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Lake George mirror. (Lake George, N.Y.) 1890-????, June 20, 1891, Image 6

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I I LAKE GEORGE MIRROR. The Old Story. Tho Luke Hpuu. Lnko Gcorxo You may call it or what not. But I don't see that I was to blame. How gould I know.,:I1a“t you loved me.’ “ ‘Wf1en‘You_tievEf‘bncc_’ same ? ’ I've walked in the starigpztwfth many. And have risked my in e‘on the bay. Ye: amogag them I've nevpr found any lisut had something decxded to say. You thought that our silezgc gamma me? B'1;li% gilgzlcefmoi go!d¢;n . a'_ve henrd ; J- -, .9. L I111’! 51113!» Goinehnto we; 5 sweet and absurd; There are {oven whom there‘: an mistaking. _ _ Who» lan‘§u1gele;_vc_8 no on? in doubt - _ There are 0 er: who Ieayq on: _s heart an-inn: , For a word them‘: no hvxn; mthout. The Lake House is three hundred feet long and. three stories high: st§.n_de_ eighty-‘ ‘above j;ti_§‘T{zl_<e, and the \house a. lo?'ely shaded lawn slopes down to the water’s edge. On the grounds are four handsome cottages—two stand- lng on the lake shore and one at each end of the hotel property. Balconies project over the water. and the structures‘, nrohitectuauy speaking. are among the finest on the lake. The front of the Lake Housels shaded by .9. double row of maples, and commands a fine view of the mountains to the south and west. The piazza on the lake side of the hotel is about eighty-tl‘ve feet above the.le\=eI .01 the lake. Along stretch of lake ln front. forest-clad hills, verdant mendows, to the right and left, the water dotted with varloua craft, the numerous happy children on the lawn and maiden and gallant ludulging in e. tete-a.-tete In some quiet and shady nook. are A few of the features which unites In forming the picture spread out before the vlaltor. Emlnent dlvlnes, prominent phyaloiana and famous artists have summer homes hero. How doeg I woman lays?’ 0nc_o. no more ‘Though me forever it! '10:: depleting: De,,cp*.n sot;-ow or deep innin, _ - One v - nae alnnja. by nigh; _ y. _ llgves hel\\lY it) cube or pray. One voice on y cap call. he: ran! Back from theggsgp ot‘deAth's comxol; Though leave; { _ I bet. qr friends deride; Yea, when she suulcth ‘another’: bride. Still £9: her master her lixe makes moan, Once u. f9!'¢}e!:, andonrgn _ How does 3 man love? one: lo: :11, The sweetest voices of me my call. Sorrow damn hint. or desth disxmy. Fr: red roses becjcck his mi: omxne stnilo. or gen 9: tmwn. The cruel ‘thuxah of thurorld mm down. Lou bgtny him or Inn delighg ‘ Thmngh Mona orxunthjug _y I] or night. wandering. tolling. u!aep,.un!cc. gvhoughbsggln mnctlfilén n:::inrk hem: break. eaten at not c_ .0: Once and femur in Iowa Manual}. . —-By Rose Tony Cooke. ' -But since the meet ycarhu grown cider, And you've failed as a_. special picadnr. Sim! I be let: out in tho cold. air. _ Became § ! \ _ A Yoohlamig .. e. nhlok. 11 I119!!! reason . It you really had souxathihg to say. What matters the time or tho reason ? Why can’: we be happy»-to-day 2 ---I’%-vIiDO-3—- FHPPLE8. —-—Large quantities of goods are being drawn through from the Westport station to Keene Vaiiey. the most. of iwhich are .for either 8%. guberis \ion or the residence or the Brazilian mister, Senor Salvador do Iiienrionoa. é—'£'he boom of cannon from .d.eck and drop- ping of anchor announced {rho girrivnl in port _3~e3te;:.ci:;y, for the t1iIs:;easoxIx3, uegtgga grin. vrtilth Mrs. W’. S. Pixeipa aboard.- ntza urgi e cg:-am. . ' -——S:. iiiurlfs orchestra of Glens has been securedio, inrninh music. next. week for an in- formal reception to be held at Hocndsy-'3 hoii. Wm-irenabuijgh, by the elite of tho! pinoe. to-—2x§r. good §rs.&I~‘rek<’ieric1i.'d\'room at-réved in mm as wee an ,3 ma ng pro 0113 0 camp again‘ on the banks of Lao George. While-v~ge their‘ «main order they ‘are utoppizrg av ‘ Ge-or-Fe no no's.——Tieondero‘g‘n Sentinel. : “ ' ‘ < 7 '-;-James Cizymbe of Sabigatiidny Polo}, vzenl. .19 .,,1S'e\-I Yor city Tuesda_3,_ it is peered that Mr. Chnmigexlniiji wiii reinrn to-dpy. ,_r-'-Chet .Kohier‘a.ngi nine: assiistxntg horn the .I:.eon. Taixhassgee, Flu..rar1'ived at the Minion .f1ou5e_§je_at9rc3gxy._ V, The formal opeping of this house times’ piece p‘\exi:4.s~f ‘ ‘ “I --G-Goa’-— ,_ Kuttnklll Hawn.J.nh acorn. This huuse winds in a. grove on A high ter- xzaced bank. with n; frontage of 200 feet, com- manding an extensive vluw at the lake sad the bays and Islands to the south and went. The house has x mm dining mom. Jnxge omeo, nu: P'*.!!°3_-. .!n<3.. ל ל ל ┒ each room has Inge windovyt, a!1_'ox<)In3_.nm1))e vemlmlon. The rooms ‘um nlcaiy inriyliulgcd throughout. mrcctly in front, and less than a. mile distant,» 1: am of am: mu: {mad timing grounds on tho like» This‘ hoalo II»-shunted amid benutigul surroundings. The mpgntalm in the background. the luxuxitnt» ;1'olIng‘b‘, than studies of trans, and rocks; tut}. _\u-star. mks. it as pcculluiy attnctiva ‘place iO* and invite: ammo. and ta all ~\vtho=«ieck'-for and quiet. A ~'§:nnly\ drive 10. »9l9bl ~~ ‘$11, srmtlvu mils dis» Sikiliff in so and from un «and» 12:- cutsian msmer: daily. I ample zaganiou ‘fO'1'gI_Ié — .««-.~ ---»g:-«.»=~A—~ ;;-§~~»~ V Tho Trout Puvlllon Thla well-known resort is located on the east shore of Lake Geot»,_sl_x gxjles {ro1p_ Oaltlwnlll‘ amid benutltul aoenury. and has accommoda- tions for one hundred guests. A more delight.- ful spot could not 1 well be lgnaglnetl. It is as veritable haven of rest for tlmtlred man of busi- ness, anti. wlthsl. does not exclude the oppor- {uully for soolxl 'enjoy\menL Thg house. in mp- plled with an almndmcc of pure sflrlng water. A billiard mom in scpxnlo bnlld ng. bowling nlley. lawn tennis court, croqnst lawn. boating and pleggant. dxlvcs an walks through Picturesque scenery, afford excellent ulvanlsgea or sport, amusement gm! healthful oxm-clan. A of twenty-live row bojtlx gnd I steam lmmch with soeammxxlstlons fdr thll-ty {wage will be let for miles ‘at. maumbte‘ ram. om»: almiu Bree: adorn the lawns and surround the onllm ouse. -uub¢«uan--- Bright. Nun; Eplgrwnmg —‘ . Rabat}. of;}_§i:i:ifYa;1; §ri19_fm.-_aev- all sent, ovmad u co.%!Ige»_on the“‘Bo1Ioi1’ dIed*‘J‘%adi)'iL..\t< 111:}; S-ziinis egmeh-_am_'N‘ew ‘I-dark wloolc our and get git ‘in’ for by is lumuygfar T:Ehe,ds_y-.-utter he ammd hé;irn':_ mpenjixudaenly £1}. 11-. ~Lemis hig ! by hm nel ;Thu fugmy tn‘ e‘1’r“York with tag 1er{xiln;s“1:uImvening. ~ The “Lxke Georg!) 1{in~or}\Is the ugma of 0 t\\\eIve-page waekur juurns!'“i1i1_1éd at Lake“ George, and glevoted to the interests -6? the {cr- fnmed sheet of water upon the shores of «high it is islntd. And‘ itnlsq naive: to formrd the in- tex‘-eist. of the AdimndIck\i_'egion. The ! ! berxror 388800;-01.131 {us-issued--~on‘<8m‘xr-:«. day. June 6, And} is bxightg nemy and entertain» ing.-gstauglurd Union, Brooklyn. Tha~S£md:rd..Union is évidently a beiiever in the Emma. as the Union publishes a tmif ml- umn,of_mut§-i- ts!-mi ‘ft-om this piper. > . ; Fnllsjummnr Bchanl. T ‘The comixxgagsmn of the aummerschoolof Glens Falls bids fair fo be-inom urgc-13' gt;-z tiJ!lI§;!n}T xirvivionsi s‘en'§on;; :'I*his stm¢n¢§r?y every state \in the union will be repreaenteét. The summer schoo! he an , with thirty students alt fr,-‘om~this bdunty. yen .th¢:1-agw be more thIn«tQ1réptysi1»'é Vin े݆કથ ilrthe fnctiity of the school. A njeiv Iextximis the éstqthlishnietit. of. :- department. of xluperviilbn» ind‘: «norms! u- ;TI_xis is .5.-feuture;«»pei;uIis:. to this school. ,Itiswbe1i¢vc;1 it urillme ‘both ,p_(JpiIIt_f and instructive to those who atfeiud. lfxnypf. me Iecturesguvin’ be fun‘ of interearto those who‘ tggch-uweltas , * . 5 « _~ ‘ . -F2VilliIun..TI3-:dlnth:.,,,t.>jt_ Nair Frock fcitn .a.r; am: ;:.xh,»: F;:r:,T,‘i'?i11i:m H€n1:rj‘I'§mrsdny evening; Thé Ir. stun: yacht cgzdyv-si mane Ihhio. Kr. James Green \[1 fprop‘riétn’- of the livery ‘jtxvst in; the}-en: of —tt3e Carpenter ‘House. The dri\~e1r:yV]e‘u3’s[ it:-eat\. max: door to t hqie}. _ ’1\heii_ve1'y:ia ones? (Be: largest in Cxldvrelf. ‘ Itid’hu;*'goéd phae-’ wt1I';'cu\rting-es. sing1eA_nd=d‘oi1bIe. em. _ to let‘ gt; reasonable 'prica‘1;I Cu‘-e£uI,_*dm~¢rs :fuxn!§be-5* T\'h‘¥’»n:d1‘T!iTl.'T°<1.-\ ‘.\'3.*¢31'*?- I?°Q0l.3 *1! beiuti:al‘%dHven1nAthéAvi¢ini;y. ~1'81f.¢i3hQ!!e'oaIj:'- ind panties iithiJng'pwmptTiTaur3 Bit fwtgfy ‘servfoexshould not‘ ‘ix to 'pIfri)ni'I€-Chili w'.el1-know H ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ — ~ -*--‘W.L.‘H .joc Al ‘.3: ‘3z'§oi!a*-'*' ‘J\:mgs»G*. Wmt ‘tbé pibp \ \ G’:-;nd_'Unim‘1 .hoteI;' yho unj£¢adfin'mnrriigp tines. Yfuhipgfpp b9iIg_ 9n\ ‘Wednég -esjenini. -mima in satu-::ny'sn<1, is in tar iii; is -the owner ofiphandiomé pd: of In} and jxnxy be dean‘ on .Broqdw§y daily. duringrthe ia- - . ., ‘ ’ I SwIey:.thix’;:ur. ’ r' > ,--1-‘owmlnm Henry turn. 0. 3,. chie'1..of It:_tl;. Pa. O.»Johnn'tdn. »mI*»&get.in¢‘ Hr. Nébléi lL.,imr1in‘xk>n. _ L---- ‘M on» ‘?V§i1lisu«nan:y,« ifs’ the of {the S1itlntea:in“iii9‘rs%<:£Jt:a:;*!oe;[‘5Y»T~‘¥itx!IiI~ Rd‘ ‘ .8.9tiiciitI»:!-tthid¢h_nIot:1inthenouh~ . ' , ihe . . _ ! 7 ‘ 2 T Th9'IIg'Imora,V!'xto‘iI.i¢‘au=linItgIloh.‘ _-T g l‘j}Tn\; \()'.’I§’ri prop ‘ ”\\frieIbi~'bf\iiiia‘f T D:8. ;I)§3nninon\§vyill cn -:DrL E; We T olilkehl, t dhlihgniihuig .phyd-T? ..§j9‘._'E\1¢.‘....‘.L!‘.‘.i.‘.\.b.\:*‘.‘.‘ biqne - P, °f<*h°~ ’i'?9¥-%1?!'8.in°°?iFC sq hxviutfoit to _iHt lilicfel _.u1s.e’ in¢sgng1I»uegm,‘ %

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