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&,NSlNGBURGH DEMOCRAT. . d u u - ! s T V! VOLUME XL E D ItO ] )^AN*D*PR^RiETOIl. I . DEVOTED TO POLITICS LITERATURE, AGRICULTURE, AND THE NEWS OF THE DAY. LANSINGBURGH N. Y„ DEC- 1848 . NUMBER 8. I TW O Y E A R : | ;,I h g A t iaim ngburgh, Rensseiair Coi,. NeW-Yofk., eiits a yearAiriU'be aaaed w/(e» pay- uire.\ ^ .,;?Cft,P4P,e|spt-_adveitUem8nt~wilDbe';dIsc(inlinued ’I'eritis o t A d v e rtising. 'ISixiccn lines or less make a squar t square 1 wee}c, $ 0 r)0,:i square 6 inoiit i square 3 weeks, 1 001 square 1 year, I square 4 Weeks, I' g.5;i -4 cohm^';6- iqp.i 47.03 , I Square 5 weeks,, 1 50jl-4 coliuniifA ■year, 12 00' 1 square 6 weeks, 1 7.ejl-2 column Gm« 12 00 I square 2 n\oiitlis, 2 00>l-2 cojqmn 1 year, 20 i 1 square,3 mouths, 3 00j3-4 column 1 year, 2i ; J . A S t m i E S Dwelling Houses, Stores, Mills, Manufactories, Stables, and- Barns, and all mlier desoriptioiis of insurable property, against loss and damage by fire on the most reasonabie\ terms. Application for insurance may he made to, the subscriber, at his office, No. 33 Third street, in the city of Troy,, w h o ‘has full power to issue policies. SAMUEL KENDRICK, Agei Troy, October, 1847. ________ _____ iionths, 3 00 3-4 col> lOiiUis, 4 00! 1 colun rdingly. 1 year, 30 00 otherwise ordered, will be editor), till forbid. O ' Letters must be post paid. Corner of State and Richard .Streets, & Backmaii’s Store. [We republish the follow purpose of supplying an utius of our paper containing it.] 4 a o o i k » A C i : C A « P E ! r fall 4-' A . wide,, for sale—also good quality of carpets Cotton and Druggett, O ’ It is dne to the author as .well' as the read­ er, to state that the article on “Bulls,” said to be taken from the “Mactwistopedia” (a mere name of fancy,) was written by Alexander Walsh, in the year 1811. _ . V . HVIM j S O N , Refreshment Saloon, 29^ HUDSON STR E E T , ALBAN3 at A C h a p t e r o n B u l l s . oTbou wear a lion’s hide! Doff it for shame And hang a calf-skin on those recreant limbs.” Shakespeare. q'hou sayest, they blunder; so lliou dost thyself ; ! • 'hen hang the B ui . l ’ s hide where it ought to be.” i Hum. Whang. B ull , the male of black cattle. Pope’s edict, a lunder. Entick. Business IlirecloryT O ' Business Cards inserted in this colmnn for DEAtEM IN M o n n it n ^ e iit« ,: T P o m b s to h c s , A c .. B U F F A I i O B O B l ^ i . I\ A M now receiving an assortment of Buftalo 1 , m. Robes, which for variety cannot be surpassed ----- ^ ■'^and Heavy Superior Tan large Whole Robes. , Persons who want good or cheap Robes are invited to examine mine before looking in any other place. Get. 5.], C, H ITCIlCO C K , 256 Stalest. 2 ^ ! ir^Mi fiirnislted w Bakery. li Fancy Cakes of all kinds, a f 187 ‘John street, Lansutgburgh. : Brocha, Turkey, Rob Roy, &c., just opened by < Oct. 5.] C. HITCHCOCK, 256 State st. F A K B 4k B A C K M A W , Lepvo the principal Hotels on, State.'Mreet ■■■• ■ COLE a '^C o S y , Laiiamgburgh < ... ;■- ‘ ___________ P r q p r ie m C W JCW O liA W B.vri Health Insiirancc Comjpfany,’:^' Policies is-suiHl by I. RANSOM, A^ent, CLINTON H o t e l . S s ;.?U-JS- r ' L S S ; DT’ Good .shed and Stabling. I S A A C B A H r S O M , Attorney and Coiinseilor, FAKE S BUILDING.S. aOOO P A I l^ * ^ o M * d ^ ^ f b b c r and Meta 5c shoes amlGvershoos for sale at the UNI'.'N HOOT AND SHOE S l’ORE, 2 9 S S 4 a t e S t. £ , a u s i i i g h m 'g l i . Till' Siibscnlier has just received a largo and eon pletc a.^ni tmeii! of Ladies, Children and Genilcmcn's R U B B E R SH O E S , of all kinds, direct from I he manufacturers, whii he offers for sale at SMALL PROFITS. HEAR! --------- ^ -------- house a few nifehts since, is requested to call for niiAlNT BRBSS GOOBS- M ors Alpaccas, MdeLaines, Merit nese and Cashmeres, cheap a t Oct. 5 ] C. HITCHCOCK, 256 State st. who have not y etpaid their bills are respectfully With the eloquence o( OK requested tocall at the office of John Hartt, Esq., ibenes. H.Vi A N B E N T H UYSEN jqU his friends for their requested t and settle . le only one at Oct. 12,18' luthorized i and Dress Ribbons, cheap. \ Wq ___________ C. HITCHCOCK. -m IW E M C A B i B R I C lIB K - F S - d b u - L i ble b o rder a n d very pretty and cheap, a t 2 s 6 S t n t ---------- G. H ITCHCO C K . street. E. HITCHCOCK. ~ n i . A l i I CHi B r perior qualitj 2,66 State st. lEABLE SILK, so. Plaid and Strip JO H I V 11. l l B m S T R B E ' r , Plain ami Fancy Papci- Boxet Fake’s Building, Lansinghurgh. kept constantly on hand ; also Ladies Fam BoSres made to order, at short nof- tiie best materials. Orders from abroail received by n WOOL WANTED. *— paying Cash, and the highest pree for W ■Wool growers here can sell directly to anoy B 3 S . - .O - T H S .- for Stovesj C. HITCHCOCK. BOOTS, bnWSiO, «W Oct. 19.] Lansingbargh. IVllSCELLAMY. e for the id for copies put liie it is no roadi he that can- t equire et the smith’s my master! jail, before ger post, ‘‘This road is not read must An American gentleman, in the course of conversation wished that he had heen dead all the days o j his lif e. The horse of a German took fright, broke his bridle, and was about -run­ ning a way. ---------- — Some byTstanders offered to catch him, but were prevent­ ed by the owners request '’Don't stop him, or he w ill go fast B ell , one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Johnson. J ohn B oll , tho representative of the majesty of e people of England. Edgeteorth. These are all very good definitions, when there are none better; but if any person wishes to see a first rate defini­ tion of this word, let him read the works of the learned Hum \ybang, who was the cotemporary of Confusion, or as a Frenchman would pronounce it, Conju z i 071 ; or as he is now commonly called C onfucius - When Hum Whang was asked “ what is a bull ?’’ he answered, “a male cow,’’ and this, in our opinion, is the best definition of the word that has ever been given,because it is an ex­ cellent hull itself,and therefore amounts to no more than this, that a bull is a bull. So when a cobler was once asked, hat is pain ? He caught (he interro­ gator by the nose with his pincers,which gave him a more seiisihle idea of pain, than if he had spoken ou the subject Demoi silence On a. window shutter in floor of a house in Now York, cellar door, is the following: “This cellar to let, enquire &c., “Every man his otvn washer woman\ English Paper Sailed from Plymouth, three empty rlliers farfewed with provision for the avy .—English paper. How often is the following notice to e seen in the city o f New York; ‘A B’s office removed to No—— st,’’ which is certainly a hull for it is only .^ I h who has removed, and not his ‘Turn from the glittering bribe your Jicero or Demos- Ih e best definition, then, that can he [iven of a bull is to make one, but nev- bear in mind _ ang wi’ it; but ters horse, or he’d efore ever I leave Directions inscribed on a W« [From the 2d Vol of Goiieseo Farmer, ,page 301.] < m, 01’ he w ill go fc ‘iTout parle centre nous jusqu’a r Vohah scorn tul eye, Nor sell for gold what gold can never In cold moist earth wo laid her, When tlie forest cast the leaf, And we wept that one so lovely Should have a life so, brief; Yet not unmeet it was, that one Like that young friend of ours. So gentle and so beautiful. Should perish with the flowers. THE GARHEN. The epidemic which at tliis moment is fatally: versing our land, has test every thing. In IS cast a gloomy shade And I will s Yea, get tlic •Now bid mo m il, dll strive with things wssihle ; J zens of Lansinghurgh and vicinity, that ho has on hand a great variety of paper lianghtgs; all the nevvest and latest styles, at No. 4, Eliza­ beth Street. H e sells these papers oil commission and at factory prices Please call and see. He is also prepared to execute all oMers in House and Sign Painting, with which he may be favored. ___ Book and Job Printing, Executeil with neatness and dispatch at the ( ficc of the Lansinghurgh Deiuocrat, tor term commenced on Monday, the 7th of Sep- Appllcatlons should be made to tho Principal. 'F ln H A T - the Directors of the^Lansingburgli I . Plank Road Company have -designated the Offigp of Fiiley & Lansing, No. 31I State street,; in the village of Lansinghurgh, as the office of sajd Company. Dated. Lanshighu^h, Feb. 23. J. TAYLOR, PreBidnt. J. Y. L.VNBING, Sect’. T S S 7 . f e i . S f f L.. Shop Bill,, Blapk Bills, Pamphlets, Auction Bills, “ Checks, Minutes of Visiting and Bust- “ Notices, ,r.Sls,o,ipta 7 3 .“ . companied with the money, or the recommenda- tion of some one known and responsible may be sent by mail, and the Job will bo done and deliv- For sale at the Democrat Office ^ 7 . S t s ? LaiU4b«igh,'6W .19,, 1848. _ New-tfork Stvtking Factory. 104 BOWERY. RANKIN & RAY, Under Sliirts, Drawers, Woolen Yarn, &c., would respectfully inform persons uhuequaintod with their establishment, that the largest assort­ ment of the best styles of HOSIERY, to be found a t any one jllacejn N ^ Y o r k , is at Dealers desirous of keeping -heavy styles that are peculiarly adapted for retailing, will always meet with such at this place, a t a sniall advance fronTthe cost of importation. An examiiififion' Of the Btookby all: in want of Hosiery ,.either at expression it w o u ldbe a capital bull ifu s e d by .. Irishman, would be p d s s m o f f u n - noitemi, fiuvS •/ ootno saonn.th. or p en o f an Englishm a n . An example will serve to illustrate this : An Irishman seeing a large iron roller in a field observed that be never had seen such a large iron rolling stowe Now if this is true, (and true it must be,for it is copied from oneof JohnBull’s jest books, and Johnny is very fond of jest books, and has, moreover a great many of them) it was certainly nn egre­ gious blunder; but why has inti oduced the following Pope into some of his jest .-Viid hemmd with bristled spears the Grecian stood; A brazen bulwark, and an u-o» wood.” Illian, book xvii. The reason is, that Englishmen ai in a manner privileged to make blui ders without being laughed at forther Addison notices many of Miltt blunders,huf calls them only little hi ishes, and quotes Horace, who all such errors to \pardonable i lency;” but on no account will John al­ low this pardon to be extended to the “ a boat your honor is a thing which people sit down in when they walk cross the river.” Pal, “Mails and other coaches to all par of the united kingdom.” John Bull. At the first of these bulls Johnj ^ would almost split his sides vvith laugh­ ter, but he would let the second pass unnoticed ; never considering that Ire­ land is a part of the united Kingdom, and that it wouldbe as difficult for him to drive a mail coach across the channel as it would be for Pat to walk across the Many more examples might be given to show the truth of Hum Whang’s as­ sertion ; but for the present we shall 0- mit them, and proceed to notice another beautiful and equally correct remark,of this truly great philosopher. \Ques chop, ache, asque gMc/fis.’which literally translated , m e a n s , tha t bulls AND BLUNDERS ARE NOT CONFINED TO AN-V NATION OKFEOPLE. According to custom we will proceed to make this saying self evident. A “Now to pure space lifts the oxtatic stare. Now running round the circle finds it square.” “A horrid silence first iamdes the ear.” Dry den. And pat, though last, not least. Agh! success to ye, for didn’t I know its yer honor that’s going to give us an odd inor that’s going to give us an ( illing, for hav’nt Iwalked through ow three days successfully and (thing for my trouble ; and see, your honor, my feet and hands are both bare­ footed. Enough has been said to make this snvini? of Hum Whang’s as self- ent as any prbbletit in Euo.nq i 1 therefore for the present quit the suh- Am busy translating from the M ac - ISTOPEDIA, an article which you may cpect next week, or the week after— if not sooner. HORTICULTURAL. almost every thing. In common with mat sections of the country, our village has; much from the Gholorn—ruot in numbers, for have'had but two deaths, but one* of these was a man of genius and usefulness, and death iii him found a shining mark. The same eventful hand that crowns with clustered grapes the prolific vine, moves and directs every thing for the wisest and best of purposes. “ God of tlio clond-oapt mounlains. And of the sun-lit sea— Whose rhercy nover wavers. We humbiy bow to Thee.” Gur village,auditho country immediately around it, is ,at this time remarkably healthy; farmers re­ visit our market, a i^ business, with all its plei train, it is fondly hoped, will soon be restored. In the absence of Die usual mercantile bustle, and the endeavor to escape the' lifeless dismay of all around, my attention was fondly turned to the Garden, whicit seems to keep “ fresh and elastic the springs and sympathies of our life,” as much, more, than that of any other occupation. nd tufted tree phifosophy.” conversant with the delights and wonders of the garden, the more will our ideas be purified and elevated, by a contemplation of its va- - riety and unceasing joy, a joy that brings no sor- Ismncus, while botanising with his pupils, is said and to have covered with his hand a green turf,remark- iugthat he had that under his hand, the consider­ ation of which might fully occupy ail of them for a considerable portion 0^ their livM/ He made clear this saying, by showing that within that space mr different specie liinalci oties ofraiiieral, If such a rmall spot wits found to contain from nearly an acre of ground under pretty good cultivation, stocked with numerous indige and exotic plaiils. To give a full description of aZl, would need a genius like Linnatus. A slight notice of p art will only bo attempted; a fuller de­ scription would be aimed at; but for a kind of pci il pronoun, first porsoii singul _ ___________ ___ Jyen to the manufacr' V r ? o f \iafiie^ ttnff Geilts’ Merino, W6olen„ Silk and Cotton tm lef Vests, Fmits imd Stock- ticutar attention it if LaflieS’ tint! € ind Cotton D ingSjof every size. June 15,1848. A student at Cambridge calling upon friend, and observing in his chamber large quantity of oranges, inquired a large quantity of oranges, inqi “what he could want so many o f them^ o r !’’ “ To make lemonade of theiHy” isvver. The author of the a- ot hull was an Englishman of (nan Donlad Donald hove perfect 1 high classical attainmei A Scoih,farmer sent 1 to market with a load of,hay. on the way overtook a distiller who was carrying a keg of whiskey, and 6pS“S' ed, for the Compensation of a shilling, to conceal it in his load of hay- _ It was not, however, concealed so weil as, to rr. r ..— detecting own house, where Donald made the fob Selected for tlie Democrat. Bcatii of tlie Flowers. BY BRYANT. The melancholy days ate come, 'riic saddest of the year Of wailing winds and naked woods. And meadows brown and sere. Heaped in the hollows of the grove. The withered leaves lie dead. They rustle to the eddying gust. And to the rabbits tread: The robin and the wren are flown. And from the slirub the jay, iViid from the wood lop calls the crow, Tlirough all the gloomy day. Where are the flowors,{the fair young flowers, That lately sprung and stood In brighter light and softer air, A beauteous Dsteihood ? ,, Alas 1 they ail are in their grave*. The gentle care of flowers. And laying in their lowly bed. With the fair and good of ours. The rain is failing wlieie they lie, But cold November rain. Calls not from the gloomy earth Tlie lovely ones again. Tho wild flower and violet, 'Fhey perished long ago, And tho wild rose and the orchis died. Amid Die Summer glow, But oil the hill the golden rod. And the aster in the wood; And the yellow sunflower by the brook. In Autumn beauty stood. Till foil tho frost from the clear, cold heaven. As falls the plague on man. And the brightness oftheir smile was gone, From upland, glade and gfcii. And now when comes thb calm mid-day. As still such days will come; irtel and the bee, tr rvlntry home, dropping nuts is heard, of any ot “Every bush and tuf Warbles sweet pi there were Ihiity-foiir different species, either of grass, of moss, or insects, or aiiiinalculcs, or Vart- Tlio luxury of vegetation the post season, has amply repaid the labor bestowed ou the garden, il overflows with its abundance of choice vegeta­ bles, fruits and flowers. Cast thy eyes ou the bor­ ders and sec wliat an array of colors—^how do lightful, the fragrance—Itow ou'-iously and peculi­ arly are the different orders and species arraigned. Tliis, a splendid Mexican Tiger flower ; 1 and this; Chinese changeable Hibiscus; 2 and these, (in: native Lobelia candilis, this! pretty plairt, Adams needle; 3 and this AdamB’l thread; 4 then, Rhomiium tenax. Tliis spacious; and showy border is devoted to our native Flora.; From early spniig to laie in the fall, it is, as a t the. present moment, gracofiilly adorned by flowers o f ■aried form, brilliant color and pleasant odor.! A&Been niinate’s close sesroh among thecuri. isly diversigod leavcs of tho Paper Mulberry,10 Was not so fotuuiate as to-find two leaves exactly , similar in form. This,la soft Shel Almond; A leaf front! a young Chine.se Mulberry,11. measures thirty inchos/iii circumference. What fine Imigs I Leaves are said tobe iho.luugs sf plants. An As- paragrass Beau is found tweiity-five inches long, andstill growing. Bulbous Bean. 12 Arose col­ ored Perennial Pea. 13 Sweet scented Virgins Bowot.14 Perennia|.Flax.i5 Officinal jalap 15 Rhubarb 17 Wild Alspice. 18 Chamomile. 19 White and Egg Plant. 20 Sea Kaio. 21 Gar- doom 2 2 Globe Artichoke, 23 Canliflrwert—■ Celery. Salsify. Swiss Chard, a new vegetable of much promise. Double flow ering Almond>— Chinesedouble flowering Cherry. Double flower­ ing p-acli. All saints. Feudiint flowering Cher­ ry. Hercnlos CluIr. 2 4 in a fine With the copper leaned Boach.25 Notice the numerous yellow bird! close under that window feasting on theoap- salo o f that graceful weeping Birch. 26 There stands a monthly chorry: fruit middle Jnne, all July, August and September. How very pretty thosearly ripe seeds on that early flowering Sen- appear hanging on tho branches, inter- spered ivith its autumnal flowers. Next stands the Roan, 28 with its rich looking 1 and in tliat clump of trees and shrubs the bean! fuliSnowberry.99 the American mountain Ash,30 Crab Apple, Blue berried Dogwood, 31 Burning bush, 32 Privet, 33 their white, purple, blue,black and red berries a fine contrast. On the cast of the summer house, notice that Spanish Cbsstant, 34 Hoptreo, 15 with hops, Irish Ivy, 36 Striped Maple,37 and that very pretty Ring Willow, 38 Pecan nut, 39 Filberts. The foliage of the Silver Abple, 40 a fine.grcen on the upper surface anil silvery white on tho under. Black Willow, 41 Irish Yew, 42 Sweoi Scented Willow, 43 Doublo Flowering Sloe, 44 Variogated’Willow,45 weep. Ash, 46 Venetian Sumac 47 with ils rich curious purple fringe. European Service Tree, 48 distinguished in France for its fine oata- hlo fruit. Japan Soap Tree, 49 Tree of Heaven, 50 its leaves three tofour feet. Dwarf white flow- etingHorse Chestnut, 51 Glauca Magnolia pen­ dant, from which notice the leaves and moss c ta- illes, containing tho following Air Plants—Serata, Triflom and Lutea. Notice particularly that Iwaulifitl diniiuuDvo Weeping Plum—how pretty, pendant trailing- Iwhtlvjn.the.airikce.qf .the ground. That wedT IS a work of man—his art. Bts cultivatHUi may improve, but still he can produce no now species' “Tho creation of every tree aiid every herb boar-? iiig seed fl/ter Afsh'ml, is one of tlie -very finit. truths demonstrated by the study of plants.” God originally willed all that should exist. That leaf, placed on its back, With a liltioj Dorth Sprinkled over it, producing, iua very sing* “Briiig flowers, they are springing in wood and in; qptioc tli'at graceful Spirma Corymliesa; theiiAtra^ ^irmateo gene amoricana, the pleasantly odorous and whito, bic Azalea viscosa, tlie Gypripedium pub^ eens, tho Aquilcgla canadeusis, the Geranium maculaturn, ! the Polypodiura vulgoro, the Gerardia fla-^a, is perennis, the Cepalanthus occidentalil, Irma tomeutosa, the Malaxis lilifolia, tho Spiro: salicifolia, the fragrant and scarlet Azalea nudiilora, &c. &c. After which,Corchomsjapon!ca, Agave amef‘ icaua. Aloe arborca, and Aloe retusa. Cactus cy- j lindricim and Polyanthus. Hero the sensitive plant, 6 recoiling a t the slightest touch, asqaich nS it is visible. This irritability or diving property foriils a very inloresling link between the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Then comes some choice Roses, followed by Day Lillies, Ilemerocallis; Cameliajaponica,Dah­ lias, in pleasing sorts. How omavnontal that AlVi- can Hibiscus; now ptofnseiy il floWets, and whala pleasing contrast hetwesn ils rich yellow sianie.3 nes- and gay straw colored petals. This Red ular manner, twenty eight young planle,beaatiful* ly formed on its edge. 'This is tho! n,oje pjopo* gating from tho leaf, and the plants, iu tho ..lame manner, viz: Bryophyllum calcinnm, Otoxonia specosia,, Hayeacornosa, Crassula and Cotyledon orbicalata, Last July, a glow worm, or field sparkler, was en on this spot: Its eyes very \proMthout K«ad green, spotted with red, upper part of the bidy pale blue, the under side legs and aitenfc, a broW-> hish cast, with red and gold. ' Tills curious'jiltlw jnsect comes in Our sight so seldom, was iuiduOcRv to bring it to notice, and retain it iu the gar^p; get in out pleasant course, just ears, head nor feet, yet belong to a ,yii nature, approaching close and while boating back among these many, and creepers, to get in out pleasant course stop a t this tasty sunMia), to notice this collection of Carols and Carrqllines, poset®ing neither eyes,. nor feet, yet belong to a low class of .a- aturo, approaching close to the vegota- tribe. That ridgo is spawned for Mtishrethns, 63 from which raany good dishes hsiye alrcsuly been obtained. Ou t ho east of the ridge See D hmo beautiful Double Tuberoea, Double Althoaiaplen- did cypress vino. Clematis flainula, Gotcopeis loti- ceolata, Rudbeckia, Cohea scandans. Dew plant, 54,Ice.plant. 55 \ . 'J 0 SCO thb squirrel From out their v When the sound of dropping nuts ii Thoflgh all the trees are still. And twinkle in the snioky light The waters of the rill; The south wind ecarebes for the fiqwets, Whose fragrance late he bore, And sighed to find them in the wood. And by the stream no mote. And when 1 think of one who irt Ilcf yo tthful heauty # « d — Thai fair meek bloesoin Drat grew up And laded by my aide ( FraxhioHa 7 exhales inflammable gas; and hew^ tich.andbeautiful this MbtriaHeros liinceOlata,-— The Tamarind 8 is seen next. Its loaves close at a particular time, and open them at another re­ gular period, each day, This periodical closingof tile leaves is very appfopriaiely designaied the, sleep of the plant. ' The remains of sbinoPffiomcas.viz. Tenufigia, Corallina, Hniflota, Whitleji, and thoMoutan rp- sh'a, shaded ijy a fina PouWo Sun Flowftr.9 Th«. increase of seed, on this single stalk, at ate eatimatewm bo over three tbotrsaud. ICTKext- follows a enrioHS eolleotion of beauties and ulili- Each blossom that blooms in their garden On itsJeaves a mysiot language beafS.” •> ' [ Here we have UieLemonsiaBdOrmigcs;. and what a profusion of native'altd fuMigti Oriipe0,< Apples, TeaTS,4inint'e9CuYria«*aBd *ome Poaeh^ leg and Plums* But K6W lo Itihg fi#g1«et the glehtthe grand Passiflora ihcaniatk. Aftef tfe*' crucifixion faf (he Lord tho ele-ven dihcifdee tetked to the mountains in the ♦Idlillt}' Of JofWsftlom, wberfe they diseoverfed a flo-iver before Unknown to Diem, which, ffoM its singnlat, conformation and tliysltr’iouS appearan^, they denominated the- Passion Flower. -aim lit eacli Mossom, lo ! the cross appeire- Tree, notice thiC chatn*. much laignrflUh a V im :.! ♦ Dr. Spafiord, whose name w ilU oi^ 'bri .on- eared to the votarieeof Hottic.ulUue. —aim ill each wossom, 1 iUSdftliaikroIifiorig’l ing Humming Bird, not ii ble boe. HowHow nicelyi 1 n . bill and intestines; its teiriibend ^ ptamago- oxtrgmely lovely ; rapidly flying ftOm Rose to.' Hoiieysuokle, i»p»rsuU of Honey, iU only food- Tliese splendid little ffatterers help to embellish the Garden,, as also tho many extreinoly lovely , Bttlletfliosj seeri in all diroctiUris. What a nuuiir her of birds appear allured to this favotitospothy, its flowers, ftuU and shade trees. “There’s a smile ou: the fruit and a smile on tlta^ ' ag to^ur little sooiaWe e h p ^ P ’-'\' ^rho Garden can number- • as eDlie'ing I in n u r ^ r

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