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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, August 30, 1865, Image 1

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■ t\ P U B L I S H E D B Y J . H . S r a 0 ' : 6 i , 7 1 v f- ■ • -- - ■ * ' . \ / M l ^ i'.',.’ 1 | l u Rate»^<il A d v e M iliha, Im p n t h .. . ........................ ‘ # ' I S ; S : E ; = ; 7 f v ; dio|j / 36 ; \ “ ' ... 1 ,-r .......... j'..,. .......... :;:; ........ r a 4 'i 30 IH : 1 /: La- JV iMAMiiy l ' il/V * *' y|i)6 Olt ' 1 ¥ i l ^ P ^ S s - 1‘ by only thj-^f anata the Sen- X i ftp e b y / k in s iai e reqjuestelltSj oneet : . _ tow^ns afctheittaU fM jtiie l o ^ l committees, a^d appofat tdfr^o^oMngv nm^ber pf;^d^l|^gate^' ',to represent tfiemiJEnlsaidiG^t^njTOntlon: , ' • s « n « ' W S' > i deii|| ‘/ t f e s|ji.^:entA|E^ ady^iieed will _m e<i t l ,e a p p f e ^ n ; o b b « ' ^ “ W - | ity of. th e pe© p l4 and the Rrpsiappt w ill { be^^uliy sustained in executing them . bem c ^ r^ro SpIji in Ohl<^.| J aeGojmts published e]sewhqre|j<i|i, wijl] b6 seep that the Dem o cratie: parity!in o l i o , already in a irdnority\ b y ' n early 1 W f i b r h ^ s j p l^ tw o , and ^ a d e ,twc{ ndniin^ti:oi|.s ahdl^ tw o pla|fOTn^s,4i* r i e i k k ^ C o n v ^ i o n ■ n p t t ^ ^ d ^pexi Lbng,. an px^C p n g r es^hn o f 'pro­ c l i t i c s , for* 4 ^ ^ ; ^ q r , W h ile!the second nptiidated; G e i.j Morgan^ fattious fo|^ his; disiistrouaj r e t y a t the passes into E a s t T e n ^ s s 4 | j t ^ ; ^ e h ’l e | ; o ^ h a \ e held ^heii|-T-in w h ich reye^it ; ht i p s t m e r e m e p .thdnjin a heg^y battlei. L a s t fall be supported th e '“whr a faiMrq'* t idket nom inated at C l|ca g o , and ehhdi- date for the \Va|landigham-Pugh w in g jofl ^he O h io dem o c racy. : | - *Phe,Copstijfe|ional Cqnyentiojn o f Mis-^ sisiiippi; now in ^essipn a t da^ksoiij h a s i pa !se^ a h A rfi^ d h i^ n f to the Stjate Conath tu tion , b y y o y o f ^ to 1 1 , y p o g n izing k .S l a v e r y . \ therefore, takes the lead am o n g ;tbb Seced-i ed S ta tes ih4|hbjfirstinecessary }stei> t o re-' constrtiction. ^ e w iil^ sssume s u m e t hat, k , in dnj j ‘jj lavjir for th e protjection and secstfrlty o f th^ p 4 ?sebe hnd irp r b p e % th e I - t j| . C e n s u s /Sw inge' Sikie paper, pur- lent from the ms ' / T h e !eei SU8 retu^nsj as ar as reported, dd p o t ,|Sh( w a Tailing o ff from i s o o , but . ^ i n c r ^ s C A n d the d a s t census before tihis in that city w a s taken under the roan- ip i i atibjn t i ^ k ^ ^ l T l s a i a h ^ ;-jpyJa < E m p ire Cl ib , and it sifcrated that i t w a s ,a petrated for th e purp bity^ r e p tesintation\ h fT h e ^hej e x p e n s 1 o f th e Si ijr th e T 'ib u n e and have been gas a eoaq their enti Eynders, o f the is now b e ing dem o n - hug 3 swindle-T-peri ase t f ; increasing the L e g is lature at ate. othe* papers in N e w in the h a b it o f esti- 0 tbt r e o f to h e about frii^ting the populatio j l{OOd,QOO, ijb was because they based their bgiires Upoh RyndptS^fraiid.ulent returns, japd estim a ted the increase s i n c e y e n equj tdjthe 6 ve years prior thereto. It is now kb^own that a porjbion of,'that increase -as I’ep r e s e n tel by the d o n g k y Captain's fig, ujees w a sfistifeious; and itjis pretty w e ll as- ceftain e d ,th a t the populnlion f 6 r the last fried five years bias not increased as rapidly as ^ ^ fuj-iug the sam e period nojl:^ belore. T h e prihune- and other papers are forced to Idinit this tnutb.' T h e re are various fon s for this^ am o n g w h ici is th e terrible, corruption o f the M u n iei tal G o v e r n m e n t inder dem o c ratic rule. T h e increasing 5ity. taxati>n, which drives the m o s t ex- lensive ca|illalists and business then to|r|B fr 4 c ou t pr k e city ; the high rents anjd y e r c r o w d e d territory ten 3 to send people ;o|iess populous and cheapef loealities, and The increasihg railroad; steam b o a t and rer- i|y| Ifaeilitil ? ^ enable thein to reside in ad- iiityillisges and Cities j iid siill do busi- lijie^ i n .N e w York'. • It is w e ll known that !t|hb num b e r o f great d^pitalipts who do jbusiness iii N e w Y o r k pity but reside plaer kblere, is djaily inoreasin 5 — a n d so dfj all tfrther class ess. T h e po pi ia tio n , therefore, .-|iM prdbably* fall inside o f 800,000; aiid city •epresentatio: 1 increased in the ply b y only thi la b y o n e . A n d “that 'si w h a f s the m a t ter” w ith the Citi^eti. i T h e A1 lanyT E v d n irg ^durnal on this .su ^ e c t, s j t i : ' ; ‘‘The cen|li8,qf of Jfew y,c rk city, which. haS| ipn a Buhjict pt bifrer conacoeny teceDtly^^ taken XU 18 sixpi^i vision; of.frr, Hough, • thq pwsofrt lapable^Ciuef p Enumeration, ,anid in lS4p^toy Isaiah Byrld!ers, President of thfil Empire C | b a n d l e a i ^ of th'' ^ Mixg dynaS Itrhas;Just b pnder the same auspices as i ward of the, city-embraces it ery|,available sguSte? sary hegifppTthe^pbor folks Wps. . Bulwark how little e k y e hpoh|figxxreR/prepai;efl?t ocilatic offikal. The, federal htbitedr-^xmd perhaps correc this ward pf l'9,t54./ Durin year® the jcapital of ihe - m uppn'|thi8||ierrltory aiid dro t»wn| . T ' “A|cai-slul enumeration, 3 •piees in l|55, exhibited the □iy p8,4is6 |nhaMtants ,wi During thI n |i t flye yeafs ( 'supposed: |ha|the saine-Asi afipQ had stiH further requee But 8 £ich tkhing circumsiam ted intelrfere with a fkoi © celebrated Pewt| en, completed agai x T;&55. The Eirst extreme lower p'or- anything; kno^ lallj decreasing, b;, flishmeuj&mpop ev-j 0 0 m, and the neceS.] who were- its 'dehy &ee| social: - changes y at hiterested ,demT /census. <fr^-85,oj ex[ ly-:;-a..pd^latioh -the ensuing |fiy(^ 5tro mils enqroaehet i^e ,1 he ^Wellers'! up add under , stat^ausi that there W63 hin its boundaries. very observing man p r e v iou s ly in op^r- assisl|antspf Marshal Rynders. Their industrr Wvp^ed ^he-fact that thie ‘ol d Pirst’ gave ahpmej fo J 8, J4^Lper^nsj an iue^eUsu of 4,662 sjn^l 1856,' a a d i decrease ot but .,;6P6 since 1850,^dui -i iing a! dec^e in which qyefy ordinary observtr %dd tiudemtood that qt least one half the ;peop e who irormefly dwelt Within | jun-shot of the Ba > 'teiry had' gone up/jtoWn tbi d k b ♦ ♦ « ‘‘TheidemocraHc papers are very ip-- fiigpant because the census his year will not pr )■* W t returns vyhidh justafy those made by 'tl e ' 'frav^ ^ays.: ., ‘ hkd of tiie Empire eiub. Afi the actuar inhat i- taniswill be Xepre8ented.j But the myfhxcil, JshadoWy'persoiiages who s veiled the lisis o4t: le greatj hrq her Marshal, and_ who ih/ghoky '«'h jumn J hat e rallied as the bs ses.of democratic re p- during the, last Ive years will nqt jpfr' hand. [Theywere spokei i into'’ existence by bwatlx and, a breath has bio wn them away. Th jy ,cqnld ho,t[ stand the cold l ogic of a searching mal h- ’eipatical janalysisx. 1 / ^ i‘‘l!irew p r k will ekfikitj less, population thlan tfie # o AS v :pectefr aad pmmiseb * .TfrMt is| because’ there are= fe[wer peopie living' theW;[ Thekdeai that f< _ ^um e fpt from a cintrrf bifi'ce; aiid) wit|iout per* istructioD . YY c w u r,^ tn m oi- nal knbwlbdge 6u the ;pkrt o f The , 1^, tip s th e fr^ ;| L e g islkfrre to p rovide by ' have developed into an organized bandf bf^ eo“ \ l i returfas, ■ and t h k this almost, half tnoU8afi|d bfi CO— - - - — A e t o f Em h h ciikM a M will';[guard this! c l ^ s o f the ^q||da£i.on frpib a f i j oppres­ siv e and txirbulek conduct on the part o f their r ecent poasjfcers.^; ^ Chicago has j | s t taken a Cejfisiii?^ and is stirprised to find h e r s e lf n o t si^ as she ' t^ U g h t : s f a h % s . ;;She:suj^Q siA frhb at least 2 0 0 ,0 0 6 inhabitants, b u t can oiiljr W e ,l l a v e n ? i y e t A f r A : vris%Phfri|hme^^^ to b e ,inflicted on jWe ^ ip e r m t e t^ e n | | 0 r T he enum eratorsi . < tor U. S. All right j ^en. ® “ P''“ v 8“®« i t y r y W ' j y “conse r v e l ’ elaboratmA fixeir raseaiity [as to harmonic feefryid tho di^plJcity—-no one of the numboi ■leaking k mistake kposnigthe others^-embraees. ^k s s u i^^ h f r f EdW ^Urkeeiicecked, I ah mcomprebehSipility inafyel- Ipus t y n the Wi.idkst flight,bf recorded guiltj’- - ; i^et, th^ i8 what thoM. organs of U r ty daim / Which ^harge. uimn Se<uetary DepeW a deliheijate pnijmae. to procure a falsej return o f jpopjfratjbp;.- j, “SOrf^i^ New York city is concerned, a ready ®Sport is piOTidedfor.taie temedy of' any defects, in local pbhtieal orgtmizationa. But it wdl lfrot k'.i'T mred. b y G, headers [that SrOsijfent i-Hir them in, Check, sc f^hat ItYthey ------- r ' 4 i e P r e s i d k j ; u q n T |t|^ion:T ^ ^ ferred to th e Iq frs | th k f h a4 fuit]beqn;p:i|y simd in p e f e r ^ ^ h t : t h c R i c h i f i ^ ^ o f ' t h 4 i ^ i | t e S t : c ^ g ^ , Ja'frqu- the principle’that: r e p r e s e i t k i L ' s M t h a l w M i i ? # W ! a n d rottMM f | 'j G oal PB c|siuc Ts— i > e ktpipiyj frf, [this place i s p r e t ty mjich ekfiaud^edj !is likew ise in m.()st of' thi Hes and I yUjla^eii.. A s .aw a r e ,th e r e i s .a strikn.on thd i t e ol* the |tL , Consjiitnti ^miners in Penns'ylvarf w h b ‘i M s ^ d J |i g l t fapd :'er w a g ^ than em p lo y e r s w ill coniseh|[-to I p ly o f coal .h e r e /fo r .the com ing .wmter: I a re n o t eticourag ing. T h e S y fli cusCi^SalS G eneral Sehet ck^s rem a rks on ihis tdpiic Sgent. and ’^ |> r e c i a tive ^ndieiieb.' ' J • “M mtfweakf,c4 , s > i - ; ; panics and' the; minCrs* nqntmm 3;vahdj th| (prospects of a r scoUciliafion rs uqt^ flat^^ ling. The stock of cpal at tfii|sMty :low, ^ n^e o f |ie y^ie|i^,n3e||qr [are to^e'obtain edat .any-prrqefxiThe Goal< (Corripfriiy will take rio orders -to be filled at a future day;. Iff® repotlledT flom ’ the a iderable additui^'i thdaffidM ; C b h s n ^ G i^ k lp ! pelled it0>pay a T&HcrGasedf iheir That. - ■ . : The . Democrats oroS J lU n q e fheir' Copperhead and d,is-nnion’ p rM fiy' [the, .p€pihati0ii of A iekktidfe^ j Member of C<|mgress frbmlia j! OinbitilStf' Itorions !at an early! 0(l-^oqmy pfpqdtmf the re- Ibellion, a^t their /candidate There is A bopeful sigl^pldffipd^ment jdown in C o n n lti#. ' Tfte t o o n ^ Ju- 'suspend\ i hard I ■Mm s 'tor i \ ! l ajfe; iThex! L)3th .jnst.,! . tSpeeiaJi II fo.Sb-plth».« j M m __ n .5; ' ' I h :

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