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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, March 21, 1866, Image 3

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‘- ^ a i S £ a ” i n S i T l o n g . •'■^ISS?^iwa«K£IS& ir! <''Wiuit(i«ure,*John. It sh»ll!Mt.«iiong tjk~ o.i *i;>. Tir4r*>vi. WAiiM- % itWii.CTVkhn^ J |gver ^moment on the :»s tli* WSrtQh’Woflia, ■ «%ifbhnVi ! [aid my in itip difn. mil di liittln now 1*‘; iuit ihehj for many words, fthi i f the plib: .lisp eased.! ,; ■ -f . ■ \ ? - ' \? ! ' ■ ' ■ ed, I Sift cai-ri^^ all her plana. By An- - - ^«st M^fitahton.was welh ]agam, and A Oheok for a Garpet.’ BY JiOniSB OHANDLiJR MOULOTS. “And how about} the new carpet V’ Pretty little Mrs. La-ie spoke, eoaxlng- . ly ^ with her hands clasped on her /bus- band’s arm. He looked d,own at her a, moment before he ansWeV^. She had been,hi§ wife for five years;, but .her fap^; was as sunny anxLaa gi«hsh as when’-. hd first wooed her. H e r blue eyes had scaTGely shed a tear in:‘al[l those years, ex­ cept the lazy, luxurious tears such happy little-goulsiweeppye^thd ideal of: , story-bookdforoines. H e r monthly rose in ' the French widow was n o t pinker than her eheeks--^.heE scarlet, geranium was uot. ■ ?hter oi| ^eddgr than herdi] canary chirping above th . .,j no/gaver o r mCrriter' than the little birdd Ike woman' w*lio' watted for tdohii. Lane’s ansWey. He smiled as he looked , at her, andi,brushed back .her soflJi brown: with=^h unconscious tenderness. ; \ f\yes ahout^t.he , carpet, Annie. If i tkcfught w4 needed it, I |rGul'd gjet it, of courie. . Efut we use - the draWing-rodm so little. ...The carpet that is on itj .now [Is both thoughtdt then.p^^ ; r S Tf e girUsh y(>ung; ^ f e pouted |ier dSih- ^ “ Well dohn, butj it’s, been down 'fivd ...................... ’ ave , Lane sai^ w i% t VUl!, V« t»n, »>-M tllMOU H»». ^so^emast awd'-^Mng ‘bhfi; .dittl ^ guidel lpme m she sent her ouh to pr<*hwh'ie^^ and sat dbwn herself,' In the meantime, beside the bed where j the' sick wptnanjlay, with herbabv asleep upon her be senllrhent.-.,.--.-- tmah-^eould by no means idealize her into i liUuLVV jU-ii wyiiiv?'. iv,o uuu uau.i ii i vt 5 . got to see things round forever, ' |ust be- eause:Pm ,#:eM b fthem . ^i|dn^.yflh,gef tired of seeing, the same ':• things J. alwayhi' ‘‘J^ e h |i ly ,ji0 :lp n g a they|[afB the[,-T-r-r-fp- same, m% s h d J f e h t as ever j I atn not m>t ^ tired of ypu yet P ^ i j ; . She laughed, and her pins flushed a ilittle. her pinkj c h ^ s C M M a n a t e / r T \ \ ” -' sih^e she h.af fasted^ of # j g o o d , Johii t o e loved her well . vheii she was his gay, laughing cjhild wife; but he loves hir now with a holier, deej epdhhderhess IbaF’^r^ through a n d ; ^ e s h < d ^ j m t ' ' 4 ||ii|-|:ir< r y ^ Jenhia’a teiopaineht :v | t |nd beautiflil throRti a. bust, tpf im r-15^ii11>>Tin4«ifi.t7' Ja^.lrti7on/.irwMrACfcri_ %^‘m ■.' S i i i si«5h^ that;- lirTe She had b»en jused all her days I to self- depehdancp. B^fore^ she wa's manjfed she jjnstI a d o f a . m a h ; fo r s t r a n g e ! ■ ^ telL 7 p t h i n g flavofifiig o t Im a s c u linity h a s ev e r foci-’o led JhifiPi*# hejck, : I f tier lo V e r h a d only b e e n curls^ th e y co u ld — i S I s S t intoh married her 'Ith4m ppnitnftably, They bad not.lald up ^i|ch|-ho#ever 5 - 'ffon during-. Ithef Olew<§m Ma a«aii. v m . : 4 W a . 'n , i t - Teat d\al I’o ’’ ‘!bct?|rS'and^^^^^ B so cold,' wae melted bv the first glance o f his tove- kefer*- - ■ youtJg, sad voice, a sOrt of uneomplaining' ] . hopelesnessj f truck her,, and she stepped ■ dov|n stairs jusfe as. Bffdget W|B. ahou% tp “ p o m e b a i a^piOHsem, said in thos.e gentle Itohes thatddhn L^rile V\ li^h lik ^ ’sowell t§^ hehr. i : ‘ child turned, an eager light coming jntii her face foit a mofaent, and |her I-' jy had nothing* tb-day.” r“ W hme do you Idvei—is it far f ’ Mrs, .tel] L a n e - a s k e d '- o O n l y a few ste p s , m a ’a m - t h r e e stree t s gajd jiesita ^ in g ly - see your meftner. ,_t|ome mto. while I put po my bonnet,! and t Bridget shall give you somO bread and . col^.meaL’-' ' - >1 ■ -' M r s . L a n e ’s sw e e tr y o u n g f a c e W as fu ll o f p i t y , as she h u r r ie d l y packed*.a ,,b a s k e t w ith , b r e a d ^nd t e a an d su g a r , f o r fherSick m o th e r , T ^ e n she r a n u p s t a i r s arid tied on h e r p r e t t y su m m e r -h a t, an d ; d o w n a g l r a w h ile t h e hu n g ry g ir l w ^ s finishing’ ' - liibreakfast;ip , . . - -Co om m cj l i t t l e g ir rl l,” ,” she sa aid id, . “ W h a H s h e r r e a k f a s t; “ C c j l i t t l e g i sh e s youi- n a m e r ; .- , . ' ‘lEllen'Btantbh, ma’am ; but> always called me Nelly, and so i ) hard to keep the baby and me. M rs. Lane asked no . more qtte^ons. had been when some other person’s car­ pet was handsomer, or their Indian shawl h ^ a deeper border^ And nbw shO Was going where hunger and sorrow were ten- 0 m m 0 m m eouraej^he® charitable-subsernP^^ns-^had:: th prlvilejte,., H f her awp accordi wh# goodt i i ' M m “'*r r-rr -v- ere -cold, and had . f “Bairiii riotaCa|.pfel, Ours is oWyt* slls Wey had'e^ten np .■eyarythme they- - *'Jfftipiw to think about it,’’ .and he ^ehtj toward ihayy been Hod, raa’|^i] her for his gdod-byn, ' i j i * eoneludM After he had gone, she went into the M r^ Lane! hdlfIess|<prettyKlittl^ thing, drawing-room and took a survey of her sdardcly new vvhallfo say; ! heart beat posessions. M c w p e k mm Hjiafe iQfv will tum u ltiioiitw b sibf pifcy-^her eyes mapy-sttadeipfmo55illke green, op Jhich Ifer sumiy’. life everything ]|ooks so Well. She coafessed -shp ha<f lievp.r pefore been broUglit tnjCdn- to hers^f th|at it.bad a mprea rJeflped aw : taht, wi,th. actoal, ^aunl misery^'-tantJ d®sti- than Mrs.;Mayne’s largerfigured ■ Wilton, tu|,idn. At l^fc a thoigKtbecurreado her, which Held your gaz^i like'tihe ej|e of the an'dtshb utlerGddtreag ; .u. U l^^|jydU|omy:ifM^R machine (hei a d Ih i. GreaJ vms. the Joy pf the.ebam W d wa ifi rrheii she donsSn ted, and he f lirly F o r L i f e A F ! g « r :.|i e ^ i f | ^ ^ ’ Guard # i P 8 t - a f i i ' i : fA m e r i c g D epots : 8V * | Of KqsehY-oo Dmdo . ' I ’ ■u tr Plain an '■ I ' i -■.-t'Kog . ihjE|, old mani Grrayf gbt wind of |thh af ■ ig mciuntjed^oii a swifter horse; and not nuine so jmuph to carry, Mr. Groy s oon ii nn e in sight of the fleeting part). ! !*ut- ’“fi spurjto his atepd, he s^^^ th^ satr ..AstiGn lof rpv^M m g them, i Seizing Tohn Henry’s horse by, the bridle, he 4 ^ ’ C .4 in 6 jm _ _ . aii affi lit' ‘ Hi\ lit til Bill WitfineHiiy J!N D A il,!'ltliiil. !-i '3^^ i v ad.j H e r lan’a ishedr hipped up| their st([eds le old man -W ell, th4n. I’ll go home with you, and e your mqther.. .aomuinto. the house, |,; dwi 'som'dihing; dou’i wt sm * t- 7 | 5 > f h“ X t!!^^U a m „ J<]hh, ‘‘And.is your fktberdeadl” - “Oh, y esll lha;Fs the way our troubles ®He Iwould soou^^ well began. Palther'dyd, and mother was Wi- j'.* But Jennie hiaugUtiry replled4 “ I will,.pjap—wfienm® knot M ^ W y o u h u u g r y P ’ she a a h h d , p « y i u | ^ ^ I t o t h n o w w h^ttoAo ffcrny 'm o th e ,. ^ , item y ears oli is rnore plague than profit. uauft.w^h, audwe’e e e ^ e n u p . e i e t ^ t h h , J i | | « ^ ^ ^hat [she hen hurriedly, . 4 y - f Bigte—i‘Stop there; J d f n e m l y tw b h p u r s fd u r la w y e r s par he\ ju d g e s held a 1 liscussion : on in .a v e r y fo r m a l tated t h a t i t w a s th a t th e i<jue^ The court-rooifi suffocation, and was manijib^i feedings, -ifhe que$- say V* and the ^ r y i i i e Trkuim lihe iitha^a. w iim ^ fe “ I f # i f . !■.: and J v | ' ! M ! ? ’ r I B E A B D S L E I ’S Q £ L j . 3 ' ' U ' m '!' >9 t L iot ',01 , H.: H t I'i:-

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