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The Fort Edward ledger. (Fort Edward, N.Y.) 1857-1865, September 18, 1863, Image 2

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lIuiQ ii. a n d H e s t o r a t i o u i n T e n ­ nessee. A SPEECH BY PAISOH B E 0 ¥ I L 0 ¥ . THE KEBELS ANHIHIIiATED. Ho remarked that lie had been accnstomud for so many years to speak from a text that ie would adhere to his old habit to-day. He ■'*K)uld-take for his text on this occiiHon- a sllOft editorial which he published in reference to secession in the Knoxville Whig. [The Speaker then read the celebrated editori.al of Ibe Knoxville Whig written immediately af­ ter the secession of North Garoliua, predict­ ing the horrible consequences of that deed. Everybody is familiar with it, as it has been published frequently.] This shall be my text. The dreadful con sequences which I foretold, then derided .as idle predictions, have more than been fulfiiU- ed. To employ the lan^rnajie of a distin­ guished statesman, now dead, I say : ‘‘ \We are in the midst of a mishty revolution,” a mighty revolution. When and where it will end, God only knows. J trnst. however, that I am beginning to-see some glimpses of day­ light on the Southern border. Bloody and terrible as the revolution may be, I hope it may never end until the Stars and Stripes again wave over every foot of territory in the South. [Loud applause.] To attain this end, I am for coercion; for subjugation,—^yes for the annihilation, if you choose,, of every man and woman who dares resist the glorious authority, of the flag of my country, under which we have lived for eighty years so hap­ pily and prosperously. During this period we have had nineteen Presidential elections, in which we of the South, with half the peo­ ple of the North, and half the territory, elect­ ed our choice thirteen times, and generously, magnanimously, suffered the North to elect their choice six times. Not content with our own Presidents, we even proceeded to kidnap three of these six Northern Presidents making them Northern men with Southern principles!” Now let me say, I am a South­ ern man. born and bred, and intend to live and die in the South, where I can fight rebels and secessionists ; but yet, of all vile crea­ tures on the earth, these Northern doughface? with Southern principles were the meanest. “Why, the worst rebels T know of to-day are Northern men who came South, married widows with twenty or thirty ncgr(>es, and suddenly grew chivalrous and noisy about Southern Eights. I never voted for Jackson or any of hi.? party friends, but if my earnest prayers and bitter tears could have recalled Old ITickory to life, I would have poured them forth, that he might have sat in the “ Old Public Fune- tionary’s” chair, and collaring the unmilaga- ted scamps Floyd. Jake Thompson, and that anointed thief Judah Benjamin, told them, \ By the Eternal, this damnable plot has got to stop ?” And it would have stopped and the people wonld have shouted Amen ! We of the South ruled the nation absolutely.— \We never allowed the North to re-elect a President. We re-elected nearly all of ours, but put the North off with one term. Yet, alter the mighty North saw fit to elect Lin­ coln, we got furiously patriotic and voted “ separation and representation.” And I guess that I see a goodly number here to-day who A’oted for separation and representation. Gentlemen, I think you have gotten what you voted for to your heart’s content. You have been represented with a vengeance for over two years, out of nearly all you ever possessed. Represented out. of your Legis- Mure, and of Congress 1 You have got rep- aesentation! You have got sepaiatam, too! Separation frcm your hay stacks, corn-cribs, and fence-rails! Separation from your horses, mules, and cattle ! Separation from your be­ loved niggers, and I have heard it hinted that some of you have been separated from your daughters! You will have a good deal more of this separation before the war is over. We got more than our shar> of appropria­ tions in the old Union. The North contrib­ uted a quarter of a million of dollars to help Garry our mails, which was a dead loss to the federal government. The Nrrth gave us what we asked. It helped ns to the fugitive slave law ; it helped us to Texas, and threw in Polk and Dallas to boot. The south wanted to-repeal the Missouri Com} romise, and the North helped her; a fatal .step, which was the beginning of much of the pres­ ent trouble. And yet, in the face of all these historic facts, we rebelled to s-we our niggers! We are in the midst of a fearful, cruel, bloody revolution, without the sem­ blance or shadw of justification for our wick­ ed conduct. We are the last people on earth who had cause to complain, for we had enjoyed the favors of a benignant Government over and above the North. And now 1 think some of you are beginning to see your stupendous foliy. Your eyes, like those ol young kittens, are gradually opening to the light. The marching and counterm.arching of armies through your towns and villages, is teaching many of you a dear but valuable lesson. But some of you are yet not satisfied and are wishing for the return of the rebel army. Let me tell you if it does return they are plenty of those blue-coated fellow.s to set them afloat again, southward ; and by the time the federal troops have taken possession of your Htate again they will wipe you up so clean that there will be nothing left (>f you but the tip end of your tails. Btop your folly, and come back and join us. ’I he Uni­ ted States 18 able and determined to put down Ibe rebellion. It must shall and will be put down. [Appla-nse.J I talk to the rebels. Who inaugurated this rebebion ? South Carolina had been plottinsr it for thirty years and\ it the letter and spiiit of the Federal Gonstitation had Been carried cut, she never could have been a member of the Federal Union, for she never hid a republican govern­ ment which is guaranteed to all states. A man must own ten negroes before he can be elected to the Legislature. She ought to be let out to contract to a Yankee company, to be sawed out, floated out and sunk into the ocean. This aebelHon is an old plot.— As fur back as LS.oG, Governor Wise sent a J d 1860 I visited Montgomery, Alabama, and was invited by the Legislature to deliver an address in thoir hall, on public affairs. I did so. I declared myself a southern pro- slavery man, and that I desired the prosperity of the south. They applauded the sentimeni s. But I added that I had seen with pain their act to- arm the state in case a Republican president should be elected. 1 said it meant treason, and that I was an unconditianal Un­ ion man, and would stand by the Uuiion, al­ though slavery should perish. Some of the men hissed, and some elegantly dressed la­ dies bounced up and left the Ivdi ; the devil was in them, then, before it got into the men. My ticket in 1800 was the Bell-Everett ticket, a sort of Kangaroo alFair, with all its virtues in its bind legs. John Bell is now poking about Rome and Atlanta with an old cotton umbrella under his arm, hunting for hisiiglita. Tie’ll get tliera, his iron-works have got them already. Ifouglas headed the next ticket—ft gallant patriot, who, if alive to day, wonld be in the field with a star or two on bis shoulder. Breckinridge headed the third ticket, 'i’he fourth and last ticket was beaded by Mr. Lincoln, and if none of yon have beard the refult before, I have the pleasure of informing yon, that ticket was elected ! There would have been no war if Breckinride had Vieen elected. He would have gone into office, sworn before God ami kissed the Bible on it, to defend the Consti­ tution and the Union, spent four years in filling every southern fort and City with arms removed all the public money south, manned the whole navy with traitors, and at the end of his term, walked out of the Union, leaving the North without a gun. ship, pistol or sa bre. I thank my God to-day that neither Bell Douglas nor Breckinridge were elected and that a more honest, brave, wise and patriotic man was elected than ever Breckinridge was or ever con’d be, unless he was made ovt-r again, and I think I know enough of the di­ vine character to say the Almighty would never undertake that job. 'I'hese southern leaders are the worst men that ever lived.— There are better men in the Penitentiary, and if I were not afraid of getting up a theologi­ cal controver-sy, I would say there were bet­ ter men in hell! d’hey took a solemn oath of office, they devoutly kissed the Bible upon it. and then after legi.slating in Congress all day, and drawing their salaries, met ini a se­ cure room, by night, to plot the overthrow of the Government. Honorable A. 0. P. X. Y. Z. N^icholson ! Honorable'I oom’os 1 I will not in.sult Judas Iscariot by comparing him with the.-ie wretches. Why, after all their cry against abolitionists, these rebels are a gang of negro thif-ves. Scott’s Alabama cavalry composed of the Southern eliivalry kidnapped ray negro boy Charles, one Sun­ day, and run him south. lie came back to me the other day, having given tlietn the slip, after getting hia •• rights” abundantly.— Now 1 had expected that the “ blue coats” might take a negro occasionally, but not the flower t f secession aristocracy 1 These rebels have stolen more negroes since the rebellion began from Union men and ran them South than the abolitionists ever did.— N'orthern aboIitioni.-;ts are not fit to bol l a candle to these southern negro thieves. I hope the devil may seize them and drown them in the sea, as he did the swine in the N^ew 1'estament. J5eat3a o f l i o n . l i c o i i a r d Gilhljs. It is with feelings of deep regret that we notice the death of Hon- L eonard G ibbs , who died at Union Village on the 12th inst. His life has been one of usefulness in his profession. He was at one time District Attorney, the duties of which he discharged to the satisfac­ tion of the public. Since that time he has served in the Legislature of this State. The last twenty years he has spent in private life at Union Village, where he was much respec­ ted. He leaves many friends to mourn his loss. I ^ C a p t . D uncan C ameron was arrested, charged with enticing Yer- mont conscripts to desert, and enlist­ ing them in his company of cavalry now encamped at Saratoga Springs. He went down one day this week in charge of a Provost Marshall. Capt. 0. has served tw’o years in the old 22d Keg’t, during which time he lost an arm, and since has been raising a comjiany of cavalry with prospects of being Major. We ho[ie the charges are unfound­ ed and that the Captain will come out with unstained lauiels. I it^ ^ T h e Telegraph line between j this place and Glen’s Falls is nearly I completed. The poles are already up, and everything will be in working j order the coming week. We under- ! I stand by the Messenger that the O f-! I fice at Glen’s Falls will he stationed , I in Mr. 0 . & D. Peck’s Grain Store, I and that Daniel Peck, of that jilace j ' will he the operator. Wm. II. Til- j ' ford, the originator of this enterprise,' 1 will he the ojierator at this place. ; ---------- —a. ---------- I i A c cid e nts . — On Saturday last a ' i young man mimed Taylor'had of viu U p a n d A t I t . The following characteristic Pros­ pectus, of the re-establishment of the Knoxville Whig, has lately been sent out by its former proprietor. Parson Brownlow: BKOWXLOW'S K X O X \'IL M W HKJ AND REBEL VENTILATOR. I propose to publish a weekly aud tri-weekly journal, bearing the above title, at Knoxville ill East Tennessee, and the weekly papers made up from the contents of the tri-weeklies I propose to send out to distant subscribers for two dollars per annum, invariably in ad­ vance. Subscriptions and remittances will be forwarded to me at Cincinnati, from winch point I expect to ship my paper and materials I expect to issue the first number in October, as it was in that month, two years ago, niy paper was crushed out l)y the God-forsaken mob at Knoxville called the Gonfederate au- thoritie.=>. I will commence with this hell- borii and hull-boind rebellion where the trai­ tors forced me to leave off, and all who wish thi paper would do well to begin with the first issue, as I intend that single paper shall be worth the sub.scription price to any un­ conditional Union man. In the rule of my editorial conduct, I shall abjure that servility which destroys the inde- ]jendence of the I’ress, and cast from me that factious opposition which gives to party what is due to country. And whilst the name of my pa})er indicates, in unmistakable term.s. its politics, 1 shall, as a faithful sen­ tinel, forget Whig.?, Democrats, Know-Xoth- ings and Republican.?, and ivmeiulier only my govi*riiment and the Federal Union—as richly worth all the sacrifices of bluod and treasure their preservation may cost—even to the extermination of the present race of men and the cousumjition of all thi3 means of the pre.-ent age 1 Publishers inserting this pro.spectus once, ]'rominHut]y, and st-nding me the paper to Cincinnati, will bo favored with an exchange, W . G. B rownlow . l^eptember 7, lS(;;i. ------- —— ----------- ¥ashiagton Ooimty Teachers’Institute. 1’lie ne.xt ses-iion of the Washiiigti.n (’uiuity Teaebers’ Institute will bt* hnld in tho Aca­ demy Hall at ( 'andiridge. comuiencing >Sept. 21st. 1 slffi. and will continue i wo week.-. W e have secured the services of B. G. Northrnji. State Agent of the Board of FdiuMliun of .Ma-.sai li I'-etts. 'I’liis gentl -man is already W e ll and favorably known by many of the teachers of this eointy. He has been long and intimafely connected with the educational intere.-fs of his own and other >Stut>xs. D’‘- .sirous of m iking the / arrangements lor F I A K R I E D . KEITH—SillTH.—In South Granville, on ^ th e 9th inst., by the Rev. J. S. L. Tomb, Mr. Y illiam M. Keith, of this town, to Miss Cornelia E. Smith, of South Gran- . ville. No Cards. P l E ^ GIBBS.—In this village, on the 12th. inst, of disease of the heart, Leonard Gibbs’ E.sq., aged G,” years. O'CONNOR.—Departed this life after a short but severe illness, which she bore rvith Christian fortitude. Anna, wife of Patrick O’Connor, aged (i-1 years. New York and Baltimore papers please copy. ITADDEN.—In 'VYarrpnsbui’g, August 29, D.xvid Hadden, aged TO years. Ulster and Greens county papers please copy. STEVENS.—In Luzerne, on the 9tli inst., Edward Stevens, son of Wm. S. Stevens, aged 23 years. DIMMICK—In Easton, Wash. Oo , 10th inst., Harry R. only child of P, S. Dimmick of Ouaker Springs, aged 8 mos. and 10 ds, SMITH—In Schny[ervil'e, on the 1.3th inst.. Margaret, wife of Joseph T. Smith, Esq., j aged OO years. i Notice. rriH B Firm of E dwards , H ubbel & Go., X is ihjs day dissolved by mutual consent. J. M. EDWARDS, J. M. HUBBEL, P. D. HODGMAN. Fort Edward, Sept. 1,1863. The business of the late Firm will be con­ tinued at. the old stand by the undersigned. J. M. EDWARDS, F. D. HODGMAN. House and Lot for Sale Clieap. XAESIRABLY located in the village anda'- X/chance f .r a good bargain. Terms eaSy,. Enquire of EDGAR HULL. Fort Edward, Sept. 18.1863. 22:3m. M A N H O O D ; HOW LOST! HOW RESTORED! J nst PuWislied, in a Sealed Envelope. Price six cents.- A LECTUilE ON THE NATURE, TREATMENT AND RADICAL Cure of spermatorrhoea or seminal weakness. Involuntary Emissions, sexual debility, and Impediments to Marriage generally. Ner­ vousness, Consumption .\Epilepsy and Fits ; Mental and Physical Incapacity, resulting from pelf-abuse. &c —By PROBER I'J. CUL- YERWELL, Til. D,, author of the Green tbc. 9’he world renowned author, in the admir- W A F H B U R N .-A t the residence of Mrs. i \\T Tr' 1). E. Larkin. BalLston Centre, on the .Sth J k 1 ir / n ; la i. rr rr- ii am abuse may be effectually removed without nst.. barah L. Y ashburn, aged 21 years. , dangerous surgical op- (.ouuty papers please copy. instruments, rings! or cor- ^ P K C I A T a N O T I C E S . TH E GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. SIR. SAME.? <’L '.RKE' s CELFJIRATED FEMALE PILLS. im lfi'n iii It iir<«'rij‘fi'in o f Sir. .fiimiv narliv, J/. 1)., rhgtiirliiii E.iiraiiriliannj iu ihr (tiii'i'u. This invaluable meiliciue is unfailing in the cure of all those painful and dangerou.s dis­ eases to wliicli iiie female constitution is sutijeff. Tt moderates all aid removes ohsi ructions, and a speedy cure may be re­ lied on. TO MARRIED LADIES it i.s ]ii’calia’Iy .suited. It wiil, in a i^hort time, biing on the monthly period with reg­ ularity. Earli l.ioM]*'. y.rice One Dollar, bears the Goveniiiifiit .-tamp ol (ireat Britain, to pre­ vent CuUI!t-l ll-ltS. c.\r nox. Tlu'-o f I jmj M i,oi he taken by females Imriiig tli“ lir-t ihr. i> months of ]iregnaiicy, as liioy are ,-nre to bring on iiiiscaiTiage, but at any otln-r nne^ *iiev aie pal'e. >>11 >!ig!iT c.xerti>>n, Paljiitatiori of tli» heart. tion could be made. ,b>-vcral d.stinguisheil lect irers are also eng:ig>>>l t>i le.-tur>' Irdbre the dials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically. This lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. iSent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address, on the receipt of six cents, or two postage stamps by addressing CHAS. J . 0. KLINE. 127 B~)^Yery. New York, P. 0. Box. 4586, N o tice to C r e d ito r s . \pUR^PUkNT to an order of U. G. Paris, X surrog>ite of the. County of \Washington and according to the statute in such case made and provided—Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against t(ie es­ tate of Seth Cooley, late of the town of Gran­ ville in said county, deceased, that they a^e required to exhibit the same witii the vouch­ ers thereof to the undersigned, Executors of all and singular the goods chatties and cred­ its that were of said deceased, at the resi­ dence of the undersigned, M ilo L xg .- hsbe , in the town of llarttord, in said county, on or before the 12th day of March, 1864. Dated Angu.'t, ,31st. 1 >863. MILO INGALSBF, ] ROYAL IXGALSBE. Executors. hand sawed off by a circular saw.— He was at work at the mills in tins jilace. On Thursday a son of Nich­ olas Graham, of this village, had his j hand hadly injured hy the hreakiug' k\''] B'unl ean li>* fibtaimal at rea-onaMe rates —from .82 t>) .82 .To [>er we>*k. A un!nmitte>^ will he in att)-!i>]arice at ihe Aer!l..‘iny to }>r>j- vidi^ snituble jil.u-e-’ fur ti-a>-lu r.-^ In order t>) accuimmid ite t'Xieliers a't> tiding tli)^ Iii.-tituo', wi* li.ive >lt em->l It a h i-abie to all ex miinat'on at smi.i- lim > (buMi»g it-j F ort E dw ard L edger ■ra>» »^quii ' —- rSIDAY MOEIffiff, SEPT. 18, 1G03. O u r XTniou— M a y i t b e re s t o r e d to p e a c e a n d h a p p i n e s s , a n d s o r e m a i n t h r o u g h tim e . of a wliiffletree. lins Doubledar N e w s o f tise W eeK . The siege of Charleston progresses favorably. The advance made hy the Union forces is slow, but sure. Forts Wagner and Gregg have been captured. This gives to our army the possession of Morris Island and brings our batteries witliin easy shell­ ing distance of the city. Since the capture of this Island the Federals have been paying their re.spects to Moultrie, and if the latest informa­ tion proves correct the Fort is no doubt, ere this, in our posse.ssion.— Unless the rebel general yields the contest the public may expect cer­ tain distrnctionof the city of Charles­ ton, as it is in the reach of our guns. At this present writing it appears that Lee’s army is making its way suthward, but for what purpose con­ jecture is on tip-toe. Time however, will develope this. If he is really falling hack upon and beyond Eieh- mond, that settles the que.stiun that the rebels do not contemjilate anoth­ er raid in Maryland. The succe.ss which has attended Rosecrans and Burnside of late,, in the ^south west has virtually ended tho rebellion in Tennessee. The army of the frontier, under Gen. Blunt, is doing up its work rap­ idly, and the rebel cause in Arkansas is about as thoroughly prostrated as it is in Tennes.see, On Monday as Col- of Saudv Hill, was ; ■ I handling some benzine near a light it ex[il>)ded, setting everything on lire. His clothes were hadly burned, and hut lor timely re.scue hy j>ersons; near who threw water on him h e ' would have lost hi.s life. H I '< /»■ g Iin. >;>••■//' r' ''■.lOih'irlri-i' i; //• ■-/ ' igi>r ■u ' uu'' ’ • .• :/’f ' ' f th ■ m '1'. !i>'Ii;Ts In-liOi't— liivt* liiC tun* a ]inrf > i thn 1.1'ii‘ iti iiii'l ..y.'-'.- n >4 lii>» Stuto .M'u/’i lia -5 >li>M>^ T)i r‘:iiM>i>\io'>'t.'iichi'rs to :i't >n 3 tli.'in. 'rni'-ti-cs :m* all >wt'>] to >/,k- 0 ‘.>Hu-r.- tli)*ir tui.i' f.iv till- imrp i-** >.f uH. iiiliii-' aril] t.'ii-I i . t -! t'l >->• tlii.T scL.i-ils for this p-ir[v, i>. C >i!un;-s; .r.i-r.- liavi* im- tli.irity. by .iir.’.liim in.mth-* .8ijjii>riri'»iiilHiit Ilf Pu'ilic In.-tiiietinn, to maki* a (iir-tii c tioii li(4wt*i-ii tliiji>* te-acli'Ts will) cl>> nut at!.ai>J tllC bunday bcliouls of the ,.pi.->fi.-<l that a dn.’.-iv n>ganl fur Baptist and Presbyterian Societies,! the cTiiformi and ymthaml rairuiiligutiuns to held their annual Pic-N ic yesterday , nunif'-st a IL ely inti-ivst in ewry <i}i}i'irtuaity afternoon. There was a large turn-i fo iw.i iiru a m»re t xtm\.-iv>» kn.aw!.*iUiyut out. lIV'turicA and Y'latu=i, these pill? will effect a c-ure ^vheij all other niean.^ hav.^ failed ; and ahhongli a jiiiwerfal remedy, do not con­ tain iron, calomel, antimony, or anything iiirtf'd t>' 111 '* c>in-titntion. Full ilir cti.iiw in the jixmphfot around each }iii( ka_o> whit-h bhoiild be carefully pie- presurv)-(1. Hale Aiievit f-n-the United States and (’.in- ad.i. JvHl MG~i;.8. 27 Cortland st., N. Y. X. B. .81 Oil anil 6 pii.^tao-e stiinijis en- | cl.e-eil to a'ly anlh>ir;z'd raeiit, will injure! .! li itile, co:itdi;iiiij o') pilD, by ivturn j lii-iil. STOVES AND H ARDW ARE! mum H. MATHEWS T FAS on hand always a complete assort- X i ment of all kinds of S I OVES. UARDW A E E , T i y WABE, IR .IN , LE.VD Pn>E, PC.MFS &C., &C-, >iir iri/Ji prnmEtirss. Call and see. Fort Edward, X. Y. 20rtf. Special Notice. r p o a'l persons indebted to the late Firm ot K dwards . , ih'BBHL .fc Co., Will pleftse (• dl and settle their accounts as I shall re­ main in town but a few days and all accounts must be settled without delay. J. M. HUBBEL. Port ETward. Sept. 2. 186.3. AMUAlTgTbOKHOLDEES’ MEETHT&. . .......... . ................. . N Annual Meeting of the Stockholders account of sickues.s, disal.ili y. M A -of the VTashington County Seminary v r m m M iio t e s . I A^l iio’.v Inliy iiivpnnd to collect all i kiraD of just (Taim-i again.st tlie United Sta'p.s ( i >v •rnmenr. By the U. S. Law of March 2d. Hi:3, .SI 0 0 D O r X T Y is due t>i every .s'ddier discdianred on account of wimnd.s .-ec ived in battle, no niaiter liow short a time ne has served. Soldiers dis cli'irui'd on .ki‘, contractcil while in the service aud in tlmir line, of duty- and which makes them ° I their iin.fos-i>)n. an>l t ) discourage those who i ■’^'belly unalile to earn their living, for more and. Gt Giy body ajipeared to on- Jpem p nfecllv satisfied with their present at- i than one third, hall, nr two thirds of .t) are joy themselves. One thing in partic­ ular we noticed, wa.s the large quan­ tity of flowers that was carried past our office. Scarcely a lady passed but she carried a boquet. The Band was on hand and played unusuahy well. The tables were loaded witli cakec, fruit and flowers, speaking volumes for the taste clisjilayed in their ar­ rangement. p -rfcclly .-^atLiipd with thoir present at > . . tainrnent.s, and who will not mako any elfort ' entitled to pi^nsions, an>l can \et them by ap- In the recent campaign of Gen. secret circular to all the Governors of all the | Bluut he marched llis command two SoBthein States, stating “ Fremont would be | hundred and fifty miles in nine days. elected. I propose, in this event, to march to Washinston, seizj the archives, and de­ clare the Union dissolved.” Fremont wa.s not elected, buf a meaner man was—Jaa>e.s Bnchanan. Leading Southerneism Congress r(fused t>> stay in the Union, even though they were allowed to dictate terms ot com­ promise. Mason said the South would go out although tlie North should give more than she had asked. Good United State.? arms were condemned at the public arsenals by southern officers, were advertised for tale in obscure pa.per3 ; and Southern Governors were notified to send agents on to buy up $15 mii.'ikets Sit .82 .\'O apiece, Thus they . prepared for rebellion, secretly for years.— 1 A r g y lo. fought two battles and cleared from the rehel.s 100,000 square miles of territory. He is now preparing to leave Fort Gibson for Fort Scott. The rebels numbering 17,000 with 30 or 40 guns are four miles this side of Little Rock. We will publish, next week, the list of exempts in this town and John Towle lias just received a lot of sweet cider, which he claims to he the best. \We have tested it and will vouch for the quality. John has a good assortment of everything in the fruit and confectionery line. t'i imprijve. TVe h'>]ie and expect that tlie teachers will as fur as possibl>\ avail them­ selves of the o;i]iurtunity n>iw offered them. 'I'lie TVa-ihin'gton ( '>>unty'i’eaeh>T.s Assnei- a'ion will meet on Frid.iy, the 2>lof Ocluber, at I o'clock p. M. EARL P. lYRTCnT, JOHN C. EARL. A copy of the P out E h w . vbd Li:iM!F,r., Vol. 9, No. 2, for which fifty cents will be paid by leaving it at tliis office. For a time past all have been complaning of the dry weather and the dust, hut to-day we have had one of the hardest showers of the season. It fairly poured, and the gutters look­ ed like .-mall rivers. ^ ^ \ A Union County Convention s called to assemble at Farlins’ Hotel, on Wednesday, the 7th. day of Octo­ ber next. H a p p i n e s s . — Some one who professes himself experienced in all phases of the heart feminine gives to his less self-assured fellows the follow­ ing reeeipe: ^’^To plunge a young lady six I'athoms deep in ha])i»iuess, give her two canary birds, half-a-dozen moon-beams, twelve yards of silk, an ice cream, several rose buds, a squeeze of the hand, and the promis of a new bonnet. I f she don’t melt, it will be because she can’t.\ What remarkable specimens of the fair sex must exist in that young gentleman’s vicinity. D uring a marriage ceremony the bride was sobbing immoderately, while the knot was being tied. “ What is the matter, my young woman.?” asked the official. “Oh, sir!” replied X>-A5“ It i.s bpcorning m o re a n d m o re evident tb® bride, “ i t S because it S forever. every day, that a terrible retribution awaifs “No, no,” rejoined the parson, the manufacturers of the’ unhealthy com- ^^thtit’s a mistake—a great mistake, pounds deni'niinalod Saleralus, Baking Pow- (lers. &c. Since Herrick Allen’s Gold Med­ al Saloratus has been intimduced. we are hap­ py to stale he has .and is still w rking gre.it revoIiiHons for good. Wo would say to all our readn’s to fry one paper, and they will pay with u.=:. the half has not been told. Our be ter-half says, Tell everybody to u-e it. l i s t ^ f ' l e t t e r s . T h e following is a list of letters now remaining in the Po.st Office at this village: William Baker, Tlioiaaint B.mrdeau An­ toine Beiard, Jacob Blak>>, Mary Gole, J . p. G. Emmons. Edward Faroe, P. Fallen. E. E. Groom, William Gcaley. Cliauncey llolman, Mrs. Samnel Jones, G 'P . Houghton. I.>eon- ord M.ishinet. Jo.seph Minor. George Iforson, J. G. Porter. Luko Itilley, Mr>i. Kate Stone. 2 ; ( ”air!'?s II. Bno’V. plying to me. If the soldier has died in the service, or ln-en killeti iu battle his legal heirs are entitled to his claims. Th.->«e who enlis- te>l for two year.? will soon be Immt' and if tliey are mil paid up sqmre send them to me. All of my liu^im s.-i will he promptly atten­ ded tx No charge unless the claims are collected. Office at Wait A Reynolds’ Law Office, a f>\W doors 'Wc.-t of Fii-mprs’ Bink. ROBERT S. ('()LKM.\N. Fnirr K i . w a b i ., May 21, 186,3. 9:7:13 TE B B IB L E DISCLOSUBES. QEGRKTrf FOR THE MILLION.—A Omost valuable and wonderful publication. A work of 400 pages, and 30 colored engrav­ ings. DR. IIUXI'ER'S MADE MEGUM, an original and popular treaties on IMan and Woman, their Physiology, Functirns^ and sexual disorders of every kind, with Never- Failing Remedies for their speedy cure. The practice of DR. HUNTER has long been and still is unbounded; but at the earnest solicitation of numerous persons, he has been induced to extend his medical usefulness through the medium of his “ YADE ME- GUM.” It is a volume th.it shijuld be in the hands of every family in the land, as a pre- veniive of secret vices, or as a guide for the alleviation of one of the most awful and de­ structive sc>aurges ever visited mankind.— One copy, securely enveloped, will be. fir- warded free of postage to any part of the United States for 50 cents in P. 0. .«tamp.s, rr 3 copies for 8^1. x\<idress, post paid, DR. HUNTER, No. 3 Division street. New York. 9:7:.i2. Yalnabb Lands for Sale. O E Y E R A L desirable parcels of Lind for . , , n TV 1 A 1 ' Osale, belonging to the e.state of Dr. W. S. i t s not lorcvor. D e a th p u ts an end | Norton, deceased. Among them 13 acres to the e n g a g e m e n t.\ On hearing this, , adj'iining lands of .Tiihn Case, one and a half miles from the village ; also de.sirable Lin.is for building Lo's. Gardens and Pastures, near the Railroad dep>-»t. east of the canal. J. E. THOMP.80N, E.xpcutor. GATHARINE NORTON, Executrix. Fort Edward, Sept 17.1.863. 22:4t. Y U lSn. CO. CLERK’S OFFICE. ) aVugUSt 7, 1>S'1)3. j l^O T T G E is hereby given that on the F l third Tuesday of September next (15th day) a Court of Oyer and Terminer and a Cfrcuit Court will be held at the Court House in Sandy Hill, in and for the County of AVashiugton, and the Jurors who are to serve at said Court, will be drawn at this office on Thursday, the 27th day of August ins'aut, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon. P. C. HITCHCOCK, Co. Clerk. iind (I'lllegiate Institute, will be held at the Chapel of the Institute, on Saturday, 1 o’clock p. M., September 19, 1.863. 'to elect Trustees in the place ot .Joseph E. King, A. Dallas M'ait, S; R. Potter, Orson Richards, Wm. tfoleinan, F. D. Hodginan, Warren Kingsley, II. IV. Bennett. K. I). Baker, Joseph Hill- min, David Rice and Gardner Howland, whose terms of office will expire then. F. D. HODGMAN, President. JO.SEPHE Secretary. Fort Edward, Aiig>u.5t 22. 1863. 19:3 TSB^EES MEETING. rri HE Annual Meeting of the Trustees’ 1. of AVashington Co. Seminary and Co’- h’giate Institute, wdl be held at the Institute Chapel, on Saturday, p. Ji. Sept. 19. 18i!3. for election of officers and for the f jan.saction of any other business that may/ propeily come before them, F. D. HODGMAN. President. JOSEPH E. KING, Secretary. Fort Edward. August 22.1863. 19:3 Q E R 'i'IFICA T E OF DR. CHILTON. Office of the Laboratory of Dr. Jas. R. ] Chilton, it Co., No. 93, Prince St., New York, February 20. 1863. J Messrs. AY u i t e it Moons having submitted’ to ns a sample of their “ Malt Coffee” for analysis, Ac. From the result of our examination we are enabled to report that after giving it a thorough investigation, chemically we have not found anything in its composition that is objectionable, or in any way detrimental to health ; on the contrary wo believe that ite use as a substitute for Ooffije will prove WHOLESOME AND NCTEITIOUS. JAS. R. CHILTON & CO., Analytical Chemists’. tbe Bride dried her tetirs and was con-^ soled. M uggins tvas one day with a friend. Avhen he observed a iionr (1<%, that had been killed^ lying in the gutter, Muggins jiaused, gazed intently at the niiimal, and at last said,— “Here ivS another shipwreck.” “Shipwreck! where?\ There’s a bark that’s lost forever.” His comranion grotvled and passed on. A Y a n k e e in Kansas sells whiskey in a gun barrel to make it. appear that he is selling it by the barrel. _ CAUTION. The undersigned were the- first to place, the above named article before the public.— Its unprecedented success has induc^otheie. to attempt its manufacture. It is manufac­ tured by a process known only to anrselveff, and the public are cautioned against purciiaa- ing an inferior quality. WHITE & MOORE, Sole Manufacturers, N o >3. 2, 4. 6, 8, and 10 Bleecker St., Albany* N. Y. For sale by all Grocers. ______ 18:te THORT EDWARD AND WASHING- JC TON COUNTY. USE THE KEW S U B S T I T U T E F o r J A V A ! WHITE & MOORE’S ORIGINAL MJJLT COFFEE, the only genuine manufactured in the United States. For sale by all Grocers, WHITE & MOORE Manufacturers. Nos. 2,4, 6, S and Id., Bleeker St., 18:tc. Albany, N. 17 * 1 - '

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