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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, December 28, 1848, Image 2

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V h e r e a r e - i n o i r e C p p i e s o f *U e - ‘«s®ss?sw*«asK*' DHICOLATED IN T H IS VILLAGE, IMEDEIOGRIT, 3 HM © IS W m ® ISt:' >i'jrvfl^>NwiGK-■•Ej»no»tti>iitARY>---Whereasr the corporation of the village of Troy, having siiccee- iJed in saddling the payment of their Recorder^ salary up1)n the county, tlierefore, notice is lioreby given that application will be made lothoLegisla- tufe of this State, at its t!B.\t session, for an act authorizing t|ie pop-corn man to draw upon the y a bush- D E C E M B l E i R » S , 1 S 4 § . :6:^ V.olney, £. Palmer, Esq. is our autSorized Accn James Thorn, i 10 00 10 00 Gilbert Gropsey Sheriff 5021 45 4085 48 Robert A Lottridgedis.Btl’y 1200 00 1100 00 Leland Fairbanks • ; . ...................... ..... Iw'ard R Peck 250 00 \3OOO “ 25 00 15 00 \ Troy Justioes Court Francis N Mann John Cook 1515 95 I give infonimllon aa to (he advahiagcs ofac ihcvLansingburgh Democi-ai. riieine, and udveitising L O C A L A G E N T S : H earman KNiCKEKnACKER, Schughticokc. G eorge BnrsT, Jr., Brunswick. Z.iP. Ili'REocK, Grafton. B. W ilkinson . Sandlake and vicmitt I. II.viiiiis, Stillwater, Saratoga Co. Harman N Pane John Marshall Peter Ostrander Abram B Oliti Villiam 5 13 county treasurer for funds enough to buy el of maze, his stock in tradehaving become great­ ly reduced by felonious abstractions ,perpetra(bd in that ungodly place ! Also to provide that the street scavender,draw upon said treasurer to make up an unexpected deficiency in his revenue caused by a ,great decline in the price of guano! and that the salaries of ail the officers of Troy, as well as the expenses of the mackerel hash to be got up on the 22d of February, be paid'from the same source. And as an offset to the above, that the tail of the sorrel horse which navigates the ferry-boat be forthwith cut off, and sold, and tlio proceedspaid into said Treasurer’s hands. S c e n e i n a n E d i t o i '’s S a n c t i i m . [Enter victor, bearing a two-footed animal in his “Please satTate thy eyes, uiion the present I have brought thee, and let it decorate thy dinner- table on Christmas day: and accept it as a token of good will, “Yes sir-ee, and if it is in our power to return thee a kindness in any shape, we are at thy ser­ vice. Please command us.” “I am more than repaid by the brilliant emina- natious from your fertile brail Talve our hat. M s M f e R f R B H © E H i O C K A ' i ’; coum y o u i ALMANAC. t i f |i,l 1415 “ i i ” E R King, salary ns clerk “ for preparing abstract of proceedings 100 James Henderson, Supervisor Harvey .\Ioslier Jaeob bipperiey William. BusWell Henry Landon Gurdon Corning Thomas Wliite John B Ford WilliamGibson j William I I Budd Elijah G Tiin David Norton y McChesney , Ilonry J Witbeck Edward P Picket Joseph Dwells Samuels. Streeter William W Reynolds shadows on the dim walls of your room? help you, if you have no such memories as these ! ■listed out all kind thoughts of a blessed child- hotxl; we could weep for thee, stranger reader, if God has denied > ou the knotvlodge of such things, for they are inwoven with the heart, like the life blood that warms it. The following sums were raised and appropria- d to the purposes raeiitioned: or the Troy Orphan Asylum, N Y Inslitution for the blind ^118 25 State Lunatic Asylum 1,100 25 ract of the proceedings Printing abstract o of the Board mature womanhood—the young mother first gush of maternal love, and she who bends beside tlie glowing hearthstone, witli her silver locks gleaming beneath a matrons cap —all hail, with ,a glad thrill of joy New Years Eve. think the dark eyed boy bounds with a ligliter Balance due County T for money advanced Contingent fund for ensniiij 1,632 82 slep lo his father’s side, to imprint onco again th glad good-night kiss ; and the timid gold girl, too, glides to her mother’s knee, and clasping her dimpled hands more closely as she hows in House of Industry—temporary audited Jo towns House of Industry—audited to Troy Orphan Asylum House of Industrj’—coetingent debt 8,593 3 Repairs of Court Room d4 1 E. R KING, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. prayer, murmurs, “ Our Father in Heaven,” as if her heart was lighter upon this, the first glimpse of the welcome visage of the New Year. God be blessed for these brief hours that S T A T E N E N T o i tne proceedings of the Board upon the equalization of tho assessment rolls, and the equalized assessment rolls of the sever­ al towns, as corrected by the Board at their annual meeting m 1848: ’ By a resolution passed Dec. 7,1848, the assess- -xnent. xoils y ^» xa AruiaUaipjl bv dfidunLiuir from that Brunswick ^20,000 Berlin $20,000 Greousbusli 45,000 Sandlake chodack Nassay : Stephento'wn Hoosick I S ISS. And adding to 'roy First District Second do Third do §75,000 55,006 150,000 The following arc tlie equalii rolls as corrected by tho Board: Greeiibush & a i s r - Poestenkill, Pittstown “S I 11 w n “1 ii -Sll ss 13.C0G _?5,732 W e w lT e a rs E v e . How many beautiful associalions are connected with New Years Eve! Dost remember them, reader,—the days when .hy owii light heart boun­ ded to the music of that magic word? When,for Weeks before, you looked forward to tlio joyous period as an episode in your boyhood—a clear, sweol chime in the musical monotony of your life? .Vnd when it did arrive, do you remember witli wliat difficulty nurse adjusted your frolicsome seif in the tiny ciib or ample trundle ? How you fused to be soothed with the oft told tale, till your weary lids were made quite sure the stocking still bung secure on the old nail at the chimney plaee?--j, How you woke a t tlie inidniiighl watch, and then in’ There is one house in town which contains a mixed population black and white, and aflbrils a habitation for about a dozen families, all huddled together, in a state of squallid poverty. W for to the “old academy” building, on tho gre old house lies in ruin and wreck, lagers st.md in fenr aloof; ml, and the loof is black. And-lhe villag The rnftersbi-nd, A bed of snow covers the Tlie window panes And ihe broken gla lying about, rs cost a shade lid ihe 1 .lid the elms and poplars i Ail day long on this colonnade. P la u k R o a d to Stantons. We are happy to inform pur readers that should no unforseen obstacles arise, in all probability a plan,t road will be built to Stanton’s the coming spring. The route has been surveyed, and the farmers through whose lands it will pass, have all been found favorable tvith but one or two excep­ tions, The road can be constructed at an expense of not txceeding I4j000, and will pay fonilself in four yeirs, besides dividing ten per cent among its stockholders. There are plenty of capitalists who staid ready to take tlie stock, and there wil; > difficulty in this respect. We hope tlie shares will be made as small as possible so that men of tumble means may be permitted to se­ cure a pO-tion of the stock. This is no longer a mere freiilt of fancy in the brain of llie Editor of this paper, but is in the hands of men wlio have tlie means and the disposition to give to the project “‘'orin and comliucss.” 1913 t.! ilk gilSg 111 ii i t i i l l l l I ^31? Ils !0 11 12 13 3 18 19 20 25 2C'27 si 133 ' F S R E l i E M - : ’^ W b 'i p i E E . There will be an annual meeting of the “ 1 Department of the villirge of LansingburgE’ I 'at the Phoenix Hotel, on jdonday, the 8th da : January 1849, a t half past six o’clock, P . 1^^ ; the purposeiof electing officers of the D e p a rt I fpr the, ensuing yekr. .|r: ■' The roll will be calle d at 7 o’clock preci4 punctual attendaiice is requested. T. C. DAVENPORT, Chief Engiii .27th,l€48; M ARRIER: In Brunswick, ou Wednesday the 27th inst Rev. John Claik, Doot. DAVID NBWG0: of Albany, to jVliss RHODA A. daugWer-^ I Bucklin, Esq., of the former plaeei [Accompanying the above notice we reepivi eautiful specimenn off thee bridalidal cake.'ake.] o th br c In Troy, on Christmas dayvby Rev. C. Bah Mr. CHARLES WEBSTER, to Miss SARi ' C. FLANDRAU, both of Lansingbiirgh. In Waterford, on Thursday.Dec. 21st, by B Mr. Weaver, Mr. David Whitford to Miss M Ann Atkiason, all of Waterford. t'on, L ewis DERiek CiiESEnnouGii, aged IS. T . W .4 .£ .B 5 lS 5 > a .E , | Has been to New York with cash, and hay- found bills ou Lansinglmrgh, and other Banks much better than even 'ALIFOR.MA GOLD (TT A G re . lt P atiio . n of the P kess .—The iaSVl.ansiiigburgh Gazette contained nearly three coluitm s'of^fca\ advertisements. In Etick. This old brown world is not such a miserable World after ail, as the misanthropes would have one believe. The man who can get turkeys, just by intimating that one would be acceptable, must be surrounded by friends, to say the least, are in just such a predicament. An editor’s life is All love New Years Eve, the blushing girl, an so very unenviable, when his patrons are con­ stantly feasting him upon all the nick-nacks of the land. Between the various patrons who vailing each other in ministering to our inner son, there is no danger of our suffering — very They will each and all, and every one of them, accept our hiimblc-calumblety, while we nrake our most expressive—yes. H e w J u s t i c e o f t}»e P e a c e . ID” Mr. Isaac Ransom, Esq.’s official term one of tho Justices of the Peace of this viIIage,coi meiiciis on Monday next. He takes the place occupied by Mr. John G. Neal. ID“ We do not claim for ourselves any part icu- lar foresight or unusual powers of penetration, but neverlheleis it is a fact, that almost every project originally started in this paper, having for its oh- jeot the advancement of the business interests of the village, has beeu seized upon with avidity by the public, and carried out almost to the very let­ ter of the original design. During the past few months we have been requested to advocate vari­ ous plans which to .their originators have seemed calculated t o advance the general prosperity of the place, but to our mind they have not appeared practioible, and we have consequently abstained from broach ing them to the public. When the plank road to Stantons is well under way, shall then bring forward another project for still farther increasing tlie hnsmessof the place, and at the same time afford a rare chance for the invest­ ment of capital—but “ It is not b est to have too many irons in the fire at the same time.” DT Job Printing neatly and expeditiously e cuted a t tho Democrat office, comer of State and Ricliard streets, up-stairs. :an i.ow offlr some styl^ Come am' 3 cents iq buy gaod.s with, can I.ow offlr somestyl^ lods at n.sionisliing low prices. Come aiuL Y DS prints from 3 cents upwa Clinrclics In Eansiugburgili. with tlie names and res deuce of the several Minis- 3s. Red Twil’dFlanii Baptist—Rev. Mr. Hughes, residence IfijF John Cufeolic —Rev. Mr. Farley, residence 102 John. Episcopal—Rev. A. T. Twing, residence 146 John street. Methodist—Rev. S. Parks, residence 162 State Cashmeres Is6d, old price 3s. Red Twil’dFlai 3 ricli Brocha Long Shawhs, originally cost bought at a sacrifice, will be sold for 16 to Long wool Long Shawls 3 to §12 ; Gent’s and Ladies superior Wiiite Ki Tiffany, Young & Ellis importatii lack Silk Serge; childrens, lioys,anc leii Mittens; childrensi lohair Hoi tiliy bools; Ve'vetand Bolt Ribbons; 1st Presbyterian—Rev. V. D. Reed, 116 John. 2d Presbyterian—Rev. G. C. Lucas, 123 Con­ gress street. urtains, new gothic styles, ver Dlpth; Scott drab &c. d Gimps; Black silk velvets over the weary heart like dew upon the fainting blossom. They are indeed green spots in our che- in r John Morey is now engaged in erecting a navigation- in ’ . The ice has laid an embargo upon naviga­ tion, so far as this place is concerned, and pretty effectually deranged the mails Well, it is about quered pathway—oasis in the desert—golden piv­ ots in Life’s mystic chain. But^tho poor, the poor! Dear reader, will you remoniber//icyhave no welcome for this joyous period? Will you remember there are famishing heails, upon whose dark hearthstones, even the light of hope hi^^ ffied_^pnt-^am_ u ^ ^ 5ho*n the a knell of bitter mockery? Will you not think of those who shrink from the multitude ; from the glare of burnished light in the festival chambers, aand turning from the eyes of the world, perchance steal with stealthy treadle the dreary home, if homo thiiy have, and wrapping the tattered garment more closely around their aching hearts, lie down beneath God’s blessed sky, with nought to love, and none save tho cold gleaming stars, and His eye for watchers, vvith only a vague membrance that this is New Y’’ears Eve. ige,neat xyhat used to be known as Mulford & Hedges nail mill There is a good slice of go- a-head-i-tiveness in his composition pleased to leant that ho has secured so enviable a (Cr Never repose so much confidence in your friends, that they can injure you, should they be­ come yout enemy. OFFICERS OF TH E VILLAGE. TRusrhES.—John B.Chipman, President; C H. Kellogg, Nelson Adams, Oscar F. Green, John G- Neal. Isaac Ransom, Clerk and A-torney; Baih-) G. Hathaway, Treasurer. A ssebsoks .—Bailey G.IIatbawaj,James I. Ad­ ams, David McKelsoy, F ire D ei ’ art . ment — Thomas C. Davenport; Chief Engineer; John D. Dale, First Assistant; Alanson Wing, Second Assistant; James Kelvie, Third Assistant; John S. Wheaton, Secretary ; Edward P. Pickett, Treasurer. . (Belt Erahroidery Silk braid, all colt Worsted Paper Window Curta Taylor Grey Beavei Cloak Fringes and Gimps; Black silk velvets Worsted Hosiery, black and merino colors 2s to 6s. ■ Black Cloths iOs Sattinets 25c. Ginghams good styles at Is. Bleached a bleached Muslins from 3 cents up wards. Gents superior cusnmore Gloves, “ do BlkKid do Lausingb urgi], Dec. 21, 1848. M E W P A T T E i a i ^ ' J p i N E Qaaility Plaid Wool Long Shawls ji Also White Grou r b l l D Y Cotton, in Colors and white M. Cotton, Mixed and white, at 256 ite, at 256 State Sf C. HITCHCOCK Jl'a.tRcef. If any man wishes to take a peep at beef L Mew\Years Present. Do yon wish to send your absent friend ai cepta'jle New Years present? Justorder the De­ mocrat mailed to their address the coming year, that they may be in weekly communication with tlio ’burgh for at least one twelve-month- know that most of the sons of “ tho garden” who have emigrated to other pans have taken the pre­ caution to order the Democrat sent to tlieir ad­ dress, yet we think a more acceptable present co'ld not be selected at the present lirae- Ttae Rold Fever subsidinig[. About all those persons m town who were i seriously affected with this disease have recovered, and concluded that it is better to stick to their cupations here, than take ffioir chances for a for- decision—it is never best to give up a certainty i an uncertainty—a bird in the hand is worth ti in the bush. Finishing brushes or shoving the jack plane in Lansingbiirgh is much hotter than shaking with the ague, and enduring the pains of a shat­ tered constitution in ihat far oil country. W ant of Fresli Air, T ie Hon. Horace Maun, in alluding to ill-ven- tillated school houses remarks as follows : “ To pm children on a short allowance of fresh air, is as foolish as it would have been for Noah, during the deluge, to have put his family short allowance of water. Since God has poured II atmosphere fifty miles deep, it is eiiougii to make a raiser weep, to see our childi'eu stinted in Lansingburgh is better off than most other pla­ ces in this respect We not only have a large and commodious school house, but also one of the best condiioted schools in the state. Mr. J ames C. Co.MSTOCK, is fast becoming celebrated as a teacher cf superior abilities, and ivith his accom­ plished assistant, Mrs. L aura N orton , so mana­ ges to combine amusement with instruction, that tlie school room: is robed of its usual dull monoto­ ny, mid is rendered attractive rather than other­ wise to tlie ciiildren. This school is supported by tax upon the distrtet and no charge is made for tuition. ICr Our business men and citizens generally, will find a column of interesting matter in nectiou wilh our Commercial Almanac, which should be cut pul and preserved, as it will be use­ ful for reference. in r Reader was you ever Iroubled with the blues, if so allow us to say to you, that it is all i'oolishness to give way to gloomy thougl There is nothing gained by it, while : who allow imaginary evils to get hold upon their pers ms, not only make themselves miserable, but have a deleterious effect upon the haappincss of others. A cheerful sprit gels on quick, A grumble in the mud will slick. TOWN OFFICER.S. ervisor—Edward P Picket. 'll Clerk—Eorenzo D. Aldrich. Justices of the Peace—Marcus L. Filloy, John Hartt, Ebenezer C. Barton, and Isaac Ransom. Assessor—James I. Adams. Collector—Peter P. Goewey. Overseer of the Poor—-John M. Caswell. Coustables—Peter P. Goewey, George B.AlIen, Norman Reminglon, Ishrnael G. Smith, John M. Caswell, jr. Sealer of Weights and Measures—Reuben orstedsjjust opened-at 256 state s RAMPAEE F. F O tF E T T Bank of Eansiiigiburgli' 3, Preside C o n c e r t . §9,-'72,493 4,174,083 14,046,576 By a resolution of the Board, the above state- Coinnierclal Advertiser,Lausiiigburgh Democrat Lansingbiirgh (;a.Keile,aud the “ Family Joiiriiar ~\i 5 SS:,«. 8 E. R. KING, Clerk. The following resolutions were passed Ly the Bbard of iinpetvisors of Rensselaer county, at their recent session, and directed to be published in all the papers in wliic-h the lists-of audits should be [ ^ I C lu e d .T h a t application be made lo the Leg-’ P^*vio«s an.ioiincemeiil, ^ islaturc fur 11,,.- r.-pq-^ oi an ncl urtitled -‘An act g\™ Ins grand Concert at the Baptist in ri-ial.nu 11 til-jiir .tJ <-i on 1 f tin .M-itor's Covin, 6 hurrli I■j.-t tveiling. It was noticed to take place ofJh e c .u 111 I o n , -,..i U. ii.v ,hc s.Jaiy oi ih-j .ast tve.-k, hut m consequence of the very itiifa- cd March 13lh, j vorabiu Wiatlier, wusposiponed until lust evening. Resolved, Tliut the clerk be requested lo pro-■ \■h^”'fi'>e.weatlier proved an before, equally unfti- pare a suitable memorial praying the repeal of the | vorabk-, tiotwithstanding which a good and higlily ttctrcferred to mtho above resolution arul ll.al re.specla,-le audience were in attendance. Our presented to the laegis.'atum at its ne?a scs.'iioji. Concert, but we would add that tho audi- Resolved, That our Senator and Monibcrp of'once appoareu highly pleased, and we would offer Assembly be terjiicBled to use their mffuence lo our oougrutulalions to Mr.Poiilton. for hfo tame i„ ure the repeal of said Tlie Waterford Bridge. When will the first step be taken towards ig that important desideratum, a reduction of lls on tho Waterford Bridge. With the present rates of toll, that bridge must ha almost as profita­ ble to its owners as a California gold mine. It is useless to say that the charter forbids them divid­ ing more than a fair per cent on their investment in r There is a stiff opposition raging on the Al­ bany read bettveen the several lines of stages, and mgers upon alighting in Troy fronj the Lan- siugburgh Stages, are almost as much beset upon D irectobs —John S. Fake, President; E. W. VYalbridge, John Taylor, Luther Bliss, William H. Stewart, Pelatiah Bliss, AlnnsoilYViiig, Alphe- us IVarren, Alson D. Hull. Pliny M. Corbin, Cashier; Alexander Walsh, Jr. Teller and Notary ; Charles IL Taylor, As­ sistant Teller. Discount Day, YVediiesday. Discount Com­ mittee meet daily, at 11 o’clock. Election of Of­ ficers, first Monday in April. 0 long as they can dispose of its inunenso revenue • (0 tile stockholders for iniaginarj in the w-ay of pay (c repaiis that have never been put upon it. A toll of six cents for all kinds of teams would bo more in nocordanco with tlie rights of the public. Good lamps siiould also be provided, and the bridge kept well lighted, whenever die darkness renders sucli procedure neccessury—a duly which is but slackly performed at the )ires.-iit time. by tlieir runners, as though they had landed in New York, amid tho hub-bub and confusion of the haokmon who deafen one by their incessant importunities of “have a Cab—have a Cab?”.and passengers are carried at almost any price, from 3 cents up ! . M u t u a l Iiisiii'- [Offico comer of Stale and Richard streets.] DiiiEcroKs—Elijah Cliichester, President, John N. B. AH kinds of Grain a; tho said Store. Troy Feiuaie Seminary. I .V inis Institution the school year consists], I 1 44 weeks ; divided into two terms of 22 wo'ei| each ; the one commencing the first Wednesdil of tYIarch,atthc close of which is a vacatioiy six weeks ; the other commoiiciiig the third Wdd nesday of Sept mber, at tho close of which is] vacation of two weeks. ’ k The charge for tuition and board, including 4 necessaries connected with it, such as room reiff wasliing, fuel, light, &c §200 per annum. A additional charge is mado for miisi-j and the otlM ornamental branches of female education. Wheri a fixed sum is prof-rred, §300 per anmihi (on half payable at the commencement of each tenff will be received, and for it the pupil entitled teal tho advantages of the institution. Pupils may enter at any period of the lerm,an are required to pay only from the time o f en ; This institution furnishes all possible facility for a thorough course of useful and omamentt ' education. The principals are assisted by eigh ; teen professors and teachers. Extensive courses of k O ’ Our numerous friends will please accept our thanks for their kindly remembrances on Christmas S. Fake, Vice President; Edwin Filley, Pelatiah _ * - --------------- ---- Richard I knowlsoii, John P. Steenburgb, Calvin Elocution. |' Sliter, Ezekiel Baker. Jacob Fake, Treasurer ; Isaac Ransom, Attor­ ney and Secretary. ogy, and Elocution. The Institution is furnished with brary and extensive Philosophical O ’ Tho only certain thing in this nncertaiii world upon which we can safely depend is the \irrcgulttrHy” of the mails. New York was Heard from about a week since. IL.aiiiiing;!inir[jti F o titinastoi-. j one fojIish eiiDugh to beleive that t O '’ Is any change will be efl'ected in tlie pustmastership tins place? If so who will he the lucky man? a lewwr-elts we. shah publish an arlidle from auth­ entic data, showing what salary the office yeilds to the pp.st master, as well as the yearly: rage for tile last ton years, wliioli will enatile 'the several candidates to determine hovy much funds they canaltorcl afford to invest proscecuting their claii O ’ Tlie ladies have at length concluded on pla- oing s/eig/itng-as'A. No I, ou the list of out door -imiisemeiitsattho present time. We submit __ Young baclielors will please take the hint. O ’ The first shad of tlio seal at Savannah on tho I3th last. F a i i s i n g l i m ’^ I i A c a d e m y . Tai-STEES.—Elijali Chiches.er,, PresitleiU; F. B. Iicoiiard, Secretary; Rev. A. T. Twing, Rev. V. D. Keed, SatmicI Boirtt-coii, John Taylor, Alex- iinder Walsh, John B. Chipinan, .loiiathau E. ■Whipple, Jacob C. Lansing, Pliny M. Corbin, Jo­ seph Uiiderwopd. ’ Teachers—Rev Cyrus Bolster, Principal ;.Miss **^Iary E. Slater, Principal of the Female Dopart- well selected cabinet of Minerals and^Shells, a n | Haps, Charts, Globes and models. | Every facility is afforded for the thorough studyl struction toihe use of tho lung ' language in converaa- s served up esolved, That tho clerk be directed to fiirnis Senator and Members of Assembly with of the foregoing resolutions. E, R. KING: Clerk. Troy, Deo. QUt, 1>^49. [We shall publish the riremaining 4 future jimnher.] statements in Broke l a i l . A ,prisoner -named Ptdmer escaped f.-om the i oougriitulalions to Mr. Poiilton, for his taste in his selection of the most appropriate pieces, and for his talent and ability displayed in executing them ; also to those who assisted him on the oc­ casion, ns manifesting a superior and lltorough knotviecigein Hie Hmsical,art. Tho singing was boauliful, and gave great satisfaction. iiiey can to invest proscecuting their claims. We have no doubt it will be found a more valuable office than most people suppose. Ten years is long cnough-for any one man to hold the office. still, Ishmal. O ’ 11 is supposed that the site of the Park The­ atre will be purchased of tho Asior estate for the contemplated Branch Mint. (O’ Christmas day appeared to be very produc- opening sufficient to gel out. He was awaiting his trial for passing couuteifeit money. The dhor- iff oife.'sa reward of §60 for his apprehension O ’ We hear that it is the intention of some of our citizens.to got up a concert for tho benefit of tho littlo Scotcli boy, wlio is now at the Clinton Motel. He is one of the best singers we have hebrd for many a day. We hope success will at‘ tend their efforts. E. xeootive C hamber , Albany. November 27,1848. lounty Mr. Jiistici (Wd delivery lO the Rensselaer County Jail, H o , f o r .C a l i f o r H l ^ i , newspapers.pers. Yes,es, thehe hoe andnd thee pi say tlio newspa Y t hoe a th plough they are the true and unfailing gold finders.. ICr A quaint divine calls sin the umbrella of tlie soul, wliich prevents the tain (reign) of grace from descending tliercoii. hold such Court. State of Net William B. Wright, .is assigned to JOHN YOUNG. York, Secretary’s office. O ’ Tlirce boxes of gold dust from Africa arriv­ ed at Boston last week. I certify that the above is a true copy of ai al order on file in this department. d 12 CHRISTOPHER MORGA Sucietic.s. PHOENIX LODGE, No. 58-, Meets first and third Thursday evenings, o f , each month, at Masonic Hall, Lansing’s building. STAR LODGE, No. 29, I. O. of O. F., Moots on Monday evening of c'Sch week, at Odd Fellow’s Hall; over Bliss’s Lansingbiirgh Bookstore. RISING-SUN LODGE, No, 70, I. O. of O. F , Meets ou Wednesday evening of each week, at their Hail, over Fake & Backmon’s store, cor­ ner of State and Richard streets. SONS OF TE MRERANeE, No. 9, Meets on Friday evening ol each week, at the Lodge Room over Fake &, Baclonan’s store. of their manners and inorixls. They occlipy pri­ vate rooms two in each, the rooms of tho foUrtie'n female teaclicrs and that of an experienc-ed luirse ' - ’■'g among those of tho young ladies. 10 advantages of this institution are the if tho accumulated facilities of the thirty-i I of its onward progress, rculars containing more particular inf These are Reading, Writing, spelling,,Grammax, arithmetic, Rudiments ol Geography, Geography WUlatd^ 1 I\? • m o J T l •nerif .J! ii ISd ^ '1 . £ H i Mayor and Recordei teplien Warren, Jonas G.HeartU Jam< a s ? / s » ‘ LANSINGBURGH ARTILLERY. A. Seaman, Captain ; II A. Mercer. 1st Liont.; Warren, Thomas < n F. GuBbmitiy ^ VV. L. Wheeler, 2d do.; B. 0; Felton, 3d do. ’ Drill Room under the Olympic, on Richard st. LANSINGBURGH BRASS BAND. Hr. G- Choate, Leador;eader; placelace of meeti) L p ing,0!ympic. Oel. I 9 .| C.HtTCIICOCK. ! ; n Su t 1; i S

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