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Lake George mirror. (Lake George, N.Y.) 1890-????, August 22, 1891, Image 11

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.~ .__€;;W / LAKE Gnome: Mmagn. ., . ._ A.Lakg 4300;‘. Idyl. , 3\ ,1” Q‘; -27,.’ ‘I .‘*‘I« The gulden moon in: ne'u'_so lull, The state were ne'er so bright. The glistening enter: ne'er so smooth. Neler sue a calmer night; The dueky mountain: ehadawed lay Upon the waters’-breast; One lonely swallow homewnrd Belated. to its nest. i‘«,.,:*$ K -. \. She sat in the Nenemooshrs stern. one hand derhung the side; Her silken hair back the light. I-leg eyes the star: de Her ups were red--I wondered much If they wexe sweet. as well; In accents low she nomy sang \Oh. kiss, but never tell.\ .1 I tested on my can and gazed IMO her lovely taco: _ I could not check my throbbxng bean Nor stop its break-neck pace. And so wa dx-med down the lake wmx (eating: unconlcssed. ‘Till all In (men I took her hand- ! dam not «:1! the ten. Halon: Llndlng. Aug. 19. The Mmnon publishes the above by request. All the editor has to any is that Lennarc must have It bad. Sorry for you young man. You have our sympzmxy. _ 3‘ TOO}: Anoihnr of Thou charming Informal Hop: Another of those charming in formal hope was given at the Fort William Henry .hotel on Sat- uruey evening. The great plszzas, rotunda and parlor were thronged with A crowd of beauti- fully eostumed and pretty women. The belles were out in full foree. Some of the costumes were exquisite. Miss Core Staekelberg was dsintyss r. in a silk gown of a. creamy pink hue. while her sister was charming in scarlet tulle. Three new comers attracted ettentlomthe Mime Holden and Miss Tinkimm. from Boston. it trio of pretty and stylish girls. Miss Gleason. in black and silver. won every- ho<iy*s mlmlmtiou by tier graceful wsltzing. Miss G:-svileur. of Ajhsnyuwns simply ravishing in sscarlct tulle. deeollete. and her friend. Miss White. of -Glens‘ Fklis. were a pretty electric blue silk. besprinkled with white polk: dots. Miss White's marked resemblance to the Iumous Philadelphia belle. Mrs. Dulles. who charmed the Ponce de Leon last winter, was remarked. Mrs. Johnston, of New York. was in white lace and pale green. _hIrs. Port. of Albany. a dash- inif brunette, was in pale grey satin. veiled with to le. lite. Steelreiberg were an elegant coa- tume of black and steel. and beautiful Mrs. Spices was a dream in 3 Perisiumgown of pale blue with turquoise ornaments. There were between three and four huntired ,px-want. -Exam: Ssssrorts Tuzepmz. RANGER H0813!--Glens FIHI. Stop on your I-ray sound (com Lnko Guorgc. Bvoqtqinx thu mnrku: .. I I ‘in H ’ ruin-‘Ams—ii§Il baxbis It ' i?\oo5 O 4Glcn1.Ea13s...cnn.Jz’¢~suourod.!o§'r~!xs2v‘¢‘x~ hark nnd riuzo Jnncci ntanygointcnxhamu. numb: of pl‘¢:3cug;1r‘I‘x‘l*Iihod gym! r‘1:oI‘a 7'1‘hu'n sgs-Load; via 11 xsorcaan.-‘ Item’! pllgcg 0: our va'l.lf.l1e_:’.11xnIsl19:4,3..!\'i.t.3X\._!!I$:'|_35 Mi‘. 5;; ':*e°'.°“é:*: *°*2‘—:s W s%“\°az§:::* 52:: ' no ' frgtxgo a£:cr§:'::g.’ nFcr~nf‘u:il1‘ui? paerdéhlnm Addxus’ B. J» Mc Mamgnr. Gxcng Falls. N. '2. VIOTORIA LODGE-But shore of Lab diary: two ind ohe-but miles north 0! Knmkilt h?u:o road. The boat onlho Inks nu: ma odgo. P165 mrasquo nconugy and trout dixman. spacial mos for tho glalsgn. Addrus John W. Harris. Victoria Lodge. Knu- ay. . .11'.!2£iia.\OoRPx$»8ANu‘ARt31-bR0BEl?‘£5R C élanizad an an parmmuh(’.:doi'}qt!i3j*tqu§ai递 and ortmghly uf thus musing an 0.51:9 able to the managamnm or thc hotjnls on Lnka Guam. or to those that my mquirn the utvricu of thorqnglx um!- clnns for primo garlic: ox: dnncas. Any nuxjnbg: of plum lumlshod,either nus. atria‘; or how. ngon :_§:;o«;_:t nailed. by addressing Rqbl. Sims. 0 Gina: 17:13. '.!I’.h5§§“ walks known ggntuuon as n muxicinn is ample xuurug u,X¢i' mu org axiom * ' - ~ ~~;—~ ~ E‘-OR SALE-—Comga an Lita Guorga. fniigfumfahed. 1: Norm. including laundry undnnuty tn 2 and bath rwm. About two aura: of land’. lake shore; beau and bathing housus. tennis gtluund. An uceglent site on the Ftaca to: small hotel. be 115 near poslomce and boat land- ng. Address Cottage. P. 0. box m6. New York city. ENTRAI. HOUSE-Cnldvn-en. Lake George. N. Y. Re and mfurnished throughout. Accommoda- tions for 100 guasu. Rooms large and well ventilated. Free ‘has to u_nd_ tram all bqals and Lralns. Rams nae: day. Thu fuonte $2 3 J13 honsa at the head of (‘Incl c. One-half minute walkto a head of tha lake. George Brown. Propriator. V --1-‘oumanciiite Islnnd; on uh‘ I: dellghtfnliy s1t\_‘satgd_ on‘§§i o the xomucu island: on Luca: Gcorgo. aoaifnx and Grand,-1nv1lion~ for dancing. pacI.n1~AmnlIoIg, glrvc tmcugiuu plsr b'§‘l1‘uCI:{onIx;ox:1an;(:'rI¢9&a!::':‘;[.nt. oto '!:oootu‘m|‘o..,~anIxcn11a__.< thishunsa. Iharf §ituxtad..wh?¢ra tbs scanty. is witd. piczurasqnoguxg xgmmua. Spcciql,n;as{_yy,th.Q dnyprn-eaI:.— H.H.Yxn: ‘ _:;;‘ ff ERNWOOD-—A famll resort. at the haad o! Lake Gauge. 4& lugs 93!‘. emhraclng eve? [ncility for recreation. The house stands in a grove 0 large pinas. The View embraces a combination pf lalm and mountnin scenery. Puravrnxer. Accomxnoaauonsfbr Terms. 88 to 3:: par week. James 1'. Crandnle. Lake Gaorge. Wtm'en county. N. Y. R SALE-econgn with acre; of Ixrgd an tho‘ lnkqshure It sub 1}: Dasilfcinf. dgn tho vrgast. slat ‘of, Ice George, near {he sfaamboxt Iamdinl‘ house xsrooul‘ barn. ice home. rustic summer hhucibglhluz .I3_onI§ In‘ qllxcr buildiggs. I;I:ur.itcI for $5,300, l1._l.n 3606. m-d‘¢r,Ind= newly;-uim . _Groxm~as.1n'1d um in-Taxi, -andg shndoj with trees, Abt‘:ndInce»'9! fmit—;-,-'- up? en, Vpea.r:,\ pJl,uuj_¢, frapas‘. 5:13. Ipgcg. swam Inquimo James Fechmbw up, on the pm-mses. P ९fi ;:ddnsu_,« Sabbath my Pomt,.N. 3!.-wcm-be saen:nuny‘hms.. Pogmxipnisnxnr dimly if required. At my T:-out Pnvmon. Arrivals at the Trout. Pavilion: Miss H. Fur; gueson, Binsonhurst, L. 1.: D. P. McQueen and wife;‘Schehectady;'- Mrs. E‘. A, Beckwith, Miss Beam.’-ith, EIyrm,“o; W. P. Anger and yvife, Abbie Salisbury’. 01181185,“ ally,’ Charles Mccrery Aand muther, Joseph E‘(:Namars,~Wi1l Yci \ i gm? ehiéa, FEE. F‘81'1'IIIst011 8. \Wi '. Troy .1 Hemsted, L; 41;; Henry Southet. Lynn. Mnss .§ F,‘ Jayest .. _ Northampton; — *Eng1n1‘1d'; Mary qliugh. Kari: M'ur’x-ay, C. .8. 'T4syIar and wife. -Albgnyg arganisxé» -Hclmess R —i:£t::Inme.w k 1§£iéI§ty;ie*,.T .§.iI“s{i’T_- S.>V?,&?¢Iiit§ré.T8;§6rz€ . D. H3’!' - CT. ‘15It\tfph“y'.Land‘ famity, Mrs. M. L._.Thnyer.Wi1IiannW.'3?hay¢1-, hits.‘ W. A. Va11‘Duze‘n.. -mas E119\. Biévh Ems; Jessie\ Brew. TJax’x1és Shevlin‘ wife. E. B. Swift, Biisjs E. Swjft. R, 0. A'1jd»ei-»a'pn._|fnd—1\vife ~r 5- TT.-». ‘HGIED ‘M«_‘L,!‘i'jfQOn»» 1551? ‘ Elf. ‘hIqlqt_1ee:'1,_ 'E}u§(£n_e ‘Walsh; Btpqkiyn; ‘hits. 1!. T Rei1iL=:’..v-’3§5T8« Bailey. 9.» G-‘=rN°1¥ Emu »-aha, 'wife.1ChnrIes E sayre,'—Wm. Qan- ninghsm;-. S: ‘K. Johggon.,.\and:. Erifeg ,I_)1i.‘vid,G. Johnson. Wm.:Johnson}. New .¥orK'- « ‘ ” ’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ --Boltomon-Lake Geo e. N. L.°a?.\ :3\¢I:~a9o!1‘1°t>¥:x8g19 u:§‘§'e houss Is\ pleasfamly sl ! in 2 grorcafqs rods from the shore. Well ventilated rooms; supply o£.._pu;g.qpring‘ water; gin: grounds for cIn‘ldren~ yleasm: drives: bdats infant day or week. E :7 effort will be putforth for the we! are andcomfor: correspondence solicited. George-R. Fish. my e or, A Lat: iit 7éi‘r7Ji.‘1‘::’“‘e-‘ 1o‘;g_ig be.».ut%'r‘.§.*:;‘f,‘.?:’:*3§r‘L°‘?;§'3?g‘2\*~’£sa¥‘.5t‘:¥é?\*‘=*\’ 1;ena4¢n:cho.b.y, ]_us_t‘.1'x_d1,1,1_t’*-'¢)f;—X.|tt__§)cil|b‘l)‘.v -na, qxuqu ogth, = Thres'Iplend1d.§_ltts,forhbml;‘ The shgrainull timbjend.-~ Tbabbpsitrvqtg- aha Ipkp; 1; :05 1)!!!’ s!1or:~“1’i‘,l3Ep1I1n’f°!*3: :romf<5I:ns]:’.5-In *!= ’§h'$°x\ak.P'£$?’§§§§°:b’““§;§”:°’2 ’*'*wr.: ,Rar;m§1n§<;.eaquua of 1. '1; an; )1. rm Xmo.-,8 , ’ g ' , l$I'!_.AK_£'»GE!)!_G£ HQUSE -A hemtihzlgsummar rc- so for families. on the shora‘of’Katy;slal!>B:r{,.v‘The housejis situated in: shgndi grove o{ ! ~. dis... -drivespbonting-au:id Table-gqod. beds gxcellenu Sanitary condxtions perfect. Pm-e water and s-¢\.get?nbLes' raised on o‘u_r om; farm. Rooms large gnd airy and well - vegtilated; [Five xmfnuteg ttxe She!dox; House» Jar; take: 'eofg‘e;-NTY-,>~‘~ \*_— ' 1 ‘ii ‘ 1‘FTY-‘FIVE AGRES OF LAKE BEORGE 5’_ FOR E:sAA:_'s.-Mlddleivqrth farrnjon thd.shprqsct1diddl§1ioi&x bay.-.n’n lhe_-wag: shaft of ‘the Jake. 1:‘ offered for sale. Thu-e is twenty- a;:r_e_s. below the; B¢:_n1_tp’n_ road \and :1-.resabova~~ti§e; road. ;Th‘o_ lgndvvis, cqvered Vhihkbfflhd c :11;-L0}, lj5¥_I'g‘§;;phjmb!, em, Tfzgfafnishould be»purch;1'>se’d‘by,a ge:n;!éma'.q]nf vtcijzh .apd's1:'ould11ot~be'cu_t u'p_-'i__mo buxldjn£l9ts,._ It;i.s‘s'iti1at,ed a little {ass thaggsfourzuinlegfruin :CII _ wellvit :t‘1ie__i,hra‘_a‘zi_~“o_! thi’e.:1.ak‘e-* Rereis whence he f‘;L%tT’h61§i»‘9f;‘fe‘ak¢ G£9r\&¢v ve'ry.cheap.. frespgcuvqtglqxfchasefs, can gecure T er.:inf°tmntiunbricon1xriizi MIL!-‘EDI I- Denni_$.‘xo.rSundyTI~Ii1l..iK7Ti Y.» . A i 7 7 L rmxvitw 001’rA<!2—Rip1ey's Paint» a Péasnlqés clgverdale, Lake Ggorgea gran Mans!’/1‘v:1l_;r_o~ cm*e‘1;'oa_:x1ets (or the ;:euon._ Aug‘ go the. \;In , privatehmiiiu ro; ‘parties desiring _ _e _¢om!oa.fi_s4‘.blp9eln- \sign; whit;-'itiI§o'rds ghegmuvegzgnge an; pltggutpg -- hmél. Apcém x_5;lq,~x§15jq'sou_s. l=ivc:gzIxg13cgg{1nlk_' iasfetmbd Imdin inzi» past 6n.!cie~ vRs>'i.*>s>:-st.-»:ui.-~ '~1'>IersVnndTa%i>9vi!i9n» ., t—h‘cmsjc.-V A fnll.vmr =.>f:.t1.:.d-*4 and int} §steuhboIt‘ .I’1'11\ding;§ -‘the’ ‘i1,e_1v'.~sgf‘._c_,_:,xId :éaiIin:: new ztchh-V..*'WA . .8 83.1.-‘I-B-'.‘ -.'-1113.1-fer.‘ :%Is;;ur¢‘é’xcnrs:bhIs ::For‘t¢m;.addrcgI:I?M'sT1‘:;;1iAmoo. ’ 1éiI‘é]i\¢I§X‘a‘; ; ' \ 1. ' - ~- 1 V 3. J“: ' *1‘ Y.’-

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