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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, January 17, 1866, Image 3

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I - | 7 r ■. r. eliii “ h ' * ' 3“ K S 1 S | ^ S & ' a | H -I : : . t s » ^ i : 3 . 3 i l n '^■i aampng 1 lOtlgAllis^^ ----- _ ____ __ charm to me, or else the interruption'of hand; i‘ ‘ Fae my peace of mind'^had siiddenly^tnaBe me df the trium nio|ro «rvT^ro«5«t!i/*i‘4 TJ^I o A o ^^^ _* ^ ,.oU,lWo^ fine The Richmond Repabiio, ijammenting; *.1.^ jf A'^ril p<>sf, r« of a lony ..vfe# to' be ' at. ]f>oiv‘( m il’ i 3 3 S 3 ^ E S H £ ? f S l J S f M l M ' 4 ! /or^ardl;moW •4mneW df despair^ D iafeh >i| a f^ jiefO r^ ; Ihft^fOlong- now a ¥aivorite , , ‘ M y unsettled fancy led m e tolong w an- itst— ------ „ derintai am ong .the fores^tUl^oresUnd py ;atiQ i^ d C ;^ fiB u ti-th e atm os- the nbw found pasitutes, in'search of a w ild phere, w hich fecem*^') ^suh-harged w ith all ........ ...... * $ ! 5 5 3 L '■ '[ h b o M m i h^thi and;|)lj^i|g th§m upon tfieit aiim I g g B,|,«.Mityh.ni a h ^ 8 a : oharm i-a ro- W W u tiftl.n o r ^harmintf to nie but “ A. The first effi« , i S - S ? * , 4 K : a * p p i s i S i « . ' 5 t i « - r w s ?mbranch nncovefl, the 4 ust # f , had t|3faweb8:bfdiiBj^>eQM ou ap^ ^ 88 U' to ad^ only th^^bharm of, sunJi^httto the .b‘e4npy of the laii< raa, e‘.>n;Gea:led aloii^ by the JOUWI. .' Iti,*?! I h' only thfb harm of J ray o f ^ vered irrikginatic le .be^ M ^ of the lafdscape, ,. ^‘^Cohfound Qjf storm, j kudddriiy became ifi for f the m cendiarj fees alf iess fasndp, the city w ould, mi as a suiA rner m orning.— ^{ped ;tfl (ki§t even in the .gjiuati^us o|'^I'huse w ho had a band ot riiiorb; r.-niOrs< less |ta T urks w ere tib.-nlii. O) seize ciipitai ;;i of jtlie - goiltcderapy;, IjiT th« wisto, jiipfc^d d f ;k i f id U h ^ them ; to -fyidOstead of! dcstiroying it ; OlfdW iristejad o f givinji the 1^5 to ;,prO vide ' those w ho , . ^ ffiythe m ea i^ ' of lilb, in- stead'(f pluu Ifirjirig and slaughteruig; to i-treat^/itn r^ppybt aud G fjui'tesy those ^ho' ihli or iy exppcit^d brutality aii,' cm ti :ige. ; ^fAil.d,;froni that eventful day to this, the off leer,sp^ |he. nnited States^ goylrn- ment nthis pilby have .exhibited the* swie, enlightened, liberal, humane deportment, seeking-constjantly'to siecure aji the great i|np!res^of s|bcioty, and to restore p€[ace . antfira^iuess to a .G om m unity w hich had lult drahfevtp the terT idregs the cup ofw oe pnd p - ..... ^ ............. y-#aS rnisery.' , | .■ | 1 [,, I | ’;<aMiCreSS8d^^ and plUngedTST\®*^- ^w»re ‘yNm e’m cjuflls ag^ the p e a t bn s4eJs • into a.thlckiet forest aM was lost.to eom- vth>re, aiid' nnm,#ou 4 JblHbr :BM::ibnt no streets ol RiblTimond. Wt-re hekps of bUz- i prehehsibn. , ■ ( . I ' . :‘^A: B.” although .1 was^satw^^ inj^ rujn.s it%) most sanguine scardelj’ ‘ - i : - ill.:, „ , . ^ ;. dared tp hope tliat ;«he city i w ould ejver I ; reared ;notyo\ earn further of my fate, rise |fr:>rn its a^hfep. Now, onj every ' lil e ‘ ■ Mrookr'i ot- ’ renOysTon^ elie roniaubb £b.jut ,'itj w hich-was blei. T enapted by thjel w ildernos scene, I iiia|b a jidrhey to p i.., ^ v ;, . aM wanderfeld along itp fringed banks. Slight ru^hij \ sound ks of dist^ntf *•»«\- )ared ;not tof earn further , of my fate, rise If . , ^ ;an4 <S»me be^kqi litt^^^^ buii|U.iiga are ^ohig Up' which would 'jh| a ; 4 h tM Queen’s d o r n i ^ lajid-k^eidit to aiiy Ri>^n pji xM'.cuptlioenf, jiniji ve *Trrii--rr— tors atjid Mpmbep m o f ' n i e and asked iffk 'fn id noti it^ eourso)T'A^® .a dlfjon wild notVtie.:|prosp.ebt is that l^^ichthond' vyill, befforh fanoth'''r l'>ng,'b,e4aymoEie beiiutifujl andj ffoufi.sl|nig' adies had city Chan in its m ost pi-losperoiis'clayfi.— ■wjktef’s; or ii i.-. hasfc|U!uijg of through^thc'lb-iiage,I lyd !,if ,dow \ ' uWiy Sfeepiiiig dMlijvity and' by picking'^, ____ __ . __ ___ W hich rose a bo.ve tike rapids. \>'t - enemifg. «« r - t ^8 tn ^1,0 w o,.^ of ntiegradi- m,v. thoughtlessness until eye ^ecOnstruc non. 'T he jpolitilcal clojrd.s t h M i n k k p e i j '^hjeh. then h|uhg| so ibeavify over jm f' frequcrit raillery, of m y m dan ch oly proved ’ heads, hay a^feat yxtent, disappear- log', oil to^m ;y satlsfactibri that she w as not the ed., ..T he P resident of the U nited States,• the foekk Im pthetjof the tjyo tw o|o .childrOnc I instead of aii, a|ren|ing ^ em es|s, has prov- Ovi'er thq, led of tile streamyras t deep- [dato'the forest.lihunsr thei bi ’ b| forest,! jhung thej biich and, sad vista !u 3 gToetic- spu(, Her!e and theres ar wh,i;ta*.GMcadei broke. tf darity ofdheddescea|,|j and*' wO iindi arounq the base of jutting hill, or 'rook, growing eppry ktep ayore w iiA varied and oicturesy quje.'-: ’•*._ d ■■■|-■ - - -*-:' i-’ As th< descent grew steeper, th i rough­ ness of the banks coiripeiied; m e to leave the shore and nlam bkr aro.und! a distance of a few rods, w hen 1 agaM ckine, fuirupon . the stream and behe|d the pouring w aters, the sound' of W hich' H ad’ grow n{ m )re and anted, and th<=“ ladies h-^d city Chian in its most p'riisperbiis consehfM'Was.p^^^ cf thje North, late our .'.j --•--L--- ■'- -i ^ -d ha^e ' ..... •whin... -p-E,| _ ___ .,j .,-w. f. s, havp,. fo: argfeat Extent, disapp^i ..^he President of the United Stab _ _ , , ;hM seen her in Company Wlt^ i eT himself < Tha bpating party reterned, and .with it nJagnanltn?^ ,my .dipppmg.$p?f% while the acquaii^ tdrs,’^ was thk dbjept tanedi^begunripened into admiration. The add appreheusiion; is now the breakwater, ramb|ie$^ere frequent and.the wreath.S'of. defendingvin kffli'cted people j from those wild j flowers often suggested a! subject‘augry wolves tihaf still raven for their de-j wbichj’l could not surarnod courkere eh.nugh^struction.’^ tihnt GouraM i f rsay that t:'heard'Vhef onejs' ifrom'ii^q toiBkJft6ib lad' i ^ a r | that 4 ' had* tost a hat d-olcei: a . « ‘ ............................... ith flovvers. 4 . penses of farijtting'are vastly increased, but cottoln “Y(^s,” she replied,\“T lost m y travelling is SiaUhMn Yazoo city at flfty-t)vo cents p^r 'their US,4 . • in.*uy-tx CiV* V^A } JL-XXV.FX O ' .sti|ll more^idark and Mid; anidf J ir d ih g a .1 belautifui cascade whjiqh ! broke m spray :..U - ^nd flowers i ,c jolness; tupon one uruw oif piie opp^isi ie shorn and the shelvipg ro(|k4, th,^<i^’‘ai d . hem- ’ lo^k grew so ciosC.M ^d^se p com-' pleteiiy shutr out alii .yew of the s cene be­ yond. The'yhie and • gooseberry inter- . mingled with thp dam grey roQbfc, while Q vpr the fall' the .mibgiing bfanch< s ol' th& trees formed a .jbe'ap|itul -gateway i rom which the white eSspade. darted like a- thing of lifo, and fled awayf down be deep- ■.'enjing vistn.;, j | . I A t the foot ol thej ^ i l stood the i'luin of ap old mill/ tbe stonjes growing c ver with\ mjoss and weeds,, while’a-little gr^en plot .... ■ . .i-.. , . . ■ I f i ,w , ¥¥ ujinc a fiiuuj,t5 t] grass'and wild flqsMers spread put -Dce* i t . ' As-I Cham bdred upon the i ___ , , , . . ost in the'roar lofM a ^ wdter%.ana hf^Mring the same curiosity >s p^ntty summer hat, [decor'^^ with *rib- pfockja flow efC aM ; ikee turned aw'h^ suA ' muld give my: heart to know who; fornid .hppieoiatlob. of pMuniiary prohj -W h y ?\ suggested I, musihB, and learnid ‘’'l that ‘t o e w i t o A e myaterf. which, she. loncei^ed with p t e y f u t o s . ' ■ ‘T found the!baf;’’ 4 kid T, as we sat*doc m ‘S ’t S lfS ^ th e A e a ^ '^ s • sft.“you found m v h d t b v that beai^t,. :p j j 4 i fop % eight hhndred , acre., ff cleared fand on T>eer Gr^ek rents for; tc^ dollars j>er acre, the leslee contraefiibg :i»th kt thn«SnA.noh,ent asked Intw-Kit * ' \ ? / ' f '’\a if'Ta’ - T C 4 m e jgbdut:r^k td fv taed ,ahh h » d 4 ^ ^ I “+ .“The jeople of Mississippi jiow iiitei Bj’iaU tib'ir energy to making go: cofcto,p^ the ktao 'Taid of value |s and an ..h,biress, lotead of beitlg ► many negrdes, i.i now reputed.'*^ haveon'nand so many bales of cotton.- lessly stiayed away from the spot wl tiirning with a companion the next I morn- , T , is now teput^d,. gM a n d ; 4 iiM 4 iS J s « n l4 ? ; 4 f ^ groes .w ill w ork tolerably w ell w ith prop erjsuperv-isioil and care; and if a-m an h |s not ready m om eV. he'can rent his nlantk- dnd w ild iflotoSi lying partially ■firW '-e?, hnJ it; !S”^ . i- 8 h ■ . S hdssneebeepipttlledtoutahdem b 'odiesto a L r ttim e ih f hich, to recover ftoto the ti(^n for this ^teap,|and be aflle with tip proceeds to tniaKe a good stkrt for himself ,n |1867. O tteiear or five would jbe but . w k h m h a t e U e d , and ffill: 1870 'toc 4ttrs,so:as n o tl4 |« » h e|rc K S tmet im pression upclnlmy ea i f j ik en ed '};: HATfANDTonND th * eiEXRT. . j^ssis^^ippi .plan]ters can equal their pro- ,count^?h arid gf^zed about caijqfolly;^ feacqlM k c ddetioM of c u M ln ISffO, they and the arid gazed about ca|qftilly;^ feacqhinjg for i :sbnie indication of thd fair ownef, but to „ , L.y'too purpqse.' ' i'' .■j.l > J .■.fTlle] I VV hether-the weabrjhad noticeii me and hasteried; away,, fearf ug |o stay to clkirn' it, of whether Sqrne^adbiSent, ipighfc. hpbl have; belallen tfoiij'were f|ougW s eUagM toy cdrio4if}i until Hekr the ^inkiiig offhe evenipg Mnshine m|o twilight,. T ie spftr air gi;e.Wi.Gool arid ^ Umy, and'^thefalf more.: b'eautiilul iii the de§|ieping shade, Ibu ts till l ; d ijctioi 1 ^of Cutlton'.ln ISflO, thi j cb|untr ? will be hiore.thau satisfied.\ lu^e-' ' b -t --_j -p ---.T-T .T ..^de, opponents of .theryactiQh' .;-rpu.Av’ .if:w| jpk .'-S-l aid him t|j a military' conventidn. : a ] adopted thafc- bkh.fhe eoBtending parties Iwho now vyaited^fihqughtlessl!y|earvii^ adevjce up- . . . . . . . .on a &fae|lving;i;odiJ]aBd musing iiM til thh’ s itin g J h e ^ \^ oiiie% djTi^d ttiq frp th e rh o n way JnjlOOl^^^^^S^^iUp jl ^ : ‘khd ' =fb)TTf»V* a ^ h 4 the h a t,. jT lm y . fouiMai ,tpe embqdimenti of Ibeautyi and sartlcsk . loveliness, i doubtpdAot the . yavin| jMotejhtjDoflT^^ has* ao ' long i tresses ol the taires^ flower ofsixtet p sUm fopposeTlthe; progfcss of ^Mh^fierating sci- mei’s had often behn jeonchaled berekhit. encej-and kept up a mischievous tradition Many a year iateit | s t ^ e d again to o^gfenuinenhsiB to the n ftM i the thicket and the, |aP;L stiff hidden in the ^limption, can now bp irtiijtafed, and depth ol a targe fQ^sj;. j There lay the bid. .djuced in Cqttoectiqqt m greater ; mtflstone—a ..tree of consid;erab e. . size * ‘ ‘ growing! jihrohgh i l | tM wi|d T d i i ra \ ^ the brambles Werejthiiqker and doerserv—^ ; The rains suddenivt cj^hed <- k .. cidenCs o f the lorfidjerj \;isi I let toy eyes la;fl i u|)ohfh folfov On Jaris 1 st, Mrs. Spripps (the wife of tionpPostmaster Scripps, of Chicago), while con- togaged inreceivtog visits from her friends ten to pljeciis _ ' I f b ig bceTi _ __________ , __ _ ________ - bedn dojnp e l k ;to, T-hi filsl ;pkM n g p r th a l plabo,ksi‘'®^’^ k ApplM toe] se ---^--toio3 o k s-_ ,. . , - els of fa#,K iw em l|,er. g tirno has Lome in ( :w|pape“*- QgldsSV ; the prlc Sprin T h e coi as^in pr M :@ R | DR. WABS iVPRrH '5 f | i A ■PBaFjaqT' and ;»ne« -A. disisflu ,|tB .TKOfilt: iju ,:tB ,Wof<it: tarrn tho d s ■r4\ lioaMeiTfe )ip4, dry.'* loughi, , ijbroWic „ diaa he«^, .dull (pap. ii| tM! tioniof wfeigbt c yer the ,eyes„caiii the aensBiJ .ol- stoening, l.taMiiis:, ; neuralgic igCc aons.j Many, ^ tc I can be glTcuof the aetdhi«liing ' cine, and! nDt a linglh ih»tailee ol III Its ISC hii« O.CCujTCd. is yOt gi^e: i to i t hechuso it is tui healthy ais char ;e, Jor it nevjer d Storing dis jase'd parts to a'tteal healthy die char je c e a e c s, j . n i > r A ny PiMi'i < ly' Ti CE sTiifa’iM. : Do norlh jsita ;e, but jiro\\-\ It will n<Jt dj--^----'\ * 4 I, ,^ t:v |h » h « jr 4 -'I BEAKDSLEY'pEWnALLERY w f W K i H B w i'k k“ T I l A f e h ! ! a ; was-—; :uiT. cup|esinov 1 calhkl t« mw| m,v ipErcssioif M ; 4 Charleston Sditor, having re- y ik d |f€ ^ --------- ‘ ‘ . ] In'western Texas. th 4 plantefs, fa,fmers, lauiisi, siiimac. Mj;Wi«v :>viue*i tiMe |apdrfreedm|)| igen^illy, are, making con- ihy tohOT.fabulQU8 yitond^ teabts for Xhfi? year, which are satasfeetory Oflrs. [Boston'Tranacript. to all partie^. Iq cent al Texs^s thq pros- i tirri'-'that the hat was Of a style' ! ming M'u^uaUy wiirn intM id trim - ___ y, , ___ ___ ^ ., ........ (Country, a tliat iij w as no doubt that of | a visitor the locality, w ho I to |ratjfy a cilri/ ! similar to niy oiwn; and, that drcljpping of| and goodi daily declining in] :pkte. • j aw ayto'rom’tfie locality hadi pifstaken|-thn I place w heqe the h|.t w as|left,' A 1 it WHS lit a m oiiient, rnyf full detepmb i-A-ibsibion: to-'p^^ .--- ------ \— i* 4 ■-■ •tobgts anjl ta k e ^ pay fn~ hoop- j|ldv|ard |F ; Green, |the. Maldeh naup- ‘ vito, was t o be hangej flatoes - w ith oply ngl dedision by the Exi(cutive Council of id y e r i h o k t o boy iL tee bank in that tM n , W s t o be hanged, according to a fi- npl decision’ by the Ex ^ .... . ..... ________________________________________________ _____ _____ _i|ie ;M 44 sachus^^^^ 1 dt WHS mcilent, foil ‘ ^ General W ade H am lten has left Soifth here iiiftess jtpmpted! by the same fancy, and'if the Merib bludding sb young has been caltivaPed, s ie| musp bh all I hould im&gtoe| bp|h, in kjJy and^Dto.” s a p jo,qp^ i:|hitftd as h fine one fo}' the peo h)ijith .tG,fbilf>w. instead , — - labor. liy w w t a r i) ,n ito e in a P i# « : .r w „ o w j w ’r^ B n U A aoH rrE criU l^R^city New York pays an architect I S S i \ — illr Charles G literary editor of i H a I* lRjiii*ol Niaxxr L>J^,r>U B at ^ e Wide sptehd /out befor.- me, aM with il 4 yi'ata o f uncounted years/while howl i^any times^ might the and says there is a t A e . ] ] : F . .... 4 I . i ' : ; : ' ■ f f I i. i-.i . r'-; > •1; tvy* I ^ -tm ] . i i ' l i i 1 *i!end ill V, ./A,:; 1i , 4 '\ r S U ' , . B ® . -.V Principal C fiice and and £aboratdij l 4 at the K. E. cm ■ner p.f SIXTH aivd COllp^EOE Streets, Pliiifdelpblfi ‘ where'%il lettersifor adidcC or bnsine=s 6bouid(be dl. . o;|- 'rected;/.; .■■■ I'' ■ I ; : ■ ; . {'.. - }• . .He will be'lbu|id tlibie every %A.O]lIE©AS:,,.prGfefi sionally to example irangs with 4 h 3 EeBplrornet'er, for .’wMct his fee i8iteee|dollarB ; all iidvkce-free. , Ih.New York 4 ttool' 32 MltofSt£efet, every TEES I' ■ M A ^ O K O ^ iH O T ^ t o Bejston, 1 jlfidnary, ' k;; andl 9 ,-Eehr.uaiis ,15 afad 16 , April' 19 .and 20 ,aiay lYand • Ir! i a t o i m e i i a n d f c Theti.TOe.fqrifiy'.belngl^^^ ' ; Bt 7 E( 3 ; whi.be ^een in th® aaily,.pap<^8 & 4he:Histor]^ 0 / ScheieJ^'s owii Case, arid how Aej w a| cured o f- C^'Mumptio'h. J > 4 f f l l E l i m t L f i i l E s r t K '■s '4 ' l. - 'a f^|o,give- p f t : pk. 3 S i i S : . . i i'-/.: :l' ^ I a ;''

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