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The Fort Edward ledger. (Fort Edward, N.Y.) 1857-1865, August 22, 1862, Image 1

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: b- » « (■ ' i£i'\ '*' ■ * Sr-«. i y s THE FORT EDWARD LEDGER. yOL. 8. FOET EDWAED, FEIDAY EYEYING, A EGUST 22,1862 NO. 19. FORT EDWARD LEDOER IS PDBLISHBD BVBEr PErOAT EVE , AT FOET EDWAED, WASH. CO., N. T., BY O . B . C o n a n t - TEEM S - m ^ DOLLAR A YEAR. Office over 3Intheu''s Hardware Store, Main Street. R ates op A dvertising : One square, (12 lines.) 3 weeks, ........... 00 Each sub-sequent insertion, ............... 0 25 One fourth column, one. year, ............. .. .15 00 One bait column one year, ..................... 25.00 One column, one year ............................... 40 00 Legal notices published at the rates pre scribed by statute. All advertisements must have the required number of insertions noted. or‘ they will be in-serted till ordered out and dlfdrged accordingly. Special Notices 1.5 per cent, additinrial. ■ Business Cards ^1 per line. Marriages Deaths and Obituary Notices inserted free All kinds of job work executed with neat­ ness, promptness, and at prices which defy compBtition. L a w s o f N e w T o r l t —By Authority. [Every law. unless a different time shall be prescribed therein, shall conunence and take effect throughout the State, on and not before the twentieth day after the day of its fina.1 passage, as certified by the .Secretary of State. Sec. 12. title 4, chap 7, part 4, Re- , vised Statutes.] ‘ On.tPTER 477. I An act to provide for the enrolment of the i militia, the organizition and discipline of! the natinna! auard of the Sfate of New Turk, and for the public defence. Pa-s«-d Apiril 23. 18G2—by a two-third , vote. i 7he Pcopte r f the State of 2fev' YorJe^ rej'Vtrented in S-uad and A''^emUii, du enact , aaftdhni'ft: \ \ 22.3 No adi< n thfJl be maintained Bgain.st any meuibf-r of a couit martial, or . officer 01 agent ueiing under Aa authority, on ; account of the imposition of a fine, or the ‘'xerutjou of t\ I' • • -ci.y if sued'^erson shall have been returned as a ■ delnquent and duly summoned and shall have ; neglected to appear and render his excuse I for such delinquency, or show his exemption . before such court. I 224 \Whet) a suit or proceedtng shall be commenced in any court by any person against that purpose. , ^ 2.34. Every witness not appearing in obe- dlence to au- h subpoena when duly served ' personally with a copy of the same, nod not ^ having a aufficien* orreasonabln excuse, shall forfeit to the people of thie state, a sum not less than t.-ri nor more than fifty dollars; ami the president of such couit shdl. irom • time to Time, report to the di.strict attorney the names i f ul! such d< I’qnent witueases.J together with (he names and resid-ncesof the persona .serving such subpoena tne bet ter to enaf-lo him to prosecute for such for- j fi-itnrp. I 23.7 Whenever it shall appear to the saUalaetion of any court martial or coart of inquiry, by proof made before such court, that any pirson duly subpoenaed to appear • a^ a witness before such court shall have refused or negiected witho :t just cauao to attend as such witness in conf rraity to such subpo.ma, and the party in whose behalf such ■ wifne^.s shall have been subpoiuaed shall make n;dh that the testimony of .sucli wit­ ness is material, such court or the president , thereof, shall have p5wer to issue an attach­ ment to Compel the ultendance of such wit­ ness. g 230, Every such attachment shad be ex­ ecuted in the eai e maimer as a warrant, and by ony officer antborized to execu'e warrants and the fee.^ of the officers seivmg the same. iiftei- the receipt of such returns, the respec- ; pense of ihe state. tivn Ciirhinandanta of division or brigade, | 2G5. The commissary general shall issue thti case ra iy be shall order a court martial the proper allowonce of powder and balls to to c insist of three commissioned officers, ; artillery companies for practice : and the with.mfc regard to rank to pass upon such : several commandanfs of artillery companies delinquency It shall not be nece.ssary to • shall annually report, to the cnmmi.ssary gen- cause the aiTest of such absentee, nor to I era! the .situirion and sta'e of the piece.? of serve imy ch-ir/e.s, uul-*8s In the discrtli m of , ordnance arras, implements, and aeeoutre- the officer ordering the court, it may be >.ro- ments (he proper(y of the state, entrusted to thi-ir charge re.spectively. ? 260. The commissary general shall issue i all ammunition suited to the several arms of proper purposes, or by persons ?iot entitled thereto. g 279. The inspector general is hereby au­ thorized to appoint an assistant who shall have the rank of colonel, and be commission- ed by the commander in chief, and who shall hold Such office, during the fpleasu'i'e of the inpppcior general, and receive the same com­ pensation as the assistant adjutant general, In the absence of the inspector general from the city of Albany, or in cace of his inability to perform his duties his assistant shall have the service, upon the requisition of any com - I full' power to perform ail duties appertaininff mandant of brigade, r^g ment. or b a t t a lio n ,! t o the office of th e inspector genera] But ■md S all lik:e. requisition replace such ' notliing in th is section shall so construed'as articles and im p lem e n 's for ordnance as may I to give any validity to the act o f any assis- for service, , tantin case of the disapproval|of the inspec- I 26 (. The commis-rary general shall report. tor general. w r annually to th e com m ander in chief, w h o se op the jtoge ADVOCATE GENKRAD. duty It shall be to transm it the sam e to the ' ^ 280. The jud.ge a d v o c a te general, as c h ief B u i? i i i e s s D ii*eetoi*Y . E. A. CRAY, DE ALER in Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liqu TS &C: near the Feeder Bridge. J. A. OBER, HABNE.8S MAKER, Sherwoods Row, near the Grist Mill. ______________ W r a U l L F O R D , BOOT AND SHOE Manufacturer, opposite Conant &: Co.’s Blacksmith shop ________ CENTRAX S A LOON. AYING'S Exchange. C. E B ackus , Pro­ prietor. . ___ \ HODGMAN A CO­ DE .ALERB in Gentlemens’ Clothing and Furnishing Goods, No. 1, Winn’s Exchange O. E & S. B .^E X N E T C GROCERY AND PROAHBION STORE Three doors north of Baptist Church. N. B. MILLIMAN, ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and Western Land Office. _____________ _ ' \ W. J. WHlTEt-IOUSE &CO, DE.ALERri in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils and Artists’ Materials, Kingsley’s Block. ED V\tARDS, HUBBEL & Co., A GENERAL assortment of Merchandise, foi sale cheap. ____________________ _ B. S, BERN HAM, DENTIST, corner of Mechanic and Semi­ nary street. f o r t EDW A R D DRUG STORE. W . VV. PARKE, M. D., still remains at the old stajid. ____ ___ ___ GEO. P . CONANT A CO.. BLACKSMITHS and general repair shop, Alill street. Good satisfaction guaranteed in all cases. discharge ot any duty under this act. or ; against any person acting under authority or , order of any such officer, or by virtue of any warrant is.^us d by him pursuant to law, or ' iigauirtt any eolL ctur or rccever of taxec. the j defendant may require the plaintiff in such ! suit to file security fiir the payment of the I costs that may be ircurred by the defendant ! in such suit or proceedings, and the defend- ' ant, in all cases, may plead the general issue and give the special matter in evidence, and the sanio >»hi!li have (leen i.'-sued, unlc.-s he sliall show reasonub'e cause to 'he sati.?fac- tinn of nch court for hix (>nii''sion to atleyd; such costs .shall be u.-ccitaineif In’ the court, w’:o may (liereiipon is-nc an (-x^cution for the collection acai st the p'r.-*on liable to pay (he .same, and which may be collected as otiier executions aie collfced and by any officer authorised to collect executions issued from coutls if ju.srice. § 237 Any perse n or persons who shall be guilty of di.soroerly. corOemptuous cir insolent per ; liir (lie. delinqnent may be fined piinm- fiiif to the provLsi.iris of riiis act. provided notice of the return and of the tune appoint­ ed for holding the court martial shall have, h' ed delivered to him or left at his usual pl-iCn of abode at least ten days before the a-i -em'ilmg ol ~aid court. I 251 The c-’urt may excuse any deiin- quent tor good cause shown ^ 2.52. Any fine for offences against the liy-law.s of uuy company of the. national guard or or' regimental boards, not exceeding the | legfehture. a true and particular statement, ' of his department, is charged“wrththsfsunfirl sn-i of tw mty-live dollars, a certified copy of ‘ showing the actual situation and disposition vision, care and fmanavement of all thmsa tlm pro ceeding.-relating to the. infliction o f , of all the ordnance, arras ammunition and relating to the 'admiffiatration of ■justioe Ailich has bten reiumed to any u-glujciital iither nmmlious of war pa-operty or things, among the military forees*of this state^ H e CO lit martial or court iff appeals, may be eu- j which in any way appertain to or respect the shall diligently Scrutinize* and examin the orced by such court in the manner hermn < department confided to his keeping the proceedings of all|courts martial wherd before provided, due nonce being given to the g 2b8 He shall keep a just and true ac- an appeal has been taken, and renort tbereoa d dlnquerit, and further pr. vided that a certi- count of all the expenses necessarily incurred for the information of the Commander in- fi-d copy of ea (1 by-laws be filed with the in and about his department, which shall in- chief; he shall also in like manner report in con mai.dant oi ttie recriment. elude all expense- for transportation to and : all cases of contested elections shere au ap- trom the arsenals, ail ordinance, arms, ammu-'j peal has been taken. Tinder the orders of ration and camp equipage and deliver the ; the commarder-in-chief. the judge advocate Sim s to the comptroller, who shall thereupon general shall act as judge advocte at anv examine and audit the same, and shall draw ----- ^ ----- *’ ’ ’ . _ a his warrant on the treasurer for such sum as he shall amlit and certify to be due. ^ 209. It shad be the duty ot the judge advocate general to jirosecute any bond, the against him, the defendan shall recover treble costs. OF THE COLLErXIOX OP FIXE.? AXD PEXATIES. f 225 For the purpose of collecting any i fines that may be imp ist d by any court mar tial authorized by this act. the president of the court shall, within thirty days alter the fines have been impio.sed, make a list of all 1 the persons fined, designate the company to I which they respectively belong, and the sums I imposed on each person a.s tines, and siiall I draw his warrant under hi.s hand and seal. 1 directed to any marshal, sheriff, or constable of any city or county, (as the case may be.) thereby comm inihng him to levy such fine or fines, together with the costs, of the goods and chattels of such delinqu mta ; and! if any such delinquent shall be under age. and live with his fattier or mother, master or mi.-- I tress, then to levy such fine or fines with the , costs, of the goods and chattels of such fath­ er or mother, ma-ter or mistret-s, as the case may b e ; no prup«rty now exempt by 1 iw I shall be exempt trom the payment of such fined, and in case the goods and chattels of any delinqent, or the goods and chattels of ^ the father or mother, master or mistre.ss. of ! any delinquent under age, cannot be found, wherewith to satisfy the same, then to lake tiious or indecon us language or expressions to or before any court martial or court of in- q’iiry. or any rnmiber of either of such courts, in open court intending to inlerrujit the pruccf dings or impair the respect or the authority ot such co urts may l>e committed toihe iai! of the county in which said court.- shall sit. by warrant under Gie hand and seal of the president of such Court. \ 2.38. Such '.varrant s’ all be directed to the .i-heriff. oi; any or either of the constabli s or inar.shal.s of any .'•u«‘li couniy, or any offi­ cer a-tending the court, and shall forth the partici'lar circuin.starices nf the offene ad­ judged to have b ■' n committed ; and shall command the ftfficer to whom it is directed, to take the body of s, c!\ person and commit him to the jail of the cuun'y there to reinuin without bail or mainprise, m close contine- ment. for a time to be limited, not ex'ceeding three days and until the officers fees for com milinir him and the jailere fee .s be paid § 239. Such .shcnil -hall receive the body of any per.sori who -h.dl *ie brought to him by virtue of .such warrant, and keep him until the exjiiration of the time inentioncd in the warrant, and until the ■ ffleer's and jailer’.s fee.? .shall be paid, or until the off- nder shall be dischaiged by dim course of law, unl-ss conouandant o( the regiment. Z 253. Whcuieve any portion of the mili­ tary forces of this state shall b<? ordered to a-senible foe purpose.^ of military instruction raider the authoiity of the commander in- cliief, or wlieni vi r any part of the slate forces Shull be ordeied to aa-emble under his autho­ rity Hi t.im* of war, insurrection, invasion, or public danger, the rule.- and artich-e of war, and geuend regulations for the governim ni of the army of the United States, so far as they are ufipbcuple, ai.d with such modilica- liim.' as the coinmander-in-chi f may pres cribe. slihll he considered in force and regard­ ed us n part of this act, during the continu­ ance ot .‘.udi instruc'ion and to the close ot i-uc’u state ol war. in>urrection invasion, or put'lic danger! but no puni.-hnient ur<der sueb rule- ami art'cles which shall extend to the tiiking of life shall, in any case be infiict- ed exc-ept in time of actual war. invasion or ii.sunvcuon. declared by pruclamalion of the goverriur to exist. (iF ’DJE DtllKS UF I’KltlAIN STAFF OFFICERS AM> OF vvnrors matters connkcted . with THEIR VAKIors RK.SFKCnVE DEFAKT.MEXTS t f the (idjnhmt yeneral. g 274 The adjutant general shall keep a roster ot all the otHimr.s of th-- military forces court martial where the public interest shall require his attendance. I 281, The judge advocate general is the legal adviser of th° several staff departments - , . , : , Qpon MI legal questions that may arise there- conditionsot which is violated by a neglect in, and to him may be referred for supervision or refusal of any officer to report the condi- - tion of any arni -i or equipments, or to return the same to any of the arsenals of this state as required by law. ? 270. T'he commissary general is autho­ rized to appoint an assistant, with the rank all contracts, agreements, or other instru­ ments to be drawn or executed in the course of the business of such department. I 282. The officers of the judge advocate general’s department, when not engaged in the special duties of the some, may be detail- of colonel, who shall be commissioned by the ed for such other staff duties as the comman- Commauder-in-chief, and hold his office during the pleasure of the commissary general, and shall perform the duties now revuired by law to be performed by the military store­ keeper at the New York arsenal, and shall b« compen.-ated in the same manner as such military storekeeper has been compensated In the absence of the commfosary general from the city of N-^w York, or in case of his inability to p rforra his duties, his assistant shall have full power to perform all the duties appertaining to the office of commissary gen- ti.H-tafo. contauiifig the date of their ■ eral; but noriiing in this s ction shall be eomiti’s-iuiis. their ranks, the cor* h to which they belong, the division, brigade and vegi- iiiei.t of such corj.,,8. and tlie^places of their residences, as accurately as can be ascertain­ ed, which roster shall be revised and correct­ ed every year, ^ 2.7.7. Re shall also enter into a book, to be kept for that pmpose. a local de.-cription of the sHVeial company, reginientul, brigade and division disiriete \ 2.)t>, It sliall be the duty of the comman daubs ■•f divusions and brigades to furnish so construed as to givo any validity to the acts ol such assistant in case of the disap­ proval of the commissary general, OF THE IXSPEPTOH OEKEBAI,. ? 271. It shali be the duty of the inspector general to visit, at least once in every two years, each regimental district in the state. He shall critioally inspect as often as he may doem necessary, branch connected with the military service, including armories, ar­ senal- and military storehouses ; and he shall also attend to the organization of the militia, dants of their respective brigades and divis­ ions shall direct. OF IXUASION, INSURRECTION, BREACHES OP THE PEACE, AND DRAFTS OF THE MIUTIA. Of invasion and insurrection. ? 283. In cases of invasion or insurrection, or imminent danger thereof, the commander- in-chief may, by proclamation or otherwise, order and direct the commandants of sucli company districts as he shall designate to accept sufficient volunteers, should the same offer, to raise said company and maintain the same at the maximum number, provided by law. and if sufficient volunteers should not offer, then a sufficient number shall be drafted from the reserve militia Of said district, in the manner hereinafter provided, who shall thereupon be enrolled as national guards in said company, and “shall be liable to duty in ease the military fores of the state should be called into dervice. Z, 284. The commander-in-chief shall have power, in ease of invasion, insurrection, or imminent danger thereof, to order into the service of the state such number and des- DEFOREriT Sc IRYING, MANUFACTURERS and Dealers in Fur­ niture and Coffins of every description.— Two doors north of Baptist Church. THAYER ic BOLTUN, M A N D F A t/fU B E R B and Dealers in Sash. ““ ' .TeTo^rot i ' “ “'r s,z‘.hl - ■ to tho jail of ths eity or count, wherein he ! shall reside. I 226. It shall be the duty of the jailor, to whom snch delinquent shall be deliveied, to keep him clotely confim-d. without ba^ or iiiainpriM, for two days, for any fine, n ^ M - eeeding two dollars, and two additional d: nd JJeHlersin sa s n . ceeaing iwo aouara, and tw o additional dovs Doors and Blinds. Job Planing and ' for every dollar above that sura, unless tae Matching done to order. Funiace, YOUNG AMEIilUA SALOON. UNDER Farmer’s Bank. Hot meals at all ■ hours of the day. Oystera and Claras m every style. Albany and Fort Edward Near the Blast i fine, together with the costs and the jailens fo'-'fi, shiili ),o sooner paid, ^ 227 Every such marshal, sheriff or same rules as in cases of imprisonment under proctees for contempt from a court ot law. I 241) In the absence ot the prcrident of any court martial, the senior i fficer pr.-sen'’ may pre.iide. with all the powers of fhe preHi- dor.t : aii'l all the •nembe's ol' such Courts shall, wheituu duly be in Gill umfram. I 241, The ri'-e-idetit of any c iurt martial or any C'<mt uf inquny mny appoint by war rant, unihr his hand and soul, .uier ov more the .■.!}.naiit general with a ro.rier of their t and lepuit to general headquarters the im- cription of companies or regiments of the nffi.’eiM cutitaiug the lacts requis.te to en provement in discipline and tactical instruc- i national guard, or of other militia of the able him to comply with the provisions of ^ tion of the uniformed forces. state as he shall deem proper, and under the ^ ^ Uommandants of regiments and command of such officers as he shall direct, ^ ->1 riio books revuired by the adjutant companies shall furnish to the ftispector g e n -; and in such cases the forces so called into g.-neral to comply with this act. shall be fur eral such information as he may require as to ! service shall receive the same pav and ra- rii>dieiJ hiin at the e.xpense of this stale, and the number and kind of arms, equipineats and tions as troops In the aerviee of the United Shull go to his successor in ofiic*’. , military property of the state, issued tr their States. And all the acts, proclamations and leapHCtlve regimente and cornymuies; and at ^ _ cs. I Cjvery siicu marunai, suemr or dm- . ' Jv , Stable, to whom^ any such list and wam^ft ; n,ay not only perform the u'lual dutie- of ; uch mar­ shals. but may afoo execute a’i pri cess law fully ia-ued by em-h president or court, and shall be direcffi d and delivered, may execute the same by levying and colfocting the fines | — D'P_. . _ • . .shall make return thereof, within forty days from the receipt of such warrant to the offi- ! g 27S. “j’lie seal now used m the offica of the 'idjiitant general t-hall continue to be thv tti-il ut his ofilco, and tshall iroui time to time be d< liv,-red to lii.s succesiicir jp office ; and ml copies of lec.ilUa uf piipolB ill hlS ofllee, duly (-tiiuSed and aurfienticattd under his said seal, nhuil In evidence m all catses in like iiiaunorus it tin uriglimla were produciqi. ? 2:'9, I', .ffi.ili be tUe duty u> the adjutant geijoiiil tii cause so riigcb o f the m litm law.s the conolusiod of the inspection of any ar­ mory. arsenal or military storshouse, if ho find the p-operty that ought to h-\* kept therein, C)i' any part thereof, rai&sing, injured, unfit for use, or ddficit'rifc in any way. he shall forth with report the facta, in respect thereto, to tne vomraandc;’ in ehisf. ^ 273 U sh ill be Ills duty after the first day uf November in each year, to inspect the L A. COX. STOYE AND MACHINERY WOKKS. , cers who issued the s-ime. where can be found \Vaper Wheel patterus of various kinds ; also. Beveled and square Gearing patterns, comprising the largest assortment north of New York. § 228. if the marshal, sheriff or con.staWe shall not be able to collect the fines or take perform all art.sund <1 .(' rn in this act ir:;po.s- ed on and authi.rized v- be perlurnied by any sheriff, rnnrshul or con-'ah'o. § 243. 77’henever the senrerife of any C<mrt martial shall I'C ajipeah-d from, 'he officer hearing the iippenl shall leqiiire the T>EACE DECLARED I THE UNION JT preserved! Having become convinced that the CASH system of \ Quick Sales and Small Profits,’’ is tetter than the old way, of “ Large Profits and Long Credits,\ ha e home to the conclusion to sell for C ash or R eady P ay O i >DY) and take this method to the bodies within the forty data aforesaul ■ . ., •. ,Vh ,, u t,:,., then the officers issuing the\ warrant mny.at ' VJ, I ' ’! ^ . » V i anytime therea ter. within two years from I a stuforneiff of tl e c . - y ml the time of imposing the fines, issue a new ' warrunt a'^ainst any delinquent, or renew the former wamipt, from lime, to time as may , become necessary. § 329 Any warrant for the collection of flues, issued by virtue uf this chapter, shall J and may be renewed in the same manner that > inform my old patrons, and the public gen-, executions issued by ju&tioes courts may law erally, that I am thankful for past favors, and he renewed, solicit a continuance of their patronage on , The amount of any fines so collected t,hp Ready Pay Hyfitem- ^ have just received a large and well 66- ]eptad jiU'Ck bf L i ,M aER, Duurtj,75AluH. Bn-.VD3, L imk . H air . C'EkENT. P.4i.\is, Oin, U eass , Tc RNisH, P itch and O akl -ji I have also added to my former supply, a large aBSortinent of P ainters ’ and A rtists M .ycEBiALS, all of w'bich will be sold at panic prices. Alt kinds of Farm Produce taken at Cash statement and evidence af-uli, in case of an appeal to the commanding <iffic‘-r iff the bri gade, be forthwith, on notice of such appeal tansriiitfed to him. § 244. Such statement being furnlehi'd, the officiT hersring the appeal, may hear such further evid‘i)co by affidavit or otherwise, as the nature of the Var-ie may requite, and for that purp se he shall hav’epi'wor to admlnjs- eh lU at ,\i,y rhije 5 r - In lorce to he printed j tents and camp equipage belonging to the , in proper form, Iroui timp to time, and to dis. ■'afo, s and report any deficiency therein, to | tribute op< eofiy to each eornmisri.,ned offi | ihe eomniandgr-in-cbief, on or before the first i f-er utul to euoh town cleik, HUpmvi-«jrs uat of January tburi'gfter, clerk ..nd cuur.ty treasurer jn thri state . and , § ’274. Ip pfo tthnual report fm shah state ’ tiso to pU'piiro and I’aiKie ali oecegi-iirv’ L-lunk what gv.n«iTiJ and field uffic«rts have been bo 'ks. loiiii- and nuUce.- tu |br- u-aniunittej ; maijo atiH what degree of improvement has j ui the t-xp-it.He uf tliia State tri (.aTv Ulto | heel! attained by both officers and men. and ' lull effect the proviNions of this act; auj the , whether the general regulations have been , c iiq truifor i- hereby direc'cd to draw his i.bsei'Ved, togather With such sttugastions as j Warrant on the trea.'‘urer ui this state for the ' he may see til to make. ; eYpt usea incurrni lUj.ier this aection. § 275. To the inspeetyr general will be re- j i i Ije udjiitant tenoral is hereby au j forred, by order of the' comrnaader-in chief, orders of the governor of this State since the sixteenth day of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, relating to the calling out of the militia or volunteers from this state for the service of the United States are hereby approved, and in all respects legalized and made valid to the same intent, and with the samo effect eg if they had been issued and dons with tha previous express authority and direction of the legislature of this state, and all commissions issued or hereafter to be issued to the officers of such volunteer forces by the governor of this state, in accordance with the set of congress in such cases made and provided, are hereby c nfirmed. § 285. Ip case of any invasion, or imminent danger thereof, within the limits of any divi­ sion. brigade, re.giment or b-ttalion, it shall be the duty of the commandant of such divi» Sion, brigade, regiment or battalion to order out. for the defence of the state, the militia or any part thereof, under his command, and immediately report what be has done to the fame, intu she county Ircnsiury, and sha’l loirii a portion of. uml be credited to the re­ gimental fund of the nigimont to ivhich the pel Sun so lined belorigtd, § 231. In a Iditioii to the bond now requir­ ed by law, to be given by the marshiil, sheriff, constable or other ofllcera, for tlie faithful foie hiiii,'exci^pt in rtiiiffi wb,-;- trials m:-y have beer had \it ch irges prefiTml, § 245 'riie hist two peeti'^n^ Hhali I'xtcnd to Up,Hills made from the order of an i ffEir approving the seri'i'i.ce ot a cuurt ina»tial I 2 iff. If any officer having a warrant for the cfilletdion of any fine shall not be able-to a8si6i.aiiT shal! !pv- iiiij p-.w-i-r .u perfoim all lie* dutie> uppnrta!i It a to the i>fficf ot uiij'; liiM getitriil. But iipipifjg In this seen,.u eluill be fo goi.i^tuttii t!»j tit givr Rfiy validity to the acta of the sat. ajiittapt iti case of ihi' l»'}>piioul u! the ndjutaiii g. uerul (u- TH> \uMMISii.YilY OENF-RAI,, 'i ’it’ll 'i’lm Cdwiiiiesaiy geneial shall keep Rfices ip exchange for goods. fall and see before purchasing elsewhere. Remenfiber the place, near the Feu der Bridge Fort Edward. X. Y. ____ ' m q i t X s o n coiisiuiuo or oiDvr oraceiB, jor me lauurui , „ •+i i fS f \ x e o ^ t i l \ o S d for^^^^ I tberein then the offleens igsulrm tlm warrant moneys by them collected, under the provis.! “\J *'*’«*: ions of this act; and the surlties uf such offi : ’mpo-ing the fines, issue a cers herebvuuthorizi d to oolfoct und - or renew penalties, .hall be liable for any official delin- 1 former war runt from time to tirae,a6 may *________1. ,1 . f hPf*nfYiA comiiiander-in-chief. § 288. He shall also give immediate notico of such insurrection to any judge of the county in wraoh it shall happen, and shall take such nieasures for its suppieggion, as tO suc’a ludgs shall appear most proper and sf- footual. FORT EDVYARD against THE WORLD I ANP against FOET EDW^AED! keep constantly on hand a full and T » complete assortment of Oanada Fine Lumber, dressed and undressed. Fraininf timber of any length and size required Doors, Sash, Blinds, Fine Pickets, Lime, Upiiient, ka. a o U E I ^ FLOUE1 J. M M ott S c S on also keep a large and W&ll selected stock of Pnoun, whfon they offer at wholesale and retail, at prices flely- ihg compeli'tion. Merchants, and all Flour ppalera/tn this and sqrrmiod'rig towns, are partietdarly invited to call and examine our assottinent of F lour bef rw sieOiJing orders to Troy or Albany, us we piedgt-rmr.^el.'es ta supply alt parties on as lavofabie terms (at can ba obtained at either ihoae iitie^, or elsewbeys. . M&tob SS, XSSI mr28itf quency under this act, such bond? to be ap­ proved by the county judge of each county. OEKERAt PROVISIONS AFPLIOABLE TO ALL COURTS MARTIAL AND COURTS OF INqUIRY. ^ g 232 Tbo president of every court mar­ tial, of every court of inquiry, both before and after he shall have been sworn, and all-o the judge advoc-ite if requiied, shall issue rfubt oenas for all w'’.tnessie3, whose atto' dance at such couft may. in his oplnmn, be neeea- sary in bi-half of the pvopie of this etale, and also on nppheatiun } »r all wilnUtS'es In be­ half of any officer charged or ncoused.or per ; Buns retuititd as delinqueiu ; and may diiect the commandant of any company, to cause such 6ubpcena to ba sarved on any witness or roembf-r of his company, § 233 The pre ideiit of stch court martial or the court of inquiry shall have power to ' adra niyter the usual oath to wi'ne.-K^-s and bliall have the satna power t J coinpul atten- j ding witoOfses to bu sworn and testify, mod , to preserve order as coui is of common law ■ lurisdiotlon) and all the sheriffs, jailers an i cou-tubfoa are hereby r«^quued to ex* cute any j precept issued by such couit or president for j quiroU fay law to attend become necessary § 247. Any wa'ranr for the collection of fines, issued 'oy Ylrtue of this act, shall nnd may be renewe l ni the .same manner that ex­ ecutions, issued from Justices courts may by law be renewed. § 24H It shall he the duty of the respec­ tive presidents of courts martial to prosecute in the name of tlm people of the state td’ New York ai y raarsnal or Cutistabie, ftiieriff and their .sureiivs; wb\ fhaii in.-u nny penalty for iicghct ill the exceed on or n tiiru of any warrent, or in paying ov?er moneys collected by him. § 249 WheneV'*!' nny court martial shall eonslat of one per on, he shali be deamed the. president thereof witnin the meaning of this act, ' ‘ . I 270 Tim ehiels of the staff in each divi­ sion regiment or b-dt.a'ioD. shall,on or before the firs' riuy uf .VovemWer in each year, re­ turn til tliH c immanrl-ints of division and bii gade respectiveil, the names of all coaniiis sioned ..fflertts absent from any pirade, ancempma ff or > rdl, wb oh they shall be re- Vtitfim tan daya thirized to appoint an usMirtant, who shall Unch m liters as require an examination at a j commander-in-chief, through the adjutant have the Mink i,l a eut..mil .u.d he c<miinis- ■ dittaiice from the gt-neral headejuarters, for . general. siuiini iiy the ootniiiaivier-ui chief, auo who the information of the. commatider-in chief ; § 286. It shall also be his duty to give im- shall hold office duntig the pleasuiw of tb\ and it shali be the duty of the inspector gen- , mediate notice of such invasion, and of the aiijularit gei.eral. In the absence of the ad ■ era!, upon such nffeience. to report upon the . creumstances attending the same to bis im- jutuut gHierai from tfie city oi Allmny. or in quaiificatioL.s of persons named to the com- ; mediate commanding officer, by whom speh la-e ol U's^’riabi\'ty to perfuim ills duties hi» munder in chief for appolntmcots to military i information shall be transmitted with the ...............office, and aHo upon the pt-i-.-es.sion of the [ utmost despatch to the commander-in chief. iiecessaiy rcqnlsiti-r, !>y the upplieants for tbs j 287. The eoniniander oi every regiraeut oiganiziition of ciHripiuiinii. ; or battalion w}ihin tbu limits of which an in« §27ij. d’be dU foil n and brigade Inspectors ' siirrccLioa shall happen, shall immediately whuDi'ver rt-quirttl oy the iu&pector general assemb.o his regiment OP battalion under shall report to him the condition of their . arms, and with the utmost expedition shall respective divisioris and brigad«ij. and shali | transmit information of such insurrection to ^ ^ aHo, upon bis request, topo^f him upon ; the eonimandant of hia brigade and to tha Hi gui-d repair th** arsenals and magozines of | any nmUer ‘properly belonging to hia de- \ ‘ ' ’ * the state, ai'd alleiid to the preservation and partment, which may require examination 1 earn k-i-piiiK d ' ailing imd repdiririg of tue ' svithin iheir rcspi-ctive division and brigade or.hmrice anmi a'-CofoiPi.iienta. aimhuLriion. ( dia’ricls. tmn.itiqns ni wap. and impleim-nts (it every i ^ o - . inspector general shctll visit the lie^C-iphuii. thy propi'vty Lns ; atui ^,ew-ral ei»canipfa'*ii*E 3 which ^h&\i be orderad L i siiiiil at a.l tiime have the Cor*LfuJ and tlm (,y coiTnn.juder-iu chtet. and to ascertain 'll -VT\’*\ r.i I whethpr the ir-yaps have been properly | 289. If the said judge shall deem f g *,ti„ Ue filial , luider the uircctiuu of the BtrucU-p ip thu exercise and evoiutiooaof the • greater force necessary to quell tha insurrao- qouimttnder-iD.chief dispose to the best ad- [jgi^j. cautc them to be exercised in I tion, he shall require such additional force vanUigi*, of a.l fiamaged powder, and of all the uianceuvres required to be practiced dur- as he shall deem necessary from the com- ■ ordiiiiKoe, arms ammumtioD, aecoatrementg, fog tb? year, as pregeribed bv the regulations; mandant of the division, or of any brigade tools, implements, and warlike slorea ot eyt-rv Vjy wip gjv.e his inatractions as to the ex- therein, whose duty it shall be to obey hia kind whut.oover that shall be deemed uh- exercises, to the commaneing officer, who wil requisition. issue all necessary orders and directions to g 290. Every person who, while in the ao- the troops for their execution duai gerviee of this state, shall he wounded I 278. I’he inspectiiT shuU. at least once , or disabled in opposing or euppresslng any id very two j-tiars. examine the boC‘k oi pro- invasion or Insurrection, ghali be taken curq f.eutilngM iff tise bouid uf auditui ‘3 of each re -1 of and provided for at the expense of tbg . . . . - gunviit, end the aceutinta flfod ivith the state, patptfiufi or uxpi-na the same lu th« pm-C.bA-e secrotary of sui'h board during tlm two years of mo’TB* tumults . BUB aches OP PExCi ol fimiable arms a,miimmtuiii, camp or other ' provious, or siney the last inspection made resistance to rhogrss ' . •qiiipage, aa the ronimipKiar in chief may |,j juspe«tov general, and n« shall carer ^ g 291. In Case of any brcQoh of the p 8 aoe| fully 0 •fopary t he book procyedings with the j tumult, riot, or resistance to process ot thig uci-bant-i I be shall also oxuminQ thy war-1 siate, or apprehanaion of imminent danger of r-iiit- tiiuwn f>y the board of auditora, in the the eamo, it shall he lawful for the sheriff of pos3e>:iiL.n of the county treasurer; and he any county, or the mayor of any city, to call shali spycia iy ropurt iu th«5 commaader-m- ' fur aid foom any division brigade, iH^saeni chief w:ieih,-j'the proceedings Ot the board battalion, or company j and it shall ne the ot a.-dirora arc properly and regularly e a - . duty of the commanding officer of such divi- teri'd, ai;d whether the warranls ate id duo : gion, brigade, regiment, batlalioa or company or ivauiivut with a ataud of oJloi's and a suf- | foam ; and wfantheji any military fupdH have • to whom Buob qrder is giVOa, to Order Oftt itt ficienoy uf drumtf, lifos, and bugles at thu ux- bean drawn from tho county tiwsury for ifo-; md of tha ffivil authorltfos'^thtt suitable for the use of the state. ^ 2'i.3 fie shall Irom time to time render a juit and ti uv- uee- 31 -uir of all s-afos made by him viili ivtl lainveuieut spfi'd fo the guVt-f- Slid shttil pay t (• ui ut r-uch sale irit . the trensury of ihe slate for mditaiy direi.’r, g 2J4- \yhetiev'e; the cominandiog officer o! a brigade shall certify that a stand of col -rt, u? any iJruifls fifes or faugles. are HP- cee-aiy for qpy‘‘umpi-y. Httnlioit or regi lit in in hi» brigade tin u.}!ij’int'*’ary geni-r.ii. with tuii approbarioii of the coimnauder-in chief slniil furnish auch company battaiio..

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