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Union-Endicott news. (Union, N.Y.) 19??-1918, September 21, 1910, Image 1

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OTT'NEWS_ A JOURNAL D�VOTED TO � BJSST INTERESTS OF HUMANITY. VOL SH. ',_ 'V« NO. :-14. $1.00 Per Annum in Advance. 'iL--BllSlNESS DIR€tWR¥� �iln�blea.on..Eou.clh..FAge�­ '11HOS. Io. MAO Ol.ARY. . ATTORNEY-AT-LAW •. ......... General Law Practice. �' � thrcl: ICIlTS oleek of .... tl!e �ilrro­ �ce4iC'.ourt, Tiog& Oouuty. glvm,: ex­ celll!nt esperrence 10 Surr\gate'� work, end B.i1Dioistrlltl00 01 o..t.:l.tes. • 'JruQO York Btl'to 'Poo'! 18 D I - I It you have passed middle age, and I have lost thp charm or youth. always, Insist thut your husbund kiss you' I when. e.ft\r 8 visIt awny from horn« • you altght from a railway traIn A. Ray Humphrey, 'V--- .. L x-':'VV Y E'R .­ O�r M�n �dLiiicrty s«,: 'Union, N Y OKNBHAL LAW I'llACTICK·. Spoclllllllle11lloQ lB,lveD UI 'ProbAto Dr WIIII'I ,\pollltmeD1 Dr AI1�IIII.t ... tor. \ ..,mOID eu t 0 cLeeedellt·.-II:llatO. \T'lVlee III my cbae .. ot brulo 1 baTe 000 de use ot a benr spt'll r 118 Illy weap- 00 ot attn .. k.\ writ\\ Couot Erie Ton Ro-sen, \aod I Dla), take Ihl. oppoUu' nlly to matntarn Ibat tne UBe ot a IV4\Ilr entuns no grenler cruelty UlIlO ao, otber modo ot Dttack nnd tJult \very bunter sbould b� .rIDed 'IIIttb (HI\ 10 roaeno. alllee tbeae powertul b\nata bave • vltnllty Ibat trlumpb. over- R stray bullet or IDore unle .. lod.:pd 10 a vital reg IUD. IUld wbeo woundod tbelr retallatloo ta redoubta· ble und e aslly tatal. In KDreUa. Fin· land, the bear I.a Yl\t regarded a. a noxious horror The great black hatred 'BlagbJuru,' or killing bear. 18 atU! ram- Tbo nails 011 nmputntvd nngl'r. \un pant there. and a couple ot winters tlnu .. to grow back I was able to wreak JUBtUlabie v.'ngennee on some b8B8ta tbat hnd killed over a score ot COW8 aod nine horses. News had been brought me thnt, some ot these r.scala were b.lber­ nn tlng on a IImall marsh bound lalaod. \We fOUDd DO dlftlculty 10 locst1DC Ib\lr lair. ood I took up my poJIt at VegE't.:l.rlanl<ml In Ih ... troplr� ,.nUR\S 0 ... entrance to It. nrmed only wltb my berl·bert. Sl,,,ar I mny explalo toot a bear apear eOllslst8 ot aD OBb .tlll1' .ome two It Is dlmcult to appreclotE' thO' gl'n· ,-nrda loog and about a rouplo ot QrOJlII.,)' at tbtl mnn \I bo gIl l'� you, \ ... hes In dlnmeter Tbere la a blada of 61e('1 about twel,.o Incbes In leojftb. ond the sbatt Is copper cased all a pI:'&- Th('rE' art' 12000 \nIOlOIlK In 1�,'l(IOIn \''IltlOD against tbe teetb ot brulo. A. s .... n as my geotiemaD appeared I trIed to .'Jook hIm 10 tbe tbrOJIt. but Ile par· rl�rt adroitly. and I missed. I mad. onothl\r lunge nod sDceeeded 10 drl,.· InlJ my spear poInt tbrooltb bla brell8t. \lie slartoo roarlog '1urlpusly and A br\\ II tUllgllt' nlt'allS n hud Ih \r snol'l>pd at my ropp .. r cased stall'. tbeo I mnd .. an attempt to strlko at my arm \'UII till IIUP torn pilW. 110 tbat I might drop my weapoD. The powerful Tb.' on 1)' tru, <'\n'1\\�IH 'h\se brute buog 00 to my IIpear Ilt the ODS It )lnur husband comes home IITpd wblch a\\llk<'n no r\A nr.' Ih\s\ ond. while 1 118 grlmly'beld on at tb. ot nl{ and wonts to throw hlms .. 1f ohlnlnl'd OVfOr Ign\rnll<'\ Th,· n\ ... 1 i olh .. r rnd Hili bltl!ll wenl tbroulI'b (be on t: sorll ott .. r dlonpr and 1'\st.' bonornbh. nK th,. 111,,\1 uA •. ful 1>11 .. ult· \\p\ .. r pin Ie. aod bo started sbreddlog don't �t'blm Insist on bls putting on of nnllo,,\ Iq Ihnl whl<-b ronlrlt.III... Ibo wood benelttb. Btrenuonaly I evening clotbes and going sompwll('rl' I\ I h'.' .. xI,'n\lnn Olf h\\,\n Inl .. II.�1 rh .... lr.t'd his turtber advaDCetI. and He oet'ds 0. cbllogo. oat n'st !'Ioo JOI\on grodually tor bls wonods begllD to I t .. 11 bls reslstaDt'C wellkeoec1. and be Encourllgp bill buying nuW dot he. Th .. rh,nnlr 1110\ or I\oklllg Iflnl: rtropped Ilt last over tho aperture ot 10 overy WILY In your pow .. r ThIs Ingl), nl \hilt w .. hu\' nol orr ,hllnk hlH don. will always furnish you with OD\X tuli) \I \hal \\1' hnv.' r.,,,llz.\ 1-..\ \I pulled out tbo spenr. but 110 mut'b �U80 to do the sllroe d .. r h 'r ,\n,1 strengtb stili remaloed In blm tbllt b. \ • ,'E!f)' tll�rt:'nt 1),PP8 n ( nrut\· we c.-rlnln1v \nn \nNltlrn� ,n .. \\I\ .. &Qlz.ed, the blD.de. lUld !J1t It with • If you bove 110 eogagement 10 meet or th .. olh .. � I. (' t-Imllh tor .... Ibllt lerl .'O(!p Indeotatlo08 10 the him at 0 glv('n plnce at 0 gIven hour. ' _ At('ol My. IpaoloD tbeo dnlahf'4 remember that promptness Is an ID·I AbsPDcp dpstroys IrlOlnl: Inllrnarl.... hIm orr wit' ,Is OWD weapo�. Tbta valuable aBset and never be more thaD, but It Invlgorotl'A 81 roll I: OD\k _ slntggle fro,,, start to IIDtab l'o.,ered tweoty mlontes or hall�\ hour late. I RochetouClluld. n .... o,lnutes.\ If be bos some little Imperf.· .. non whlch nnnoys him the rul(' IA 10 r,,· mind him uf It six times. In qutc k dUC . ceaatcn. Ih .. n skip tbr ..... II\ six 1L1I<1 so on _. Lite -�- ,_ J·o\1.rtI .. 13ech:er,M.D. � ._..lli\lN I;IT, UNIO�. N Y (Sto9A.r.I .omco Hilurs. � ! to II P 11 1l011l1\rSm '. . -1.3 lQ.t! p ld. • RESIDENOE PHONE 31 Y tllr.\'lIUI1J.:'1'·4· \\l'bI! kl..uj; 01 Jogcnubclt Is loung. I \1\ not tfl'\t\ lin\\' he r uu lU'II� h)\lug yuu t he uiouu-ut hi' kunwN �l)U .\\ b., cnn r' ,\ IIU t hl' dHI u, \Uur smti,'(j \Hul bl' 11111)' uot tu- h,·nl·1 ,.-!!nle\ 11,. will 10\ !,,,Illl< nil)' \ \1'(1111 1<:6. ()(.IIII<·�- h .. w I hnto Ib� w ord ' �lIn,,·t llllt-\ 1 t,'grPt my gnr ret .. TIU' ('llanl t'lllIr \\rlul,lt\ hl\4 111'� .• \' III .) ou t onseut If) tlJ\.� utJlrr\Il�( 'r \\\nuld It till HII) J.j11ucl to n'J.\'t It'\ \00 I I ... \. It \un III Ilu I:;b rt'U';h'lu J,;t\1·tlt hnrru\ ··Uh·t' flU' a wl'4'k \\ \urtly \A w(·4·k I\ 1'1l,oflo \\ It\ JoY (IU ttl\ (\bnDc�llur'8 tnet· 11U\\ unruuHkt\4l un ('oDc-pnll'd \Oh WhpII Ibf' n\Um I'll I , rt1lllP9 Ibn t 1 sel' t h .. ,·rn,.. n or J II!:I'II,I bl.1t lin \'ollr J)l'nnrttur hpnd nil my wot'k Rboll not bn ..... h .... n III vnlD. 'fh .. r .. Is onl' thin!: ID\'\ Y\lIr hllth· IT IS SAID: Woman Is Ilk.. 1\ honf>y .. \D1h· full ; . or (\1'118. He\ war .. ' RR�NQjS �. BISHOP, ... a. D. Phy.loillon. rand SurReon. _ Sped,1 ,Ue.>UOD gl.8D 10 tbe treatlDeut or Ctu'ottlc 4�_, auij the lilting or Itl ...... ror � 111-& limited unDluer or lIB' \�ge. \I<IRQli\;-lI& W';;'Hldo or Llu..,rll ss«, oppooltfl Ill. _Idelle. 0(110011(8 11'. Jn�Q\\II. !'ftlW\PJlon8!l'l w !CrlOiCOTT.1i Y Ollie:.. bOG .. 1 tit 9 P 11 Grass Widows are not g\\'n Man 18 ror e ly willIng to dll· fur his love. but woman rr .. qllf'ntly Llo-u. (1\8 tor hers .u'h.��. D .• Mb:AD .. _--,.�:V�sLa4-N .. '\.:\ Yotk'Slllte Phone 117 Z. Omce hours I tl>--2. 6 :SO to 8 I' II Il\\'ny n<'!IlI.\ -And tbol·· .. \Th('r ... mll\l,l nol I,,· AO tnnn� rlll\A In th .. murllln)! wllh hl� ,'�,· .. II!'II< r 11 .. 1'1' ('ormkho('1 . TI)flrf\ wn� n f'.tnio.rtl'r nlltl' of wnrnlng�1 account '0 the' ( hnllc,'lIur'\ t\nlf�(' Inothfl'rK It Is th .. Uilly bnll)' I hnt mnkl'R I lop baDdaoml' odult )luI do lI\t un Ihl\ go nbout t.·lltnfjt )IHIIIg how honH�l)' tlH�tr hnhh'H nn' (TO n£. l'u�TI'\' FP 1 .. .� , . .. ' �, . .....,;, ·tMaple- &rQve Dairy Farm ti: -8. DOANE & SOH. Prilp'n. RULES FOR THE WIFE SAYINGS OF THE SAGES \. '0\ �BA(trA11 TRIBK. No. JIf('I. O. R. lI. RegIIl • _. . .,�l�r.,ineeUmsr ...... ery Wedll�\ e.eDlIII, II IUd·lI ...... Uall. )lalh at ... \\,- .. � ,:I:1t��t:�k(Mf?�r'w. '';:''4?, 1'i...�R�A.Nb�W�:iucltBn .. �:... aDd A • .lit &lid 4th n7,·r.r.1A I .... atutfll. \ A Hot Oven :. -the kind that has the heat' carried all the way around it, so that it's evenly �t all overl That's the oven that turns out, and qUlckly too, the crisp, browned loaves; the light, hot, delicious biscllits; or may be regulatcd from this sizzling bs:;ing or roast­ ing heat to a temperature that merc'y s.mmers for bours. That's the t) .� I. \ � 1 · · · � \\ � � Stewart Range \The pride of the kitcben:' and it has had a good repu· tation for three-quarters of a century. Let us sbow yOU tm£tte:_ .. _. _- Made b:r Fuller a W.,...II eo.. TrOT, tr. Y. SOLD- BY ... _ Inderlied & Raitt·

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