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Lake George mirror. (Lake George, N.Y.) 1890-????, June 20, 1891, Image 7

Image and text provided by Adirondack Museum

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LAKE GEORGE MIRROR. me um: aj£9hqt..A,n:inaLv —.—Everybo'c1y will regret of caqfre that Miss L. Viva l{ills,:_who is now undergoing medical treatment. for some slight affection or the throat.‘ .,wi1!. r;.oAb_e ..a.!21.e..J1:,9.J,t.21.<9,o1iar§9,°.£ the gt. f servlbéa 6! ‘t'E'é . G. A; this »au’m-’ men ’~She an}! her. sister 'we1'e gr?nT.fi;\‘v'c_SiIEe’§’In the social life 0! the Vpointgas well as A great. aequisltiop to the Lectorfum choir. For large p;r&i.ea who vxmgld anjoy cgmhing In its best form, no better tun carafe immiéinegj m3 ,..._.<;,;*;.. f .-,91“.' _‘°\.e1' “.1°‘.’.“ '39- to Osdmll 1 ‘ ..Ql'—1&¢m09ll§3ift€}xcut< T ~— -' a on 9n the plank'down»throug1.1 historns French Mounuinpass, vtqhjihe ,l,l'\'é!y metropolis of the aectionéalens Fal . . ‘ - Guitars‘ and Pgis (fig! Map Fncts.--Vlhy Bury- boiy should I-lwrmli‘ tor Llkl \am-go.-“rm ‘ \.Human_. words njre totally inadéqtiate to ex- press, -.II'§£1.’t.hc:v..moat accomplished\ artist xnlght, just.aswel.1- ugtgmpt to paint tiie emotions or the hem, or-the tones of the voice ot his be~ ‘ioved, as to seek to cd \ a true idea. of Lake Geo_rg=e.” ‘ Them is-«no other spot on the face of the earth, where mttxze 1133 been more prodigal» 9! her gift: of bounty thpq Inks’ George. Poeta',,his~ taoriung, md ioven-of the bexutitui in natxfzo lmve Iopx mug‘ the of this enchanting : 7.; romance and sentiment have Woven their cgoums abqui Q-hot huutiiui hlundn, the pure -aaérsmtgi-Axiraten, the igmiy hn_.:,.'n in its wonder- fulii‘ indentured shown, its acquainted my nooks, its mountain environment. its health- givinx eiqvation, its kindly And whole-some baium-Index: air. which biting heavily oxygen- atedyin of great restorative: nine to'th.awor;1 amI‘irreuy’.‘ Surely, such a. spot. come: clout: to being mtctsxthiy pundits. _ ‘ . . I01‘ 100‘ xuuzrm an‘. A~**Xt~is:ioaIX¢¢13\to;r'm‘ this bmmlhnd mien tummy .i.ndueumen.u-to an oinqqegto nettle down 10!: the: uunxmcr and enjoy the»f‘beAutia oi‘ nttuya. nurmunried by All the eonveqmnau oaivilixad me. 31:12:: sixwtatclw spring avatar. — ‘ nd which to numb otltho enriyajgistory oi J\1I10,l”IM..il clustered.\ The juch ..s satiety or interns and tcmiinut S‘-omli. who. become noqu§in1ad..with inn~ w.tMn is in“ its tiinit quiot mum: i ‘_ wndovn tumuiumm moutiat, 9.‘.k1:gitu— u‘ : thd-;rsvcii¢d«':1¢eve_ attain?‘ sad. giongh ‘uzcvgxvpreaant inspiration to 7‘ up {mm sIi;i:t»,‘»¢widem¢en cf\BZi1 ixmtiitrori-cm in this‘ ;« 01‘; xii or-axiom! X10381’: .u ..~*“*... 7 -‘-‘— ‘ ' ~—~'~---—rrc*1'§::.:~.uxpr:acr%rIt;n rxj3,ux:~ 3 »-» “«I~‘no,in» Onidsre1i?a~to~Buici\¢i3’a-tha«exu:mn ‘ of :hciuic&—.—~th.up4x st, pictumnf vchiah t}q1g:*§y}zge3a*,1g;r‘t_I_g¢q;,...._ . ~is—%¥1i :‘;f““\‘ ma ‘ii: i“ e. ‘_h ='wene’-syn _n' ‘that; galofft mddun an x_ ugegon’ pm at am impoiinghéieis, ind on the ihniwgoi“ i§§:}si¢r . shit-:1;-.iiautt it sii,~—uet—eumpd.Acots¢geis.~-hotels; si1djg'igiie~*uig\s1iétI‘ii1ii5li_ié?t )¢t1t§eme=n’i§.\ ‘ . ‘g T.“ L a.J§.‘ _ H T _‘ -—'Eh¢:,.-‘.* sizdiiensi and nbutizgjgidéii ‘.8 Pretty; Queen“ inane chimney and zhaicoiugpzs ao“in3i>a:mi T ,t:ssL.it,_Ig,nsn~r oneipf_.$:t;;e_.1>;r_gt»,tieut>sn::he:poin:.. 7 5 -’-.3iwri. -,II_uiet. ’_0fjti1‘e ,Bxnhm'c‘k t n_ gi or .Hrobkl€§|e. thin iuinxiéi are Jniy 1, Ibh at Kontaxha ,_i¢g1viut, ihe,I2.G;_,£. - ixgygejut are Km‘; camp » nice“!!! 5 'W¢'f‘! I mines » Anoegisiy mm; s t “Kitie Baa, Qt ;..wx1; inn‘j “ ‘ bf, ' ‘ 1 ¥‘In‘l\'a—¥bh‘lVI'§. 2*:--2: *-°~.:.- ‘}¢11&D€)‘XT>“l)4W‘ ’ ii.’ .'_ ' T\ ,1, . P: ‘ . ‘mi .. . tligit is .18.. 1- -db-j -~SocIal life is again under way at. the L. G, A... lI2..and.llx_1. 1?; 5.‘. Wells 1nd .fImll¥§hI&!-7 lug arrived -from their beautiful home 1% wk- enwsk, N. J,.. and are ~ea.¢ou9ed. lot the summer at. their known as -4PIon.eer lodge. --wry many are tmxlous ta know it Miss Ditmars ~retu1-as to the goiut this aummer. Your reporter will relieva t air suspense as soon as he can tenure authentlo lntormntion. ‘ Iunmort, twlgtktiilorxv. T “Just at dull’: the, steamer landed; midway in the lake at Green mama, whom tho scenery is the boldest sud most romantic; from aha land- ing: park.-like lawn. pisntocl with ‘big trees, aiopea up to a picturesque hotel. Lights twink- ied from many aootsoge window mm from boats in the bay. andotriius of mimic trav—- eiera. it wan; enchanting‘ Tho‘ gen- ius at Phiiadciphis-Again claim: the gratitude oi‘ the touxiut, for the Sagamore hoi:o1__i§_9_n_o, of tho moat delightful holtolriea in» the. world. A peculiar. intorostingobuiiding, ramming ‘ up the niopeonditforéut iavbit. no contrived that oil the room: \off: outside; and hl as deilghtlui it a; taxi; oi as if i QuI:3.hu:3._bea;1.,apgtn:§vgtir.- Katuxgiiy i.i1otaeioo;_<i’a.ixi\t;3g ‘in, its nuviée» ‘xnci go rgiiiiecl. V ň ढ m its \'1tmagt§’oxpaoity,. The artist. could find nothing tcsqo'mpin\in' of iii, the morning except. that the inosndenoont. oieomo light. in his oimmber U, \ mid- night and loft hini‘ in bionic dnkxiogijin‘ the most‘ exciting crisis, of). naval.\ Gwen Initnd it pezhnps an miic long“ Abrid;;e’1vi,i»h' aha. mxinI;nd..sm1. _...i1c1ss,;Qx.e_1x_9.teIL it but four picturgtgu stone and “Nb?! K tje nortinm a. thevmmgln V-of, English in at 17326-21133: 9: WA: and hue, vrhiohkin y nuutu hlI83mOI§0§Iit¢r8§8(T1d¥h ~ttu::igt H “W bau£y'o.t. the . . I; 91319.19 i.n1¢t.iM‘¢3: mums hD*¢.U1. ‘the on xrowjawgti white bitches Apy« what: to has new. ouiu aiifmry jxheen. with- :§¢s$!!!&u ! i'°\\’f ’ ‘otfolhga |t'CogoG- Iikamo paint-,« givoi an rounement ‘to the On ‘aea.dI.~_iIdead..t9;N. up 8!‘ the xii:-1:-9. _ -nndvhtthe incl. on; the bins Jrltor. of-the. mm, irith their‘ nh;eiI-li_ke- iedth awful! szlntzgngtluhlinhuraoier. Kihe \ ל }li0It>_0_f Inject} and gwsnItig’n¢_»tangth.\—;_-_~A$- oia igy Duciiqy _.:fxier;—~\~’£~}xoit‘Pl1I?i!l*\ ’ ‘ggf’ .,,_I t. ‘ ‘ \. ’ 5 -V’. \' Jszox; Tums; sad he: dnughmmliinea Game and Aqua. spend the summer in Europe. '€‘halr abqenou this summer will be exouoéa if 1. By return In time to be Lake Geo:-ge cottugern next. summer. “ -.—'I.‘he plenum. hoe ot:.Rav. A. 0. Rose in again who mean at. the fake. He In I hupyy mm judgin from the Te Daumuhnt are heard In the I at the south end of Sanford’: island. where its win Ipent! the aummarin the Rose house. which is ta be enium as his dill h -J£5L:4)_nxzls.:e...a.nd». p~houI.e TT§I\‘ -6110 otthe following names mm; likely at the present writing to be chosen for tho steamer hitherto Known as the L. G. A. There are own or two nunea still under ndvlnengent. which may as nr 111 She next reduced nu: Alert, {mud %:lC€-I1. ‘ Elsa. Juno Rooms\. Gt ! Tacumneh. Uncn: mmd Bane, Wm: ‘Witch. Rambler. _ ‘nu mum awn. Lukas anus. Tho Human imam‘ in cm of the urgent hotel: on the b6I'l‘tl»Ift1i’£h0r'!éi7'OY Luke It has meentlgf ind enlarged by the .adi1iua:x3,of;s[nau:.fmnt,and_w1ng. {naming in; mpncfty «bygx hnns:Ire&[ momi» ind now iifardt accommodations {or Ian: .h\mdred -gu_9_s3Lg:MjI31g; s_urmnndtnxr\t:é“\iII“f‘£hai r‘iT&'ix\i‘:‘Tui-“:1” benutyé mtg: dtncxixplnnting culi can make‘ ther_n,_ isdvrtha Inllai nor ofcnrdwell-_:.. It command: §A vim: of .thaAbro,n {the was tojnrd the eat, much .97£.,.the,153&¢ and‘ the i1;rnt;iu;»-by ~hi.gh,. §§lTYl1.iI either'iic1tv.ravénIi Á gm:-‘like Qpeningtj thmugh bet” 7 it:'hunc'I‘re_5i isIx:i<‘i3'.V \ Ainnncméngt time uah perinip £4: mama“: , mm ma’ out_.Imon‘g we tic,-light in thé.01d:ti! axite. croqinet. will mu! grounds“ \ gull, the r-aquiirwamentnt hand. who» > jrssj_1t; are ntro:-dad fot.ithe.‘m_;¢ : oil of in '1 sapgxglnted. bowling} ‘ gy, thus-the quieter gang 0 billu my enjoyjetl ban on» ably; ‘Of the in and with‘ ~0Itlght‘tomteen ? w - 55 Wldxy w\‘°\‘ 1'5l'lYlte~‘ ., yum\ i$.°:,;=*=.,*:.;,,o»z :mi‘?é?.%3;-;?;:§«.,;a:«. “H-i sums, _;w, :%*1I,9‘-;\ 0.. ~.;:.€’:..:* ‘ -..§ \\\°‘°° « ~“‘ Boiti,'..hti'n'tint. bqen ed. Z1191-e in _G:-aft a irjndjao via‘ aux: thé the, light.::oinhi‘0;h¢ii, cm! an *to_ twinpea‘ fof: Ex‘ ‘ ‘ “ ; men intent}: in the iichhé’ \Lime\ utaisheraid of thelxk¢.1'sndregu- Iaw-=.the‘rso «eh . ‘ . _ ’ u tlipgli some jhat-1-{I8 -I - /M ‘.:..: - . :_mw..s.— L Yogi: ‘PF iragxeouupzszs. ' 9‘

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