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g & a t f r t o l o i t I ^ l i i t i f e t s . WATERTOWN, AUGUST 10,1870, LOCAL DEPARTMENT. The circulation of tlio D a ily Times itf now ove? 1 . 2 fk), afitl is constantly increasing. Onr advertisers and oilier friontjs will please mak© a cote of this. Local Items are desired from evory town in ihis county. We hope everything of interest will be communicated, and Bhall he thankful to all our friends for favors of this kind. OUR PATRONS will greatly oblige us Ly leaving their orders for A dvertising , Jon W ork £^ud B inding at our Counting- Room, in the Arcade.' City subscribers' will promptly of any failure of carriers papers regularly. Correspondents must understand that we • take no- -notice., of antmyniouB communica­ tions. •please notify ub to leave Travelei** D irectory. Trains of the Rome, Watertown and Og- densbnrg Railroad, LEAVE WATEBTOWN—UPPER DEPOT, For ltome, 8:10 a. m. ; 12:03 p. M. ; 4:20 p. M. For Ogdensburg, 7:58 a. M.; 4:20 V. M. ; 8:;i:> Saturday p. m. ■* - LEAVE WATEE^OWN JUNGIION,.. For Cape Vincent, 7:40 a. m. ; 3:54 p. m. 5 8:25 p. M. ARRIVE AT WATERTOWN, From ltome, 7:38 a . M .; - 3:57 p. M. ; 8:25 p . M. From Ogdonsburgh, 11:43 a . m . ; 4:00 r. m . ' ABBIVE AT WATEBTOWN JUNCTION, From Cope VinceiitT-;:£5 a . el _;_ 4:21 p. m . STAGES LEAVE WATEBTOWN, For Clayton. *:(>() a . m . For Carthago and Lowville, 7.5b a . m . ; 3:57 p. xi. F o r Copen­ hagen, 7:50 a . M. T lie n i a t l t Arrive and close at the Watertown Post Office as follows: Close. Arrive. All poh tri SouiU, Ifiast aad West (excepting wav) 7 30am. 400p m All poib'.iiti' is*. aud W. except rneft 11-30a m fUBam All points 8., B AW except Utica D. P. Cl., Nev York, Albany andUrlea. Ad^me* ihjougti^ Cape V m c e n U n d Canada, All poiutii Dortn. Ogdeiuburg, through, Cmytoo, Carthage, via. C bam p om . •* “ G reat Dead, Copenhagen, Bfte.cu* liar bor. O f f i c e op e n from 7-30 0 u i to .8 .p m . ila v s fro m 12 to 1. 8-30 p m 8-40 p m ? no a m 4 <kj p ir: 7-oaa ni 145 tc m 8-tii p m 4-40 1 > nt 7 mi a m 4 1 0 p m S 3<i p m l'J 00 cn 7 80 a m 3 IK) J> n* 7 80 a m 4 8-' p in 3-,10 p m li 30a it 7 80 a m 4 W n. 3 10 p m 11 80 a w StlJb ** n n d C o u n t y . —Gold l.in j. ■—Mercury ninety-two. —Weather quite sloepablo. --^ G e rman meeting to=mghfc: -------- —Moonlight croquet parties. Hows that? — Nmmier is Scotch for Summer. Quito appropriate. —To-morrow aftoniooo on tbo Kivor Park Course, three horses trot for §150. —'Fhe oensns taker waaXa&i&g Court street to-day. —More carts, wagons, wheel-barrows, shov­ els Ac. for the Carthage rail-road, in town to­ day. —On Wednesday tho 2lth, not Tuosdav, the Hungerford Collegiate Institute is to bo dedicated, and in tho evening of tbo same day. t h ^ r a n d ro-rmion takes place. —Remember the Calhoiio exoursiou. to­ morrow. Thoso wishing to go muflt b© on hand at tbo time ft»r tho regular train to start BOUth—K:IO A. M. —The Watertown District camp meeting will bo held two miles from Evans Mills sta­ tion, commencing on U 10 2f>th inst. Persons attending by railroad -should call*for camp mooting tickots. K ingston . —A moonlight excursion took place last evening from Kingston. The Sham­ rock Lacrosse Chib took thesteamor “ Water­ town,\ carnr to (’ape Vincent, returning by way of Wolfe Island. They certainly had a fine evening. D iscovery in P inckney .—Up in Pinckney, hat wonderful. place, whore perhaps tho woodbine novor twinoth nor the roses bloom but once a year—lias been discovorod o n the farm of James Hunt, n stalk of com that measures twelve feet . W o havo po rocord that Raj's Pinckney ever beat this, and it wili probably be years before Ibo palru will be taken from Mr. Hunt— we donbt if it ever wiU bo. 8aid stalk is now on exhibition in our office, and is receiving the admiration of every one that passes. AU u n ite in saying— well don© Jor'Pinckney. S abbath S chool P io N io at S ajnfobds O oenebs . —The Treflbytorfun and Methodist Church Sabbath Schools^ of Evans Mills, and the Union' Sabbath School, of Sanfords Cor­ ners, held a pie nic in Rice’s grove, near the rail road depot yesterday. There was a large attendance, all of whom appeared to enjoy the happy (occasion. The improvised tables were loaded with edibles, the quality o f which satisfied ua that the ladles of that locality are adopts in tho a rt of cookery. The “ bibliblos\ consisted of tea, coffee -mad sparkling cold water. All ’appeared to have good appetites, ajad.we have n o doubt all made “ square meals.\ At the close of the gastronomical perfor­ mance, the crowd moved to the speaker's stand a t tho otkGr~ehd~<3f th© grovo-.—Shari­ at! drosses ‘wore made interspersed with* some excellent singing. The speakers were the Rev. Messrs. Tillinghast, Traveller, and Doug- Siiuiors A c cident to Rev. Mil Dayan. Last T uesday evening, in Newport, Uerki mor county, while Rev. J. F. Dayan, of this city, wan visiting friends, he met with a very serious accident which resulted in the frac­ turing of th e neck o f th e right femur—the thigh bone. Ho* was at the fiiuo riding with Dr. Brown of that place, when Mr, Drown stopped into a place of business for a minute or ho, leaving Mr. Dayan in tho carriage out­ side. Presently, a mowing, machine came rattling along aud frightened the htfrse so badly that lio juuipStHnstantly to the other side of tho road— throwing Mr. Dayan out upon tho hard pavement, breaking hia leg in the munnoi- above stated. He received treat­ ment from tho best medical skill in tho coun­ ty till ho started for homo yesterday. He was brought on a stretcher made for tho occa­ sion, and axrivod i n this c ity last evening at nine <j dock, in company with hia son, Squiri C. Tho railroad m en along the route were very kind, courteous and obliging— especially thoso on the R. W. & 0. R. lt. Conductor Sanderfortii, baggageman Johnnie Wood .and engineerMCustisor, showed many kindnesses which will never b e forgotten. Mr. D. is now getting along as comfortably as could be ex* peoted. l£p is u n d er the chargo o f Dr.Trow­ bridge. A d j o i n J j i # Q u jid OSWEQO. Population of Pulaski 1,415. —Wm. P . McKinley, Esq., of Oswego, will probably I *0 the now Superintendent of thu Midland. Ko nays tho “ Palladium.\ ^ BT. LAWRENCE. —The ‘ ' Advance ” announces contemplated improvements in Novomber. —Tho Odd Follows of Ogdensburg havo a picnic ue xt Tuesday. --Tho Comity Teachem' Institute commen­ ces at Goavemeur, next Monday. — Tho Oonvomeur peoplo hold a meeting on tho 27 th inst., in favor of a railroad to Carthago. —Charles I. Baldwin has resigned h is posi­ tion (is General Agent of tho Grand Trunk Railway tri Ogdensburg, and is going to Kl. Loui.s. —Joliusou Briggs, who was banished from Ogdensburg munething ovor a year ago, re­ turned to towu u n Monday, and was taken in­ to custody on Tuesday moruiug, and on Wt*d- nosctny sentenced-to one yoar in tho Ononda­ ga County Penitentiary. - A man recently landed in Ogdensburg from tin* Dominion with a trunk which had a false but tom lio was smuggling dress goods. It co.st him $\>I. 75. A n u m nam o d Carr, from H e r k im e r (’<»., brought over a borso for which ffiTpnid and rule rod K a t §50. It was sebod and np- xpraiK. d u.t 7 I )i>. IIo took tbo horse a t these figures— making tho total cost to him S?25i> in greenbacks. ONEIDA. Da, P eiers X h scarasa A nother P lanet . - - The ind«fivtigal»lo director of tho Litchfield Observatory of Hamilton College, Clinton, has added another to the long list of planets discovered by him. H a anno tin oca his dis­ covery in (ho following concise coinxunmcn- tio n : OsERVATOBY OP H a JIIXTON COLLEGE. ‘ C linton , N. Y., Aug. 1(1, 1870. i To tho Editor of tho Utica Morning Hamid : A planet unknown to mo was found hero, night Ixtioro last, and its motion fully ascer- taineil yesterday evoning. It is on ier botrveen tho constellati tho bor- itions Aqnorioua and CapricornuR, i n 321 degrees of right ascen­ sion a n d 13 degreosof Bouth declination, go­ ing sou tli at tho rate of three nilnuten ner day, a n d easterly fourteen minutes. It will bo tqo 111 th ( one hundrod and eleventh) of tho ftRtoroiik Yours very respoctfully, C. H. F. F etebs . --11 I. Woodhull, formerly a merchant tailor o f Ulicn, and a rospected oitizon, was shot d«'fld l»v a minor a t Salt Lake City a few daysRinre. LEWIS. Fxuit crop reported good. -F a ll term of Lowvillo Acadomy commen­ ces noart Tuesday. —C. L. Merriman delivers tho address at the County F..ir on the 15th of September. Tho Methodists of tho Lowville district hold a camp • noting near Champion village noxt week. —W. B, Faster, of Craig, recently caught a sp&ckled trout lfi inches in length, 10 inches in circuruferonco, a n d weighing 3 pounds. — A cron© “ RtandmgBfeotinhiBetockings,1 and measuring T feet from tip to tip of its wings, was caught in a trap on the Chauncey Sharp farm, near Lowville, last week. They may beat Jeffewon Co. on cranes bnt they canT on cotton, NAPOLEON INSANE. X) sadder, speotacle can bo presented tli ah th a t of a proud, brave people at th© mercy of an msane ruler. v T h a t Napoleon •Las been insane trom the very beginning cl thia war, has been apparent to very many people; and now it would seem lo b© really s \ IIo m^iiifcsts hie mononnnia by cryirg o u t , 1 1'have b een betrayed!” *'Betray ©dP’ I t is Napoleon Who has been tho traitor. He has betrayed the French people. Thia war, so wantonly vragtd on Dispart, his iacon»§*Cent condilct in assuming command of th e armies at one hour, and leaving it the next; his silly dis­ patches; and h i s whole course ot coxduct from the declaration. 0 / war to the prcsont kojr, are' all evidenoes of a disordered mffld. B Y T E L E G R A P H , MORNINB REPORT. The g reat object of Grant in our own w a r was to get at t h e enemy's army. H e oared little a b o u t tlieir fortifications if he could only confront thein forces, reasoning th a t tho former would be of liltle consequence\ if the latter were overwhelmed. The Prussians are a cting upon t h e name policy. Thoy do not,hesitate to loave itetz behind them, in their pvuBuit of the French Army. Tlio possession of Melz woald be of little valuo without th e . defeat ot tha army, and tha overwhelming of tho army will leave Metz w ithout'any LOCAL NOI'AfKS. foi’Kn.—A p a ir of blue Kid gloves. :r cau find the same at this office. Own- dlt ltoABDBm.—Ploosant—unfurmshed. rooms for a gentleman and wifo with board. Also, a few gentlemen boarders accommodated at No. 11 Sterling st. al8dtlt Turkish Mohair Brillionte, tho most beau­ tiful Black Goods made, just received at C ookes ' . Also, a now lot of Iloaver Mohairs, very olroap a t (lHdi't) C ookeb ' . Adams District Comp Meeting will com­ mence on Monday the 22d inst, and olose on tlio following Sntnrday morning, Tho dedi­ cation of llie now Cauip ground. will tako placo a t 7 o'clock P. M. Tho addreas will bo delivered by Rev. AI. D. Kinnoy. Tho camp ground ia located in tho town of Rutland on tho farm of of Sir. Lyman Stohbins, on the mail leading from Tylervillo to Copenhagen, about nino miles from Watertown. It is er- pcotod thnt a team will mn for the accommo­ dation of those wishing to attend from Water­ town. leaving e n tho arrival of the morning trains, each d a y and returning in tho even- Si- All pooplo everywhere are invited to attend. Watertown At;c., 13th TS-TO. altkht T. ItlCIIEY. N otice to sit C chtotkehb .— HoreafteT I propose lo deliver brown bread from 1 t o C o'clock P. M_, instead of f> o’clock A. AL I shall continue to deliver baked stuffs aa heretofore, regularly every afternoon. New orders will bo thankfully recoivod and promptly attended to. J. C hase , Jn. anglHdst. , Arsonnl-st IV axteo .— A young man who understands Dyeing, to whom steady employment will bo given. Apply at No. 33 Factory stroot. an((l7-d3t H ouse and L ot fob S ale .—Situated on Holier Street, noar Shofman. Ono third of uf an aero o f land. Honso in good order. Also a thrashing machine. Watertown. Aug. 16. 1870. d&w2w O. W. Bu iTEunzu). J5A T - D E 6 0 R I P T I O N O I ' > T L E O F W <)1 T H E .I4T1I. fv.LITICAL. Cor.tJMnf3, Ohio, 19-.—II.mT). J . Jewett bo.'u r <1, by tbo Detnocrats of t t e scvem h d'slrict, for Congress. TKEATY m rll THE IKD1ANS. S an F jiancj I >, 11) — Ad vie ?s from Aii- zna stjto th it (I.-I-. Stonman has conclud cd a treaty \v t'i the Arapahoe Indians Tu n b.e.u at war with the whites fnr. tbo pi.l s '.\ y.-a-s. (Bostnesfl Notice.) \V e were shown a now patent baso bximor cool stovo, to-day, a t Harbottle & Howard's, all Heated up ready for the coming Co. F air. This is^ cyphon draft stovo, a n d is said to heat tho floor oa well as above. It lookod comfortable nt least. P erch R iver .—T ho following resolutions woro passed by tho Porch River Lodge Ro. 011 Saturday evening August 13th 1870. \Whereas It has pleased our Heavenly Fa­ ther in his Providence to remove from among ti# by death, onr sister Orinda Rodgers, Therefore, Resolved, That wo recognise in this be- ieav^GTTtT^uixniid^f-that-Qod-whaiajariser than wo, who hath a good purpose m all the dispensations of His Providence, and that we will receive thia as another repetition of the - I - — - * * - • * • « * * i — . ry- of o ar departed sister, os o n e whose life should teaoh ns a hoautiful lesson of child­ like humility imd unoomplaining patience under affliction a n d suffering. Kesolved, That we tender to tho bereaved father an d friends, our heart felt sympathies and commend them to the care of Him who is a sure refuge in a time of tronblo^ Sept Black Biver, nnd Air. Akin, of. New York. After singing the Doxology, the crowd dis­ solved nnd disappeared, and qniot again reigned at the “ Corners. \ N eiohbobieo 'F aibs .—Th e State Fair will he held in Utioa, Sept. 27-80, Jefferson County Fair, Wstertown, 7-9. S t Lawrence Co., Canton, Sept- 20-22. Co., Lowville, Sept. 14-16. Oneida Co., Rome, Sept. 19-23. Ellisburgh, Adams and Henderson, Aug. 81, Sept. l. \ Oonvomeur, Sept. 18-15. Sandy Creek, commencing 8 ept. 14. OsXvogo Co., at Mexico, commencing Oct. 6, Ontario Provincial, Toronto, Oe{. 3-7. D jb . li. J . W hite , Analytical Physician, con be consulted as follows:— Watertown, Kirby House, Saturday and Sunday, 3d and I th of Sept.; Adams, Coopor Honso, 6th Sept. Oneida, Allens llotol, fith Sopt.; Romo, at Stanwix Hall, Sept. 2d; Utica, ItaggH Hotol, Aug. 31st. alGd2w F ife Bares.-^10,000 Brooklyn Fire Briok for salo. E. G. DODGR, *augl2dl0t. Gouvomeur. W antid — Five or six good Garpontera, at once.- - O. G. S taple *. A full l in e of Alexandre White Kids at C ampbell & FiiiWELL'fl. angNill2t «STL bttee raoa H on . J. M ullin , Judge of the Supreme Court: W atkhtown , March 7,1870, N. M. S srrs, Erq : Dear Sir—noticing > letter from tho Hon. W. C. Plerreoont, in regard to Dr. Blnrse’fl Elixir of Rhu­ barb. I rould tap that 1 fnlbr coincide with him tn eaj-ing lhat tt is an excellent mcdlcino, performing fatty Silt i s promtaed ter ita, and that Ineo-Uiniay family. Yonietmljr, J. MULLDt. ITT N.M. SMITH, Watertown, N. Y. Wholciolo Agent, to whom all omen ahould be addressed. FFLteTON’8 THE F1IENCH ltKT-IiEAT —INTEltKSTI NO DE­ SCRIPTION BF EDMOND AllOtT P aris , 18.— E .'moud About describes tbe battle of W o srth as follows : Oae sees solid regtmtn's xviio prou-lly re treat, while a fow bad solc.liers disbanded, lost, demoralized or disarmed throw lliem- solves despeutoly into each bypath. I a r ­ rived just in time\ to stop) three Turcns mounted on artillery horses us they woro e n ­ tering an old quarry, with th e hope o f mak ing a short cut fio.m tbo field. Our a rtillery most have been xqugMy used, bo marry caissons pass alppg tbe road without g g ts. But here como ono or two regiments of lin e quite firm and complete in num b ers,ride on shoulders and knapsacks on back. B e ­ hind them Marshal AlacMahoD, calm, digni­ fied, almost smiling, and fresh as a rose. I salute him as be passes. IIo responds ivitfci- 'ouTnolicihg me: Guo of.{ii».aii!s,^AI.4l’.A J- zac names me. Thon tho o ld hero stops a a d tolls mo quite simply his story of h i s dofoat thus : “I had only 859OGO men, and I fouad 150,000 in iront bf me. W e have given Way bctorenumbcr-8— They have killed a n d wounded about (5,000 men, hut we 8ha.ll have ourreveuge. Explain this to tbo p u b ­ lic.\ \But whero aro you going in t h a t direc­ tion (\ h e asked. “To Saverne,\ I roplicd. “You will be oaptured ; tho Prussia n will te thero in two hours.\ “ My wife aud children are there,” I a n ­ swered. “Uud preserve you.\ I cxchacgoa fow pleasant words with 3M. d’ Alzac, and I seaicb vainly In Lho m ake f th o s aS as it moves on for the genial a n d kindly faco of AI. Deveguc, officer if o r d ­ nance. This fino young man, f u l l of p r o ­ mise, waa killed by a ballot through l iio forehead, a id Geu. Colson with a b u llet through the heart. Ilotb of ttxem w e re struck down by the lido of the Msrstx*!, wbo was reckless of h's.dfttigor. L a s f cornea the regiment ofTurcos. These follows have not thrown awny their knap- raeks nor th tit anus. O n e ol them comes out o( tbo ranks and clasps me around tho ncclt. Lt is Albert Dury, a follow jouraul- natiot, and the excellent fellow brgins by telling m o : “ I h avo been to your houio. I t fs otrapty and a ll your pooplo arc s.ife \ A little further cn I s a w a civilian d r e s s ­ ed in short coat of grey velvot w h o marches tfko an officer between two companies of Uno. It is M Gu ldrau. arlljt o f illustr*- tlot), an old friend of d a y boloro yestorday. 3 c carries his port folio ner oar his back, and to-morrow morning a t Plazb-urgl o will no doubt mako a sketch of t h i s shaur.cful retreat At tbe gates of 8avorue, moa p a n ic atr'ek- an,are flying along tho roads.Troops a r e hi ding in gardens; bnt Borne j>oo<i roginaenta of the lino aro tramping, in step, through the et,-cats. Their passage, calm and coura­ geous, is not over before 11 o'clock at might- Three last belong t n tb c fifth corps. They reached Reichst aflfen t- o lato t o givo bat tlo. I find the little lown nprey to panic. Marshal Mi Mahon htrived thoro c n S a ta rdny night, a t 11 o'c’ock, followed by tho remain) of h u army and pieceded by a swarm ol breathless lugitivea In twinkling o t aa eyo Savorno saw itself filled w ith t h o first corpa Thoy mossed togothor whore they could; thoso most tortennto in tho h.ousos of thoir townsmen; thoso who had brought away their knapB&cka a n d camp equipages, under their teats, many upon t h e pavement and in tho field undor heavon’e canopy — The night was passed in terror. If t h o en­ emy h a d known whoa to profiut hy oppor. tanity, ho might havS~TBnda 10,000 o r 15,- 000 prisoners at ono blow. Population was only half, f e d , end h y tho ' 'piSSencB'uftroops-brorken down,starved and disoom filed. war cloud ra ntmsiA. M ew Y ork , 19,—World’s London special contains tho following : Ffoffi Roas’ir the' AFTERNOON DESPATCHES. T H E , W A l t IN E U R O P E . N a p o l e o n R e p o r t e d I n s a n e - TIPK .MAIN BODY OF TH E FRENCH D1UYKN INTO METZ. W A Y O P E N T O C H A L O N S . P E R H A P S TO P A R IS. P r u s s ia n s e o M a r c h in g O n . NEGOTIATIONS FOR PEACE. Com. [Bnalneffl Notlteq Several noted horses are now training for fhe coming fair. Stalls, Grain a n d Hay aro' provided for all horses o n the F a ir Ground, The Watertown Comet Surd a re to p lay at the fair, ihe Celebrated Anvil Ohoris* al» Boaton Jubilee; the mans M jpfoyedxtthe' firs i f l t t M t a l JnhUee, i h dBo*fkMB. IThv X#** j llosolvod, That a copy of these resolutions b e presented to the feiends of the deceased b v our Secretary and also a copy to the New YoTk Eofonner for publication. E dwabd S piceb . J z n n t e S p i o e b . 3, ft. B e WOL ds , Sec; (Bmlnoss Notice.) A Mf. Hisnrfl, proprietor o f tho American Hotel, with hia acoustomod liberality, gives a jrarsool $100 to bo trotted for at the coming \Connty Fair,- to be known a a the Amorican Hotel pnrso. This looks like business. 53\ H o tel Abmvalb.—The following are' the arrivals u p to noon to-day at the Wood­ ruff Bouse: n n Rmh UtMffnit'* Tl •faff B V ' W f f flhnrchlll. C0HPLKTB IS 25 VOLUMBS, Inclbdlog tho ANWT7AX.S, B O U N D XN B H B B P . For Bafo by H A N F O R D S c W O O D . A U C T I O N S A L E . C bsto - * Houst, Cape Vincent, 1 tCollector'* ffflce, N ew Y ork , 19 — A p rivate dispatch re­ ceived ln thia city, dated London 11:80 a.m. \slys: Tho\ HSHy^fews—of-tbie-enerj contains a dispatch from Brussels which says that Napoleon suffers from febrile monomania He cries out that h e bas been betrayed. The London Times of this morning s a y s : A dispatch from Berlin stales that tho French armies were separated at Mars La Tour, and the main army at Melz wss checkod by the 1st and 2d armies of P rus­ sia. Tho Crown Prince with three army corps is now marching to attack Frossard at Chalons. Tne dispatch adds that Marshal Bazaine m u st cut his w a y ljjbugh tho German ar­ my, or the armywH the Rhine will bo forced to capitulate. L ondon , 19—8:30.—A part of thoFrcnch aru.y 1ms been forced bade to Metz Tbe position thero Is regarded*as very critical It is believed that preliminary negotiations ior i eaco a re under discusdon here. L ondon , 19 —Tbo Times, in its articlo on the-situation to-day, says: “The road to' P a r s is open to the Crown Prince, wbo may leave Charles Frederick to watch Marshal Bazine.” A Hamburg letter says the people there are quite reconciled to the blockado, adap­ ting their business to its requirements. Tho morning Post saya semi-ofliciaUy, no peaco negotiations ate on foot. Govern­ ment is satisfied that Franco will not treat until sho is done retreating. All turns on the capture of Parrs. Tbo P o s t a’so dcnios tbb story recently published of tb e Prioeo- M u rat being In in England. Times publishes a special telegram fr- m Berlin this morning, which contain* tho following intelligence : The Fiench army has boon soparatcd by tho victory o f tho Prussians who are at Ma-a L a Tour. The main body haa been forced on Metz and brought to a stand by the first and second Gorman army corps n n d e r Prince Frederick Charles a n d Gen. 8toinmctz. Tho road is now open to Chalons, for tho Crown Prince, who has only Geflerat Trocbu, snd aotne- fragments of Marshall MacMahons corps to encounter on the way. Tho decisive event impends. Paius, August 19.— Tho Journals thia morning say, that nineteen Prussian spier havo lately been arrested. After tho trial acd condemnation, by a council of war they wero shot, at Fort de Montrougo. •' Among the executions were flve officers of tbe ene­ my's. These spies wen disguised, and wero taking notes of plana of fortifications. P a r is , 18.—Tho following was made pub lie this morning : Gen. headquarters, Aug. 18, 6 p. m.—In tho encounter of the 16th mst, the corps ol Gen. I’Adnuranlt formed tbo extremo right of tte army. A ifattilion of the 73d regiment of the line destroyed a Prussian regiment ol lancors, and took its colors. There have been many brilliant cavalry charges, in ono of which Gen’l. La- Grand was killed at the bead oi his division. General Montagu is missing. The Prussian Generals Doering and We- dtll were killed, a n d Gena. Groonter and VonRanch wero wounded. tn bill' a i Lour sflor thoJiral n;hck wm maitc. l’/ussnns bad/tile plan ot ih) fprtilioatiuis tf Melz, but rvbich ap- pa ently did not,contain fort Quenlcu, for in endeavoring to avoid fort St, Julien, they murcbi-d directly-to ward f irt Quenltu. They carno within easy range; we opened fusion the Prussians retreated and came within rargo ot tiio guns uf Fort St. Ju'ien, yeiy destructively on them. In their con- wliich then opcnod fire, increasing the loss oi ihc enemy. Tbey then attacked anoth­ er point of our position,which was dtfondcd by only ono regiment ol infantry and a bat­ tery of mUraillkuae. Tie lattcry uncov­ ered, end made groat havoc in their raDks. The firing c-.ased a t half-past seven in tbe eve , having lasted from lour o’clock. W e had al o u t one thousand killed and perhaps as majny wounded, Piussirna sont a fl ig of truce demanding an armistico for the purpose oi burying their dead. They admitted a loss of 8,000^ killed. Armistice was refused. In this battle tho First Corps of Prussians was commanded by GenTSKn* teuffe, and Seventh Corps by Count Zisbro. They had 30,000 infantry, 33,000 cavalry, aad 90 guns. FALL OP A BRIDGE, New York, 19.—By the fall of a bridge, connecting two] tenement houses, No. 97 jold sireo^Brpoki^p. last n igkbtw o women and a man crossing at Ibo timo precipitated a d.stance of thirty foot on the pavement beneath and fatally injured. UINftHAMTON MDKDE1L B inghamton , 19,—The bodies ot two of the three burglars who murdered young Mirnck in Ilolbcrts store, Wednesday mor­ ning, wero lound in the Chenango river. Alter tho murdor they attompte to cross the river and wote drowned. Taey were both injured, one of them ve­ ry severely, in a fight with tho olerks at the door. 1 heir confederate is still at largo. The bodies bavo n o t yot been identified, b u t it is evident they did no t belong In this neighborhood. Throo men camping out in tho woods h eie recently committed six burglars noar Bilver Lake, Feuu., ten miles from this city. Lout night in this city, a Highwayman caught a boy nged 111, mentfcod him with a rovolvor, and robbed him of his poolcot book containing a fow dollars. T H E M A R K E T S . N e w Y o r k ISw rkela. - - • NEW YOBK, August 18. COTTON—Firm, 19j middling uplands FLOUR—Heavy; Receipts, 15,mx) barrels. Salos 7,000, 5 40 @5 76 for Superfine State and Western; com­ mon to ohoico Extrn State 5 7f>®6 60 com­ mon to ohoico extra Western fl 75@C 5 0 ; common to choice round hoop Ohio G 15® 7 50. RYE FLOUR — Dull- Bales 200 barrels, at 5 00@7 00. WHEAT—DuU. ipts E2. n No. 2 8)pring, Red Western. CORN—Finner. Receipts 38,0OO. Sales 40,000, at 82@D0 for Now Mixod Western. OATS—Hoavy. Reoeipts 52,000. Solos 10,000 4»(pBl for Western ; 60@57 for State. PORK—Lower. Reooipts 250 barrels. 28 76 for Me**. BEEF—Qulot. Bocoipfs (I ih )0. 1 2fl forNo. 2 S MILWAUKr—, - F loub —la firmer and deolining. choice Wisconsin a t $5 00@6 50. Bafe«. G rain —Wheat toll.Sales a t $ 1 0 9 fot :t 02.4 for No 2. Oats are steady\\ £ at ;S3c. Corn is nominal. R eceipts —2,000 bbls flour, wheat. S hipments —1,000 bbls flour; wheat. Now York, Aug, \19—12 m. Gold opeae at about 116$; very steady, not n p itadlrfE^1j|i§| Gove mments steady though not muoh «jo- ing. ' Blocks-Upon the receipt of Commoihom. Vanderbilt, Now York Centra) an d Hudsons-,-;;, ltivcr Railroad, and Scrip, and Harlem, al sold down from two to three, down to 91 ; but upon receipt despatches saying that Vanderbilt -was-vwillU' and report o t his illness a hoox they recover- / ed. about two. State socufitiea dull «UidiU Bteiuly, nothing dorngT Money 1@5, change nominally unchaged. ~ F o r e i g n m a r k e t s . L ondon , 1:30 p. m., 19.—Consolsojpeu.. 91}; Monoy 91$. American securitiesffnexer 5-20%J02, 8»j; W, old, 87|; 67,-86^+11 88. — _ Stooka steady. Erie 18; HUnoia firmer U O Great Western 23. Liverpool, Aug. 19. Cotton openedfinmeriX J i i S 3 Uplands 8 J®8$; Orleans 9 . Sides of w«*k,i - WlJF 71,000 ; 14,000 for e x p o rt; 6,000 for sp«cul- Stooka on-hand-52;4W0#- __ ids 59,000' hwnhy). 81,000 bxnhii* 0.8.1T b , 81 reg. 1UX do coup. W i t 0.8. » -»’ta rce. Ill do conp. 1 Ills 0.8 D's 5-50coup, 'to U ljJ O.B.B’sMO’WoId M S do Nawlsaae. ..110 0.8.6’«4-S0 ’M now n o g 0 S.k’d 5.50 coop. '88110<^ 10-40 Reglatered.... 1055T 10-4Occapon* 108 Carreac; BLxca 118 Harlpoaa 5 ilo.pref 100X CauUon 00 Cumberland — Western Onion Tel. MX Qalck-allver - 4W PtcUolUU ................. n x Uoaten Wa'er Power 18 Adama Express 07 X Well. A Fargo Kl. 13X An. U d . Bxpresa.. 48 U. a . Bxprcaa 43 N. Y.O. A H R R 03X N. Y. Central, acrlp 80 Brio ........................ MX Irto, pref. .............. 48 Harlem 181 54 do prtL 183 G o ld — 116)4 [Reading ...... W cOentrm L '.,.. . aiSX.T' 5. 8. A U. Bonthem 50X3- lUlnoli Cantral 1 8 ■: *4 Olere. * Plttibarg ROi Chicago and N . W . 81 doasd N. W, m g M X - * Cloves. Ool. Clncln TljJ1' New JereyGdntrtl aoiX.,--- Reck lilacd 31*3(2-S XII. A Bt. P aul MX ' : d o prwf M X V Tel. Wa. Weatem M x ; . do pref. 1 » ,';:-V Fort Wajno ito s'\- Alton hTcrreHtata : Id I ■ do prel j U sA--* Chicago A Alto* M X .:. . ; , do pref 1t*X;--.'\:~: OhloAXIas, n x ‘ BoatonDartfdlrtM Col. CtLA. Ind. OcB.flX . CMcmo B A Oalncy- IM-)': Cen. FicMebcndi — ' • Union Pacino bond*- renn. S'a a x * 0 ipIUL A) Vlrgtnlaa e x . co«p . Oo S’a new- — ...... . <M», Ulaaoutalxaa.. i i I i ! W atertown B i u l l Prleaacnnrarat. AuoobT 3.8,'' -F‘ FLOUB, li barrel ................. ,.®6 6O8p-T0 «4;. MEAL, il hundred lbs ...... 2 WHEAT, Itbuahehjpringujn^ 185#»:l:$ft—. ‘ “ Winter ...... Ofiifirl'79' BYE, V bushel ......................... G6«* 0 90- COHN, p bushel ..................... 1 00» ;.rL BARLEY, P bushel ............. ‘ «r0j7J- OAT8, ? bushel ..... GfHpa- BU0K\7HEAT,-P bushel —» ' BEANS, P buahel .................. PEAS, P bushel .......... POTATOES, ti buahol................1 25©>;4-W EGGS, ¥dox ....................... m - 'K BUTTER, V » ............. - .... m. . CHEESE, * lb ..................... • « Iff LABD.« Ib .............................. >(8- TALLOW, V Ib ............................ ttm :j&. MAPLE SUGAR, V Ib....' ........ 18« HAMS, ^ Ib.......................... 20« smror-fiff 900 at 1 \Ota FISH im ■ 1 4 2 forw S to ^H0UILE3lSpFffin75775: ------ r-10« ’ 1 400142 - or FRESH BEE^.H hun ...... BOO* PORK’ T barrel ...... TUBKEES ................. ....: .... CHICKENS .................. .. PEACHES, dried, ¥ Ib .......... [BERRIES, dried, W i II APPLES, V bbl . DBLED APPLES, , PORK in the h o g , V hundred. LEMONS, 7 box. .... ORANGES V box. ........ SALT, V bbl.. CUT MEATS— Nominal. LABD-—Woak. ^ 5 6 tioroea, at 1G®10J I W A T ^ Q ^ V b b U Steam Refined; 17®17$ kottlo rendored. BUTTER—21®80 for Ohio, 2]®39 for] Stato. CHEESE—Dull, C@14. EGGS-Agtoady. 24®2fl for fresh. SUGAR—Quiet, at 113 for Cuba. PETROLEUM—Steady. 24®24f COAL — 6 60@6 00 LEATHER—Veav dull. Bnenos Ayres j and Rio Grande, light ti> hoavy weights 28® 31; California, do., 28(§>29. WOOL— Quiet. Domestio flooco, 46@52; Unwashed, 37j@38; Polled, 87@43, Prince Albert- of Ewiais, carshr coin- news is almost menacing,— Thota waa_ *. mander, was killed. deruonetrarion ycaicTtlay of tho sxudeots at Mosoow, against Prussia. Repressive measures of the Russian 'authorities against the German and Lattieh Inhabitants of Es- thonia and Courland, aro reported to bo in­ creasing in severity. Active negotiations, the purposo of which are unknogu, are go­ ing on between St.Peterfburgh ind Vienna. PRINCE OP WALES FAVORS FRANCE. L ondon , 18—Prince and Princess of Wales are unusually harmonious In tbeir al­ most open sympathy •with France- Prince’s -feeUpgJa.belleved to rest on his iisliko of his brother in law, tho Crown ’^nnoiToF Prussia. \ ' = TIKES. . AjJ!burh,.N. Y,, 19.—At 12 o'clock last light a fire broko 0 0 1 in tho snsh snd blind factory and plaining mill, o f Evsxts Bros’. Tho building, which was of wood, ond val- nab'.o mac', inery contained, in it was de­ stroyed. Loss is $15,000, and insurance $8,000. Springfield, Mass., 19.-— Fire^ broke out last night in Richmonds stables on Saufo'd street, and extended repidly to Walker and Scerry’s b.’ocks on tho same street, both of which were destroyed. Loss is beavy. O N trie! ___ x . wi t bo soli 1 Cape Vincent, tho following O Aug. IS, 1870. day of Sept., 1870, at two o'clock, p osoldat Cap - - - property, to wit: Two Kegs ol WWaky. . v The abovo homed property, under seizure by lira Collector of Customs for the Dtetrlct of Cape V.n- ccnt, lorhavtap ^ * ------ .. . .. — ted State', an act erl .»—. , -.... .w . «juum, \An A ct to farther prevent smuggling, asd rar other parpoeee D. 6 . OWBN. igtedvtd CoUeetor. r» 0 Tri ■ ALQ. .A firet dais Butcher Shop; I’ wTfit aliiicccaaarj tooieand . couvanloaclea per- (bbitnee*.. Aheoagood trado, A»yP- to ea«aoreth:ihelwri»«aem6M<!s, The following morning ire were masters of tbe poiition previoualy occupied by tbe enemy. The force of the enemy in the battle of 16th may be approximately estimated at 150,000 men. We have not yet tbe exaot figures of our losses. P abis , 19.—In the Corps Legislat'd lost evening, Oount De Palikao, Minister of War, too t the floor, and, in responce -to an inquiry made in relation to the taot that Gen. Trochn hid been declared Governor of Paris,declared it to be a wise mouemcnt. -Gouot-PalikadorthenJntomodThejCQrpB the Prussians bad suffered severely In the 4nte engagements. Their centre hid been NEW YORK, Aud. 18. Asbib—Pots are steady at $ 6 25@Q 75. Pearls are nominal $9<g>9 75. C o tton— Is Armor. Sales 1,729 bales at 19$c fpr middling uplands. W hisky —Is steady. B&Jca of 800 bbls -at 97o. H a t —Is firm at 85®90o fox shipping; 90e@$l 20 for retail late. Hors—Aro unchanged at 16tgf25o. Corrxx —Is quiet. Sales of 1,100 bags Bio on private terms. BTOAS—Irtn fair request. Sales of 800 hhds at 9@9jc for Ouba ; 9j@lljo for Porto Rico. Molasses — Zs dull and nominal. R ice —Is quiet. Sales of 25 tierces at 90 9jo. Provisions—Pork is dull and Heavy. Sales of400bblsnt$29formesB; $Z-4<B2G forprime; #30®33 for prime mess. ASor 259bb&ine*» | for Beptember, «L$29’r B 60 f\i 8 'quiet:”Balee of 60 bbls at $12@1G for platomess; $16®19 for extramess. Beef hams are nominal. Sales Crippled, snd they had not been able to ef: T a ^ W E S T , ARRESTS. 8t. Loch 10,—J. M. Egar, a clerk, snd Benjamin F. Reynold, manager of tho branch offioe of YJhCSldr & Wilaan’a,sewing Machine Co., in the lqwer part o f the city, weee arrested yesterday for robbing the tnrio.office of tbout one thousand dollars worth of property. -CASIKKXP. > . John ’StanAWiird feet s junction with the Princo Hoyal. Paris, 19.—The report that the wife of LeBoucf is a Prussian lq denied. Authorities continue to arrest enjpiclons parties. Many discoveries have been made of ar­ my-and papers demonstrating the widely extended system ol Prussian spying sys­ tem throughout France. Public has been greatly excited by three developments, snd demand imperatively thst the severest pne- igbtnent-beir\etcdout-toLOlLsuoh_oiieimes. Dispatches from, BritUny mention patri­ otic icoling of the entire population. There is volunteering in all ports of the empire. The Eig&ro to-day ha* the following de tails of thq blttlo of Lougeiille: The bsttle cecutred st Boerny, 4 mitometres from Metz, snd not st Longevilfe, ae his been stated, Ths bsttle occurred on Sundav: half of onr army, which wu about 200.009 strong, were passing ths ifoeoilc, st thst place one brigade of the Prussisns made a- aifttks snd attacked about an HAY.V ton. GOAL, V tea—.— WOOD, ft oord, hard. WOOD, V corcLsolt...... KEROSENE OIL, V Pi. SOLE LEATHER, V bKHNEs®7\ — r . UPPER “ V foot.. HIDES........................ “ MURRAIN VEAL S K INS..... DEACON “ .................. ...W o fcflttfl - . . . . . .8.0ft«,Sl! . . — . « oom j i ... 2 « s # i I I S * n c a n r s H r a o i s . O A T f t R A Q U Z O O ON THURSDAY AND MIDAYr, l i t A S t B U h of 40 packages at $41<S>42 £0 fox rammer onr- Gut meats are quiet at 19@21o for ed. dole- I is qmel primo mess; $S0@81 for India mess. Middles I are dull Laid is firm. Sales of 800 heroes st 16@16$o for steamed; 17<S>17jo for kettlo- rondered. Also, 250 tierces, for Deoember, at ltjc. Batter is firmer at 21®81o for wes* tern ; 25@3!)c for State. OheeBO is doll at] G@14c. r x m r r s a y < A Trotting Pvrw^f ^ ^ targGggaea- ttefij Utaibni' Parra ci $150. * Vlat Bate l>«, owned ta UteOttr of llngaSow ■>« < Frontenaeana J Am x ttedA dfflwtire. OHIO AGO, Atro. 18. ..... Floub—If dull and unchanged at $4 75® I ^ Trotting Van* of AJCO, foraR NwiMi jkat^ 6 00 for Bpring extras. I G rain — Wheat is declining. . Soles at $109$ I seller for September ; 98o cash ; at 2 p. m., I tho market was dull and unchanged. Ctim avnnw a Y*A 9 is aotive and\BRady-af-72irr—at-a-ir-m—nn-l — ^dronged O a tearequiotand No 2. Rye ib quiet at 72jo foTNo 2. 'Briley1 — ~ — .......... o s s s l ib easier at i f 1 08 c a s h ; $1 09 seller for Sep­ tember for No 2. H ighwikxs —Are steady at 92c for iron- bound packages. P rovisions —Aro dull snd unchanged. Bfesr O axtli —Are aotive, and higher. Sales at $3 50@7 SO for common Texan to good shipping steers. Live H ogs — $9 00®9 20 for common to ohoice. R xoexpts — 4.60Q hbls flour ; 65,000 buah wheat; 65,000 bush oom; 78,000 bush oota; 7,000 bush rye; 18,000 bush of barley, 4,000 Shzpjcents—2,500 bblgflonr; 137,000bnsh wheat; . 05,000 hush com; 74,000 buah- oats ; 4,000 hogs. . OSWEGO, Aug. 18—- F lous —Is steady and unchanged.-- t'tflliw of 1,300 bbls $7 25 for No. 1 spring p tT. 75 for amber winter ; $8 25 for wbite ::.®$Q0 for double extra. . -. - G bain .—Wheat is quiet and lower. Safes of 1,000 bnah No 1 Milwarikeqolrib St$128\; and a small lot of white Indiana at f t SS ; amber Michigan is held at $L 35®1'#7 Com Is quiet at 90o for No. 2. Oatksref st 63®54o for Illinois. Rye is nomlnAL Coitf M ial —$1 lO for bdted, snd.®2 W for unbolted, per cwi - MOL F«Dr-Iis nnehMsgtd, Tbree quarter*. A Trot time Rsee otMBC.forwU'l ' ' ' b«it:S4li.- r- Tha Catetsqsl ParMof 5850, a T t t JBl aUUoDwatlaKHMtk. All I s n r e . Hones to b* ntarM.'toripMNi.?!*: the Anglo Amtilcaa BUM. _ ^ ENTRANCE TKN FiB i Jbt«»cre:|o Iay, Aagaii it? i t t t ;eridcJA F o r T a r i i n l i n fiiriS'f — ------- ,— ^ A M B 'V M A S A X d K > > g«rentj-Are acres af direuias*. tanre weSaFd, w*| l good w t e , « > r e r i a « l i aUMtl*.«BW4ID*( AdfnaS, D rivw a fiTlprt- ...................... , MklhStAS

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