . Gil lott, between Nee. s a anti J j Pranklln s t . oo c ttd w lm . ONE PRICE C0RNER ST0RE O P AUGSBURY & MOORE MplOdff suggra Ions aa t o tho m a n n er and cost ot starting ryt&fc w b e n tocofinntnoe, w h a t money ctn do.w h a t pluck and muscle may do—^wages: employment, and *h o sho-iid c o m e to the B tatc-affbrdm g , tn s\iort, ail such luformaHon a t em tgradls most neod. P a ri of iho edlllon Is accom p anied w ith an e x ed.ont map. s h o w ing the character of tho different T h i? lunik will ire fent to a n y address In A m s r f c i g? Em ope, free o f T'ostaga o t other expense, un ap* plicat on toiT . P A G B D A V IS, Com m issioner of Ixn* m igration fei the State o f Mlonoeo:a, N o , 156 Broad \*V- ,n 5 w T v ri ' *'J Inform ation In regard to ha M a te will be cheorfa il z g .y c E - * ep 6 4 w — an y col- beard -to D ,.* ia ~ u \•--** “ • *• co n t a in , N O roiH -tgi. Any one c jtktw e It One sen t b y m a il or o n e dollar. Address B t a w i o Oomb Oo., a n g l S d w S m at l S a f e , CERTAIN jam A S p e sdy Curs rott llhriyacsaLSeura A1CD ALL N ervous DISEASES, fli Elects am AN H N P A I U N ^ I R S X B D Y f o r NeuraJg ia F a c ialis often-effeqtlng a perfect cure In a single day. H o a * —— — te - ... . . . . . . ii.iiiif / a i i^V], . hi -Wl. . — lonn-of-N e rvoaarBlBcaw rfktlrteyteltl W I l a v T c d e r fhj pow er. B ren ln the eerere cases ol chronic n e u ­ ralgia, affecting t h e entire eystem , i t , o r e for a f e w day, a fford, the m o s t astonlehing relief, ar.d rarely lads to produce a com p lete an d permanent enro. I t contain, no m a terials t n the n l l g h t c t degree ln jn r l o e , Ifh a a the n n q n a liled appreval o f the beatp h y - a. T h r 1 ---------- \he alclata. lh o n iaritfe In every' part of t cotm try, gratefu lly qcknowtedgfi-lU pow e r to too th t h e tor- Eared netrver, a n a reetor* tbe failin g aln-ngth.. Bent b y n u il On receipt o f ihe_prlco a n a n o a t a n . Otin Ptcklge * 1 0 0 F d iugefl cent*. Six *• 5 00 •• 27 ** It la sold by a ll d e f e r * ln d r o g . And m e d icine,, atOeowSm T U R N K R 4k C O ., P r o p r letrrj. liO T r e m o o t s t r e e t Boaton K o i t . B FIRE-PROOF ■ B l J n g c o m p letoly any e y a p M a S 17* ? ^ ! ,4! ^ \ ^ T h e patent c a n be i p n i S d ' ^ e . « « t «>^odd^ “ DSg r i he eertitcate, o f j j A M B B IC A N 8 TEAM P lltg-P R O O P Kl w r f ' aniedw S w 800 B r M d w ^ L , ? ^ ' B e fore porohe,ing elaewhcro”: ff aa I v pam p hlet containing tne certiflii.\'” 1' ’ • ate w ith all o ther m aker’, eafoe, “ \ ' “ “ tea of td. S ^ t j a e ^ I ^ S r o ^ ’jSStry S\?e wSS?* b “ b n ^ ep irmPiy' ^ * Q - A . Cr T^ S 16 » ffO Q S o l d b y o u e A s e n t — n o n t f f i s . A K e n t * w * 5 t e d r o v ^ ! ’ m s s o r p h o g r e s . isiv .'sa M T S s a a ta S r h erary and arttsttatlc w o rk erer p t i b l f f i t ? llt tains s k e tches o f Oharlea Dlckena, BiritaM m . “ * • 50 oth e r prom inent Am ericans I.ON rnfS .,*®* Y O I 1 K A » D HAJtTE’G R D S j ? P A N Y . 803 a n d 218 Bast l a th etrcet. N y ^ 04; W A N T E D A 9 R N T S —T o tel) t h e m v v A N l T L B S K A I N G M A O n iiil? P H c ? m a k e s the “ L o c k atltch,” (alike o n hoth i . T ^ ' « la t h e only Itoeneed under teed BhntUa & S ® * •Old t o r lea, than $60. Licenced b v son, G rover f “ ' t m n $60. LJceneed b y WheafeTXvfe 1 & B a k e r and S i n g e r * uuder feed B h u u io M achines e0\d lo r lew f h i 0^ SP&.tsssifir- A G B N T B W A N T B D - i A M B B IC A N K N 1 BOrlTON U A B B . or S T LOUIB. m o . u .P f c I do not w leh to hiforrd yon, r o l le r , that Dt Wr.\ dorlul, or any othor m»n, h a s dl -covered a remedv Ih it cu r e , cjn r n m p tlo n ’ whon\ tlie tongT m k K ci-orumed, tn abort, *111 ca r e all dltreaaei whethwi! mltin. nnnv nr m I m I a m ilrA'm an !.*,« / ___ leave death to play for w a n t of w o rk, and It deatnaS lo m a k e our anblunarr s p h e re a bltestbl ParaAtd .I which H- atren Itaelf w ill be hut a a ide iliow. To, ? 0 l t n v e h e a r d e ^ o o u h o f t i u i k i n d o f h u m t u i u e n e n 1 to ll y o o - i h a t l)r_ d a g o ’. C i t » n h R t m « j Kpj votHlrxty curt th e «--iet raree o' C a t.rth In S j h a S 1 on y aa-orc th s t woieo thonaanda c a n teitily t a t wtil p a y MOO Reward for a c u e that. I cannot hm A pam p hlet givin g aytrp o m i and o ther lelormatlua root t r . e t o any addroen, T h l i remedy le remedy I S O L D BT M O S T DKDQGIBTd I N ALL PASTS O P TUB WORLD. Price SO eenta. Bant by m a ll; postpaid, on n e S e . I a I x t y ceut a, o r four package, lor t w o d o lla r a T ,! waro o r counterJttU and worthktl tmxuHor, h that m y private Stamp, w h ich la a poetUm m a rH L qf gentU e tnut.lt cyou tie) onlalee wrapper l l ntamber that t h t i prlveto Btsmp, leaned by t h i iffT ltd State* Qovernm ont exp r o .ily to r eutanln* an tncdiCth. a, bat m y portrait, n.m e an d addrera u l the worde ’’ U, 8. C e r tld c a le of Uenolneneea,” m. tr . v e d n p o n t t aod need n o t bo mistaken Doft boaw tndled b y traveler* and other* ttpreemUia ■em c a a lvcaaelar. Sage ; I ant the only nan now living that has tho know ledce sndrteht ta t uro the Qmuitu Dr. s a g e 's Cuurrh Remedy, ai*] n v . r travel to e-el- th e med1<t'-e. U. V. Pmcg,M D, anglO 3m _______ 183 Seneca etreet. Btt|Taio,NT -e A G f c M - e A T A t tS H - R B M E D T . BTHTBy O T l l h O . A. PSCK ,D : raggtaL P. I I I U N D Y On S O N H A V E N G D E C I D E D T O G O O U T O F T U E B E T A l l B A L E O F M E R C H A N D I S E N O W O F F E R T H E I R L A R G E A N D E X T E N S I V E S T O C K O F G R O C E R I E S , T E A S , W I N E S , L I Q U O R S , P R O V I S I O N S , the \ ' V a t L0C The oirou! - pyer 1 , 200 , advertisers i a note of thi ' Local Iter This county. •will ba own? go oil ow fr OUR FA by leaving J ob W oek Boom, in th Oity sub promptly of papers regul ■ CorrespoE take no no tions. No charge xnent of a J< charged for v Trains of flensbnrg Rt leave Bor Rome, i a t For Ogi 8:85 Saturd TV. For Cape Vi 8:25 p . m. A From Rome ii. From ( r . m. ABBIV From Oape — - . 8TA For Clayton ijowvilic, ?: hagen, 7:50 A N D C H O I C E F A M I L Y G O O D S A T R E D U C E D P R I C E S , T O C L O S E . O U T THEIR BTOCK P R E P A R A T O R Y T O A D O P T I N G A N E X C L U S I V E W H O L E S A L E T R A D E . C A S H B U Y E R S W IL L F I N D T H I S O F I N T E R E S T . iflp i 0* dwJw. - L e v e r , Chain w ck. P iu n p . set m> w t t i ^ t e w i r a ^ w n 3 W h ltM Btoc k , P o m p , Aaflt.fiM a rOm *, DKLA.1D, l m s KJS. ■fa- Arrive and e a s follows: A t l T o i r i t . t “ (K: (excepting All potuiB S , Utica All points S ,1 D. P.O.. Hew York, All Adame, thtoo Cape Vincent: All p o int, h o Ogdonebarg, t Clayton, Carthage, via. Copenhagen, 8ac. eta n a r be Office ope flays from 1‘. S e c o n d Aai The R.ept towns of the feraon Conni and the Re] the city of \ triot will se: bly District Hotel, in Et day of Septc nominate a i bly, and ta xnay be deer LsFargevi C.7I —Cool an —First da —Oarthag thieves. —The ap been greatlj —The fire ing was an owing to th< —Our eit; night, last tt Foreevoranc Mrs. Hug ceivod a net dhandise.'M o f every om her line. Hon. Alle Albany, tha have deduct from last ye ty, ond thn bo in Wnterl The pnbli ued on Thn th* pupils ai Fair. By oi T o -D ay ’ s egy, we tro give to-day before Sedni Emperor an ject in whic forested, thi tamer stibjc T h e F a ib brilliant, an promises to ful on recor an thn SaRTi city this mo er clerk has at time of $ ior the com lively at an ey on the pi Oroudds. Square in c tasias,\ the tented field the Agrionll ing everyth no donbt fr Jonathan ai menced to father and i the big wag pumpkins i patches wt Late last ni eqnines cc Ground ant Tender. Tbe bnili condition a ments from Halls press ia coming abode, wbe gaze admit: Fine hor which Jeffe and ohaller constantly aeen here o The baUt witb its get tha most si and if the I m a k e ito 2 fttoraooB,

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