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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, March 22, 1870, Image 1

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T B B t o t o t o t t Im PUBUSHSD w m x AFTEKNOON. |6.W2per lajmm in aktvanro. Blngle Coplea 5 eenti V o w Y o r k W e e k l y B e f o m e r ' PnbUahed.'ewery Thursday, a t $1.50 p e r rear in ad luce. _________ OXBOTTXATXOIf i S a l l y ,1900 ; . . . . W a a k l y , S ,» « 0 . R m fei o r A i i e r t b l i t a Bates In each piper tie laxne /or one week or ■ore. Advertisements in both will h s taken tor 10 pet cent, leas than the aon>|of theratea. I gRGAJLK -8 4 S61GKX.OW m u u m . 10 Llnea tfonpexoll mike a Bqnaraa. ldky 1 days adiyi 1 wr’k l w ’ki 6n*Bqu»r»...t . . . T h n a S q n u n a .-.. ttiwU*-Oolimxi.. HiifCoIumn ......... One Column ......... 15 a o o 4 oo 1 00 IQ 0 0 150 960 600 800 15 00 a 6o B 00 8 04 IB 00 to 00 || l mo)a mos|S moi|S m » |l year Ono Bqoare ........... Throe K q u arei.... Qnirter Oolomn... Ell! Column ......... Ono Column.......... 4 0 0 6 OO 10 oo 10 00 40 00 600 11 OO noo 1900 90 00 700 14 00 » 00 WOO 60 00 to 00 40 00 10 00 1W 00 M0 00 KDITOKtAL a n d LOCAL NOTIOBS IB cenuper Una BPKCIAL 8 SO per cent, added to regular rate*. Noadrertliemente running o rer oun month will be Iniertfd lit Dally oltener uan ever; other day. Pot Special Contract*, apply at the office, No. 8 At- ade, wXa’MTO'WN, N. Y. ad O =T= Business Cards. i = r S . W. B a l l a r d , U k d x b e a x x b .— Residence, Jackman House, Room No. 87, M floor. Residence of-Bon, No. 7 G o o d ale rtreej. 0 ct. 20 .dtf A M M M O A a t I O T 1 I L , W A T K S tT W N , H. Y . A. M. KARRIS, Proprietor. Jg y l , 1 8 8 M H ______________________ y n o t m v r r n o u n , WAYNBTOWN, N, T . .InoitUxfltted ®P “ d1,111b* k ept Strictly ae a first cueaHotee. * ;aty«,dly. __________ UUC K A SANGER. Prop. J a c L m ia n H o u s e , V A T Z R lO T fE .X . X . EO- \W. PEXERSOlf, Sncoewor to Qeo. W. Joiua. late lpropr-etor. rsaw In. pnrinacrw. win alwly* belt home to peel Ml Old (rlenda. and w ith a cordial welcome to Ibe maw. Btogo* leawo tbli hotel for a ll polnLa. Porter at a jl tnlns. _________ _____ An-L-dl* 0 O C T O B BINSSK'tt Aromatio liliier of Rhubarb, A oartaln cmraot Dyapopila, OlairtMwa, B ^ o iuij. le. odnitatithy on band and to r ealo Wholciale and Retail bj U. M. SMITH, (Inner*! Aitent. las’- /Uio tor ule b r all Druvralrt*- __ roavttdlj n « . KNLCKRSABOCMtKR,Homeopathic Ot Y tjilrian. Offloo No. **, W Floor, Arcade. OSco honr* from 9 to 31 a.m., from 3 t o Bp to-, and Item T to ll n thotvanlag. Raaldenee No,47 w a it mmm.,. - . N. ll . .Meat U fflimlMOd liirtoattrMt. Wiimown.N. V . *\ bill* duo vinm tbo p a l .... us Bxxxst bo paid for on ddlTcry. tictoa k r t li&Xi S . L S M 3 B B , ME. D . G RADUATE From tbo French Sckool of Modi- cloo aod Barffcrj, V i c t o r ! * U n i 'v o r i it y , M o n t r e a l , PhntcrUo to Ltee Grey Noni1 Ueoertl Hotplttt, aod Providence Aerlum Dlnpcnaorlflft, Editor of tbc “Sasotto Jtfedtcate*' tnd Secretary of tbe MedicO'CbtnirffteaJ Hoaety of Mantrctl. OPTICS-Flrat door, td floor Arcade- Residence. Comer Howk «mdCoflfe«» btrcct*, Watertown, N.Y. (cb IS dim HUBBARD & W RIG H T A ttorneys and C o n n ietlo r * a t L a w , Odea over No. 8 Wuhlngton Street, Watorto-wn, Sew York. ____ ___ S, w . H P B B A iix>. c - a . u r H i o n n r . ■ u u H o a iQ a v o s L o w , itto z a i y e Anil G e n u a l n n a s L a w . •flmowertfo. lOWuhiugtonBt. Watertown,N.Y. & B. UAJOIOND. RRADLKY WTNttLOW. itldl V J . D . D O D G K O IT Y M ARK E T , NO. UHAHSLNAL ST, W H O L M L E AND B I T A H Deaton lm all ktoda o I[F kxsh J Jkffuxnt. Bontjooiul — A Bitr W arm Pan,' at THIS i KF kxsh A i m % u u S a a S a l t K *at«, ^ SantisKB, rntz O titucs A Ui» eaaaow O r d e n p r o m p t l y itte o d e n Drremoer 1987 to, vowlj k l i p s i n s v i b o i TheEmsire State life Insurance Co. OFfKRS MANY BDPECBIOR ‘AflVANTAQKS • T01TH08B WHO WOULD Z n s o re T h e ir LitreB 1 C F P T C E - W A B B Z N Q T O X E A Z L , ■ W A T B B T O W 9 H ' XT. T . QKO. B . PBELH 8 , Prewidrat. U PAODOOK. let Vice Prw't. BBBA CORKKLL, 2d *’ JOHN KHJELDON,,iH Bacretary, ~ ~ ‘ ‘loil ' “ 1 ew_ ItxneSddtf A n lllin-.u'Lady Ltoe» Twenty Tears with m t Seeing a Minister. From Onward. A M ethodist minister w ss on his travels through tho w e s t of Illinois tw e n ty years ago. Illinois w a s a wild place then. , H e traveled twenty miles one day without coming t o a farm house. B u t there ho was received with hospitality. Chicken \pot p ie and c o m dodgers composed h ia s u p p e r ; h u t to a h u n g ry m a n theae ire as good ss a truffled turkoy. A fine old grandmother o i the h o u se was most profuse . in h e r hospitality. She pressed th e yot pio on the h o ly man's plate till he could e a t no m o m A n d then, when th e family was gathered around th e great log-chinmey ancf its blazing fire, the vener­ able dam e opened h e r mouth, and thus spake: “ Ah, well a d a y I it’s a g rand comfort to have a minister o f th^ Gospel in theae p a rta It’a twenty years agone now since I have seen oDe o n ’em. I’ve been a reactin' o' my Bible all that tim e , an waitin’ to see a minister t o u h im a question about suthln’ I don’t rightly understand.\ “ Madam,\ answered the caution! minis­ ter, “I am so tired with my long ride tbat I could n o t enter into a serious question until I h a v e slept ; but if yon will aak me to morrow morning before I s e t out, I will answer it t o the b e a t of my ability.\ The old lady e x p ressed herself satlsflhd, tnd the cunning minister secured a soft couch for th e night. Tho n e x t morning grandma w aa np early, a n d hard at work, trying slapjacks f o r the m inister’s breakfast. Thja last b e ing despatched, th e old lady was still in a nervous fidget about her question, while ib e holy man’s horse was saddled a n il brought to th e door. Alter adjusting h is saddle-bags and s h a k ­ ing hands with a ll the family, he mounted his horse, a n d , turning to her, asked : \A n d now, iiidam , w h a t ia your ques­ tion r “W aal minister,” said she, “yer know how i t lez i n tho Bible, th a t arter E lish i was made a prophet, the heaven's opeoed and Elijah w a s liken up to heaven in a chariot and hones o' fire. It’s better nor twenty years sin' 1 seed th a t ere i n tho Bible, and I have puzzled over i t ever slnoe ; an there ani’t a soul r o u n ’ these dlggins k nows any moro nor L B u t yon’re a minister o ’ tho Gospel, &n’ o u ght to know all them things. Now wiiat I want to know is t b i s : Did the Lord take u p Elijah right stick to heaven, or d idn't he go kinder slantendio- lar t\ % Y e a rs a n a Leap T s a r s . Tho year 1900 will not bo a leap year. 180ft aDd 1904 will b e leap ycara. To e x ­ plain this wc must g ive a short account of th e change oi stylo i n tho calendar effected b y Pope Gregory XU1. He lound tho e rror o f oloven minutes In the Julian calendar b a d amounted to tea dtys. Ho therefore deducted ten days la October, 1583, u d to prevent a rccurrcr-ai o f the error it was o r ­ dered that every year ending % century should uot bo a (asp year, except tho mul­ tiples of tho y e a r 409. Thus, iGOO was a leap year, but 1700 w a s not. nor 1800, nor w ill 1900 b o ; b u t 2000 will boa leap year, nod ovcry -iJOth ycsr after it. Ta England and America t h e Gregorian calendar was nest adopted until 1759 : consequently with us 1700 was not a leap year and w e wero olerou days out. TheBo were subtracted, and at lbo time tho measure enacting tho alteration caused considerable uneasiness, and some tew r io ts iraong the poorer people w h o could not comprehend t h e matter, and rained tl o cry o l \give us back our eleven days I' Tho QrecRi a n d Russians still fo- tim thc old style ; to t h a t thero is now a difference ol twelve days between tbeir date and ours, because thoy considered 1700 tnd 10O as leap yearn ’ The term “bissextile,'’ as applied t o tho leap ycarj was gjvon b y Julius Onaar, when be roformcd tbo calendar. He gave addi­ tional days every four y e s-a to Fobrnsry, aa being tho shortest month , and caased it to ba inserted between tbe 34th nnd 25'h. By t h e Roman m odo of reckoning the 33d oi February waa called £he sixth befbys the calendar o f March, and tbe intercalary day was therefore named “b is sextos dies,” tbe second sixth day, and lho year “ biisaxtills,” UBtained tho second tlx t h day. I X X tam e m b e r—X3 F n b lio Bqoaro- IFr Import our own Oootlt, keep the lar­ gest Stack in the City, ani mell at the L O W B 8 T P S I O E 8. CITY CKCKKKBY BTOlUt. NoiSOw L. II. aiUKBAY A Co. - . ao K u idJV S * c u i)i J . K.BATTB. Mwd Bxxxilver. ST.* HBUCK O oddm L J . P. I WATBRTOWH GENERAL J.GEIGI MYRON BEEBEE, Agent • U l H trM o rd,— Hxrtlora eo rears mucesatollias- ..................................................... A, 1 * 4 , 914 PNaWllX. Htrtloe* ........................... l.BSGiOOO c i * y riTwJUittoni..............................« r s , m N a n a m * Hartford. ............................. 7t>®,937 OwwmietLeat,Hartford ......................... SBO.OOO Secwrltv New Yorrk. ....................... ,9,017,889 lad a r e a tE o a a l, New York ............. 1,9 5 3 ,400 CBHTAU STAY**,.........................480,000 N O S T H B B l T * 8 H ( l n celt) 14,1»0;«00 Nwwr Racxaad, iUfc.boatoe .......... bU« 0,000 O a a r i l i a , Life N ew Yorlc. .............. 1,888.000 »q « lo i r i “ 1,000,000 W B u ss an O U , f t r o a c OwswpAiatM. Iw e V l a g s a n t C s t i s u i lnssned from one tottveitdia. at ibo lowest ratas >L » e n m n e c s in reliable Cosapulst.' .on*o Wore iKtnitav or renrwrlnj va Itled, at Hager A Beetiea'e firwelrv Store. I d e csH o a i TOW pel- i t l M I I B B l B B f l , A f e n t. itsriown Angnsa ev.ieav sco QOtANB*V » 8 K O ) M c , Fottkc-certaixianfi spcedj c a n or R f e e U t t i ^ i s n i , N e u r a l g i a 4 G o u t , rS l ^ Z t e a ^ SnvSr eyw .oiw d t o UiS pabllc rorUms-twitUooom- ing a camauMtmra. . Foe ■deaf. ■ B‘ IpfWtt il OO’B. •H g tlW * ,'; . . . . . . ’ ~>ED HODBT oa Waah- 4S iliasjsik ■iiiaawoftliwxsort # , good drain- lot, good J o s h B U llaae o w Covcrtla. Oonttin,’ liko sailin', lajdolightfnl bisness, where yu h ev an open tee, the wind I n ynr favor, and you a re boulin along toward the port ov m atrimony Tty-five nota an hour. In courtin’, howarer, tiiero Is sometimej wnrser storms to wether than even the sail­ or ever drempt o v hed windB and heavy sees i n the shape o t stem parin ts; hidden rocks and reefa In th e (orxn of other lovars, with sum chsnce ov bein’ diiv into s lee shore hy th e gal herself, Y e t under ordinary circumstances, s lover will in due kourge ol tame “fetch port,”’ If he iz kontxnually on g u a rd against danger*, w ith won eie tu the starboard aad the o ther o n his k o m p its. A g rate many ltrvers b egin w rong; they think that if they wunce g e t p inted for the gnrl’o h art, itisen u f f ; sotfley h ist up a n k et crowd on sale, and the fust they kno, they are in tu the brakerm, or w a y oup tu see un­ der j u r y masts, w ith thekousolia reflecshun that t h e cruise ie u p . If t h e gurl it in orphan a n willin, or i f she iz of a g e w ith owenty 5, thouiand in her own rite, it-iz i* m fe komparatively, to run alongside a n d graple her a t WUnce. But unless you h a v e made up y o u r m ind to sepport youraUt, partly s t le n t , neTOr Ijndeitake thia mode of attack onto lent th i n t h e ijjove sum. I h a v cutn to tho poffldashun, slier Tty- nine y ears ov careful study, tbat i t is b e t te r to r a n away with a twonth-fiva thousand g a l th a n tu t r y tu live on lu v and a stern parlnt’s kusses e x k lusm ly- To h e snpcasiul i n coortin', then tb e luvsr niu s t learn to n hvigate hi* b a rk into th o pirxnt’s favor j u s t as m u c h az into the Eirl’a j a n d let me t e l l yu, sighin’ yuth y u n e r g o t to “cram up’’ on navigation to d o this, After a luver wnnoe gjli orer these ob- atructlcm i into *mooth w s tw and f u r wind* h e can s a il into itim d ll f e li l k e aatred r of litenin d o w n a d h u ttra ttro e t. D e n t ob, mallow yuth, U i i n , k i r .y r i t h C h a p M M u d ttW d lkon m e d i u m v a t priie, b n | lssrp w h e ther t h e h a y - ' ^ l ^ y . A... N o . 1 3 . THE OLD CROCKFRY STORE STILL TA K E S THE LEAD I New Importations asd Styles: LOWEST WRICES. PORGRUUN DB TRRRB Something entirely now, handBomer than French or Uhina, and coetlxi? only . aJhoat one half u touch u H-BMIFQBOBLAJCN. L 3 W o o d roff H o o ia WQITK BTOjNB CHINA, We have A very larse ^ BLocIt, both lor Wholesale Plain, aod Retail Tmde, conapil- All the leading style* Figured, and makes. Also a full line of Coxsmon Ware, it And Banded. » 13 Woodruff House. FHHNCH CHINAl, JFlne French Chin*, la Tea Set*, Breakfast fcJelf, WRITS QOJLD BAND, Dtnln* 8 cu, and by. thn AND DBCOBATED. ^ W o o d r n f l Hoaeo. FANCY GOODS. An lnrtnlla varloty. 91ft Cnpe. Toilet teu, Ve^ci, Colognes, Bouquet Bolder*. Boiu, Blstnettei Snuk No. 4c. Sc. tt Boeao. INk and BBITANNLA WABK. QlLVBB PLATED Carton, Cake Baskeli Ice Pitchers, Tea Ware, Spoons, Porks and Knives wumntcd best 1 s market Al No. IS Woodruff Houso LAMPS, OHANDIUKBS la n t e r n s , Pixfoaka 4c. Ac. Ptst Bronxe Lamps smd ChajudeUen, Gas Qlsbes, Bohemian tnd flint gloaa Umpe, porceLIn Shodee, Borrum, Ohlmnext, wicks Ao. o t ill kinds sad stress Al No. 18 Woodruff House Andvos with Ivory, Hsrd KNIVES. POKES, Bobber. Whit* Bane. Eb­ ony. Rosewood and t o BuuSlci—Steel, silver end TLA TKAY 8 , 4c.pl»!od blsdoe. st aiwoodruff Home Move patterns ln acts ur GLASS WARS. bj Ihcplcsce, at No. IS Woodruff Borne. N w ZK D f i N T M T f i r / - icriua cm cailvatlon, w n In 10 aasny »e ml tiro souui wearing tho ortliatry plit*, la entlraiy pro The patent of Dr TarttcbeEL which aecurea to the wurer ch,e three (oUowrtng acn&Ugoa over ali c>thor rubber placet: lst—Ka»e and comfort by Eaeiowof a eoft, rubhor lining otcx thetmllre inruacoln contact wth tha taw and gum*- 9&—K perfect auction, wtlhoss ridg* or adgee turned, into tho Uvlnatlaaoo* to Ucwrate and Irri­ tate lho Jew and make op tor dofoeti Ln Uio fit of the plate. 8 d—1There ia no preparation of mercury ts aaid lining u tn other roobcr, benci Che Irritation bor- dt * co Tinted. The following certificated amoax othera oi the a*e Inport. ipeaks for ttaclf, after a irUU ol two yean aid a half; Lu the rammer asd Call of 10G1X had tha typhoid ferer (or rlx wecka. Dortn^c that time I waa tarrlna - led tim e d * * aad iortiome olnwteeth. To obrV ate thliloaa I had rocourM to th* dental art, trying some of the beet dcntlite of n o il dUtlnguUhed iklli asd fidelity of wfcon I could toam ln the Sute of Ifew York. hot. wllh i h«olr boa* cffbrta and aktU, 1 luffkred ronruntlr Crora trrlutiuo of (he gume^ cao^ed b; the plate—from Ita faUlliseg—Croc Ua dla- placamont try eatuuc. and the IsUktscUoo afTood be- lbo pUto and tho gum*. 1 hacr* tried erary In­ run Ooo ica derice that proauaed b«ne4t, but wiih isdtffisrtot iuece*. I bar* hadtwroor three plat ca wUi 1 thofialblc rubber air cfeambcr. Itsaro ban two of Folaon'a patenU hut 1 hawefound Doan tr>*» fifty comprrtjcm in wearing, tn frcodon from (mu- uoo cndtnnojancA nnd In fizsxncra of adboalon to Ihepatcsiol £>r. Twiichell. 1 co*a)der IU far the moat perfect Invention lo the dental art that 1 ham orer tried, and complete In all thotcr poinU alladcd to la the foregoing circular. JAILBS DOXJGUAB. Piatcr Cocgregatlanal Churdu Puiaiki, N, Y_ L-atc*ofHolland, HY, The andcTKigncd karo purchaicd tha anLusivo right (br the county ot Jcfferaon. nzataatto to onr patitni a more perfect, eaalcr, mad better flu­ ting piato than can be mado byr any other method, io aa wo do onr own work we ip(*k with coufl donee. Frtcee tho aamo ai demlllti chugc few Utdr old itylc ol work. S U BAROSNT. £rou JBloek. S. A. BOLRROOK, 31 Araenal etreehq Witmatown, H, 7. slanlt-dv&n THE GREAT P R I ZE At the World’s Fair ef 1857 ! T B S H E W A U D IM P R O VSX Elias Howe Sewing Machine W AS smrffed ths Flrat Prlsa a t (As Full ntlon of 18B7, ovar *3 other Mtohtnes. Alvo the following Stats Fairs ol 18*8 turn vawtrde^ this * F.rst preral; chhlrtU, vertaont. Ohio, Fe Haw BaapiUre, Wisconsin ;■ Fain oi Liulson, Onondsga, Monro*, Herkimer, 8 charier, Uvring other*. t—Mart York, Kasu- Ivuzi*, inffiasiL, it the Ooanty . Oiwago. Wsyne. ■ item, ind amxj Thej are slspted to oil kinds of Fsxslly Sewing and to the nit of Sesrnstreeees, Dreu Miter*. T tf lors, MinoLiciiirers of Shirts, Collar*, Sfclrla, Cloaks MaaUllsa, Clolhlng, Hats, Ops, Coracle, Boots. Khoi,HaxacnkBsadft’s, Linen Good*, Umbrella*, Yanoli, etc. They work eqoiny well npon sHk, 1 ion, woolen ind cotton good* with ilEk, cotton or linn thread. They will aasm, qnllt, e»ther. ham, le / cord hr»U, Yrtnd u>d MwIorb every inecl*» of ae Ini, haaloruf a Doantiinrui perfrct wtlKh, Hot* onbotn stde* ct ths articraa MwadL 4 o iltnple UlhlrMachine thit any one nurchi: It tan be taught to Work l t In * few minute*, it w >1 work witb any kind of Thread, from, the Street t - - hecokneiLKBd 1 * adapted for all kind* of Sew­ ing from that of the Bameci or boot urd Shoe Sk« to the tneat Family Sewing. EsWttMachlno Machine wlU he nualnhed complete with K LaW ______________ ___ Hemmit, Felltr, Braider, Qnlltcr, Ncc41=*. Oil, 4 c . Thhbeatoffmeiesoes can he fkmlibed tq any ane who detljc (item from acore* o f Ltdiet fat thin VtdnUvwhoirt oalngthe BoweMaehln*. 9*D O » ’t fill t o tell and examine tjitiolUchlne* and th* work dime to them. Price front gd] to gKO, land every Machine war faptpd- Machine twlet and thread aeptrras hand. mcUOdwrta Watetown, March 8,1830, 8 . A. TMKNLR, No, 8 Arcade g O ALBSg, We have on hand lor sate an assortment of 8 O A L 35 S , From the BUFFALO SOALE W0KK8, tVhlch we; trill uU Cheap. Every Scale warrant** BARflurr * finuhfr, 1 Yo.i OMfcfenoehCMftttt. xns dJrwtl, T o tal a m o a i t fo b e Issued, 9 3 AOO 0(10 C a p itol m o c k p a i d l u , % 100 OOO KslUraated C o st off B oad(H 0 m.) 4 SOM OOO K stlnaatedK a rntoa*Per*n:ium ,^ 038 *0(1 N e t E a r u ln a a p e r h u m , 878 768 f a teres t o n t b e L o a n p i r ar.Lnnr, 175 ppo Amor* n t o f B o n d s a e r m ile of Hoad, 18 0 0 A m o u n t o f I n t e r e s t per m ile, 1 t « 0 A m o u n t o f N e t E a r n i n g s per mile, 6 381 The Bonds follow the completion of tho Hoard- hare Uie Union Trust Company of N. Y. is thel Ofllcul Regiiter and Transier Agent—and ire loll at prcront at SO and accrned Interc»L iTher bear examination and compirlaotL, better, lt s believed, than any other now before thepgblle, In tbe fixed and unchangeable dementi&z/edh, Securii ty, and Profit. They boar good Interest—Seven per cant. Gold lor forty yotre—asd sre feculhd by 1 Sinking ICmd, and Ftrst Mortgage opon the road. Its oitllt, and net fcn 00 as, (ho Franchises, and all present and future ax- qnlred property of tha Coiapaay. Thoy depend npon no new or half-iettled territory Cor brutneas to pay their interest, but npon in old well settled, tnd product!to country aiwmlng that a nllroarl built throngh the hsort of snch s re­ gion offer* better security for botb Jntrrat and Prin­ cipal thin a road to be built through thi moat highly extolled wlldernei* or iparaety settled territory. This BiUxoad poasreiaa (pedal idrantagn, ln running Into and ont of the Oity of Chicago, u im­ portant Hiliroad and Commercial Center; ln fan­ ning through a line of Tillages asd old fimlnO letUsmtnla Is tho rich art portion ot th* Stile of Illinois; ln running near to depoalts of Iron Ore of fradt extent snd value, tnd over broad Selda cl the haatooaltn the state—which mining Merest* ue 11 * momopolr. And besides tha local tad other brulnos* that taaared. there will 0 * attracted to thia roil the comalderablo traffic already springing np “ From the lake* to the Gulf;'' as with its Southern Oramedlon* 11 forms a Trank Ltn* IS mllea shorter thin any ether rente from Chicago to Naahvllla. Tbese Bonds are therefore based upon a Beillfy ind a Doalneaa that a few yean most Invetubty donhlo—and oompetcni lodges lay treble—to value. (rovemmenie telUny ichiU (A* price U AlpA pay vofr 1/pttlMcUeae Sonde, and TrueI or EetaU Jbuute can Input into NOTHINGBETTBB. Fteamploti, wlrh Napa, Ac., on b.ort Iu dlatrllia- tlon. Bonds miy bo bad dlrecUy of u , or of onr Agent la Watertown, THE MKBCHANT 8 BARK. ff. BAILEY & CO., 54 CLIFF STREET, NEW YORK, Ageata for tho sals ol the Bond* 'in. 14. dm JEFFERSON COUNTY BONDS, COME & SEE THE BEST k PEESHEST ♦iROMRlBN, I N T m 0 1 X 7 , No 57 Washington Hail|Block TOWN OF WILNA B0N1)3, ’Watertown & Rome Eiilroad Bonds. N.lfork £ Oswego Midland RR Bonds interest 7 [per oent. payable in gold setni- annually. T j E , I M V » V I M C I r O K M U t VfdentelilAwattlogaadilaoasiotti# U4r UNION PACIFIC R. R, BONOSi Interest 6 per cent, in gold, payable semi- annually. Missouri Valley BaOroad Bonda, Interest 7 per cent in gold, payable semi­ annually. G21I0A 0 O, DANVILLE <t V1MOEMFSB RAILROAD BONDS. Interest 7 per cent in gold, payable tesni- armuaUy. Southem’Oentral R- R, of New York Interest 7 cent in goUL, payabU mmi- arvnnally. AD of tbo tboTO curltct for aalo upon lbo MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, issfl on bud lor mnnedUts d t li n v ittb e \ ’ QoTcnnmtSecoilt^a taken in exchange (br ttte abore it vko Highest Nework Yuotations Q On tbe dir of t*b, We wiih to <*C thn attention of tboae deairiug to‘exchango> or baring To the fact that wa am offtrtqg-lhj.'ajgiye igporlUas than thej hj^re heretofonbeen offered Ip this omr keta W« are also |gest» for all tho other RAILROAD BONDS, Offered In ihe market aud can fnratih them oa ehort notice. - THE HIGHEST M ARKET JRRICE /•All) FDR G-old Ooupons, Coin, AND C a n a d a M o n 6 y -!! Yoraigrn O r a f i i f o r t e l * o * *U th* fiUTorwst C i t e * of B n r o p a , r . i», n o v t m r r . a*tomr. J.U d A w gPK > N O A N * SPMfBIKM F A B H W I I FOB 1870 gehlTcflp8* fc 8 TBLLTEB f l HAKLFOBB’B, *a*» AMnWa* MPMntfMMftte- . _ _ _ _ _ M w s a t f & i J f a r a s ' j s a Mile Bay ^ tM Mabisdiut - V ’ L . , *- \V The •Ubaertbir h aijaet retimed from New York, with I Preah Btock of of the Cholceat| droceilee, lndudlns TBAB, GOFFmS, &PI0R8, RAI8JN8, SUGARS, stjrup A, OANMED FRUITS ASD PZURLEB, AMD ALL HMDS OF F a m i l y F r o v ia lo a s I o r * GOODS PUKOASSfl WB3« GOLD WAS DOWN, a n d w i l l b i BOLD AOOOBDXMOLY. 0 N~ Goods deltvexad Frwa el Chtuia I R U , SB. M O Y U L R o t . 1 1 1 8 8 8 . w j L \V.T 1 / P ' JLvL, . JEI - y U - _ Here w e come 5 a t ______ Lift ' — — 111 etiH.) -I'.'- - - .' .-.— iNv.wriBF xiN- ........... .... rate'inors’i !v io a^)aA^|Uv»P4iPdf 3 5 .^ 5 1 4 * ^ aabling us to srive oiir^CuStonhSFa o-ola was up from 2 0 to SG per’oentr^ - — ’ \If* 1’-^ • 4? AN D S e w m g M a a i i i u e s l ‘iDjniiu ri h a v in g kxmovxd o n a IXOM TO ENo 9 Washington Hall Block, Whora wa b a rs roona toktopalirgartock ot TMnsioal iln s tn u n e n ts. ami gsaicalTlmchandlx* cmmtutlr onlhkad, wa lavlle w i . qll pstreu and rtliatensCasL wishing ta pwithtwe Miilc or Mntlcal Inxzinaiwtalo ( t r i t u . to* cBllitnd cxtmlw oor tn* itock oi TLrst Class Omai, Melodeon*/ Vtollj a inni*,(*t which walcmpli at Wkoiniagleamd KatiL PLanos Sheet Moiio •ty. I — t— - - ... ■ *>i^r > • _______ . __ . ...-a itoar rtJ/t-nBl. ■ WE OAJST NOW SELiL 7 0 ^ * ' ' ^ ' ohdi ^ f hntnJ f p a D T r ’ f^ 8 S c t o t e ' vhoice $LOO Japau, for 9G (tents. Vary choice ior $1.00: v 1 .. *, > ,t & <'x-4 *ta:i5 . * r, i --ft ft-i* cry ( Tne very best for $1.20. Good T o n n g Hyson 75, 90. 9 5 1 O o l o n g M , $ 1 . 0 0 « n d S e ’S ' ,vu,(»x4 un.nc xrtWlirqvssLt Maracaibo 25ets. Bba6ta4'-«:Se»teiSS£ S u g a r s q f S & ' C K E A P E R r>.ia « t n J bos V fc«qtetkyS|ti, *J Our goods are mostly jimt wad w e ll wicftted. our MflKurtment good u a t i l l o a i atockiB r pnc*e. the benefit of new goods At the l«t« onstomen 'wishing lo atm U themielv'ea iea, now have ua oppertnnity o f gettio^ , , tend to fill all orders, alftiongh mt^in^dWfl(Qia^io«lL«te _ flolvee in readmesfi to fill orderawith SEW*6O0BS?fit vance FROM C08T ” ’ d - - -.'t ->a< »hi-rr s*/A J WHOLE PACKAGES AT CJO^. JH T REMEMBER WE AJRte. STII^’ TOI>^1 OHITROH, and onr Motto . a h lL-^ I^ / luiJQ itaprei t o ----- Sixpence better than t io Slow BLiUinff? ^ » • * u “*** . I f * C a s h :P a i d 'T 6 * fc # ' Goods delivered prfifitiptTf _ _ ■ n. r * er-eir.\ t» ''Kmrajsqlilte D. , 3 r - . . L raivi JiitwfrtsiMJi'lXD'i';™nststt'-*! t-' W atertown, M areli2X6tl'87G aS sals ultnid J j ro>i;?A|^k«(Si' Beery person fanting a Seukg JhcJtfne, Shcili BxsBln* tha W k a a lax If W ilw m o n pc:thulct,ia U hit prmalUnit h p h *kf Ska Beit Haohise In tkf Wotid L IT m s MOPL* AXOVnt Orer 480,000 ctlrsod) in vsm—Onsr 60,000 m o * fit 1868. HSAD TH* FOLLOiriHfli; I i Ui testimony befora tk* TViaatmlnur ct Faterati. ths wilcemm (w*H qWUteTmm ebwew I loo ajvlr ---- '-*•----- ---------------- -■■ ---- lo xhm i'jl ____ jsAlfescccecqacnta awdai tpslra n « . k * I S S U E * mt NvW Y a i i i ' \ ' \ ’ .WW K A & I w t X m M l, forth*cue oiBaldem*aaSQrmy’Baif .1 F q 4 u U iL ^ ^ y ^ ^ . .,.iS 'g.w a a a a r fea tf»4taoY tf fflmqar't. - - ^ d s t e t o m s r • ktornn.N.Y.. M M , .fSXsNmn, — f t i r i h n i i t e s J W - facoaaa ef Bawraj chines m* Awarded to Si orSnw Tork. H a m r. <4 t ^ L n r r , Maoeljt!sad liportatoljhaUfraillnmil toy* taairdedte UmtkaakpaiKetrSCwimg KteUs* ted fttSXnk-hoie Machine exhibited it t h i filial CiiTar- u SqpoiltmaL J, (XD h k t , B. aGenaxtlltwitHthclipflMUoa. tKS kTJttOM LOU ASUCMXnT The nBKhmrtahi Ira tlaplA device ilthdwii to ■_ ftlra teoib-puta ol th* mieklm, e-hlch im nsSAtf jntcretaitk* with Ihe orilavy doth p) — — ' bittoc-Iic't, Yaafradat atek ted, inhoatnl htatity, ani rapidly aada, at thante of **• _______ hotaeiakoar. li l* odanlsd to Tuallf work aa« tusKheities In. tin aaaMnsge ol kmim* ma*ma- UilaL S&natrettt*. rterwi-iaaktra And ihlrt-aiA- tirictnrert will dad It vepidaUy natal. ThnU tis* nuchlne. while miktog tha loek-atttcS foi, kha cwdl-- mty ptrwdea o f Mwtaib tembtaCi-MvlMk usi *a- htoldertziiuid miUag, tattoo-tolea-e ■mkon.oY qniUtlee itund tn .'0 other aachln* In ike wnrtd. itxTiyuBaua midaam - dpaiii 3Yoy,irmdfltf€m, Du s- ■ F U S Y dk W A TKSKA-H* GtnanlAgeeti, —-li —. Thi* whtt-kawttnr re***<y lrrlldfgn, tofnMOteya.1 i.n C K .fllM c M . rn U t t h n r Y J f i . r - i ' s m —* m 9 . u # w m m * m » C-K !BM A U N W g 8 8 ttliO & '\ «>f l i A U r y , JM c rra|ky>, t e f d . . . 9tm iam £ 16722822

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