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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, February 08, 1870, Image 5

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Wi BAhliARD, C jtd b iitak s jil-, Residence, Jackm a n H o u s e , R o o m .N o . 87, a a u ^ . j i o n i ^ j • w a . r B K —' - ^ A. Bl. HARRIS j n )i, isea. on TO-OODWUFF « O U S * j ' ^ . t .... WATKETOUTO,ll.,' r / ' ' 'S- ■ ._fcrtwi(hlyfflJ.tcii op «nfl win be kept Strictly ee 1 Inly ‘ • • BlfUK A SaNSBR, Prop. J ack a iian H o u s e , H'/t TKBKJWt?. N. IV £ 0 . W . r E T E B S O N , bncOTwr t o Uco. W. Jono. lalo {proprietor. fV * IS. l*«T,BWir». will alwiys h o et koine lo Meet lit old I t lends, mid with e cordial welcome to fee now. Icevc tbIn bote] for ail polole. Alivt-dlr vo Ibo best pay Ing om .--pfcjmaen. tma tea e low «oM reepoulble men that hiv«not inaSOO* to *5.000 capital, once Ho .5 FaUoclc Dnlldtnxi, noxt door to iiayaolda A CBrtwe. t U n e a ten £J4X)TOK. BID p ( f « AronLatiff-jSiiier of Bhafaarb, A cetttla zojrt o{ i>yQ>*P*^ DUrrhcea, DjMnltry. Ac. coqiUsUjf ODb*f A tod tor Ml* WTiolctile and BbuII bjN IC. 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AT If* . 91 o ra a r t s tvaet. llMltr t a tba head Clocks end Watches, fihm tbe h4it asttl Vorisdm end DomeatJo hinnfaclnrera, Ml Is F3nl Oleara Inwolcjr, tin Agent for un. ( i l a h a i t e i Z t i e c r a O e l a a d i i O locke I JnlTOO-eia. wratenoirn N. Tr W H O W I L L C A S E ? Whovffifcjtrferi1' v; 11 l! ■ we laj beneath |be dpRe*. fcriieerbUic chmc^yeW mmJd, t M « l elHep frem; cirejind egnqy.,, 1 . . . _ Ana tlie ilia o r eartmy nfe-i ■ ., Wioertllceref Wko-wul cotno U> weep a b o v e m , Lylng»t9il t a white end etill, LiDderaeaih tbo skies of summer, Where All n itore1* pul»e» ihiUj, To a new life glad And tender.i Fall of beAUty^r^lnyb'kweethi j All (be worlflls d id -!fl tplendoV That tb* years shsll o'er repeat— Wko will CAre ? i J, ! .; ; < (I who wi!! care ? Ifevw m o re to^aoW torrtaibliife/ Kvermore to know of rest U ■ j k Will It matter If thiy miss us, ‘ ' all? 1 Or they EBTATB A O IN C Y AND Intelligence Office. UlfcrV IFiteon'i Black, Pctblic Bipipre, \fao& Usnenoit* forsisJaod to tboM rtsorinn to Ihdty, Help proairod And attxxAtlo&a oblsinod for both Bilosma Imije. « V * \ ®r v i i i find tt tntbstr *atibi4fce to IcAfe lenni and dc$crlption ot onaiees oficc. i.jj, tJtl&tv J*,D* D O D Q -lfi U H O C 1 T T M A R K E T , ((0. 101ARSKNAL BT, u I l b A r tb d e t a i l 3tilCrB JfclliCON.. JbSlLT W*T*nFASH, izr Turn 'I .» ■ ! & tn ill kinds o I[F hesh A S axt E aats , B am w. llontocmi B * o u o n .'rA M m OTITXM A Q iU •tAAOrt, 4V O r d e r ! p r o a m y t t v E t t s n d e n t o , tHoerapg, IE6T.., : ■ ■ - . _________________ J » T d h U R 'tF ffr’K ( N S URBDT TheEranireState Ufe Insurance,Co. 0PPKBS MANY 8UPEBI0R ADVANTAGES 1 TO.T^OBg WHO WOtfM) Ibiuxc Their Lives I i • . - OFFICE - W A S H IN G T O N HALL, 'W A T B H T O W W J f . '. T . JAKES A. BELL, Preaideel, L. PADDOCK, le t Vice P ra't. _ EZRA CORNELL, 3d “ , JOHN SHILDOU*. Bncretsrj. J. |. BATES, MoaJlral Ersmleor. J.p, STARBCCIC Cpnpeol. . luneSSatf A w riter in tho Boston A d v e r tiser gives tho IpUowingispecitaBnAfff v e k itabfo fyarnu by a n IlUnoia f a rm e r : “W iten J first cam e hore in 1840, thoso oxen w e re eteera. S to c k w a a rath e r short and I w o r k e d the c r i t t e n . in caniyi >> fK d l. one d a y old Tenneesec S m ith, dow n by th o ! iil« i) » 6 li^!lM lid ilt!k(h S tt elm aud it got lodged in tho Sloo, and none o f them dared v e n tu r e ont to out It 'clear. B o they h itch e d Oh hU foe o x e n fooy h a d a n d trie d to drag it o n t on t b e blafi. B n t w ith six yoke th e y couldn't m a k e it Jet go. T h a n aomo one said, sond for S p e n c e rs ateera. 'WheDMr. Sm ith's hoy c a r n a l told him lie h e could havo the steers, C h a rley, b u t n o one olae drives them b u t ms. So I yoked u p and went down. W hen I g o t there I Bald, i g entlem en, tak e rwriy y o u r o x e n , and they d i d . T h e n 1 to ld Unto to c u t a w elt all a round t b a (log, s o m y c h a i n w o u ld Uo inside o f it, j g a t oven w i th the b a r k , Then I out a slit ft a m tins w a it to t h s b u t t ol tbo log, so m y c h a in w o u ldn’t c a tch in th e ha­ zel brush. Then 1 p a t the chain around a n d hitched o n , picked up th e w h ip and gavo tb e critters a cheerful s t a r t w ith tb e lu l l . T h e y s p rung t o i t and jerked t h e log tw o f i u t a p d fU w v . i t 'irtBokbJiat, .$ J f t n I yelled a n d put On tho string and th o s e two little follows leaned t o their w o rk, au d ju s t shivered a l l til* and th h n they vtent> liko a ah o t (or a rad o r two, au d w ith a lon g red stick behind ’em , an d everybody shouted f a d foen abut u p thoia fiy trap e a p d raid t o t a i w o rd.' F o r g e B tletn m / \Would y6u believe m o tboae two bucks h a d draw n tbo heart r ig h t out of the logl'1' “Yoa Bir,” ropoated Spencer as he w iped h i a forehead w ith a bandanna. “ T e a sir; au d If t h a t Y ankee don’t believe It, T can show hum .fot a sm * lo g to - d a y a t Japkaoo. T h o rotcf com tnlsslohers took i t for a town pum p , it waa a ll bored o u t for n a n ” “I sta r ted one day w ith m y team ol grays an d a load ot corn t o d r iv e to Ja c k so n , nine miles, to m a rket. B r o u g h t back tw elve bags oft an eel a n d a b a t i S d f fleu r . W e ll, j u s t aa I g o t out o f the tow n , and had ab o u t eig h t mile* of prairie 'tw i x t mo and H annah I heard ' a rattling noiee be­ hind mo, an d w h e n 1 looked aro u n d there w a s a bouncing hail Storm right upon fee. 1 yoUed a t t h e g ray* an d flung, m y .chaw o l tobacco a t Bluy, for hn Wia t h e I a z t a f , abd we sw u p g Along a t w h a t y o u Y ankee* call e good H iram W o o d ruff pace. L n e v e r quit yelling, a n d they nover stopped tu n n ing till wo struck FcJdcrkin'a Corner, right w h e re y o u blazed fo s t b ig b u r oult. this m orning. T h a a I found tbe storm w«s over, and when I lookd to boo if tho load wae safe there wee a h u r t el and' * lial f nf hail stones in tho bind end of tbo w*g>b, but out ooo o f ’e m op m y a s t k s o r on m e ' Gentlemen t hhd raced on tho edg*< o f m a t hail atom, a l l tho eight m iles hom e. Now It’s toy o p inion y o tf could& '^do ths.) lictlo 1 trick to-day with a n y tw o W ised In lllinori, not i f you soak th e i r tads in turpentine tho Offd F a n c ie s . — An ill brbnd m a n —a rick baker. — ThooldlsSt c u p bU r e c o r d —h ic-ch p . — A singular t i g h t —to Me a g a r d e n w a lk. — Q u o ry—is the wheel of time over tired. — W a n ted —a settlem e n t of tho dew s of eve, — T h n b e s t illustrated paper o u t —a b a n k note. ’ . . . . e —Sleight of h a n d —declining a m a tr im o • nial offer. 4 » . . u « —I s a m a n who lias been twice a porter a reporter'. ’ ' ' ' —N o t butter, b u t h o r : the m ilk m a id not m ado o f milk. —Cheap gnnoroaity—giving a m an a pisca oi ydur mind. — Whon iaam a n thinner than a Bhrogle 1 W h en ho is a nbaving. —A girl t h a t h a s lost h e r last beau m a y k t well hang up h e r fiddle. , —H o w does a b u tcher express hia affec­ tion ? By sending a tender line. United Vino Grovera* Co. or Cognie, dL8!34, elte* ffko.’» and French. « E N S BUa^eean^lgirtelt** ffkoJt Jule» ltoUaa, Fvnvt. Bcrntftl * <k|.>.O L J3t(TOAkC,Rstt*iyF«3 as D B R A . F , < k OXhvDXrZ> XXOZiXAiAJSP^Di-! ’ H>'ETX«IEl O EXOZ<XLiA.Ii) X L T J 3 0 X S 2 o t p JiitA T o i. srr. o&o&'fc New ‘ ' S N O Z iA N P . \ O l a r p k j ’A lfleh P o l e e * R M s k J , a iijtcjcocfc, jlau l r €0 * SC O T C H A K D M A L T I 'l l K B OLD O B O E X I . H 8 U 1 r » o n l ,i PURE OLD GOLDEN 8HXKRY, wltl an tht moat relletds Nalitn Wiuci by the BOTTLK OR OK DRAFT. fiat|liMEUl»j>cm U S tieltfonil* SPARKLING WINES. EDENBDRGH ALES ANO LONDON POKXSR AU ortbe abovo vrtll be fr-ondTOfcB A??n'H17»ft, tod will be sold u raaionabts ei tny OKNDQKH Ut- rORTSIt'S Goode. ______ tUS-dAvtl A . H .U D M Y « 9 d . I^ A O L B XSIZ.X.a I The BafioXUla tn igeln fN RUNNING ORDER, Ant nady lor tbe eeUnoa. AR kunlior F l o u r a n d FeeA i, kept for tale. Cheep. Onr Motto, The NIMBLE S1XPEN0E BETTER THAN THB C a p ital Sioc b p a U d lu, 3 100 000: E s tim a ted Cdlft'A(alli»'k'cff1iiiYi.i J soo OOO gA.SAl^Lutrailrwfwpe'pBrannna 3 630 300. [V#*HAFdtoA* l>p|f a u ajnutt, ,87OjPOS In lex e s ip n «SioI.oan psranuiun, lY ' OOO A m W iiiO f B'6'naa 'tCr «9tMhiPBoAd;’l GHOo A t a b a m a i l i n e r a * ! p a r m l l e , . ; 3 I W . .tt'bcBoniti follow.Ihc.tninplptlcu et ibv.Rwad- d»ViJ,tJlVlJjif>f1.,Tfa3t,C<Jlw^liv cl N. Y. ia tlicl . OfflClel Boclster nnd Trahelor Asmt-ana' arc etiM n 1 pn: i cfit nl '.b Vafd accr ar d;i hi cr t =t ,aoy^atercri»i»liiklti>«»niR«imiArli!f''l. beO^r. >' ie t/r.'f ,itn hi atr&Xff BQ| v i 1^83?“^ - '.\O t'S r r ; ,STtiS-!' trhey' bmrvotHl lnteratir-Nsvettjuer cant. Golibfoi fpttyyOAp-Mtl aipwcprc^by a .^lnjjfng^tf, f0>l Y|rBt hrp7'tFQac n PPn The road, its outfit, and n<‘t 0. Com*; the ('rincbiich. end all pVrawhBand mtnru 0 |c qnlrea'propertv oltlle eunpany. I 1'lluy. dopcsV'\ S»I|.W W °f hftV-WitHoil IcmLoi; tpf ljnslnesa fftps^tjiolr Interest, bnt npon an o' well' Befil^/'toa'ProdnctlVe1'L-Adntrr:—n»«u'Dtr tbat h rafiRlad'bulhtfcroBRhi tho h a r t of anch’a rt ThleEsllto*|l 4 ? 0 ises«ai ipBdal tdsaiilasise, h , , rrunning4nlo»n4ou:of tbo Uty qf UbicaKy,an iw ! ' 2 0 t i jiprtant Railroad and Commercial Centor;1 In ran- J 4T; I ’ Ti1 Ding IhrOutH 4 lino or villages’ end old fartulEb; j * 0 xbtUenfentatn thcs ilchnst portion dl tbe Buto *r JUUoi. i tnronntng near tvdepuelUof Iron Oro pi groat oktcnl apd value, and over broad flclda of the belt coal In ihc Benin— which mining tftereate-aro Us. menopol r. And bealdea U>c looel and other boelnefu! thoi awpred, Vbnra v>U be attracted tu thia road tbo. considerable t re file atreedy iprlngtng np ‘‘From lb\’ Lakes td tht Gain*’ »i with tuBoaLhoni-Oonnci • Unv U ftme a Trunk Llui 45 miks ebortei then anyothor mateIroBkChlcfgo lu Noebvlllp. ... Theeo Bondi I r e Rortrljoro based, upon a Rcailty and a Baaiaesif that a Ibw yearn mukt Invoildlily double—a t e COB! patent judn'd nay u«ble—Id rala- Qoosmnuelstlilb’l) ir/UU ld« price UMtti. pen ificfl, if ml Ifdo Um 4 Jkmdi, and Trust or EituU f unn, I axii% put Ink ,V b TttLVO’iiK'TTE 11. 4 - ■ PhampletniTrltb Mips, Ac., on band far -dlilflbn - Uoci . , W e in srlta ofthesQteas sam p le d AliiJiew andGhoie=e, wegaafava‘ tee them to please hotJi for « O.i , li I tt I li *i til Iri Ail ordire left at the P. O. or MIR will prompt Mteotlon. Goodi delivered Free SI c:«rl age In Udadty. Particular AtteutionlPaid lo OVUTXM ft F X .T N W . deut-dAwlm p U N m i n o CCX V L O W lfH S . • r J^!P).on the ffneet suortment a s s s i f s a s s s s s i. 'S A l l Otthp.i? P l a n t s . Alliaan tad HcalUiy. ’U a|*47 h a v e h a n d throngb the winter ell --nio UUV FLOy fot Faneral u d other to4sdr.othendMi|i>i anjlpty q DBLSRT IU ttH and o. 8 High Bt. OflkSdTm For Sale. p o 0 0 0 9 1 M a k e M loney. M . m d r v “ K . r o s e n a H o rrrore.” GtlsS tlHPS BRUR1 EXPIK, OAV8INQ n n r . . T . v » J O B & T B . iC i N M S ^ R r W t : ' Good Canmors cam mske 01012*1 ind dd^ izood eMti- P E R K I N S * H 0 U 5 E PA T E H T Non-Explosive Kerosene Lamp- - TT GAN N O T B S EXPLODED By anything Phowt of Nilro Glycirene Or Cunpowdor. Wa d*fm fat this ronariibii la m p 1st. Abeolnlc Safety under tU Ctrcnnutaacoe. *d. ft gtvee twice u emeb Hqbt (Inn Sd^lfoech 88 par cent, fees oil. ed ilusd 4 th J tis atuaeaatal aad dnr»bt»-nl4aU . Etcllnura , It g\Tce no odor In boroln— -ranted never a o 5th. 1 woBdot gmvfc-yai dff yawn, w h e n there aro so m any sleepers lliero. - I t iR iildPfliitKhlfib (Jf'flle M k ldc *?&•& aro “fo v fn U y jm ^ w o u H frfully m a id .” —A conntxy new s p a p e r A d v e rtises: “W a n ted, a tvoU hrcd boy to m a k e a dovfl of.” —N o w onder t h a t tbs Bqurrol is accused ofch»ttcring : h o i s certaio lr a g r e a t Yail- bearcr. —“S ir, you have b rokon your, prom w e .” “ O n ,never m in a j I can m a k e a n o ther juBt asgoocL” —“R a isin g the w in d ,” i s now dcnomSna- tsd, m o re oleaaicly, “ exsuscitatiBg t h e g a i n - dfil AeolUA” ' —W h a t d o people involuntarily' e x e lalm when th e y com e in eig h t o f th e Shills of Congrees C a p ital I —Flow ery. The A m erican people ride ao m u c h ia t h e cars t h a t they may ju s t l y b e styled tho c a r-nation. —H o p e ’* e n d ia oftCR the rope’s end. If s carter of c n m e dpea not c o m e to a h a lt, i t ia.likely to'oom e te a halter. ‘ - —W h y is a faabionable young lady’s brains like a speckled ‘ t r o u t ? Because ing. in thtactixitiei o f t h e cin«ttenthfic«a- tury isA tondeisd. -M tfouaalth. iiItdi-fisto%hte'^afe#\who adopt tho G recian Bend c o rium e fly i n t o * ' ly b e c d a w th o flower ot th* family eteaSlnnva ol flani lit crucially wondntnX. Tth. It la a incceilhl rival of gaa at a trifilc^ t &r penae. OION IONS IN BRLKF OF kMIHJOT ALKN. Prof. W. 8. Clark. Prealdint or Man. Afiri. Coi- tcx* a m : ‘-It V* ttoa-axploava. Tha llghf i* asd quantity uf Uqht, and tho.dnrakDUy of Qualunpa to throw awaj all other klcdi and! nto this oaly.' C. T. Jsckaon. \ B»y*i “1,4*5 vnm exposed lnttoSacnoB, _ ,----- -------- -------- .. , . will iav»»aciBtop«tty, Irom ire aadptsrest Rove ga^il exploatont, which ^ u c to otten pTpveaniaS Thl New York Ttfbo».«ay»:\ “ Nonthor U pir- fecUj tafe. All the pomts oi fianxar havo berm Sb c^retauy k u a rtdl tbst 4tiut«r ta .eiaqty a s Impos * Ttfc^tiewYork tndhprasdent u y a i NoOHntitMW aseff bO'Said-to- hriog tai* Ump u iKwas Ifttao- public ............. For Northrrntr. Y Witortovnif SLI88 A novMktHltewl p A lN T U I G , ___ _______ C L'A Zl'M C . ■ ..V i. , AND • P A P E R H A N G I IS G a , I V . ' J •* ' 4 c. ; I connection wltb o n tj * PAINT, OIL, ANDGL ASS TRADH JATWFaCTSmL?^ **® W 40 **0,< mai tf m. XAoqos gQwaaa. HO FORTfiERIHK W M. ALLINGHA* ovor Itlltos Clark 4b Cn'i Store oa th* m i l e BMiMf 1» Wcpwefi to make Htnk Boot* auk BkoMwWMfr ^ E ' A ’ t i & E i i t e . a 3® tnatM<IMII*if«i moralt- ' \ worlcmi yon c w Mtata off clpvA. Nonq id matarial da|d M y o a r inSbntthol: _____________ *ltf bk Bop4s m*y )hi hsti tllroclljr ol ne, ur ol uur A^cal lu> ^ratcnuim, TH* MEIlCfi'AKTS'BAW. \V. BAILEY L45G S CO., 5 , U L I .,' S i n e p .1 , N IiW VURK, . ' Agent* forth, eale of tha Bsodb . . Jap. 14. 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Best Bio A.JI .1 t { C r o s s W i l s o n f a c t o r y Sgrttare, j B e s t R l O C O H G e j C d l l t S . a t i s ^ l u m i m ! gofer** m * - havwW4*d armatataaacrmnitoY B S S t R O a S t O U O l t i G O V 5* J a V d O O t f e B j 4 6 Best roas^d ®0ftral)O Coffee 4Ci.cS3ittL: Best Boasted *Rio 32 cents. ^ 1 BOOTS JM STD & & G & B K*leb Uxs^propoM to sell st Ten 1** pxlcc^io* CWh, Tlio stock concsteol Laiies’ Salters, MlpytrSv Bobbers kt ALSO ,* Thoy hay* alio adAad co thrir a took a large ehole*Iotof G R O O E R I E & , inch a* Y e a s o f a l l k i n d * , S u g a r s , B p icon . M o s t s u r d i, Ila i s u n s , P r u n e * , Z to tM , P i g * , C a n d l e s , 1 a n d F r u i t o f , a l l k i n d s . j !- m m s w i w i K n o c k e d E n d w a y s .... , ,1. t i . - M l . 1 ... -_vjv.il |tWhai)ir .ysaj* JUilsatfl .. .... 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