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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, April 04, 1870, Image 3

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£ jwi *vrf «#tyfe£*h< - * tifcftl^-JW* . * _ ___ _ ,. , q.fe.rart,,. iK,< ___ _ ^,Kt;- * a* w &&) z u ^- xa *&? TlaB-AiSINDtX, IvaijPhgc—Mleccllanv, StoilM, SJcetcbee «td ry* eomdl Page—Bdltorioli, Communication*, o cut Toplci and Peraopal GOHlp. X b l r d P » , « — L o c a l C o l i m o , B n t l n e a * N o t i c e * , T e l e g r a p h i c H e w s . a r i d M a r k e t lfc p o r t w . F o n r t b P«*^-Te»-table-Cl;t, Hnmoroai, Dai i mettle. ia^Sjevrayl i p T B . W . 0 . K . B . , a b b i v a l A s d H i p a r t u s * -of] T r a i n s at,1Y a * e b toto, on a n g after U arch 16th, 1870: Leave for Borne 809 a - m. 1* 20 p.m.585 p.m. For Ogdenab'h 8 S3 a. m. 4 35 p.m,0 30 p.m. o n Saturday*. Leave Watertown Junction for Caps Vincent, 815 a. ja. 5 SO p.m. Arrive from Rome 818 a. m - 415 p.m. I SO p.m. From Ogdens ourgh 13 0# noon. 615 v- Arrive at Watertown Junction (ton Cape Vincent, 765 a. dj . 400 p.m. Eir* W. W. S u a r a A Co. Fibllibers' Agents. Tribnaa Building*, N . V ., areanllorited t o contrast [or advertising taour p aper. 8TAQE8 LKAViS WATBKT0W3V fbr Lowvllle aud'Oarthage at 9:10 1 . v. * <4:10 r. a. for Copenbaaat ud Lowvllle 9:10 a. a G. Cuaimre. AaxjiT. -G o ld, 111|, . —A little snow to make it pleasotnt and remind ud of ths p ast. —Two mote weeks of Lent. Services at the Episcopal Chtxrches, this vreek are changed somewhat from last. —Clairvoyant examination free, at the Woodruff House, by D r. Butterfield, Tues­ day, Wednesday and Thursday. —Rev. Mr. Hersey, yesterday/commenced his services ss pastor of the Univexsalist Church, in thli ctty. —M r. White, who has been confined to his room at the K irby House, from a sprain expects to leave tor b is home to morrow. —A country newspaper has a story enti­ tled “Lore wannod over.” II It is any­ thing like the hash th a t is “ wirmed over\ in boarding houses w e should proler it in ita original purity. It is apt to get scorch­ ed, when warmed over too much. —For the benefit o f our musWl brothers snd whistling sisters are give this \When you sleep in a room w ith one who snorts, aloud, commence to w h istle any ilr. assum- a low tone and gradually raising it By degrees the snoring w ill cease trillion t dis­ turbing the slcop of the anorer. —Two twin brothers in New Yortc aro ao much alike that they frequently borrow money ol each othor w ithout knowing it We are acquainted with people, who, thongh not brothora, tare, in Oils respect, like the twins. Wbolo families lmro been known to possess iho same peculiarity. —The robins folt sorry this morning, They were not good weather prophets.— They mistook symptoms of Spring ior spring itself They are eqa&liy wife, how ­ ever, on thia subject, w ith the best of u s . —Five million, seven hundred and * i cxty sir thousand three hundred and forty-nine dpUnrs ia tho amount paid on tha N ation­ al debt during tho month ol Haroh. — Prepare for lho coming Douglas, du Hog tbe coming week. —James Gordon Bennett, Jr., sailed for Europe Saturday morning last, In the La­ fayette, to join in another sailing contest. -Th« young inon w h o wtrc happy la it night, “ leeling like a morning star,\ am to­ day laboring under different leelinip - poses ■casing appearances like stars of less b r il­ liancy. I3 P J e f f . Co. H o r s e s .—L uther L a w ­ yer, of Parch River, N . Y , sold on Thtrra- day laat to J. H. Hacdoosld, of Ooopexa- town, N. Y ., his four y e a r old goldlng. for the sum o f ono thousand dollsra T h is colt wss raised by L Lawyer, and bred trom the same msro th a t bred itnllions called Paragon aud Continental. Oiu»o D cchju ** Kid GJovei.fo alt thenew Spring Tints—Rose, Lavender, Blue, Green, Act Ac. Try tkem. * ■ IL HUNTINGTON. U * 'Brass Aitii Cloak ICtKiao—At No.10 Ar. cade—under tbe charge of MISS 1>ARLING of tbo Woodruff ROM* L L. HUNTINGTON. J J A I R , H A I R , H A I R . LARGE A8S0RTMBNT AT • G M4JH, fRMDUOED PRICES. ap«daw ‘ l l . H u n t i n g t o n . i o Arcade. 13©” DnxssifAKhta.^Miea Blllo Boyd. No S3 Franklin St., wlehes to Inform tlio Indies of Water town, that the will go ont sewing by the day or week, or take work At her room. ’ M28. din * M IL K , B I L K , K I L K , The subscriber will commence tn furnish the Inhabitants of thu ctty with PURE PilESil htlLK tto m his farm, on Thursday, March 81, 16TO. An Order Book will he lelt at Ptnnlman * Co's City Shoe Store, where all who wish can leave orders. aachSOdlm H. BECKER. N OTXOB. Tbe publio are hereby notified that all orders Ior George A. Schroglnge, lor- White Washing, Calcl- mlng and Coloring, left a t N. Jf. Smith’s Brrig Boise, win b e promptly attended to. , _ - _______________ Mirch 20th, dAwlw, fc#”RtuovED.-EL Sigm an, Esq., tm lemoved his wholtulo and retail lut store, from Court Street to the Woodruff House Block. t3F“ Tho new saw mill o f Rogers ts W eb­ ber, near Factory Snare, la a rcgultr L ittle Giant, Tbe saw, (» d rcnlar ono) It fifty- six inches in diameter, and walks majesti­ cally through a log. W e saw It cut aaae hundred and fifty tcct o f lumber Id tigjht minute*. Had tho log bean twice u larg e , it would have performed much moro In t2as aamo time. It is a good p lace to got lumber but on short notice. t# “ BunjJEHS.—>We paid a visit th e other day to the now b rick residence of O . R. Davis, Esq., on 8tone street, now nearly complet’d. It is a vory finely finitlicd and commodious house. The work has been done under contract by tbe Embury Broth era, and we should sty w e ll dona These young men arc establishing a good rcpufcro- tion as builders. Their work on O. 6 . Btaples’ elegant mansion and now this ox> Mr. Davis’ is a sufficient guaranies th a t good work is congenial to them. \With in c h testimonials at hand thoy w ill not wut fo r work while our young c ity is in ita period of growth. Brew Slakin g and M illin e ry. id© MBS. 8EARL would *ay to the ladles of Watertown and vicinity, tbat from Ihla date ebe will icU h e r goods, consisting of Flowers, Feathers, La­ ces, Crape, Ribbons, Velvete, Grenadine for Vails and Jockeys, at very reduced prices. Those who Dave not- purchased their Mtlllnerj, can eave twenty- live p e r cent, or more, by calling at 85 Arcade. Don’t forget the nnmber. (jXHBBOSNT KZX.XA. OFFICE REMOVED TO J. D. DODGE’S CilY MEAT MARKET, where orders can be left and will be prompt attention. R C. FULLER. _______________ apldtf M L R O W L A N D , O IT Y 8 X IR T B Y O B , . All orders Irom Oity or Country promptly at- 14 Court Btreet. (Whiting’s tended to. Office, No. U s Office), Watertown, N. Y mch29dwlm j y N E W S U P P L Y O F Fresh Oat Meal, BEST IN TOWN, JUST RECBIVBD AT MOULTON HERRICK A Co. mch ESdwlw L. LOW f iLL, A B T I B T , CTtTDIO AT PBHBY A WATERMAN'S 1IU81C n BTOBS, Second Floor, No. 9 Wa»hizigton UaU Block. 3(r. LowolJ wlli Palot to order, m&kieg atetchea from Nature, and copying. A t t e n t i o n a l i o s i r e n t o t b o a e w b o m a y d e M r o ^ n * B t r a c t l o n I n D r a w i n g a n d F a i n t l n y . m c h l S d S m The Public Are rera pectfolly Informed that I tm prepared to fill ill orders tor Painting, Graining, Glazing, Paper Rouging, Sign Writing. Ac. Mixed Paints of all caters constantly on hand. All orders left at N. M. Bnltb’e Drug Home, No. 3 Salford Block, will re- colio prompt attention. Three o r foar First Class Painters will Und con •tint employment by calling at my Shop, No. 4 Court Bueet, o ver CtmpbeU A Fsrwcll’s Bloro. JOHN 0. BHAFFBBT. Apia 1 st, ism <58m Q t J F F B O r s C O D J L l V B I t D D A G ’ J B B S (Batar Coated Pllla of Cod Llvor Extract. A perfect aubalttats for Cod Liver 01’, more effl’ cacloaa, more economical, and (roo from alt Ita dis­ agreeable qnsllUci, used in English, French and American Mospttala, and highly recommended by tbe Medical Faculty hero and tn Europe. A pamph­ let with further partlcalan and many emphatic tes­ timonials from eminent physicians, who have used them, seat on application. Tbs following Is a specimen of tbo reports rccclv ed dally from those who nee them : Germantown, Tenn. March U, ISTCD. Maura. Word. Heather land, A Co,—Gents: If 1 wera uot thoroughly convinced that the Drag'eea are tha thtag moat rtluahlo, 1 wonld meat assuredly sire you lhe go-b re. My wife by using your Dng’ees eowAas ao mon hemorrhages , is restoredn i strength midflsiA, tmt Ihs restoration of nut* power ie most rmariahi*. Yours respectfully, . H. H. McKAT, M. D (ST AQ owders tddrassod to N. N. Smith, Whole­ sale AgtnX, will receive prompt attention. apl 8m t y ” L e t t a u from Hod. Cbss. D.W n g h t cx-County Judge.: W a tkbtown, Felx 20, 1870 N. M. 8 k t t h , Ksq. Dear S ir I have used for myself and family for upwards of two years past, Dr. Biussa’a Aromatic Elixxr of Rhubarb and most cheerfully uy I consider it a superior medlctna, and lo my judgment no family should be withat it Yoara, oto., O h a a D. W iwoht . JW Alt Orders should be addressed to N. M. SMirtl Dmgglsv, Wholesale Agent, Watertown, N Y. lo iscnrw attention. mcnSSdtg wish os to inform E T M b s . H. E. Bow, her lsdy friends, that she has Just opened a new branch to her business io real hair. Having secured a first class Hair Dresser sho is prepared to do all kinds of Hair Work In tbo latest style. N. B.— Work done on shortest notice. No, 8 Arcade, Watertown. March 17th, 1870. dtf i y H o u s e fob S a l e . — No. 46 Stone 8 t 'Enquire oa the premises, or of the subscri­ ber st Bagley & Sewell’s, during business hours. (I7d8t) A.1 H o r ton. iL J E G R A P li, E A R L V R O S E F O T A T T O K S , jgLUE mnBSlAL PEAS, DANIEL ORONK PEAS, WHITS CLOVER SEED, For Door Yarde, apl H, COOPER. I5 F “Y. M. O. A,—The regular montnly meeting of the Y, M, 0. A . w ill be held s t the Baptist Church, Tuesday evening it 7 }^ o’clock. The following are the ordet of ex­ ercises : , 1st. Prayer meeting for half an hour, fid. (Ten minutes speeches upon Sunday School work, and the relation of the Y. ML O. A. to id “ 3d. Miscellaneous business. Tho public generally, whether members o f the Association or not, are earnestly Invited to be present, By some means a few have gotten an er­ roneous idea that ladies w ere not eipcotcd at the regular mqrtthlymecting. Thills m. mistake They1 are not o n ly expected, but aro conftsUyand earnestly invited to tfve thcso meeting their personal support, E l f D r . E mmet ! R o b e r t s of Byncusn wbo his. attained suoh celebrity in the treatmtat oif Sertfida, Catarrh, Ctmvttfp- tion, aa^qtiaer.kliroiilo. diawaan, wlU niika h» conraliidkt ih* KiAy Sooaib on JbsW. April IS t b .^ e D r . Trill alao b* Infkatw the ltfif, Potediru tht^Otlk, Oairthtptlfe fifid, and[Lovnrille tho38d o f thUmwth; 8»t Circulars. p a iS B A R K S 8CALK8, Til* STANDARD SCALES OF THE UNITED STATES. For Bllo only at * COOPER’S, ap 1 TO Gr ARDEN TOOLS. SPADING FORKS. , STEEL SPADES. REPORT 1 have on hand about 100 blihels of this desi­ rable variety of Early Potatoes, which will b e sold In quantities to aoit, n d a t the market price. QUSTAVU8 HARDY. SB BUeeter’e Block, opfidwtf ________ ________________________ POR S A L E ! ’ TWO GOOD HEARSES—one very nicst one, and several second band Carriages and harnesses. For sale cheap. Enquire a t BOHBAM’8 LlVEBY, spJdeSw No 2 Franklin SL STEEL GARDBNJRA&EB. Steal Pollihed HOBS, Weeding Hoc*. Garden Trow- cls, a n d Children’s Garden Tools. For Bslo Cheap st COOPER’S. spnl 1 k ’ gXX.S B A L T S XROZVBD E V E R T S A T U R D A Y , FREE OF CHARGE, st DAVIS A PATTERSON’S. M Court Bt. WstcrtoW Mitch Nfltw __________________ _ p A X K V X i r a - r i a i n a n d O r h a m a n t a l House & Sign Painting Graining, Giaxlaa and Paper Hanging don* im tb* bett qrder. .RalmtW Of *U kinds kept pabsod -aad N ew Y ork , 4. Tribune’sWssbington special says: A report is in circulation, stating Messes. Trumbull, Conkliug *nd Carpenter, mcm- beis of the Senate judiciary committee, will resign tbeir seats on tbe committee, in con­ sequence of tbc Senate tending to cast dis­ respect upon tit in failing to sustain its re­ commendations, the last case being the Texas bill and the admission ol Gen.Ames. The report is undoubtedly unfounded. Tho Senate military committee will, to­ day, take up for conskjeration Gen. Logan’s army bill, and will report it as soon there­ after as practicable to the Senate, with recommendations and amendments. The proposition of Senator Wilson, chair­ men oi the committee, w ill make a much larger reduction in the expense of the army as at present organized, than Gen. Logan's bill does, but it is impossible to foretell tbe result. Tho House pommittee will adhere to their bill, and the subject will probably be discussed In the Senate at great length. N ew Y ork , 4. Late Port Au Prince advices state, that no time has been lost in taking measurses to obtain the release of Weiner, D. 8. con­ sul, lately Beized by the rebel,Gen. Jacquet, and held as hostage. - Two Haytien stesmere have boon dis­ patched to the south, and Gen. Brice has been reii. forced and ordered in event of in­ surgents not promptly laying down their arms and uccipting the amnesty offered them by the Government, lo prosecuto hos­ tilities sgiinst them with the utmost vigor. Weiner was acting consul for England and France as well as .for the United States *nd the British war steamer, Niobe, b»* ac- <*- oonied the Petion md Peguod to a sail t ’ i b' ugtng Jacquet to his senses. The new rebellion is much more formida­ ble than it was as first believod to be. A large defalcation in a large woolen houso at tho lower end of Broadway is re­ ported. The wood distilling works, tbo only oi 3 in tho country, at Black Rock, near Bridge port, Conn, waa destroyed by fire yester day. Loss about $10,000. There was no insurance. Fire last evening at No. 14 East streot.— Loss $15,000. Fully insured. Three men, Brown, Montgomery and Smith, who wero asleep on tbo third floor, wero Buffocatcd. A t a meeting of the upholstors, held lut evening, it w u aonofinccd that employee* ( f two ot the largest establishments In the city, will go on a striko today on account of an attempt to reduces the wagea ol the men. Rev. 0. B. Frothingham, in his discourse yesterday, took ground against the action ol Congress relating to Utah State. He held they bad no moro right to interfere with Polygamy than it h u to prescribe the lim it to Protestantism or Interfere with Catholicism. The now Cstholio Church of the Eptpb- sny wu dedicated yesterday morning by Vicar General Starrs, in- th* absence of Arch Bishop McClnsky, wbo ii at present in Roma The new Catbolio Chapel of Our Lady and St. Patrick, at Newark, will be dedica­ ted to-d*y. Crowds*of politicians went to Albany last night. Thera promises to be lively work there during the week. The GVeed ohsrtar is to be reported in the Senate this evening, and its consideration will be given to-moTrow. Six murders by Indians are reported from Atlantic City, Wyoming Territory. A res. ident of the place waa killed in the out­ skirts of the town, and the party who went In pursuit of the ravages brought back the bodies of fiva whites who were found dead near the Indian trail, and shockingly mutl lated. Four others aro ' missing and are believed to have been butchered by the rav­ ages. A stage coach, overdue at South Pass City, and containing Paymaster General Alvord, Major Russel, and others, is also supposed to have been attacked. 'The Indiana in that vicinfty were sent there by Gen Auger snd were believed to he peaceable. The mass meeting iu behalf of the Caban independence, to be held to-night at Cooper Institute, under tbe auspices of the Cuban League of the United States Provinces, ia fo bs an imposing demonstration. Mayor Hall will preside, and speeches are promised from Gen. Benks, Hon. S. L Woodford, Hon.'. T . Fitch, John Mitchell, Horace Greeley, Richard O’Gorman, James 8. Thayer, Cassius M. Clay, and man/ other gontlSmcp, The fifteenth amendment lo tho National Constitution was the leading idea which filled the mind of the colored people ol this city yesterday. Elaborate thanksgiving services were held at aft their places ot worship, and lrrge congregations attended each. A Philadelphia Protectionist wrote to Commodore Vanderbilt, asking his signa­ ture to a petition to Congress to advance tho duty on steel rails. The Commodore replies in a strong, free trade letter, and says he would just as soon submit to foreign as home merchandise, particularly as tha latter might compel consumers to take an inferior article. Couaidenble excitement prevails ih Gin cmnsti on account of the Bible question coming np in ttie loeal election there to- <%• .a . A special Washington dfspsirit says: The fact is developed ^by Mreful .lnquiry in the highest quarters, that GrinM li ia in the complete oonfldtact of and Becretsry BcutwelL,, There it do ds can bo a particle in the story tele- graphed that Phillips, tto cmb tfzlerj juat captured iu Ireland, andHr.'Paui S. Fprbea our negotiator at Madrid, are one and the same person* M r. Forbes is too well known to make this story othca than ridiculous. W ilmikoton ,4. In two w a r d s of this city, at the school election Saturday, negro votes were relustd by tbe Dem o cratic officers. AFTERNOON DESPATCHES. I ndianapolis . 4 Fire yesterday dcslroyed the cells in the Indiana State Prison, at Jeffersonville, and a boy named Conord was suffocated. O swkgo , 4 The first vessels of the season arrived from Canada yesterday, laden with grain and lumber. N ew Y ork , 4. Day cold and rainy. There is an irpmense crowd at the Court of Sessions, where McFarland’s tri|l open­ ed this morning. Jury is now being im panneled. It w ill probably take several days to secure a jury. Another druggists mistake. A man by the name of Jam es O’Niel, of thia city, got an overdose of morphine, yestorday. The coroner is holding an inquest. L ondon , 4. Rumors of a proposed constitutional changes in France, to be submitted to tbe vote of the people, has been gaining strength and is now generally credited. VrFNA, 4. Tbe ministry having resigned, the Em­ peror b<}8 summoned Count Putocki to form a new cabinet M ontreal , 4. S t Maurice lumbering estaclisbmcnt at Three Rivers, was burned la9t nlght,includ- ing m<)l, machine shop, about $100,000 worth of lumber belonging to S t Maurico Land aud Nivigatton Ca, $26,000 worth belonging so W ard, »nd about 2,000,000 ft of Atkinson's saw n lumber. R ochester , 4. A bad break has just occurred in the Etie canal leedej bank, just south of this ctty. The water is rushing from tho river Into tbo feeder and into tbo canal with ■great violonce. It will be impossible to make repairs before tho water subsides, and the break will donqtless bo extended be­ fore night T obonto , 4. Dominion revenue and expenditure re­ turns for March show tevenuo to be $1, 818,610. Expenditures, $470,588. X t n ( l u h P r o d u c e « u d Ito c k BX a rket Lituctool, A Cotton opened fl m. I’p’soda 111( Orleani 11’,. Red Wctero Wtuat 8a, OOd.. Rod Wfotor 8l ltd QalUorala, Da Sd. Breadatafli dull. Lard fits. Loxsoi. 4 .—1 P. M. Oocaota-Jlonoy 03J» • Account 03X- American BecoriUe* Quiet. S » ’«, 1*61, Dll of IKS, aldDOg : 38FI, SDK. 10-40’t, 87*. Stock* qaloL Erie, SI; HUnol* Central, USE I Great WcitdS «. A i r v n , 1 Patrolnm opes* firm, a t fiOk. A B L E T & C O M S I E K U I A L . R a w T o r k I t o c k a n d K o n e v K a r k a t . - x x roann roa a. r. paddock A co'i outs. Rww You. April, 4 1870- Flim. U . E . S ’ * 5 - K c o u p . ’» 1 0 0 !4 D A S ’ * 6-10 c o u p . ’M 109 U A 6 * » 5 - 2 0 c o u p . '60 1 0 9 * d o Newlraae. . . . UT7M D A S ’ * 5-20 c o u p . '67 1 0 8 J 4 0 B . t T * 5 X 0 c o u p . >6810654 10-40 Rcgtaterea.... 1 0 0 10-40 coupon* ........... 10S Virginia* ax. coup . 71X D o S ' * a o w .............. Tam. tP* ex ooup., do saw ...... Klnosri *ixe* ...... Weil*, Fargo * Oo. Adam* Kxpmt. American U. S. ExprcM W. U. TSe*r 0*M S8J4 MH « * 19 4954 SS 4BX SIS 4SM _ ecraph Pacific Moll ......... G«M —ill* STERLING EXCHANGE—108)4 MONET-687 0.8 M. Cert* 99 N. Y. a A H RJL DIM N. Y. Central, »crlp DOg Sri* ......................... 95X Krfe, pref. ................ 47 Reading ................ 0754 Sadiou River — Chicago and Alton.. 1)9)4 do do p r e f ll))} Mich. Central. U9K take Shore ............. 86K Toledo 8 Wabash... 47 A .8T .H . ........... ... ® A. * T. IL pref. 65 Illinois Central, ...... 140 Cleve. A Fitts 90 Chicago andR. I ... 110)4 Chicago and K.W ... 19)4 do and N. W. pref 83J< ,i[t 0:, tb ' P>rt o< tW ftM ilta t W 5«nte- tj Botttvrall tbal he abptdt! ^arigs. iiu ftttle fcrofroatmuter antoa from their ot. tn u u Pleas- ______ T __ at then Tribune aayi: It la imDostibto Uuii tb*r» R«w Tork Froduo* Rlarkatw Raw Y oke . March, 4. ISM ASHES— 7 8707 © for Pot*. COTTON—Nominal—2* ralddliig upland*. FLOUR—Quiet Receipts, ant 3 haereio- Si!»! ft.OO, - 5 5C@V 80 for Bipexfin* BUM and W*atern: Ooauaon to choice Extra State 6 80S 4 SSoammon to ehoica extra Western 5 *0«5 40: Common to choice round hoop Ohio 4 soae 00. RTS FLOUR—Quiet Sale* 159 Barrel*; *t4 2 oQ sio: WHEAT—Quiet Receipts' XCOO «*le*S0J»0 *11230156 Winter, red weetein. 140 White State, CORN—Scarce, Receipts <2,000 calc*, 44,000 it 106®108 for Now Mixed Western. OATS—Unnor Recta, 17,000; rale* 10.000 at 66055 ^ for Western. PORK—Hoar/. Receipt* 850 barrel*. 26 75S50 New mere. BEEF—Armor ■ CUT-HEATS—bolter. LARD—Rimer. MOttcrecc at 14015 far Steam Beflned ; 14)4 kottle rendered. BUTPER—Heavy-14028 Ohio; 40043 for State, CHEESE—Dull’ m0.15K EGGS—Steady. S709S forfroih. SUGARS—Quiet, at 8)4® 0)4 for C*ha. PETROLEUM—Dull 14)4096)4 M I L K PA N 8, 0H D E 1 I3, AC. VAUAiio, ovjxei xanvna. lujjm . ORwtJP, DIP- THERlA, ASTHHA. CATARUa.orHO AB&I9KK8S; / i I bo a succesttiul tomfidy ior K^uojr difilcultlca PlUCli^CBNTS PKB COX 9KNT HY MAIL UfOH re­ ceipt Df prtcp* by JOHN Q. KKLlJOttt). CUff St, Now Vork Solo Agent ior tke Uuuud State©. Al 4W LIFE IN UTAH 0S“TBX MYSTERIES OF MORMOMSM Bi U tt a: EditorofihedaitLuliO ffe-pojter. ltBINGah KXPOSEofTUE1R8KURKT BITES, CEREMONIES and CFIMEP. W)ili a full and authentic h'atory of P o l y g a m y and the Mornjaji Beet, from Its origin to ihu present f*JH |qP||2Bt01A and Inferior works on the Mor- U H U I lUH'monauretaetng ctreutated. See that each book cootatn*33tlne eturravinav, andSaOpazea. AGENTS W a n t e d . Send for Circular* and fee our terme end a fall description ot the work. Ad- dre**, NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., Phlladel- phlft, Pa. ______________________________ 4w $155 A MONTH averaged by Agents Selling OLIVE LOGAN'S great Sensational Work' B B H X N 9 T H S R O B H S I And Onr H n l e r * an d O n r B ig h t* , b y Judxe WUll*. Proepectua free. Send for Clrcirietra to Parmale ® A Co. Publlahera, Philadelphia^*. m2l- isOOK A G E N T S W A N T E D TO S E L L TEN TEARS IN W A LL STREET. It include# tbe Histories, Mysterie«atidl 8ccret Do* tngs ol Well 8treet* Life Sketches of its Men, the Speculations In Gold, Stocks, &c. Woman Specula­ tor#. and all tb&t is great, powerful, splendid, my tee rlOns, interesting, wlpked, smsztne, wrfitched, etc. In tho focna of specnlatlop. Fon rails o! Vanderbilt, Drew, Uould, Fiskr, Jr. and many oth<n, Kngtav- Inga o! notud places, Ll/o and Scenes, tfcc- Canvass­ ing Books free, bend for ciicniars to Worthikq- tom, Dustin X Co., Fubliahcrs, 148 Aaylam bt. Hart- ford, Conn. _____________ 4w T T o CONSXTXSFTZVEV*— Providentially my danghier wks restored to health by elmpio means, wlthont medicine. Tbe particulars will be sent froo. Rbubcm fl. Houmbi*ow^ Stockton Street, Brooklyn, Dong Island. m24 4w WANTED AGENTS $75 TO200 $ PER MONTH. Bvcrywhere, male and female, to Introduce the G eaiiif lNpr«red Cgmrhob H e m s e FAMILY SEWING MACHINE Thi* Xachlno will itlteh, hem, fell,duck, quilt, cord, bind, braid and embroider In * NMliuporlor manmr, PRICE ONLY EIGHTEEN DOLLARS F o l l y W a r r a n t e d f o r F i v a T e a r s . We will pay (loco for any machtno that will *cw a ilrooger, mare beaulfol, or more elaitlc Ham than out*. It make* tho “Elastic Lock Stitch.” Every aooond atllch con Uo.cut, and atlll the doth- cannot bo pulled «pan. wlthoiit tctilnk .ll. V * p*y Ageuta from 475 to $900 per nOnth anctutxMe*, or a commluton Irom which twice that amouot caA Ml - m .b W J^ t o S & . * r or ba. Louil, Mo. CAUTION.—Bovrmte of til Agents relllog 24a- chlhes uodor tbo *ame namo aa oura, uuluuthcy c u t •bow a Certificate ot Aaousv atvued by a*. We •h*ll not hold ouraelvea roipontlblo lor worthlcf* Mechinoa .old byotncr partloi, and ahall frotacuto all pratlce either (eUlug or uteimr Machine* under tbUnams to the loll extent ol the law, unleaa inch Mar.nlnc. were obtained from u i by onr Agent*. Do not be ImpoMd upon by parti** who copy our Odvar- tlsemenuaud circular* aud offer w ottbleuXadds* at a leu price. , H934w rjVHlB IB NO HUMBUG I agr, height, color of eye* an ___ by retxrn mall, a correct picture or ti band ar wile, with namo and date or marritge. Ad drewe W. fOX. P. O. Drawer {fo. 24, Fultotvllle. N, 7. 4w The Magic Comb M r * * to a permineni Black or nrown. It conUliontain* POISON, Aay one can u*eit. ~n* oue dollar. Addrre* any eo- Ar brard _ c NO O nem by mail sta BXairic O o m b Oo. Springfield, Va*.a mchi43m I wa* curod ot Deefnesu tnd Catarrh by a elmnle remedy aud will «nnd tho receipt froo. • MRS. JL C. LEGGETT, Hoboken. Kj. AprllHw B Geo. B. Waring, Jr_ Practical Fanner and Author, tnd rate Agricultural Engineer of N. Y. Central \ L The h u t book for Firmer* tutted—til teed Pork. foom- and ll before planting. It J* * *ound,l*bor aavlig ) er-maktngbook. Thonundihave bontbtlL ___ thousende more want. 16th Edition ready. Lire Agente Wanted. Profit* large. St. H. THKAT A CO., 654 Broadway, N. Y. Mirchg-iw TRUSSES S S Cure BapmrAAbomlnal or Utarlna Waakuwt a s d menta-’lS n ChStttrat «L, PhU*, lm« New York, oppoalh \ “ \ ~ *t*Np for Pamphlet, exprcwed. dte the HeriSd- SVudtaJ! *s«sd Bold by DrekgfotA juUed^or 5.000 Beit 10 Quart Pana,- 1.000 B u t 0 Unart Pan*, 500 Prcteed. French Para, a now snd choice •rllclo 100 Tyler’* Patent Crank Uhurma, 900 Oak Dash Churn*. • a r CREAM PAILS, HEAVY MILK PAIL8, EC, For Salo Cheap it COOFEH’8. m ch2Siw , 4 ’• AttentioR! Atte$tl«B! A BARK f^nc«l*bffer«2,*'laWAWe hodl*d man nt good character, tn enter the meet detlrmb'e A Recrnitlng Officer of Doryea'* Brttery will be tt the kackuun HeMaNitortown, oa: BateW*i of «acb v s A to 4 Ti x* •* * ^ Now &oedapptymdsi 5 fc«t Blackca ho^ht« oy«t»ycareot*ge. j M,»4 dwitW, «ar- P a r u o Hank I u r , and pleeuat to take,- The. *)K«Uth Catkorfic towiift**’4 Mb' eorittiliy wefoothed ta avert foully oppoud to **uieon* *»d Mtaim XiTi aetsSLvsttigta-6 ■ im m T • £ 3 S S ^ k S ! ^ CANVABBIWQ-BOQKB HENTFRJBFOE a D a r is Sunlight and Gaslight A workdoacripttveof the Myttoriee, Virtue*. VI* cc*. Splendor* and Crime*, or we d ty ol Parl*. It tolle bow Part* hea become the rayeet t u tooai Beautlfhl Ctty In tha world! bow Ite Beauty and Splendor are pnrehteed a t a feeifal coet of alatry ■nd Suffering.; bow rliitora are awlndled by pto- IraaSonal a»!»dlera; bowVirtBcandvicegoarm t a together In cho beautiful city ; bow the nkwt Fearfe) CrimeaareUoasslttedaad cetled^ how money i* ■qutndered In u d e u luxury; lad contain* over 150 )UB LIBBING CO mad*pw*,r». FOB FAMILY U8K-eImp!*, ebC*», reliable .Kkrre n n i i i n e ; AQXNT8 WANTED. «rc*kr and •amplantoektng FREE. Addtwa HINELBI KNIT TING MACHlNEC'0.,BaUl, Me. orlJSBroUmy^N The New Article of Food. *For twenty-five cents you can buy of your Druggist or Grocer a pack­ age o f Sea Moss Farine, manufac­ tured from pure Irish Mess or Cfli’- rageen, which m il make sixteen quarts o f Blanc? Mange, and a like: quantity of Puddings, Custards,. Creams-, Charlotte Rifssc, &c., &c. It is by far the ches and most delicious me healthiest i i u t h e w o rld. 3 5 P A B K P L A C E .^ Y | PLAHTATION BITTERS ’ s t .—ls e o - i X . This wonderfniV^tabtojreatorAt t!v.e,S1'thu fiieet'aucli^of iEe,f5^bW. and debilitated A s a tome t n d fa romedy fot the uervcrtis. wsiikiiiMt l ^ l i u l a n t . i n < u l. 't e m p O T a W f J ^ M « S jl ra u c in., <n March3-6m 8end for Ptloe LI»t and Circular*. WELCH A GRIFFITHS Boiton. MtBa.ot Detroit, Mich, A c e n t*—canva**lne B o o k s u s t t r m , ' Secrets of Internal Revenue . h a Prominent OJictr qf the Treasury Stroke By ahowln Bevene and Drawback _ dattona, Conaplracles and Raida on IhY Govern-, moat, Malfeauncn, - l’jrranny and Coirapticrai. of “ vh Offtcials. The most etartiing and important k published. Contriciug about 500 Vlll-El'od ... — ------------ ed. Ad Philadelphia paao*. rptrltcdiy lUaatratcl. A g o u tt W aaCed. Canvueutc Book and complete ouiflt lent free. ‘ * Orota W M . © L IN T . Publisher ....... Pa; Chicago t'L. or Cincinnati, O. !||| Worth of Books for Nothing I lllU N * V . M u s ical F i o n e o r for X S 7 0 . 10 page* ot choice Xojlc and lotcrestlnr Etecral- any I d e*cb nfrmber. Well printed on duo paper. Duly 50 « ih . p c r a u u n m . In adVMnew. spieudtdty Ittustraud Books for Presniums. Cixcn- Isrs with list of prctninms nnd fpfctm’en comr of P ioneer eont ou rccipi of buuhii. F. J HtTM- TiNQTONsftCO.isOBVoomirtmLw Y. 908 PRIZE8 awarded lo Bnbacribori aud agent* for Woon'i HoDsiaano MioaeiHK. lho laigeet and boil Dollar Monthly In the world. Similar plntet to be repeated eoou. Full particular* lu March Number. Dor Bale by all Newfdaalra, oront with Catalogue of P r e ­ mium* on receipt of lu cent* Newburgh, N. Y AddtoeaB.S, WOOD Aromatic Vegetable Soap. C O L G A T E 'S IIR0SIATI0 FE tiE T A B L K S 0 A * For ths Del teals Stin of Ladies eh OMthv* aO U > B V ALL B E D S e U n . >V< i Theie lanoraHitad-- kiwii' York ■ m k y k a tw M m ^ “ ' “ N P K » F * C t|it® INTEREST t* |hii>. t a ’tmnCleif tb e fo U o w l^ ta '7 l»L^ il;i^ |iii I. THELOQAYJOE ,OE ,TBE BOAII l put oLNerer J*r#;taA thdl& 'ai n e S O R K S F * cokniaitaiE'lAWttaMtaP tafihto w'SKMu . — wegoforta-*veSill»»?te%6~:' . I TBS'COST o r snnfiiMlia'” about 240,000 per mile. Uneceeaarlij fluUihed by M c k l, Ipraa^jtacteji^ f r o » t$a4*f)* i thc lMne,or tiie Utter ta poMUveiy ltaMed PEk MILE OF lie AD BUILT ANDIE .nbicripUoae. ^, ^ 8. Thit m«tt<t*ebo(id*oa every oat or-New York City* are good, promptly p aldogtt 4m. 4. T h e T e u l l e u n i t LtaMI$Sy be only $560,000 pci ornawm. after IhhW M iHW M l!^ completed, on lhe moet *~~l*r(|| f*l*Tiielleite the **•*■ average EAKNIN0S OF A SlMGCEMOmntv*Mdi> — H - S f iw i T H I S M iTB • * IM T O J U V T , .. in opr owa BUUli he oEtred on more libers) tarmt thialheeefc...,;; 11 ““ , - t u r.> ~f i TH E EMRBB. f * ‘ The bond* £ave*yeer»ta r u , r a e ttto F l I S I * m * SIX-CORD. F o r s a l e b y all d e a l e r s In DRY C O O D 8 A MOTIONS* AGENTS! READ T H I S !- W t W I L L P A Y AGENTS AW ALARM: of * 8 0 P a r xr«ek and expenses, or sllavr a lute commlMlom to eell onrnew wonderml Invem- tlofle. Address M. vTAQNKR A 0u., XtHkatU Michigan. . m isr E Q B A DAVt-c40 MW arUclMC-tet ..... . M *AD SOaplM free; H.». SHAW.AMed, M*. LIST OF 2 . 6 C 0 NEWSPAPERS’ ( i H U M l u i y . , G. P KGWBLLACO^ 9, Economy isWe&ltiz—Frtnklin. MfHYwUl people pay $10 or more tar i axwoew- reK a b im when Will tuvowe that has e*t*nd arirepetatioo.tadonbl* thread, eemptge with’ TK bK'Cueetreoted npowretlrely new ' practleaL: qgrtnriieJa^rnme byjrietloe, ind^exeaU all otherat- Mlhbtated Macklm**, fatty IMmeti, — a - - --— — — * rMOaAi’'iUSO ........... .f!« H addreeej t.Q. Orti* ~ ' leaded for poor peoplawbo w u t to revet ttai bor aod mosey. Agents ° Tftttnf. Miektnii loArttx* end given esoseey to a*edy ttaMUee, relrra and reduced price*. ---------- * --------- Im or VreahJta and claiaoiind',8.24. HrtOlQJUMl T iO ,4)m* .Box 8*1, I MEDICAL ’> T A B L f | P B l^ V ® lf< r Twcnly thmuiadkywar Weekne** and Nerroera •lamp <n.clical*r£ Tnca ------------- Pntaof lhrMedlrine *e*t.bf ....... mall AS. AddrereDR. W & WATSON A OO. All tL fa vw Box • » , SyracuH. NewYork’ ’ ■ . -i 6 ^ A l L i m s » y ^ C W BBTBM ARTS^AW tVea^Jbuy* fof COmplOTS lA H lp % SF. Ireced to grove 1# nx work*,’’ ifc igeclpemttal* eth , , Box 1181, N ew-Yotk V 0, PERFECTION—PROSRE88. ■ The lamb Family Knitting Mtchm Nothing h u yet bee* Mud^ifidek will cOMpeta with ltln.rtptdlly of movmast, vborqe<|»n*e*i)f conuraclton and range of FOtk, With tlMe* ,eN*. bleed the %A2mfcKMi«tnir hM'advracad'Nyted' any.other KnittingMochvnv. ...... nst tsik advanced ’ any.other Knitting Machine , .. Hamptehttdcbenluv- tl Salee Room, ECU cion fitU. HewYmk _________ - a £ ; V A. |ITOPPAlP.s ; A g e x its For onr ncw'..tautr>ted:'.book-r 4 M’;dn»^Ni^>< T H E E X P O S E A N D S S » 2 S m » * . B urs AO o ta w s t k X T . M«ggSfflM«-aaitt ........... XM. RICOIIDSBSSJCHOB UFUFExaetereemehiy newer, irom whatevek r a i r a w i M . Twnik tered,wlthim(eml,peynhie e*mti tioaj cifoekH, j*e.'srair , ’ ' r r ' f l n U n n i V l i a a f f A a k M a w v r * ...................... ew w ' **! -ri’.: • ^ s CHlCAGQJItHLLE'- ./4«. . a-vr.\1** 1 UPON EXAMINATION W tLLBBIO U jm ao -- - - - - - The C h e w and t TRIS- W lli BEJhOEEEriUTHy ;T b q r ic K c °5 in try 'th G jc qifiijs, with, its agriculture r eral resources; I „ ? Tbo excellence o £ the 55 m,tie$>Elr' m rcodv built^ and ita *frillxe The p lans fsomplcftadl expejided'& r'yk ih e L in e m i b e q f . ^Tbft ex o o w iv * i f t fro m t^tsbndbistii lin e ; 5 £ ,Thn a m p l e S , i s k u _ u6rf»m reattnntionr:^ Tbe<renr L b m L& iii \over \ t e r m trf 4ti y g t a r t , The wctmt/itffm^ed-by _ _ T b e M o r t g k g e o o * \ i l l | Popery, p n s e n i .ndeed the-security- ^minnt o t B o ^ d g ^ n s I ^ ^,Tho lour currency'prusB uow offered,At,^ M P if l a t e s - c a u b e Ive the Bondtthri; ^ W e i-Yecom m ena>«i® m m ^^-’ClitataSoo'A u m tko k & r e f K FEI ■ V f

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