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Union-Endicott news. (Union, N.Y.) 19??-1918, September 14, 1910, Image 1

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-' , , $1.00 Per Annum in Advance. • less by eholee bas n subtle polson In h1s blood. He was at Boun wueu the c1vU war came. Be went bnck to Alneflcii-and. threw blmseft Into the .t)gbt 'with nil tbe tA'dor thnt )llld mnde Jlis'torbears famous In the servtee of the wortWess Stuarts. ft· wnsn't a wlfh him ot tbe mere lo\'e ot li����$������� i 6.6Ebony Red Elastic·· with whlcb side he wtshed to -+-,==._Ile joined the cnvalry ot tbe and hammcren-lIIRt\-rougbt bls' way to II captaincy He wns wounded tlve times and Imprisoned twice. At_ tho .eJld ot tbe eontttct he ret urned to Wasbtngton. Wlth<m:t .nnylnJinencc wuutever aave his pletJSlng ndd�cs8 and bl8 wide edu­ cation hi! blarneyed the tltaw depart­ ment out -of II conaumte. Tbl'}\ '1!CIlt �m -nrEIm!lIBtl!tn nr n l!lIinry not rtb mention lug. wltb 111(' dllllomatlC' o of dis-nit)\ IlQ a tull to rue ktte, Two 10 one 1,lac(' was oot Fully gllllnlnUlil,J Try 1\ �1I1l{ln J (·o\'\r. more \111;\1' 1.· .. 1 \r \urI ... • .. tu t he R,lIlon tt.nn nny other B .. Pmnt luuflt\ nud i� 1Iluftl' durnt.l« � W.-nrq hk� 11'1111 un \\ n2ol'� hnru\ .. ut lHllltltnjitFl rttn(\.t'tI ron(\'4 school �C' houl.4f11'4. farm Ifl1pl\-111t'ntR t't(' � et $1.00 per GaHon elf -yenrci'Cliewliii;-Frii'Tiig-ueIlTiW -36_ Cents per-{)uart& promptJon nor escbuuge. So. ruea, all A filii hnp of - .' 'es loglcnl acductloD8 elmml!t('() clown to ' - • :�!�����2;���������������������4��������ii�i�-� �_h���hm� Supplies Tbe dreamer Is InnlrlaWy tripping re 1-!1����1T'���i���i,��ft-�,ii.'F<:fWI�liMlJlIlIllOUf!-.=mI��mi.<Ro.��&�ff..u..��--J.I<;�....,.Jt.:....\\\'. �-Atw'Il� tilsnlnJTj' rutber boyish In We dreums. Whut fls absurd romances he WUR lllwlIYS weav- Ing round ber!' What exploits 00 ner HAS h Th 0 (jehnl!! But never unytblul; happened, I •• mi t ee rug gist t and never Wl18 tbl' c;rnnd duke culled upon to oat'r bls bl'nedktlon. It was all very tool Ish nnd romantic r.\��.CQ:;!)I(i:?i�I��(���������<i) and lmP01l81ble, nnd 00 one rccogn�ed thla mora readily than he. No Amerl­ can ever mnrrll'lJ n princess of a reign­ Ing bOUBe, and nit Amerlcnn ever will Tbili IlI.w Is as Immovable as the law of grnvltatlon. Stili. mun 18 master of -bls-dretHlllt, -ftnd- -ho--mn:r- -do as hn p!eascs In tbe eonance ot 'bla small Circle. \How tho deuce will It ('nd'\ mus Ing bnlt nloud. \I'll target myself 1I0me day and trip so burd tbat they'll be nsklng Wnshlngton for my resan. I'll go oV('r to tbo gardeos u ncl listen to tbe band.\ (to be conllDul'd OI';! wl'8k) ------i --- -- A'o-' i .�+�+ By ++++ ... HA·ROtD Mat36ilATH Bome hope to ('urI' th .. t1gl'r of bi­ ting by HllIng hl8 teeth with gold Tbe most harmlpR8 poisonous wh ..n It Is your henrt gel.§. amu\oment Is I tIl<' ulIl, food I I th .. golrlpn bl\ frh'ntls Hardwood Floors. To rep!Jltllb hardwood tlOOl'll, melt Iullf a pound ot pure beeawax and add a_pInt of turpenUne and hnU 118 much ammonln. Btand the mixture over a boiling kflttl�, In- '1!rdel' to kee� lk Warm ApplY to tbe 1I00r with flannel erem nM let stand unm QUite cold. \Now 118 to polishing. tho merriest an4 qutckest method Is to glvo thil chilo' dren n lark Collect from tho rag­ bag aU. the dlsearded slockhigJI a.nd· Bocks, draw Ihem on over tbe chilo I dren's shoe8, starl a tW()-Blep on tho plano nnd the children will do tho rest If. unfortunately, YOur neighbor.' hood oaers no ('hlldren, your eecond cholrA of n pollsber IB an adult with .. ' pl\\e or bru8sels carpet wrappe� arouod a brick -Harper's BaUl'. 11 � -- --_--:---:\:'\:' -:. =- -= The endeavor always counts more I for one's happfuesa than the succesa. , . - . A man soon gl'ts tlr .. d of hlH relig­ ion wbcn he does not work at II It's a good deal PlUller to API'm fit to die than to be Ot to live w lth Tbe lesR a man thinks aboot 1n8 sincerity 'tbe more he Is likely to bave_ tilUENS iN SEASON' It·s no use lookIng 10 10n\I pla(,P8 for mpn who are really walkln� with, -Ood Loae Flavor If Allowed to Stand Long Before Cooklnll-N�w Potatoea­ NatIve Greena That Have Dlatlnct Value, Tbe man who liVl'9 hy rule never haR to talk to about his piety -d -:H -4l , . .... 1 French I}plnach and Egg •• Three pounds ot splnacb. two ouncea \I buttpr, a IIIt1e white sauce, tour or \IX rggs, salt p.nd pepper, a grate of hlltmeg. ('-ook the nicely wll8hed 8p1D' I orh In the uannl way, lind mellDWhl� To be gullIed by th .. s\n8\8 IIlone IR � h,,11 the eggs till hard, draJn the 8p1D' 118 tbougb dnA. should lI't the compUM a('b very thorougbly and press throU8b steer the ship Po ball' sieve. dissolve the butter In • \ - I st .. \ pun, put In the splnaob IIJId IItlr One of the W01'8t tblngs about px- I It Ull Qolte hot. mix In the white pOBlng the wolveB Is that the sbDel) I sauce by degrees, and, It you have It, will turn Bnd .-try to ren.! YOII.-Cbl 1 a IIttlo cream, scuson nU. wIth pep­ cas-a Tribune I p.·r. suit and notmeg, place on a bot (·Ish. and around It arro.nge the har� A Timely TIp. I holled cgeg cut In hnlvea. Little Brother (who has just beon • given �ome ('andy) --It 1 wero you I shouldn't taka sIsler yuchtlng tbls Rhubarb and Ral.ln PIe. afternoon I ('hal) ftne on& pound ot rbubarb and Ard\ot Sultor- Woy do you say tbat. Ion\ uod one-half cupfuls at seeded TommyT I rfllslns Add one pint of augar and \Well. I heard hor tell mol her thIs t\\ 0 well beoten eggs_ Thts will make morning that abe !earod sbe'd have t ... o ploa, make wIth !OP and bottom to throw'you over \-. crusts THEIR PROPER PREPARATION FOR THE TABLE. Omelet With Calf'. BraIn •• In servIng an omelet with calf'. brutns parboil the latter In salted wa­ ter. adding a CIOVA. alice of onion and you a bay lent Chill, cut Into dloo. dIp at me In egl! and ('rnmlui. trY In deep tat anel serve round .the o'llelet. .... .' A '4 ::� Tlie l\dvanf4ges of i Housa Reafrd ·wltb�a STEWART Fur!1ace are plentY of fresh, warm air all - _ the time, small fuel 'con­ sumption, and �ea1th and • comfort an winter. I Note the gen.crous _portion- o£ thc:furnm:e, A 1l:,.�co\r�oo�l.tl . ::\lJlb�=����-1a al --Stlwart Bangel-\StOY8l - lIa41 by _fIiWI & WUID �.P&IT; noY, L \ --����--���

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