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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, January 21, 1870, Image 2

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h H t a l l h . * . , . M M m , fit. Paul, to that toMilwtiatMm niMIoth* roluo of medlclsel , pM ta 7M*(P9»clated. In the Old Testament bo. MeVtiti'tirelrt** *» repeatedly recommended, 1>nt h fig iip to ofrscrsa history U n il recommand- «it*S0ilibw odpmtl, ot blue or any other mlMcel preparation. TThoilck wet* directed to cat I^S ffjlpfclpptortM n theni, to purify them, to tael , :' 7Ui^'ieM«tot«thom. In that day the artormaklng vwtetsrtle extracts was unknown. The herbal med- ‘\^ W f iiN S S w d ^ e b S w ’ tgo to uulto the unitary -itetueee Of tonic, aperient and antibUlona root*, , m m *hd.plants, with an active etlmnlant, a z ithni etc er* their rapid dlflhelon through tho dobUlatod o»4i*order*a eyitom. The crowning triumph of tuacBeeUv* mode of concentrating and applying Merer before te d a perfioctty p wo alcoholic eUmutant been combined with tbe expressed j niece of the dn- -; est specie* of the vegetable kingdom. Hevoc yet, those]. etihtoenyear* b are elapsed alnce Its Intro- ditflom, hae thii gnat reiterative been equalled. It - .)t tMMttallMM<»NtaaUeUmet, an the moat po . teet eaferurd sksiut cpidemiee. u a protection ; igelnetill uihuity exhalation* that m a protection .. ________ , - 1 that produce debll-, .ydt tegtldlMrtei u a .remedy for Intermittent aadethwu alarlon* fewwre j a* snsppettaer: as* •overeiga cure tor dnpepeta; aa a general tonic rad Itvigocmot ; u a gentle, patnloae aperient: •* a blood depwemt;*#. nervine; u aenreforbllioa* afieo- tlem; u a harmless anodyne; end u the ran ds - xrvcsor **aiz*x nndtr nbfavormble ctrcnmstucael eecb ** Hdeaisxr pnrealti, nadae bodily or memto exertion, hardship. privation tnd expoanre, VtmmeenUc R e t r n i i l n i e n i . \We gro not tbout entering upon a tirade of detraction towards the Democratic ad- ininiitntiou at Albany, bit merely to quota from the proceedings of the Legislature, tha substance of tha bill now before tba As­ sembly, wi*: In Committee of tbo 'Whole the Assembly ordered to a third reading tbo bill Increas­ ing tbe pay of all tbe employes in tbo dii* departments of the State Govern- j j o t r r m w i i Draadxt. A HUMBUG OWW OFTKHWSFTK1 HBiR THIS BXPRKH8ION .from persons reading ad vertuomenw of FeUnat TTO 0 S S hs ? m o t o r In nine caiMout of ten they may be _. „ or eras year* ainco I Introduced Dr. To- '•nettan Liniment, io tho public, 1 bad no lo advertise it, ao 1 lot It lot rolo with a few “‘“.nd storekeepers through * iniall • cotton _ - _ urn of tE* country, many talcing it with Rrtai reloetauce, but! tokl them to let any one have ti; xnd If ti die netdornll related on my pamphlet, noon* need pay -HrIt. Ineomeatoree *wo or throe bottle* wero taken cm Mai toyporaons preiont. I waa, by many, tbonthtcrair, and that would bo tbo lait they would •eeeiaut. But 1 know xny medicine w«» uo hum- hejt. In about twu month* I bogan to receive order* fit ineeneUnhnont, *omo calling it my valuable Lin- lamtti who bad refheed to sictt a receipt when I loft ItatlMlrstore. Now my sales are million, of hot- tietyecrlr, anti al! lor fc*ah. I warraa te any other medicine (or the core of 1 vktae, Diieiitcry, dolls Vomiting, Busline and Boa- elckaeae aa aa fntoraal remedy. It la perfectly In­ nocent (0 take intnmally- mo oath accompanylap each hottl*—and extcnudly for Chronic hbeonuuin 3toW6te,*UDDa, Froetml Feet, Bruises, Bpraln*. OH Bor**, Bwdilnn, Sore Throats, go. F^ce&leetta. Bold by tbo Dmgglit*. Depot 10 rjto f i t U ’.UiaXXNT. aola bv J . . y T iiio . a . pa c k , Dnucaiit. iLiaOOrS POROffS FLASTEBB. Hidden nvere pain* of tho tldo and back, itltebea afMma.de. The*e tlTescUoiii are moat trcublo- ■OM to ptraon* ptit nilddlo *i;o. Will oven coma tel* bad | aroVoi; priufnl and often dangcrou*. la Aaap vraathar thov art more ficqaent than ln dry. ATMs* plaitengivo relief alouco. and need to In mi way* ia Iho drawer, bandy. TAIN OF TUX SIDE CUBED Allmlow. /Van., April t, IfiCJ. Mmrt, T. Maxi A cb. A d r A r ; Mydaeghtar otodono of your Porous n u t t r a . Bbe bad a very ted pain ib ber aid*, and t Clred her In one week. Youri truly. JOHN V. N. nCKBIlL 25,000 HOLS BT ONS DEALER. Balm a. J. Daloh A) Son, Frovldence, B 1., w rtc*. Bov. IMS: “We havo aold tbe Poroua Planet* tor tvraety yean, and, at calall tnd iobtilng, muit have ■arid twemlydvi tbouaand altosethur. They aro well iOMd,\ ^ t o o h n i . C im e s . WATBBXOWH.N.Y,. JANOABT 21.1810, A LLCxycn roKous p l a s t e r s . Boidbr THXO. - A. MEUK, Dmyolst- I8T0DND1NU KEVEL& T I0N 8 . 5wo aetcnUflo publlcatloxi* are In lbs Bold agalnat Uaa kalr dcre* of which load la ibo baets. Tk* “ N*w Tmtk Badital Oisatie\ u d “Tbo Journal of Cham- Mxy\ WtMtly dewonnca them. Tst the hair may b* •mfdydyeM. Bara you m e l‘*0F; CH1LTON-H m xltiubV, B U M tetcatafal utlTwli. and cartiiylui that CIniitadoro’8 Eicolsior Dye Umotoaly a Brit-da it article for changing th* coler ti Ifet bate, but A U O L D T E L r 9 A f E . CBISTA-DORO'B HAIR FUXdBBVATtTB, *a a OCBMlag, rndi like a cbaim on tho Bair aflar Dyalng T ir It, 'AOOXO B I1AIB D i l i , for sale by TilBO-A. PECK Dmanlrt. At (Mt, Cold or Sore Throat Koqnlrel Immcdlits altcctton. aa kvclect oilcn rcaalla in on Inrurablo lld S g Dlacaaa. Srowna ■ r o n c h i a l T roche* >' ' ' WlU moat tUT»tl*bly glva Inatant re- - - **- Baf TeaBamxtrxtrii, AlTix-a, Cxraaan, 0orrara> (• r . v, i ’ - w n i ied TaaiOAT D illaaii, Ihcy bar* a toothing -A BSBCt.- ^ fiOWIRa aud BPXAK1UB uaelhtm lo clast aad M etam tttet t i i voice- -•*q' j Owdbg to Qbogood rspnUUom and popularity of lbs f t e teia, maay vorthiea'and eAcup tmitalkxi art of- 1 . fir*#, WifcAmrt peed for nolhtng. 11, aore to oavaxx itefirw - MOWHS BRONCHIAl TROCHES. ,■ - aoin igxaTwrnxxi. : TOXOW1T8 BROHOBiAL TUOOTKB, \ ~ , - ^ J O JWBatwlw TH*0, A, PBPK. Eroaglal- MANHOOD- ! How test, How Regained t •JaatPiW iM b taaaalad atvwiopo. M a c alt eo*i* AIdKJTCKS ON WIENATDRALTREATMENT r : * ,to< xadieU - care of Ipscmatortbffit, or acmlnal Wseirestt , DavsUntarj Emlsvlona, Bstuna) DeUll lr. «m*lm>a*1jareta tornxnlxge gcccrallTt Nervoua- abu^ Ac,, “ 'Orwn , I “ A to te t - to thousandaa o f aufTarer*.” . many ad- rtvropcat- ntriewwey. K»W York, Pc«t Office Box iSSA £ry.<BrtVtrwaiPa '‘Harriago On t pElEBE B a KEH C m siBDjaaaratkla WONDER: ikOMOonm ' ksr. O r; •*MTTW*lUB*.Mit _______ FtreramAjieejjr baiateatimony. One perron aaya. “I bowgkta f l Fot, wd. I.wonld not ba without ii ' J J l t o S f f M ^ ^ ^ f S W ttaw aTtoN . Y. lor ,K-.»-I!*I*!elArare« andTMMunmid It, nnd (B polo mOjMata turn WONDERFUL BALVStea beou Un MWH art aa oM Oonnoetlcut laiully by the name of Ihffita,Makar, Hr* Now It unnea forth to Maw BWjtoA tijflpewei to ALLAY FAIN, to BOOTHS IOTFXiao.10HUAI. WOUNDS. U very extncr- T l**lUcs.otitbna ncvar teen- known. 100* , more Nippp — Bread*, lihan- Bdrt'Htm *b? Bu ix Ewfiona, Blind and Mwsdisg Ftia*. Coxna Baulona OhUblaln*. MtBsa of InaecU. -■Ala, Ac, An, Ac, Ant- w;: «ppnpi V O IT J v ■■ V^v4#.’ it for isle. ^ jM fSM m jltm to t««i its vteaw* -i 4 i»^<Wto ww ljrixgflitii tod get ob «. SaiS 8 ?««i 8 lfB? WTM’S” . EXTERMINATORS ^:/'{:-'Vk(^atMlB* MoutHm, Am u, Are. BirBiD-BUGB, i h e Povdvr fo •Fkr-aitebyaU Drujglati1 ■ nlljhawaret :J Sf.klfJptuloM \AM Aw “ IVlaTA M f’iiiik. iniiiauo* (Idutooltai gT ? w ? w a !**B a fc. (erent ment. Colonel mcntio jncludo Murphy offered on aiuend- in the increase all tho la­ borer! employed by the Stato, but withdrew it on • promise oi Mr. Jacobs, who advo­ cated the bill, that he would introduce a separate bill lor that purpose. Mr, Bet gen entered hi* pro teat against soy public bar­ gain of that kind being made on the floor ot tho House. The nest thing in order will now be a b ill to increase the wage* of all laborer* In the employ of the State.” The State offices are now mainly filled by Democrats, and will be entirely, when tbey legislate Canal Auditor Bell out of office, remove Mess« Brockway aad Wasson as Canal Appraiasers, at which efforts are boiog made. We can see then at a glance, nhtatthis bill means. It makes apparent tbe direction in which affaire arc likely to run during tho next two yean. In so plain a ease comment is entirely unnecessary, cwrloalty OretiStd. Our citizens havo had another opportu­ nity to gratify their ouriosty by seeing and hearing another notoriety, tbo much talked of Brick Pomeroy. After ho was through wltla hia discourso we fully realized tho trutb of a remark he modo in the eut act, that three-fourths ot tho audience come out ol curiosty, which waa truo eriough. He anoonnced his mibjact at tho outset, but talk«d ten or fifteen minutes, walking back anil forth upon tbe Btige, before reaching, II. Ho aimed to be humorous and witty- but ft hardly amounted to that, except with his political admirers, and not with al* ot them. It waa qulto herd work for most of them to laugh when ho signified a wish that they should. But then thore wero enough willing to forco a smile or a clap to keep his spirits fVom collapsing, and bo went on. Bat oven thoy got tired of forced laughing. Aftor ho had beou speaking bslf or three quartern of an hour without much point or pathos, or affording toy other no, tabla points, than a very euporQcisl e&ort at wit snd humor, ho told n very effecting story .of visiting a poor man and his wile in oneorf tho tenements ol New York, whoso abject povorty, tho rosult ol intemperance, bo described with grcnt vividness, and vro (bank him lor that, tie mads another good point, painting to our Imaginations modem Wire, with chlgnoan and frUiled heads, painted chocks and Gtoclon bends. These two things wero woll dono. But aside Irom those, it was % long-lovol talk, cf until in terest to tho general bearer. Dcaaocrats may havo possibly enjoyed tbs political portions of It. For though ho promised not to trench on political ground, heconld not keep out of the rut for threo rulnutasat a timo. Ho ii heavy on bond­ holder* bat very careful not to offor any remedy for the necessity of dotting money to put down tho rebellion on sny other terns than thoso offorcd. Wo remember well, that tho govoramont was very glad to got monoy even ou these tonne. Every patriot would havu been glad 1/ aasier terms vrould havo iufficed, and would now rejoice to be relieved. In any honorable way from the conditions thot, necessary to offer— oxemptiou from Uintrnn, Ar. But of any aasicr way out oi thesecmbarrss..mcnla Mr. Pmnoroy offered no suggestions, reminding as of how much easier it is lo pull Howd, than to build up. Mr. Pomeroy might do tho world some good if h« would tnko to lecturing on temperance, fur ho would have ths oar* of largo classes of people who stand much in uocd of s reform in thoir habits In this particular. Thero i* no one in this country, bolter sdapted lo tbolr pe­ culiar moral and intellectual condition, than himself. Ho understands qmto well how­ to resell tba minds and feelings of tbo alassci to which we allude. lYero bo to dedicate himself, Father HaXliow like, to this work, h« wonld accomplish a most bo neflceot work. But now, his advocacy of temperance is mixed with so many Incon­ gruities, that what little ho says in behalf of this noble cause, soems to be lost like e few kernels of whont thrown in witb a buabol of chaff. Pomeroy and Train aro somewhat alike, though Train has more lightning, pitb, wit and ineobercney than Pomeroy. Train iB a more exAgcratod charxcior, and therefore a greater curiosity, by far, than his cotem- porary. Tbey are both bettor understood by boing seen and beard. Thoy aro both bundles of bold ogntism, irrationality, tnd self-concoit,—just insane enough in their way to bo curious specimens of humanHy— possessing much brightness of intolloct, un­ regulated by consistency, or coherency. On* DlflowKv ConquervA. Wo hire been oware for n week or two past ci somo ailment in our nowspaper prose, which, cropping out now and then, gave ua sewno trouble and much anxiety. Wo could not, nor did our machlnclsts dis­ cover tho real sout of Iho difficulty until dty before yesterday, wo were peering in among its wheels, and discovered that two important bolts wero broken — sheared as it wort, equate off—their hoods romain- Sng in place, and thus evading the closest scrutiny. By accldoni, however, tbuir broken con­ dition wns revealed, and they are replaced and tho proea*^ itself again. A load oi ap- prehension and anxiety is removed, and wa walk on firmer ground. It is a case of con­ quering by perseverance. I hskois ,— Ono of the worst enemies of ths orehatdist is the Tent-catrpilUr, but is, *wn™AijJy,-one of tho easiest to keep in cose*. TSe^ggi may now bo seen no&r the S ” fcrtgg*. glued in a broad band- Remove the eggs and tbere will pe,no caterpillars, an another crop will not ba laid until next summer. A pole ° f #° mB kind 18 con' EM*, Labor, Sleep. M essrs E ditobs : Our life haa been ono of active labor, and daring flity years of it, we have suffered more from the want of sleep than irom all other catuee combined; while for ten years wo wer* tirod *11 the timo. The occasion of our words now is tho reading of s dem­ onstration which, if you please, will stand to good advantage in tho support of time­ ly hours fox sleep. Having noticed the various articles on the subject, s» they appoared in the D ailt lor a time past, we have waited to say something iu defense of moro labor and more sleep, os the saief road (or better health, to less idlonoes, less vice and crime than is growing out of the present system of strikes, for we look upon the eight hoar system at a positive injury to the best interest ot labor the world over. And. wtuls ten hours may answer to lire on, that twelve hours, to a large number is safer snd better than either—always earing from labor and racreation plenty oi time ior sleep. Now it it said ol editors snd writers that they ore queer people—often b in-ow­ ing ideas and doubling them without credit to the orriginal—but the following brief essay ia taken from the New York Ledger of this week, and tho views and ideas are those of the Reverend Henry Ward Becchcr and thoy are ao consistant with our nsture that they cannot be stolon or adopted. Will you giro them a place in yonr pa par ior tho benefit oi life, labor and rocro ation* in Watertown. 0 a err on . There are thousands of busy peoplo who die every year ior want oi sleep. It may bo be that too much sleep injures some; but in an excitable people, and in onr intense business habits, there is far more damage lor want oi sleep than irom too much of it. Sleeplessness becomes a disease. It is ths precursor of insanity. When it does not roach this sad result, it is stilliull of peril, ss well as of suffering. Thousands or men havu buen indebted to bad bargains tor ltok of r.onrnge, for loof- fectivonesq to loss of sloe p. It is curious that all tbe popular poetical representations of sleeping aro the reverse of tho truth. We speak ot sleep i«the Image ol death, and of our waking boors ns the Image ol life. But all activity I b the result of some form of decomposition In the body. Every thought, nUil moro, evory emotion, any volition, wastes some part of the nervous sabttanc*, precisely as flaxno ta produced by wasting the fuel. It Is the death of some port of the physical substance that producM tho phenomena of intelligent and voluntary lile. On the other hand, sleep Is not like death ; tor it is tho period in which tbo waste of tho system ceases, or ie reduced to ita min­ imum. Blosp repairs the wait os which waking hours lure mado. It rebuilds the svatem. Tbo nlgbt is tbs repair ahop of th* body. Every part of the system is silently overhauled, and ill tho organs, tissues, aod substances aro replenished.— Waking consumes, sleep replaces. wiking exhausts, sleep repairs, waking Is death, sloop it llife. Tho man who sleeps UUle. repairs litti*. if besleepe poorly, be repairs poorly. If ho uses up ln tho day less than he accumulates at night, he will gain in health end vigor. If he uses up til that he galas at nlghl, ho will just bold bis ewn. II be uses mors by day thou ho gathers by nlgbt, ho will lose. And if this list process bs Inog coutioacd, ho must succumb. A msn who would bo a good worker, must see t<> ti t-hal bo ta a good sleeper. Human Ilf* is llks a m ill, sumetimee tho stream is so copious that one needs caro but little about hii supply. Now, often, tho stream that turns tbe mill needs to bs i economized. A dam U built to hold s lar- J gar supply. Tbe mill runs tho pond protty I low through lbs day, bat by shutting down i ths gate, the night refills Iho pond, snd tho' whe*ls go merrily around the noxt day. — | One* in a while, when spring rtins *jo \ copious snd freshets overflow, the mill rasj; run night and Hsy. but this Is rare Or- ; dinarlly tha mill abould run by tiny, aad, the pond (111 up by nigbt. | A man has as much mote in him as bo | has provided ibr by sleep. Tho quality of action, especially mental activity, depend* upon tbo quality of alocp. If day-time is the loom lu which man wcsvo Iheir purpoa os, night Is ths timo when tho threads aro laid tn aud the filling prepared. Mon need an an average eight houro of; sleep a day, or cmo-tblrd of thoir wbelo timo. A man nt lymphatic temperament may require nine. A nervous tempersmont may require but seven, or six, and in­ stances have been known in which four hour* havo been enough. The reason ta plain. A lymphatic man is sluggish in all his functions. H* moves slowly, thinks slowly, eats slowly, digests slowly, and sleeps slowly ; that is, all tbo restorative acts of his system go on slowly, in analogy with his temperament. But a nervous man acts qutefely in oroiythintr, by night or by dsy. When awake, he does more In on hour than a sluggish men in two hours : and so in his sleep. He sleeps taster, and his system nimbly repairs in six hours j what it would take another one eight hours to perform. Every msn must sleap according to his j tompersment. Bat eight hoars is tho av- | ornge. If on* requires a little nsore or a I tnen little less, he will find it out for himself — Whoever by work, pleasure, sorrow, or by any othor cause, Is ragulnry diminishing his sleep, is destroying his life. A man may hold out for s time. Bnt keeps dose accounts, snd no man can dodge her settlements. We have seen im- DasdiBW lr Boa*. The Home L ift ltwrstnce Company- ol which Baker and Chittenden arc spats, did a very kamlsorae thing yesterday, la so promptly paying JHrs. Bigelow tho twro thousand dollars Lor which M r. B.’ b Idfo was insured in their company. It scenxcd to be a practical wey of remembering tho widow in her stiffictoM. It osrries with it a balm beyond rxMiodoilnia ond coots — it is evidence of affectionate forethought, of connubial and pareailal tenderness, which reaches forward to provide for dear ott-«i after we aro gone. Jtiiuch ti was received with grateful fceliags towards the cono- pany, overcast with sorrow at tho loss of a partner whoso lendei compression and prvu- dence had cast an anchor ahead for tkae support of those nerer and dear to him. n i A to n ic M iunoaiALS. | «isc*Il»noousH*w *. A t a regular meeting of Watertown Lodge I —A cushion to bo worn around the neck No. 40 ol F. & A. M., m Mosonic Hall, Jan. ; 0f sleepy passengers in railroad cars haa been 10, 1870, the following proceedings were j invented- > had : v i —Mrs. Partington has got oB a maxim ALONZO .1. VAN DUZBE. Her. Brother John H. Stewart, from the Committee appointed for that purpose, ro ported tho following: j that is both sensible and grammatical : j Sweet are the uses of advertisements. —A young lady wishing to entanglo a young man in tho meshes of Cupid, Bont Wheroas, Alonzo J.VanDuzoe, nn active, : hjm tho following invitation ; useful and highly esteemed officor ol this ..0 <vil| J0U C0BJ010 wlUl j Lodge, has, in the providence ol the un- ( And help mo oat a cuatard pio j erring Father ot all, been removed from . To which tbo young man with corres- the earthly to the heavenly; wo therefore,; ponding sentiment and grammar, rcpli ed : in memory oi our doparted brother*, make ; “Anotber one's ssked me to ten, this record of our deep sense of his many j And l must so and »ap with eho.\ virtizea, and our great lose of an examplor —Alluding to chignons, Mrs. Clever Baid: you t S S M S S & m u u i r f D * b j ;•* *-»> - t o h * ■?» « __ ____ i j * irn m nnr I lallc to ucr, growled Mr. Clever. IVM lUBKttft IU B U , Mr. Dawes of Mamcbusetts has bee® making * speech, in favor o t retrenchment, which is exciting some comment The House sub-postolllce Committee bsv^e reported to the generil committee, author\- izing their Chairman torepoxta bill abol- Ishiag the franking priwle^e. The general committee have not yci authorized ittob« teported to ibo Homtt, but have ordered a bill to be reported punishing frauduleu-t practices under it. There is a prospect (hat * Niagrera ship Oanol bill will he reported from the com­ mittee on railroads. The project ol adjourning cntlie 15th o f April was voted down, day before yester— day,[by twenty majority. A MiLiTiBT I t owes . — A Germs* paper gives an accoast of a itrange Inci - dent which occurred lately ou the occasiot* of is marriage betor* tin civil authorities it* Algeria. Ths official required the contone oi the msther, and asked If who were pres­ ent. A loud basir*ico utawtfed, “ Ye*.\ The mayor looked up and saaw i tall soldier bolero him. \ That ia woll, *’ he Baid ; \lot ths mothor come her*— her content reod sig­ nature ate noc*siary.” To the oatonlin- ment of ail present, tfaesoldiei approached the mayor with long Ktrldere. sainted in mil­ itary fashion, aod s&ici;11 T ou uk for the mother of tho bride ; the stand a boioro you.” “ Very well, air,\ replied the mayor, I than stand back, I can take no proxy; I must see tbe mother— 111 * mother I tell y ou 1\ “ Audi repeat,' 1t r joined the soldier, “ that ibo Btands before joix. My name Is Maria K I have beou thirty Mix jcars in the service , I,have booojthiongtj several cam­ paigns, sDd obtained Lie rank ol sergeant, ’ hero ore my papcra, titc permission to woar | uniform, and my nomlxutioo ai sergeant- f mijor.\ The mayor cirehilly examined tho documents and found them perfectly • orrect, and completed tbomaniago of tho bridal pair, tbo mother blessing them so fervently with her deep has voiro that all present wero more ntsrtloii than touched. Forw»«o, The I,oii(lr>n TimcA batsoartielo of four , columns, review ing hlrre. Stowe's new- book. ; Tho writer thinks it lik«l;lkat Lndy Byron woo deceivod by her taushind from hia in votorate puslou for inystlbrnt icm. - The tolcvjram that Bl. Rnspailw&s dead j i* a stud hoax, aod mudi indignation ii ■ lelt in pari* at it* unknown Mithoi. — Advices li&vo boon tttowwd rt Loudon, (mm R io .Inner1,o, to December 81. Lopoj i ban again appeared iu tiieW d with a forco l of (1,000 whites and 1 ■'5,000 Indian, snd hae stoppod the advance of the Urmzlllan force. has overshadowed us and borno from our j midst one whom we all loved and honored, we realize that it has been \by the gracious J ordering of our God, who doeth all things , well ; and theretore we bow in sincere eub- | mission. i Resolved, Tbst in the death ol our | brother, thus in tbo morning of life, we witness a dispensation too serious to pass unheeded,- And that we acknowledge our duty to apply to our own hearts the lessons | of his life, as well as the lesson of life’s un- j certainty, so repeatedly brought before us. ; Resolved, That the numerous attendance nt his funoral, ol the members of the vari -1 ous bodies of social and reform associa-1 tlons— both here and at tbe home of his i childhood—of which he was an efficient and worthy member, was a gratifying sight, , and an evidence of the large place he held | in each of thoso fraternities. Resolved, Thst wo deeply sympathize , with the afflicted widow and relatives ol i the deceased, and herewith tender them j our sincere condolence. ■ Uosolved, That theso proceedings be i placed on our minutes, and a copy trons , mitted to the widow, and that they be pub -1 liiheJ in tho papcra of this city. R II. H a ll, ) .1. H. Stew art, Com. , L vsandbr H. B iiown , \ | The foregoing report was immediately accompanied by the following: R. W . Brother Lysander IL Brown, of the Committee, reported as follows I.AFATKTTB J. WQKLOW. These are solemn hour* for the lodge. While, one week etnce, we were making ar­ rangements in this ball, to attend tbo fu­ neral of -our beloved brothor Alonzo J. VnnDuzoe, Laiayotto J. Bigelow, another brothor among us, was suddenly passing to that “ bourn whence no travelor return*.” He was square matorial, fried and true, ” 1 like to read epigrams against wom- I en,” said Mrs. Clever. ‘‘When a culprit | clanks his chains you know that they are j on him- ” I —“Not for Josephus,\ os that worthy historian playfully observed when some | tunny Jews attempted to cram him with ‘ stories ol hia own work. i —Tho husband who complained of his t wife about having no buttons on the front of his shirt has since had the subject of his complaints more carefully stud tied. —The Chicago girls live in a divorce- seeking ntmosphoro, and are of course ol- focted thereby. One of thom kept her be trothed on his good behavior by threats of a suit ol breach of promise. If he was ab­ sent from her for two days, there came s note; “ Darling, if I do not see you in two hours I shall commence the suit Thy ado­ ring Marion.\ Naturally ho went. It eho wished to go to a concert, and ho did not profess a willingness In escort her, thero c amc a note . ‘ My own Thornly, the papers aro in tbe hands of a lawyer. Faithfully yours.” Tbo youth endured all this, until she insisted ou his taking a olass in un in- UntBunday School, and cut off hia Imperi­ al. Then he had her arrested lor disorderly eenduct. E X E C U T R IX S A L S OP TUB ART OF THE LATE TEOXWAS TH O M P S O N , Dgq, By II. B . LEEDS* mriNKW, Anoilarn eer», A rlflailerles, 8 IT * 1 8 9 BroaJ way, N. Y., oommeasetnc Blond** February 7 th, a u d oouatnatnv ‘ aayan d evoune until the entire collection ahull be sold. Thl» collection is behoved to be tho moat en»» sivo ami valuable ovwrowued In tlio United Hiiu? ■kUompmiLK more than a thoneuud pictures tnSl European artists, from the 15th century to the to*, out timo. InclnUtnnr many orisrlnais of great vithZ' also nuuy hundred Pntn tings from celebrated Antes lean arllsta. T b e cutlre collection w ill b e aold with ont r e sarveorqitttiauea, to do** tbo estate. T h e Cs'nlnguo, a book of m o ro th a n loo clown prtot- dpsgBs, Will be l-jrwarded on recelot atxSm Addreaa ttio Anctioueere. D e c . 24 1 Q 7 0 e H E A P B E l » l B e . 7 i r t o / nJ.JIarper, Galaxy, or other 14 DnK ? tion, and **an’« Jmiriiial of H e a lth both sent tor <4.50 “ BroiictaliUsmdkln'd.JS Diseases,*’ by the Editor, sent post-oatd SS ti.TB W. W. HALL, 176 Broadway, NT. Y. © b e wtw CHA9. A. DANA« Rdito*. The cUcftpowi. auuartfcai, mnfi be<»t New Y o r k newntote Krwrybtki.v li kvi it. 'Hkrw fiflltiooii D aijlt , Mil gftte 7k*itirl * i'l?4 'VEE,rr, ariT.yo.r, AXLTssNlrs ut bufF-iiricf. \ nil rwnortfi of nidrfets, figrteulture.p-— ■ ^ Club*, and » conpiBte 8^07 lnS«r \V 0 ekl 7 iu.i 1 > “ini-Wfoklv number. A present wwluiS pinutv i'i i m *.«»10 suttafriberi indueementB to cu»>. raaatinuti-'i'i.-ivswl. • life Imufnco*. Qtakd Wsa.. . Parlor Ifrvun*. Matrinr* lafwekls.^. ■irfnj M -inium* le»r OrvdQK. Hewlnff MffichLnea. te* Specknend «nd l u u frtq, SenT$ W KXOi.ANU. l*uba%u« Sun. New York O M B X t f o f l G . ^ o r k j G t , th© Uader-World of th# Groat City* Th© Bins r> every of i»ocUty ex.)»oacd. Avoid the RiUiotdto Rum. of danuer are up. More Money tn it for Lire Agents than any other U'JOk. Tnkca three poreous all tho time io print fRNi enou?b. Ooo A|?ent tooklts «»raera in Ton dnya. 740 po^ee* 49Q)QBti%> rv1^ 53.50 Menu Wanted. V.Iiook Co., 145 Naaam StaN.Y. C O M M O N S E N S E . —A French woman suea a StaFfancisco W A NTKD—AORNTri. $260 ne; inoath to sell tbe KNUJNR IMFROVfin COMMON BBNHB only ( F am ily bbwonu m Acuuiis. trioe only (Is. Drcai mdncorurnte to Agents. Tbl* lo the mo,c popular H,,wine Met tunc of Ibo dsy— make* the fit. | mao for $40,000 in having hired her tocomo I m“ns ••KliettrT.iwa t>uich\— will do auv ktod or ' ’ s' , work thalcau bo dono on any Machine—100,000 1 ovev here aa governess, and declined to -- “ — ..... . >crcatlsK. ---- *— - receive her when she arrived. —A boy in Sheffield, Kng., ingeuioualy i managed to got a holiday from lactory j work by putting a crowbar among the j revolving machinery and Bmafllnng up $1,- , OOO worth. —The Governor of Ohio ha* pardoned a man convtcted of manslaughter, on con­ dition of bis taking tho temperance pledge- QOid nnd I be demand coimUotly (a tbo iitno to tako au / jtcacy. __ __ &ST ilrroore of Jnfnna+rt _OcI A(Jdre*fl 8RCOMB & C<) , Ut/Btou, Mma, PUteoanrh, te., or 81, LouIa Mfi. In 'Nov Send for circa!tn. la our masonic odiftco -, and wo indulgo the : At first the follow thought he would prefer chcorins hope that h* hu become a living >10 Bta?' hul duall5' ll'° contlailou- Btone in the Spiritual Temple on high. O t: —Tho now Proaby terlan body has 4,229 hia genuioo regard for tho craft, no ono can j uimifitore, 1,018 i to ted supplies, 520 m s- doubt who heard his terse aDd truthful' nonaries, evangelists, clioplains, agcuts and tribute to the prime principles and har- [ rolportours, 2N1 prolesao, a, teachers, oditors monlzlag influonccs of masonry, as pro- ■ TO THRWDKKtNO C1.A88, -Wo «ro now pi#. pared to Jnrnleh all cU«so« with canfrtant employ- . oi ou t at hoiiu*, t ho i* ^ o! o o( ihatitao or lor tho siwe I oioraoi.te BtiajuoB# u«rw, auo profliahla. nt- ' Bon« of nlb*r box eoelly i-ara from UOc. to $Apv oTuntrc?, and a pruporiiooil cum by devottnff thoir whol'Jttnv* to Uf UuaiiuNjA lloya mx $1 glrfi eam Dcoityfla nmch an men Tin 1 aD who eeethlsno- ilcomiy mid tlivlr nddrcsd, and loit tho botlneti, I xra inlliiM UDpfftAticted offer , To tocb A» ixo aot wot, ivtiioiltd, o will ecxid $1 to pay for tho tremble of vm'fY; R^atl patiicuUre, a YAlo&bto uxnplA which '.riildo tu cotomo&co work oo, anti acopyoi Th* }'<-.n lutsmrj Ctrrripanknp —One of the largyft I aud fitni'r nowB^aporfi pabtUbcd—all »nu j by roal 1 lit. .d-*r,!l joo «an( per mac it.pjo.uxble work addnwo E C ALLI£N«feO ‘ Mo. snd secretaries, 874 without charge, and . . , . . . , 119 designated. Of those without charge i nouncca hy his livrng voice, at the recent quUo B Dnffib<,r &10 M aud mfilm Mmi, ; InslAtlaticn ot officor*. For yea re ho had j have left tho ministry because not adapted I been, moro or leu, occupied, with marked ' 'ta work, aud others are filling gaps and ability and success, in delivering lectures ‘ » \<'»D \ The average salary U ■ , ,. , q. *.ud to ho (flOti. (If 4 87 1 churches $1 .'103- «od addresses <m a vanety of subjects on ,^ Um ,hftn $10oo Jof a„ „ pcnse^'snd giglng public attontion . and it ia gratify- 1 r V(-r 1,001) l<-s-i than $600. U ia up wonder ing—sod though It Wo—to hia masonic there aro so many vacsuciea. Z.aZUXE.AHX>-f) E u m s & a w Smoking Tobacco bandruiuc,andeoruc meualtu cfcumm njreo aro d.Ly packed. r« ao Mcillrot an tldo of graoalaud Virginia; vrbcrovvr lulrodcccd It ta uni vcrtally admircC. It u pot oi, ;n 1 m baiia, in vabtcb ot r l.o 41,1. la madoof tiooiiolf- ; till brethren that hia last impromptu effort **a mredo boforo them. It will be long -aad sacredly cberithed in their hearts, sa I -ao odmirabto vindication of tho great fra- I •oroal obiccts of tbo Ancloot InatitutiTn. Brother Bigelow vvsj inatinctivttiy a m»- . son-his gonial iplrit of brotherhood in -1 educing a prompt appreciation snd a cordial j practical approval of tbo teachings of our saymbolic rite*, and a’ready recognition and emdoraetncut nt Iho immutable truths which , t_hoy *rc intended to Illustrate. We es 1 tncemod him, not only as a mason, but as a , oun aod ocitiron. Cheerful io tho *odal 1 c—irclo, officiont in business, and in tbo im­ portant official positions to which ho was , willed, he had acquired a degree of uiflu- 1 Nsw* Ite-nu, —The i tiler tor of Nor tti Albany has ab­ sconded with $1,800. -Tbe amall-pox has txudo its appoaranoo at Tatchougue, L. I., —Store than $60,000 of tha Streulou Fund wns raised in Nsw York city. —ThoiS5pl6Copab-ThoolojlcaJ Seminary u to ho jpuy^ed from New York city. —Durinfc the paat season, forty two loco, motives were built at tho works ot WiHiem Mason In Taunton. --The rejiairs on tha central section of tho canal aro under Ihe axipcrviaico of Eo- gineor 0. A. Surcot, of 8yr»cus®. —The late Horticultural wtxvcutiou in Rochoater called together icme oi tho most ooted pomologtat* ta the fltrtr. —The roof of tho west ■wing o f tlio Wash­ burn* Houso in Batavia wroi blown off on Monday night at about 9 o'clock. Prof. Merrit ofQowandfc, hu offered to give $5 to and person or penons who will fjotoQowanda and spelldown h ia ichool --A new party w** organized In New York city,mght boforo lasrt,under tho nain* [ utrongth to tbo weak, joy to the Borrowing, f V L a r n e c l ) MU<* B»/. the bouM of tho bride* dth^T.7 d Ju lP»b.by Rt C Blmmon». M_r Mooru Fl&odor# to Delia Rordlck, bolhof t.yrQ* N E ^ W A D ^ E R T I3 E f f lE N T s 7 IIOOKS JAN. 31. F O B 8 A L B BTT STERLING & MOSHER TWISTED THHSAns b* H. D. Naam»n- THK F18BEB 1LAIDBN by BJornslJcrQe B'oraibD. 1VOBD8 0T COMFuST b; Wm. Logan VOLITTCAI. ECONnliT by Ilnmtr Grcalay. 9TUDLE5 IN mitr.S T INIia by w L Olga. UTnTTAKPIU 4LMAN4C l„t WO-Londoa. L O H IL L A ItD ’ S Yacht Club norrwH^la lt» BmoiiiaA *Xob«cco | einTh#** trRci«3 \t lc*Yxr« QodiMctcftbio taite &iler imok loir. It 1 $ vorr mUd, light In color and woJght.benc* , oof potiDfl will lafit so long ao 8 of ordinary toWcco. ' In thii braud vo al?o pack etdtr# ©rery day lot flnt [ qoAllty Mooiftchaam Pipe©. Try it aodeoorlnw i *ntwaa 41 la alt l< I a K a uwrt _ •> w eyow* LO H Itel^A R G ’a CENTURY Oh«ving: Tobacco. Tbit brtsd of INfit Oat chewing tobao* co h$« do or ■mxrlor uxywiMT#. It U vlibout doabt tbo beet chewing tobacco Id tho country. L O a iL L O U D ’a . TBNN'TBONb I’U t t A I S - I lln s lu t c d , for (1 00. race anrl coast aeration, which frw men of , ii;nsriT ok ho LINRB* by Ooaibnra. h.ii year* are permitted ta attain. Bu t, 1 TPHBR- a rmnnacv by .itao o, Ao«Un. o-llici* havo, oloquontly and very appropri- UB8, oSK6LUh nieob by L»dy Faiiorion. . , . , ,, , , r v ; bSKINQ JESUS, byDt Nolaon artsly, pronounced public oulygiums upon , ()w th» Bodes or tbe n*tc Opooed. hia charnctoT and usefuluo88 ; boitouritol ultov tho language of bereavement, and I hold his personal and public virtues u a pattern for imitation. To her, whom this blow leave* crushed ita spirit, and hor interesting y o u D g cbil- 1 dxren, it were Inadequate to offor worldly eonsolation. We can only moat affection- 1 sb«ly sympathize with them in their great affliction, and commond them, with a trust- i f u l l confidence, t o ITIm who Is the widow’s 1 1 God and tho orphan’s ihield—who is t g i T r H B L O H ’* I I A i n DTK, Tbcbcvt In tho world —oe* d not contain load—no vitriol polmno tn paralyro tho oyotem or prodnco daotb. I' I- parfc-Oy b&rmicoo— rn labto—Inrtontan enno- Amin thi, vsnnlwl and d*ln<lve 1 nroporatlooo b.ianlog vtn n-» they do not pogee**. If yon would recapc fho djipArr. Tbogrnolno IV. A. Batchelor1* I’tlr r ,o h,» thirty year*'ropntotlon lo npjold Ita It'tcgTuy bold by all Drorjrl’to *od Porlumoro, and properly SDnlled at Batchbtur'o Win Factory, No 10 Bond BL Sow York, Novascly ? £ F lX € § g S of the “New Democnry.\ 4 shrotvd bid is made in the platform form es of tho w o­ men. — A row of throe uafiaiihcd tbrw-stovy brick buildings, in WilliaEEslrargh, toll to the ground Tuesday evening u tho work- woro about to leave tmliwork, k ill rog ono msn and injuring mutual otbore. — The President of th# Union Ferry i Company.New Y’ork city, replies lo May- Naturo I or Hall anrl Comptroller, thit tha compa­ ny is now losing money c-onvcying pass - ongers to and trom Brooklyn, and that A kotkkk B. ikw Robuxht-.-TIix* heading poreriahod railroad* that eould not keep ■ one cent reduction cannot lio listened to. the track In order, nor spore the engines to be thoroughly repaired. Every year __ track snd equipment drtoriorated. By sad j mceets the eye very frequenter l»fca\an”cL by comes a crash, and ths road is in a heap j J • . . . . of confusion and destruction. So it is '118 “ 'ey any, crime is an epictaic. thit runs with men. They cannot spare time to ■ h« stated period, quite liitly tho winter sloop enough. They ilowly run behind.— months will close this class,and then wc Symptoms of general wa»t* apporer. Pre-: shall re8d of robberiM of dwellings through mature wrinkles, weak eyes, dopreBsion of *b«t»nA T h i . i . c t . ' = , . j , - i . „ . k . spirits, failure of digoation, fcobleneoo in rest tor the weary—a sure dcfenco to those vttao trust in Him. Resolved, That this fraternal memorial of the gifted Bigelow, be placed upon our records, published in tho city papers, and presented to Ihe estimable family of our doparted friend and brothsr, LTOAZtDER H. DHOWK, ) F red E merson , Com. J. A. L awtbr , \ aaws sow h*m to rajon! o«# l& tbe United State* otct 110 jreArv, ADd stfll actnowled^cd \tbo best” wherever wed. U yonr s'oroiiccpcr doo* dq I h#T« th e s e Articles for saIq, AAkMta thorn ; tbey aro eold by rw B|*octAbiojobbor8 Almost everywbaro. UrcnUrof prices ma'od on Application. P. LO H ILIaA X ID A 00* New York* K N IT - K 3 N T IT - B :3 N r X X AQKXTS * ANTED fTc-rywbcrc tceoll AIIXS- ICAJ4 KNITT1NO “Al'r. INB, t b o only p n c t ’ cal PAtofl? K n i f i **6 B t a c o lao o r o r I n v r & ted. P r i c e t a B . mo o rttitcbor * W ill hnH 9 A M S l U C A b i t N I T l IRO M acs ., o r b t L ot U a , U o . dot mlnoto MACaiNK CO , Address B o i too* by r . BTiKAJisS. chomlst. DctroiL C O L G A T E ’ S M O ^ A T I C S E G E T 1 B L E SOAP For the DclioaU Skin of Ladie* A Childrm \O L D B ALL DRUGGISTS* DR. OLIN, 2 7 Uondltt., IV. Y. treat* nnvuo discAicH, setnmai Kmisstoas, Impoi«n*?r A c U o ird in ^ ln cflta b U e t m e n t \f d e e lred . T b o u * - and«of‘ from evory Stato Indicate thcDoetor'i tfeUl. honied ponipbiot for S alamoe. 1 0 4 S t a t e S t. P SYCH OM AN’CT, PABCTNATION OB BOUte CIIAR>11N<J — ; dotk. ThlsWoadep- fnl hook fta* full tn*trnctioo* to enable tho reader ’ 7 tAM-uau* #»liher box, or any onlmaL at wtlL M*#- mcmm. Spiri»ti(Utam,*Dd bondrcds ol other corlotta exporimcr.'* I* ran Ho obtained by pending adflreem wtih pow'xrtip. to 7 . W. EVANS A CO., No. O South b'^ct, I'hUudclphta. dsfcwdw I Joa.SU d2d WATERTOWN GENERAL the morning, and overwhelming rnotno choly—thus* and other rig^js show a gener­ al dilapidation. If, now, sudden calamity causes an extfaordinary pressure, rhey tro down under it. Tbey have no resources to drew upon. They have been living up to tbe verge ol tbeir own vitality every day. j Tbore is s groat deal of intemperance bo-1 sides thst of tobacco, opium or brandy.— Mon are dissipated, who overtax their sys-, tem all day and under-sleep every night— ; Some men aro dissipated by physical sttm-1 Ianta, and some by social, and 6ome by pro­ fessional and commercial. But s man who dies of delirinm tremens is no more a drunkard and a suicide, them the lawyer, the miniater, or the merchant, that work* excessively all day, »nd sleeps but littlo all night —A well dpeesod, auburn haired young jady ol twenty two or three summer*, is in the habit of calling on physicians, merchants and lawyers in Louisville, Ky., and making offers of marriage to them. Whilo rational on all other subjects, she appeals to b«, like tho most of her sox, insane on tha marrises qiMltion. out the land. This last claEsofovilsrarTbs avoided by placing the household or person­ al valuables in a safe that cannot b s opened by tho most expert footpad, Ijpiokirq the lock or wodgmg tho door und inserting mtro glycerino. Buch safoa aj-onndo by the liouso of Herring, Farrell <fc Bhorman, and aro warranted to bs just what tlie Commis­ sioner «t tha Paris Expositionsa-id they were, i. o., the beat safes inad«In ttee m id. A $50,OBO L aw Snr.-M r. Brojamin W. Bitchr.ock, Ihe originator srid saecwsful Pnblisher of Half Dim* Sheet Mu fic, has commenced an action In tbe Supreme Oaurt against R. M. Dewitt, lor so alleged in- frmgement of his Trade Mark:,hying dim- met hanlc with hor returned ia »up- — In the case of Elizx F. Buckly against Hie fit. Louis Republican for $So,000 worth : of character, the latter proposes to prove thefcr scandeloua assertions. The thing is ou trial now, and the scandal loyers aro usv- 1 ing b spicy time. — The wile of a respectable of Ptort Byron last week eloped husband* brother, who lately from* California, to which State it pose=o they have gone. The worn an left bo- hind, her two children; Tho deserted lnw ban(3 will notloilow his faithloss wile. — Tho clerks of Ypslianti, Mich., have or I ganlwred a society among thcm&elvcs for muta.1 iinprovemeut- It is thoir inteution ■ to si s.! t s freo reading room, t o bs open ova-' ry evening. Thoy havo already raised about $200 among the business mon to stock their readimg room. —Am in m Illinois uB*d somo ‘’Chemic­ al eye-taW thejother day, and now waotu $10.0*0 damages. It blinded him in threo To make sure it was the salve he M Y R O N B E E B E E , A g e n t , O M H m r t f o r U . —Hnrt/ort w y m n laccoeiiui bn# t i h o o u i i V R m f o r t . ................................ liy Firs, H a rtford ............................... SOO.ftOC ('ntDUtn* H $ r lfert ... .... C o u '. c c t l c n t q B A r t i o r i } .. * '* B 4 a ! 8 1 8 9 e t u •▼ N o w Y o r U ....................... ' %i « T o £ o f 1 1 O t « r n a i j o n f t l , N o tr Tcrk 1 . 1 7 7 . 4 0 2 UHITBD 8TA T K V V #iW OUO JJ# w B n « l a i i $ J , i*;fr( h.v1(on. . ..T , 6 0 0 ; o O U f ; a a r 4 l « n , Wf# NflHrYork, . . .1 , 5 0 0 . 0 0 0 N a t i o n a l . . . . . 1 , 0 0 0 ( 0 0 0 Tbc»o offi Old, N t r o o c t f o n i p « n l o » , D w e l J t a e s ao d C - o o t e n i # Instirca froro od« </> fl'fe yv#re, a? the ioTTeeL riit©# bit* I n s n r a o c © m relUbta Compflnifto. C«0! oo mo H«toro inctirinff or r«mowlng pel if io*. at Hflc'cr «fc Bcobee’a jiiwelry Btoca. 17YItON BK B U E E t Aarnt. WaUrUnnj AoeoitfiW, lbOT Htid C K A N E 'S B A L S A M . T h e E lix ir o f S t e o g t ii, A mr %j and rpeedy euro /or all Diseases of the Kidney^ Incarnation or Irritation of the Bladder , Non retention or Incontinence nf Drine^ Gravel or BricU- Dust Deposit, Ai'ieeiLs Discharge^ I^irtrrrhcri) A o d all Dis©as« e fth o U r i n a r y Or^an#) In ftfthftr M ilfl nr Fcfen.o, fVom whatever cauic ongfeaiiD q , and no tnnttercf h o w long sUndlm r. 7 bia prvporatiun 1 * purolv Vegetable, conUltii no • ••- l*i7t(402 ! and act# »{>eclft|ly on tho KiDvrrs and . . 460.000 | tiniiorv I'nwc’v*. 1 ’- Tnvlpomtee tho conatltotion, “ OO© , luaithj tiecrr, itmi*. aji-d 1 mpartlng ton©and Fn.- Diecape* aittlng from a n y ikmisjomant ©I tbft K t-p k ttr. it ta tnm loable For LourorrbeQ f>r WTillca, |». lo tho b#it roxnadf rrv r virtpf««eut>o4 1 ' 7 thoao $nff©tlna witb this m o t t trou'-ienomo com p laint, and 1$ enre u> e f f e c t a ip w d T and poTTnaiient cure. ^ WodteTn 11 hanllv accoaeiry to rofoT to ont very pnm^roiio certlflcaio*, a s wo a r e well M#nr«J that, Rtriod, U w ill tftcomroend lt# e lf beyond tlJ other e above nam e d dlfiea*e». proiaraliorig NuvJlJv . VTS To., Wholesale Agents* Watertown N. Y. H°» ro n T B O H O I .Z O A 7 0 ! J . W . At tho CM Stand, Ho. 30 B'trutor'n Block, houia- Woul^ inlorm the citizen* of rt'slortirwn, th*the besjntt-rccelvoa [or toe HoLdoys, a choice seiort ages'at $60,000. The eourt*'klv/jafnsd* I Putec>n'e»n the eyes of bis dn*/and’ now m*“ ‘ of C ’O T S Jin B a T Io r T A .ja 's r , , J . u*ve »*ritaay • f , j »' au,‘ r,ow which cannot he excelled la quality or Dries, ljv an* aw a .ded heavy dam acres m miIIk rrf ttiio i 00 has t blind dog. hemee to tho city, u* alto invrtcs attention to his kind. —Tbe ratification of the fifteenth amcud- mont to the Constitution o i tho United Stites goes bravely forward. It ban buen ratified by the Legislatures cl Iowa ind Ohio. dog. -A. lory but ingenious fellow in New Haven, Conn., has invented a machine (or feeding hia horses cattle snd ponltry with • out the aid ol an atendsuL It is a clock work wmngenxent, by which st s certain ■took of (lr*sn and Dried Trait*, Vcgttshlee, ron 1 try, 4c. Ho hsealeo selection oi CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES, and Provision*, conelettnv of Tee*. Coffees, Brurar*. Bplco*. Byrnpe, Batter. ---- ”—“ - J ™ “ IU Bplco*. Byrnpe, Bnttsr, Oheaie, Pork, Lard, Eto7 hour tfflU bottom drops out of tbe hopper end O’ler articles neoaUy kept In a list das* Groce! 2.—_ „teed K°M . to *0 Btiinasin, while the! prlc«? our D r , I. V CEL S n i l Y S N T BBAX.MM, Will return to tie WATERTOWN, N.Y,, J A N U A R Y 1 9 T B , And remain nntll Inrthor notie#.

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