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The Fort Edward ledger. (Fort Edward, N.Y.) 1857-1865, April 01, 1864, Image 4

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gFUIBIB:ISW EOOIS T o r l s . . . . - - •JC.'iT KV C a r l e t o j a . , P a i b i h l i e i * , N e w ■- i-- ■• 1, P c c * n l i a r . fi.>r-rpt»t s m’- X i * v > l . C ;nf.m ip? wli-fc-i t^le^p b'»i!J iiio.v. !.i '> i n] fp Pit ii- iibti* pp(li:ip' til'll III) <nt If y utln-r i-onk is SUt'd for ypiirs. T up tt.ri!'iiio m i! px'*--! >rdi- narv ftwls w)ih wlii It t i f . 'i i liorln^ *i f ih p ap(j'ta'ijt)il f. u'l*. t‘i' 'ii itii’ii-v.i i.'it-i a p''U aao Storyj»i> ^''nvthuuly 1)' li. au ' y t So .ititu a', sn tPTiiji-r aiiii s» ;r tiib'. t'l ti. pv.-n ro-tl i- who hecini it i!j'i''t h-< fi.-ciii iti* 1 wi'li i'> in{lipsji\it iiiit'i'si. Jt iii i5“lhi!g like \'*ili!- fire. I'xicp ■i'l 11, K i m b a i r i s ! W o i * k ^ s - Eoibrhfiiur Ins P.ip'tal l\ov neff!, ‘ IVni 1)0 Sut’CO'-''ll. ’ I f ' o' tile bp.'i fi till’ tefi-'O'l. P i R v S i Wus lip r<ii( 0'*ss’ul Ui)iVri’nrrp!\*«. .\^aiat XiPgor, 111 the 1 iij ioi Siiiilfiits LdV A 'lroui. 111. - I - l c i i a x i ' s I - i l i b o i ’ A tnni?l.itii'0 <-f -M. M m‘^t K Pan's ro- taaikid'lp )M>ik j 'lr) i.Mip'iiii P. rt-. v, hiii* i the fXi.'itpiriPUt ati'l m n-otiimi aio .-o ti at <;oiii'pniina' I'SM ilj < t aD'i untoi.r tf f ai Toady thousauds ut copu's i-f luo I'l’-jiich oditimi li ;vs been sohl. !■ hu' b u oxtiaoapurii iy pia'sed. ti'id i .\i rav- fr ij t\) Cpri'Ut’Pi! ; bat it-i ill i.st swio-o c i ’ic.-^ <io )> ' dfiiyMliO vToiid. r'lit ji'j'.viT. 'L'ltl!' ii'V ; i-i jibil'fy di p nyed iijuiri t Vio \ pa_e o; tiu b \. k. Pjic<i 81 t'O T . X j i g j i t o n S l i o d c w o d P : ; i l i s . J’v !'. 8. A>- Iriv. 'j n inMiiiiinty lOn! p. tor-sf: ablil)^ til lU'! ih? ul in a vn.;i. I.-, }.,< Aithiii’ n i i '.''i.i 'ly info a-’i ' <• 1> i- i ‘ the fl'l'ii- Utf - S' I 1 i ■' • Will bij-i ils i.i.iy inrii u < a* (i: I t I t-'c (' jiari-' '1. (I \ I ( -\ ■ : • 1 ■ t C'ou.e.\. Fiiv: ■Vil-.'i. T I . I'-y.- j \ ) i t I,’| b I ■' J . • d. AViirt !!•.•■! ■ V'... I. P . i 'v 81 :.-i T; . . r : m k . ' ■> L . Ft. :s a d-lip-htli.I and liari>.l-s.s a piifi'fL 'iib.-tilu'e top ry(jijiir.s ' S A. • j :[ : 3 : s s 3 ' 0 . b . r i i D T 3 i T'i-j 0xi2-j.tjLl ilsLilara-nt aud ITerviiie i Compoimd. : m - I T S Ei'fern ‘ tJL'M.vn’ o f enClianfmoiil I X has fur JPPS boon the tliPHiP <d sf »i«r and j ry ■iinoun t(io Tiiiks. Arnb-. {'orsiiinis at tl 1 ] ■ X . I ran», ()p :« “f .N'l'fc ties iii.il stiiJ'oliii-ts (f all V lids prod'i < s iii''st a d bgl t u! < xhiivvni’i'iii wit*', nr iti-' t'xi luw-'im jdy'iriii viaftiun \V* ifh :ilt li']s I L'* i li'O rd <)■ 111 1 St Ili'llullt.S il arts iiuO.i U'l* Iieiv. U-. fy-in iji iii a UK-p’ A.it d* 1 nAiiif n-r tis a iiu dieo iil iinuTit is nil i| i.-b d. cii'ina a!!n\.''t ii.f'tani !t’(-iiur-iy X'.iV'iii i,< S', D i-bihy. llj.s (.-rin. ikc. Its 111 ]i*- lirot .s-iioos o! ('unsuirp'ion is 111 irt II,Uf)'lolls lln'ilil't lu-l'y ( Ol'ril'VOtl 0 *' t*<iiu;liif' f • j'l'i-.'.s’oii I'l spirits, , 5 cc, fill'd ini Ul* iludf id i*v im I ioP. j It-1 - a ar* at | r .in\tt*r of b uuiy. siviiiof a ' M .n'l'l'd aid ll llrii'or 1-\]>n S i Ii luthi; C* Ul- t iinyitiing a iii'*st riiirt; <d*«*(*r- i.diKss tu ihp ii.H.*')—a v i a o r a i i d pla'lirity I I If:-I 'jUt il ' t forn i iit ih l-i-iita'fd .oiii th-'.-p si'ir rii'o fi'.)iu want i f v.ia! cn..lay \vi ! f'f i’**.'tnri d as it at'iii to t> w Id*'filiii 'looi, Kl\ iHiian-1 p ti* ii's «dl I'\ l.i*n*liiid a I' l st r* mur!*a’.!i' lum lu-i t.y 'tsu.'-a. In y 'l'id - i,!i' F» vi r if .'ill j I'fSi s (.^idiiiiip. I'll’.s 1 j.jiit __ u.f'iici s sb'pp—lo 'i < ss i>< vs IH uio 1 iiiHi'pr'ni\ U qnk-''<l I'lMi'V its ii liupi.C'P !,l! c . s-i .,'st*. m U) oa'lp r DOW in-pu-aiu'ii , lid ! I < iTj tte S o 'd u r Lidion r ar.d liavol <*r :u d tin*! U\ >r <*',iiiayp a\'! joivnrsoi oi:- u,i'ai fp lie n a. I’d ini.iiy 1 hi, tim wj'dnr : J T f I BriEns; y « i a C ifa d T idingU k A'liAiMi;. ]' t'' (\''i.i’ ill'' '..'i! l'-* lO (1 ■ U I1-- IMI- I \ -! '»! I i ;i U till- lUI* lor U. ; •V T I v , ' S-; ■v:i. V i c v o i - I I i n x - : 0 i* I ' : 11 , * I. • s ( M : I V,.'n i , I* ■ , t'l ■ • . ‘ (* i I • I il ]>, --- 1 I '. t c i t d II,ill.* I I 1 If if i' II’II I I ■! ' ■ t V, >,, i; I_ S ’I,; i,<, ,. I f il I Ill'll ,0 ’ i ' S .)* '• ' I '1 u 1. .. f-l I 11 i I J , 1 \ V,.. S,,, I .. I. >• , I !; I* '/ It j'oai.f.fi* ■■;oi r inin i'.i i i b d , 'i 'i - i i ; t ’t'C if- p If 11*1. ” I i.o .''i 11\ I ' V (• . i- ! i’ *1.'.. ' {,! . tri;*,.- h !, belli** .''•.'•I I 1 b .U.1*4, L’lifi . r r i x . N i l ’' . IT '. . ! * : ! ' ) X - ' . v i I - s . i'.tll Iliici' O h* I I'iiuim T iii W ! *f M.i'l III t b r . \ i.*, r- ;• pu ... liiroUtTi ■ Old tin* (.' iiii b y i*i ■ > -8! 0 -'. t';iT*.U' y I, *1 1 l; V ' . •b'*d'\V !’,*■( dU, ITtiile.ili „u I* 1 * III-, Cl 'IS 11 ''diuii*. T I i o N Is'i*c*:i:iuVi'=: < F X . V . A .‘*rP 'I'l' S-**'.'*- ul' i! V** \ lT't,--|*. »|, _! ;1 d .fiin\;!-' i- ■ k by W o'* r .”* . . ' I**. 1 ; i-’ - I! iill-e I'fi-N. 0.1 I* (l'*S. \V t. iuI i.in- j.’ i lv par-on d skf'cIlP' |'•i)■fi*:i d I I 'bi' .1 acini' lli’i i l i i'n*l ri-,.)- m-r *li mi - ,ii a *-• To:>: O .tv-a ii-'b* Ir (.u n id*:, , .! 5 i/r loo iMi-'l' \I iiiii'iou.y In ti ■- V I '1 • Ii.id an iiU!:i l•->' ih* ! s j .,;* i ... V. > t j . ! u V I , *f ' . I ) >., I I i’l cloth b U i'i Vu U IIP. i',I. o A. S. E' A Il’)|* .. t;,. '■.„* , . U n ik i',' }’i * • i!.') A L '\f L ' k ) !i- ■' I T I'u 'i! ' ' { f 1\ < ’ , : ‘.i i> ‘ |, i* Li'.iVf MjJ Ul U** L V ! ' r ■'.i l I. k T 1 : g . t ) t o f ■\\'rh dir,*. ;; .r,.. f . {A ' 11 • . , - i,ll.,l\ * t I *i ''\*ri i '1 J ;j-, I ,,,. St I II'* i>» I. I ■ *1 !| |.u 1 il , ,11 f , I*. V. I wi b • a I* .*'1) ’ !■' 1,1 **i. • V i.\i ! ..*t! '• ■, I .'■* r 1) 1 -c I' iiiJ • ht**r. r'. k* I, I|, i> van’ug,.' 1 J g o .'l r\'*' T s J r s freasa t ' j e O p e r a s . A fi-rMiitiiiji ictiio V ‘bfiip of X T lofiop t'fisi d II iiiri ill'* iTios (*r|. !i>a'rd ai,d tiivi i ,r aiv'l'u ihu l,!o* <0 * ti(*li t-'or'a in ' *,i* ft!/.'i'oab'iP tur*n Ilf .If* ih'piotting atiiJ allm r'- ive story. I ’.iee Si ('!!. S i l l . T l2 c I l a l j l f s C5f G o o d S o c i e t y . A U 'll l-l' I ,k fo> fj\'ii's !i'd (d'*rif|p I ' \I; 'wi*h hriits HI d i ri**<* !*ifas r*/ m n ■ n'l*. J iiin''.S n! t;i'!(‘. g;'Oil in*inr:t*rs an I 'l,< 'm ’ i,i >n-;kins' o-f>rf'{ atrr* i’d''h», l-;p|iriiitMi fi-tini ‘li'i L 'lldi'n pdlli.,'i. ivh'ch is tin* !,u.ir ;in,i rii-isf eii'Pi t j ; ii'y bo ,!< ,)*i ilip si.jij (.( < y,.r pablislieJ. 12ma , c ‘iii'i ti amd. Pv.ce 8 L.,')*). X IV . , I j c u l a l i . By Miss Ang-'i-tii, rv;u.s O-in nf tim vpty Aip?t Am-TK.-.-rt iiovs's fi't-r p J) i lif<t. Its fialn iijereis(>,i <l-)v **\ <I y an i ii‘'i*-i*t\ ui)0!li) copj-s h ive brt it Midi. c ■ 8L oO. XV. A A n l a i i t G r e e n . The ji-fyiiiiir. ro!’ 1 k I <s h\*.i <,|(iirs st, pv cf .0idh';2v L h* ill < IJr.v isiy . K'lfloi.l With vf-ir’y 2i)l) r *i i ; ilbii* r.itinii.s II- print. <! fr 1 I) It,I- f. .11.Ion f'di'i ,n A t) k •rmjflott'iii.* uiili 'to f.(d, | ( , ;ii.d bn i. runs adv,*i,'tir« I ’ 0 ft! 2>\). f jij.jai i-Ouks Iff' sold by id! fir.'l flil-r tloi.ks'Ilor.s, and wiil t,(» I'l'n-ln ly j-ent by mail. j “0rta«. e (.i * (*ai!,\ii r< c*t*ip* o! pi iff, t.y G e o . T \ '. C a u i . e t o n , - - - Piiljiyier, ■ ■ JS^o, 4 1 3 B r b a d i .v c a j , JSf, Y . F b r r a l e 'b y • • - - ' .y- ' F i a i i i i H* f J a r r i s , 4 a-. 2 t if. r. BE. C.W. lEElAIi E B CKI.KBK.vn*;!) M P H T I lE M i e O if O M B T 8 fvorj whore the peoples’ aciknovrledged i.uriti(l'iti‘ tor that Utinblf ditu’a.sH— P i i t i ’ic l S o r e T h r - o a t , ' fiM-l the t'lu-ees.s t i n t ;ias uirendeii jf^ une is ; uDparalh'h’d in the History of .Medicine.— I But n->t with»taml-ri\ the lives it has re cimj 1 ft cm an early fritn’e. the sighs ii has liiUed ou j i I k ’ i>.*i*ast 1,‘r A tllftion ar.d the tnirs i t has I d 'u d on the 'iK*e ot aiitioipuiod Ofj'hunae. it was witli (!i{rid*'ie' the unt her present e d it to j :iii aillicti d World. kiinwHiff as lie did that ! the licpe.s of many ufli'cted ones have been I c u-hed by the lelifiTice they liave placed on Wort-! li g.s thhii-.s But this remedy will sat* i.sfy the most skoplide, on a fair trial, that to siit'^'h (I class it doe.s not lielmiir. It comes before the world bearing' w.tii it the ev dei.ee of imaltitiules who rema n living im immonts MALLORY & SANFORD, Cor. of‘White aad Ceatre Sts.j H. T, FliX &HE 1 P DEISSEE. Send for Descriptive circu- . lar. M AT.T.V. S.VRATOG.V Co . N . Y ., Atlg. 10 , ' 63 . ItlUSSKS. M.U.I.ORY ,t S axford ;— G knts — On the. lOlli day of March we diew to tbe mil! of X . ( t . Akin thirty nine hmidred and thirty ( 3030 ) pmmds of flax straw, which he dressed it.rough the Old Brake, and we re- cpivt'd fi ur h*‘ndred and elgltfy-cne ( 48 . pmu.ds dressed fia.x, j We, abiiut the first of June drew to the i mill of Will. II. Buckley forty four hundred | arid ten (* 1410 ) p- uiuls of flax straw', which wos dressed through one of your P a tent Flax Brakes ; we received eisrht Litndied and five ^SO.'i) ptiumis of dressed fltx. The II t-x was grown on the same, piece of ’ land, and there wii.s no perei-ptible diffetvr ce ill liie qn dity of the flax e.xcept that the por­ tion driw n to A k in's tnill was rotted in liie fail of 18 G 2 and that drawn to Mr. Buckley's mill was eprir.tr ro ttid which is con-ider-d not as good, from tlie fact tlm t i t loses p'lrt of the oily m atter irom the fibre, and doi^s rot yield as inach per ton of straw as the f.dl Ml ten. TTiORT E D W A R D A N D W A S H IN G - J J IO N C O U N T Y . USE THE NEW S U B S T I T U T E fo r J A Y A ! A V fllTE & M OORE’S O R I G I N A]L M A L T C O F F E E , the only genuine manufactured in the U n ited States. F o r sale by all Grocers- W i i i r B & M O O R E Manufacturersf. N o s. 2 , 4 , G, 8 ,1 0 and 12 . Bieeker S t , 47 :tc. Albany, N . y . H A R V E Y & CO., A g ents, P o r t Edward, N . Y. Its flavor is almost equal to the best Java. — [M ount Hotly BeraM, X’’t. 'i’he best snbstilute for the. p u re berry fhai we have ever u-u’d.— [Cin. Indep' ndeut. Many of my customers say they are as well pleased with your coffee as with that tor which they had been paying 28 cents. Tiros. F osteb , Jam< stown. Pa. It po'?pesse-< qualities w h u h make i t eupe- rior to any yt t offered in market.— New Ha- j ven Regifter. j W e have m v er sold anything of the kind that gave su,*h gO'id sat■i^i^lC1illn ‘ E. G JiiNF.s ,fc 8o.v, O'vvfgo. N . Y . It, is mtulH from b,irley malt' and with a , smtill admi.xiure of Jav a is said, by compe- I tent judges, to be superiur to any coffee in j ‘ nia kei n*'w si-Ping for fo ity - ix Cents per! , pound.— [Buffih; Daily C-mner. i If i'ff Tits me plea-iure to bear t stimouy to | the uiiiiorm q 'afity ol your coffee. Lr.-TKK lir.N'fiEra’oKD. W atertown, N. Y. M i K t S M I S l ® ! ! l m H E SU B S C R IB E R A 1Toved Yuu will perceive by tlie above statem ent i that we r*’ceiv<*d from Vlr A k in’s mill 2 -t.o ^ j cofi'**e m ;uy own iioiise. inul n c - Irive 11* lived of t o - v a il 'H i '\ 1 \ w ev d<*nt V e a i e r< C'-mmending ou> neighbors to ^ wholesome, plea-ant and cheap .1 imvMf I 'l l V o i i J t o '.IVv'!.: . 1 ... ‘i-el'-es ' their fl i.x to one of your Brakes to hav.i ; r , , , , f f „ , _ _ [ i p . Eve. Journal, v-ith a r . m . d v while in 1* i*b t ‘. / .'d' ^ri- alih()iii,h it is filleeu mik-s to the qq,pi,, i.,ppi coiiTaino the sea! of the state able ‘them ti, Iraule him *.-.-;mh uitli ,},e ' ^'U '^seu t. .vrvTV Q ; of New Y irk. D-w.ire of aU other kim k, monster at d divc.-fc him < f L h 'teiror -r d V' ! thAV n reb .gus — [ \ ergeun-s \ ermonter, \ t. wlu'O he .‘•hall vi-it your ( i.eh. eomp'-il hull to lull hannlers ut your feet. TLe pTcfHvati.ifi of lue and h**; M. is tl'.P Tl* i-kei lo-i 1:11 !‘ e.'S t' ri> gtiif\ 1\ a vigi't of , b'Uiring tostinionv to its lienet’.i i.d i ff c 's in i:i.*i if ' Mi't ] '\ urn .-f- \I p r epiiou iiiily a- ^ removal of this too i ‘X ii f ild direa.se. till i4. 1 g 1“ i,'\i s in the liiibit ot using stmi I i ' !'!.- uc.. timi !t a mo.-t b, 1 '*i\ till* 11 I, .-f i u'*stltlite. \i t\e I < l-.o! ed in var'ous portions !■' t ’n ,-i d 'I'p i 'l ’td 1.0 t h i - c e u n t n in !! (1'n'i -t '1- p'l I’ll'i [’ll! up Wlt.'l g|*-i. t c. o e i u i i . - c \ t i c s'*'il th e q u i i u i y we are -f ;iii \ el I' i l'>. t'. '.Hi n t'g :*o*i'*t s d m ;, . o r iv ' -I o! lis ! i;ii>'. ii\i! '■( lii-t'Cnd l-ii' e t- is a sol- ! * It'll i i i i i . l ' i C i i i ' - ‘ lil'C<—- t s l l ' - I'.Ost v.i iii' iivi II f i i: at 11,1 !,i III i,s,'!i*i the iLUie 1 [ ' ■ I 1 p. 1 / d ' M S'* V * ! im 1 *t .* * ' d T-. • i iu u'.i* I ’ l* 1 ' f iM* M'**’ cul Faculty i- it V.*' ; li* ! ’ 1 ' 'i I\ iep''\tic eg' I t t i;i I.'*,I* '*ei* t*'l ' . ’ll i') it'Ug Cl-'S i ’l'-..ill* :.l'l'll.i.'y. f ' . ' —’ til to I'l V 1* I\ ' • '! '■ < 11 y ! y ' r IM (■;, !:.■*'•■ d I'e. B**'v I’, v' _ , II 11 I , *1 il i>; il ii.lie ( cinr e .uia. <■ r I \ rvG C C X J A i u .Vl.i.A H t’O. X, V. V-'' ■>; f’t' t ' '..tl' I[.l .j j i ‘. ■ 1.'. :■ t . I . I -r* vi.i'i* (’1 iiiii’a''i*T'> “’C 'J f-y ; ,!■ „ 11 I V y. A. - k .•■•* ■!•. ft *.f t.' ! i! Vv J tilU* o il-* k'.\ t'*,. i'u l t 1,1 -at.. •_i..i'itl •n2;*JTTTr»5arerj\»»#irfiBc««ew«rv-w*iwe»w ':n..-.:i'r !;< 'u'. ivr:\‘• '. omu ' t U.lVt '.s I. i.ii.'i.f •■’:,*n, h r \ ' r ! i\p r a - t* iX 'i'.l. !'i.*: t ' p ' ' . . i ’y a.’.q t 'd to ih )s.* A!i , ..re eu leo ii vnli the I'e* ir uiul A:'.V‘ O' ui'\ II ie-r doi'ii-e .\■i-i’ -g Irom a .* 1 ■ iiT.*.1 (* 'l l;' |i*i 1 1 'Jie il gi 'tivi* or..'riIi.- F ir till* i*'* V' 1* .’lie lie le M j) rlu*;'- l\> H A V I N G R E - ii his place of businessirpm M ill S treet to the O l d H a r d l w a r e S t o i i e , M A IN S T B E E T , wishes to inform the citizens o f F o r t Edw a rd and vicinity that he will b e h a p p y to accom­ modate them with anything in the ET ajiness LI^E, as low as any establishment in (ho Gounty. ' N , B. T intend to use none b u t the best iG A K L E A T H E R , therefore'all H arness that is sold out of my shop is war- niuled to be O A K L E A T Q E R o f the best kind, unless oth'^rw ise o r d e r e d . • 1 also keep on h j a d BABBLES, VALISES, ' B l a n k e t s , C i i x ’i ’y ' O o t a ’b s , - and everything connected with the H arness Business. 'i’he above articles will be sold at aa low I rales as any other [dace in the country. ■ j I will bo h.ippy to receive calls from any I who wish to buy any of the above articles.' • ‘ 9 A 7 tf ’ J . A . ODER. V i; I '.\ 1 ! ■ I. Ag>'u' 1 'vlVic. fli-t gran i i>t*jiut to whi< iriti'i'i.l'y d ii'cted , i t d '>■ •- liU**'1i.*1 ' l l Jl'o l l l o l , ' ll.H*. It! uur hlgli-'fl Cut >i'..\t'I 'll i- r Ir* I'Ti* l)’i*\inir.- that I**.- [n' !'(■' !i a* t ''\ 'if'.A . b i t ' ;i* \.' .11 <!• t'lvA'- ( i.ll I'l-r i;a 1 Vl'ifl's U- t \ l.iii l'» net !!i ‘ > ’* sxlii) t'liur.tit ' y.o iiU'ite till* ' i x|\t-ii*u 1* t* ' i v * '•! your t i i 'I'.-r* y * t u lii-t'ii.-*' i|iiti hi'- h -ill I il d’l'cs.'^ed allh()Ui,}i jt is filleeu miles to U'iaresl one ut present. J . B. W E E K S , L L IT E k K 'S. I certify that the above sfatem ent is correct, as f saw the W eigher's ieceipt.s for both lots of s-tiaw. and weighed the dressed fltx myseU ill-1 'va‘5 di'i'SM'd at my mill. Tticfl.iX dre-HHl ! ■ut ^h• .tkin .s mPl i- eo'T.t, m) d nhi. as lii * atiuve gerillemeii a te perfectlv r-liable. ; WM il. lU 'C K L l'iV . : le I I'll II '! '■U';:‘'d-< t'lMt ni.ioi ; *1 f*'i tie r t \ il ei:ec ct » j i -;! V <-j . t it led t o Tll i II liif) so ( If* C'K.ili 4-1 *1 - .;.(l*t .*■• .'..r*i ■It It ■,'lie III I lie n *i* !■) I I j'l p t\) it. U' it ei.l*-’’*' I'l- ! i - i l ' d 'li'Ii*'.-* tij\ bi'il.!, wlliclt i-1 -11 I'll!'1, e.i'ii !•> i'rii..* lit.i'i,* il !i..i!*l)y ac ijii 111 I i.-ii'.i.-.e.'; ni lliU i:.i:u.e. 'I'tie I 5 i ( ', r ) i.r !l u*. ii;ii • Ml\ I|\l-t p [ilt'ar UliJ 11 tlU'H'iUe !• \ .1 > , ■* 'd ■- 11 i'l ■ III* ..Cll wi'llli. !■' •, ii II : •! 4 ill.' i a!' ■ w.) ar.i iel'v I* I*;~* i > li .big thi' 'I a _re.lt .-elV C ' !,:i <''!!ig a ' We ti f i r iii r'y < x c 'll'‘fit fi'ud- - ;•! ,i .'ii'e ;i,i 1 ,-p-e‘y ic | ,n lu all « h-'I* ' ii'* d M a-'* is can ed by irieguiaii'y 1* ■ , ;_>••.t'V * Crg-IH. A tr'iil W 1 ! M ni'*e :wi'rl.e .11 ,A**^ t'Cil. T A“ - v ’ -l.iV'r.'M''- F I\ - 1!.' bv D 'Iv. f*v' y *.•' ■ 5'reI.-I S and i'. dealers genor \.I. r . U .'il aiA V .ll E.'.’VT v 43 I, V ,X\-‘ r *.: i> ti ■.-C ' 1.S hi'rel y i n* i.t it't' Uei **! I-.* 1 v*l i* ive t'l lilt* usrei sne'itl i ;*: '. \:li - , 0 ’inn c f 't ; e acf i,j' .T'i'v 1 !F. 1 \ ■ 111 II I'i r’ I 1 : • [\• I.' l*e'.-'is ' ()■ Ml I, .1 ■I'i *y 1 eeii-'- .' *.'’'■ k ' *.11. It i i ’v • Il ■ I' I-- l.i : o-> [e* i;'| v .. c *1 - I ', ' ! 1)11. 1\ (• al i ■ i * ... ii> I e ii\b <> !*' u y -I'o ... ' > ...*i ,1-. il i.)*-.- 'll * tl '!-\i i'ty • f May i*i '■ 1 *'i 7\ C-. t > HI *k * ' 'i‘ I i ' >*'• II t n 11 M • h • .V'si.-'.eu ,k—e—or \ f I t* D.-.'i'icr aM r i Ill till* a 11'H'it l■l'll■•Il d.* i I'll lie, llic ■II I k ’*,.- Ill* i.i'ic.-t ' <*I| o jfd a I'll 11 -peeiiil 'i'X. •i-i ' ••>.* I. i-ii)t*:3 ur (,ir( Uj iiMoii li.-bit* to pay a )■ be !i-e 1*',\-*•■) p-'.sin wti ) sh.dl r.x'I lo make M].*I i ** fill* ' !iv lii-'t.iV .-pi-cili d will b** I l'b 'e t,K il-’ *1'.-'.-.-* I bv the A —e-ror a<***or bi.g to lIiC })>-■ i'lli' 111 I i'lM will.'ll he can oUta ii : fiid ly i:i.i I.- K-I’. :;!.-r*ic'l 1 i i.i'i- g.iUl'il. Itiid '' !i)*.vii\jr te.-tinioi'ia’- »•* b ib'-* a*;. il l! persons alio li.ive ridl’. red aisi b -o.r.’d r > tieabri, (.r'-'il'if lie* 111* ' ■>r ilii-ee v.itiie .• s .'.Gvi iV V,. ■ bain'1 ; T;.‘*v X. V . i ' l . r, i D;:. 0 W . n i .i i v w r : : : D\:ir i . - . 4 ) though I have n e V trliid the jilea-nre cf u ;>■ r-'.in!*l a qu.iintance with you, ye* I fei-I to ’i.l reas you as an iuitiian* Irieriil in vi. w of 4 * 111 lit til 1 huv* < x['i riei'C'd by the n-e oj iliiit tM’.iti,e . p r i j i im l by y lU. u b u d l h e •• G'jihiheri 1 ( ’>*mp'iund.'’ Ali*mt two we, k- •oo. I WJH visiting a inend, wtieti I was Hid leidy t iheii w'tii wha) the ] Ity-iciuii eailMl fiutii'i s 'le i!m>*:t, at.ll fiiidirig tli:;' )d-;ie,iie i< a v .i'l: ■! iii.tlung, my m e'r svve.'lni'; i'lid I)-\ II intcg la ire [.ai'i ill ail 1 he t'llli'. 1 w . i - I k I 1(1 n v the vii’iites (it ynur higli'y I’l Ci nnieu- .'ed |,ntiid s re ihrisit rein* dy by the ihiv . c -* 'if;ik u .J lulghi'or w !.') wa - 111 - -!c!i t f I b .I'le. a.' u oih'icd It t*i tu'* ’’-I .i t n .1 : Ul d II jii-tiee to y*m I tii'is*' C'’! ! ' . tii ,t too 'ii v.il e iioiul tie H i i in i's I tvor, for in a . 'tv'D tiiji'-* a lter t il;ing s-nni’ my ne k grew [nii.i'ul ai.d the .-welling iOi'i inti otl'll'i- ' •ill I ()iri:i*i<shnl so rapid, tli.it it) si:: it* iirs 1 •**.'i’d .-wabosv a>* 'Ut a.s well as ev r iml in iree I’a v - I coii'id''r. d my.-e|t v,» il. A'! 'i'.;; .'* i- due ymir valii ibie m eiiicne f.r n.y -[1,'eiiy ri c.ivi! V. wincli i tliit.k '.v -'.ili iuivt iieen doiil) I'd Imt f.if ii-i liinrly -.ti,] 1 would . U'l) he wnlfiut it for I fii times its ('\.-i.and ki'*'.) ing, as 1 til) it- vdue I a i 'l i iiitii nd 1’ in Ute stioiige-t t* niis to every HilV'ier — riio re ueily lu coiniteracr. th-it dre*e:i>ii di- '■iiise lia- i.iiig been songlif alter, anil truly u , 1-1 ar. l,i.-‘' Ibiind In conrliisicii, if t'.i- i -f'er >r any f.-art of it. I.s consideri d by you of at-y IH‘ l*’r {lunlieati 'll yon an* ut idieily to u-'> I for if ll-is sli.,n!'I ev, r jirove p i- 'iii’tt''ii*al II savii g I lie molt,'I trout s'.ch a to iil>!e leUii I etionl 1 feel iiiui'e than tiiHy )>0*'ni -,*d 1 If Mitmiiarily ire.-pa-.-ing up li your ,'ii'ietice iiy a iveiml f my aill cuoti. Y,.>iii'-. t-'iilv I.Y M A X THOM A A 0 ( 1111 X 711 ftara''g a (.’<) Dee , 1 .'-fi'i D r . (', \V. J 1 kitMA.sci:: D e a - F i r : —Fu ■rill )io T liro.t i- [irevmling to an .iJannmg • x^eiit in i)ii“ section. Uu the 3 ililt ot la;s iiontli I was aitiu-ked witli U u t mucU dread ' ed d8m -i’, soul truing previously h>'3ul of ■lie Hiece.ss ot y 'ur Diphi’. r n a t'o-njioiind. 1 , aas induced to tiy it mystlf. and with the | m ist salisf ictory vesuit, \ f la'ing rc-tored t » | henlth in a few days. I b\heve n to b-* the i A Fl'AV llE .\.ftO N 8 W H Y T U B A M E R K A N W A T C H Ift TH K F'KftT. ; It 13 made on the bust principle, wlii’e the i foreign watch is generally made uu uo prin- , fiple ill all. L>‘t us look at the contrast, fl’he foreign watch ;a mostly madp by wonipn ami boys. /.)/ ltnu<l. AVi'lie their labor i- cheap their work 1- di nr at atiy price. Such w*atci;e,-are iiui'le w.tliont {■: 01. aad soM wjihoii) guaiau- t.ee. T! '‘v a n iriegul.ir in construction, and ([’lite Us irregular ill movot.itiit. 'I hey are designed only to pell, and the buyer is the pirty most liiorunglily sold. Those who h-.iv,-* kejit ai.cies, ’ \ Ivpbif’s ” and “ ftwiss ievers ” in [in-lc.-se 1 rejiair fur a few years will ufipr- elute the truth of uur stutomput. Tu\ ill-' Wii^i'Ii, IiiPli'ad of 111 ipg made of several hand ed little pi'Ce-., .H'rewed together, 1 he tiody of ^ the .'luu'r Call W dell i- formed ai'so'!^p'utf.'i. N .ijv niterfens with the lianumiy of it.- woi-king. and no Hidden Aiock can throw its. niacliiiieiy out of gear. S- ce^.-uu of on-’ p u t truiii ain.ther i.'U!ikno'.vu to its coi'fti- t.lio n . a n d in riding or any other business pur.'UU, it is nil held t ‘)gethcr as firmly as a -i <gle piece of metal. I t is ju s t what all u.a- i chiin-ry should be— \ Isl. 2<l. 8hn]h<\ I \\d. Strong. Ath. EconomienL \We not only securp (la'iiinickg by oui* sys t\m hnt (hinlitii. W e do not pretcrid tluu oar W a tih can he b ought forle^is money than ( he foreign inah-i'-IEii V's hut that for its real value i). is poW for one half tUv* price. O'/c .S-b'A>/'‘.s Wit/cJi (mimed Wrri. Ellery) *s ulm t us n iiiie. indicates—8o'id. Siit'star.- !i il, an 5 alway,- Reiiabl*''— warranted to ,-tand any amount of .Mar-'liing-, Riding or Fighting. Ol'}' hiijli'T rpoiUlu o f intich (named P. 8 B.irtio't) is simitar ’.n s z*’ ami general appe.imnce. but leas more j-*wels, and a more olalvirate fiin-U. Onr Lmlii'i;' Watch, rpceuily brouglit out. As a sub-titu'e for coffee i t will prove wholesome aud r,utritious. D r -J. R. Cmr.TOx. Analytical Cliemi.s), X'ew York. The niopt [I'ln ilar sub.-it.itute for the East India lierrv. [Piiil .ftunday Trarjscnpr. 'i't.e ci ff*e .'t'fl.s beyou'l our e.‘.pcc;ationp, and giV'’H till-! b est of Nitisfue'inr.. II.vt.i.U'.'.v i R.jiani.-i Cincin., Ohio. .V siib'M 'uie li'.is been ili-c-jverei] by .Messrs. WSiite A: Moore, de-ij^jsa'e! loilt, a'olTee, which is miHy de’icio'is —| Buffilo Kvu. P o st. Y o u r .Mai!.'<’(iff-e ,s 4 :s fi'-st rate. II. 8. W hite A 8ox. Burlington. Vt.. Everyhody is deiight.’d with yonr coffie. T think it one of the *.*reate-r, di-c )verj.-s of the age. ,8. B.aoAiiBC.xr, BMlimore, Md. Weadvirefill iu'imekeepHp to try it.— [.Al- tmny A 'las A Arciis, l ' find it gives *..s good satisf.icfcion as that for vvhifh 1 was paying thirty c ut?. ------ . P i ” p r ieto r-------Hot 1 N m v 'k .N . J . Your c flee g.ve-i very I'Xc Hent sati^fac tioii, aad 1 have yet. to find a c n - b r n tr to couq'laia. A'\\ T. Y.ix X’ ostr . . vvd . , B iston. .Ma-.i. Tt niake.s a di’cidedly pal liable, sa!, titur-e for real J a v a cofl’ce.— [,\lrs. Ilankin s li-.'mo Gazette, Ttie grocei'-S t ’.ironghoufc the city find it the i!'o-t suhable sub-iituie lor coffee.— [.■'^uuduy -Meicu y. Many p\r.sons who liave used the ar*i*gle pre’.T t.> rlie * .Java.”— [Pau,-burgh Rep ! I t is clle-per aii'l 1 ir p>eierab!o to mui fa <h-it go) >s by the niuin'i ot coffee.—8t. A lbau's . fj* dger. I'm .r M-iU ( ' ff*’e is spoken of iutliehigh- e-.t teim s in tl-.i- cs'y. | W.vRixo A B ut ., Brooklyn, X'. Y. The ] V. ce.-s lli U- it gm s t.lir.mgh gives it a ricli, agreeabl' flavor, making ir almost (cpiiil to pure, coflee.— f P attsburgh Expres.s. W e are giaiifm.l Ibai- so plea-ant a siib- s’itnte for old .J.tva ha.s been g i t up.— [Aiu- stcrd.im Record er. D pi'o luces a deiighiful beverage.— [New ! Yolk Courier. ' VELASE IESTII€^, l^ O T I C R IS hereby given th a t a meeiltng _ l S i.f the Ta.xabie iiiiiiibitants o f the vi-flage ) of F o rt Edward, will be held at the Effgtno ! Hou.se, in sa’d village, on the 1 st day of ' April, n e x t ; Polls to be opened a t 1 o’clock ■ p. m , and close at 4 o ’clock p. m . ; and a t j Hioh meeting the following resolutioas Will j bo proposed for adoption, viz : I R esi ^ ilveo . th a t there be raised, by ' the sum of Three Hundred Dollars for a c o u - 1 tingent fund. I R kshv . e d That there be raised, by fax, the turn o( One Hundred Dollars for the beu- ! etit, of the fire fflompany. 1 R e s o l v e d . T h a t there, be raised, by' tax, ! the, sum of 'i’hree Hundred Dollars in the corporation of the village of F o r t Edward^ for the n)i.\pose of paym-f the leader of the F o rt E.1 ward Cornet B ind f'/r ftio ezisii ng' 3 car, as provided by an act of the Legisla­ ture Conferring additional powers upon lh» Tru.5tees an<J taxable iahabitants of the vil­ lage of F'.Tt E.lwitrd, aud that the board of Tnistee.s of said village, pay said sum when raised, to the leader of said band, la quar- lerif payments, and take his rec, ipt tnereof. R ks - ilved 'I’ o instruct Trustees to opeui the road lielween F . D Ilodgninn ai.d Ly- nun A. Cox and the M ethodist Church ancT R tsseil W . llicock. .\n d at the same time and place, to elect- a Police J u s tice and two Police Constables, fo* the corporation ot the village of Fot-t Edward. By order Board Trustees, J. H, C heesm .\ x , Clerk. Mai-ch 7 th, 1864 . c Aunox'. The under-igin’d were the first to place the tibove mimed article hel’Dre the public.— P m iinp’oecdented sac'-ess has induced others to attem p t its inanufiicture. i t is m inufac- tured by a proce.ss known only to our.*)eivee, and the public a reciutioned against purchas­ ing an inferior qualitv. W H IT E A MOORE. T H E G R E a i T A^IERICAN TEA COMPANY 51 Y E S E Y STREET, II. Y. .Since its oigaiozsiion lia- cre.ib.d a new era j gtid aithuugh a powerful remedy, do not cou- I t iin iroiji calome!. untimony, or anything T H E G R E A T lA N G L IS H R E M E D Y :. sir . s . vjies cl . vrke ’. s C E L E B R A T E D F E M A L E P I L L S - . Pi'pp'a'C'l f r o m n p}'PS 0 }'i 2 ilifyn o f Siry -Id'nes: CUu'ke, J i . 1)., PJ/ysicittn Edi'ciovdir.w y Pj ih-3 Q’tcen. Tins invakable im’dieine is unfailing in the cure of ail tho.se painful and dangerous dis­ eases to w h ich' tba female coastilotion la sutijeet. It mu- 4 erutes all excess a r d removes obs'ructkm s, aad a speedy cure may be re­ lied on. T fJC ifA R P J E D L A D IE S it IS ppciili illy suited. It will, in a short- time, bring oa* the ra-onthly period with reg­ al a n t y. E'U'h b .)t.t]e. price One D-illar, bears the Governr:' enb-sfamp of G reat Britain, tO pre-* vent co’d nte-i'&Us. eX lU T IO N . T h e 'e pills should n o t be taken by females* brn'ing the-first three m onths of pregnaney,, as th* -y aT)? sure to bring on miscarriage, but a t *ar.y o ther time they are safe. i'j all cases o Nervous and Spinal A ffee- 'tioris. Pains in the back and limbs, fatigue* on slight e.xertiun. F.ilp'tat)on of the heart,. IIys*erics-and W hites, these phis will effect a cufo when afl oilier mean-* have failed ; in Die li’s ory of Selling TEAS in this Country. A LL our r< a - a r e &*'l'tctMi by a Profes- si'mill 'rea-tister. expfi*s,*dy and exelu- I'l c)\* 1 <*-i-c t'l.) ASre'.-s *r is f'lpi-rt'd to adii li* y [ \ '! '•'Mitum Ul lilt' aiiiomii uf ilic ilem.- j h..'.*.t rcIiHidv fiV that disease in use, and with ‘ II,, success in my cuse s .'ill I st. F-'-,y P'*r-\in'il\e si a’! d e iiv r to an A*)- s.'.i *i':o y i'-d.'e l'ni'i*tiil\iit li.st or stitenient, j v. t b l i r e ’ll t ) ('Mile ifae va iHrioii orHiUiiur- , :;i 0*1 rw] 'll* d by hj'.V, i- su'j -ot tO a fine of ! tiv * li'io 1* <1 dull O ',; iiii'l in .s'lc'i caso the list Will lie iiH.f\ oi|i by )fio A-vesa r or .X^sisf nil .,\.-*-e-.“ >r. iii.il fi'i'in .Im vulaitioii *.it*d eii I i.er.i'ioii HI tii.l’ie th- re cm be no *aji|ieal. j ’ i\m t:t 1.1 i)i(-aniim ' (av -.exeeiit those fa- 1'.\'n*\'.“ a ill 11 ii be (It uiaiidud until the ' li’r* le’ tl «hu' o' \T i*-.o 'i’ll\ iq.pr\('i He b'ii.k*! on which to make n tu'ii )>i*.i a ! HI c-*« .rv i Icnii ition, will be iUin -li. (1 1). ill.) .i.'Si.'t U.t .\*.-essor.s of the -e c*r I I) V'-I'lli- To n ji'Mil tl.elounii.s .-li.oil 1 '■'* '1 l.Vcrcd I'll of b' bi .M .y. Os success in my Cnse, as well as o'hera in ihi3 viciuily, I can nioiit heartily recommend ir to all suffer,!!'.’' with disfa-e of tlm tliroig (f 13 n*:ed with gO\d succi'-.s by many of my ■ i'jgliiiors. The above facts i will sub-tun P n , .N L i t E l l , E S 4 .-.a. •s*.w;- F ir the C ic.ve i,* n'e fif all persons wtsli- ;*... o.r*ii!iii'i 11 or ii--i-i ,f c\. f will tie at B lili'lli <i!l lii'ir-iliv id Are! le Fi'iduy. and -.0 mi . fli e III !•' I* E i.v;u*t, >ni iftataulay < i each v.fi-k, iinftl l>a* le r notic,-’. 8 R. F , ) . i’ER. -Vsseegor, *lT;*r l.’J h D i -7 LVh Disf., X . Y’. J. J. ESTEE, I. D., a n d ^ L i i ' g o o n , OiTic-'ii) Clark.® H*/t( I Sandy Hill. •f-Ae* .\ tiy i»'e.='-a)a-\ f'lr D r. K-tr-e can be 1\'! «) th\ Diue (-tt.rc of Whiltliouto A Co, and win KC'.i'e pionq-t »l teiifon- BE. ISAAC lAMIG, THE GlEAT T N f 'I A X ' D tuior. may be foun'i at his JL l)0‘.rding [iluee, the F o rt Edward House. cQ VFedutJsdajs atiii Xiiorddaya of every week. scdte, if necessary, at anv time. H A R R SUN PLUTHER II.M'F INfoox. rj.iruloga ( ’ .. Dec,. 1 M 12 Dll C. W . H krm . vm ' e : 1 hating ti.'i»d y ur Diplilheria M adidne I can .‘-ay, ! h a rr.*)tlm i- iiy in its favt-r. that it ].*i nil it is ret*).mn.e.a- d\d to be and wouH odvi.se every i’mmly b) jifovide themselves with a bottle, and w I k - ii ihcy d'l (liphtheTia will cease t-t be a ]ir»'' at - !!'g disease. E ]‘J>DY, Ci.iFTOi: F.tnic J u t . I 8 t! 3 . t' the fir-t tlornlay ut j D r . 0 . W . IlEUM.vxct;; LtK.vR.ftm;— riit.- j coftifie.*j th.it mv dunglit\!’ cgcil L'l \i'.t>f; )i*| . j lieeii f.sr some time afit e ’(*d wi’t' sore iliront I and althoiigli midei* Hie C iro of n phv-ic';oi I eould obiaiii no letief uni it I j> irclui ni a 'i-oH leof your invaluabln Dip!) I\ rla (' m- ! [louiid winch had tlie desired i ffr,, t ami w ■I compllshcd a speedy ciiiv. I coi.. uier it a j medicine of iiicstiniulile vein,'’, aiid will d ) all s in my power to relieve the stifieroig by I-fireading the repulution it basso ii < r'fJ- j iLusly gained. JOEL H U B i’'''. . All destriug further evidence c tn Obt'aili it i I 'j addressing or calling on the Dr. iu pr i.-m I Who is ready a t all litnfs loconvinc* the k-'ptiele. and remove the error of j>rtj'aU- mal minJrt. I P repared a n d sold Wholesale, a tvl Retail B y D r . C . W . H B R M A N C E , 256 BROADWAY, NEAR R.\II, R0.4D CROSSING, SARATOGA .‘'PEINGS. Fiice S I per single bottle ; fix bottles for five d'.l a r s ; nitw dollars per d zen. All or. ters to the above address accoinpaoied with the cash will meet with prom p t attention. 46 : 4 w * B A R K E R M Q T I p A d ^ h F c r tE d y x a r c l, „ , , sivi-lv for TH. ami we never ch.-irg.T over Two IS p u t up in a great, v.ineiy of p atterns many , ^ • f t hem of rare lieauty aud workmanship, is ; o,iiijnal package.s q .iite sin.all, but warranted to keep time. W e have bat One Price to every one for Onr Yoi'.na G e n thm in's AYitch is neat, j ea.ch quality, a .d that price is ala ay.-marked „ . t l,rge a«.l j,„l. tbo Uiing for tbo p O ( k ,t„r ^ P'“ “ Young America, \\r^ issue a Montldy Price L ist of our the merits ofourM '^tob may Teas, which will be sent free to all who order , , f . 1 ______ l i t — we advit-e e v e ry'{ea Seller to i^ee i t I t be found la the fact that we now employ over , ^ a,,Yrtmeut. selected for every five hundred Workmen in our fact! nes. and Slates, Provinces. South th a t W’e are still unable to supply the cou- America and the VVest Indies. In t e i s fast stantly increasing demand. U-tch is divided into lour clas.ses or Our three-nuarler plate xcnich is (Itinnor i High Oaryo Fine, f . I'lnest, that aw ry one may nnderst a, d trom and lighter than the oih, rs we have desenb- ) ,i,.gcrjptioD and the jirice.s anne.ved, that the Company are deteroiiued to undersell the whole lea trade. or h ui'tful to the e-mstilntiiin. I Full dir. elion? m the piinphlet around' ; f noil p.ickage wbioli should be carefully pre..- ' })re.serV'd. I Sale-Agent for the U n ited States and C-'Di)- I iida. JK)B M OSES 27 Cortland st., XL Y. N . B: .91 00 ' and 6 postage sta.-nps en-.- flo'wl to any authorized agent, will insure-- a bottle, coutauiing 50 pills, by return mail. ed. Its fine clironometfr balance is delicately adj'Tntcd to correct the variations cau.-ed by changes of tempi rature. These watches are ^Ye guarantee to sell all our Teas in origi­ nal packages at not over Two Cents per chrouometricalJy rated, and are the fruits of | pound above cost, believing this to be at- the latest experiments in ehronometry and are made by our best wot kmen, in a separate ' departm)-nt of our factory. For the finest tim e keeping quaUt.es they challengecom par ison with the best works of the m ost fam*aus FDglish and Swis.s makers. R O B B IN S & A P P L E T O N . Agenia tor the A m trican W a 'c h Company, 1:41 Tt. 18*2 BROADWAY. N. Y. N O T I C E . p T J R . s u A.NT to an order of U . G. Parts, X Surrogate of th^ County of W ashington, ami acconling to the statute in such ca.se m tde and provided notice is hereby to all perf-ons having claim-? agoin.st AYilliain S N o rton, Into of Fort E'lw ard dfcea&ed. that thi-y nre requred lu cxlllbiri llje BaniB, With the vouchfens thereof, to the bubsei-ibera the executor and executrix of the last Will ami Testam e n t of toe said deceased, a t the resi­ dence of eaid executrix, iu P o r t Edward, on or bef'ffe the I n th d a y ^ f July, A . D, 1864 . —Dated this 13 th day of January, A . D. 1864 . JAJMES S THOMPSGN, Executor, : O iT H A R I N iE NORTON,* E x e c u trix. tractive to the many who have heretofore b.’eit paying Enormous Profirs- Our business is latgely done on orders. which we always esueute as well and prompt­ ly as lliough the buyer came liimself, giving true weialits and tares, and always gviarantee- ing everything; our responsibility euabrmg us to do all we promise. Every dealer can order his teas direct from the 0*.)mpany, and parlies doing biHincBS within F iv e H u n d n d ( 500 ) miles of New Y o rk, can Hoiurn Tea bou;:bt o f ns if t lu y are n o t cheaper than they can buy elsewhere, a n d the purchaser is dis.-aii.'lied with his bargain, within fourteen days ( 14 ). and have the money n funded to thsffl. Those who are over Five Hundred miles can have thirty days ( 30 ). and the same privileges extended to them. Besides these advantages the Company wiil pay Ali Expenses, both ways, if the Teas are returned. QBEAT iism c isra cDHPiitr, I.MPOBTKRS AND JOBBERS. 47 ; 3 m 51 Y essey S tr e e t, Ifew Y o rk. WAIT & REYNOLDS. m m m m m s w m S t W i f T H E L a r g e s t A s s o r t r a ^ f e OP B O O T S m m S H O E S EVER OFFERED IX THIS MARKET, Consistirg of Ladies' Balmorels of every des­ cription. Gaiters, from §1 to §3 25. Slippers,, Old L-rdies’ Guiters ar.d Shoes, &c , &c., &c., , Calf Balmorels for S i a pair. MENS H E A Y T BOOTS FOR’' s 3 3 o l l a t 3 P ® ; A n d U p x y a r c l g ? . CbU d ren’s Shoes of almost every description. L o n g H u n t i n g B o o t s , fro m $ 3 .5 0 to $ 5 .5 0 . ALSO A NEW AND SPLEiTOID STOOE; - 0? DRESS GOODS. HENRY E. BAKER. ' S ax P x H ied , N ov . 17,1863. n38:lfa F o r t EdY\rai*d Ins-tit-tii©. , Spring Terin. B e g ins H a rcli ^ith;. terms begins September 1st. ^4 for admission to Intermediate Depwt-' nieijt. ^ ta Academic Department, Fnllr Commeroial College Oonrse, ^820. , fuel, washing and Porambu EnglHlb, . term.* Residents of the village inay*bHti|* lessons in Music or iMbatkig.,for '

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