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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, January 22, 1870, Image 3

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t im e s in d e x .. Flrat page—Miscellany, Storto*, Sketches and Poetry. Second P««e—Hdltorials, Communications, Current Topics and Poreonal Goaelp. Third I*sg©—Local Column, Bualnoao Notices, Telegraphic Nows, and Marfeet X-lcporta. pourali Paae—Tca lable-Cbat, Humorous, Do moatlc, Social and Newty. “ ggrlf, >/. 1 u. E. K.J A r b ival And D h pasture of Trains a t Watkrtowh, o r ftUR r E g i ' N o v . 1 5 t h , 1 8 6 9 . L-'avcFor Borne 153 a.m. 12 35 p,m.545p.m. For OelonMli'hll 3'. a. m. 4 3'lp.m U 8 S p n on Saturday*. Leave WiUcrunvn Junction or i 'uuu Vincent, 9Wi. m. 4 30 p.m. Arrive from HomeJl 05 a. m._41_t. p in. 9 SO p. ur. Kr Arrive at tVf 7 45 a. m. 3 55 t>. m. 9 sop ur From Otrdein- mrirh 12 It p.m. 520 p m. Arrive at Watertown Junction .'rum tape Vincent, 8TAGK5 LKAVa VVATBRTOWN For l/owvllle and Oarthnrt at II 10 a. a. & 410 r. a. Por Copenhagen and Lowvllio 0:10 a. n C. Guoanipas, A gent . CST” CcauacTion.—Ia otir published list of appointments by Shcrifl Whcelock, tbe name ol On in A. Coon was given as deputy for Philadelphia. It should havo been Or rin A C ross . JIT \ R emoved —Tlio office of ihc Amiri- can Sowing Blachine haa been removed to tho Furniture \Waac Rooms of S. B . Van Duzee & Co. No. 19 aDd S I Court Street, whore Mr. A. J, YaaDuzee will be pleased fo exhibit the ‘American’ right side up, to intending purchasers. [ The G ood S amikitan . preseats his complitnenls to his many friends. See his “ C: rd” on our first page. He evidently ha-i an eye to business. Sbredi lor Samrdtr< —Gold, 1201. — Weather—line with no sdow . — Good music at the ltinlc to-night. —Miss Sterling is expected in I li is city on Monday next. — Davia Sewing Machine Company are about to employ a large number of hands and manufacture machines ou a larger scale than over. — Asocial reunion of the Wntertnwu J.ofigo of I. O. of (1. T., will lie held at the Odd Fellows Mall on Monday evi nirg next. Yesterday vrc c.xiectfd wc would have snow, and perhaps Cclgh'.ng to-day, but our expectations have laded. No snow, no sleighing greets o'u wirhtul <ycs —George Framis Tram expects a bitter house at lii» next lecture in Watertown. Wo hope he may have it. There is no runn who can tell a story better and keep un audience continually coveit-d wtdi smiles, better than Train. —Miss Fanny Yu\i;ia Ous.-.'ipia {.aw- r o n c e , a redeemed slave chi Id. ten years of ago, ia k'cturiii'' ou her ‘ Bo’-di.go and : i- cape,\ in Lewis Coi'ut'. —Mr. C. I. Merrill i- at l.or.vilie, with hia Little Giant d ill’, where w<- tiusl he may meet with great smxess. i — Remember the Railroad dunce at Wash­ ington Hall, Fri lav c'fu nc, .tannaiy 2“ , 187 0. —Ecpoitsr5 aud Stm.ii'riphera represent ing different p vpcia are lo te present at the opening of Howell: H\M Low vile, Dext Thuratlay — Daniel F’rutt .1: , Goirge Francis Tiam, James Fiek, J r , and Di. .1. 1. Dunlap, ol out city, nrt mum n> d a* ouejni&tea for tho Fresnlencj. — Wce.nderRtrtudtl.il Mi. NoUou dunes o( our City has j .tt nturcoj from the \ big woods,\ laden with deer ITe had long an­ ticipated a trip to .lohn Urovrn s Tract, and wc arc glad to be inlormcd that it haa been a successful one. — J» y l)im ,.k l..i& our thanks f-ir the Clerk’ Leg..dative Me” ual, and a copy of tbo new J j(l icury u,'pr,p:iat:n|{ to use tho new J u.hci'.rv artirfe of the Consti­ tution. I a wyes iri!! bo interested In its perusal. — A man nn giva his nelglibir a prnmi- gorynoie, tnn'stened hy a tlmd just invented by a Fnnrli ehcitns', i,n 1 m a month after ward theh ddor v\i'.'. have rothi'-g to show for it but a iiltle du«t. It this fart bee iiies generally known, short rreti’s mil I'ornme the rule—in order that tho borrower may come down with the dust before his note does. — The following Bcautitu! tinea from the Avon Journal are In in the Pen of the Poet Wm. H. C. Osborn, an early and much esteemed fried of Mayor (ico. Vi. Flower ADD1K AND GKORUK. llnecribcd to CWr V Vlowec and Lady ; I Oh I dceerl'd bouse ’ nn thy root settles n'jjht Thai v&niihoth not with ibo coming of Itsvht y or hearts la which som.w, liko ours, huldaUi i.lgu BoaslUbt op the halls of momma tn rath And irlootn on the hearthstone, descends liko apatt. While the langutcr of rlil.dhood la hnsbed In the bill. , 1 Li£ht fe.-' on the Mjiir. I.-Ig-tit (are in the door Betoken the pr'-.enrc otGeorvla no morn On Addte. onr rosebud, bat h tallrn n Irosl. And the bloom nil er bcantv tr, - j 13 js»l Tho rotiah hand ot W leer is drspinc with snow. Cold t>©df ebcr 1 I Do |,oli> ,.f o„r Ron a nh old I e low ill Bcrccoucit, d. mon ire*. wlrtaoUr, ngs liar ■'c,t : For word* bringing halm the dear sartor hath said Ahd 1 hear to the rileht of vonr deso'st,. rrlef. A low rpirtt vo ro -id i\H fo‘; of rail, * “Where moons never wan, , and daj stars r.evcrsct- Onr loved 010 . *. nur tost ones rast welcome cs pel '' I mversak'U (Tn rib. Preaching Morning nnd Kvemrg l.y tin. Rev. F. W. Orant. Hcmcin^c-r (h.it mu - « wim Uc at lUo Rink to-nighf il will al-\ open until 104 O’c ‘k. T\r t c i’: in fiik rnn»liti«'n. Dr>\AH\V Thr Ir', i,.’s nf the Rev L. D. While, presiding c',lev nf tho TVatcr- town District, will mnkn him a ilunat.nn visit at bis residence, No. J Hiqh street,on Tuesday, (lie ’2-“*th inst, attcrnnun and even­ ing. A ro-(lial mvitnliru 1 ? rxtoudrrt to all. H T The weath.ar is 11 little difficult lo explain. It m differoDt from what tho prognostications foretold in October. Thon we were suro to have the hardest winter ever known in this country. But as their prophetic sayiDge are sonu lurgottcn, they now very cuody tell us tbat they know wc should havo an open winter, because it commenced so early and so fiercely. Wise men,weather prophets are —what they don’t know is hardly worth acquiring. M hssiir . E d ito ns:—It may be interesting to your readers to know the amount of property consumed, and the amount of damage paid by the Agricultural insurance Company during the year 1S09 : Totally consumed, 60 barns, 80 houses and three cheese factories Paid damages on 119 houses, 51 Barns by lightning, 30 losses on furpiture, provisions and wearing apparel. Nine losses on produce ia Darns owned by others than the insured ; 3/i lossos on livestock, by lightning on the promises of tlie insured. Total amount paid on the forc'-oipg, $95,0ft»3.OS. It. JJ rwew , Gen'l. Agt, Wii'crtcwn, Jan. 22, 1870. state that the is private, not {-{?* 'Vo are desired to pany t , entno ol at I Dexter pub! ic. LOCAL BIJS1MSS \MJCE^ C *T“ A ih ’W*ni»piy t of fJLarrle’ Kid <; loves )us’ no« Ived, Iti Black an<3Colors. D li S anfoiuj A C o . tiT” Ulo«\ Purple Drab and Brt»YvVi rin*!'. (. r La- HackA, nt $l M*eryTard,aJ , D U ti«h 3 MroKD &. (Jo's, r i U rk's '11*-ad, at .Now Vark prices, at L) ii SA-HroBD tu Co'd. lu Dyweiuflj, wu laavc a Rroal rarloly ?rtilch !u : hlUdlc Wo giro tkooo special altcntloa. (‘M. lot out ctrcalar wltto dlrortlons for coloring. U. LEWIS & Co. rtl£ltlr lolcre«tlti.a New* • Mot&oTt take aotif*. Morhf-r Bailey1* ^uicllnxc Hyrup for cm) lic ’i^ocih^u^. Ln»rrc bottics only* 25 ecu'*. Cold by A l Drulififlt-p. ¥ N. M ttmlti, WThoicjalo t, ^ wo N. Y dccliidly j F*iT’ I* uoto <*n*rn t* allzht T or MiLEorioIleiit. j — • ' ig beet locationfr*r l-*o>inc»s sti lliecliy. Uo i c<*t M' ii room, alaett ipd vrc’k Korsm ui> olc I at-'t -<l. well iQXuisiicd ^?itb Itcsl lrrairamcol« ta tho l%n To a person nnarQumnUxlirltb tho bn*-tcPA 0 full UitlmciloaB glvon *TW gtve-a tf ro- quu<‘-l. panicolars. ajddreei W IL. BODKIN. Waicitown S Y. B. LCW1S «5b CO. baro jost added a a ata oot ai i «’i*:ratnr shAdeo tn f hc»y ttook o-l boponox JtTlro pTO*if Moiahc Palcti, an axUc'c lupcrceding Wlilta Lev! («>r Cotuiroi anti Out -Buildings^ aod very iosch be* u. than olhcT kinds of mineral paiola tc ifcicmar- kc* A'-o, a (iifiaUlyoIEsi«U*U for tn ctwi or ehiugAO roofa, at Ho. 3 \Vaahlagtoa J’lacs V\ etcrtcmi, OcL U1SK). dw • best rrrooil» In I »o for i.o o« Coujjha aod Palo. WIIUUS-4LH .W KVT\ N M BM1TS, Droxj'ert, *lJShL»m Watjerlown. fi. V . JEFFERSON rorm' BONDS, T 0 V 7 N O F W 1 I M B O N D S W a t e r t o w n & R o m e R a il r o a d B o n d s . BY TEOGRAPH. TBIS MORNINGS REPOBT H alifax , 31. The report that Prince Edwards Island has accepted the better terms and agreed to confederation is premature. A.n islao pa­ per indicates that tlxe torms are not taatis- factory to leading unionists. They ares dis­ appointed at no provisions being mii:Lao for railways. A woman and three children were biErnet) to death in a bouse at West Point, Parincc Edwards Island, recently. Washington, 2 2 . A Woman Suflrago meeting was heMd in the Un;on League Hall in thia city Iasi evening and was addressed by Miss Jeoinic Collin, of Boston, ITannah Moore Townasend of Philadelphia, and Miss Eliza Stanlowi of the Treasury Department; A ugusta , Me., 2 2. An order passed both Houses of the 3Leg islatore yesterday, for the appointment of a joint committee, to attend, with tho Qovor- nor, the Peabody obsequiss, but su bso quently the Senate reconsidered its wotc and tabled the whole matter. P ortland . Many sensational dispatches in regarcl to the programme of tbe reception of Peabo«dy’s remains at Portland have been publiskaed, many of them without foundation. No programme can be conclusively de­ cided upon until the arrival of George p*ea- body Ruasell. L zvuston , Me., 22. The State Fannora Uomention closed its sessions yesterday. The attendance lias been quite large. 1 W ashinotci . , 3ir. j The bill revisinglawa rclativp__to niL*ilS| I assays and coinage o l the I'nited Staftes, which has been under preparation in the treasury department for some time, w as, yesterday, transmitted to the different mimts and to the assay office in New York, for examination and suggestion. The bill vwil* probably bo sent to Congress about tho fferst ol t-’ebruan. s WAsaLNOTor, 22_ Romo time ago a resolution passed the House calling on the Secretary of tlie treas­ ury fur information relative to the sum of aix hundrod thousand dollars paid tho IT.8. by Japan, aa indemuity JlorJaggressions on our oommorce. The Decretory replied that the books of tho department did not show that any rn-eh ; um had been paid into the treasary, amd that he had no Information on tho sub­ ject. It appears that the Secretary of 8t»te was the proper officer to apply to for Itis information, and a resolution to that ilfeect was introduced a few days ago. TbopoLmt sought to bo obtained by the resolution is whether tho monoy ha« been paid, and if ao whether any portion o f it haa been spent by tho Riato Department or dny other branch of tbe Government. Richard Schell, a leading New York Hroker,was examined s t groat leghth ycstaa- day, by tbo bonking and currency commct reo, concoming the Wa.ll street gold conspi­ racy He went fully into tho subject, ex­ plaining tho workings and operations ot tfcao CJold Bank, and atiribntes mnst of tho Irom ble and disaster which occurred oa thoso memorable daya to that instiintion. ffio a so explained to the committoc the effect which the panic pvoda -cd to business Inteir ests generally all over tho cotmtry, ands.i^i many ot tbe best mon and strongest houses Dad not yet i-ccovcred from. It, and tt w«a doubtful il they ever would. Tho committeo seem to be very desirous of obtaingal! informition tobchad respects ing this branch of tho subject, as tha cont- In the live stock market yeaterday the supply of beeves was light for Friday, and buyers were compelled to pay a little ad­ vance* but there was scarcely any improve­ ment in tho dead meat market. Sheep wero in modorate demand and with light offerings on thia aide the river. A f.xir business wa3 transacted at Ccmmunipatv. Live hogs were nominally uuchanged, with none offered. Dressed, bogs were more steady. Rec -ipta were 835 beeves and 8,512 sheep. Gen. Gillmore sailed on the LaFayette o day on atwo months aksonco in Europe, to make certain eDgincuriDg investigations tor the governmcnt. AFTERNOON DESPATCHES. C C M B X E I ’. O I A L . Now ’S'ork StocS and IKonoy Bffartxot. nxpoaTEi)i-ob a. r. paddock a co ' s n x r . L e g a l Nxw Voau. Jt\un-iry, Opened rretk, bm became f.iru*- 166Vs ubout yt belter. Q.h.fi ’8 5-20 coap. ’‘iSlM* U.L G'» &-20 coftp. ’<H VX> b'ti (5-20 coup. ’OC do Newleeuy. .. CJ.K 6's 5-20 coup. '(51 U fc (;'flB.20coap. *63 lCM 'i Ht^isteretl. . . . IC M O c o a p o n a .............. VLi^rli»ln.e ex. roup . Do i.'anew ........ Te.' n. f»'f* ex coup .. tift new . . . . We-if.Eorco A Co A-di'ttU Kiprcw . A tr ’rlciiti Kspree-a.. U. Uxpreee> W. W.Tei'gratm PH-C'fiC J) 1 >-7d >’raJ I c«l!, Teio (VL*V r. 114* • vl.A A' . {. i t [N 1 n u X.Y.U. Jfc 11 H.IC 'J-‘e 1141a N. Y. CentFil, ecrip E,ric. .. Siin, prel.. . •}«|v 114 UcAdinc 111 Hoclson Hlvor. . —. Wi Chicago and A»ion in MV do do pref 145 i,l Mlcli. Centra 1. 1171, ’4, Laki- Bborc Ml rolrdf> A >\ ritlifthh M v*i fi. AT. 11. . yt ill A AT H pref ,v. IHV, li iixo'i* (.Vntral 1% \.0 « C'lcvt*. A I’l* t.s -AH ‘’titu?o m d K 1 ;i-i ^ i ChiCJitro and N. W 41 \ 1 do r.: r <! N . \Y. wo* ^ * a STBHLalfili XlClli^U a— I\ ti<3l fic g li s b Froduco aod 0tock M arkot L o n d o n . J a n u a r y 22. — I P M. Money ‘*'X\ Accouut KlVi i raunc&n Secoritics ouiel. . of i^\> o'd w; !*«:,►■» » 10 40' b , 85. fc'ocks qoiet Bt-f, Is-a,' IJlino‘tj Ctn»r«l, , Lml Wt». 44 »ru OUPKKillE CXMJIir—FRANCES BAODBT v. - Mlza'wth Bdiiyivttfi otbeis. Jn Partition. In jiurfluanceof a judgment in partition Iu tliieec- t.’oi^we shall noil at uublir aaof.oa ut tbofciouseof Prances.Baeley. in Hocnetield.on tho 29tb <*ay of January, 1S70, at 30 o’clock in tho forenoon, the real estate of which Oouiol Hare, late of tho town of Houn He d, diotl seized to wtt:-AJl tho following; ci'R-crli't'd tract or parcel of lend, situated 1 u said Hounutteld, belug i»art uf Ureal I>ot No. Twenty J-t-'en. B giunit) r in tin con tro of tho old Roue -t.i’nrortd, KtilieN Cf*u.:r oia'co acre'or deeded i to Donni- 1 *armor. ih-M.cajA ong * north bounds V\ 150 cbftlhp a i*<* li ii^Ks ton }>r>vt in i t« ouut Duvets lot of l*i>* (U acies de^-dvd Waiihv Fanner: i bento aloofi the t*H#t I tie • ( said 1 i N Sn,o K live c.haiuftto a poet; tUotuu tsoutii SlJ^o K twenty chains 9 link* to tho centra of the almesaid road; thenc* alo.ig nftid contto S Q%o W five chains lo toe p uce -■*f li-ulunii'K. fimtaiulug ten (I 0 )acree an earvejed by J. blntd* e, veg , * ept, 1833. A’eo, all that oerta n t>t <»r parcel ol and lyiugtQ Hoscsaeld. in the coun­ ty it ml Hato aforepa’d, and is bounded »» follows: Sonhby the road leading from tho village of Brown- villo to vV’atertovm; Wcet by a lotof l»ud beionglDg >o ico heirs ol tho widow Payne; Nort b by the iana torinorly sold James Wood, ond Easi by a lot ol !;»ud belonging to thn Drown viltePresbyterian Socl- ety, and nowcK'cupled by Joel ih Sotcbwurtb, con- Tiuuhig about dfty Kod»of laud, be the cime mere or Ivn. W. F. PORTfifi; JOHN SUELDuN, P. LANSING, Daud Dec 20v 4w OommlMloncri. O O H I O T I S f l l O N H n ’ B S A L E . Loan Office, Jefferson Co, Nov. -i, 1869. DeLnlt having been* made in tbe payment of the Interest ou tbe following mortgages, given to tho '-'oimnlesionera for loaning carwiu moneys of tho I'u'todbtates for tUe coanty of Jeflerson, Notice Is hereby given, ihat by \lrtao of tbe power of sale contained In said mortgages, and by vlnuaofan act ot . nu Legislature ol the H ate of New York, enti tied i • I’/'nc a loan of certain moneys belong- • .led Dtatc*, deposited witb the State of New York for sni'd aeeptug, pftiiod April 4th. 1887, th*’ premists dcucrioedln the following numbered m< i '•ii!,;'va. will bt» told at public vendue on the sec- ou i Tuesday in Pobruary next, at the Court Bonse iu i he i i*y of Wutertowu, ut 11 o’clock a in. of that dnv. Toe said mori^a^ea urc as tolioiva to w.i Mortg-ago No* 5fl6~Principal JKW, inu-jost dc^. Or* t*t. iriu ; dated Feb.‘M. 1*^“. Edward M'M’nnrt!, Dmui.ville; Alt tuat lot oi IaqiL being l»iu i of Hu* .5 unit ■'{'.» weateru aud of the iWi northern rar :ool i.i.- •*uWi vision of Ur«^t Lot No.iofMc- I Ccmh'a purchAeo In tho town of Jlrownville, brgln- ’ nic^ ola i*o« u where tho centro ot tlio bwocney hruak Inters-. <i« lb** centre of the Pillar Point, road: the fcjimo bolt t- tb<’ mo«t northerly angle of 43 50-100 ocr^-s of laud tieodcii by K. Kcrby aod wUolo Judah Mm . nnrd, t ji. irCio, running tbcnce np tho ccntro of r aldbioob. N o w one chain 29 links, theuco N itvo chaius to ibo Chaelnole line, t Lcucq alum; s&l.i Ituu N 87 s \V 47 ChniUfl34 links to tu Don vinnj bcntmg west fifty links from a large bate wood iriio, then 8 41 J? chains 10 links to tho ecu .root eaid Pillar Point road, snd thence along the eamo N 43,\°E 30 chains eighty sevon links to ------- Grover & Baker HaeUw! 26 C olton opoucd fi nn, I. i r £ nro ■., t . WB WILL GIVE YOU C o *H)M OUU LArtGE AND COMPZaKTE 8TCCH. F U E I s r iT T J J R E AT THE LOWEST M a r k e t P r i c e t c r G e s h , Call onco, aud yon wiu come again Lutha CITY FURNITURE STMS, 1 9 * 2 1 rouri St. W a terinun, N, V S. B VANDU.ZUE & Co W a t e r t o w n C i t y M e a t M a r k e t T HS SDBSOftllfBR HWINfi PL'R‘;HA8RDT0K interest of John N. Robinson in tbo Rutcber- inp BostnefM, In tm Shop Jfo. 55 Fliblic {Square* bv tho Rxpre** ndjoming Waeh- ItiL tan HnU lilock, is prujwrcd tofurnieh ih^ various ktnlB ot Mi»ATH at at» tat\so\ able rates aa any shop tn me city of thoeiuno quality. Sausage and Minco OToat Oxxtllo order i r Cattle and Hogs flaaghterrd at reaoonable pntes, Bologna and Frying Saneagcs constantly on baud foreato, or made to order, for shipping. /tftO-l'OULTlIY of the vatohb I kinds, and BEEF BY TflB cjUAitTER. IU grh cured and smoked, boap Grease for aaio. W. P. DAfflN. . jiovTTddbwlm * th- pUco of boginulQs;, containing!land-14-UiJ of 'und. oiort- or Iw, as eurveynd by Jame« ttbfcids. acres hor,(, 1*569. 1 *iir K. D. ALLEN. D. M. HALL. Loan Com. for JolT. Co N e w Yorls Froduco Nlarttets. NSW Yoiu. January Jl, 18C9 ASH^S - 7 3i©7 69 for Fot s. C'tTTON— S o m l u s l - a s m id d lin g n p l s u d t . FLOUtt—8 tudjr. Koceipts 6,000 Oftrreh. Bulej f>.LOO, 1’hfltBOIor SnpcrtDio State icu3 Wostorn : Common to choice Extra BtAto 6 003 6 10 common to choico exits Wcsten -i 90*3610 ; Common io choice round Beop Ohio D 1026 29. ETB FLCDIi-t^uint Bales IOO Bsrrcle ; at 4 50® a £fi TV R HAT—Bettor Eeccipta AfXX) 3^,000 nt 130 Winter Bed wes­ tern;! W white 8taho. CORN—Better. Receipt* P.O00 tsdcf, 66,000 nt OO for New Mixed We*tern. O ATB—Firm. Recta. 5,000; u l o a 20,000 nt 6S&G0 for FORK—Bo»vy, B*celpts 100 barrels, r 75H00 CO New mess, 27 TB for Old. B8X?—Stesdy. COT-MCATB-Qexlot, T.ARD-Qalet. IOO force*- st 16317 tor Btctm Refiuod ; 173^ lectio rendered BUT TEH-Qn'oL 17<Wl Ohio; for State, CnRB8K— Q a le t 16018 EOQB-Qnloi. ST7GAKK—QuieL for Oabe. PEPRM! Su --Drill !74S1>4. S i PLRMK COURT—County of JeDersoti.—Frnn ' ca Ikfiloy u.;cl. Ellzohelh Bxirr, John Hero, Dociol Hare, Jacob ILarc, Voronncs EcKoe, Thozxms Rare, William Bara, John fi. Baeley. and Frodcnck B nagloy. I'd tho s bovo named daiandJUili You arc hereby summoned to answer tho comDlalnt of ut«s Djgley,igley, plalnUff,UHnUff, a copyopy off whicnwlll be ] only o! Joilercon, * p a c o U cd tn ihu clorlc’A offlco In the Cui and to Rcrro u copy of yoar answer on tho imbscrf- ber at bis office in the ruligo of Watertown, wtthls twenty dojo after iho eentco of _thl» snmmous, <x* B. DAGLEY, dnsiTO of the day of sorvico. or the plAinlHT will ap­ ply u> tho court lor tho relief demanded In thl com- p'.alai Tbo complaint stae filed In the JdTereonCounty Clerk'a Office, Juno 23dl868. Plnluttffe Attorney. ' -s * “ Coaj d«m N. York & Oswego Midland RR 60 nds Interest 7 per cent, payable i n V'UI *eini- I mittve will undoubtedly recommend Borneo non tidily. UNION PACIFIC E. R. BONDS. Interest U;icr rent, in +j>ld, p-rzyabU mtmi- an>> v 0U(. M issouri V a l l e y R a i l r o a d B o n d s , Interest 7 pe»r c*nt. in gold, p*ayaHe xrmi- nni'fdVy. ( ///(,’4 (r'O. D A W l L r j: ^ VlXCEKFgfi K M in o A D noNr>$* f r, T per cent, \n gold, pr*yr0»U itri.i nnn HijJhf. S o u t h e r n O o n tr a l R- B, o f T J e w Y o r k intern* 7 y'r in pewyoNe icmt \it . • <(!/</ A.ioftL shore sccurlto* (nr sale opon tho M O S T F A V O R A B L E T E R M S , ami kept const ant1 v on hand for immediate datlTrry at t he Governmrst SocnrilleA Uakon In Bxctxsnffo for the above at tbo O r g a n ized,—-Tho journeymen prin ters of this c ity, rnet last evening at the Jackm a n Houso, for the purpose of form, ing a P rinter’s Union, which was effected by the adoption of a constitution and by-hws, election oi officers, and other necessary acts. After which a vote of thanks was returned to the gentlemanly Proprietor of ih e , Jackman Houso, E. W, Peterson, for the gratuitous accommodation famished for the purpose o f effecting fcvir organisation. Highest New York Quotations On tbo <1 av of pair* ^ v^Iph to cfiU *Jio sttcnfclon of tbosc dcairlDE Do oxchangc. or hating to IS3VEST To the fact that aroofteriogthe above eecorttie* at I j o w e r than they have heretofore been offore<l la thD naar ktt. Wo aro also agents for a-U the otfcer RAILROAD BONDS, Offoved ta tho market ajl can fniutah Lfcan on itaort notice THB HIGH E S T M K R liE T H R IC E 1 PAID FO B G-oId Coupons, Coin, AND C a n a d a M o n « y Z I ro reifn D raft* fer Bala oat *11 Oho f f l l f e m f C i t e s o f S a r s p i . W W J B t C a s h i e r . JLII Ain e^islnLion that will prevent a reappeiraawi of the panic hercnltcr. James Fisk, Jr, and hia partner, J By Gouid, ajrived last night, aod will be cxz- axninod to day before tfae banking and cur-- renry committoe of the House.', T he Senate financial committee yesterday resumed the consideration of a bill to fund tbe public debt, but laid it aside for ttas« porposo of considering tbe Ho tec pToposb- tcon of de6ning the mowning of the law nnd ooxtend tbo iocoxno tax during 1870. Attecr agreeing to report this measure the com - naittee proceeded to discuis thofnaditig biL' bat did Dot roraplrtr the mr-.unro. Tba committeo are dea^ooa of matatins n bill tbat will insure the fimdinguf lb-- ua.ionaS. debt at a rato of interest that will Uac ceptahi' i\ tlio holders ot the priusnt bonds. They ba vo been mablens yol to agreo upmi ih- rnto o f interrn’.lo ho si- lowed. Grnernl Howard ia oonalantlv receiving advices from the Southern Stnto «>l Ilia pxxrehaso of real estate by tho negtoco, wlira aro nheorhing all tlie land offered them.-— (3ov. Bcott, of Rout.li Ce.Tr.limi, has, sinco h\ came Into office, sold to tha blacks o! th&t- 8fc»te, about 10,000 acres at from $1 to IS dollars per acre. In another Instance, in his lato tnp to ihe South, Gen. Howard was prcaent trhon an ex-Blave owner sold to four of his former slaves 700 acres of his planta­ tion, for which they paid him halt cash and Rare him their notes for the other half Aa the House meets only tor dob,to to­ day, the Virginia bill will not come ap till Monday. The general expectation is that there will be a lively time between Butler and Bingham. The forrncr threatens tore&d tho latter out of the party, and sftoTwsrds to add more strengthening provision! lo the bill tnd pass it ovor Bingham’s head. It is thought that the Houio will concur in the Senate's amendments to the bill. N bw Tons, 22. It ia now claimed by responsible parties that there is not any truth in tho affidavits lately made in regard to extensive whisky frands. I t is laid that the pe sons who aro accused w ill voluntarily glvs themselves np. \Wm. Douglas, owner o f the yacht Sappto ban published * challenge to tuny yacht in Great Britain or Ireland to sail agaiost his ormft, from Ospe Clear to Ssndy Book, in the month of J u l y llxa Jewish Reform o h u rch,oi Brooklyn, wm iwUcatod jMMKtfy, £ ) o a o o s t M a k e N L o n e y . No m o re lcS e r o a e a e Horror».\ GLAsS LAMPS BREAK & EXPLODE, C a OSFNQ F I R E J J I 0 M tE J M T II. CAPAS® WANTED I Good C&QT»*ors can m&ko money and do good sol- li qsz tba. PERKINS «& HOUSE PA T E N T Non-Explosive Kerosene Lamp. TT CAN NOT BE EXPLODED Br mythlmr Short of N ilro & ly c ire n e O r G u n p o w d e r. V?o cJiun (or tbit rcmxrtable Lxcrp lit. Absolnt* 8«Xcty andcrall Circum^tasoes. 9d. It glvok twlooi* much li^hl from game ileed vrlek. 04. It uses 8S per cent. less olL 4th ,ltls oraamculal aod durable—Lasts a life lime. 6Ux. ltjnvoa no odor la linrnlns—i-amcd nsvei eo low. GiUrt TTiQileedlaoModfiamelft eipoclaUy woodorfuL IlL It Ls a occceafol rlinl of gas si a tridlnfl ex- ixsn sc. ’ OK1NIG248 IN BEIEFOF EMINENT MEN. Prof. 77. S . Clsik, Prciident of Boss. Aari. Ool- Iccpsars: •’insnoa-cxpioslve. Tbo llgm Is bct- icr is produced t»y any other lamp, 1 Mllrre i Hla’tanescosqmylD vleaof tfcmfety, tho quality ; n&fi q-asaUl? oYm’M. and Ihe darablUty of this lamp, to throw away saHoifrer kinds and nse this only.\ C. T. Jacfcaon%. D.. of Boetcra, etaio Awayrr, Nays: ‘*1 (led tt tm Irom all danger of osploslon. when cxiwsed io O&j ecvtrrat proofs. Its cenerai lntrodoctioix, la plsc« of ibo anMfo plass lamps, will savemach property irom firo and prercnt tho*# fcarfaj oapltwloa#. wblcti hire so ofleu proved lataJ to life. Tbo Now York TrWnino ears; \No other is per­ fectly safe. All tho points oi dancer have boon so carefully guarded lliix disaster Is rlmply an lmpoe- albttlty. Tbe Ncvr York Indepondotit sars: Notbtng more iieod bo said to Trlog tala lamp st onco Into pobltc coofiddncc and Onlvexsal o«o. BL18B A LAMB, Gon, Apentfl iiovl3wtfdllewl Por Northern N. Y Watertown. \ c r e s c e n t milt a \ WATERTOWN, N. Y. R . C. FULLER, Proprietor. film c ro E v e r e t t E s ta t e . N OTICE TO CRBDITOttB.—Pnrauant lo on or oer mado in this manor by WllUam W, Taa jart. Etq Sorroirniool Joffbmm County* N.Y. No lice is hcroby elvon accordUig; to taw to all parson* Laving claims agalnit EUnor* KverrtL Uteof Wa- toriownln tald county, dscaa&od. that tbey aro re- qolrari topreaeot ibo eamo with tn* rtracheri tbero- oi to thetnbtcrlbers, tbo aomlnUttitur* At, ot tbe aald decoaacd, at tholr reatdeocM In Watertown, ufoi oaaui. on or boior* tbo ftnt day of Jan nary,1870. l>utcU Jiuio 14 th. 1600. RICHARD D. AD a HB, CALVIN SCRIPTUR&. janlMGm Adnmustniorm. A b agail H a r d y ’* X ita t e . N OTl 0K TO CHSDITOBB.—Pnnuint Co u order m»dt by Hon. W. W. Tigcnrt, BnrmsWoof Jel- IcrsoQ county. N. V. notice l« nsxob; ctren tccord- Ide to lav, u> all porvoo. bavtax claim, sxalnat Ab- «*»' I Bata;. Lato of Ilntiand, coontj md State aToro- (Lid, dotcucd, that ttaoy aro loqialxedto pram tho aomo with tbo voucher, thereof lo tho (nbeenhex the cxcctnor, of tbo la*t will and teataxnexat of tho •aid deeeucd. at ble place of reeldaaca InftnUssd a1, retatd on or before thelatdajof June, A. D. IITU A DDIBON W. H ' 8DT, Dated Nov. 12. IfW -Cm- Kxecntor. J ^ K W B O O K S —J A N . 2 1 . F O R S A L B B Y STERLINGS MOSHER TWISTED TEIUIDII bj M. D. Naaman- TBE FISHER HA1DBN by BJornatterno Bjerneoo WORDS OF COMFORT by Wm. Logno POLITICAL ECONOMY by Horace Orc.loy. STL'DIES IN BIBLE LANDS by W L Otago. WIUTTAJIFRS ALMANAC for 1870-London. TENNVSONS P0BM8- -Illuetnlted, for $1 00, PUH8UIT OF HOLINESS by Goolboro. OYFHHR— A romance by Jane G. Austin. HRS. UEBALDS NIECE by Lady Folletton. d KEINO JESC8, by Dr. Nolson. Over tho Hedue or thn Qato Openad. glTOHI!I,OR’l H AIK DDE. ~ba ibeat olroi _so _ ______ ____ It ta perfectly harnaloin—rnilahlo—Inaftvlan- Tlae BCeoeut Im p roranent o f *XMI::C*X*. b ra t t e d G r o v e r de lakex MEMM m a c h ine,, place theae « . . i e ~ Adrance o r aU Othir*. : Thoblaheat Prcminmeat aU the Vibe aedIxhl- bltione of the United Statea and Europe, havebeea awarded to the Gxovor A Baker Wachanea. thl t a , ! workdonoby tltejnwherevereihlblbidlnooaietl- tlou. The veiy hlghaat Prize, the Croae of the uion of Honor, wu awarded tho rep reach tativa of the Graver Ai Baker Sewing Hachmet at the Parli Kx- hlblUon. 1007, thus attesting their great fltatrlotitv overall othermnchlnoe. vaiwranzcy Tho Grovor ft Baker Sewing Hachine Col mennlacturo both the Shuttle and Elastic? Maculntrs, thneaffording purchaicrs thn npeee,, of clocttag after trial and ft, n—» jwi Huiu-dtu tbelr wanta. No other CoBtpuI doe* REASONS WHY THEY ARB BtftZRIOK: 1 Drantyand Elasticity of etttch. s. Porfoctlon and simplicity ofraacu, :t Not liablo lo get ont of order, and eto.d. ■ i Adapted to all hinds of work withoutehaate ot ten ? ion. $ Beam rotalne its beauty md dnnnots after wathlng andiropi\” D Knee of 7. Beaides , ,uuwu. nuia uuu, oj taetcx machines, theso rnlllo, poff, gatheraad sewee at tho eatno time, and doDho moat beantlfel MtMr- maoent Embroidery and Orwamentet wivV;.: T Binders, Cordere, Braiders, Tnck-raarlowKaDdmll the Important accessories to s modem DewtoM tdw- Cblnn Of tholatest aud meet approved ttyKfmlaA- ed fi l tho lowest prices. - Machines delivered tad tmlruclfiWl ^LYtolllm par' of tho fen id ® ia« G A.tiUitTiUtt, Agori^MwoodlBdildSltE. PilPHIJR COY7*»T~CX>UK TT OF J*P- O PSR80N,—To HlUyD.fioeer^OhxrlasC. Bar­ rett aod Henry Horton. Dc/endxnts. Too tro her«- by sommoned to aoswer iho conaplilnt of AloxxD- dor ('rrplrj, PNIntjfl which w»s filed in tbe Jctftr- ron Coaoly Clerk’s QfDco, Nor. 9filh, 1869. and to arrro * copy of yoar toswor on the »ab*cribcm *t tholr offlfDin iho City of WaUrtown, Jcfferton Oo. N Y trl’b'n twenty aHer thoicrv cool tids eninmrraa, cxcln*i7.> of ihe day of isrrlcej or tho plaintiff wll tAko JndpnentienmstTon tor flrohran* Srad twoniy rwo doHareand Afty-thre© cmls, with Interest on tire handrM dollin thereof from March 80,1- G6. basldo* coil* HODDARD A 1YHIQHT, NoT23dflir Plalntjff’a Aiotney®- D ISSOLUTiaN OF COPAfiTNEBflRIP. Thopartnenhlp heretofore exlitlnjf tmdtr tbe firm nameofCuminlDs AQrtre*, tnddotoi? bnilQee* as Orooen, at (40*81 A 83Pnbllcdqaart, Wmtcrtown N. Y . wai dissolved by mutual content* on the 97th da? ox Noremoer. 1809. The bmlnee* will be ccmilnaed at’be old fltsnJ bytamtnlniifc Bardlcfc. AJllhoeo Indebted (o tbe laic firm, are req nested to call at tho old store and settle Immediately. CCkDdRB A GRAVES* doc9dSw S C7PRRMB COURT—Connly of J«ffer*on-Jobn Cook vs. Jobo N. Cook. Sammons far Money. To tho above named defendantYon are hereby inmxnooed to answer tbo complaint oftb© pklntlii in this action, which vra* filed with tho clerk of tbe eoaatv of Jefferson ot Watertown* R. Y. Deo. 24Lh, 1869, asd to fcrro a copy of yonr answer on the mb- acriber at hi« effice In ibo cltrof Watertown, within twenty dayi after tho nerrlce ot this ntnmoni upon you, cxclmivo of tho day of inch eorrico; and If yon fair - - 4 *• - T best in the world—doc* not contain, load—no rltriel polwona to paraly the system or prodnca daath. It Is perfectly ha—‘ - • •• *-•*• •oua. *— • boost eacope tho doncwr, Thie cinolmi Qalr Dye bae thirty years” reputation to uphold it* Integrity Bold by all Drajfgipta md Fcrftsmera, and property iot'a Wto Factory, ha 15 Bond 8L Nor^dly amdlsd at Batchi new York. ,n\\ to ansvrr eaid cmnplalnl is hereby reqnired. the n lalatllT w .......... and lalatlff will toko jadgmeot agalnat yon for elihixn* j?d and sSguty- ono dolTaxa c with !nter?«rfrom Dec. 24* ISO! ;y-one dolTaxa end twenty ono cents . 1S09. Imsldea coats. D.O’BRIKN, Plfta Ally. Dated Due. 34, 1SG0. SSdfiir WATERTOWN GBNKRAL INSURANCE AGENCY. MYHQN BEEBEE, Agent, O l d H A r t l o r d , —H a r t f o r d H Ineas ................................ l‘b o o n ix, Hanford ........... ptl V Klr«, Hartford . . . . P u r e are, Hartfordiuuju — r o a r s a n c c e c itultnrj* 1 ,347,10* 1,467.81* 500,0^6 K w ,m .............. .6 8 8 .9 0 0 Con- rrtleat,H artford ....................... 341,013 •eon- «v New York.. International,N o w York. .. U N ITED STATES,. ........ Not* K n g lan d , ldfk.Bogttm.. G u a rdian, Life Now York ....... N a tio n a l ........... ,1,708,611 .1,177,409 .4 6 0 0 0 0 T,* 0 0 006 1,*00.000 1,000,006 6. F. PADDOCK & COMPARY'S B A N K , NojO W aahiogtoo Street, W a tcrtoim , N. Y. Wf Keep on hand and supply all the First Class Rondo and Securities in market. Persons seeking investments m il do well to see us before purohasiiuj. We have for sale and immediate delivery, Missouri Valley Railroad Bonds, int. 7 per cent, gold. Rockford ., Rock Island & St. Louis Railroad Co. First Mortgage Bonds, int. 7 per cent., gold. Railroad Bonds endorsed by the State of Alabama, int. 8 per cent., gold. Potsdam •. <£ Watertown , and Rome, Watertown ds Ogdensburgh Railroad Co. Mortgages. Council Bhiffs amd St. Joseph Railroad Co. Bonds. Lewis Co. Toxon Bonds , and Jef­ ferson County Bonds , bearing 7 per cent, currency interest: and other securities. Government Bonds, and the vari­ ous Pacific Railroad Companies Mortgages, and all the Stocks vn any market, furnished on application. Persons desiring to sell or ex­ change Govemments.’or other Bonds can do so on tho mostfavordble terms at this office. Accounts qf Individuals. Compa­ nies and Corporations, received on Liberal Terms. Certificates issued bearing inter­ est. Gold Drafts. Gold. Silver. Cana­ da Money, and Coupons, bowqht and sold. Collections made everywhere m the U. S. and Canada, at the lowest rates, and a General Banking busi­ ness transacted. O R I N C. FROST\ Cashier. 0 Kase of operation and freedom frott aoCsk doing all kinds ol work dcba b r other O R E D O X L A B . In coatequeac* of thagenmldeeBDt ImytMi UM Great Shoshonees Bemedfl of tun Indian Dr. Joaephn* o f foharidaTterifcnrl now reduced In prion to ona dollar pac N t t lt diced In prion to This MWIMIII mm P) thogrwiUatMbdlcalTffuttbb moat loitlsg boon eror laid at th* lifer of mMmt ' * oftredte t l w M l ' I M . enw Hkin DiwMM, Haaiorf, and * \^ - r •'rrrnitia' Onnutaa &COVWT vrttaoat mesmZSSSs^Si ions, banco ww u k when m i thw* m r t m i C Man'araetared by Dr. I o t a s * ftM rt l l r i M L N Y. For aale by all dnal^Tfn town. Sep. \ uw Cm The subKrlbor. br Mill. Is now manntid Ibis well known tg aU tha C H O I C E B R A N D S OF F A M I L Y F L O U R , ALSO, MIXED FEED, AC., and solicits t 'ball from his old customers snd otbera- Aitdbtw W eldix w to his been for eight rears 1b charge of ths grlud'tig, will bs contlnaed in the mill, whienwm bs as sufficient guarantee tocnatomers. CASH PAID POR GRAIti. \W~ Order* left it tba Flonr and Fred Store, No- 7 A r s e n a l I k . °r«t the Mill, wtll receive prompt attention. R . O- r u L L Z R . norJQ dw Sreas XSakizif and IK iU inery, (W~ MRS. 8BARL would Bay lo tho ladles Jil Wltertownaad vtalnlty; t(i»tl¥sai th!, date aba will tell her goods, oomlltlng ol Flowera, Feathera, La- oei, Crape, Ribbont, Velvet,, Grenadine tor Valla and Jockeja at vorj rednced pricea. Those wbo ban n o t pntcbaaed their Millinery, can save twmty- Ive p er cent, o r more, by,calling a t II Arcade. Don’t forget the number. S H * B irV « O F F IC E —To all whom 11 may concern:—Take Nuitloa that. \ -■—flce Shari* of Jiffienoti County will t 10 a o oi tba be kspt at thaatore of Baker aad Oblttanies. ts tba ORy oC T a t.none j s s f l B P a a 1ST These nro Old, S t r i n g C o m p a n ies, D w elling* a n d C o n tent* tnmrad from one to Ito yean, nt the lotnat rates. Life lnaurancn'.ln rollablo Compsntca. Call on mo before Insuring or renewing your pol- IctWi a t Bajor & Beobee'a Jewelry Btora. IKYBON BBEBKE, A g e n t, Watertown August 59. 1867 Sep H°* , FO R T H B H tO L ID A Y B ! J . W ”. P E O K , At the OH Stand, No. 80 Streeter's CBlock, Would inform tbe dttsens ol Watertown, that he haa Just received for tho HoUdaya, a choice aaaort ment of O O N F B O T I O N A . B Y . which cannot be excelled In quality or price, by any house in tbs city. He also tariies attention to Ms S t o c k of O raon a n d D r ied D r a f t* , Vegetables, Poultry, 4c. He has also a aelactlon oT CHOICE FAMIEY GROCERIES, of Teas. Coffees, Sntars, area, Po?k, Urd, EKe, __________ _epttna first clase Grooe- ry. The publlo are invited to call and examine onr goods and prices, which will compare fawdrab y with any honse in ths city ia quality and cheapneta. dedSdwlv I t y Jllia Dana Bcwxsy Macasrxm.—We, tho un­ dersigned, have a D aw is F a m i l y Som rlsf B l a e h l a s , snd linvo used tho same in our Store ovury day for noarly two years: tt has boon ran from 10 to 18 boors svory day (Snnoays excepted) and has never been repaired ot given oat in tho least, and la to-day apparently aa good as naw- WTOGINB. JOHNSON A Co. Watertown, Sept. i. 18GB. X.A1ROXV A B S T T 0 , stp&Hw-wSm ■ So L Iron Block, Aganta. WATEETOtVN FIBB EN8URANOE COMP AST. 1 WAmatroim N. Y. Jan. 8d, 1870. f T H annual meattng of the Stock holders of tbs Watertown Fire Insurance Company win b e held at their office on Wednesday, the lstb lnit. at 4 o clock p. m. JESSIE It. ADAMS. 6«o, deow * wJw y f a t w w fb a z b s s . About loo Common Window Frames, for 14 lighted Sash 7x9 glaas—for sale Cheap. Knqalre of ft. W . 8 T R H B T H S Jan. 4,1670. dlt* , f . S CA L B S , We havclen hand lor sale in assortment ol from ths B U F F A L O S O A L E W O B K S , ' (fhkfijwa: w IU. bs U Obtap. Xvay Scsla w u n lM tARGXKT A SnUkTT, 'mat, dfirwu. Actual Cnro of Scrofula sod B Y S B t Great Shoshonees RaaadT Gaasr»,».Y. IspC. 19*,. ' Da. Yotma Jt Bao.—I daalrw to iatM aydd - ih. Bumlooa afibcts o l t h s e r w t w i K ^ l f i K . edy rn onr fitmlly haw* basa « raati£fii*k ijsiy, m*- My.- 4««*k*ar.was-aweMC conld harm expactad. MtKed.hsTkiia IxpaccoratnlKKh MfueOaa amd ___________ itte, and wmairaaUy axkaattad. Ska was mg togrtuatrrsoto cbarekfotmraratham ......... was attended by phyateUMrSmdMM for naarlrtwo y»*ra, bat stlB Msttel and.the * « o r at tut tiaufi thsU lstsnmr.3 ol the osm U ob , asd that aU t e m f i i f w lelvo haraofflfrtBga; w* (klly Ifpiltsd but were providentiallyI»la>«4loIry s i ________ Great Bboskoaat* Rsasedy, amr.thaagMIs Wtmta S E f f i S ' f i w e s s i ' s r t a s t •ay ahe has actatUy qiits rsreywral lMr miMr DCAitA. . */•* '-’-S** . * My mtc» irom Elmira la also ttkfekth* W m t r IV. -mpapeiawilh g o o d E « n ltt7 n s r ...... of inch arsxntiy 1< what haabsealoasct n. Dr. E m mm. with oratsfai: MM. Mark the tatxmonyef ihePn, D r i . I sm wtH acqasittsd wllh Hre. Stacg, aat Mr danghter whanaanasdthafihoshas taaT imstymfi can testify In tbs tallest mduax te thalridiikibmi- lng, and to tno rtiitbleneat oCthafr Mr -------- _ JAKES Rcdor ox a t m a r * chaick, Qtswa,! AanngsuUnti w* JW isa>9ttI>’-; JanlB-vrly . .. . t t >nu Mannfac wring Company. Hnly UcotMntsC )*. - catcd, and doing bnsiscsi In ths cltj .......... county ol J 6 ffM* 0 B, H*w Yotk. d o i ___________ pubilah their tnnnil rsport,aadklt«ihsttMs*^. tai<>{ aald company Is MOAltt, wMtk hMWhma S aid In cash. tnatthe mil anaOnat of M* 4 * 1 3 5 obt at this date la |S5 MIS. * Dated Jan. 18th, S0i\k| O-^A- SBfUUM^FNK- 6. IRADTORDrr jwnt, D. W.BAIDO WM . V D C E - L rpow ,^ U * t t L P. Powers of Walertowa. batngdtly *mm *tyt that ha la secretuy of tha Portaiblt »asm H*8ta*«. Manutactnrtn* Ua. that h* ba* ri*i:UN fc«Wta*: report and examined tha book* snd pasanorasH Corporation, with reference Ihsnis M '.ttM the Information therefrom aadUMlfikSH m d a .----- oi said Corperauan, ths repWfiS Inihs.lba haataf deponcnta knowledge, Infanmttda aai kaWaf, . . • I. FfJOWMMgr 94m Subscribed and sworn to HfcWH Ihla-WllRF.t of Jan ITU NT Annaaml Maaa li ny” duly mrorporated, located mad' in Ut* city of Watartowi, t. o n t y M T HE nndarstaaed, tha prrajdi of \ T lisaard ------------ tn tha city of ; ----- .... ... — York, do hereby mate andPibllahthtlr; port, and slats that ths capital ataxk M *1 ny ia 849,08), which has all b*e» paid ta. Ml amount o f lu exittlngdebtmt thl! fiat* Ditedjany 171S70 , A LaiNoiSaX - -rs fiw&SEp 47n**vS347'.'L-:'.'7;Aj:''i L. A. Johnson, of Watertown, balni dhly awata asye that he fa Secretary of ’’n t Y M L l N M w : Hauulhctnrlng Comparav.'' That he kaa rtal t h SnhecrllMdauid *Wom tb. .baton m )US1*I9: SttP of janary 1STO. J F MGWETT J m «> ................ —a Inn line o f PertamcrlMrToIM (at !F 9 *k** MI:': eaci tot th* Hariidayt 3 1 4 9 1 8 * Oa | • C o m a w taaw a .—t t yoa vrsmfe ina*;6ii: coffea. Pariccuy Fart, EvaalyhmwaiaiMia taardar lamypateet griodana* at W M Khw* cawtf.) \ e 'm m 'w t S m S . •ffd P H E FO R »A rfw * 1 * H ft i s

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