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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, March 28, 1870, Image 3

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i f i r f c r t o i i B t i j f a t l j i - *JT IXIKS 1W-OLX. JratiP a a e —Miscellany* £»toilctj> JJluriclK aid »y. condi -iidru i'a-lH, Cnu^suiuitlcaf iuuu, C oil Topic? aud Personal Croapi)). TTUirri **a««-l.n<dl CoHidiu, Bu«i_u<J6B No*‘ icc*, T« ‘fUfttpbn; M'.riftt. IU pmt ®*. Fcuni* I'a s o -Tua-ublo-CliHi Ueimoroua, I)u BX'iPttc, t • 'i u il ••iwdy. g r ^ i l . N i . {..il. W., A KltfYA X AMI Df P&UtCRfc «iK* Tk/UNK AT W ATKUTtYVTM, on ang after Mfiich Kith, 1870: Leave for Rome* hil) a. m. 12 20 p,m.S35|).m. Fo/ Ogdutfb’bs 8s a~ in.4-J5 juu D 35 p.m. on8alurdAy>. IiCavo\Va.rcrtowa Junction ur Cairn Violent, K45a. m. 5 50p. in- /rrlvc froru ll<<nju m.415 p.m. 9 30 p.m. From Ctyicns jarj;h 12 00 noon. 515 p . W. Arrive at Wui<ru.»\vii Jtiaclion fromt’a.po Vincent, 755 ti. in. 4 OU p. nn. ggTW . W. .Sraiiii’E & Co. PablUtfacn' Agenta. Tribuno I^ui d titrs=, N. Y.» arc authorized to contract for auvuitUira In ctu paper. STAOlsy MiA VK WAVEKTO^WW For Jjowvii)® hn.l Cmhaircn: 9:10 a . u . Jfc 4*10 P. X For CopenhtujaL a-cd Ltnvvfllo 0:10 a ., x <.’. O t . orjudoxc , AaXKT. — G o ld, 1114 . — Winter sti! ltmgersin tlielap -CifSprlng. —Go, d Tcmijlura to-night at A, dame. —No couccc tioa a t Home this morning, owing to a h a r d wind yostei day,(loingsome damage along thac Central. —Mr. Tucker, ol Capo Vincent, lias had tho mislortunu o l having a canceur on his nose. He lias lajin all stilt receiving t r e a t ­ ment, raid this ir-orning returned huome, a p patrntly in great pain. — An O iw igo paper says:-1m menEO numbers u f cron. sliave hoen uoticfrd flying over the f it) to e [iio't two days. Proba­ bly no omen bearing in sotue way- on th e 15th amendment. W e tru s t tbestz ciows did not cre a t e s c great a tt-c.a iora m O s w e g o us so m e o l their kind did in IVutfrtown a uh-ort tim e since. — Three Mih. U,i) is g ing ir.totBiu ship, buildiLg husiucK iq i.n tins neaion . ivhich will add t- 1 , 1 , rjn i-- and pro.qicrii_y lo tlie viilagr. A;u \t . ,n,\ and Jacib 3 ’utnmn are already jinjmxing lo leu Id » h r ; c vcs Bel. — A ri(X '.,r i.~ puily i,..r tlio Pneltic Uadtoad t > t .du , rum, n ndc up ficitti Oswc go and Put ton. is bim ve-rd talked nt (or th— coming pur.u ■.< r. -- Sc' ni at u i luc i.lliee m.Uon ton . - i -ill. tar.,a m-i-ck f o r llca- , it.im r n v u llh uvcuauc, and t • ■’iliuhus avci ue i >r Trc i l :t c 111 ‘•.M V Jj.'ir,- i run al r u t , >r lour dn!Im * (, umni si n e t , ’ uud> r n s the i mot Bmne- “ W h y lh ia 1 1 .ii . t i ,in ii, . jtnrtd C.hc np plicant. “ Keen, c < |.. cnl v I lung iork and k< y, :u d I tic uth<r <1 >nt, a reply. • Nolr.on I; on Ope Viii.-e.nt tin* ning. )i ivn. lejrenlol auowed In where. ■ Mr. M ti i f . i ll.recluty m .tin c ty.lef. this m o rning for l'hivnlcncc, hnviost dig poaeilofh.s a’,.ok o i h’aterl, ivn Dirocztnries. He is to li.c i,n , ..in I n . t h A m inos' great IV - r u w )i u i : in sv in T ruei deuce un I. r I .<• inin.aj i n c n l of 'Wi. 8. W d d i. Tlo y «\ 0 > vimI llnucuij al somr not lar di to t ,!.,y. -- Oninp to ihej; gr<a t tlirougul people that are dally vis tai^ Hr. Icscelltu' rooms at the Kirby IT'ii^e.bo t.ai conrluiBxid to remain another we. I,. This w d 1 lie h a s laat visit for a i.u:iih.r • u weeks, a n d those who wish to become latLcr by h i a catc3 and treaUncn t. w11 >l.< w'c’t to c all at coa-ly ire possible. TU .s is li a Qoctnr'a third w e ak— a much longer tun- than ho generally m akes his viaits, which is ovidcneo t h a t bo c s do­ ing much good anr3 perlonnlng many won­ derful C M —The (tool Te-mplara of Watertown take an excursion to v isit A^dgms Lodge ti.i.itvi- mg. ICxtm cars ate char tered, a-.datl aemhietB in regularatacading are invue.l to go. Tlio train w ilt lcav® the upper di pot at .1 3 0 . and tho Junction at t:i 5. Members should fco prom p t, and muat take the Good Templar's car, or tbey will be oblige 1 tn pay Jaro. No ti«kcts need i c procured, a s Grxid Ternplara s o in theoxtracar free. — T h e tcmpcrnnc-o lectnro S u n d i y al- ternoon al W ashtBglon Hall, by Re-v. D. ICinney, rid rot draw out as m a n y people as could have been com fortably aostesd in the hall. This lack ol p a tronage was p r o b ­ ably owiDg t o the Ivad condition of tho walks, which at th e lim e w e r e ccv—ered with snow ai.d wafeet. M r. Kinney sjooke an hour and a quarter, and l i k e all -tem peranco lecturers, told m a n y truths, b o a r ing upon tho great cause b e so firmlya.*dro catcd. He was greatly in favor o f slriifeing the matti r where it would result in sreme great good. O m r a t legislation cov'd iKiing the liquor atl’.ing system to an e n d , a n d at some day m t far lance, Im l>Jiovc«.l, it would lie bruuplit about, as Ibe tem p cisuco cause actually had triorc friends tlian p e o ­ ple gcrcraliy wrrc a. vitro of. 3VIr. If. is a very oarnest man. A l l he saya, is laid 3ecl- ingly aud earnestly. We trust t h a t ho Eiiay come again, and L e greeted try a wvell filled bouse ; fur wc aro iiu itca u r c attch tec tnres do tho people a a much g,>c»<I aa tfaoso that arc nioic pop u lar and < xpi naivo. BSTTHNesKn Ci.arwn, IV ASnmnjJOttIlso.Lt,. —Mr. Fannir.fr will give another course nf lessons; all wisliirg t^i j >in will please at tend on T u e sday at d j p. ru. hcssons g tvon alter school hour?, ro as n o t to interforo w i t h ' other studio?. T liowe fttlRBl Pwwtcnera. Watehto-wk, March 2 3 ,1870. M essiis . H o L bbook & Yonk : D iarSits: My attention having ol 3»to bsen called to tbo Hcsibrook bsido window blind opener, Bbuttor and fastener, IwisSato add my irflucnce tove-wds introdaclng tbo lame and will in my <drawingslapecKy thscmi believing them to be Sho simplest and b e s t devise ever invented for tbe purpose, 3 b e aimpllcity and ready application o f the ««wvw» makoB it, in my estlnoition ol g reat rsSu», WiBbingyousueceBB, Iibtnain ^ “ JDErAuviLLHi.— T h is village in s it u a ­ ted in the South ceu tral'p o r ttoiof the * o w n o f Clayton,,ip, tb? midet ot a rich Joruiing country:, atid’ts eiv miles diBtutit fi^tu^'the nearest o f the neighboring villages. I* is a t the junction of a large num b er o f the principal roads, m t h is pai t of th e county, aud consequently, in a business point ol view, very iuvorahly located. A stranger would b e surprised a t the number of peo pie he would see, and the am o u n t of buai uess done here in a day. W c kn o w ol no village in this dounty, of its size, which w ill su r p a s s i t in t h is tcspoct. Hepau villa is six miles from a railroad depot, and, as a c o n sequence, the freight o( its trading people has to b e hauled by teams this distance. W h a t they lese m tbis w a y seems to he made up to them, jfrom this very circum ­ stance o f their being thus rem ote from a railroad, that much of the trade is retained, which immediate proxim ity to one m ight take from them. A ll these circumstances com bine to m ake this a sm art and thriving village. Messrs. Ormsby & Terry have been doing business a t this place, iu the D r y Goods line, for some eig h t yeara The uprightness a n d lair dealing of this deservedly ropular firm have secured to them a large patronage a n d the entire confidence c f t h e trading public. They are wide a w a ke businessmen alw a y s pleasant and accomodating, w e ll posted in all m atters pertaining to their trade, and are w e ll worthy the success they h a v e achieved. Th e y know how and when to buy, and are enabled to offer a superior quality of goods, at prices that can pot tail to please their customers. Give them a call. Seoher & Frame, having recently repaired and put their G r ist M ill in perfect order, aro prepared to So a ll kinds o f custom grinding, and are manufacturing th e best brands of Fam ily Flour. W e were inform­ ed b y Mr. Seeber, that during the busy s e a ­ son they average four hundred bushels per day, fur a t least tw o or three wecRs. Messrs. Seeber &, Framo aio men ol com mendable energy and enterprise, and wo aro glad to knuw that they are appreciated. George fircciiltaf E s q , dealer in Stoves, Tin W are A c , keeps a good assortment o f goods on hand, and manufactures to order M r. lircunlcaf is a young man of educa­ tion and first c'ass business talents. His m anufactured goods are made upon honor and he proposeB to Bell as low as any hard ware steuc in tho county, lie is etoing a snug business. Those wanting anything in liisim o c a n not do better than to give him a call. f W LawftsNe'C H a h . Mnsu K tu u k - I ho firm of J. II. Janno A Co. ie tin s day dissolved hy nuitn.il oonsont ( f all parties concerned. All accounts with tho firm will be sottloei b y J. f t . Jonno. T h a n k fu l for iho hb'Tal patronage ol tlio public lor the loetthrco years I hope to bo able lo sustain the Increasing trade which tho firm has hero'o'orc cDjoycd. J. H. J b n n l. Malone, March D, 1870. Llal o r L e tter! H e l d In Ihe W a terto w n P o e t o n c e . FOB POSTAOK. Mrs. 0. W . Burr, Copenhagen. N. Y. Mra. Jano E . Brown, F o rt Loyden. \ Betsey D il.enbcck, Pulaski. Maggie Dannoc, Brownvillo. *• Mra. James Elliott, Oswego. “ M attie Lockw o o d , A d a m s “ F r a n k B Von D utch , Eousatonic, Mass. E lijah W a lm th, Perth River, N .Y’. BKTTKH D1IUCTI0N. Mrs. Edward Futon, Pittaburgh,Jef.C-o.N. Y. Eh Doan, Miss A . Pittfor, Jeff Co. “ Miss M a tilda Baker, \ •* Charles Harrington “ \ John Burd, Tcatcstow n , Gill HenderBon, \ “ Mrs. L. T. Ballard, Aaron Cnvctt, \ •* H. P. H u b b e ll l> Y TEL EUR API I. THIS MORNING’S RETORT H r DaNCTNO ClaBS, WASniWGTON H ai.l — Mr. Fan n in g w ill give an >ther courea ol lessons ; all w ishing to join w ill please at tend on Tuesday at 4} p. tn. Lessons given after school hours, so as n o t to intofere with other stdies. — Land Plaster a t $7.50 conts per ton this c i t y at Daniel F r in k ’s Coal Yard. M IS-dlw w9m in H T L e t t e r from Hon. Chaa. D .Y right, e x County Ju d g e : W a t r r to w h , Feb. 26, 1870 N . M. S mith , E sq . Pear S i r : — 1 havo u*ed for m y s e lf and fam ily for upwards o f two years past, Dr. B a s s e 's Aiom atic E lixer o f Rhubarb aod m ost ch e e r fully say I consider it a superior m e d icine, and in m y judgm e n t no fam ily should be xvithut it. Youra, etc., C m a . D. W rig h t. BT\ AH Orders ihoald be Addressed to N. M SMITH. Braggfot; Wholesale Agent, Watertown, N. Y. io secure attention. ■ mehS&itt H T WiiBF.i. 8 n & W ilso n \ S e w in g Ma c h in e fo b B a l e . — T h i s is a silver plated m hchine. cabinet top w ith all tho modern impruveinontK, snd w ill be sold a t a bat gnin. Enquire at Rounds & Am adsn's M 2 t dC t-w U 18 P u b lic Square. y r Mils. H . E. B o w , wishes to inform h e r lady friends, that she has ju s t opened a now branch lo her butinctr, in ra i l h a ir . R a v in g soenred a first class H a ir Dresser sb o is prepared to do all kinds of*H air W o r k in the latest style. N. B .— W o rk dono on shortest notice. No. 8 A rcade, W atortown. March 17th, 1870. d t f H ouse i ou S a l e .— N o. 46 Stone St. Enquire on the premises, or of tho subscri­ b e r at B a g iey & Sewell’s, during business boura. (17d6t) A. H oiiton . 90T Drxishakixo,—Miss Ktllo Boyd, No. 2* Franklin St., wlibci to Inttum the ladies of Water­ town, that sbo will go out vowing by the day or wevlc, or take work at her room. MSB. 31W* N ew Yonii 28 Tribune'? W a s h ington special contain? tb e lollowing im p o rtant action in reference to the legality o f the legal lender art, w ill soon he taken i u the Supromo C o u r t, a n d il is more than probable that tho lo c c iitd c c is ion nl t h e court will be revorsod, although o f this nolhiLg tan her litiowu. Attorney Genet al lloar, c n Friday, moved tlio dourt to tako u p and consider at aa early day t w o cases w h ich hud been passed early in the session, and w h ich w e re supposed to in­ volve (he entire legal tender question. It is undeistood th a t upon the opening o f the c o u r t tbis m orning,the Chief Justice w ill announce t h a t the oases will b e heard on the follow in g Monday, Tne cases ara appeals from the Court of Claims, w h ich w e r e passed early in the s e s ­ sion, without prejudice to their rig h t to be called at any tim e. T h e decision -will n o t be reached ior several w e e k s. A ttorney General Hoar w ill argue tho c a se for the U . 8 . The decision prom u lgated some time a g o requiring all debts and contracts made previous to February, 1862, xvaa signed by C h ief J u stice Chase and Associate Justices Nelson, Clifford, Fields, and Grier. T h e last named lias since retired. T h e dissenting opinion w a s since sinned by A 'S icia t e J u s ices M iller, D a v is, and 8 wayne. I f the c a ses involve the same questions embrae.d in the ono already decided, it is presumed that t b e Court w ill stand- Chase, Nelson, Clifford, acd Fields, against Miller, Davis, Swaync, S t io n g and Bradley. Trustw o rthy information\ bas been com ­ municated to th e President to t h e effect tbat tho Virginia Legislature is preparing to abrogate its iatilication of th e 15th amendm ent ti tho Cunatition, by ncovp <lc main, i.nd tin t the members ii.tenil to rush the repeal through hoth Houses the same day w thcut n-.tm- and M lhout de bate. T lio I’urodent dtdurus that l.c intends to issue the proclamation ai r.ounciDg the adoption rd tlio amondment os aoon as Toxas is adm itted, and tbut ho w i ll not p wait for tho n lmiasion of Georgia. N ew Y okk , 28 I'udouidcdinlorqiation has been rccom d that leaves to question of tbe personal safe­ ty of Collector Bailey, of tho thirty-se-cond district. Go:i. I’.eabonl'.n, the present od lector, 1ms I i.miveil a letter fnnn Bailey without date ur|K>it murk, iu w h ich tlie writer expiusst-, hia gratitkation a t Gen. I’tuns iii'ou'a (q.jc.-iutLicut, ot v,hich be won ndvistd try Ihe New Y o t k papers. He al.Mi requested the present collector lo retain as m a i y ut h is old subordinates as possddc, tb a t they wtro all honest inch, and had no part iu or know.edge of h is uwd conduct. Tho letter won written in Batloy '8 own hand w riting, and w a s dropped in the Niw York poslufHco. I t is believed that Bally is in Can ad ii. Tribune's special correspondent at Yoko­ hama gives us, this morning, full reports of tho evidence given boforo t h e navsl c o u r t of inquiry at Yokohoiuw, and tho decision of th o c o u r tln th e caso of C a p tain E y r ie,o f which tbo telegraph had a lready announced tho substance, tho facts of tbo caso remain gubtsntially a s reported then. The severe tem pest along tbo Atlantic coast yesterday did m u ch d a m a g e to bonscs and shipping, and several painful casualties occurred. The tide rose so h ig h in t h e city t h a t tho streets wore filled w ith w a ter, and Fulton markot wss partially submerged. Houses were blown dow n , a n d rafts adnt whirling through the a ir. The (all of a portion of the wall o f tbe Phelan A Callender bnilding on C r o 9 by street, came near crushing to death the pss- seDgers of s passing borse car. In B rooklyn, a youm r lady, Miss Ellen Creed, agod 1 9 years, was dashed to fits sidew a lk by th e w ind, nnd w ith such fbrco as to wound h e r head and c a u se her death in two hours. The distressing calam ity reported last night, caused b y a b a d ly Constructed tene­ ment houso falling npon and crushing a frame b u ild in g by it s side, burrylng and k illin g a w h o le fam ily in the ruins, oceas- sioned much feeling in the upper p a r t ol the city, and attractin g large crowds o f pci- pie lo t h e spot. Rum or asserts that General O ’ N iel is pro paring for a descent on C a n a d a at three points, Am h u rstburg, Fort E n e , and sonic place on the S t Lswtcoco, yet undecided npon. Largo quantities of arm s and am m u n ition aro s a id to be near here. Cam p No. 1 , Grand Arm y Constitution, h a s resolved to ask Congress t o intorfere to prevent further swindling b y claim agents, and building county retreats instead or S tata asylum s for wounded soldiers. P oughkkbpie , 27. A heavy E a s t wind and rain has povnilctl hero ail day. T o -n ight tho piers and clocks are subm erged Tlie storm is lighter lie io w here, \between Peekskil and Roanoak. T b e east track o f tho HudBonRiver railroatl is washed and it is necessary lo use tho w e s t track lor a l l trains. T b e w ind is still b lo w in g a gala frofn t h o east. Reports from aboTO Btale t h a t tho o n ly ice obstruction is between Stuyvcsaot a w l Castloton, A boot w ill be able to ppsh through to Albany t o ­ m orrow. AFTERNOON DESPATCHES. N e w Y u b k , 38. Tho steam ship U U y of B r o o k ly n Inna Liverpool has arvivt’d. Tho ftdlm v ing is a u Asi=u)cialei I T icks dispatch froui S a l t L a k e Cily : A v r i y re­ spectable m eeting ul inerrhana snd prof's atonal m cu wan Uchl i u Ma.--.onlc H u ll Imt evening, to adop t a mcrnutiaJ to the Senalc nf tbo United States, prayin g lor the expur­ gation o f these sections of Mr. Cullom ’ s b ill, which punish w ith tiuu a n d unpiiyin- m e n t the contmuanco o f patriarchal family rolations. Th^ m eeting was a u d rcosed by Messrs. Ktrls%, H a rrison, S t e e e fo u s o , M erriw!, Roberlsun, Carter, H u s s y , K a h n , W alker, Jenning, Sherman, TvJidgo, Chislett, W a llers and Lawrence, who argued that a liberal policy tow a r d s offender o f the past would be o f advantage to the goveri - m e n t o f t h e whole country, a n d that such action would arrest p o l y g a m y ia future T h e meeting w a s addressed b y a federal of­ ficer and an apostate Mormon, Gordon, who wanted the fullest action o f th g law. The Federal officer w a s rupee ted f o r itis manliness but Gordon \was treated with contempt. N in e Mormons were a p p o in t e d a com mit­ tee to prepare a memorial which will he telegraphed t o tho President o f the Bon- tte. T b e interest on this subject here is in­ tense. I f the Senate passB t b e House bill in its present shape, t h e Territory o f Utah will becomo a Jtsolaiion. W amissoton , 28. T h e War Department d e c lin e s tuappomt tho colored jou th ass c a d e t lo the Military Academ y b y Hen. Butler, on tbe ground that he is not uf tlie required ago. Nbw Y o r k , 2 b. JudgoB a m n rd hisdeclim d a motion to cisiniss the tbo com p laint in tb« caso o f the Erie Railroad vt. C o r n e lius YandeihilL. 'I h u suit involves five million dollars, al lrgcd to have been olitaineiHrizm llio ion.- puny Ly the dt'!cii<laid through fiaml. W asiiinh T u .', i 28. H o u se ■ A hurnber ul fulls weic iralro due.d ami reli-rrod. tine by 11 a l l , to prc vent th e c n flccfn n o! ille g a l taxes, nn jrns snipers, levied by Huto uulhoritioH; Lj Langhendge, to provide f o r tlie puymout ol pensions m g o ld. llLMt-nn,, T e n , 2 b . i h e lt-.puhhi-jng nun claim th e rllti tion oi C u iry , Ibeir cuudidale, by s small m a jo r t y . bi.L*irt-', 2.-L President (irunt jmya U x c m m $ 10 U,GU 0 and General Hliorman $ 2 3.\00(J woith o| property in t h is our nty. THI OLD CROCKERYSTORE S T I L L T A K E S T H K LE A D ! New Importations aud Styles: l O W E S T P R I C E S . PQKCBUAIN DR TERRS Something entirely new. handeomcr than French or Ghlim, u d coatiim o&ty about onebtlfa* much at BKMl PORCELAIN. 13 W o o d ruff B o » » WHiTK STONE CHINA, Wc Uavc % very lxrgr Stock, both for Wbolesnic Plain, and Retail Trade, comvri fins all loo leading »tyie> Figured., aud make*. Also a (all line of Oomxnou Ware, at And Banded, 18 Woodruft H.ou*e, FRENCH CHINA, Fine French Cttiun, In Tea Het*, Breakfast Seta, WHITE GOLD BAND, Dining Seta, aud by the AND DECORATED. ^V W o o d m fl Hone, FANCY GOODS. An inanite variety. Gift Cnni. Toilet sell, V».e«, Ctolognsi, Bouquet Bolden, Baits, Statuette. tSmokink <ets, Ac. Ac. st Ko. IS WoodmlT Boaie W i l l \ l l J >. New Vork C lock and lXlODoy B l a r k s t. atr\inTin r u e o r . r.unotaaa Suore Siiia II iic J i , 28. lino INK 8ILVKH FLATKl) Caetera. Cake Baskets Ice Pitcher*, Tea Wire, and Hpoom, Borks end Knives warranted best In market BRITANNIA WA.KK. At ]fo. IS Woodrnff Home Fins Bronze Limps and LAMPS Chandeliers. Gas Glebe a CHANDELIERS Bohemian snd illtit glass , LANTBLRNS. lamps, porcelain Shades, FIXTURES, Burners, Chlmneja. wlcki Ac. fbc. Ac. ol all kinds ana sizes _______________ At No. 13 Woodruff\ Home Knives with Ivory, Hard KNIVES. FORKS, Rubber. White Bone. Kb onj, Rosewood and Steel Handlos—Steel, silver and TEA T$AT8, *c.plated blades, at II Woodruff Rouse. GLASS WARS. new psxtoms In aeta or by the piece, at No. 18 Woodruff House. Or B a m e m b a r —13 P u b lic Bquasro. We Im p o rt our own Oootla, keep the l a r ­ ged Stock i n the C ity , an d tell a t the L O W E S T P R I C E S . CITY CKOCKKRY STORE. NoyiQev L. R. MURRAY h Co. E V K.FLOWKR, Dtj :1 N*« Vos •Goldaod Goods Stividj. U ri.r. B ASOcoop. VJIOOS U.86> 6-30 outip. ’r ,4 ins I* U.A0> fr-S0ct>op. *G8 ]OR\ do Nowlnaoc 107* u . hq . 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Sales S,CC0,4 4505 55 fo Superfine Sute and Weston: C a m u n to cbolcc fxtra State 5 600 4 GO common to cboiCft ortxa Wcttoro 5 G034 55; Common to cXaoieo romad hoop Ohio 4 75©« OO. RTS KLOCR—Qnlet StlM 300 Btrrti* ; tW 2 5 ^ 5 85 WH1AT—Qnlet. Rocelpti 17,000 «xlei — al Winter, r«d and we*tem. 145 White State, COBN —fiiracr. Receipt* ao © ales, 19,000 * t 9(Q1G© flor Nctt Elxcd Western. OAT8—Shade Firmer. Recta. 5, C 3; aales 91,000 it 6CQS7K to* Welters. PORK—Firmer Receipt* lObfciTelr. td 60^75 S w it 4 it. B5BF—firmer ClJT-lCKATP— betti r LARD—Lower. 450tiemes: ti 8to*an Bcflocd ; 16 V kettle rendered. BUTTEB-ateodj 14(236Ohio; ae^tQ^ar State. BB3 E—Heavy- 14&15W BG03—drooplnff. for f*wr«li. 8UQAK&— Qmd. for Cuba. PBTUOLK u M— Dell 15 ©31. Ai'i'tiailv lo tlioir laiye rttock tin* stvk'h (»(’F*ASH[C)N ■ Alil.KJ KWKLUV, Wutdico, S^lia Silver nnd Silmr plated ware, Ck^cku Table Wuro ifec. Wo calf special atlciit ion t*i onr lur^Ohtnck of Amer­ ican Wati'liert, cumpribin^ the IIow uni, Widllmtn ai id Auienotiin, EI^ui, Newark and (Jolted States tnovo- inonta. Tho R. f . & A. l i FLOW* PJR Watch, made fwpn^h/ lor us \*y tht* Auicrican WuLoh Co., is a tine ('hruiiouietre buhtnco with a]] laic iiuproveimiuU, and varranted to kupp acfuralo time, price $40.— We keep a large useortnient nf Xa- dicrt Gold (Aniorican aad Bwiss) Wutchefl and Gold Ohaina, all of which wo warrant by special certifi­ cate. Iu Clocks, we have thoso of English, French, Germau aaid Amer­ ican Manufacture, also keep tlio I t h ­ aca Calender and the celebrated Beth Thoinafi Calender Clocka* the best in this country. Oar stock of By- ziiniiue, Mosaic, Engraved and E n ­ ameled Jewelry is the most com­ plete in Northora New York. IS k plain g&ld K o g a g e i n a n t a n d W e d d i n g R i n g s , Diamonds Ac. In Kqiyea, Forks and Spoons, wo keop none but the b e s t quality. Solid silver, and steel- bow Bpcotacles and Eye Glasses — Our Silver Plated ware is from \the celebrated Manufactories o f tho Me­ ridian, Eeed & Barton, and Gorham Companies; All of oar goods we toarrani , and if an articlo does not prove aa represented we will refund tbe money. Opposite the American Hotel, No. 1 Conrt street, Water­ town N. Y. N B.—Watches and Jewelry re­ paired by experienced workmen.— AU Irtieles in gold or silver neatly engraved free of charge. U \ O O S B ThsHoaea ind Lot formtrly occupied bvCKas. f. Sjmoads,on Hzdlssu Sqszro u 3 TrosvsctSL l i a o w o f f s r e d for zzl*. Tk* boffM la om of tht m o * t i n b i t a i l l z l u d b t a t b u i l t t a ( b e d t y , y l a i intly loczted on u lux* lot. u d u ir o u d td by ihad* ■od Unit treM. gezrt- w ® \Laif* Gardea. cosulntag (rvpo rths*, rup-bezry, itrlwbcrry u d flower beds, u d good Ruro on tba lot. L O C A L B U S I N E S S K O T I C E S . J i B B K V 1 B E U N G R I P E . Tbis Us-iRdl Mirllcst, hardiest *nd best ttblsgnp* la extitoued for Nbrlhern New York. Ik is now u Tf tab -Yotm, Jt OHK B o iot, A re6it«t_ oatiblishca fipLUatln a Isrco minberof ptaets between tho Atlafltw and UlMiulnpl, wbora tbo Fnnkfan bik beta grbwa and frtJtoo, tttakokoowl- NOTICE. The pnhlic nrc hcrcbj nfttlflodlbAt ill ordcn for (iconroA- Schrnglnj^, lc»r White Vithixas. Ulci- mine and Co’otlnjs. Honi,c» will bo promptly sttended fo March 0Awlw* Corns idnjUDWo -II yon vwot Ifiiro Old Java I’crfcrlJy Pr.r\ Evctily homed fine* un.wiwl toordot, Vn mj pxteet crindorcaU a.1 Nt>- 24 Conrt 51. fjiadu.l o. W. I.AWRKWR. D r o s s M a k ing a o d M iilin o i- y . tWr MK.S. SEARf. wmJd My Ao Iho ladk’! o# VSakrtovrn fltre! v r inHr, l Um fmm sho writ! pell hn qrxviR r f>* IMnwcr*, Pox^hcr*. La­ res, < Kil>l»\n«. V<lvet^, UrruafllDO for Voll* and «Tnclt«*rs, ni reiy rndocfri price*. Tbopo wbo bave not i nn ■.«*«-•* tbm MBbnmjr, cAninv-c l*cnly- fivo p^r roti i. or more, by calling Rt 2S An&cio. Don't ior^ui UioDnmbcr. ^ ........ hia»% th NlltaM RswAvrK City laots For Sale. * r \ r t o r r x lo t s F or s a l r ou tbo Norib side 1U/V/ ol lbo River. Knqntrouf - . f . L ambing , Over G. F. Faddock dfcCo's Bauk- MarcV a f, IMP. ________ dtf N Tbe tmderslsmed bave ptucbzeod tbe inte- cat of Hr, D, Y. Terry tn th* Firm of Campbell, Farweil fc Co., ind willcuirtinti* tb* Dry Gobdzbni. Inc** u berotolora a t No, 4 Cdartatrcot undor fine same ot Camvbet! A Fan “ JcnuUT 1819 Hzrccn aw CWP ii vs id M xdb I u r , nail p leaiutto lake.— Tlio \Enfitub L'rttbartio L*»aanj;ce” urn cordially wctcumod luovtrr fonJUv oppnicd t o umie-eouiled violentdo.il K They aro aurreubie zuthe Sarto and ft gontlo not ruro taxatlvoaudUitbastlc* *Xrytbom ftnd yoa will not bo without them. , Suld by all DructtlsH- R. LBWIS t Co. Solo itgcnlj, Walorlowo, N.Y. o n c F i FaraofL ALEE. CAMPBELL. FBKD. B. FARWJtLL. Tbi new two etory trims dwdlilug Iwoie with & S t & S B S S ! ! ^ a S u i & ! S S . Absolnto Pivorcc* legally obUluenJInffcw York. Indlsui, Illinol) and o'hor Stalo>, f at inrsont Irons scy Stalo o r country, logo! ovorywboio; ieaertlon drnDkoimess non sappott, etc. IdfflCtcnt csiusoi no pablldls; no charge until diTnrMobtalutJ. Advlco ixtst: ItnslueM oitabllihed SfUw jmtn. Address *• HOIJBE j Aibirney, roSldba Ro. is Nseaan Bt, Mens Y m is ciijr, F a r m f o > x S a t i O r good tarn*, sad obt bosje*. cbWA-Wliiiy safl oil kiesl* ef Urmltr^ wer.Mil, A N D 1 . 0 T F O R U L S . great ftbundaace. poTtseft, rup-bezry good Barn on tbe Ii Also—A S p len d id B u i ld i n g Xaot* Adjoining tha above, u d running thromh on Pros- prct to Oretard atteet. Tbs wbols wlBb* sold se­ curer or separately, at s bargain. For farther par \cetera aqntre of L m S in n . mctxSdSw JAM Id A. BELL. mported mfo tb* UnlicH States, e r led tu taneportlnc good* Illegally w - iw under eeJznn by tbo Collector e l T H B B O N D S m THE CHICAGO. D1HY1LLE A i TI1VCEI«W*S8 UA I l i t U « n CO. UTUN EXAJHNA1 HIN WILL BE FOUND TO'BE The Cheapest ant) the Best V E T o r r E I t E D T O T H B T U B X IC TBIS Wli-LUKliORNRoVlTBY Tho rich country tho Rotul ti'uv orsos, with its ugriculturo aiul min­ eral resources ; Tho cash mi Inscribed to t h e C a p ital Stock; The excellence of\ tho 55 miles al­ ready built, and its full equipment; The plans completed and money expended fbr vigorous finishing ol the Line in the Spring; The excessive enrniugs to accrue from the completion of the whole line; The amide Sinkira g Fund for the certain reucmptioi pi the Bonds ; The very liberal interest, running over a term of 40 years; The security afforded by Register. The Mortgage covering the entire Road, Equipment, Rrauehise, and all Poperty, present and future— indeed the security of twice the amount of Bonds is»ued; The low currency price they are uow offered at. All this is verified in detail in the complete Pamphlet, which can be had of us. We KNOW these Bonds to be good, and we know tlie character and apacity ot the Company’s esti­ mates cun be implicitly relied upon to give tlio Bonds tlie highest stand­ ard. Wo therefore freely and fully recommend them. W. BAILEY LAN8 & CO.. N O. 53 U L 1K K ST., N E W Y O R K , Agent* (or the ?Mo o f the Bond*. I V I e r i i h n i t t t i H a n k , WATERTOWN. bpoclal Agenti fur Ihe ra le o( the ________________________ lyjlULAtVD UONDB. Seven Per Cent Gold. F R E E OF (•OVKKHME’VT T A V ON TUB FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS OFA Railroad in fNew lYork Statu. TUK NKW YOHK AND OBWKQO . M idland R a ilroad NEW AUVEUTI8»SfERT& SeUiag-OLIVE LOOAN'S aicat7i S S H X N D T B * ^ Asd Onair S o l e r * ancLOnr X K igU iw l^Jsagt Wuiu. Proipscta* free. Scad for- (lr<a4iatftato - Pstiae e » A Up. Fubiltilietu, jttH- BOOK ACUENTB W A N T R D T B M I t Induilcs Iho Hi*toiic*,fJ jug* ol Wall Street, Life t'Skatt] ' Miu, Stockfi^ Drew, GculoVFiike/jr.’AWI SpeculatioDe ia C4olw. iw«vMnrR>v.)»: «ot<. and. all toat 1* gRftt.pqyriflwK viomi, Ittturcitlng. wtckwt, zu tho (ocu« oOneculaltuiu t q o o o H B t r m n r r r H i . ______ * ny aanutoer V.W8 r< ttorHpto TxeultbliarY zneui, owitbyat medfism* Tha psrtitabhresal a« s t freo. Iiiumc* X. Hotnaauiw, Rtockiow! B rookiy^Lgugfobaffl * 'VuAMTBD AaXBTSit 375 TO O T PER Bvatrvrbeia.milft asdretafla, ^ U l E f l family Tbla Hzubln* wUl ititcb. bw, f o l l . t i ^ utiL cbkg , hind, brAlfi axtem b rolditlitja- p b i w o n l t E i m T E m M N m M . --My WarrantedorUm f l Bla-stic S S S k Cvery ioe*jBd lUtch citt'bwtpt, »■* tmauofbe pnllod»pmrt wfrbontt A««St» [rom |JSfo$^p*rm s*l a cammltslasirem wbltbtMckj tQArte. Addfte B B C PfttabtuM»,r»^ » Wy- 15 y, .WMd, V/' . •CAUVION.-Bewftro ot j | t r * t fkllfftaflW jffa UzAbea usder Iho ------- ,—, ---- ifipi -inliaill»s|gn »b«w aCertiffwl* oi Azo»5v- ilkneds'hr ib»ij nothe>ia oanwlve*. re*{MMlMta?j*((W Kmchtsos wold by otaer (Mtttte. a»***ta#r- •It- pnulca «ltb« aolllng or uftZtta JKw ' ikAsutma t a tkotslt txtautol’tMlftWk . Kmcntuci wm* obtaturff from us byoBk ta« b« tupoiod 0 |» u bj.pftitles wbo itMftiunUiuid clrcuUn u d offer war itm teu Dctcu. 'pB lB IS NO flOMBUGl L ,■ I t MtidtiurJBiMivLvimk •e®. hoigkt. cote o f o j m s m ta b . m n ^ w k f r r , \ tiy iclvrn assU, • conoclplctor* tiamrt ut wiry-wiili nawifrejd usU g\ <r*s»* % w a x , F. O. Drawer “ ^ iM mffMuoc iiawerNo.yj^ Hie Magic ©oml)% b>mpoimittont0 Bl«ok or wrown, ■’OJbON, JU y ooo cun own. OMaBBtbrJArill^ tmo dollar, AhhtSM f t * MEsiClo Paamb O o , Spria«fl<H,l(iM.I iiS'V-'- wj.r f l J I l2 S S & R p S G S S j2 £ * '{ » * * Their 8osa. .ftHAkaUFMwiwr ' l i r a * * u — K o t i c * ta C laim a itsa- Ccsioaa Hovu, Capa Vtncest. I Collector’a OIBc*, March 19,1SW. ( T h e lollonln* srticlea ol proparty tuntazbeen 1 lie;/ally imported mfo tb* unlisd Staua, baving boon on lorted, ft>* now .\ustoms to wla— 9 Horses seized alCapo Vincent, 1 aioleb •• *' 2 Lap Robe* “ “ 1 bo a Tobftcco •' “ Now. tborcfo-e. according to tho *ct o f Congress entitled “An act further lo prevent amtagillug tad for other purpose*,\ approved July 18th. IMS, no­ nce i» hereby riven, tustl and every perwon or por- ■ons claiming the eftid propettv or any part thereof lo appear al the Custom Bono* nt Cape Vincent arts] matco inch claim wlihin twenty days (ran lbo date el tala notice. MarcblO dltw8w _ _ D. B. OWEN, Collector. J j R . ITI W IT’S PB E N O II POW DBB8. Will rare InBunmstlon and dlseaaw ottbo kld- »py*. genurrbca, gleet, atrlctnre*. «ed ait arlnary iliHeozea. ncrvone aebUlty, ringing tn Iho car*, aeua leal cmlaaloiM, loss of vigor, canoed by ladlacroUon in yonlb, rxeosse*, Ao. fomalo weakneaa, womb illfoasrs, erromlft, ektn. discaacs, syphUas In all Its luitas, rauelng aero tbioat and no*o. tmIb In Ibe hones. uM acre*, eruption*, Ac- «pccdllw cored — Bat*a.m Uopavla aud Mercury dlseardca Sotd id IVaterlown, N.Y. by N. M. Smith, Drsggsal. Dice y;i per box. Sent by nazll on rec'l of price. t»b94dly Y E L L ’S P P P V L k B EP>f OYDLOPJSHIA. UNIVERSAL DICTiONARY,. Of H i s t o r y , B i o g r a p h y , O o o c r a p h jr . ic U a c c , A r t i S>attcaaA«aBkff< \ Urouprbt down to th* presold Ume, ssdDiuslrsltA W ith o v er Two 21iotcmfid Eayt-cotitlys. The abobo woffc l» being isrned In rioplhbf nnjak- bera o f 40 paves, a t 50 cekiE Thero will ta* fo Sods beta, tnpeconiolo’cd durllglk» weeajtefesto*. 0 T “ A Oooif O a n v » » « * r W aat*»dfor the .boro wore. b TBSUNO A i t d ^ l tR . mthi AwflbiitteJeff.Uo. a g s 2 i r a f e i a , ’a w « • « » - O J fBTEO X J S A X D A U liE S ofwry prodaellT* Mad Tkla tract li s m E m m z ntoo— bis pries, aad o a way w extendi from Now York Oily lo the Oily ot OiWQ £0 on Lake Ontario, a distance ,ol EDO miles, Iscludfa: ‘ branebca. The lino la c ’Dplsted about ^ w l l c i trom Oawcgo, tnd regular trtbn* tuunlng 3*Uy. Rapid progrcn la mikiww In Ibe balinco of lbs Uni tnd thn enUr* work will b« cewpteled a t tb* eiflpoa1 poctlcsbla period. u f k t i ow turn b m m , There la no railroad Mold olerod apae Ik* W:*d York market whicb to cLearly u a u i i u Un* eleusBl of PEHWCCT SEtlUMTT tad m H1QB BATE Ui INTEREST IS tbla; l a pnx* taf which..assdrtfcM Uaa following alrapl* Cteta tr* pr a a cited 1. THE LOCATION a t THB ROAD, at trom tbe city of New Tork, terM t lha Nt paxt of Now Jooay u d th* rich mad popaloaa W w LAND COUNTIES OF NEW T O M BTATI to IM nearest post on UM grMtiakrr, taHCh, tkatttaaw i com w u d a la tgsansghM lleealtniae ftom th a moa*atltUOM«aA Th* reute-firca NewYwYm Buffalo will b# shorts*td. aayeaty ariim, aad tOpaP •so (ortr-flT* a lltt. A THE COST OF BtnLDlKQ THE BOAS St about 140,000 jMraalls, amd HffOCXl of tkat riaoutd: la ntcanazB j flrnUhsi by itceh nhKriptkc lorw a dollar It used from th* tala ot kamfa the lMue of tha butar 1* potlUrriy Umltkd to . PER MIL* OF ROAD BUILT AKD W KUNNINO nwnw» O t * *1000,000 bava tlrwady brwaapaid l a 0« Stock nbacriptkma. A Tb* mortgiga boeda ta kTerynttNasdi m a te* out or Nuw York City, art good, m l tatarHt 1 • promptly paid outhea. ' ” . A T h a T a t a l Xataruut C rttkU lry M tktji groat through route at railway taatwtw thu kkua ind tba AttaatSo coast, 400 aliwhmUsgtk, will thr* b* only |S40,000 per tanasn, (ft** tkeakotullukta computed. Ou th* meat modtrtKw «*ie*tailMitlM tvarage EABHtMQB OF A BINGUXONTH wmID iaraxcaed this sum. _ T B E B A T I O T I t l r S U S T , TkeM bonds pay mtih p«r camt. la gold, frttotff United State* Incouie Tax. and Ualu with aoidttllC Is equal to about gjg par east. I yyuar. Nonlloea penoa could expect a SAVE INVtBTMEirr, Willi- in our own Btato te be oSuxedou paottUbeaad Utias than these. * T H 1 B O H M . The bond* Lave 95 jure to rtrng are tnaCd IU da Qomlnztton* or tl.OCO; bear Soma Percent. Intereri In gold, free of Income T a x ; arc Coupon orfterit” tarad,wlth tnurest, payable atmt-Annully - tn New York, on the OrstoT Jannary andtatof July. . Price-Par & Accro^d Merest ^RznfhlctB, drcalAn, Ac, msy t»e bldoir5|ppIliA-- in to tho k K Merchants Bank, AllZHTB AT WaTtmTOlVH, Ef. Y, Also, al the Banking Utilise of C . t j r . H a r g e i * & t s 3 o n V Y A tK R T O W lJ, ' G£0. OPDVKE&Uo, B a a a k o ra, N o , 25 NattBUS Jg, Or to JandBdwtl gK B D S , SM ALL F f E f J I J S , I’LAWTS, ‘ ' i- *• ttieOi The iinderalgned will rznnlBh n il or tlm Boeda, Bnlba. Ac . advertised 1 n Vick’s and Gtep.orj’* Call lucnea, tt caialoduo price*, fie* of poaltge- Also, Oil all order* ior Bfackborry, Rte'phetty, Cufrost Goneebei ry, and Sirawhcrrjr Pllhtm. orail tho lead­ ing varieties, on «• favorable leudsal the# can be obtained elsewhere - Cbolco early plant* ol Tcmato, CabtH Bower, Celery, Pepper, Ac. fninHfced ln tranrptantlng. 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