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PAGE TEN\ PLATTSBUrtGlT DAILY REPUBLICAN —•^WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30,1935, v TTLEPflONl 1 IWW*\f MM rW wW *•** Essex Mrs. R. R, Williams and Miss Hazel Alt-ee v. pre- ouiness callers to Westport Wednpsday afternoon. Mrs, \Dennis Donohue spent the last weekend in FlattsburKh with Mr. and Mr?. Golden. The funeral of Joseph -G coram e, who died last Saturday afternoon, was held Tuesday morning- at nine thirty o'clock at St. Joseph's church. Interment was in Kurt Cemetery. Mr. and Mr?. Prone is Sherman of PlaitsburfiU were miifrs at Mr. and Mrs. IO. 1\. .^'.^nnai.v iajst Sunday. The <.\:-.: ist,an Kru'.ravor social and bu«ir: p ss mertmj; wi-U be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 1* \V. Baker T':U;.cIa> n'pht Jan. SI. Miss Biancl.e... Stcven^on.j R.N*., who is taking care of Mrs. N. R. LaRoe motored to Albany last Pun- day afternoon rctvirniaer l.ome Tuesday. Mi?s Yut.n.a Mere, R.N. of West port caird f.>r Mr?. I»aKoe during her ahs> u. e. During tre recent- c<~id days the lake froze over to t'~e Vermont shore. It is hoped that it stays. This Is th*> sixth time :t h.--; frozen over but south winds \broke up the Ice. Walter Clark ST., has been ap- pointed census enumerator for thf town of Essex and has started the duties. Fred Alexander, who is In poor health, has gone to live with his ' sisters, the Misses .Lottie and Nellie ' Alexander for a, while. Dr. Hayes of Willsboro is attending- htm. Miss Stella Iam'oert returned home oh Saturday from Long 1 L*kie where she has been the guest off Mr. and Mra. Edgar Wilfred for the past two weeks. Miss Tjlllian Lgi.fonta.ine motored to St. Johns, P. Q., oil Sunday. s M r s. Joseph Ihibodean, Is confin- ed to the house w'th the- grippe. Cham plain Mr. Joseph Major, 66, passed : away at the Ogrdensburg State Hos p-.tal on Saturday, Jan. 25. Besides' M IS . Arsene Trerr.bley and Mr*. his wife, he is survived by three John Crnninrlwm, were business daughters, Mr,s. Daniel Aubrey, ! ca'loi« in PHttsburgh Saturday. Mrs. Eva Fhaneuf and Mrs. David 1 — -!•» -- I'baneuf and two sons, William of CVamplain and Joseph Major of Funeral services Mooers Forks Niagara Falls. '.were held at. St. Mary's R. C. ( Ohu~ch Tuesday morning- at 9:00 o'p'ock by Rev Fathei Duford. Mrs. Jam-»s Davison is spending some time in New York City visit- ing friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reyell, of Al- M.iorrd Lafontatne of riattehunr tona, were callers here Tuesday, spoilt Sunday with her parent* Mr.' The funpral of Mrs. Louis Bres- and Mrs. Albion l^afontaine. ' sard was held at the R. C. chur<ih M-. and Mrs Harvey Monette Jan. 23th and was largely attended, .ind family cf Peru, spent Sunday \, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCabe are ft.fi Mr. and Mi*. Israel Monette. ! ill with the grippe. Messrs. N't-rnan Cardln and Raoul' Mrs. Homer Taylor and two chll- i;-.iay were oailers at the home of dren are very ill with pheufnonlla Mr. snd Mrs. Hiiaire Gamache In \ Ifenrysburgr, P. Q., Sunday. t Mr. Ray Ackey of Plattsburgh ,\\as a caller in town on Sunday. I Mrs Arcade. Bargeau and son ' .l:mmy spent the week end with her • ---.other Mrs. George Bombard In ; IMaxtshurgh. Mr. George Watts of East Hamp- *\n Mass., spent the week visiting iiis sister Mrs. J. \Wade. ! Mr. Israel Mcnette and son Frank were callers In Flattsburgh Sunday. and under the care of Dr. O. W. O'Neil. Mr. John Harnett ,of Altona, was a business caller here Monday. Edward Goddard, of Rouses Point, spent the day i n town. Milk, money, health, land use, soil erosion, and marketing: agree- ments are just a. few of the sub- ject® to be considered at Cornell's 28th annual farm.and home*we€k in Ithaca, February 11 t o 16. Noted Aviator to Fly Across Nation At an Altitude of Seven Miles \Kingfislx\ Huey Long Personally D irects Troops Against Opponents \ the danger of it beta* pulled off during *ome violent maneuver, *uch a* a down draft. A pull of 13% pound* would jerk the helmet from hi* head. The *uit ha* a bursting point of M pounds to the square inch. Seams are cemented and taped on both sides, except the gloves, which have been sewed. The same tape was used as that which went Into con- struction of the U. S. S. Akron. Save* Flyer's Organ* In this suit the pressure sur- rounding Post's body can be built up at A high altitude from f to 15 pounds, thus giving .him sea level pressure conditions and preventing Wiley Pott; right, in hi* special suit for high altitude flying. By ANDREW R. BOONE i Central Pre** Correspondent | LOS ANGEIdSS. Jan. 29—Today's' airplanes are not capable of high J altitude flying on regular schedules,; yet— - | In his famous Winnie Mae, the j Ixicklieed monoplane which twice; has flown around the world, \WSley Post plans to hop across the United [ States in a few weeks at an alti- tude of seven miles. Moreover, the aviator plans to complete the flight without stdpping —2,<47 miles, from \Los Angeles to New York—in a matter of eight hours. How to Gain Speed His ship is not .considered the fastest, yet by dropping his landing gear on taking off he expects . to pick up 30 miles an hour. Two superchargers in his engine will enable him to climb 35,000 feet. Then he expects to be shoved along by tail winds, believed to range be- tween 50 and 100 miles an hour. The combination,. Post believes, will give him a speed approaching 350 miles an hour, a velocity, Inci- dentally, Post says he attained high abo%-e the earth when attempting an altitude record above Bartles- vlUe, Okla., a few weeks back. Post is preparing for the speed flight across the nation by having a wooden landing skid attached to the fuselage. After dropping his wheel* In California, the.skid:. willprovide hi* only means of safe descent. In \Blown-Up\ Suit When he takes off, the aviator will be \heated within' his famous *'blown-up*' flying suit, which Is made of rubberized balloon silk and weighs, With the aluminum helmetj 16 pounds. He will look out through a round window of xylonite, the same .ma- terial installed a* windows id trans- port airplanes. In order to prevent fogging, two layers were inserted. Tubes lead directly from a super- charger to a position in front of his mouth, to permit attaching when ready for use. Hi* helmet is strap- ped directly to his seat eliminating the internal pressure within his body from permitting his organs to swell and explode. Other than, the su.it held in at the middle by a belt of duralumin, Post will wear llama wool underwear and rubber boots. The famous flyer plars the flight as one of a series which he expects • will disclose Important information regarding stratosphere flying. Aero- nautlcal engineer* believe the pub- lie will be crossing the continent in a few years at high altitudes, riding in sealed cabins. But 'they agree none of today's planes are suitable Body of Julias By Hunter* In Lonely Vermont STAMFORD, Vt., JanY ft—The body of Julius Falcofi, 7| .j**rv\ old native Of Champlain, Ify %*• which (was found in: his lonelykoine in •the Klondike region of tbi* -town by hunter* who were returntnjr tox their Burlington home* Sunday Afternoon, was shipped to oBprtng- . field, Mass., today* the funtfivi will be held inth* SansoiiftJ* ftoi*' <er*l pifcrlots tomorroiT afternoon. *nd the body will be placed ttl the wault in Hillside cemetery. Falcon ILyed alone s}*4 4led <rom natural icaiisel ••!•• iti*** Saturday, ^according to- ftM ;jjM«tfc>. cal examiner. His\ body was titke» from the woods by Robert TrlktiM, That Backache May Be To *ale the soreness in a hurry>- Massage powerful\ penetrating Emerald OH into your limb, iol- lowing the course of the pain from your hip all the way down your •thii>h and calf, right to ~yooa> v»ry toes. , \ \ And rub It into your back, where the sciatic nerve \Join* the base of the spine. ':-\ Just one minute's rubbing* The penetrating warmth brings cootnv i-eg comforting relief to the throb- bing, painful nerves and ' soothes thfem and quickly too. - Money back, *ays yT. :B. Jaques Drur Co., i f Emerald OH fail* to bring you ease and coirlort.—Ad*i. ; tot this purpose. Post's aerial ex-»«« Cady street, Springfield, Maa»., periment* soon may point the way jidolf ttootey Muft AlitOtt to a new and faster era, of flying. jof this town; |?alsdn was * «Ml*» «* plain, 5*r. T^'- wjie«* *• lA-ugust 29, i*H» !*:•> Champlain and Rouaaa P«tat. )T.j before coming:-'-.**#-- many year* ago. He trs* tied and his -eji^f-/-o#tfr»%> two nieces. He was well *l**ewm j Ai (Plattsburgh and vie4nlty* o ^ -..•••\••\•. -<m: ;'•--; •'-•_/ - i ^ . Tuesday, -iMauUcf'^it^: • o*-Ikrw T beiwir -.-'•'\ •__:-. ''* • \3. ' - High H above -. V;.^;. One \Se«r Ago Jan. it - _.'•• %MW VI below •\.- iaitfc 4» *&em ;•.. -r : - -. NO- COVER CHAROt AT HOTEL WITHERILL In reply to a number of will *ay there will be : charge tonight : . kit Hotel for the President's BalL—ashr* : .*-'- Advertise m*. NM TJ->is Central Press ohota shows Senator Huey Long (with bodyguard ) giving attention personally to put- ting down with n?,t onal guardmen \insurrection' 'of Square Dealers.\' Oldsmobile Adds Solid Steel \Turret Top'' «-S^S^-iS*^5-.-.-= * urn — E^S«iP**v :,;-. v *.:• H.. V.**... *'-!<* iSffij.S^!E %!t^* wm . r - mmii J .-. |>MJt , ,. j»r *T\\\ ' » *!•*•• mmmmmmmm Lhe selection, buying and pre the right hinds of for making Chesterfield a business in itself . . . n o] •v-\\>. -i arettes is To frivp a riwcrin of safeiv heretofore unavailable (>In«.nnn>J>«le H<fd« iffl the 10.\>.j oars the new solid- Btff f \ mrrf t-liu\ b •''!>• by Fr-lier, stamped from, a •s;r.r-Jf friir»*>t <r-i '•f.i.rr.lc-'i f-toel. This top not only l*»n<-:«= new s\- In it»-rlf \but strenpt hens lhe entire • Irnctnre. It also snakes possible a new beauty of line. JnthencM OMsraobile. passenpers ride 'Htlh etrd aKovc, below and on all sides of ihem. The car shown is a I1'&5 Oidsmobilo Six Four-door Sedan. Doilse Cars Have \Syncixromatic\ Front Suspension Of intensive interest amoBg the mechanical innovations distinguishing the 1935 Dodge /models is the new front suspension. The sys- n ir.cori t>. ai*.-s a ripid front axle, double-act- \:-;*r..; rh*:cl: ac3orb*rrs, leaf springs of '*t- us^^oJtoess»_and a ride ^'leyelater\ _ operating between rubber cushions and con-? trolling the front spring action. The new sus-i pension, termed \synchromatic\ gives thft Dodge Airglide ride, f-.e from rolling or sway,;! and keeps th^ ch*-*::i'j end body level while^ the car is making turn_g t '\ ———-^«- •—*-'• VI7TE have buyers in all the to* •V bacco markets of Turkey and Greece, including Xanthi, Cavalla, * Smyrna and Samsoun. And at Smyrna Chesterfield * has built the most modern to* bacco plant in the Near East. Here the spicy, aromatic Turkish leaf is sorted and graded under the eyes of our own tobacco men. Then it is put away to age in its own climate for two years or more to make it milder and better ^tasting. When you blend and cross-blend the right kinds of aromatic Turkish tobacco with mild ripe home-grown tobaccos as we do in Chesterfield you have . • . the cigarette that's milder the cigarette that tastes better Handling Turkish tobacco in the Liggett & Myers modern * factory at Smyrna, Turkey. (Sk& aih- MONDAY WEDiNESDAT 8ATUBBAT JLNDRE XOSTEIANETi; 40 Piece ORCHESTRA KOSTELAXETZ ORCHESTRA un> CHOKCS LUCREZIA BORI LILY PONS 9 P. M. (E. S. T.) —COLUMBIA NETWORK $ 1933, llGGKTT & MYMS TO»ACCO CO.

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