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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, August 19, 1870, Image 2

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£ ! r W a s h i n g t o n . B t p a U l c a u S t a t e c o n v e n t i o n . _ At. mfcettur ol tlie Republican Stato Conxmjttce, held at CongieBa Ball, iSarStoga, on the ‘ dth flay of Aunut, 1STO, it w us resolved that a Republican State Convention oc hold a t Saratoga on W edn edav, the Ttbdajof Sei'.cmber, 1670, a t Mo’clock noon, for tbo DnrooaooT nominating candid'too for tbo offices oi Governor, lAenteiiBnt-Uovemor, Comptroller, Inspec­ tor ol State Pri«on«,and two Canal Commissioners,to be voted for on Tuesday the Ulli day-of November n *Tho representation la t h a t Convention will b e tho nam e aa t b a t established b y t h e Stale Cooveuuon of 1863, and tender w h icb tbe last s t a t e Convention w»a> convened, v i z : F ire t - O n o Delegate from e a c h Assem b ly D istrict. Sean id —O n e additional Delegate irom oaoh A bso A b l y Ulotrtct lor overy 1,500 o r fractional pirt o f 1,500 w h ich Bhali he over 750 R e ­ publican votes p o lled ln s n o b district. '1 h e appor­ tionm e n t t o be m a d e npon .the Presidential vote ol 1806, T h e several R e p u b lican Assem b ly Com m litets o r Associations a ro hereby directed t o issue calls lor th o election o[ delogatca t o o a ld D o a y ration Thero\ y called tn accordance wltb t b e apportionment above directed. . D. B. Parsed, * Bmis B. Doicniit, A. M. B uss. E««T-ammh. TD H rB m robxr \W K STIWAttT, THOSAB K . UntWABT, O. A. AStTBUft, \1 Iimu* Kjmoacx, J A»a W . B u s t e d , . C r u u s 13- AI a h t in , OOBUEWIUS KbBSXTYKI, Gaonoa H, (Ulauf*, liABILTOM IliBlU S , rA. U; W-A1T. - ... N . U r u j L M , N . M. nittms, V* ALDO h i . POTTEtt, S n a s a z B iA 11 lak . eox . e v , vminfroimoKDr A . II. T u ttle, CUAULEB L. liSSNEUr, U. Nelson Ubux, O. I). L atham , J amas w o t , M. U. t'A.ss, • H . C . F i s k , B an . F ield , W u. ble mu it ., ,— .. _ BoDNar W. D aniels , B d w a S T . — to—* The P i n t and Second Districts of .Jeffereon Conn. tf are entitled to four Delegates each; the Firei, fiecoud and Third Dlstrlcta el St Lawrer.ce to four each; Lewiito three; and tbo First, Second ULd Third Districts of Oswogo to ibrco each. riReimB,\where Napoleon 'w a s last been] trim, ia only a short way from Paris but t, great w»y from Berlin. The New York Timon predicle that the wtf w ill bo very protracted. It may be,hut wo h a v e never thought so, n o r do we think so now. A. week or ivto more is likely tu bring i t to a focus. Victories conquer peace quicker tban a n y other process. -lYben &ny friend of.M r. Groeloy shall nrge h u nominatioa for Governor, it wul be tim e enoogh to consider tho m atter, but th u s far nono savo his lifo-long ene­ mies and traducers havo mentioned bis name in connection with tho office. We havo^a suspicion th a t they would liko to set hum put u p to afford them tho opportu nlty o f knocking Turn (Tow'd. tlrcynupv pcied his nomination would result in mHiring him Governor, ho is about the last man in the State thoy would think ot placing at the head of the Republican ticket. That ie our opinion. Atnbilicn and cowatdlce is an unnatural m ixture oi human qualities in tho same pcreon, yet Buck do seem to oxis’. Napo koo m d , if wo interpret hia conduct on tho ordinary rules of human aotion, must le compounded of a b o u t equal pvrlB of ambi \tlon-audco ward ice.-- -Ona-day-ha-aflcctAiu lead h is troops in battlo after the tn&nnr ol b i s nncJo a t tho t-ridgo o f Lodi, with i ly thia difleronco: tho nephew leads in lhe rear and tho undo led in th e advance. The next day lio retires a h undred miles toward: Paris, and ordcrj h is pnvato effects tn le Bent t o Madrid for safety. Courageous t r - dcra to advance, and cowardly, panic stricken rotreafs; proclamations o f encour­ agement to his peoplo and defiance to the , enemy, preoedo a b a c k w a rd movement on­ ly b y on h o u r or tw o . Rarely, w e thick, has th o ambition for military renown been planted In the breast of ono in which cow­ ardice is SO dommarif a feature of c h aracur. K i n g ' W illiam's promise that ‘ French mcu i \ Germany shall, in common wi h al I mankind, be convinced t h a t Gormony moves at t h o head of civilization,” is not an empty boast. Ho has sh o r n , saya the Tribune that ho knows h o w to m ake war wiih hu m&mty quite as woll as with vigor. Hi hlB done all in h i s power to iighlen the burden u p o ^,non-com b atants; he bas taker the lead in exempting private property from capture on t h e high seas, even though France refuses to reoiprocatc; ho w;ll not retaliate for Ihe threatened expulsion ot Germans from Franco; and ho is doing all he c a n to spam t h e unlucky iahabitants el tha Fronch districts * h ich his armies luve overrun. French prisoners aro treated w ith tho g reatest kindness, oven though in France the auspicion of being a PruFs'an p u ts any m an’s life in danger. When litre contest is over, t h e international laws of wtr ~Iff~*ffteting ncnteals an d non-combatants w ill probably be reviBed, nnd th e leading will be Prussia a n d tho U o ittd Statia. Jgjffaa.. ■« iiE M A v n - p n , O u r Dem ocratic frioads rtdu od cin.vl tolls ls»t w inter; and w h a t hat, „ ;tn t .c resu lt! H a s moro money been p u tii.t'1 th a Slate treasury f H a s il coat l.-ss to g«.t a bushol o f wheat from lho interior of any of o u r W estern States ta tido water thin lost year ? These questions can only be answered in tho negative. IV I: ere then :» tho advantage o f lower toils? Who I. ,s -been-hqnefited-by—th e r c d p c tio a i J Scrap o f TlkiLllkLhlvpy -..The. Schuetzeh feat— Tim German C h a r a c ter-A Cer tain Phase o f Vfjuhinpteiv L i f e —Treas­ ury Girls. “ ' Special Correspondence (if iVatxTtimhi Timo. W asiiinoton , Aug 17. The newspaper ialike tho epdetrum. It. also possesses something of the oharacter of aa individual. \We are pleased, we are sad, wo are m elancholy from its representations W hy? Because i t analyzes humanity and presents it to itself, in i t s appearances,also in deep realiiiej. Every person th a t b_-1.olds th e pbenomc n-on prcsented b y the -analysis ol lig h t hy llie spectrum, sees c l e a r l y the tints of color, but some mure privile.od, perceive the character of tho substances that mpectivoly ciuso thuse tints. The newspaper h o lds up to our vLsruti, bo to speak, tiro transactions und thoughts t f each other, a n d oar sens! bilitjts are mtveiijiccariling t o the picture, aouit', however, as rn tho furmer case, per e-iive tire character that ex-necessilate eauaed them. Ti e one kind o f knowledge is food ^roehteF-tho-jUcaaure,rijy.jvJtUii!m fuel£g ure cxcitEd, and the o ther that which xnedi- t ition aflord'i us. I have premised this scrap ,of philaothro py to rem iid you thAt the lapse o f tiu-e , o(8 n o t destroy tbecoUriainment or vital *-'y b-at rnoy-br-deriveri-froin th e kaowicdgt' ( I human Iransacti ms. They f.re th e pro •luctof nature, and its rivi-latio. n areal ivays o f the deepest interest. About t.io Weeks since, the great Her­ man festivity closed its annual gathering ol f ix days duration. Il is a national charac t.rislic of the i-'d country revived upon our bores. Tho Franco-Prusuan viar has awakened •i livelier interest among us fur that peop'.o than wae ovor felt before. T h e Oerman cl cmeot in civiliz xlion ir receiving a higher •pprocia'ion, und dei-riui ,1 to tako a mon ending position thin herctoforo. T o Her aany this govtrnm ent is closely connected VTithont the power c f the industries and virtues of h : . irrigrar.ta, wu wuyUl ha i •-t-en unable to rC'Cit: curatives Iro n tho iu lojllion. llvruian c'.urai tor is an important study f r tlio future and an interesting one ol the pash The c us to\’ s mi.I rnaiturs, ru ltsa ,:.an tbe. |o i u a l iustitutun-i of a peopV, arc proeluctd t y its nutiuea! cfiuracter. The., re its n . ’tra! ni.ni'-stat odf. Hence, a l.ivoiite pU.asure ad-rilB SuurewhatJif an in d< x t 1 the e b o n .r tf • f a Peo,.h', an will an id an individual Bcar'Pg tlj(L-e idea; in dmrc to SCO tl 0 t'c luelz-ridi 1 1. S> at du li- J u tako a hack an 1 drive into th e uuuntiy un­ til from boun.hiry street a mile is pine I iKshind you, an d a thickly shaded pa-k o' tw enty acrts, rtmr.inated hy tin tl.ou unit ihinesu 1 interns, ard urinated hy as many Germans is before you. Happiness beams from th o countenance of them all. See all m p a t r t t famili'M with the r wives fthd children sittirg in groups vnU lrg thou •riini-ts over tic 11 xwing Ugrr. I t affurur nn cx'endcd scopo for tho i iU-rohange of a f '(’Ctionatcsentiments fur tho Fa'herland — But th a t aflection is u f a secondary charne ^ - f tjrttlrfS o tT E F f TndmriUal past that h a ­ lts closest connec.ion wltb that, b u t their r,dividual future w ith tbis oauotry. ll»nc ■ .heir frequent expo ssion, ‘T lovo Germany hut gkrivus A.morl-a m r c . '1 All kinds o t sports aro engaged in. Thu -hootiug Piatcho--Jc the moat important. The best marksman is crowned ‘ King t f tbo Soc.oty” for the ensuing year, and Cir rled upon the Blioul Jcrs of t so mon prece­ ded by a b a u d ot music, U> the stand, wht rc ho addrceses the multitude. A rojrorkablo feature is th.d ia thn vast in'dtuudo, s. hero immenso cpiaatitios nf In gir bier aro itnbdicd, perfect ordo- ai d hext hum ir prevails e v .r , w'.ar . It vcasploas ant a n d suggediro. It look m o back in imagination to t1'-) days < I the Archcry, when tho Swiss hcl-l tlim atin,ial festival tn celebrate the r dc.rv er r i '0 fr-'in Au-,t;iaand to practice wiilr 1 e how. rilsr to tbesubse qnent td u e ^ h .n , in the Free Towns, tl i ; fostiviry * a s a mean? cl e u c juraging ;n th e yoath, ctnula! on irr th’ a r t of wav I t is visited from curio1 Uy, by all c'asse* of Americans. Tue nationa', executive, a n d oity authorities recognise its mportancc by rise;— But u u Auieiitrsn runtd endTrre a participation in such innocent am u v m cnta much loss cojxytl.en. To us tl .ere is \not suffioient activity tw make them interesting But In the fSetman, cxc foment, which is the litocf all pleasure am jng tho Latin ra “GehrB'.ierida'i fo now a t the headquarters ( f the Prussian army, and is permitted to follow the campaign with tho headquarters of King William. The Prussian araiy continues to retreat toward Paris, and the French aro 'aflvSh7 •ihtr in the same\direction. That is the sub o • -ta . hluneeoftho la:cst uews from tbe seat ot war. jb u v i u r ; i t i o i i a l . jcH K R o c k l a n d F e m a l e I n s t i t u t e . R e v .L .D jB Z iO S N I A W s r i B t .I > , A . IC . Nyack, cn the Htuhon, N. Y. 18 7 0 . A meeting styling itself “ i ha Anti-Uram- Shop Stato C, uvention,” was held at Syra cuse or. Wtili.Cnday, ad-i-tid o platform and nominated a Ftnte • ticket. At tb-. head of thi.-, last st xnds lhe nanrj of Myron II. Clark, of whom the pu. pi- have heard before to -d ay. —Wtr do • tr -b rii irvtr^ Myron will bo choaeu tins yiar, unle.-is ho can su- care tho s;ppLrt (fTam iuany and tlu ii thuussLil an ’ more r.p.uters. U r i e l s . —The Mitrailleuse—a bulletpitTfip. — D o w n ea s t t u e y u r o - r a h i n g a c i o p of ‘ b a k e d b e a n s , \ a l l ou u c c o u u : . 1 'h - hot w e a t h e r —New Yoik a ttributes the lato n.uiJois to tho bo-it. — A MinuLfOt, sy.sation - n white jury with a colored lureunn. The Tcn.piranre liar;> in the-Sot c havu iu min ted a tab B’atu ticket with My- r m II. Clark at it.- I co ’ iur (ioveim.r. Tfow-o-ptmuj uf the Aruvricau T.s'.iujtc I'.xhthitiou at New York city wiil I c Sep tember 7tii. Tlio bigut-st humbug of the (.gu. - T h e ‘‘Cambria” was beater, again at Noivforl, Monday, by the 1 P a lnur.'1 —TTieru are sym; to-, a cf tii.aucial cm- hariasamt nt in France. -G e n Uranl has t.o v e d m Washiug'-oD. Ue evacuated L ig Brarch ytsterday eve- ot. g. — U ra/jllo ami Paraguay arc DOTydpeac wi'h t no another —M ilcrtl.emy, the Fre::eh minister is e a lined tu his t , d with cholera morbus At I .c-olia .. cu ua. Thojxq'ulntiun uf rirogou is estimated nt luu.iaio. ainl Waohipgtun Territory t'.',.ouu. excliLsiw ,,f In d ia n s . The tutal hluprxient of tr, us ure (rum Siui Knmciseu since tbo 1st of January is yVJ.iiot- niio including irrint'.'.ooo by railroad. Illioit- ilodiUiug ia rxuL Jet a ll SnpprcS’xuL Thursdoy .,ver twenty plaees uf illicit distiL u.g were diM-uvereil m a single ward in brook. Ivn ----------------------- The ( ruvcrour has urileredan eleettun to till the vacancy in the Orleans District, caused Ly lho appointment uf Judge Davis to tho ofllee u( Tinted States District Attorney for tlie Suuthi-ru I Hst net T o W h o m i t m a y C o n c e r n , O J L B K O I A T B I N S T I T I T K F O R X . A D I B 8 , F ° u 8 l » J i e e p B l e , N . F E s tablished 1849. J&jcoil ik opportD o fties for a com p lete E n g lish education. A n c ien t and Modern Languages, A rt, Muslc^ Elocution and T^ymuafitlce thoroughly taufiht. 'Xlso - — ------- Vaasar C o l I e g o P reparatory S c h o o l Special course of etudy furm trod b y President R a y ­ m ond. Scholastic year begtua Beur. 12. lhqo. F o r Catalogue addreee tho Principals, GKO. W . C O C K . B l., and M A R Y B. JO H R S O N . aug3 4w, , P T V E N T O t t S , A D D R E S S B O S O N B R O s T , .LP a tont A g e n ts, 459 N inth s t , W a shington. D. O., for advice, term s and references. augS4w j ' t s K I A L E C O L L E G B i B o r d e n t o ^ v n ^ . J Board and T u it io n $208 per year. F o r Cata- cues. address R e v , JN Q . U B R A K B L & M , A, M ., Principal. aug3 4w ^ — • J I G H ' r v r o W N C l i A S S I C I N S f I T U T E 1 fo r Y o u n g M e n a n d B o y s . Send for C irculars to R e v . J. E . ALfc X A N D E R ,P r in c ipal,H tghtptow n , fl- J . Aug8 4.W O L L E Q 1 A T B ANO C O I H M E H C I A I, U I N S X I T D T B . — G e n « R n « i e l i ? s s c h o o l N E W H A V E N , CO N N . P r e p a ratory-to College, B u s iness,the Scientific Schools a n d the U n ited States M ilitary and N a v a l Academ es. T h o F a ll Session, T h im - t t l t h year, w ill b e g in Sept. 18th. auS 4w A P P L E P A K U S G . P A H I N Q f t K L I C I K G -£a: THA'tdHtJLart5r^Eaking.4 .turns of t h e crank to each apple. Sold at Stores. W ill be sent on receipt Of $1,50. A d d ress Q. H. .W UITPM OUB, W o rcester M a s s. an^ 8 4 v H H E I P S O U T H E R N L A INDS—low e r than U tn tho W est. Send for Circular No 10. C o lam b ian Soutfcorn.Land A g e n c y ,33 P a r k Eow«Mew Y o r k . • aug8 4w wpori ypstprrlay t iiti-na a m -vt v « ii m int Xristen, reader, t o the sim p lj truth : I > e. million of dollars, or more, which tho S'nte w ill lose tbo present teason, will go u tu th© pockets of warehouie-me.i, tranship;):-:s tn d the ravenous owners of elevators. Thi latte r have reaped the chief share < f this ric h harvest. 5fee, elevator, freight and transhipment charges have g o n e tip iu tha same ratio uf- toTIfl b iW g o n e down, s o (bn y-N c w Yo k O ity and th o W t et, which aro clatnrri g for chtej? Sihepbrtallon, and insistirg t! at Ckxtal tolli/H U g h t-to he entirely aboluhul, are gtinitig nothfjog, If m eiolandizj cou’d b© got through from NtW Y o rk . to Chicago tee© to the K a b p atd a t lower figurep, o.-n ^iMuergtnigkt bo honefited by lower tolls; b h t u itia^ th o -©warn—et-derstursp-tTFTiv mjjeramdwarehoase-ines aionoroap al ih o ftdvantege. — iriiy r e c e iv e a mlUido-oTdolhxrp, mtue ot tera,ih»t ought t o go Into the Btafo treatu- JTiuA a* the State -wtll be that much tkraHejf o t l b f t O li, fhtUjatncuSfeAQ I’ulmi.r bt-at thu r i a m b n -.u ti m in o ti thi' alluwam-u u f tim u Thu t ’ a h i l'ria w i l l y;u tiack t o F n ^ lan d Mull a h u m uf th , hm r u U siiu aim ;ii b u r ru(‘u wttli thu liamitlu-.-. Th 1 cut: iim ) it : ,,n rt ;v -,1 ; ■ the C u - j Ud S u i t , a i • ll,> r m \ U - i lt a d w . y A c e p t r - I xlo c reijU T C 1 j o . i . i u a c r e s o f the b e s t tim j Le- i v , - y y u ’. r . T l iu an ; u a t t x p c n i l T u r . | Iur r a i l w a y b u i l J i a e - i . r p a irn . am i c a r s 1 | 500,OuO Tlu' lio i ' r d u L f c s l a the I T u k d 5 a , s c 'n um i |5'',.0 ‘),ut■'> w o r t h ,,f It ■ rrti'T e . W o n ! lu d u a f r y :.rn 'J im to i v, r {auii-OUU.OuO, rn w i t j i t b i i o ari. lO .U tW ar ■Isai’ S A T . M rg a n , fo t a 'o S i a ’ r f o ; u V . - /.(,.) c o u n t y , M suis.-ip'p , ruu e n ; ly m a r r k - il d a irb .' B . I b y g c , ot J a c k s o n in t a t B t a i e . Thu ^ t u r y h a s g iiix fu r l',i a n d liccn la r g r l y uu, iu i l by th e pres: t h a t tho b. hlo is a Tl.!! |,lo ,! i , i t.ugru. It t u r n s n u t , h o w e v e r , t l m t •iho is ft q u a d r o o n , m c icu lig h t o r th a n tn a : ,y of ttio s e w h o ci lim tobtlun^ tn th e C m c a s ia u t ace. r i b e w a s lr 11 N o w Y o r k . w a . d a e l y c d u . - a lc d , a n i had h e m tu a c h r g a c h u o ! in M -t-i.-sippi. bho yrn lm ,!y h ,- nm u A lric .iti b lh n it in h u ; M in ■, b u t n q . a u t i t y a'x intiaLLi33imiri_JJiaT_E_di£iilx w o u ld su s p e c t it J. >m Inoki; g ct her. S i c u d e s c r i b e d ft-> r c u m r k n b y b e a u t i f u l . O A L l f D H U & n . 1 0 7 0 — ‘T o r m 1 0 W - o c k a L o n g . ticpieo ber 15 Nuvcraber 2 k February 2. April 13. t mo. nnd charged from . >t 1 x.rtu v\ i i c« ranciiCo M id I iihU? rtf rm« < f t.dm' i ivt'l at i tfUtn C H A R G E S . n in E r ^ ’ ’ *h. Wji^hlng, (*a*lg- i .ntcr.tart l)rawliiK, p e r Krm $10J (-0 - Mr K * vt I* r) 9) W i ■i>ns i (M^s t li ungorfortn 3t) (Xi . *»b.-tc, . oarh lu i>o 2\ w* 2U t* ------ , , . 15 <» 20 UO ffoiird, T . \ t l.lTb* . I Mu? . Lo - • \ u c a l 1 t.i Krcrtxb. I h H ‘ l*vn *n :n * \S at- r C t « i« •» Cmyn-» , D r u u i n g . . . . PM li* In f t d - n a c r f t i r c a r h t o * m 'I h o F - ' d • iw iir lu r l h d . - t i a j l t c o i a r a s h o u l d s c L d f o : t h e s u n i i d i a l o g u e a n d t l r c a l a r . A l l c o m m u u h - y I o u r ild c a d d r e s e c d — H e v . L DELOS M A N S F fK L D , S tack oh H udson , N, Y, From a ninuicaC ru m b c r r i nubile a n d privalo com srleot the following N e w A d v e t U s e m e n t s -bt-ld. a n ’* ■■ j »3• • icy 1 .. • nr •• tt..i i fthii’.i y a’ ’ kw Am*, St* r ‘ary o f State, pays: •» r.UJ w ith the U«rv. Mr. Mans ’ r -pov #iiK-fii‘«n. mot I iecf S5 .v, !.«• anio to comfliand rucccfl?, if t r i ur.'y are m-ceefary.** VV B 2 G U T H B S B W O R D S. T h is In s titu te for tbo education of yonn? ladle* has now boon In succe*t»!ui operation a b o u t fourteen years, ha\i- < bunt it uttered by tb e R egents ot the rn iv e m liy in 1 f 65, and opeueu to students in 1866. L’urhij' tins period tt has enjoyed th e generous ecu Odenco ar a patronage o f persons ot th e highest iitUriUfctvjiC<» ai»d r*ft{u>r-Liihxl:i.y, a n d received nuruer- _ (Hia tluitc ring tesfim o n lals to lh e ttxeeb'ence o f its inothods of lftetruciiim »ud it-* gecerarre^fm s, wbtle ul 'w h o are acquaiuU d wi b ita external aitructlons aro e u tiiiihiaslic iu tii-jlr exprcaiions o f admiration ..r tho «iu!i k ur and beauty of its t.arroim d lug‘<. I1. Is no exaggeration to say tb a t the site of this fcomimtry ia u n o o f th? tliieeton tbe continent T h e iiud/-ot. is calleil ihe “ hhiue of A m e rica,\ and lu s- mt; p 'T iifa jt fs^rnndi r than tbo Kbine. G s-onc~ of those durim itL' htudluuds, w h ich nurprlBcand do- 1 g h t th\ tou riat uu tee Hudson, atauda t h e Institute oVL-rb oKHig tho '^I'appiii Zee,” and tho villages nest ed on its eltcrcs aud crowning Ita hllia, and ru i.u y bide— the iate h**tue of W a shington Irvin g — w ith thu t o g l o n ’ ound ab u t i n a i e rlaaeic by his p e c , 'i he &i nation of the Imsti ute ia not moro diBtin ” Uifhed lor ils eruudc r »;nd f eauty. thau lor its H'Hut rcLrem e u t aud r<markablu hoalthfuinesB x h.- arnule grounds, ia.d o o l with w a lks, drives, and a riding course; the river, with facilities lor b athing, 9«M*rgrfttiti^Qterg=4atw*4^--ida)»eoite^aflQ6dpi.ab un*. tl m t opportunity for healthm l recreation T o e re­ gion la en tirely free irom malaria and liability to u b r ile aud epidemic disease- Luring T ie tw flvg years ut ou r connection with • it • I n s ii'n te, il? iLsdniciioua liave never beon inter- rupl“ d !•> prevail ng s.» Lot*-* aud no p u p il has died. i he ctildeo. t omprisUig butli tho letsidencouf the \ rc«*lden. and s.nil ut» and the academ ic halie. is : . i L l - n d w ith ail tho mu'iern appomtmont# of a Prat class aeminury, and Isa modoi o f couveLlence n ud con.Jrirt ln capacity It occupies the gotdcu m ean, neither tr-m p ed ou the One hmrd, i.or hugo o n the other, nrge enough to rt quire a f>dl co ip s o f teachers, ana nut so lu-gc m lo d- s trov us homo-liktj chftractor- ilvery d* p artinent ol auFislanttal and elegant cap i ure is provided lor, a s CAnnot bu the c a s e i n email schools,and toe tho fam ily o.-ganU atlon and spirit are preserve i, na is im p ossible in largo school® >.)ds absent from their parents n e e d not only a school, bu t a home. T b e Institute recognizes this w a n t, and meets it by m a k lugofthoech o o lahom o g c - M o ttt lanniy surroundiug the p uplla w ith a genial nUUDsphorc, which eflucta&l y cxorctee* that most oroaucd b Jtudmg-schuol demon—\ hom esickness,' w h ich h* r a teiy louud here T h e hm ts of this brief circular—designed o n ly to call utlci r u n to the Institut.. aud aw a k e n inquiry— wltl not perm it any btsieiLunl in dol&ll o f thu course aud metlHxlA of ineu uclioii. It must '»aflice to say that ft's p'dll embraces n o t m iiy thorough drUl -in. what is lundam enlai, bu* a wiil j range uf advanced ttngilsb ’•tuaies—a ie*u!ar graduating course— the classics, »he Frtncb, and o ih ir modern languages, ilepurimetiti* of iltisic and ol A r t , an 1 thorough sc entUWv pbysicai cu.tore ff Ithuu* ueglcct or diepurtu't-mcnl o f other depur menta, es|>ecia| c m p h a iis is laid up»>n Music au d ihe French Language, tur which onty the m o d ex p e r i­ enced And crainvnt icacners sre* empioyefl* I'ccadI rx. g o liations have et cured to t h e institauMn tUeplu.c 'it our d'stiuguisbod Urufeefor Uob< hki. ihe va;*al»!c services o f .\r J. F o w l b u , w idtij hun w a a s a Ane m u sical com p >sur aud eucceseiui Instructor t»n ihe pi-.nn i l r Ftv\vi Bncx*TO»-e P* tho Inailtute, not to m a k e a. reputai’ori bm .with a reputation made -h's detlk ht fhf mu»icH t otrues n New Y t r t r city, having secured ti m anti-Yuib.e jfopularlty bjsod u . o n tne raplt prPliv-gBc y rtDdhhrbdrgYetrot-eritilut^j--e-viUceiLb.y.aui pcr.futmanf e of hlspum s Tne dup<rtnu-n'of Yccuvl In stiuction will contlr- ue under tnedirectton o f M»-j Huien M . Uunwern»rd. ,, , „ - ‘ who— io r T c veral year ~ t a c ' pupil Of inu~cm lHrTTr ) r^Hahlu agtn c y . i ’ampbtets cOTnainlnxrfhii tustruc I a l t n u a n l oerman Master*, baasini, Krrun , ano M c jer- h-is tUCcfodcAX in iucorpornlit g th cxtuilcu cies uf i L i ’.r respccL.vo ryn.em e o! luetructlou in her raet hud. Young Udb« d e e liirg it. m a y ct'Jo* the advantages of th i s d . p . r ment. or tint ol me t ranch language or of A*t. w . ’Aout pursuing our regular coursa. T H E “P A I N K I L L E R . A f t e r TuruTY y e a r s tria l, is e i l i l receiving tho m o st unqualified testicio n lals to its vlrtaes, from persons ol ih o h ig h e s t character a n d roepuntlbllily. H‘hy siciiins o f thu f irs t respe-'ubitlty, rocomniead It as t h o meet effectual preparation for tho extinction of p a in , it »* not on I ; the best rem edy ever known iur Braise.', cute, Burns, & c ., but fo? dysentery or Cbolo/n,' o f f>!)' p o r t 0” bow e l coTnpJanj-ry-it is a- rem edy unaurpasbed for efficiency and lap id lty oi uctiou. Iu thu g r e a t cl.u - s .of India, and other hot clim ates, u bas becom e theB ianduid Medicine ff>r a i l such com p laints, a s well as for Dyspepsia, L’v e r Couiplal'itk, an d other kindred disorders For C o u g h s aua Colds, Ounbor, Aelhui*, and. Rheumatic difficulties, it haa been prtLVed by tho. m o a t ahum dantaD d -convincing testim o n y , tu b e an invaluable m edicine. .D ire c tio n s accompany e a c h box. B o ld by a ll D ruggists, aug 1 4W A ll who sulfur from iodii»ea’ io n . blliioaB d*sord.*re, nervous afitV tions, colstipution o r undue relaxation th e b wels, ore invited i ‘ » conBlder theeo facts, v i z : T h a t the cor*tive operation of T a r a n t ’ a B f f o r - v o s c o n t ^ B e L t z a r A p e r i e n t , in a i s u ih t u ? c f is proven by overw a e lm iijg testim o n y : tbut pro­ found medical prartltluuers *ndorso l i ; that A n a lyt­ ica l Cbctn’siB pronouuce it uluntlcal w ith the w a ter o f the great German ti. a ; that i t porillc© and regu lures the system w ithout weakening i t ; that it is delightfully refreshing, and th a t evoiy elem ent it contains is either corrective, alterative, or In v ig­ orating W eigh theso w o rd s ,» aufi3 4w SOLD B Y ALL D R U G G i S l’B, \ V O l D Q U A C K S - A v ictim o( e a rly indiscro- lion , causing netvous debility, premature decay, f t c ., haviog iried ln v a in every advertised rem edy, h a s a slm p lo moans of s e l f euro, which hu w Hi send frco t o his fotlow sufferers. Address J . 11 T U T T b B , 73 N*«sau street, N e w York. aogS 4w BELDEN: Tie M e Chief L B B O W H E A T , O a t e a n d C o r n , four O best breeds uf Hog?, P o u ftiy of tno »vorld, how to m a k o tbo tarm p a y . A d d rcesG . A . DU T Z .tham * b^rsburgh, P a . “ auglH d w ly T h e M a g i c O o m b ! ^ l “ ; i 0 a t a Dcrm anent U lack or Brow n . It cc'jita’ ns NO ^Anyone cttn u e e it <‘iio **<u t i y null one doTfsr. XRdroYs* X f l a g t c TCotiib Go\* Mpringftuid. Mas®. uogUdwSm AGENTS Wasted for T w e l v e Y e a r s * w f i l i In d i a n s & P l a in s , I M i IS U F t t OF G E O , V. B K L D K N , who, from lovo of wild - d veoturu and n dc?trc to f.*in a knowl* i- l^o ot Uie Kvi ry D a y l.'fc ami IV trim (‘u«totnaof the Iudlanp, I* fi a homo o ’ plenty iti N< w Pniladd- uhla, O .,joined tho lndiaut*, ndo.tteri lln v r i n i d t o f life, oecam eii warrf'*rof th e \first c)a/*H.\ «Mi chief of ICO lodges, served tlioCrovt nuupiu with hi? braves “ugaln s tth e hortile Indians, und as Piuau-nant In t ie He^ular Arm y , w h ich position bt; tad tuc<*nt)y re­ signed to return to tho w i l d life he so much love*, lo Illustrations, 24 o f them Full Page, with Portrait of the Author, nil engraved ciprossty for t h is work. m o st attractIvo book, abounding In thrilling ud v e n t u io ,a n d curioun, u s e ful and om u I d *! informs* t’ i>n. Hond f*»r Illustrated c'rruhir. with ter \8 ta­ b le of contents, a n d eamplo pagre. t' F. VENT, Publisher, 5 College I'laco, New Yor.». M.-l^dwlw e r h ° C r a m p tto o n ’ n I m p e r i a l 111 i * ‘ ’ ri*r” f o r ” lT and*\T*Ty *Tt. ' lllfX M i - T O N Q U O T U K K . 8 . 8 4 Fxoxxl « t . . N e w V o r U . O n e P o u n d o f r . __ _ ____ Laundry Honp will make twelve <juurt* of Ilandnome r4oft Koapr Ask yourhro- 0 < b ' > e i ft. Aft«I \ ' L W . n e m c i l P A J I * » I I L R X . - 8 < m n L i al* Physical at d ^ c rvous IJobttlty. its effects ai.d euro, l’tico 25 cunts. A d d rtee EKCHETz\KY M iifccum of Anatom y , 61H Broadway, N o w York. P A T E N T S , Iuvcntore w h o wish lo take ont Letters Patent arc advised to counsel with M a n n A Co., Kdltors o' tho Sc en iHc Am erican, w h o -baveprosecnlcddaim s 'ticTDTtrthtrParoiiXtHfico for o v e r Iweniy years. Their Am erican and Baropean Putont Agency Is the m ost exte n sive in tho w orld. Charge* less th a n any other lions to inventors sent gratis. N A CO. Ti Park Row, N Y M UN I 1 ) S Y C U O M A N C Y . FAS IN A T iU N OR SO U L C H A R M I N G .—401 pages ; clota. T h is wonder ful bo >k has t a il Instrnctioi s to cuab o lho reader to fascinate eltbor se x . or <u.y animal, at will. Met* m crism . HplnluaUstn, and hundreds o f other curl ous oxpcrtm c n s It cau be obtained uy sendtrg Sddycfs;w ttlrttrctm tirpostige, T. A V a N S A 0 0 , N o 41 Ho, Eighth 8 t , Philadelphia. M f l l l Q T A P U C G ,orrt*<l lo cro w in six iff U U 0 I H U n C O * v * u k f . R.-cipo sen t (or 5 0 cts. Yurk P . Address U, O. K ICU A U D S , L o x 89SO, New S A L E S M E N W A N T K n 'n a paying huMnops s. hKNSKur 4’:i t’hestnut t>t Phlt. dh s r w A D A Y F O R A L L . V f l - f t l V ER ICA N k TKN C I a * T n o . . yprlugflutcL, V t. s the AM YVnRK I ) ’ Y S P E P S I z \ . - I f wh. t*» npi t < ch«a* iti tne a f o t n * ■ tho c h e a t and o'»t . * • Good a le. *t A?u*r in . ' ; an g .5dltn 3 t • i f ann aro :n dun'1 f nn; l * '* >’ * ii M-1 yon wi.i '••’Ca;- -) ■ ou?ulllUS2 i> 11 v •itcrtnw- i c K r o r a tho i met I h a v o k efH. r-'fTp- « t.oy t j I!. f» - w iih fldi » xp**' t a ?no e • Ms hand-*.\ ilSNl.T W-V11D B k e c b e b . dow one r f TTofeasor L. D. Manetleld for sev rfnliy express m y op'al«“ e f h i i . icachor. and hi * cxce!l» nee as a . . a n . 1 b e 'U t e he w ill fulfil» his dti y and gToa t n^r* ptabU ness, aild ehal 1 p- 'ir adm ii Istrallou at I d > not wish to inform yt ti. reader, that i r Wou derfn’, w any < t h e : m.m. ha* discovered a r»medy th it cn*os 'GUfUmptifin whon tbo lungs arc hull cmFmtrcd, to rh o r t q w444 cmo-all Uiscaaoa w h ether of mind, b o d y c r estate, ronkf men 1 vo forever, an d foftvo deam to play for w a n of w t rfc, and ts dcpinnt ri to m a k e our sublunary c pht rc a blissful Paradise, to which Hcxivon ItM-il wth bo hot u vide rhow l o t have heardvnoann oi (bat \;nd o f hnm'-ugjrerv Uu when I toll you that Dr tiagfl’e- t etarrh Remedy tt ill p o s t l l c e i y o t r t i l iC wt-rst can-8 ol O t t i n h i n tnoncad I o n ly as*ert that whicb tliouwind- ran tosti<y to. wiil pay $5*M Reward for a ns*- that ir a n c y t cure ce?, is cifc.edin^ly dG‘as,e',ul. lie takes no ] ^ moro pl-Bsuro in an American horserace, than a F u n tan T.-tTTier would ih e HpaHph b (il fight. The one would bo as rrpugnaut ■to^hia.natnra as ihj; other to the Puritan’s , p am p h let givin g symptoms anti othef i jtorm a ti'-n aim oepht r»-, •?. 1 .-nt fr* c t any nadn-ss. 'I'hu* remedy it* , ©ducotint’ t.u • M -.*cs G LEe>NAnr>. I wo o f whose • •' idaa'ed hor • - i-Jlcnui*-* o( th*' Inetftute whicb r s-od mv mind are : I. The admir v • aintaincd. *2. T h e thoroughness •> Tbehi^h moral lDflUT<-e of pro fifsu. : ar, , unchf n* over the pupils. I. 'lh e homo- l kcctiara t« i o, Its arrangem ents In all respect? like a woR f _'ol5Tefi lam tty. 5 I t s succcsyfnl m tnroctrou Tho in&i-RoteLas produced more e x c e l ' r . U 'Saer1 ‘u pr->pnrtton m its num b ers' than any schi« 1 1 have Kiu-wn. ’ m io ii' r Lp.in.n m any others b a t. where all Is to m a rly wt-.i i* rhuaM be, it 8ecm« a w o rk of su- , i'mn,*ati< ji •» p .rticu nrire.” Mr. T n s o iio n i T ilton , f«'r »«?cral years a patron, speaks ibu- in Ti> IndepmtiTTnt- \RoTnaii'l-.ii.y sltnated on tin w e s t bank oi the Uud*on, '.i.ir . i i g ;.p in th- midst r»f a picturesque s*>ne, x* I-.'** r iefroatnres arcn o ttn n g lcss than the Pal ?ad< •* nn i ippan Bay. t hi? institution Is - ne-of the ir.oj' «tj'. of Amo ic.m colJoreg for young M . w v .m cn,b '.j hu rare m e rit of being not only a I j hiciary ha , ■>[ M I cxccllericf-.hn: a delightful Chris* i ! .-iu hoirn j/ ; if d by a flue m oral nnd religions r.'l’gions srnqik.-. Ho oij,,j3 tfoontmf'S pUere of beer and (o'jftcco smoke, m v i'irg the stnto r f fsiertire d fee’i/iff, r'fluo c d, it w o o ’d seem, by ihe ldoffof tho IJuxlh.st, l : sit' In a a'.nlcol non-per»,>:ialiiy -practical non exiatenco—li-JL pexiec! xuijajincn i and rixc luture bliss. T h e Uermitn has (kpth of th juglit, ;n- steal of a r u t c ; e - s broml Ii, ratfjer tb f t n uctivity. » L o t us r e ti i n from o u r tlivresslon. „ Ai n in e o 'n ’ock tlie better c l a j s in atieidance generally dispirsc, and then appears n ioic promi/ion Iy ajo h r pka.oof Washing ton life. On th e dancing pavilions, y o u see fas' . _ tr-T “ uie-ix \wh'.rliug in th\ risnoB 'w tth tho tray fcoDf o l i l v r s i i - , . , , . . . , , ff demi-mndc. 'Nice yrung men aro there tths-r, bat *T50body knows it.\ You et-e, als_\ajhl wi ll d f l 'ght--oh ^rle^lar awuy from papa a n d mamma, how soon do y o u forget the precepts a t L m c -trcasnry girls.\ w h s -lrst night graced a vtny respcelab'e par.y, and tu-m o rrow n ight, ioubtksa, will attend another, “A li' tie diesipatio\ says ojia wiih a bowitoaiog glance, \and nobody w ill know i t : oh, isn't i t fun ?” m r..w. l e . jpjjiijttiU' e f ■ .S-^LI) bV MO?r DKL'UGD’IS IN Al T, i'ARTS O F I ' l E WORJ.D, I’n c c .V) t cut®. nt by nTKP; p^^tpftfd, t*h iTCOipt 1 1 p ixty ccao. <*r lour j>t*r kagi-i* u>r two dollar? Ut • WtiYo o f w n i i r j ' t <f» ai.d <turtt>U*s inU tiU o r* H*'C that m y privatu Hiam p v which is a positive guarant<< bnUHt.‘j w m tficf. Rt - m iinber thrtitir-* pr’Vxit. S'nnip. i?sn c d n y T n c LJhi ted States GGveniim-(ttT t x. rcsrtly I >r pum p ing my m edicines, ha? tny Portrait, name nnd addro#e and ihn wo.*d? “ I’ t* CAr.iilcftU' <»f t iei.nin.nes?.” cu- pi tved npon il. nud j.c: ri no1 he mtatakm. Doii‘1 bt* * w Ir-dL-d b y »r&\f era and others reprepeuUi.g leempcivee as L»r, tiag«* . I rm tbo *»uly man now l.vln g ibat ha° t h e know iedcG and f g h t ib ••'annluc* lure the (r*t<\:ns Dr. tiugL*? (’alarrh Remedy, and I i ravel 1** ti* * medh i\**-. It. V PIEhcK/M D . an g I y 3m l*W«Mi-r:t street, I ufia'o, N .Y j^TKAiff S A W T h e b e e t a n d in o a s c o m p l e t e S a w iQ t t i I ©ili JLu I k e C o u n iry. bieamlsa o»*rtnln and reliable power. I ? ™ ' 0 * P n « : '■ ' m ftgc by irgshcu*. Tho c j t ? . . . '***& Povv^ than Water Row er of equal capacity sen cular und Price L ist. W O O D & M A N S , fcteam E n g i n e Oo, le«p CL-- not only ’.n** rnctlngtho xnina but M c - e -» lo w i r.ii, F -q . o f L a ('\ayctte Ind., w rltosl | ‘ D g i v e* ni/' g r fat plftiG-ircto rcooaHUenti to.par— - I cnt£,jiuantiM :- ?ndi>thcrs who m ay be seeking a pulrab.e t-fliool I- r tbeir daughters aud wnrdB. t h e hock’ nnrt Femn InstiU ilc. For beauty, fgranacar. and hea tiif-i i • ?- -if sitaatlon it cannot ne sorpas#- eti. T h e IniL.. i es are Art*t class In nil their ap- -nomtinoi*.®— UuAig.iicr£QiialJy.acqualD lcd w ith th e Rev L 1) M in* Hcid aud hie c>ifmaolo ana accom- phshvd 5 .d/. a. d their excellent an d cfllccnt corps of tea tiu r - . * c i ?ati ftodtfiatno schoti in tho land pospc*\-* *• -> I real merit than this one, and tbal when iriwlm r r is ujorr widely kDown itapreren l arcom .n^dit' '? w ll not bo Bufficleir. for tbo re qmrCTnFDlu ' f is p i » i n u s ” The lion. R'< ia r u B. CoNtfotXY, Comptr.dle? New Y oj k v,..> '.vtites' li am hiu»> > t,» g ivo ray testim o n y to th e oxce ;oorc of i! o 1 n-t .tu tlo n u n d e r y o o r catc and thoc&re oi Mrs M m p (J» »1. It? pnr' r i u r :y healthy and pleasant location, fine c (ifice, lnre* a d pioagan’ room?, combine to m ake it a dcr^trfn* n-*udemy lor tlie instruction of thoee comm 1.1 d t * y * a r car.. FroTr my »•< (i i.a.utance with m a n y of its gradu at b 1 )•-.> \ • : essl'flttt-n in commt-ndrag i t asa first claps *•« ,■ ladies.’’ •'T the proper riducation o f young V ' X X C A , t s . V . * ♦ Ur.NUi I'jsteiw g r a y , iie.q.. th e eminent artist, lisi B,nj9 • p L E f c T I O N N O T I C E U d given that nn e'ection for il )ntyVl Notice t»* hereby h e c h o ice o» a Bontd of D irectors o f tho Carthago, W atertown & Sachets l(l, H k tbor Railroad Com p a n y , will b e In* d a t t in Com ju ^ tl c .nun tlfttWfl #.111/' . In T-hn tTPTTs—I I ---- ft©—U'ltiAttf 1l l e t hr.*- - — -rr- - - party s o i . . , . ... ........ sixth day oi Septem b e r, between tho hours of ore and rw c ro’tleck^-Pr-M-r --------------- t*-LXUAi*LS._ _ __ W a tertown, A u g . 6, ' KX i8w2 i\wi hecr tflty , n to A fo* -«i A, .- act as Saieem»-n I* J. ' u r » Uqa. IfiaEpertenced book ( it v !*■«» p : -ii •: . ness Hgtrt. fgreeaule nud 4r i « u a ’-.c. U r . • omp)oy»«mt g iv e n to t >o?e rbriiri g ;t App > m r flonaiiy to w i l l i a m m a g i l * . At tho A m e r ican Hotel, Water ow n , F Y . auglTdw tf nO N C R E S ? , KMUPJUIF, m a n eo c k , ‘I < lot th is oppottuuiLy paas wuthoi prei? ;;g mi > »i:stactlon at your adm inistration o f ytMir> ^lnch fc-ecmsadmir*.!) y adapted to th e p-cui -t* vr-‘i i-irh^rs-oriTic sfutii H ?. H llrag Ttsclf 'to tho I * i ua;,,i r;v?i<*e <if nil. • * * 1 beg you to ac- rep tfi, ki’io-8‘. gratltudo for th. iv , . , -at and care jfii h ivc- eh.-.' h so long for our d a iv h i w h o m w e h«»;>o '* «>ri i ) receive when ‘flutot-. S n** a polished ,li?d fo r a w h ile to j o i n rcfli.’ Tig Influ- lRf(- • ' A p a ms H a u l , U s q /of LA F-tjc* f . J . l , w r it e s : I t -tko I'p-iTp'caieufoTn rer m n ‘'!'v\HHg^lieT{orlr:“ 1;1l ’ LcmaiL h ^ t.tu tu a o asutiOu. ^um lraoiyadapted ;i.»t on y io 11 c ordtutuy iLscrnction of y o tm g T idles bnt a ‘ wo t.i ti-c'r th'Hough traln'ng lu everyth in g rat< v t v to ir a .'h , and to nil acc jm p 'ish e d educa- ti<>b M y ''n “ h i r*u progre??. sin c e she b a s 'b e e n tinder jo u r < ur bus been ontlrety satiaCactofy to me.11 K J . MkBUAJf, K e q .,^24K . Slat St., w h o s e three iUu; htora wore e d u c a ted here, e a y a i v a a p,trou for m a n y years o f tho oxcellent in - n-itu i-m over w h ich you nnd, y o n r accom p lished lady prcsldofT i t g iv e a m o great pioMttfe t o ezpreM rnyvivwdlpjsgarfrtott: illlWlj N e w s p a p e r A d v e r t i s i n g A B o o of 125 c lotoiy m inted pages, lately Issued containing a list of tho best Am c n c a n Advertising Medluma, givin g the nnmes, circulations, and full partico • concerning the leading D a lly and W eek >y PoH t.i *l a n d F&ralT/ Nowspapore, to e o th e r w lih mi those baying Urge circulations, pubtlebed In lhe Interest of Religion, A g riculture, Literature, A c . ftc. Every advertiser ana every person who contemplate? becom ing {och, will find th is book o f great vaiuo M ai.ed flee tr» any address on receipt o f flitccn cent?. Uf-O. F. H OW E L L & CO., Publishers, No. 40 Para How, N e w Y o r k . The P lttsbarg (Pa ) Leader, in itslsm c of M ay 29. 187U. s a v * : “ The I'rm ol (4 P . KmvcU ft Co. which issues ibis tcicrcetin g and vaJnablo hook, is tiro ter vest and b e s t Advertising Agoncy in th o U n ixd otates. and wu can cheerfully recommend It to t h o atteution of those w b o desire to advertise th e ir bus­ iness s c i e n t i f i c a l l y and a y s t s m a i l c a l l y tn such a w a y ; tbat is, so a s to secure the largest amount ol p u b licity for tho lea-t expenditure ol m oney.” p A F E R B A G S , F o f e G R O C E R S ’ U S E , B y t h e 1 0 0 o r 1 , 0 0 0 , New Advertisements. SPEC IA L , N Q T ingg BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. AU w o m e n know that It ta t „ 10tv 7 genlns, w fcichall generaUons offcen w ed xn the sex. C a n It bn wondered At. t h i J“ lp- much o f woman’ s tim e nnd attcntlon ehon7 ^ 10 reeled to tho m eans of developing m s ° * 1!‘ that b e a u ty I W o m en know, too tw ®enla* epeak o f tho Intellect o t women, th o y 7 „ * v ttt» ly tamely, coolly; bn t when thoy c o m j T “* the c h a rm s ol a b e a u tllul women, tholr km their ey e s khidle w ith an enthnolaem w h T 8!*51 thorn to b e profoundly, If not Indeed rM/Jri *• o&rnoot. It 18 part of the natural oa^xclts ^ ta to perceive all this and therefnr« 3 01 wo®»a em p loyed by wom en for enhancing their ^ (hero r t r n stands tbe eternal fact that . L 1,1 doea not proler the^ocloty ol an ug!v woma7 *®14 iixa to t h a t of a beauty o f leas intellectual l . M ’ ments. T h e world haa yet allowed no h l i ^ ^ atonio wom a n thaii tobu beautiful, am , acem t h a t tho ladles of the preacnt age are m l ? 8 this Idea o t the w o rld to greater extremea t h l ? ^ for ail w o m f n now -to whom-naiuro ha. d Z , ? taltsm a n lc power o f beauty, supolv t h o T . , by the u s e of a m o s t delightful toilet amde. J!'“ 7 as tho ’ -Dloom o f Youth,\ which has b„L introduced Into t h is country* by Qaonea W t a. d e licate hcantU o r, which smoothes o n t j i i i S tatlons, lnrrow s. scars, removing tan, freckletT^ ducoloratlona from tho akin, leaving the cm , on clear, brilltant, and bcamlful, tho|skln solt^ Bmoolh. Wllh tho aesialanco ota new Anwa trick ot a. Lady’ s toilet female beauty la deitlaei? ploy a larger part In the aimiratlon olmaa andT atnbplon otof wom en than all thx arts emDlnw Bxnco h e r creation, i rof. 0. V. Chandler & X to tbo M e tropolitan hoard of Health, ha.' rema, prepared a c h em ical a t,aijaisof thia deHghtfoI pruparxAtfon und rei«rted that the \Bloom of ?«» was horm lesa containing nothing injurious to lha health. Ladlua n e e d havo uo rear of odng thishmftl blo toU e t acqui ilon . Lhfu‘m ^ r 8uyt4 rnRK!91 and ^ destetm O e p o t 5 G o l d S t r e e t New York, J u u o ld w ly A 8AFE, CERTAIN AlfD Speedy Cure f o b K e n r a l g i a A2ID Aid* NERVOUS DISEASES. Its Effects aro Magical. A N UN'FAH.TNTJIU M K P Y f r r Ncura'uta Kaciait** often cfle»*titi>; a pcrleci euro iu a Mijgio day. No torm < f Nerv-'tm !>t W A ltifi i° iti* w >fidof i^uT'p0WT*l‘ Fvcn Iu the Rcvrro raset* of c h ronV neu- ralj^u, affectlpg tb o en tire ?y?iem , iv? u?e for a few d a y s afford* tbe mo?t a»toni?hiDg rortof, a t d rarely lA 'la to prnrinra ** nix.l_^mgLiiv».n . . r i r i .rrt-_ f i contain? n o m a terial? in thu det-r* u lujnri o 8 ll ban me u n q ' fthfled api roval of lhe bo*i pliy- ?iciao? *j h 'ueapris In every part of lh»* country, trratefiilly ackoowledKO u* i*ow» r U) Booth lbo lor to red nerves, and reatnr® ib e failing «»r t'gth Bor.( by mml «>n m c it* ’ ol 'ho prlc* an.l |» » tam* O u e l ' i n f c a g o $ 1 d ° i \ ’ * *t? c e 5 r t - r tf* S i x * 5 1*0 *• .7 •* ji l?*’ld hyflii rte»iT8 in i)rD_rv and nudlrln.’s. T F K N EH * ( O ., Ihopriou r*. '(TTSCOWtor hVH frrm n rrtitroi-t F I R E - P R O O F tiaabrrn*'* P a ten t has L o . ilomwnalra'cd, hy the m o s tib o r *urIi nm ctlcal tc?i?. t ? W va»tly-npcrior in flreprooi q a v l i i 'c i t o any oth e r maker*, <b lu g waler in cupjk-r tubo! herm e tically oral. «ly prevent io c complete r a n y oraporatlon. ard !s tho drlnot ?rfo In u s e . Tho patent can bo applied t-- any ?afc. Before p tircbreiog ei?owhere cau and exam ine, o t ?cnd f*r pam p h let containing t b e certificates of tri­ als with a li other maiter'ri M/ca. A M E R R -tN 8T B A M FIR E -PR O O F B \F ^ (*0. aulftlwSw 800 Broadway. N o w York. I wl 1 scud tbo re cotpt hy w h ich 1 wa? cured ol ('alarrh and Denfncsa free. Ad- dree® Mr? M. C Iri?g- gctuUubokmvN.J 4.W A * * ' €S£> D E A F N E S S $ 16*500 H o ld b y one A g e n t Iti fu a r m o n th*. A g e n ts w a n t e d for m e by .lames Parton, rtrccley and oth e r pmminont w r l tore. It ts the mo»t com p lcio an d compel dtoos li t ­ erary and an to tistlr w o r k evor published. It con- UliiaBkelfcbc# c f Chftfled D.ekea?. Bur Insame -.Z.u 50 other promHieni A m o r lou '*, L ° v U '” n , NEW YOKK A N D H A R r F U P n P U m . l s l l . N G CO A- ?ANY» 800 and 3».r,Ea*i 12th ? u c e t , N- Y . , o g l 0 4w Well’s Carbolic Tablets, TSX IG R B A T HD A LIN G B A L - 8AIOZO H riB IEST FOU COllGBS, OOLDB,BOB1TBBOAT, &STBBBA, & c . . & c . F O B W O B K Y OHtLDHDW T H B T A R B INVALTT A B L E •. FOB KIDNET D IT r iO U L T V A SFE O IF- IO. — T H Y THBXB. r’r i c c Tw e n ty ffyc c e n ts ^er H o i. Ben^by mall _on receipt of p rice, bv J . 81 P la lt h t ., N e w Y o r k . Solo Agent for S O L D B Y D R U G U ld r s . aogl 4«r # O R B A L E B Y S t e r l i n g a n d M o s f i e r . Q E N B B A L B B F A Z B f c JO B S H O P T h e Uadcreigned having fitted np the o ld Wm. Sm ith shop on Beebes Island, is prepared to enpply &U c a lls for W o o d S a w i n g M a c h i n e r y , D r a g a n d B u z z S a w s , Thrashing Machine, and other kinds of rep iirln g ;,and w ill carry on n a Jonera) Jobbing business, S l i t t i n g L ' J 7 U r ; 8 0 1 0 1 1 S a w i n B , M d B r a c k cts M a d e t o O r d e r . W a tortown, A u g u s t 18,1870. J. P . H O T O A N . w2m-d0j,* A c « n i u r r Old© One of tho oldest m e rcantile houses in Ihle-oountry — • is the Oil Houso of Charles Pratt, estabUabed in 1770. For som e tim o this h o n s e h is been perfecting on-&-largc.scalB-for _tho m anufacture of a perfectly safe ar.d rcl.able Uluralnatihff^fiU; tbo \msnrxndTaiaP- accidenta from tbat there e x is t ................ The success wbich bas attended their efforts ja at­ tested by the thousands of tam lliea throughout the country-who are now u4]ng Pratt’s Astial Oil. Wo have used it ourselves, ana are writing’ thle article b y its soft and pleasant light. Tho oil is as clear aa wa­ ter, i§ free from objectionable odor, ftTd, moro than al),issafo: thle^of itself, should recommend it to every family. Keroeeno Oil is not safe, notwlth standing theaUtemontsof dealers to the contrary, and ire arc glad to see that Mr, Pratt has concluded to market an oil tn eTtryira^rellable. WiS Asteal OU auy bo oWalned of Koto*#* xn IN UTAH OB THX MYSTERIES OF MORMONISK B y J. H . B S A D L K , E d it o r ofth o S a ltLako Roportor BEIN G an E X P O S E o f TH ItIR h r o U B T RI i‘B S , C B K E M 0N I E 8 and CRIM E S . With a fv H and authentic history ol P o l y g a m y and the M< m a n Sect, from Its origin to the present timo. — AgeiTts-ftKrnrecHDfr^rHb'unprecedentcd -success, ono rcporrn&6 b . bsci ib e r s ln Four0 d a y s , another 71 in two days. Aponte Wanted. Send fo r circulars. Address N a tional Publishing Co.,Philadelphia,P a . t s a g 2 4w. ___________ _ _______ YX 7 A N T E D A G B N T S — To s e ll the HOM E bHUT* ~ x x — JCLBAK-W JaSG- M A C HIIilBa_jerico 185,, h makes tho “ L o c k B titcb,\ (alike on both BTdesjana ie the o n ly licensed under feed Shutilo M achine sold lor less t b a n $60. Licensed by W h e eler f t W il- son, Grovor A B a k e r a n d S in g e r ft C o . All othe* under f e e d dbuttloM acblnrB so ld (or le s s than $60 aro Iniringomeute, a n d tho s e ller and user liable to prosecution, Aodroae J O U N 8 0 N . C L A R K ft CO., BdsIod, Mass., P ittsbu r g h , Pa., Chicago, 111., or bt. Louis M o . Jeu-Sm by thr T N G M ACH IN E C O ., BOH T O N M A S S , o r S T . L O U I S , MO. lelS-3m Infotmatfon ten d addroBB and receive by'm a ll, In a plain sealed envoi op, a d U c riptlve cltcalar of a n e w Invention, w h icb la perfect and p o s itive This i s no hnm b ng or q a a c k m edicine. A o d rcsi, tliclo.luxr three cent stam p , Dr. John N. N o e l l * C o , P. O , Box N o . 1693, New York C ity. ^ A g e n t s w a n t b T ) - ( * i o p e r d a y i - AMERICAN K N lirr ' ....... W A N T E D A G E N T S - T o Boll the O C T A S C N ^ H E W IN G M A C H INE. I t Ib llcenecd, m a k e s A I R D 'S BLOOM OP YOUTH. _/Thoo. A. P e c k . Drnggfei Dor Aik ly Ks-abllahcd by Dr. Goff, in PR), A c a r e guaranteed In all Private and Frail.Oft. mire. A l8o8 p e ,m a U )rrh o e a ,orSem ln M » S S Ac. w u Irent tbe use of Mineral Polaonv In a ^ S i kinrt a‘i' tt,r'cc\’\1““y»tbtrlntUtnUonol!M ™ ^ r “oxUp ^ : ' — W - - c m S f J u .t p u b ilebed -T w o books In Oae—or-Pdna I of Pmmstcj. .The mas. “1?<1 \xobal care of epeimaforrhaiK I BemmaJ weakne-e, Bi‘Aualdeb,lHj,nervonmeii|t } “ j * 11* ' \ 1,1 v:l»l importance to tbe mAnt(j,a thoso conUjm p lafcrg marjiagt*. |*rlca, 30 c v u t e , Hunt to any ad&eai onrecdi P/ico, o r apply t o Dll. a . O’. GoypgCfi l N o . 9 Bast&hlo Block. 8yracu*aH.t. Dr. G o f f Is th e only TOyncfitt rn B jnccievB l givo* h i s whole attuniion to the trcatmeti of tha I above diseases, who Is a graduate of a tnMiw) ^ A C o u g h C o l d o r o r e T h r o a t | requires Immediate itU c tkat neglect often results in u lw » | blo Lung Disease B r o w n s BronchialTractoi I w ill most Invariably givo Uatntis* I ConsumpilYO a n d Throat Diseases, they hamioa | bla^ effect. Mng-ors a n d flp o a h o r s ^ o t h c m t o d w a i l sin o j;thcn lbo volco. O w in g to tho good ranucation aod popoinitf o I tho Trocbos. m a n y worthless and chtep Inhkloa I aro ofieruo ’vh lch aro good for notblog. tknctn I ohtato tbo T r u e B r o w n ' s B r o n c h i a l Tr*-| o h o s - ______________ L a d i c * l If Any Druggist offers y o u tho Duponco Goblm Pfils, toa m l a l l or Y e llo w Box refuse it. I no longer ois tijika T Ask fo r too N B W 8TY1.3 BOXES, co&klfa|| coublct quantity o f Pill?, and aoon ct£hbaz,Kil w iU finn lho R e v e n u e S u r a ,1. Hinted froA n fral yatb D t i , upon whlcbvlen8tri\*t8eor£B«»iia[ will find printed tho words Daponco'S Odda t x tica i IHUi, Ln whlto letters: Withost vhd * N O N E A B B GSNDIKB N. B . —Tho em a il Red and Yellow 6 o i * i O * | fongor used. E v e r y box Is sivnod, a. O. HOWE, fso'c proprietor) KiwTA P r ico $1 por b o x , s ix boxes $5. Sold by Camp f t Massey, drusglsts. Bole I g j l for W a tortowQ. Ladtos oy sendtiut lh«s<»**5Jil through too WatvrtoWn Post -offlce oa pills sen t (confidentjally) by mall to fhy pan e l*i cou n trt free o f postago. ^ I Hold also ln M exico by Hantington t n d j w j I and Sfcouo f t Co^ Pulaski, JalT*2d>^ G r o c e r i e s ; B OSTON CRACKERS I D . W . R I C K E R 8 0 I H A S JU S T B B C K V m D i r e c t f r o m flostoM A C twice A«EOitnient,of UxoM BIXXJ L S K O N , CRB A * , and ’ G r a h a m C r a c k e r * ^ 11 REMEUUEK THIB IS THE PL a !C*TO*01 jj r — u .U* vean. Price *16. All other machines wltb an un- dor fwd eolff n rfts- or lesw are- toirtegeraeot*. Addres* OCTAGON SEWING MACII NE CO , St Loole, Mo , Chicago 111., Plltabnrgh, Pa., or Boston Muss. Jel33m h i ^ i r U x t r a c T - n o p p ’fl JIALT, EXTRACT ft fiWonl/ renowned ln ease* of Hoarsened., Codgb*, Uyepepela, otq., and on account of ita eon exciting properlea ae a bervcr ago wb.ch can bo used at all time* by overy one, bttt la doubly (o ln chcb of Tnberculnr UonBtimptloD The official reporte o f . m a n y o f ibo military boe- p l t i l i o f E u r o p e chte t h a t ; I t p u t * a e to p to th e In- r M d o t t b d i p o w t f f a l enem y , a n d rondoro tbo p r o - I m t o f t b i m a la d y i m p o H l b l e . , l t U a direct an ta c to a la t t o > t u b a x r e la r , o e t b l d c o u t l l s t l o n b y . p t a - ....................................— i - * — o f ib a — * -------- (tk»< We uo now offering a now mdciolc** oopr***> B V O A B fi ■TTSV F B i *eo.. fte«y &e« jg | T A T G R E A T F o r R e a d y p a t ‘ IDS0®1 F B B X I S VHOBTAB**®* * . rB O 1 Choice Table m r tlay.

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