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Lake George mirror. (Lake George, N.Y.) 1890-????, June 20, 1891, Image 10

Image and text provided by Adirondack Museum

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn84031857/1891-06-20/ed-1/seq-10/

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LAKE Grzoaaa MIRROR. Qlyde Stqamsbil? Q0- RANGER HOUBE—Glens Fulis. Stop on your way éoand from Lake George. Eve1'Y“\ing the market or a. For CHARLESTON. S. 0.. the south and southwest. :- _V :__‘l:9r _!_«‘_LQ.,, alnd al! Eloyjda ?ou}_ts. From Pier 29 East River, New York, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 3 P. M. The oniy line between New York and Jacksonville without chginge. Unsurpassed passenger accommodations and cuisine. V IOTORIA LODGE—East shore of l._.ake George. two aqI(_!hc';n!2e.c—ha:it nnillesgxoxghlo Kattskqg brings. Gopd gad _ §_§_t__ 3; ngqt erg _e,n¢ar I e o e. c- tnresquescenery an troui '31'nnen's. S'i>'é¢1'iI‘r'are%'!'6i‘!?h'é\ Eg Address john W. Harris, Victoria Lodge, Karts- ay. 4 Lofugf 33¢“; “ou‘3E_‘—-Bolton-on-Lake George. N . _ . season or 189:. 1 ehouaeis pleasantly situated }n a grove a few rods from the shore. Well ventilated rooms; supply o! pure spting water: glny grounds for children‘ pleasanldrlves; boats to rent y day or week. Every effort will be put (on!) for the welfare and comfort 0.! guests. Correspondence sollckcd. George R. Fish. Proprietor. “/u.aoNgum,\ \moguoxs \cuanoxaz-: \s2MmoLa \vauawmz \ \DELAWARE. \ Through tickets, R and Bills of Leading for all £_¢inn_:s south and southwest, via CHARLESTON and all onda points via JACKSOVILLE. , O O St. Joly!) 5 River Service.» EACKSONVILLE. PALATKA. SANFORD nnd EN- T RPRISE. FLA.. and intermediate landing: on the M. gotta’: River. Sailing from Jacksonville daily. except atntda , 3-30 P. 11., making close connection with all Kailroags at Pllntka. Axtor, Bluosprlngs and Snnford. Through tickcu and Bill: or Landing at Lowcsl Rates to an interior points} in Florida. ~ \crrv on 1Ac1-:soNvu.La.\ \wm.AxA.\ St 31.3% \17. D2 nuzv.\ \zv:maLAn1z.\ ' Théo. Eger, T. M\ 5 Btfwling N. Y. , , mm. P. QLYDE £3 QO., get; I pqqnts, 5 GREEN :2 SO. \V_Hél3YES. NEW YORK. PHILADELPHIA. Steamers. ClTIZEN8' GORP8 BAND AND OROHE8TRA—Ox- rinnlzcd on El permanent basis. adequately equgaped ad 1 If‘ \ably ul lhr --xaklqg lhcgr qcrvlccs cair- ‘ Lou1—Pressure ! STEAM .- HEATING .- APPARATUS .Kmuklll.._ ,. Marlon. sBollon.. .. . . ngamoro . u.bdi!e Inland . mo-lslzmd... Paar] Point . .E-iulum. Sabbath Dag Point . ...S£lv1:r ay.. .R.!-é:_gu§.. R . o u oc. §a1dwln....... drr-ice. LAKE GEORGE ASSEMBLY. Eractcd to Oparnxa Noinolcssly CHAS. A. CROSSLEY Summer Homes on }he Beautiful Shores of Charming Lake George. . Kmo or Rxcxn-noun. Rum:-E8. guns or AIKIJCAJ! bun. Place: or Smvnr Warns Mountain ll’! maggz‘ gagyegggrg. superb scenmy. Rea Restful Rest Right Royaliy Reaiized Rndani! rafroshing reposo“xi'1§;i—d ‘ramnn re ro- - lningucupu-a at ramngkahly re ucad. rgasonnbln rates. 32 Ql7t.n‘(l; St., New York. HOW TO REAOH LAKE GEORGE. -REFERENCES. —- Crash ido. Caldwe N. Yr. Bun with House, Ticonderoga. Y.; Paul Smith's. SI. Rngin La :3. N. Y.; -Rongard Homo. Malone. N‘. Y.: Tuconlc inn. wiuiamsxown. Mass. Fxou Mox1'xx:.u..-Dnlurnru and Hudson Canal Co. 32. R. south to Port 'I'i.. thcncn to Baldwin on Latin Duo 3. From 11:1‘? ox M.mw.—Delnmm and Hudson Canal Co. R. R.’ no b Fan Eduard. Sandy H53} and Glens Fnllno dwell nl this head ohhg: Inks. Faun Bosrox.-Tnku Fitchbnrg R. R. was: in Troy at Sam thence north. - , _. I-‘ton Nxw osm.—S1enm~a:s_Cir!xnns' Line, Wes: Short or N. Y. C. and H. R. R. R: to ‘thy and Albany. Faun FI.om,n4L.—-Nonh by Clydo Lites or mama:-s to New York «gig. (mince north as xi:-cure. more gxcnnasn . seanzggs 9: 1h.o_01s-E Dmuinlon Line. F-‘non Burrnovon ‘um Wax-.--Em by N. Y. C. ant! H. R. R. R. at West Show to Albany. manta north. Faun Pm:.;g5it.I~2)IA. -- Connect: with Snsqnuhanzna Branch IJe_Inumre_ and Hudson Canal Co. 31. R.. thance to Albany. or By way or New York. ThaslenI11_e1\_s of the Lake Gcotgc Tunsparimon Co. will land the waiter u any of the ham: piers. A V Lake Gum-ge may be raachegi {rum New York 1;’ choice nironleiiu AIBan§br'Tto3, what by 393.1 of _N. . C. anti lg R. R. R.. weak but: rsdlrdad. or by wag of Cilixexzv Lula for ihancii bl Daixwnre and ndson Canal Cos‘.-zrail Caldwei “\!s'greatra1'i\ety.c£‘¢xcur is provided by gun Dgiawam and Hudson com??? :3: re- duced rates. gm-ticulars of which can be ohm u at any ‘large ticket 0 cc. . Canons’ Line steamers :3 Troy, on the Hudson river wait (or the arrival or evamng trams {mm the nonh. JOUBERT 6?. WHITE. . HAXUIAGTDIRIS 07 ‘I113 OIIEML GEES ‘FILLS B ň fi so: 2. 4 AND 6 unnuzu. Glens Falls, - New York. Of: 1110 in diviréi Á Ry-dxivirnnad Ramble and Romance-Suggesting Hundrcd-Aura (mile of Yak: (mm) . ,' PARK OF THE I.~..G.A. ¢raduIe%h;PiIrIacyu¢llu11st%iIlII:rIadsi.¢ §32“g';.%2:*;i';3;\?g;*a&°?;*2%E§£§§:**:s.*£‘:‘:::;:. Sérmaan an Sundgys. Lec on Tuesday: Ccuicaetts on Thursdays. Angnsegnents on Saturdays. And do 1: you please batvrénn whiles. provided . ynn‘pIaa'a'e to do right. ' CALDWELL,’ ‘LAX! GIORGS, R. Y. 9- C-“£3.00”, Fishing Tackle, soar OA;I!s,£EBAR:PADi)£i3.'HARDVIARE§ ‘ For further infirma addregs. L. G; A., A Lak§ Gcgrgg, H; Y. ‘rr lure ,§?lnftsburgh- ft): Saragac Lake at~7:3’o A. at. many. :1. Arrive Sqnnac Lake 10:4? 3, a:.. 4:30 I». u. , T ܁ žmΎ Sarmar: Lake far F aitsémrgh. 3:45 A. 2.. 3-.;5v 1-. u.. u Plgtuburgh um ‘I. 14., 6:55 9. a. _ CH1‘! IA!1‘¢.t! Billtlok c_nocxsnxAun;émsswAa:,mxtuTs,o:Ls, Fmzisbiizé N-‘vs .- R U1.‘-'E_-'-Co'tt.Ii,e_‘, with\ ’a‘cres_o'f Inid on the 1nkes.h0re.1:$gh __th1)Ay:Pni';1!.-pntheiu-ex! sing of is 1.16.11‘ the qtumboiEiIxndxng* vhbusiezzz mums- bum.~-~ '_ r can Aafhirjl hence and 9111:! I I£3l_.!-Kg 111',’ -... _ !-;9.. hit!) ggint. -Gronnidts, fn 1d‘ntxt' ‘in’ nib,’ ind iliidéd *m=:.-;._ *:v**A~A*v:;a.2é.:n*z~i-* 7 n o . ’ r- um. pro'u’_:ju:.a' I_‘6t(_dIice,‘_idd:est, 'S;1_>3_:'_uz,tl::'hDiy Point.~N._‘(. _u my tune.» Polgéssgbnaimmei diuexyifreqaiped. - ' ~ {mans ‘!';&1;I.5 AND GEORBE BRANCH.- ' douéeisovra. ’.‘,\Z\&”ig:1§_I;—Ti £343 . 2;: 2:33 5% ' 3 ‘ Pa%. \ ‘ ,. ’ . ,l=*¢x_t Edward 7:30. 8:30, roan}. 'u.; mos, 1:55, 5:15, 6:30 19'. sq. ‘ Albany $iqar1¢;(iomban:? A T V _ uont.G‘xox1‘u. *1?r’itg:Ii:;£é-if:!!dwif3 7/\‘b'/\“'.'{<\!'{\i'5:‘3';'§‘T 3: iii: t‘::‘3’o‘. J 1-.; .* j ., ' %:§. ‘In: 3:33, - . 7 .13! -V 4‘, ., -, , , ' . .- 5slv.»Ghas F gar ,I3_11dwa1l,8,r‘5-8. mun 4,?-n_g.; 333; 7. ‘ ‘1—‘:iiin.3urii.é'nI<iweii§. ~:!I44i'£-‘iEL‘:.4:nsw7is6r-2:-} ‘ . . t; I .1:~‘7i|‘-.—'fI. # \ I AC-.1 .»i*”.*“,‘xo;: 43». ’:\‘.inii‘s’: ‘A 92 “ «:35: na’iu‘m\c-n‘n_._u¢ Lo’? ;¢oo”ki’n’¢=’ i-«fl : } .;_ _ ~ \\“[\“KL‘7.5\_-“—; . ,5 1jnu‘xx7;ALnAn¥.rt*x.—~ Q Axrqtonq: Á i':“:1out'o' - and u.-i.l.rc,nf,.tIu moat- boanliti Like Q0013’. f1:l_i:_’(1ict-beggxix gt the 1.ii_i.-d.-‘wt chub.-y‘.iu-ta-.0233 x3!L*§$§in15l§'i.!‘3.d'§3‘0155‘ ‘nu-‘ac splegd ! raghouls. W -‘rhnhgtyfxioll 0'3»: V ‘l....1f-i ’_s 11!!!! T.‘¢!...-f9. 'ii..ite‘t:' .~'1'.5'.3.5'. - \I-'*i'.-“.i3l@1».1ér mu bu, t};¢*liiu‘—!or,a_i[o: lot i‘n_qu§rc.u I..aj. _ N 01:1. 11.; . _tqn',.1?ort . 9 .93’ ,-' A ‘ ’ ~

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