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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, July 09, 1870, Image 4

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s V * ro f'» 1,.’ “ «’ S k ) , P * 1 “ *• u , , v 8 ^ S>f 0 t u U R ? l 7 > b \ ’ T \\'$ - ’ • ■ • '■ „ r ' - ■- ' t. sM S i m & r n r iis c c lla ittflu s . A t t h e X - o s t . _ . When I die, .. r the mpuniers_.-mgh.- - T o r KdlhTbTfterltuii to full. Let not the dark funeral pall O'ershadow as I pasa away. The breath and bloom of perfect Da-/*! And le t no sorrowing anthem rise, Todhm with-tears my spirited eyes. Nor e’er with plaintive, saddening strain Recall Earth’s soaroe-remembered pain, Free and unmingled o’er my soul Let heaven’s melodious music roll— Nor parting wail, no bitter'cry. ■When I die! -rt* ^ o ffi*d ‘frprdp^sitj’lo f ‘rli6^ngw^5OT When I die, ~Bff'ffjTyouryearmng spirits\ Eijpi, _ :...To. where,, by angel, hands caressed/.:— 1 By silver-falling voices blessed, WMla back Tolls Earth’s tempestuous sea, Tho L ife Elysian dawns , for me! * Low-breathmg zephyrs, calm and cool, Borne through the gate oalled Beautiful, Shall -waft unto yonr fevered eyeH The healing dews of Paradise! Peace, troubled hearts; the mortal, free, Hath pulondnspiortality I \Mourn not tlie end of sorrows nigh, ' When I die. F.- If.. 0. piety. MO8A10. It u not true that the world hates The modest and unobtrusive piety which fills the heart with all human charities and Dikes a m is gentle to others and severe to ;dxttnylf, ia an objectoff-mitvarsaTlove and deliberately snd vigorously, and with dge absorption in the business, bo thst nothing good I b lost upon them- Some forty, years ego there lived in a town on old msn. whom, we shall call Briggs and portable articles that csme in hia way. As he waa poor sand past labor, snd yrell known about town, no further notice wss taken of his peculations than to keep a sharp lookout when bo was around. A dealer had a quantity o f dry fish landed on tbo wharf at an bour too late 'to get thom into his store, auri as be was about covering them with an old sail cloth, be espied old Briggs apparently reconnolteripg. Select ing a couple o£ the fish, he-eaid, “ Here, Briggs, Itnuat leave-these fish out here to­ night, and I will give you those two if you will promise me that you will noiateaVaBy;\- ‘'That is a Mr ofier Mr. A , but—well —I don’t, know,” with a glance at the offer­ ed’fish and tben at the pile, tt I think I can do better.\ (irw lni o f Gold. Money is a good servant, but a danger- our master.—Bouhoura. Anger is a transient hatred; or, at least, very like it.—South. Slight small injuries, and tbey will be, come none at all.—Fuller. It is to live twice vrhen you can enjoy tbe recollection of your former life.—Martial. Modesty seldom resides in a breast tlmt is not enriched with nobler virtuos.—Gold -smith. ------- , __ i ___ , ----- . ------- » _ ^■veneration. Bnt mankind bate the inst oi powei when itls veiled under tjjo garb of piety; they bate cant and hypocrisy; they hatOTtdvertisers and quacks inpiety ; tbey do not choose to bo insulted ; they love to tear the folly and impudence trom tho altar' — whicQ should only bo a sanctuary for tbe wretched snd tho good. Llio has been compared to ^ journey. The living bave started onward; whon death w ill arrest them they know not; but that it w ill arrest tbem ero long they are certain. “Of ten thousand human beings,\ •ays bishop Burgess, “ who have thus set : fbtth together, after ten years one third, at lesit, have disappeared. At tho middle point or common measure of life, but hall axe still upon the road. Faster an taster as the ranks grow thinner, thoy that remain now become weary, ana lie down and riso ’no more. At threescore and ten & band oi some lour hundred still struggle on. At ninety theso have been reduced to a bandluI \ of thirty trembling patriarchs. Year after ■ year they fall in diminishing numbem. One lingers, perhaps, a lonely marvel till the ynd of the century. Wo look sgaiu and the work of death is finished.” How im­ portant tbst we realize this and ‘ bo mini bet our' days as to apply our hearts unto wisdom!” Ttje valuo of time varies wilh individuals, and in the hour glass which . nasties the flight of time to every oye, it is — leds than lost sand to the idler, but moro — -thin gold to the’studious man-.’ T a k e ’ ihe ~ most of the fleeting life. But every step in . Irfsi journey mo vo upwards so tbat each — -tomorrow may find us further than to­ day. One drop of ink will blacken a glassful of witer. 8o will ono evil communication make the whole heart foul. O, beware ol those evil words.' You might drop injpnany, . thany drops of puro water into the inky tamblcr but it would have no perceptible influence. 8oit will take thousands of good precepts and good instructions to root out this m l word Every-chlld knows who of his associates sre pure in heart and in word, and who fen the oppOBito. Lot him shun all evil agstkers more than ho would a deadly vi­ per, There is no greater snare to a child's ■oul thau such company. Oaly jhopuro in heart shall fco God- eitlier hero in this lito or tho liloto come. Qod shows himself to the puro-hearted in s thousand forms of heuuty and good nesssround him. Tbe Hula flowers toll of huh fend who painted them-the little •i ’ birds who toll of his love »■ ho \cares for •wen sparrows; tlio giant rooks and the deep rolling thunder speak of hia power and , greatness. But to the impure theso things fere like a scaled book. When our iia.trod is violent, it sinks us even beneath tfaoso we hate.—La Roche foucault Vanityde nevoa' at its full growth -till it- spreadeth into »Scctiaa.,.aml lUenirtiyeSm- pleto.—Seville. A memory without blot or contamination must be on exquisite treasure—anmexhaus tible Bource of pure refreshment.—Charlotte Bronte. Tlioro is no use of money equal to thatol beneficence; her - tlio enjoyment grows on rt flection.—M aclc eusio, II you wish success fn life, make pel se­ verance your bosom iriend, experience your w'si counsellor, caution your older brothor, and kopeyour gaardiin genius.—Addisoo. Beauty is as summer fruits, which are easy to corrnpt acd w not last; and tor the mnst part it nnk“ B a dissplule youth and an ago a Uttle out o f couutunarce; but if it light well it makes virtuo shine and vice blush.— Bacon. Extraordinary afflictions are not always tho pcnisbmont c»f extraordinary sms, but sometimes tho trial of e xtriordimry graces. ’ —Henry. If tho secrot history df books could be written, and the author'd private thoughts and meanings noted dawn slofigsidc of his story, how many insipid volumes would be­ come iutercstiog, and dull tales excite the reader. A companion chat feasts the company with wit and mirth, and leaves out the sin -which is usuaily oii.xed with them, he is the man; and let me tell you, good company and good discourse arc the vury sinews ol virtue. Sydney Smith says it is always consider ed a piece of impeertineoce in England, il a man of less than two or three thousand a year has any opinion at all upon important subjects. Thero is a tendency in modern education to cover the Qngext wltha rings, and at tho samo time to cut tho sinews at tho wrist The worst education, which teaches self- denial, is hotter than the bolt which beaches everything else, and not thnt. FtSTO R 'II WfeVKS va.BV B O I.A lU . 11 T C. D. B E Q I ’A. Sadder than all, none but tbe pure can . enter heaven. They must dwell forever With that ovil throng who aro without the gate. O , beware of thia tingle drop of ink OH the soul's whiteness.—Presbyterian. Scraps. —Four Uodrgo 'Washingtons, six Andrew Wc aro blessed wilh a noblo pastor, whom oi -courso w i lore very dearly. Bo bas labored long and earnestly among a disobedient an<3 gainsaying people” nt tho expense of lira physical strength. So obvious became Liiia (ai-t that tho official brethren recently Waited on trim and urged him to token vacation, which ho Anally concluded to dt>_ Ilo is blessed with b grod wife, whose misfcrtunno it is to be ol a uervous tomperamoat, which rendered her singularly apprehensive of burglars du- nmp her husband's nhsenco unless there was a man in tfiti house. The writer, as­ certaining the state of affairs, volunteered to play tbo part of “ ■pooler,” —which is slangologF lor watchman-nnd faithfully patrol the parsonage, yard, fences, apper­ taining thereto, «tc.; which comprehen­ sive term includes tho cools of the neigh boring houses. \Tho good lady felt more at ease alter such a jjromiso, for if she doubt- side of the chair, and my revolver and self on the other ;', we kept together for safety. Setting my harked shins.Quci.marc Jtt mo­ tion, I strode through one rqom after an­ other with rather more-caution than I. had used in the first, and without, further._mja-. hapTiave an inadvertant application of my elbow to the.keyboard of tho open piano, ded to the touch, which promptly respon producing a sound which for volume will nevor bo equalled,) until I had patrolled my “ beat” several times, 'Whoever intruded had1 vanished before I could catch him, and, strange to sav, bolted the doors after him. Vejii ! Vidi ! ! Viei ! ! ! . Bow to Get Good Sleep. In order to procure good and refreshing sleep, two things are necessary ; the first being a well ventilated room, w.hich is not tbo warm, and th& -aired -bed '.which is not too soft Tbe first should be provided for by the iiuildor of ■ very house; •but unfortunately it is not always thought of in time. It may be secured however, bjy opening a window as widely ns it is possible., If tho shape of the. room and tho position of the windows will admit, it is well to avoid a draught upon the bed. though a draught, if it be a large one, is leas hurtful than foul air. As we have be­ fore remarked pure air is a necessity; and lor the sake oi procuring it, nature will ac ‘ commodate herself to almost any circum stances. There is great danger of taking cold from a small draft which brings a cur­ rent of cold air upon a portion of the-body; -but-a-onrr-ent-which-eoverstlie-wholabody. is easy to accustom one’s self to-much Thore conld lie no tattling if there vyas no one to bear. It takes nn ear and a tonguo ta mnkfl a scandal. .Greedy listen­ ing is as dishonorable as pirn hie tattling. Tbe e»r ia the open market where tho t,angu(lflfill8.it&ilk;gatteti.-.war,ea.i.SamB:thero. are who w ill not repeat again what they hear, but they aro willing to listen to it ! They will not trade in contraband goods, hut they will buy enough of the smuggler lor -family use-! These resp'tetabl'e listeners aro the pat - runs ol tatlers. Tt is the ready market that keeps tale- boaring brisk. It is a shame to listen to ill of your neighbor. Christianbe- nevolcnce dcifianda -that you do not love ill news. A clean heart and a true honor rtjoicoin kindly filings. It should be a pain and sorrow to' know of anything that degTadisyour neighbor in your own eyes, even if lie is your, enemy-; how—nvuotnnore- if he is your friend.—Henry Ward Beecher. easier than breathing carbonic acid. We have said the room should not be too -wannptorothoTcason ttmtrtoo-irigh-a- tem­ perature causes activity of the nervous sys tcm and brings, restlessness; but there is no healthiulxuisu in sleeping cold, and so that the room is thoroughly ventilated,there is no objection to a fire in it. In faci, dres­ sing rooms ought to bo warmed, especially those calculated for the use of children and invalids. The requiring a child to get up irom a warm bed to dress in a cold room, is a piece of barbarity we cannot too strongly \condemn. It was a part ol tho “ hardening process'! so -much in vogue a low years ago with some, parents who sceuied to think that children were to bo mudo hardy, as steel is tom pored. The second'riquisilc fur good sleep wc have mcntiono-l is a well aired bed whieh is not too soit. The first condition app als «o strongly to the secro of eloanliness thnt it shonin r.ot need to hu enforced by ' a^y other argument; but the second is in coo fficl with the ideas nt comiort entertained, though erroneously by most people. It is not true that a very Bolt bed is the most comfortable, any inoro than i; is true tliat a very hard bed is lo bo prclerred. Many people, however, are incapable ot drawing tho distinction hetweon feathers on the .one hand, and bqaW58 00 the other. Tho best bed is ono which shall be yielding enough to afford rest to the tired muscles, and yet firm enough not to envetop the fig­ ure ns does a feather or down bed. The reason of this is that the feathers, being non-conductors in the most perfect sense of the word, do not allow that venti lation of tho surface of the bidy, which is an absolute necessity lor health. By over heating the spine, they cause troubled and dream haunted sleep, and in many cases, disease. The covering for thebed should be sufficient in amount to seep tlio 6lecpcr comfortably warm without over beating him. Sleep to be retreahing must bring pro­ found rest to tho wholo body, and especial ly lo tho hrain and nervons systems, tho groat centers ot activity. Now heat arous­ es these centers to activity, as evory one knoWB practically, if not theoretically. In •trying to arouse any one from apparent death heat is our firs; remedy, ami warmth the herald of returning vitality. A person stupiBed by disease or opiates m ly often bo aroused to conciousness by the beat in­ duced by applying some stimulant, like mustard, to tlie spine. Indeed physiologists arc now pretty well agreed lhat the “ vital principle and beat are maiiestaliods of the samo face\ Whatever a'rquses this nervous aitivity in­ duces dreams; if one lies on bis back, the spine is heated, its activity excited, the im pre-si -n is transmuted tu llio brain, which straightway conjures up a thousand Uouti lesouio fancies; or one goes to bed, immc diatoly after a hearty Buppor, and thcstom ach, as il indignant at _ bring obliged to work out of time, telegraphs the brain, and tho nightmare is trotted out iu full panoply. An English physician states in the Lan­ cet that ho has been abW to-seeutc sleep to his patients, when otber means had failed However Home Life. ^ The other day I chanced tu entor -a Iriend’s houso. Ho did not know I was in the parlor, and I overheard his conversation, lio was very harsh in his dealing with his child. He was all “out of sorts’’ that morning. “Tho wird was east,\ and the east wind blow into hia lungs, and into liis soul, ond po, like a miscreant, as he was, he vented his bad temper on hie wife and children. It is a habit that some 'men have. Thisman was talking in a hard unchris­ tian tone—talking asno father should talk. mr-'Kullosf bis temper.' lie was saying what bo would be sorry for in a few mo­ ments. And then the servaat announced uiy presence, hlind you, tho man would have said, he could nothelp iir; “ The boy toazed me ! He did what I cannot endure ; and on the impulse uf the moment, I spoke my auger. I coufd not control myself.\ Thoro was a Irmvn pn his lace; but when I was announced, being more or less of a stranger, demauding of him certain courtesies, he at onco smoothed' his face as though nothing had happened—as though the sun was shining brightly in the heavens, and tbo wind was south, and not east He came into the room where I was, and, in tlio most cordial and friendly way possible, gave me his hand, and smilingly bade me wclcotno. Ilo could net control himself, simply lie cause lie did not think enough ol his buy - because he did not sufficiently appreciate bis family ; and because he thought that bis h.une was a den in which he could ri|ir with impunity, and not tho groat tcmplj \I (ioH, where ho could walk ss priest and king. And yet I, almost a stranger, waa strong in my preset c--, to pool down into cour'e.-x. m'u affability, into politeness! I tell you, lhat many a man, and m ay a woman in this strange world of ours, in which many things soem to go wrong, wu' bo gentlo, and kind, aud charitable, and full of smites outaido ttf liieir hauatSv with stran- gets, for whose opinion thoy do not care one jot or ooe tittle, and in tho house, where all the happiness ol yiars depocds upon their sweetness of roul, aod where they are constantly shedding influences that wdl ripen into the g md or bad life ol a hoy or girl, will yield to a p-ttishnessand peevishness, unworthy i t iln-ni os men and Drugs and medicines. N. M, DRUGS. MEDICINES. PAINTS. O ili, Dye Staffs, W indow Glass. FureW inea and Liquors. ’J'H B N M W an<t Elegant D llliU STO K E o r N . in. S M IT H No. 8. Salford D)ock» ma opened again on TueBday, March 8th. The former efetabilahmeut, it wUI be -re­ membered, was destroyed by dre, on December 10th 180ft It h&8 therefore been enU&aly robudt, and ‘ ro- farniahed, and is conceded by all;1; lo be the hand someet Drup Store in Northern nd'w York. J A R . SM iU h i w o u ld rcBpectiuU^Yiiiorm-id^firopT^ ©tore o r B o tobT ffod 'tn ftten fn Ltqnora, that he can ©e’ l them pure w in e s and U q n o is 10 per cent, loss than any oth e r w h o lesale or retail eBta iliehm e n t m the c it y ; an d is also prepared h> fnrnjeh at squally )»t Ir ‘ low rates t h e UUolcet»t fm porxtd F re n c h and En g lish L iq u o rs ! B y the case for F a m ily nse. ■f a fall...... supply of FAINTS, WINOOWGLA88,OOW AO. Mr. S m ith is tn receipt . VIN GLASS, &0. T o those w n o purpose to buiid, he w o a ld say, that having made Arrangements w ith the largest Import- ing a n d M a&ufaotarlD t'Bouses of PLAIN, PANt'f MO ( UT WLA.SS R o is enabled to sell a f v e r y low rates, and w ill fur* nlsb allth e Shapes, Sizes, a n d C o lors of G lass nsed. U e has further made arrangem ents to supply the trade with D R . J. BXNibSE’6 C E L E B R A T E D Aromatic Elixir of Rhubarb Safes Medical, FIRE & BURGLAR PROOF Qi.G.KsxAM fcasaeui HICK CURES U B L o T B ^ * ’ coiiBultett oa all established UospM°M ' B ° a w r 8L A ll» * - Twenty yearadevolM. ■ tbla particular prertira. etabTirhff 0( perloriu cures i-'iiuimcurea ^(*.7* Other pliv«ieira U u laciliiesa t c e “ • mo^emlneu ot t h e Old WtfHd) f.,r o b t a i n i n g the — » ^ b e latest jem cdieB.lor -the-d iseaB o s .-Sv8'**1- aaerlatac^raiia.Uv-themUorloi'ate'-Qriift'itoa ^ t e . t0 bo obtaioed at uo D i e b o l d & K i e n z l e ’ s ln Syphilis.-Gonorrhce, Gleet,Htfictnrft t C. m e o t of the Testlclea and Hnermatlo Celebrated U lcerated T h r o a .So r o Nose, Tender fe CutaneouB Em n tions, Biles, Wrers A » ail*other im p u rities of tho system hre r 7, ana $6.00perm, i i published evei F i r t J F B u r g l a r J P r o o t S a f e s der lh o control of thoD o c torrrmedi‘c in ^ M X ® - been touted le more than au UOO cauea ann’m ii. ^ vouug Men ’’ THE BE9T-IN THE WOULD. T U B B S A BON, A e n t a , No* 8 Woodrufl House* addicted to secret habits wno nave iiealt^ahd destroyed the^vigor o l tUel? ■- *** yte tube plenanre in offt>rin g to the pnhlic and ba«lneB8 men, this safe,knowing U to bo the ho-»t. We give aa A Tonic and snro C u re for D j^pepslu, C’bronic -D i arrhxna, ac. of which t b e ioilow in^ ls o n e ’ oFHie m anuy fht^cr* m g testim onials r e c e ived : R B F B R E N O E S i ■G«e. F;-P-A&DOeS, RrcfWcirlrG; FrFaddocb f t C o fa - Bunk. O. C. F R O S T . Uaahter G. F Haddock & Co's B a n k G. U A R G K R ftS O N . Bnnkrrfl. T . II. ('AM P , Pros'r Jeff. Po. National Bohk. G. II. 8UBKM6N, Hrce’tNat. Bunk & JLosuCo. S. Ji. UPUAM,X’uejUier Nfit!dniS22m/S2S225z?k. _ F. T. S T O U b , L. ISG A L L R , a 'l d otbe-ra. mAyli>riu'2m willlflnd a friend to con go I c , and a nhyaiciflS cored thousands, in almost every part of tifu n0. ^ S t a t e s who applied to Dr. T . Iiroken downfn k0?®4 now rojm c e ln all that makoo llio t a l r s b l o unJ**1® kappy. The reader iu of course uwmo that cacy o f this subject w ill p r e w n t u more senption o f thia t e m h le dieeuBe. HR. TLLRR'S GIF A T WORR A book for evorYbodv—'Mflniifuv or those i»cu;do—tun r‘ - ' to R&tes In each nofeT~smntff 10 p ar cent, le e s t INGAJ j L! 10 Linos Non pare make a Square. len.platlng Marrlngo— SIR) paces— lull o fn taeZ .'9 s- •15 c e n u . ■ent b U. ell parts, under s e n l l f c P ^ id; 50,000 c o p ies sold the past year arried and the Married happy a ler or h o w to cntiose a M idwifery. It contatna Londrcd* o f bmoJL A ? I. tinvffe [L e tter I rom H on . J . M u l l in , Jud^o Suprem e O o n rt) W a tcitow n , N. Y , March 7, 1870. N .M . B m i t u , E s q ., Dcj*r Sir— N o ticin g a letter from the Hon. Wm U . IhtrTcpont, in regard to Dr. Uhifrse’a R h x ir of Hhnbiirb, i wou d fay, tbat I fully coincide w ith him ln eaying that it is au ,excellent Medicine, perform ing iully a ll it is prom ised to do, and that l uso U in m y lamtly. Y o u rs truly, J. M U L L E N . I V A l l orders should be addressed to N. M. SM ITH, D ruggist, w h o lesale A g t n t , W u torioVn, N. Y . io secure attention. 'jpiiH W lI/U G K ta A: p * » . ManufuctiuerH o f tbo Im p roved T r ip le F lao^ e before published. Warranted lim e s the am o unt asked for it. in Bpecio or postage slumps Inclosed . k faeCr°t« DClS Tw e n tXS? Fire and Burglar-Proof Safes; Secured w ith tho bortteoml>inaHnn nnd. Powder* v rtiol Lock in ut>«. Dejiot, N o . 100 Mabteo 1 a no, N e w York. copy by return m all. Dr. Toller has dev7te7. «*. um o to tho c a r e o f those disoasea non 9 ivK'ka treni, ' Dic« hh To flie Ladles* D R . .1, T E L L E R ©tl',I retains tho ' Uly trenfr* Am erica, for the sale uf b r \ iciioii’s I t i u S ? M onthly iHue. -T-he e tntrofm o rotfaan?fi,fi(vi CBtibltahes their repoiuunu as a female rBmPiu81 approached, and far iu aflvtmco of overv oth« Iclnc. WF“ On tho receipt oi $t.oo, the price •’r cxureat KDITDRIA.L a; lino. SPECIALS N o a d rertlscnx he luserL d I n Da For Sp9:l&l Coi ado, W A T E B T C the©e jdils w ili b j eun: by uni I M R. SM ITH would also in form t h e public th a t he has uow u full coips ol assistants, wbo aro fully com p etent D> All orders aud pre«m*ripilons. T h e f0 owing pot Ice bents* K‘»U>nvdU W W*uir cayabiU ly. W a tertow n . Jnne 1. An act recently p is 'c d by <no Legislature lor the pn»iec!ou ut the puonc and phy* ct.t.o* who prr- scril>e ut D>na Slopes, renders u ?!i\c»»ury m oi «)erksand others pot |i<^ up i-rtxTipp'*us, should at least have had T w u Years cxporiei «i ia poltjnv: up tno Mine. VVe hereby certtiy. un.-u our own l»» r-onil km>w)cdv;e, \ in; N. M r'm • u. Drugui-*' N<>. 3 Shliord Bieck, ban iwo < b r i s , i.'i «in* t' Vmi I Nam e jw.d Ed.ar i> Idam er, viho u v c c«»ij s'd iiily II the tm* IL tin the past i ** ■ \ en. m :md ov« r. j ol ym .jng upsurli presetipilous « o , t ». i ! > ; and ’ r« m • •ur peri>on»l c x p e n e c c u a? pnyM fia. s u.- n them 1 - ti« very reepeci cump~teut to du n .e ?ituc. as 1 h> I iri directs, lo r t h e b e t t i r safety ol ih-’ i»ub].r a« it jT,»ri c io n o f the medical profession. W Jt T K O W B R I D d E . M. 1>. ’ k i l b o r n H a n n a h s , m . d . J o h n u h a f t o n . m . d . womon, and wholly unwnthy Ohristians. of thorn as TH IS OSXABUSBMENT W ll.li OPEN ON SONDA VB. ffliuerdl Spring Waters, I n c l u d i n g I f w U q u e i , O c t t y u b ’ i r g , S y r a c u s e , E x c e l s i o r , K i s s e n g e h , M n ^ e n u , S a r a t o ­ g a , C o n g r e s s , E m p i r e , S t a r a n d I l i g h R o c k A Ur. 35 d8n) taklog a I when he KiepluiO m 'a W o r d . S ir William Napier was 01 o .’ay 1 mg oonntry walk near F’reilifoTil met a little girl, abont fivo ytars old, Fobbing over a broken bowl ; eho bad dropped aDd broken it in bringing It baot Irom tie field to whicli she bad takon her father's dinner in il, and she eaid she wonld be bealen on her return home for having broken it ; tlier, with a sudden gleatn of bop?, she tnnooently lo.-ked Q|>'n his face and said: “ Bat yoa oan mi'iid it, ran't ye v\ My fatl:er explain- cd tlmt ’.t) c,jiiJil rut met d lho btwi, bat he could by tho gif' of a sixpence, bay anchor. Ifr.weTirnn opening his porae it was eihpiy nf s 1 vcr, acd no had to' ir.aka amends by prom-i. g to ni.-ot his lit lie frlead in the ►iii-ro ai lire samo Imnr, next day, a, d tot-rny nxpeioi with turn, bidding, her I G r e a t U, j^HCGS, ITIEDM'INK>, P A I N T S A N D O I L S G l a s s & . ' n i s l i e s part o f lho world, ©xprusi to taj N. JJ.—r.crsuMfiill udUULC’j can bc-cared*?- w *1 ')y addressing a i m e r w Dr. J. T c ier, I cm itu n c u . M u i'tii *.«% ©ccaioiy wr«tt*afrom rS L } sent to any p-.rt o. -Lc w,,rld. • An < i ftacted—oociiarge bnyacmjiivjyt-d. N-j • J Y 6 * ! I* x v] (i A wlv N • U. No'Vultai, 4,i«ke« ah ieumjj Bo&rds al Lho A K. Bail&rd, (Aaiila street* CoqId He OCUSOJLf A lrihx R Tkroughly fllloc First C lsss H.< ju »€ July R, dly. < hir ImpnA'ttl hales a*r m ado « illi ih r e o F lin t * •* (a^lo'hcr ©af»n» have boilw txi sriv'ncm o fotiro-prixjf xliltm;, nrd a urvati*r proluctiOttOjMliifL llro ; n le o of iu nvicr IMate iron th u o used b y aitv oth e r tninfactu* rvr. Tho locks and Bolft* aro prolecied w tihpl& tcs of Uardened SlQCl. ^hlch os U l . a a .v pruiiniit-U firrniuflt the Buri'Int'sD rui aod th** '.ni»f*rt'on n t p o w dor. W B K U A N r K D KUBS FHOAl D A M P N E S S . Thifi-sti.o tibvi Uvxrur- *x tv'o»>* pxxnflor retd}® '‘••Vi r« (I, an-I t tin# *Ui tninv*rM fmnx thu worit •’G’J u K t o n comui'Mi Krtipiu»t». Ptrop.euand tiotc'J* *>»» Uic fiiCY. ami £uiiv of rough ©aln. wh^h ^ ^ &Z iinuuying blemi-hes lu tnauy younu uerMiiA «T*u to tht* uso t»f a tew Ootlle© <>' \ tt N e w and secondhand aaioe s e p t otUm n o . Jewolcrp’ and l)ankc.*»' Siferf made t o nrtlcr, hxxed w ith hardened ?ieel. T lio conslrurtlon of our Bum tar I’ruof >*hIo. I« ©tach ihni tt effectually p r c v r n # c ith - r ••©trioptnj.\ • O r i 1 linv. “xvcdtfirjf.' o r •’b r e a k u p .\ iih la cnnnot ho *aui of any C'thi*r i»afe madv, am i ovory t>Lt* is r»«*’d •uM oClto tho P0vm*©t pmctlr.aJ tr®i® A)ur patent combination of Steel ;xnd Iron locoth-r. provoniH ib o rtuci*e®!tfal a«o o f tho tools »•( ihvtHixgi&r, t ho liHrdcucd fto-’t reslrt Inq lho a c t io n nf the drill o r rU m b ir cuttor w h ile rhe trn^clty ot ’ h e Wronjfht Iron s e c u r e ' Ihe piatc* l>«»m helny ^»ro ken i>y tbe h:o m uf a ©h-diro t r hamtner. wonderfoi Medi- cLnii.* t :om one tis cimui l» 1 1 Utas euro Ball I h m c - Kryuvpila®. Scald iK u d , J{tm» vVortnn, Ro3» K m p tlon -’o r t h e skin s r.» nla. Sores, UiccriSd •’C a n k t r '’ m Iho.MttulUm.d U it-w u c ir'- ru e d k ‘ nal r^trart <>i t w . t f n,»*» and planh. mi* b»nln< In harmony Nature » in »[*i Bovcreiracantifi propru’t u ©. whirb'i,,*.) ha- m.-ii kd Intothercrcta- olu kinstdum f->r iu a in,* thesKK R is 1 m 3 r* <ti4iier(ur ibo hIo-ujHi and vitrorof lho m m , T h o * .- w h i orv Inr.^ts-.I. h,ro nenou apprehent'on© --r jt-nr**, (,r uny uf th® affectfoi* (•ymplomai r ..f wt . i k n e - . will Hod ctntlnclni n t ilrnv-o ot 1 - re't.*rariv.* i-ovcr npnu trill, Ifmi Mi.') clou rtroAr*. d-*>l, s - . i and dispondcnt, hm Acntaiscmoo ftc. conitarHli requent Ucaxiar M, tnouth i.v'te® bad.y in thonoial» rr- irul.trotq*uUie mul tongue c atea. rouirom lr* T t s VN Ac C O F F f c i v , 9 A G A U S ft S'* t i l P S , JT I O L A .SSK .*, S P I C K S , f t c . aod fl ceoeral assortm ent of Groceries , D& v \6 S c w ioc M achine Cu ;; A. M John P rou ty Whl Jun.Ul-dSm nt KEURN’i E ** J fi. A Un* Harris. D W U ).v, ,N». ft Ar»'-t a' pin » t. W A’ertowu, N. Y. ineti In s u r .n c e . yon iro n ie s r»sr f um T«*n*ut l.x« r <jt * Bii’utijnesa.” Inna*fe caeczs i.l • L ivtr 1-uu.pU n: * a parHt tkae rx m p t .ms jire o x p t r i r t r u , A » a remedy l<X IB u< h cah»s. Dr. Pu rr<- « <»• Mr „ «0,j:ca| DjjajTOj no tquat f»j* n atl.«i-pelcci c«rca. leavlMike Mver strenctixourd and b c i t r y K o r i c u r o o f ^ Uxiuai r o u t u n v ' • of tao bowels uxs a neverttiL iu-r remedy. m>i) ’ .ure w ho have nsed U for this pori* are >oud in *io praise In PronchialThroitei m n jr 1)'*» \>v*. U Ixhs t»rodnc<*d manv tmWrcsutk* •ile p a r e s where o her meihricos had failed. M ft i»y drujvi«t« ix i j l .t n p i r i f o i 'i c Frcpalrtd at lha h« miiftl l.Hborvi’.ry ** in aylddrcxlw'M-.x Oflrabou: _ ftnnttoflln thei •( V PI S0R H JX BaffaJo, H. Y, FASH ION AB-LB A T W H O L E S A L E t t R E T A I L , A t tho v e ry Eio-wost Possible Prico* lr I T O E vot k 1,' f e ix v r tim ii EM P IRE S T A T E L I F E IN S l'H A M t E C O . \ -AI.SU - JfeokBons, five Henry Clavi, and two James ----- — . - . -rKrPo Ihareside-aVpresouf iu t hxr lETOtBlaSf -efl-my—tovinribifity, afee- plaeefl-HBpUeit- -by-applying xce-to.lhe .spine. faith in my revolver. Tlio first lew nights m*v be. we knew that eve were calm and pleasant, and nothing oa- curod to distort) ouT repose. But 'March pcnitentiaiy. doulfoy, tho otber day, stubbornly had refusfd to CBHI6 out ST a boat\ which byonghfe him agoss the Mersey.' At last, after many kicks had been applied, and Other persecutions of that kind, a man ttcpped forward, addressing him affection­ ately, ‘Comualong, brother,'- and the don- this may be, we know that overheating the same region will produce wakefulness. - \ t . t t t o r e c a p i t u l a t e . T n s l e e p courftJrta- is a tre»c)iorntrs raonth fY thitrk I yinrft skqr -Wy, ventilate yutrr room; f i n * cover mi hovmI--, tell h^r inntlier sle had sten a g8i.t o.nai •»hn w >n:d hnng money f >r the b-)<% : in xt I'ay. T h e child, e-.tiroly trn-tinc Inin, went her way ho-r.o comf r.ed. Oq his rthrn l\m ,- Im fnond a i await in>.iui l to ihi-e in Ba h tbo evcring, l<> in el wfth 8 mo one whom l\e -'pet-ia! y wished tn tee. He hesitated for aotnc time, trying to oalcu'.nte tho possibility ol trivirg T b s mooLli'i'Tri tria littltr friend of the broken bowl and of st ill btiag In time tor roalci not be he wi o i- ro .Vo'ioo accepting tha invitation on thopleu ol a “ pre-engage­ ment,\ aayipg to pa : “f cxnnotj J ijappoint S. Tea Co’s Tea?, at their W h o le a’o Prices. frt»m 80 cents to $1 9) pet pound, anil T e a s n« our many nupexim nt\vhni*£>‘% u> 4hot© who VlUtl T II K I R L I V K H Warli.Bclon H&tl, Wat rlowo. N. \.m GEO. B HriKLPSL PreMrtonv. I.. I’ADOO? *!i, l©0 \ ‘C’t 1‘ree'L. E7JIA r o K N S U * . JA \ Joll.N hU ELDo x*, Secretary. BATE$, Meu edicaliwti Kiam »r* r l ii ( OWN SELECTION. foUowirg Afifslrtcd b y ono o f ttnj most expert Tea Taatere it. tho city o f New Y o r k ) E x tra on a n »v*.t •J. 8 T A K lU't K roiiHM’l B E f l P I I A N K M N L i f e I n s u r a n c e C o . h o Thomas S t . tnc\r Broadway) New Y o r k . All o f tbol& tcst Plats, kopt coxista NO Ncnr Y o r k . f. w. nn* BA I Tht® TTfU-knoTrn rfm edy iloes not dry up a CtmAiel lixa.tB tbo cau»o-heMnd,-a*-ifiJhoxtiWiwilLiuoitpryiiiia. - I fltiviTut; hm tt )on®ons and rlr*an.*ft*t tbs lungs, ftnl iHxyi I Ofllco o v e r N o , IO S. E. UAUftf rrtni Tfnp fArt cauu ot lbs rmwnlilrtt. ) F. t St>N, Hrrtnrietor*. Bostna. BoU- i dealers in modicincs etnenUy. key obeyed «t once. —They are still trying to find somebody to be King of Boain. Better let some Tan kee govern the country by contract, estab- it noxt year,) and *on the third night and following morning oifi Boreas began to ‘swap” shutters throughout the neighbor­ hood. XHirs alighted im old Brown's yard, and his floppe-l tntnoms. fits wero nat worth tbo blowing tiown—ours wtro; therefore we'll “render unto Ciesar” —ins namo ia Patrick, i>ut tbat don’t matter- “ the kindling wood that is Cjcsar’a,” pn ilTtjTlog oflrS-BaCE7 yourself too warmly ; Bleep na much as pos Btblo on the side; that position securing tho most perfect ventilation to tbo spine ; leave the luxury (?) of feather beds to tht heroes and heroines of nnvils, who are priv tlcged to violate all natural laws ; and final ly, always goto lied with a clear conscience nnd an empty stomdeh. her, sho trusted me so implicitly.''' — BrucfcT? Life ol Gen. 8;r William INapier. and Prndent Lfborality. IrrltaMrm. Ih’tit rm wing HKTH W. F'HVf F by drucKlstii ivad < S o ld at W a trrtow n ^yT, HI. Camp ratrtr. Tliuo. A T*nrB\ Tnnt TJruvRTT' M M w l lw Moynn Flavor?, a© ? w e e t as N E W M O W N H A Y All of w h ich w ith our vory lulling schools, newspa-pers, manufactories, improving the agriculture, commer and pain m e r e Othtrjaurccs of revenue, and make fe nation of ihe present, instead of a _ memoiy of the past. —In a future state of bring I think it vriil be one ol my inquiries, in reference to tho mysteries of tho present state, whv mon­ keys wece made. The Creator could not ■surely have meaht to ridicule His own woi k. It might rather bo (ancied that Satan had perpetrated monkeys, with a'malicions pur pose of parodying the rmstorpiero of crea­ tion. —A Massachusetts paper says: “ Tho shore of Waldron Pond, in Concord, New Hampshire—scene of Thoreau’s hermit life .—is growing a forest of peanut bushes, the germs of, which were dropped by munching -viaitors.-” —If; says thocDetroit Tribune; thu visitors ' ‘munched” peanuts, of course they were baked, and thoy will sprout and grow vidcd be witTtjTlog oflrsTjaCET^provo prt>| erty,” & 0 . Now imagination had but lUtlo to stretch m order to conjure up a fellow at tho bacK door, or foot-steps in the dining-room. I lndt no idc* it w*s go­ ing to- blow so lianl.and therefore slept very Soundly; mtxcb more so, tn fact, tban common, which was doubtless owing to a deprivation of my wonted rest turougli sickness on tho night previous, ond the b’rocm baDdlo had nearly po fora ted thr colling rre j wns awaro^thatl was tbe in-' dividual referred -to in tbe yell, \Mr. lie qua, Mr. Requa! come down quick and shoot a burglar.\ So heartrending was tho cry that I thought surely a robber was lio low waiting for me. \Aye aye !' bawled I. (Fortissimo.) “ Hope to gracious they go before I get “there!\ (Pianissimo.) I don’t like burglars, I n&ver did. 1 believe tbat “ evil communications corrupt good manners,” and giwc them as wide a birth as possible. NexnertheLess, when thoy cull on me, the Isast I can do is to go down and—shoot4bem=f-wl-»pr*Bg~0'P—hastily, \donncil ~ my coat for nay pants and vice versa, ignored my- vest; elevated my hair, scrambled into ooo boot, and dragged the tteirly a* quick as a boiled potato. Besides peanuts do not grow on bushes ; so that,on \ • tho whole, the worshippers .of Tfiorcau need , , . ,, , , yjSli rf.-ir i, r.pnbjywgjtever-tbaidesFenation oWjis^Jral— -^Act-Qrt.-SS-i—iuEiihlet]—jfQ.KB--tatairs—wItlj lowed stamping grounds. —The Mcffondrce Repository says that a short time since the following conversation —took place between the valedictorian of '70 . h.mda classmate: T a t t l e r * a n d T a t l l l n s . ’ \ Tho disposition to pry into the privacy ol domestic life is, unfortunately, very com moo, and is always dishonorable^ Tbe ap­ petite for such knowledge is to be regarded as morbid, antf tbe indulgence of it dis gracefu 1. A family have a sacred right to privacy. 'In guarding the delicate\ relations of the household, seerecy becomes a vit too. Bven if hy chance the piivato affairs of a house­ hold aro laid open tc a straDger, honor would require thom to turn from them, and if a knowledge ot them were forced upon him, they should bo locked in a sacred si- lenco. « A doublo obligation of silence ami secre­ cy rests upon one who is a guest in a fami­ ly. Ttic turpitude ot a betrayal of family history by a visitor, is far greater than tholt would be. To pocket half a dozen stiver spoons would do far less damage, pro duco far less suffering, and be less .immoral than taio bcaung. it is a thing so scan- dalous tfiatii should degrade a person, ancT — I clasped her hand in miuc ! - I clasped her boauteous form ; I vowod to shield her from the wind, aud from tho world's cold Itorm. She fixed her beauteous eyes on me ; tho tears did wildly flow; but with her 1 ps she said to lire, “ Confound you, lei \ITTt* go !” ------ - , O F M ISCE L L A N E O U S AN D F A N C Y G O O D S all form?of Life,Jo'tii Life,and Endowm ent Bonne® , 1‘remltimBjpajnb‘c in Ca®h, n o N<>’o« bcni j j r c e i ? od In uoymotbtoj ProroLint-. .. XUvlduadAjoa Ih a .L od ULL u l.i o n FI ah , a n d .oixya Jxl e aiHjnaPy. T b e nnmber uf the dividends rqtiaiJD}j tbe nnmixer o f pajm ents. PO L IC IE S — NON* F O R F E IT LNU. Oppirxn©— Jo'-n D r ^ R r , Preoidcnt : • l<irio© T. FraW c b , Secretary: ('harlw H . Welle. ?n . oftnt<»t3d- oot of Ajfcnctee ; A . W . Olraoon, Couoeel. M e p b e n Dc Wotfa, M. D. M edical Examiner. C. D . r WITH, W a tertow n , A pod I . juneldSm H P a h l t r t'q.iQre M A N H O O D 1 How Lost, How Reflainwdl -Ju»»'T*ahlirticd fr» a pr nlufl'vn vulopq.\P r i(ftlliw t i WholG6ald«2)(l: tnd Mkit Moxts, H freeh aod e&lt w&t /saaum. Order? o B T \ Market II« t n . to « 1 5 from 5 a m, t o l l DccemOer 1S67. A LK C T U K K ON T i l E NATUR A L T R B A T IIST fl'd rndlcHl enro «>f ''pemxstAnhcpA, ot Wklttl W e a k rc??, Involnnt y Krixtwloufl. SelerUlMdU tjr, and-'mpedimeu* «• matrtnv’f,Ppnerl^yi^8r,^ 5 nes©. run-nmptiun, rp '’/-y, and B» T h e s a b seil bo has opened an ico c. • uireuuipnuu, x p • p - j, <*u<* uvc. juuiai ■ ihyelcal lnciipnci-y. r.roritng Irom selfahaW,*0 . hy WrtBT. .1. I n verw.-'1, M I). aa:hororthe\€IW Book. &t. intcc R e l i g i o u s I n t e l l i g e n c e . — Spurgeon writes that he has nd tion or visiting America. i — Rev. Dr. Ohapin of the Cfiurch of the j Divine Paternity, preached last Sunday on j the \text “ If the Son therefore, sh ill make j you free, yo shall be free indeed.\ j — A Chicago newspaper iff. jeers to ti.c 1 Hon. S. it. Godk-ns, circuit judge, because ho is a rel'gious and a temperencc man. Whnt would be a strong -recommendation elsewhere is, in Cfbicsgo, sufficient ground lor oppo-.ilinn. — A lady in the Southern Ofjurclupan argues strongly in i&vor of Protes'.ant sis­ terhoods as giving unappropriated -women something' to do, and bccnuse R-unanism painsso much hy means ol tlio Sisters of Charily. w ill bo eold at BOTTOM PR IC E S K E L L O G G * C O N G E E . N '. 11 W o o d ruff House Jan ll-d A w W a tertown H it s aad C ps boos to thoasande oi *nffererWV 8©nx onder ©cal, in & plain envelope. toilT 'ircaa, poatjvaid. -hi rccclpi o f six cento, or faPpOH* fl^o stamps, t o C U A S J. V. K.LINB f t Co.. Y. N A T U U E ’ H {> H - S I O I V I A N J Ala-). Dr. CaW erweli*. 11 c e r .t,. ‘ Marriage Gatdc/'phCV MajSdwJa Vatertow n . Ap -.Ttie Church of Ihe Disciples, corner o£ '•rritinga! Val.— Very much. He is my lavorite feuthor. - < _ Class.—-Bo you’believ# in his doctrine— Val.—Yes, he is generally sound. Clsss.—Well he says tliat the valedictor- ifett u al OirJYUA fchp t.fiCfil/taa ^XltY&L) —iWhen tlie wind blows violently, how • W c iW thosky.' tho ^English say, 'It Is n »Mornay day’ And cn the other hand •wrtup the air i*still and it does not actually Win, boweyee dark attd lowering the aky way b it they w ^ X h e weather is fine,' -Tfrfej&gluh. probably cat with moro frapleafejoymwit than any other people; teeth and trigger clicking simultaneously.— Let some one be tempted to accuso me 'el cowardice, I woald ngadn call attention ft the blustering .wind^ A powerful draft of which coming throdgh a keyhole coun­ teracted the heat of the furnace ; furtli- -ermorSr I h>id precious Tew garments «nT and mighty little of tliem, ss my haste had xnado them \smaller by degrees and beau trfully less ” Th« quaking domestic uiet mo at her mistress' door, or rather she' fbrustono arm aod alig-htour, after which sho quickly shut and bolted it, and gave directions on the key off Bflat through the keyhole. This “ fctond vwriling-on-the-wall\ business I confess I didn’t like. It really looked as if they -were aYraiil, and did more towards shaking my nerves tban anything else However, I '.rose with the occasion, aud murmuring -, “ On, Stanley, on I ‘Go’ fox-\em Warraion!\ Fnfedi,bat of \flad I the wrngi o f f a dtxve,” I forget noyr which, I buMt suddenly into the baok parlor, tumbled over fe chair, and found [■agnHlf—tfcup aola occupant of the room: I. They are the wont pests save on wwwhereaUfo<hattoe)i$litwjeDioa.ou JthatiktheIktener to the talebefenw, put him out of society. To betray the sc cretB of. i^hqusehpidjs npt eniy. an. odtQua immortality, but it is a shame to be on terms with those who are known to commit sftch outrages. Tney are miscreants. They put themsslved otit of the pale of decent society. They should be treated an moral outlaws. These hungry-cycd vtyetches who sit in fho unsuspicious circle of parents and chil­ dren, trensufing their words, spying their weaknesses, misinterpreting the innocent liberties ot the household, and then run fyom house to house with llicir shamless flows; aTB'wdfsd UiahjjbisofiprB of wells or burners of houses. They poison tho faitli of man in man. ff one opens his mouth to tell you such things, with all yonr might smite hirn in the face I There are two ac­ tions which justify you in instantly knock­ ing a man down: tho one is the act of pointing a guo at you in sport, and- the oilier is tlio attempt to tell you a secret, which it is disgraceful for him to got - and for you to hear. Make no terms with snch people. Talebearers have no rigbtd. They are tho common enemies of good men. Hunt; harry and hound them out oi society. They are the wont pests save. one, and Brookline street and Warren Avenue, Bos- tqn , is tq be open every Sundiy dun rig, the hummer for public worship. All the seats in this church afo freo. Rev. James Free man Clarke was to preaeb last Sunday on the ‘/Domestic Enemiis to Amcrican.icdo- ponder.c?.” — On a, recent Sab'-cth. Professor Mather' preaehiug at S->u; li fbrellcy, Alass., found his congregation so oa-t'pv lhat, st pping short in his sermon, lie cov.- i u*. llio hymn. \M y faith looks up to '! h, o,” and had ihrm rise and sing ft, axi'IMre't resumed biisir- nion . ------- — --- — licv. fl. C Munson, late librarian to the St. Lawrence University, and for more than three yoars a member of tbe Tkeologi cal Department, after spending five months in general missionary work lu Maine, h is accepted unanimous call to the Tumef* Universalist society in that State. Tho or­ gan of the church was lately repaired, tho floor carpeted, seats oushioncd, ard trails and ceiling neatly frescoed. Tbo society is one ofthe oldeBt in the State, aud was min­ istered to by Father Bates of Auburn, ftfr a quarter of a century, and subsequently sev­ enteen years by Rev, R, French. WouTtT”iiii’iinn tlie teftfzrns of Watertown ivnd Y trinity Hint Ire lias removed tu B ATDHliLOIt’S H A IK »VE. A.it' 1 lias ( Ipcnc 1 Ont witli nn Entire S T E W S T O C K O F Thin . pleodld Hafr Ore l« Thebe?! tn'lEo ftxH. K srnilc?e—r c ’ia b lc—in?laDtixn©<>©^t doce txoi lead, n it any v i t a i i e poifor. lo jirodace pd* flljijl * death. A v o id the vannted an^ doin^ivcp'tpflnlOT* l>oa©Unq virtne© they do not p«»»©0M, Tho geflHB® W. A . Batchelor*© ITftlr r>*>* ha® Ind thirtyjean’t t 'amfohed- rp))niatlon nxOoid t*©- Aqtegr-4? 4* Uw- fet, fy F*» rfcct Hair l>j o drown 8oid57«U t > t j i x j x r A ^ J i c d a. No i : cU'r.d st. Ne# Yof** Nr>v^.V11v i Specl&l attenUc “Block Lott tt q 1 if r e p a r a t i f TYanBplirCtit and cTeaTaa crysIaL, Tt. w ill noi ©oil the flnoaifabric—perfectly © a le, c l e a n and e f f l - r r t r / r i d l ^ 1 f g , I t rostorefl and prevontu the Hair from bccom m c G ray, imparts a ®oft glosav nppcaranro, remove* Dandruff IB cool and rolrcehing .o the head, check* tbo Lair from faM nirofl.arid restOfea fl lo a grcal e x t e n t when permatnreiy l o s t ; prevcnla Headache®, cures all Hnmore, c u taneoos eruptions, and nnnatu* ral heat. _ . D R . G * • t n i ’B 'H , p j i t e n t e e , G r o L o n J u n c t i o n . M l e a s ., prepared o n ly by P t t O f - C K K B K O T t t E f t g , u l o a c e s t e r * M a s s . T h e Genuine i® put u p in a panel bottle, made e x presely for i t , with t h e name o f tho article blow n In the fflafl®. A s * yonr D ruggists forN a inre’ B Hair Ro- atnrativn, a n d J a k e n o o W jo T v -m ay^M wStn- F o r Bale by N. M. SM ITH , Drag^iat W a tertown S t r a w G o o d s , stylos in - -{4 j H . ' ‘ * T R U S S E S A a p 'Yim o n te oi ih»,* moat approved 8HODLBj® J . v ‘is , TRDHSR8, S U ’ PO inR R S . BTO G E lN G ti. SYIK N U E '* , t i l l<**lCA L AND W«*- T A L IN S T R U M E N T S . & r ., cnn?tanirV0Trton*. r-rorerly adantan at A t * THRO. A. PECKS, • i -, * •» m Wawrwwi^ l ) K MOTT'S F B E I V C H POIVDEBS. all the latest T O g r t C : --------- fcW” SILK IIA1S I SLOCKED W ill cure inBammalion and diFcaeo of 9® nora, Rouorrlica, aleet, > irtd i)fl, .dlafriK. . Til'rvnnmli-l.llLly rin-.Jag.ilLHS1!*1?' .1 — can*Vd hr ludiatieU* Inal . inls-lons. In ? ot rlsror. ran»ou ... in youtl), fxc«»ro». ftc. omalu weajH*H’ . 11m diseases, prrotu'a, skin dlsea-cs, pyphiusis . A N D IR O N E D hy 0 . LA&TLAirEf[<)rm)5'nmmir*.rc tmost hnnos n ri nr.r «. rrnntioit?. 'V.ff. ®Drt*tf»lj *•“ .. a Practical Hatter. Mayidwijr bonup, old eor p , ornptlort?, & 4*-.'-1 BateanrT t p a Vlrr Tnrm iterrnry -d^ WaWrto-wn, N V. hy ^ }i,|por box Went mad ^ O L D I E R S O P 18 6 1 % A T T E N T I O N S Undor a recent d ecision of th e Suprem e C o u r t , th r e e soldiers who enlisted for three years, betw een M a y jLapflJjU y . f f oro_Upnprably I>1« J . 8 B & K f i f t , o f N e w T O r f t , lias compounded an articlo called charg< optkli ed to t b c lr SIOO BOUNTY ; k A fe­ a r fur Ihe cure ot Kahlpcss nnd G ray Hair T h i s a r t i c l e is a v r t j e i a l i l e I’o m a d o , h i g h l y n e r f o — j _ i „ g r a y j m i r t o ifo o r i g i n a l c o l o r in med«and w ill turn __ »»lx dd}*®, w h en Used accurRTnv Vi. i T h T directions— coDtaine no suipnur, sogar ot le°d, o r poisonous In gredient: It dot 8 n o t riipcolorany substance. I* qold in j ots a t $ l . it lo a tx-dunm! articlo forold^ cr young, in dressing tbo hair, and keeping It from ‘.arnlog.gray. ............................ ..... 83f Hold by Cascp ft M a s s x t , and K k l l o o o & • SftKOBn, DrngRiflts, W a tertow n , N.Y. JanOdff already received the s a m o S O L O llth S E N T I T L E D — S e n d or brtnq ou you ,r dl-*charjjc0 a t once, rending post ( ffice addrcs?*, and . will flic claim * for yoa as soon aa posslb’o. I 4*I*.«at> nrtlnn* nnriJtnn havo thladay received r,hf8t'action& jxod Irom tho B o o n ty Departm ent u t Warnin^ton. D a ted M arch 20.1870. B. NORTH , A ttorney al law and U n ite d 'S l a t e s C laim A g e a t , No. tt W nehington BL, W a tertow n , N. Y . mch&ld&w CAUTION. -;V>, ,&Day8fe,K««*»* ^ ^ L A S S —j) (100 B o x e s Redwood h i m s . H iv i n g mado a rranreinenta ior tbo sale o f all tbo w o o d glare now ou band, I am prepared to sell I t as lo # a s spy other g lass is sold ln this m a rket. . Thia glass a bettor color, Is m ore free ftom defects, iod la not half broken. All thing, considered it is the cheapest glare is market. T o r sale by H . O O O P 1 R . lyjILltP A N S , C U P IIX S , 4(1. 5.000 B e s t 10 Q u a r t Pan., 1.000 B e s t 6 Q u a r t Pan., ' RO Pressed, French P a n e , a now and c h o ic e .a article 100 T y l e r '. P a te n t C rank Ulrams, 900 O a k Bash Chnms, W OBBAM PAltS, HEAVY MILK PAItB, Skc to r Sals Cheep at', OOOPEK 8 . mchlldw \ • b lown tn tbo glafa. A32- 4 . P. jpiwiMORB. Proprietor. - . . . • - Koid bv all Dnutffhrta TT'AIIIBANKS SCMI i ES, ' THK STANDARD SO^IMOFM^ DNIMD STATKS Por Sale on y at ^ ^ I t l s t t r a l a a b l . I S t a i n s , M i l d e w ( csitU ieeilglxtest

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