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\Here Shall the iPreea the People's Bights Maintain, TJnawed by Influence and TTnbribed by Gain.' 1 VOL. XX. , N. r 10OCK NO, Special Announcements* | VAST, Fan SALE, TO BEST, LOST,? FOCSTD AS» : OTKKR NOTICES INSEBTBI> I S THIS COXCMK ; FOB ONE CENT A WORD EACH WXEKT. li*0R SALE.—Eijrhi acres of ebotee land, «n JT which!» a baiidin«r2te4<>wWdEj<»tdd easily be converted toto a #ood* dwelling and situated on Ft.Covinsrtoii St.,about three-fourths of a mlie from M^B St., Maione, ». Y. Apply to I5tf S.' <X PADDOCK, 86 Britain St^ W ANTED,—All people with defective eye- sight at the JKrjmkita House to be* treated in the optieal'office of Albert Lelser. 15tf ; H 'OUSB AND LOT FOB SALE-rfe Maloue Tillage. Fiv#&eres«f choice land; superb location on Main street-, good orchard; house commodious and in exeefletrt repair; ample barns and carriage room. A flue tome for some i'tamer who wishes to retire from active Hie. Address or call on P. INTERNEE, Malone, N.Y. C -1IRL WANTED.—A good, reliable gfrl for T general housework in a fatally of four per- sons. Apply to MRS. J. G. BOSCOE, 14w2 No. 5 Franklin St., JJaioue, N. Y. W ANTED,—Laundryman experienced in all branches of steam laundry work. Apply fey mail with reference and salary expected. C. N. ZTJBER, I4v2 Saranao Lake, N. Y. . H OUSE TO RENT.—A11 modern improve\ roents; situated on -Clark St. Will «ive •ossession the first of May. Inqaire at (Sssk S Sons, P. CLARK, Malone, N. Y. NTED.—Twenty pant operators. Can ¥ T furnish employment for SO good machine operators on pockets and fishing at AI prices^ Board at S2.5® per week, Address WARRENSBCRGjH WOOLEN CO., J. 8, TwABjatE, Superintendent, 12w4 / Warrensburgh, N. Y- 1 10 RENT.—Two rooms to rent, for one or two for housekeepii I3tf Address, Box if C ARPET CLEANING.—We shall be ready to receive your orders for cleaning carpets, tugs. &c. early in April. We hare at last secured ,_, & permanent location and shall be able to do bet- ter-work than ever. Orders booked-at C. W. Breed &Co.'s drug store. \ 13w4 W ANTED.—Capable general .housework girls.for positions in good famdles. Wages m ,00 to 14.00 per week. Address. \ York State, 1 ' No. 380 High St., Boom 206. Holyoke, Mass. 13-4 T O HOUSEKEEPERS.—A word to the wise housekeepers; In order to assist you in fcouse cleaning I call your attention to White's Favorite Mop Wringer, \ Tne Ladies' Delight.\ Best on earth. So Ifomeis complete w^tboat ie. For saie~at the Franklin County Bye Works. ' e. K. Y. A. L. PARO. Gen'l Agent. sanapariiia There's nothing new about it. Your grand- parents took it. *Twas an old Sarsaparilla before other sarsaparillas were known. It made the word \ Sarsaparilla \ famous over the whole world. There's no other sarsa- parilla like it. In age and power to cure it's \The leader of them all.\ Jl.W a bottle. AlHrofftri*. Aycr*s Pills cure constipation. H OUSE TO RENT.—With use of Barn and Garden, on my farm ooe-nalf mile south of County Poor House. 'Quite convenient toMa- : Jone Village Schools. M. A. LEONARD, 13w4 No. 10 Francis St., Malone. N. Y. |y OTtCE.—AH citizens who contemplate bufid- J3( ing concrete walks this spring should notify me at once Sf A. HOWARD, JB M ONEY TO LGAK.—f 1,000, 1700 and $m on first- class real estate securities. 12tf E. R. HOIT, AgV. Malone, N. Y Easter Novelties [us^ -IN— FOOTWEAR JUST RECEIVED AT HoitgHaskell's* New Styles, New Lasts, New Shades* EVERYTHING UP-TO-DATE. HOIT & HASKELL, YoUr Sliocmcn, i A light Weight iOvercoat .*. I \ Is au absolute necessity if a mate ! \ wants to look well and keep well. • The spring Overcoats that we are I showing this seacon will give you -1 just tha same satisfaction as the | Overcoats yqa would get from | * exclusive tailors which woo id I cost you twice as much. Every New Style 4a. here few your in- spection. Price | 8 to $15. Spring Suits in all the Dew and up-to date paterae at price* that mak« them leaders. Spring Hats and Shoes. Have you Men the New Styles. We are showing the largest stock In town and all • the Spring Styles are represented. M.LEVY, 5p rflo»ik} m & FABM FOB BALE it •\\& know ail rJJ* ffeotr^ the ^^ ISiivy feeling in the stomach, the formation of gas, the nausea, sick headache, and general weakness of the whole body, - You can't have ifcawefek\ without your blood being impure and your nerves all exhausted. There's just one remedy for St'PHEME COURT. The case of Mary Rushford vs. The Vtt-, ge of Ghateaugay, an action for dam- ages alleged to have been caused by a de- ective sidewalk, which was on trial when Ae Farmer went to press last week, was mbmitted to the jory Tuei4ay afternoon, and, after a short time they ca*ne into court with a verdict for tfere* ti^odbted dollars damages against the defendant. A. B. Cooney and Charles A. Bnrke attor- iwyg for plaintiff. Badger & Cantwell for defendant. The case next tried was that brought by da Williams as administratrix of Gor-s Ion Williams, deceased, against The Sar- ac Lake Li^ht, Heat and Power Com- >»oy. It appeared from the Evidence b Sept, 24, 1898, plaintiff ; a intestate ^_it into the cellar of his store at Sara >acLake; that he there saw his brother Hay some distance from an electric light, looking as If something was the matter and unable to speak, that Gordon Wil- liams suddenly grabbed the light which was~movable and at the time in an an- ical position, but was almost instantly tnable to remove his grasp and died right away, that one or two other men tried to release him but were unable and could not release tfaeinselve*, A great deal of ex- pert evidence was given chiefly by Mr. Johnson, an electricaT^iimBsftr 1 AIM! i«m- \After suffering terribly I was induced to try your Sarsaparilla. I took three botOfs *ud now feel like a new man. X would advise all my fellow creatures to try this medic in«, for it has stood tbe tost of time and Its creative power cannot be ex- celled? 1 I.JD. GOOP Jan. 30,1899. B If you have any complaint whatever and d«tire the b«st meaical ft dylc« you can po««ibly rec«ire, writ* the debtor tx«tSf t You frill w«elTe a prompt »•- NATURAUY WEAK, Longs sore or weakened by th§ grip, or by pneu- monJa or stsecessive oolds, and throats raw or in- iamed from colds aad coughing, seed toe balmy soothiof and healing mfiuence of TOLUIA EMULSION, It is grand i or the chfidreruit is grand for the grows folks. It Is very palatable, and as harm- less as boney. A bottle of this flae prgparattoa has often Saved a <diild 5 s life^ by obviating the conditions leading to croup and dfphtneria, while for adults it is a great protector against Asthma, Broachitis, Pneumonia and Gonsumption. Even wherefthe latter diseases are efcroaio TOLl'Ii EM © I*SiON wUl give more of relief and com- iort than any other remedy. It is guaranteed to give benefit or your money is returned for the asking, C. W^HYDE, Drliggist, AF; KM FOB SALE, mo CLfeds AN 2STATE. TWO HUNDRBB JL aad twentr-two aoree. Is well watered, free of stone, \with barns and outbuildings and new bouse. «OOD JIONBY t hw^ to sti more hBprovfc* farm an aa%gt stg^aud.advaaefag prlc^forf^ Mafone Water Work$ Co, two oclock T.M. fortip*elect^>Mf tttn« dired tors of saidoompauy for the ensuing year, aad for the transaction of such other business a* EASTER fliTS Mrs. S. A. Kearns. - Also a fuU line of baby bonnets. T^e latest ribbon bows tor the neck and other novelties ' First Door east of P. O. Malone, N. Y Notloe of Annual Meeting. JOTICJB IS HEROTT GIV«N THAT ^^5 ><(rpo«e of eleettog sevea 4p* year ami two teBpeotow .. ai«i for the transaction of such other as may property come before sal FABM FOR SALE, p^W|M^ltAlgiS«UFCMJEi ortem statemearof Terrance was read, n evidence, together with his cross ex-; iminatiou by Mr. Moore »nd a re-direct Mr Main, TbW statemest asserts' hat both the Bashaws' were present when he shot was fired and that DeMarce told hem be had shot hinr. One or two per- sons gave evidence that soon after the shooting DeMarce told, them that if a man me to his place and ^ tried to ran the ouse hit wotild shoot him, This report overs the proceedings up to Monday night. ONSIDERING BBIDGE REPAIRS. Since the last meeting of the town board •f Malone the chief bridge engineer of the . Y. Central R. R. has submitted a re- >ort »n his examination of the Main itreet bridge to the citizens' committee, md H. S. Meekham, of St. Regis Falls, has made a thorough examination of the structure and submitted his report to the own authorities. T. 0. Lentze, of the tateringineer'a office, -was also in town last weekend made a hasty examination, nd Chief Engineer Cbappell, of the Rut- land R. R,,spent a large past of Saturday ooking over the bridge fa connection with Supervisor Lawrence, Village Presi- dent Thompson, and Messrs. McClary, Moore, Miller and Wright, of the citizens 1 tractor, oMJtipm-on one side and Jay; Mx. John Fisk, Jr M superintendent of the Melons Electric Light plant, on the other. It appears that there were two distinct systems of wires, the primary system car- rying a pressure of two., thousand volts, tbe secondary or that which enters the auildinga carrying 104 volte, and a trans- former was necessary to make tbe proper reduction in pressure. A voltage of aboot one thousand is required to prod ace death, -bile 104 would be perfectly harmless, be defense made a determined effort to secure a non-suit and later to have the court direct a verdict for the defendant on tbe ground that the transformer was found to be all right. Tbe judge finally allowed the case to go t© the jury so that they might determine whether the electric fluid cocrtd have passtd from tbe primary to tbe secondary system at a point where the foliage or small limbs of a certain tree might, kave touched both wires, though it was proven that no single limb touched both wires asd though it was not shown*\ that the insulation of either wire was im paired at that point. The court would not allow them to consider the -possibility of the current passing tbrough the trans- former. After aboot two boars, fche jury brought in a verdict of five thousand doi lars damages in favor of plaintiff. This was one of the most important and inter eating cases tried in this county in severa years and the verdict an usually high for this section, though low enough if the plaintiff was entitled to recover at all, and tor these reasons it is pretty certain to go to the highest court in tbe State for fina adjudication. Mr. Jones of the firm o Jones > Townsend & Rudd, of Utica, as- sisted by F. G. Paddock, of Malone, for plaintiff; Badger & Cantwell, for defend- ant. The ease of Orln S. Lawrence and Geo. Taylor vs. Horace J. Barry came up Fri- day morning. It wad an action of eject- ment and the facts not being disputed, i was simply a question of tbe construction of the will of the late James Barry, of Ma- lone, regarding the power of the execu- tors to sell the Barry stone block to the plaintiffs. The court directed a verdict for plaintiffs. €k H. Main for plaintiffs. M. T. Scaiilon and Charles A. Burke for defendant. , 4 Tbe murder trial for this term began JFriday and a large part of the day was taken up in securing a jury. This timi it is an Italian named Frank DeMarce who is charged with the killing of an In- dian of the St. Regis tribe named Frank Terrenes in the town of Fort Covington,^ on the evening of September 8, 1899. R, M. Moore is conducting the defense. The district attorney, <2. H. Main, opened tbe jury Friday afternoon and Saturday forenoon was spent in the examination of several witnesses for tbe people, the courI at noon being adjourned till Monday morning because Judge Bo,ughton wished to avoid the possibility that any higher conrt might bold that It would be illegal to try the case on Saturday afternoon, it being a legal half-holiday, and because so expensive a thing aa a murder trial, if it were to miscarry for that reason, would be » serious thing for the tax-payers. The jury drsrtrn to serve on the trial Is as fol- lows: Edward Cagte, W. A. Conley, Au- deraon Bryant, A. W. Cowajfc, D. D.Wil- liamson, W. BL Barnum, Frank CarpenUr, James • Holcomb,George Page, Fayecte Langd#n, O. L. Wilson, Wni. Hutcfains. The fotlowing witnesees testified for the people, F. H. Dewart, Frank Bashaw, Bennie Bashaw, Arthur Miller, Lawrence Connora, Mr. McCaffrey, Joseph Barney, Alexander Gardiner, Wm. Creed, Josiab Ide, Esq., Mr. Hat ton and Drs. McArtuey, Smart and Fumfrss. Tbe Baabaw boys testified that they were with deceased at DeMarce's store fcoeevening of Sept. last; that they had all been drinking in the barroom and deceased got into a row with DeMarce; J^hat deceased and they went out to avoid trouble, witnesses go- ing to McCaffrey'a, *od on return! og, De- Maroe told them that be bad shot Terrance and asired them to take him away, but they replied that If he had killed Terranoe he must attend to him- Other witnesses testified to finding Terrance a little later under his wagon partly on bin knees, hf l«ft band resting on the carriage step an his head under tha forward axle. He was taken to Ft. Covington where he died the following-Tuesday, the doctors testified that a 38 calibre bullet had entered about the middle of the soapuia and going down- want and forward had'passed into the fifth dorsal vertebra and rested with medium pressure upon the spinal cord tha covering of which however was no! impaired. Dr. Smart aaid that Terranof was paralysed from the region of the nip* pie dowawards, but he could move his when be saw him. The doctors been received by Snperviswr Lawrence, nd that of the latter is expected in a day r two. The town board will meet on Wednesday and wHi probably hear the reports in detail, after which some action will no doubt be taken at once to preserve nd repair the present structure. All the engineers who have thus far reported agree that the sewers which mpfey through the bridge are its chief menace, and that steps should at once be taken to fix them so that their contents will be discharged free and clear of the bridge masonry. All also agree that the arches should be at once repaired. Mr. Meekham believes that one of the outside arches is In a dangerous condition, .but hat the center arch would stand if both outside arches fell. Mr? Lentze states that all the arches should btj pointed aud grout pumped into -them with grout pumps, aud that they should be tied to- gether with long rods about two inches io diameter to overcome the lateral motion which is supposed to be responsible for the spreading q£ the arches at the top. The worst spot in the bridge, according to his report, and the only one which is a menace to the integrity of the structure at the present time is in the south arch under the south sewer, where -the twus- soirs have settled, together with the upper walL He states tfiat the levels hould be taken by a careful engineer d readings frequently made, and the settlement, if any, noted, I l in »&at Terranca oould not havi wallod at all after being:shot, but admit ted that he might poeaibly iave done ao. One of them even aaid that paralysis might not have Immediately followed, but might haw bean aggravated, or caused by a three or four mile ride. The ant OP LOCAL INTEREST. Potatoes are earring at 30 *$ents k r El- Eeuburgh. S&ranac Lake recently shipped a con- sign menfc of 1/50(0 pounds of balsam. Sockalexls, the ex-ball player, is now saloon hanger-on in Hartford. What; a »1J for thejonce-feted Indian \ The reading room for young men and boys that has been superintended by the ladies of the W. C. T. IT. at their rooms will be closed for the present until further notice. grade certificates for the second district will be held at the public school building in Moira village on Thursday and Friday >f this week. Four deer were seen from the windows >f the railway train near Fulton Chain me day last week. During the winter Ive deer have been run down and killed by the engines on the Mohawk & Malone road. The game little pacer, Dombey Jr.,, well known in Franklin county, has come through the winter nicely in Lou Me Don- ald's stable at Myftic Park, near Boston, and will be prepared for a low record this eason, bis ewners expecting a mark 61 any settlement occurs i the southern arch) wbich appears to be the one most necessary to be looked after, the author- ities will have ample warning and thai part of the street over the southern arch could be roped off and barred to traffic^ but until such settlement shows itself the arch caa be considered reasonably safe. Tbe opinion of the engineers who have ported seems to be that the bridge can be repaired and made good for some time. It is fortunate that public attention has been called to the matter, as it will result in the taking of the necessary pre- autions to preserve the old bridge and put It in as good condition as possible. If this is done, it is probable, from the testimony of those who examined it fif- teen or twenty years ago, that it will still be standing when all of us are dead. The center arch seems at least permanently stable, and_ the others could be rebuili without for a moment stopping th< traffic of the street, if at any time th« work becomes necessary. EBUINIE, Preparations for the presentation of the charming opera, Erminie,are going ou aud the prospect is that it will prove one of tbe finest entertainments ever given here. Tfie music is«prightly, tbe comedy mirth provoking and the stage effects and cos- tuming will fee elegant. No prettier scores are found in any opera. Rehearsals are being regularly held and the cast, which we present this week, includes some of our best singers and amateur actors. Miss Graee M. Wood, of Pots- dam, who will appear in the star part of Erminie, is said to be a fine vocalist. CAST OF CHARACTEBS. Oadeaux Rvennes. M { Two Notorious i .... L. L. Sayles j Thieves 1 Thos. A. McOne 3. Fred Amsden B R l Simon Captain Be Laun«y .Herbert 9. Williamson iClara L. Bell .Jessie G. Marshall Sorters, Peasants, Acrobats, Clowns, Lords, Ladles. Btc. Musical Director... Piit ..Carroll H, Van© Manager, .\............... Floyd t*. Shufm Manager-.-. Thos.AJX^\ Rev. E. Blancbard addressed the mem bersof the St. John Baptiste Society their friends on Monday evening of last week-on his Cuban trip, On Sunday evening he gave a similar address to the ladles of tbe Altar Society of bis Church atSt. John's hall. Hla talka were very interesting. 0a Sunday morning Father Blaochard' distributed palms to the eoo gregatioa In commemoration of the day, wbich be brought with him from Cuba- Forty hours' devotion was celebrated at Hptru Datne last, week. There were eleven or twelve priests present aod l,60(J com mnnicAOts attended the meeting*. A doaen of the young people of Makme tendered a surprise party to Mr. Albert Speuoer at hU borne three miles west the village last Friday evening in honor ,_ his birthday. All report a most enjoyable time. Two booka were preseatod to him brance of the occasion. sell the paint that wears twioe^e long lead and oil—Bevoe lead and einc, grou; by machinery\: . - * An examination for secf] ind and third RASTKK KKRVJCBA. All the Chnrchw sre making prepara- fions for the due obnervaim Of Ranter aext Sabbath. Floral deeoratfoiHi will Jboond and special programmes will be endered at nearly all of them. At Notre Dame and St. Joseph's a special mass will be sung by tbe choir at the regular service at 10:30 o'clock. The hoir of the latter will reader Gsira's ilass in B. Services at both churches ill be at the usual boure At St. Mark*s there wtll be a special Easter sermon at the eleven o'clock ser- vice, and Easter music, including **JaeiF- 8on T s Te Beum,\ «* Chrfet, oar Pamover, te Sacrificed for Us,\ and \He l« Risen,\ olo by Mrs. C. P. Richey. At Jbte ser- vice ther© jwlll also be a choral celebra- tion of the holy communion, with special renderings of all the choir parts. A sun- rjse service will be held at S:30 A. M + and children's Sunday school service at 3:30 At the Baptist and Methodist churches ionday school programs will be rendered it the morning services, as follows;— * TIAPTIST CHURCH. ,\''.'\ )rsran Voluntary. km forliim ifalTgoerwelt Elijah Simonds, of Elizabethtowo, a well-known hunter and guide ,died at bis hems in that village recently. Tha de- ceased was 80 years of age and was one of the pionaers of the Adiroudacks, He te said to have killed more than 000 deer, :,000 foxes. 157 bear and other\! troportioa. The ice onVLake Champlain bids fair to $o out soon. Crossing by team to Grand Isle from Plattsburgb has been abandon- ed. Two men crossed the lake afoot on Friday/ They had long sticks in their ands with which they prodded the ice i front of them,their sticks passing through the ice in many places. Surveyor H. S. Meekbam, of St. Regis Falls, is accompanying a party of timber estimaters over the St. Regis Paper Co, tract. They commenced work Wednes- day in the vicinity of Everton. The tract coctains some 80,000 acres of land and we understand that the timber on the whole territory is to be estimated. Steps are being token in Massena to or- ganize a new national bank with a capital »f $50,000. In the application to the con troller a^e the names 6t T. A. Giiiespie, Robert Swan, C. A. Kellogg, H. L. Gil lespie and W. H. Cushman. It is intended, to start tbe bank at once and have ft in order for business during the comingsam aer. \John Roasseau^an euiploye of the Cbat- eaugay Pulp Co. ? sT5Tti, met with quite serious accident a few days ago. While seated on a porch examining a shot gun, his foot slipped, and striking the trigger exploded the charge, a* portion of which lodged in his neck. Tha wound was an ugly one and bis escape from instant death was indeed marvelous.—Record. The efforts to locate an artesian well a< Massena up to the present have been un successful, although the drill has attained a depth of 1,205 feet beneath the surfa •penta* Chorus Matures Glad Voices are Singing. Kesponsive Reading, Easter Carol, The Lord Hath Bedeemed Us. Nellie Ketchuia Exercise by Five Children. Siorug, AtBasterTime. ^citation., .Lonise Moore ^citation *-.*...... .Willie Hern* _lster Carol by Primary. Beoitation, Tbe Return of the Robing, Bath Proctor tecitatton, An Baster TWe Blanche Merrill lotion Song, little Bells of BasMr. £asterMowers.... Ernest Berry fflngin* by School. The Lilies' Complaint Singing by tbe School. Address by Pastor. An<fcem, Suffer Little Children. Collection. h. Beautiful Bay. Th. lepth of te boriu,g i has been in progress for weekf and the drill is daily sunk from eight tc ten feet. Very little water is found, an< there seems to be no trace of anything t raise the promoters* hopes. It is proposec to bore through the sandstone to tbe granite, where, if ever, water will be struck; .—^y The little village of Allen's Falls, locat- ed about seven miles southeast of Potfc- dam on the west branch of the Si. Regis river, was visited by a disastrous fire re- cently wbich practically wiped it off the map. The fire started in River's black smith shop and burned rapidly. Couch's machine shop, Bloss* grocery, dwelling house and shingle mill, tbe postofiice aad several other buildings were burned. The loes wi41 aggregate $7,000 with no insur- ance. It is probable that the village wil] not be rebuilt and that the postoffiee wil be discontinued. As illustrating the growing spirit oi religious tolerance, the Ogdensburg Ad- vance says: \A private dinner, which, owing to its remarkable character, sumed almost public importance, too] place at the home of Rev. Dr. Miller a few days ago. Around his table were seated Bishop Gabriels, Catholic bishop of the diocese of Ogdenburg, Rev. E. L. San ford, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, Rev. E. H. Joy, of the Methodist chureh, Father Cooroy, of St. Mary'A Rev. A. M. Prentice, of the Baptist church, Father LaRose, of Notre Dame, Rev. A. M. Wight, of the Congregational church and Rev. Dr. Miller, of tb* Pres- byterian church. There should be noth tog strange about such a gathering excepl that it was the first of its kind that evei took place In this section. A quarter of •century ago ©r more such a thing \woui have been impossible, but now these cu tared gentlemen find that they have many tastes in common aad their congregations approve.\ BOARD OF TBISTEBS. The Poker Room a to fee ©lo»*d—Com- mittee* Appointed. The sew board of village trustees met Monday sight aad President Thompson annoonoed the following committee— li. NtckelsotJ, Walter Mallon -W. J. Ma W D&ntfcitaark, Coio. on Street* and Walks.—S. C. Paddock Chas. M. ~ ' A petition was, presented asking that the poker rooms be closed and a motion to have tfaeto ctoe«d at^oce was adopted by a oaftaittotts vote.- Tha fHsfrltcatlon of tin *e&m of the board is somctetf \ to the poker operators thai their \ in thfs village mnat cease, . : < Douglass Benedietioa. METHODIST CHURCH. Organ Voluntary. Responsive Scripture Reading. Chorus, \ AH HaU to the Prince of Life/\.Senool \raycr \raycr. attt Easter Greeting.. itb Obligate, \ A Glorious Dav. .Alic« Kilburn Song, *' Glory to Oar Risen Kinc,\..Primary €\&m \The Lily's Sermon,^ ....*!•...Benie Perkins .«...-..- .. .ciaribel Ca&tweU ....Sfat Little Boys , .School .Tap.\.... , an Acrostic. Cborm, '*>ttmil !••.... \AnEaster Miracle. 1 ' ...LultiTodd •*Thel£aster S^,'\:H«rberwnd Grace Donaldgon 'Ttey Tot.\ ..Sola Kelley \Mama's Secret.\ Miller Deato Giiyotj Choros et GlvU. V Easter Exercise,\ Sevtn little Girls fiaeionary RecitatioD, .• Florence Hyde v ? Patiently Wait,\ Earl Boscoe Son^^Ttelfiue* .Walter Keeier BeciUttion, - My Mother's Song.\.. .Miss Whipple *A44ressb\' Pastor. Offerrof * efcoras, ** Victory to.tte Lamb.'. ........School In the evening faster rousic will be rendered by the choir and the title of the sermon by the pastor will be ''The Ideal te Congregational church Easter morning a special program of Easter music will be rendered, as follows:— .ITolimt&ry, \ Offertoire Op. 9,\ B&tigt© Anthem, •• Alleluia 5 He&rte and Yolces,\.Ballard mm Esther Harrfe and Chorus. Solo, \ Tbe Goide» Gates are Lifted,\...... Marzo (Violin Obligato.) Mr. H. H. Wiffiamsoij. Offertory, ** O Day of Love Eternal,\' Bartlett (YioUnObOgato.) Mr. Fred Amsden and Chora*. Carol, \ Tbe Day of 8esurreeti«iNi* Brackett The choir will he assisted by Miss Marion Wright, violinist. In the Evening the children of tbe Sunday school will jeuder a short cantata, '*The Dawn of Hope.\ SOCIAL AND Louis M. King has been ^visiting old friends in Malone for a day or two. Hon. F. D. Kilburn, of the State bank- ing department, arrived home Saturday 'morning to spend a few days in town. Mrs E. O. Howe was called to Winthrop Monday morning on account of the seri- ous illness of her mother, who is not ex- pected to recover. Hon. B. A, Babcock atid wife and Assemblyman Plaak were in Malone Sat- urday on their way home from Albany at the close of the legislative session, Mrs. Pascal Smith, of St, Paul, Mine, a lady well-known in this villagers spend- ipg some days in Burlington, Vt., and will visit Malone friends before her return •Weak '\• k Matt H. Mahany received a telegram on Monday offering him a good position to the express office at Rome, N. ¥ . He accepted and left for that city Monday evening. Mr. S. A. Kearns, of \Norwood spent, Sunday in town with bis family. Mr. Kearns is looking up rooms aud expect* to open a merchant tailoring establish- ment fa Malone in tbe near future. A merry company of little girls were invited to tbe home of Miss Ethel Moees on Wed&esdaf afternoon laet,tb« occasion being her seventh birtbiay. G*mes were enjoyed and a d*inty tea was served. Howard & Short have sec a red the *ser- Yices of Mr. WHUam Brodex, of Cham - plain, N, Y., who for the last twelve yean baa been in the employ of Baoahig • & DicfciJWML He te an up-te-d*J« mao. whteb Howard A Sbort's tecreaeing hard- ware bostceff; now demands. Mis* Marion Seaver is doing fine work ID the Albany High School astf ia iofitr<i megtat ttnate, aqd la«t Frjday evening took part in tbe doting exerciser of tbe wfeooi prf** to the Easter vacation, isejectioo oo th« plADo. Sfae reBderigi p Is a young todf of moeh promise, Dr.Jf. JL- Foott, an old rwkiest of Ma- lone, fa« Jc«t been ebct«d village pre*i dent of WhUahail, where be ha» resided for many i^ra, The board o* tr««t««* !» ^ti B^molle*B and ill h i idBt ia fofiy with tie preaideBt ia all hie takings. Tbe board is a strong one aad eroettent faults aKfeaxpected. Theptwi v dent is able* t&UBIcwit, hose** *ad popu lar asd we are glad to Ie*rn of his sac

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