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The Union news. (Union, N.Y.) 1918-1919, January 29, 1919, Image 1

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JtilOK NEWS MKiim TeBt Verslfe* 3#' Our hard ee>. >l. democr Fur evory 1191 .shall bo, A now awaken,., .e shall soe With dawn 01) Peoco. , LOIS A. HORBL. Age 16 years,. - —rA™,\ ./ftL ibSJE .VLVrtAA^O '^Ei^ST INTERESTS OP EUMAXflTY—THE PipPLB'S PAP .fr^^vs«r»fe» t.fi.ft.tg.'Jt', f ., '; w—'liit gicrlca >•'••&- «* Oomf thou w'.tb a» 1 1 ktHROlSJ. .OHMRC H. Revi W. Watrous; pastor? !la*> Meeting •hlng Rervjoe fiohool 1 iO A.M. 10 80 A ,,i *r II mat. •i*ue for n-adors are •i< uni onlence urged paper •w»-HI»i)at«l f surross in the bust /.itinns rty co-op- id 'ayBohoo't -. fnsSSeryloe ,'iteetl-- '%& Farm 1 Sr-JA^E OSBORH r^Yrrt ^idneiiday-Jantiary 39,1019. »'&•-. the fllfflciflties\. tnat 'racen--;iije^. i l woman In heridomesflc relatlqns.fi mi)iiimww<i*i «nwiin -CCopyrfcbV-ilHS, V- McClura. ?i«w«p>per <.«. ,i 't.vtf-y** Syodteau.) ,^ Itiyornen' stndents took courses In y«rtorln«ry surgery and animal hUH- ^bagdri^he ^envas no very good reason ftii ^^ttVliuen students at the short wln- \ JJ^^^T ^MoW\ P ot select Prof. Lucy :pu'mrauiys' -course, kuofvn \ajt f urdrlid' Ihlnlstrotlon—59. Btlll Prof. Lucy Cnmratngs surprised, not to saj a little confused, wlien oft to the left the-tecturo room, pontrusttn^; Jmli> the 00 or more young womdnV ;faees, she saw the four men student* AyHo .had apparently elected to take 'her>co'urse. j^lVdealt, ns thp catnlosne snlil In de- y^Wng^tgivrfh \the psychological nnd '\.^^oglcnl problfros of the furro \wK^-B^d ccssidsrsd- Sa 4a&u_l iroblp'ms of ^S»a^ernifck^^ra%e^^ .She> wonia.' ;«tv^Wt^raKc^itoi>wnie i-hlgbly opUmiacJ^n^theo>etIc^,«eas W f\>n thgehnrms'of fpnnhouse:,llfel«nd : she Vould seethe eyes at the stdrof; the roomxegWerlhr* degreecjnprifco^ The_Jecfure that 'Lucy' plannedFfo give the~ltay> r 6«f6^^ss ^ais6 'aMe<l- for tie Christmas holidays was *mnc- deal talk oh Cb'rjfrima^rn the fitan^ house. When sha worked this lecture up the yeir before ahe felt thRt .ihe• had achieved her masterpiece, (tifd* in year -HAaoii &SJJheE^yji t IF.btfd' \wgred lmmeajmrab'ly*' helpfut\ «- -In, tilt le^toe^ahe^gave prtcUcil— based on \no actual ''ejrpertence, - w\b« OUCU w. snr^^dslsiloji.hpw to brine roleflde cheer tS the t atmhonse, how to netjap the' ClirlstmuB tree' and how to deck It with ornaments that could I produced on tjie iTann—strung po cranberries nnd frosy apples. Slue took-occasion to draw n jcUn trast betiveen the Christmas seas9ii |tn sssfdsrsa- m- <!e»u-i s~ glry^Jhonie and ttat la a farmbd#e. 'making the form- j with nil tbeTarahtlleTcoTe ^tsSp' »h» latter, Tir order to Set el'flsfce'nter^of family recreation - In- order to -pet 2% . \No s*ld Lucy simply. \1 was at f'the boarding h6use. I had ho place to go.\ And then, feeling that she had perhapj been\ a little too commnolca- , tlve, she changed the subject L _A}wumJn|;_he|r. most professional air and trying to talk as she wouhlFna'd her companlqn. been an elghteen-year- Sli student |nd not it stalwart man of thirty-five, she said: \You don't know how pleased I was to->have you -boys-elect-my-course.—T WRB pnperlnlly surprised that you should have found it \worth while—\ The brown eyes were leveled at her and the professional air vanished. 9 \Now you ask, ni tell you,\ he said slowly. Td have to tell you some- . <lme. I took that course because,when |-T^ranrt-ln thfl <»«t«1nfcn« all thflt I'Ot PlT_l about higher psychological aspects of farm\ TCfeV I \said rtff 'myself that==any one that could get up and talk that kind of thing would be funny- enough to listen to. It seemed to me that there Just wasn't any high aspect of farm life. The women I knew never found any in it Even to my mother it was killing drudgery. \So I went prepared to be amused. T thought Td Just listen a time or two; and then—well, I might as well tell you the rest—then 1 fell In love with we\teacneRr-MBJ5rr--&e , uniy—sray-1 mtdd ever hear her voice was to listen 50 c • •••••••••••••••••• j HAP • THE •BASE HUTS ARtrJARBEMD COMjFY johooiv.-.i.... 'W^MI •ting....;,.-. • Service,....'^... -'V;^^< ft'gtlnfcramrrsd>i7r - !fH ^r m ?-- - fluaro oordUHjtj .^nvlted to HftanWJ* > services. \ — I 'ift.Raprlst. Mftorroto-ir Or«nt avi>nui C. ^,^Parkhurst, pastor rijer 'ttptliiKlVt- -iljultiyiii avMny'o, cor Kev. X. N. Saplord, pastor. -^\\iret Bre«u^terjtin.,_M<>J!rw.ior. OJH\' ivenui<—Rev. D^vid F m Botxior. pttuthr _ ^Sfe^Ambroae^KouVn 4fetholl«' WM»1I . Byrne, ptuitbr, \ •8t .-,JEVur» MiHslon (Eplso^jwl) Up»ii ; 7T fl frff^^ \\•-'•'r B*>. -Ti-R. Jpheg. pastor r lllfe f-/^'/. Sunday 'mornlng^faTBirwfl-serVJ Snd JBoodar'niornlng prayer, litany anr 8rd8und«y .rooming Paints, Oils, C Netting, Screen Farm and (I Ajax r Auto Acocsc Oil Pollahe. .in _ , ... full free(T .jj>^j»; the equfXiM T *:n, • t li f ii ,, „_ (ftat »ymR&'.'i%\ cr thoHe whd !J. • that would ..ould help aisf^'.' i In Reeking <• highest gooc Blg n shall ye • .1.1 these truthn >iat all men •t,--ft\> , v i hey are endo fe'v® tth certain $?~$L among these j?%j5>j£ pursuit of h: s!pf£!-> r a century «v \ .Is ranR out It Is i (hp|r full, true mean ^viaw,. lurd be lifted that all *»JJ^v. •he advance be soun \ijs^.®*2'f ^ hoar it. Lot those rjaavft?-. ? ha^k, fall back. Lo tiGUtm'. I oppose, oppose. Eve who will rally. 1 courses-flght-agalns. comhlne the advantl tit: morning prayer at 10 .»>. 8th Morning prayer and sermon Tlie Lodtfeg of OBIO B Sachem, A. M. iSchtfolcraft PrdphieCD.C. Morgan Sri-Sagamore, P . Q. Forman. 55 SaIamore ,^CU7ton Monroe. C,;ot K. Cllve Warner <C. of W, C. Kodman V »f W A. 'L. Oliver t elM-t. tl it wore spectacles nnd rook I r.ous coptonsly. Lucy discovered that thry ix .<rp flttlnB themselves to be In- s 'rui -trrs Jn agricultural subjects ami . \.\TP nparently going straight through Jhn eainlogue as part of their prepara­ tion. The fourth member took no noted— I he wn<<. In fact not taking' the coarse for credit He was among the dozen or so attendants of the agricultural J college who apparently came to a few I lectures merely as a matter of diver ^DIRECTORY, g|g|~__ w V (1 |Wii e - i ot v W««».» a * na iC5Utf«ir .osiesslon with n ownership borefore to _— hat value attaches:, We of any oxertiq i> not prop'Ose to ~ o land by kooplng}' tting any one us any time. We «. task, Imposslbl/ •tate of society, ual sharoB, still isslble task of k ' EIJBgnUClTY IM ALL FORMS ^ 3se —leaving lan •alon of Jndlvlq on tholr \part t i It—simply to aes a tax that. -aluo of the larj r the use ma mentB on I t ovldo amply 1 enues, we w. on land valu taxes now le processes of ince they ta„ nor, wo hold tho right of ^SVw HENRY GEOicS -en Ory ETCHER'S > the Mtt th« TwoJIrown-eyM.- -.w- ^'during? tfce, 'w|nter : months when tliq>hui>g ; heaylly on their hands. >• » L^Jttj^lfjict' that he was tho'ohly^one I 'of.'tte class who Wis not faking.thel »*-^or credit and. thatj> fhereforct i\S%*italUt\tiW*MCiio»- - ,-v., .JJf™ U 1 6 -6nly-P»«r of eyes leit ^a^it ^iinn >'M& ft- &&^A&5® t ! **9 a r l«er «« she .dcUvered'. S?^M ?M 0 %* lT r«?^ ^I*?? .? f |her>ctuM>nde bis presence loom \\••-WatoM I ..-t^, , n .y,-\ t A 1wtu - re room. •oWatUntlon. given\K > ,rroo »M> y». her;lecture, wnue ui» - 'jil^MJStktment ^Mdm'lnlitfatojs large^In '.U;^ lecture room. ^jS^i 'ofdibedSi 'iAitat* . & /8bmbtimesK« semed. to Lucy -i ^\ .;§S8ttiV .i»t-&w- \ l i i, *^nd' y'ear college, professor Keep' hex eyes mc^v -~ from the side of the room dominated over by the palr-of brown eyes. Then came tic end of the lecture and .Lucy knew that she had said something that had brought an anticipatory thrill of Christmas spirit to her class. She was almost overcome -with hap­ piness as she beard the many votcer living their Christmas best wishes. Ihey had nctnally clapped to show tlielr appreciation. This Lucy knew to be a most unusual tribute at the college. And Lacy needed this encouragement sorely, for nftep-college had closed nil . that was left to her was the little de- l.serted boarding house In the college town. Almost every one hnd left for the holidays, but Lucy had no place to leave for. Her only relatives, very distant cousins, lived across the con- llhenf, and- Lucy-hud grown used to \solitary Chrtslmoses, the one day In the year when people BO seldom Include anyone but their own family lu -thelr-l-daym Jollification. • So a snowy Christmas cntne and • went and all tho,Yuletlde cheer that pLucy got was In the recollection of the. spirit of Christmas that she had put Into that lecture and the applause of appreciation that came afterward. Lucy went out for a solitary stroll •ve'r the snow the day after Chrlstmn* and It was there that she met the two r brown eyes for the first time out or {-classroom- -AlL^hahjui lftarncd-nhwit the owner of'them was that he was\ a well-to-dqand prosperous farmer who was taking the course merely for a dU verston. As far as actual- knowledge - of* agrl* : li, culture went there wasn't^.-speclaltst f In the college to whom-tie could not , ^ . give practical pointers In the special- Ist^j own subject.-so Lucy bad been.'^oZ' , i < y^Sne or have-you an Before Lucy'knew it she.had u/ °>- . ' —£- cepted^the lnvltft£lon offered, to hi' ' fio Write or phone US. irom her;inter'estlng8tud^nt to get lir V his sleigh, and then .she'realliedt' '•' «ne a'ctuAUy cohsented- to accomi/«K', ' *\ her companion to-hjs firm, five 1 / ^Chines H «S 8 to S IS '•way. '*'/,. 'Td Uke to have* - It Used vay-you told us farms Hxed up,\ he smiled; \but Mwhere In . ; . felt tnat SD <8 . Tflthdr- latere-/? crude farmer man like me—\/ Lucy was trembling In spi»,^**** self. \Hadn't we better tuu she faltered. \No we hadn't\ came t answer. \I'm going to tak with me. Ton didn't have mas—you Just told me yo neither dldl. There's a f waiting tiAhfc cooked an a spruce Mpe I chopO the cranbirrlea. \I thought Td get 8> er psychological asr farm,' but the hired were away and I co myself. I'm going '' with m.e If l^gyfjf That's how 'emit the world atri me.\ —Andlhat was Cummlngs' When college « tno' more practl. course. Lu*/\ tyea were f# w Avlato This ft to devot 1 shoni poor si tape. fnev—who n P * « e amueu. -out i lost in tier ;» 4 . x . „„„ ^i,r» i jW «J {i.04t?l.«cuy-„,«.„. — , ••coiid' year *a% \college proftissor-rlt i K°*- any of that Hnq^spirit - •* ii.*. w« m •*v,nfhRiedij m t I 'ng- >Vhej»- piy mo(hefi'wa there we used sometimes''\ little, but now all the com 'in the winter la'obebl his wife .to-do the cooki they kpQwior caro-j\ ' P8j*cho|ogtcal--aspect ,i •rt-LAJCK Hushed. SKe.' 'he^studjpnt'was lai Lwhen sHo^loOkeif at . i *e/yA^op*<Ing l , v very v 'Tm Jurnrtsed; th hore.for. the'holldxi pha'd'an-ldea^you 'h 0 ^UU.f ,U-.^^^do ^ci ^d^lngtu /oonrow New.'ifork IE 223-J • • • • • • • • • • 1

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