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\Here Shall the Presa the Peopled Bight* Maintain, TTnawed by Influence and TTnbribed by Gain.\ VOL XX. MALONE, N. Y., WEDNfespAY. JANUARY, 10, 19007 NO. 2. Keep Coughing ndfcwi -We know of nothing better to tear ihe lining of your throat apd .lungs. It is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and pneumonia, \Only keep it «o long enough and you will succeed in reducing your weight, losmg your appetite. ing -^vefything exactly for the germs * of con- Stop coughing and you will get well. Pectoral cures coughs of every kind. An ordinary Qough disap- pears in a single night. The racking coughs of bronchitis are soon completely mas-, terecL And, if not too far along, the coughs of con- sumption are completely cured. Ask your druggist for one Dr. Ayer's Cherry* Pectoral Plaster. It will aid the action of the Cherry Pectoral. If yon 1X>TQ Any complaint what- ever and tleslre tlie best m«<iical sdriee yoa ran jpossibly .ofctain, -write ns frft«lY. To« yril\ ree*i-re » prompt reply thut may b« of great valnetovou. Address, DB. J/C A1EE, Low«tt, Ma». .. y able and expensive improvements bave been made upon the grounds, including the fine barn opened last fall, and yet there is now a substantial cash balance of $420.19 on bandjja the bank after meeting ail expenditures.' 'Were\It' notTdTtHeljew barn and other permanent improvements made i&e. .post, year _tbb_iiftiAOfie__wauIdL be $1,673 63. The annual receipts of the ^ssoeiatioir have kept increasing until tbis^ yearJJbey reached the greatest, total ever before known. In 1895 they aggre- gated something over $ll,000:in 1899 they were $ 15,664. The money for races and premiums has been continually increased, until all exhibitors and horsemen are better pleased witb tbeir chances and treatment at the Malone fair than any other is Northern New York. Tbe fair never was intended to be a money-making organization, and sot long as tbe increas- ing receipts meet tbe demand for neces- sary permanent improvements and result in a corresponding increase in premiums and purses, tbe fair will continue to grow and its reputation to extend throughout the country. Tbe Malone fair-has already advertised tbe town and county far and LUNGS NATURALLY WEAK, Lungs sore or weakened by the grip, or by pneu- monia or successive colds, and throats raw or in- flamed from colds and coughing, need tbe balmy •ootoing and healing influence of TOLUIA EMULSION. It is grand for the children, it Is grand for > tbe grown folks. It is very palatable, and as harm- less as honey. A bottle of \this fine preparation has often saved a child's life by obviating tbe oonditions leading to croup and diphtheria, while for adults it is a great protector against Asthma, Bronchitis. Pneumonia and Consumption. Even Where the latter diseases are chronic TO 1.CIA EiSV EtSION will jive more of relief and com- fort than any other remedy. It is guaranteed to #ive benefit or your money is returned for the asking. C. W. HYDE, Druggist, MALONE, N. Y. Ie Work OYertiie.., To get your Holiday kome when you want it. We do it right. We don't tear or out the febric. The best \ Santo Claus act\ you can do for a Mend is to give him our address. Phone 14*2. Fortune's 4 Catherine Street. NEW YEAR GIFTS Handsome Calendars at Cost, New Year's Cards, Diaries, Etc., Etc., Miss McDonald's, iffioloka Store.) FRANKLIN COUNTY FAIBU The Agricultural Society** thru JBOUVD4R¥ LIMB IW DISPtTK. ; franklin and Hamli- t)n Wednesday > •Fan'y 10th, at* 2 o'clock, J Edward H.Litcbfield, of Brooklyn, ha» the annual meeting of tbe Franklin Conn- j just began an action in the supreme court,involving the accuracy of tbeTjound- ary line between Franklin and Hamilton counties. This suit, if be wins it, wilt add to his game preserve in the south- western part of Franklin county between ty Agricultural Society will be held, for the election of officers and the transaction of such other business, as may properly come before it. It is unnecessary to say that there fs no disposition on tbe part of the members to supplant the old officers who bave made so fine a showing during tbe past five years. And tbis is fortunate, for many fairs bave gone info decline simply by supplanting efficient officers with men of no experience or adaptability for tbe work. In fact, the success of any fair association; depends more upon the h bhid it tb th timbered wtU Low, of .Brooklyn, whose game preserve is in the southeastern part of St. Law* renee county, and, like Mr. Lttchfteid's, on tbe border of tbe Hamilton line, to a men who are behind i than any other one feature. There was less tDan J$/l^joui assumed the duties of office. Many valu similar extent. Among other novel aad inal grant now comprising Hamilton, .place it more than a mile further north scarlet fever. ride. The management deserves the thorough confidence reposed in it. The following is the report of Treasurer Adams in detail for the past year, every netn of which is verified and proved by voucher and appears on the treasurer's books which are at all times open to pub- lic inspection:— RECEIVED. Cash on hand date last report $ 1,248 52 'Insurance on barn and shed i;340 00 Entries to races ..; : 4.19375 Ground rent.. 1.394 50 Programme privilege 59 00 Grandstand , 1,743 §S State ?.. 2/25536 Gaterecetpts 6,(^56 Total...,..,..!.. ,...Si&il52 94 IttSBUBSED. New barn, etc , Labor on groneds, buildings, etc. .. Material. Advertising, postage, express, etc . Entry returned Hay and straw _«^ BaldB Attractions ....:. BallootT... . Dinner tickets Starter Marshal, clerk, etc Nat'l Trotting Association... Premiums.. Trucking Waterrent Insurance Gate keepers and police Sap'ts halls and helpers. President. Sttpt. of grounds :'.. Secretary and helpers Treasurer and helpers...... Miscellaneous. Beware or Ointments for Catarrb that Contain Mercury. as mercury will sorely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except on prescrip- tions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to tae good you cani pos- sibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrn Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.^ Toledo, <\>. contains no mercury, and fe taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous sur- faces of the system, In buyinjr Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J, Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. . Soldijy_Droj^tets, prietrHSc.Terbottle. Hall's fcaniily Pills are the best. Always on band, at A£rB, K. M. Lightly^, Pearl St. Telephone No. J6 3. v WEW FIRM. F. W. Lawrence & Co. 8<TC€B88OBS TO Lawrence & Gregg, Wear goffer at special sale, ootmnencing January 9, the following bargains: 18pairs rttioes, reirolar price |8.00, at.....H.50 6 \ \ \ \ 8.O0. \ 1.2S 30 %v \ 8.00. \ 2.00 77 ' \ 3.00, \ .. .. 8.25 25 \ \ \ \ 2.50. \...«. 1.75 ^ 1.50 26 V 11 \ overgaiters,'* 5 \ \ \ 8J 3 .50 S 1.35, and also offer a quantity of ladles' kid grlovea, ladies' capes, ladies' UDderwear,aad men's shirts, collars and cuffs, at prices that will astonish you. WANTED. A regular life company, organized thirty veare, Issuing modem policies for large ana small stuns, decree a General Agent for Franklin County. N. - — ' \ wifi require zealous, energetic 1 notation. No time will hagbeeas.\ Ad- Y, The position mD req« work with liberal compeu . be wasted on past failures or \hassl *• 4F=WS T. K. Milne, Agency Manager, tipu DANCIWG SCHOOL. WILL OPEN BIS ra thousand acres of heavily g 0 * be b f toaking t fe e course one of tld land.and will benefit A. A,.; the hest £ Northern New Yo rk. kl h nteresting features that may- be brought t i th i ^ th ld t tht T About 90 hands are now employed at ht new shirt factory in Mooeis,, and new 3 aching are soon to be put in which will Increase the force to about' 300 bands. Such an establisnment is' a great help to. any village. BoyaT ^aker, 6T Canfon7\who nearly bled to death by cutting hisjeg on a meat Saratoga, Warren and other counties, goi knife recently, has been obliged to Imve the crown surveyors royally drank on th«\~ day they set out to survey the northern line of the grant, and induced them to g in the sui y g the old story that Tot- 7 wbV^obtaiiied the orf * than it should have been. Mr. Litchfield is au exact man, and as there never has bfhid Tfcte d —the—oid Crossfield northern boundary, nor tha boundary'\between'\ Hamilton and Franfttin counties he will press the suit in order to establish the line according to the original stipulation. II he can do this, he will bring the southern boundary of F>anklin county, for its entire length, a mile and a half to the south. The British held Crown Point when Totten and £ro8sfield negotiated with tbecoufor their great Adirondack grant. According to the original stipulation, the Totten and Crossfield grant should have for its northern boundary a line running due west from a point on Lake Champlain ten. miIe>&-Dortfa from Crown Point. The surveying party, thinking, no dottbt, that a little matter of a mile or so of woodland made no difference, went due north from Crown Point eleven and one-half miles before they started to ran their line west. Coming to a mountain, where, is the southern line of Franklin county, the sur- veyors apparently went around it, and on the other side were generous to Tptten and Crossfield in starting in on the west side of the mountain about half'» mile further north than where they had been working on the east side. The Totten and Crossfield purchase became a historic one, and the Adirondack deeds hare refer- ence to it. Several years ago Mr. Litchfield 1 bought more than twenty thousand aeres-of wild land near Tapper Lake, in southern Franklin county for a game preserve. Time went on, and in the taming over of p y deeds Mr. Lifcchfield's lawyers. Wilson & The vote was takes on the currency bill, WalUs, of No. 48 Wail St., discovered that there was probably no actual bound- ary between Franklin and Hamilton coun- ties, and that Jf Mr. Lftehfield built a feaeeoa the southern Use of his game preserve it would probably have to be changed if some quarrelsome neighbor should buy land on the northern line of Hamilton county. After going over the matter carefully, Mr. Litchfield's attor- neys, it seems, advised the bringing of an action against a landowner named 8ieson, whose property adjoined Mr. LlCchfleld's land on the sdutb. When a Tribune reporter called at the office of Wilson & Wallis yesterday, it was impossible to obtain a copy of the complaint. Mr. Litehfield and his family went to Egypt-on the Fflrst Bismarck on- Wednesday, and although:, Mr. Litchfield was seen for a few minutes before he started, he refused to discuss the suit, further than to admit that it had been brought. Incidentally, the inaccuracy of the sur- veying instruments used at the time of the Revolutionary War will be brought up, and Mr. Litchfield's attorneys will prove, it is said, that it was impossible in 1770 to run a line correctly. Not until the solar transit came into use among surveyors, it is alleged, was it possible to run a Hne with accuracy. Mr. Low does not seem to take part in the suit, although, as before stated, he will be benefited by moving the southern boundary of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties oae and A half miles southward 4«Hy aa^nacb as Mr. Lttcbfield. Just what the. defence of the owners of land on the northern line of Hamilton county will be is not disclosed. It is like- ly, however, that they will urge\ that there has been for more than a hundred years a practical location of tbe bon»dary line, with acquiescence by landowners on both sides.—N. Y. Tribune. . • • •»*«» ' • • ' Senator Maiby\* Shadow, The Canton Commercial Advertiser, Democratic, is responsible for tbe fol- lowing:— \A Canton lawyer tells an interesting little political yarn in which George R. Mai by figures. This story, though old enough to grow whiskers, is rather fanny and will bear repeating. Ifc WAR daring a hot political campaign and all the smooth boree and big guns and little guns of the ifti hl h g g g t o. p. were infesting evety school house In the country. One nigfil Senator Mai by, who bad then grown into a big gatllng gae in bis party's councils, and another Ogdennburg attorney visited a little ham- let about five miles from this village to do a little spell binding, Tbe chairman of the meeting was a clergyman, who was a red not jpartylaan ' and be introduced the speakers with a good deal of vim and emphasis. Senator Mai by was preceded by the other Ogdensbarg man, whose name is *ub rom. Tbe rev- erend gentleman arose and dealt a lew vicious blows at the wreck, of the expir- ing democracy, winding up is a glowing peroration la which he introduced the Senator somewhat as follows: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, there's an old adage which runs, *Coniing events oast their shadows before.' This evening you have had the shadow (the other attorney) bat OUR NK1 tiH BOBS. The Chateaugay Q, & _L Co. have over 7^0 men working on their wood jobs in fcbe vicinity of Lyon Mountain. Plattsb«rgb's town board of health has finally been obliged to meet and take measures to prevent the spread of diph- theria. - . The Gouverneur fair association is pot- ting over 180 loads of clay upon its track Another Tramp Cam*. James Brown, who has no visible means of.support, and had just ended a aeottnce in the county jail, soon found biroselt in custody again, having broken into the barn of Momingsside cemetery, on the night of Tuesday, Jan. \2nd for the pur- pose of finding a place to stay during'the night. It appears he awoke tbe next morning and found his left foot badly frost bitten, and went into tbe bouse of Theodore Henry, who is in the employ of Mr. Deniq, to get help for his frozen foot, having previously tried to thaw it oat himself, tty building a fire of paper in an outbuilding. He was taken t*> the jail and hts foot was properly taken care of Thursday morning Police Justice Earle sentenced Brown to,the county jail for six months at bard labor, but was in tiary instead, h h _ _ removed, gangrene having set in. Tba operation was performed by a Mon- treal surgeon, Dr. Madili being ill with Our congressman, Hon. L. W. Emer- the make-up of the House committees. He is on^ianufact'OTes, Labor-»nd Expendt- % on Mann tnres~oTtbe Navy Department. Congress- man Emerson is a \hustler\ aBd will see that his district is not neglected. The barns and stables belonging to W. A. Sherman, of Glens Falls, were burned oa Tuesday of last week. Sixteen horses, seven head of cattle and 300 chickens and fowls peqshed in the flames. Among the horses burned was the well known trotter HorieoB, with a mark of 2:19^. Look out for clothes lines when you are chopping' wood. Geo, Taylor, of Pots- dam, struck a clothes line while ehoppiog the other day and his axe flew back and struck him 'near the temple, confining him to the house for several days. His escape' from a fractured skull was most fortunate. The St^Covington Sun jjays: \A most distressing accident happened to Mr. Jos. Geddis, a brakeman on tbis section of the Grand Trunk, and who recently moved to this town, on Thursday. In some way he had both feet crushed under the moving freight train and i« at present in the Mon- treal general hospital in a precarious condition.\ It is gratifying to the many friends of Congressman Checkering to learn that his health continues to improve in Washing- ton. The report that Mr. Checkering ap- peared in the House on cratches the day h tk h bill was wholly without foundation. \He has not used a crutch since going to Washing- ton.—LowviUe Journal. Alvin Daniels, an employe in tbe Spears saw mill at Canton, about 30 years of age, was killed and horribly mutilated the other day, while trying to replace a belt which had slipped from a pulley. Daniels' clothing caught oa a set screw projecting from a revolving shaft and his bedy was whirled around and his head smashed to a jelly. Nobody saw tbe accident, but the body was found soon after it occurred. The younger Nesser boy, who broke out of jail recently and has uot been captured, broke into a store in Ft. Covington since his escape and stole a suit of clothes. He might have been caught, perhaps, but it was doubtful whether he could be legally, held in jail here on account of his age. The older boy is said to be a constant, source of annoyance and more trouble than all the_rest of the prisoners. Potsda^n has been edified the past week by an exhibition of experiments with liquid air under the manipulation of Mr. Robert Duncan, of New York, who brought 20 gallons of this, the coldest of known substances, with him. It will freeze mercury, boil on a cake of ice, and hundreds of remarkable things can be done with it. The entertainment was given tinder the auspices of theSchool^of Technology. *\ A large number of farmers in Denmark-' Lewis county, hach their young cattle pastured during the summer on a ranch of several hundred acres owned by Law- • \ ~ \ When the cat- fall 14 or 15 yer Francis, of Carthage, tie were gathered in this head belonging to half as many men broke away as wild as deer and could not be surrounded. The owners have made repeated efforts to secure the animals, bat without avail. The Ogdensburg common council has decreed that 10-cent meals shall be far* nfshed the prisoners in the city lockup, and these \gentlemen of leisure\ are kicking about it, because it will not give them sugar and milk for tbeir tea. One of the kickers was told by the city jailor that there were other hotels in the city, and that if he didn't like the fare he had better change boarding places. It is ex- pected that tbe number of \city boarders\ will be materially reduced by tbe change. suddenly took fright at a of wood which rith red blankets. was covered Tbe horse ( you-are op against ^he real thing— It is currently reported that coal has been discovered near Hopkinton, and is being burned in stoves and forges in Hop- kinton village. This, is a propitious sea- son for speculation as to what minerals may he concealed under the snow. With gold in Qftlton and Clayton, Franklin county towns are getting behind the Suppose they bore for oil. Their ought to be as good as their neighbor's. It would not cost much to buy a barrel of oil for loading a well.* Thirty-fontf residents of Altamont have been duly appointed firemen by the town board, the new organization to be known as \The Tapper Lake Fire and Hose Com- pany of tbe Town of Altamont.\ ,, The supervisor has been instructed to bay ma- terial for a lock-up, and one part of the baildiftg will be used by the fire depart- ment. It will be paid tor ous of the exeJse moneys. The supervisor has also! oil so prepared that it 1* not at all uapteasant. * - \ . » . « . * - . AAA A m \ U-- — - — _ _ _________ _ _ Ll?Jhe_AlbaBi.Benjt«tt : tanjiaiZtajiklitt • ft condition of bis foot Arthnr Munsill visited friends in Bur- lington last week. Mrs. Tack, of Wardoer's, was a visitor in town a part of last week. Miss Caroline Carpenter is the guest of Mrs. Dr. Lennon, of Montreal. TXrviWMoore and R. R. Sfcaneliff spent a few days in Potsdam last week. Attorney N. H. Munsill was in Bristol, Vt., all of last week, called' there QU business. Mrs; E. S. Landon, of Ogdensburg, is visiting in town at the home of her slater Mrs. K, M. Lightly. t Judge W. H. Winchester, of Bismarcfc, is visiting old friends in Ft. .Coving- y in w foot was such that it was deemed ne«esg»if to keep him here. Died in the Service. Word has been received from Majl C. Keif oh, tT.'.S. parents l of Will Brown, of Lake Titus, that Will, died Thursday evening, Nov| I6fchv—He-had—been ra the htwpttai at Guam,' but the major's commnnication was, very brief and gives no particulars regarding his illness. The parent! instracted to write Paymaster '. Bonnaffon, U. Sg, N. for farther Jn^ tion, bat it will be a weary^ wait f< tails, and. they are heartbroken* , have one great consolation—that be died in the service of bis country. Will, was a likely boy, full of life and I Leon Conger and Miss Conger, of Massachasetrsp^ere guests of Fannie B. Adams, of Banger, last week. James A. Tobey, proprietor of tha L*.iW|g*wgr Hotels at Bombay, was ^visitor \ in Malooe 4urima» the past week. y vigor and extremely the first life which patriotic. This is Malone has been obliged to give to the country's cause since tbe opening of the Spanish-Ameri- can war. A brother oi the deceased is fighting with the 9th Infantry, in Luzon. An Enjoyable Kveiling. A pleasant time was had a£,the home of Wahace W. Cunningham at Whigple- ville, 00 the evening of Friday last. The neighbors and friends were given a cordial invitation by Mr. and Mrs, Cuniringbam to be present and meet his son Earl, and newly wedded bride who have dome from Pittsburgh,'Pa., to reside on the old homestead. AH present had a most enjoyable time, indulging in games' and a pleasant evening generally, inelnd ing a bountif ui supper, with a desert <rf ice cream and coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Cun- ningham bave for many years been resi- dents of Whipplevilie, and have always held the high esteem of neighbors and friends alike, whose regrets are sincere at their removal from among them. A Horrible Death. News comes from the town of Lawrence, St. Lawrence county, ef an accident there last week, resulting in instant Two brothers, Joe, and Alex. Tagaw, were engaged in cutting down a tree. After cutting deeply into one side of the tree they concluded to use across : cut saw from the other side, and were at work sawing, when suddenly the tree: broke ^rom the stump, the batt sliding off, striking Alex, a little above the abdomen, crushing and mangling him in a terrible manner, so that death must have been instantaneous. It is said that bis heart was-forced from the cavity of the body. Tugaw was something of a cripple, and a bard working fellow, about 25 years of age. ^^ Brennan POII invtaHatton. The joint installation of the officers of William D. Brennau G. A. R. Post and Corps occurred at their hall on Friday, January 5th. The installation of the Post was held under the supervision of Past-Commander, Win, T. Short, and the corps was installed by Past-President, Mrs. Wio. A. Lord. Daring tbe exercises, the venerable Dr. Calvin Skinner, a mem- ber of the post, presented to them an ele- gaat steel engravingall framed, represent- ing the \Battle of Gettysburg,\ Adjutant H. C. Priebard, made the presentation, which was responded to by ..the new com- mander. Thomas Denio, The exexcise& concluded with a splendid collation. Several members of Pangborn Post were present. Tbe following are the officers of the corps:— President—Pauline Brigfs. Sen-Vice President—Maggie Emberson. Jan-Vice President—Deiia Carlui. Sec—Anna E. Gravell. Treas.—Chloe Board way. Chaplain—Martha Baines. Conductor—Alice Freeman, Guard—Cordelia Hosier. Assistant Con.-Kettie Ferjrason. Assistant Guard—Anna Turner. 1st Color Bearer—Nettie Turner. 2nd \ *' —Mary MeCafferty. 3rd \ \ — Emma Turner. 4th \ \ —Anna Lord. Tbe Largest Consumers of paiat are tb* railroads—they Bse De- voe lead aad zinc—aad they never use paint without khowiag what it is made of. Thompson Bros, sell it. Mr. Frank Dumas and wife, residents of Burke, met with a serions accident on H^' d Th diiifc4t ^ ay They jeer* d the village on East Main street about fear o'clock ia the afternoon, and on reaching the boose of Jos. Neddo, the horse load ap 1 jumped to one side and threw the occu- pants oat of tbe baggy, resulting in seri- ous injury to Mrs. Da mas, whose right arm was nearly dislocated and terribly bruised. She is also Buffering from shock. Dra. LaBock and Faroes* were at oace summoned. Mrs. Dumas, remains in town, being tod badly hurt to be removed to her home at present. Mr. Damaa w$« also bruised and badly shaken ap. . A a Ideal R«*4y-X«ufe Food. Prof. Naamann, a most chemical asd otedic ' liver oQ is almost an liver ofl is almost tw*tt is MSS to also a ra&Roin«. authority on been authorised to borrow $600 fo chasing fire apparatus for the pawn « pur-1 . This f Jackson sllow* returned Saturday propose to be caught napping again. - ha* been since the latter part of Norember. Miss Anna Metcalf is visiting at the hnme^of bw .ipatpi^ Mrs Fred Pardee,. at-- North Attgusta, Ont. t for a few weeks. B. Covey, of Burlington, Vt., travel^ g sale^atanfor the Gortlsnd Wagon Co.. was in town last week looking u-p busi- James Deloogof Fllizabethtowo, N. Y., was the guest of his ancle, Robert Belong last week. He is an architect by pro- fession. *~ Miss Jennie Goff, who^ has been head cTerk at Tremble's cash store in Saranao Lake for some time, is at home for the winter. J. W. Williamson and wife, of Bellmont. returned last week froai a few days visit gpttofc with Mrs. Williamson's relatives in Vermont, . M. York, *Qt Gonverueur, paid a fly- ing visit to Malone friends one day last week. He was on his way to Peru to isit his father. Miss Bessie Barry returned to Smith College^ Northampton, Mass., Thursday morning la*t, James Breed, to Amberst, iKLJames Kilburn, to Yale. Miss IA A. Hendrickson returned {rom Sprifigfield, Mass., last week, where she had been spend!u« a few weeks at the home of J. A. Headriekson. Harry B. Leonard, who has been sta- tioned in the customs serviee at Chateau- gay, has been transferred to Malone, and is now employed at the Junction. Mrs. E^jji M. Baam expects to depart ^H ape o ep thts week Tor Centra! New York to spend the winter, probably in Syracuse, where she will practice vital magnetism. Past Pres. Mrs. W», A. Lord, of the Malone Corps of Bren&an Post, will, this Tuesday evening, install the officers of Admiral T. Bailey Post, at Cbateaugay. Miss Rebecca Barnard, engaged in teaching in Syracuse, N. ¥., returned to her duties last Tuesday, having spent Christmas week with her parents in Bell- mont. * - . Roy A. Briggs, of Madrid, aad Clarence Briggs, of Rouses Point, N. Y., accoa- panied by Dr. Stewart, were tbe gnests of their mother, Mrs. N. H, Briggs, ovtr Sunday. Fred D. Child, now in tbe employ of tbe Pullman Palace Car Co., with head- quarters in New York City, has returned to his duties, after spending ft few day* with his family here. Judge Kellogg, of PIatt«hurgh, has been designated by Governor Roosevelt to fill Judge Landon's place on the appellate division, the later having been appointed an aj&octate justice of tbe court of appeals. Mrs. Emma C. Arnold and daughter, Cornelia, returned last week from a three- months' visif in Algona, Iowa. On their trip they visited relatives in Chic- opee Falls, Mass., and in Chicago, EL Mrs. Edward Rex and daughter, Mfes Katie Childs, have returned (rom Battle Creek. Mich., wbere^Miss Childs baa beea for treatment, returning to her home in WMppleviJle..much improved in health. R?pv. T. G. Cass, pa«tor of the Baptist ebaitsb, spent last Sunday in Montreal. Rev. A. Millington, of Sarao&c Lake, oc- cupied his pulpit in the moniiug and was present in the evening at the Union ser- vWetat the Methodist charch. jMiss Martha H. Leach ha* gone to Mo- b**?k to be bridesmaid at tbe wedding of her friend, Miss Lois Hyde, and Dr. Mc- Leod, of Boston. She expeetg to be. ab- sent about two weeks, visiting New York, Albany, Utica and Oswego before ~6er re- tarn. O. W. Vaagbao, Jr., of Boston, visited his parents here over Saaday and greatly gratified many of his old friends by sing- g two beautiful sotee ifg tional charch Sasdav morning, \Dream o« Paradise,\ by Gray, and J The Hills of God,\ by Nevin. Mr. Taoghan's voice is steadily improving, aod he \» BOW earn- ing a good living by it. He is without question the best singer that Malone ever prodnced. Indeed, there are few who have tbe quality of voice and reserve force which he possesses. * All who heard him were delighted with his sJ aging Mrs. C. A. McArChnr and ehildrec, of McCqUam's, are •pending tbe winter in MaK&e, that the latter say b*?e the ad- vaotages «of our excel lent schools. They will remain here till tbe opening of the bummer ruth of pleasure seekers tovt he Adiroadacki. Mr. McArtsar will spend as much tiayt in Maioee with his fasoilr an basiaess will permit. He ts the pro prietor of the popular resort kaown as MCli' hik J th p pp MoCelittat's, whiekJor the ?«* two sons has been crowded with vMtore. Mr. McArtbur has greatly inaproTwl tbe^prop- erty and in ooe of the nww* geeiai aod *c- dacks.

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