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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, April 04, 1846, Image 1

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L,a»' Sifol\* fth i f I I I ; S • We rater. ^ I s o * the usual risks taken upon; Staie-St. Lansiiigburgii.. HAILI SONS O F T E M P E R A NCE. I A p P P ,f-£; 4 1 $SS: ! l l \ \ * l s ? S 3 i ' , j e ' p . w , P . L a w I; . ............... L. H . SW] IMSmilKlil MHOCKIT. WILLIAM J. LAMB, OFFICE COHNEB OF STATE AND RICHARD-STREETS, i p .S |A I K S . EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. LANSiNGBERGH, N. Y m SATRRDAY, APRIL 4, 1846. T H E WEEKLA (NATIONAL IN T E L L IGEN C E R .) B LahMhgttur|h, February 14, K ' HOUSE AND OOT. FQR SALE. o the weekly paper. year a cheap paper from the seat of General Government, a reduction w ill be made in the: price of it, where a number ofooi ’ I r b a P i k i s e.yfeet on Pitt Street, laO on I North Street. For furllitr patliculars en.; h \ i r * ‘ ‘ t‘.iu office,or on t^^rem^ Lanaingfaurgh, December SO, lS4b. dered and paid lor by any one pen sociation at the fol.owing rates ; Kor ten dollars. si.x copies will be sent. dollars, thirteen copies ; and ten dollars, above twenty FOR SALE OR TO LET. : jTS.ISrL''' 3 !|\g m ■;by the Subscriber are offered for sale. If; ■ not sola n store and a dwelling, a j- art o f the! ■ premises, w ill be let and possession given ■ the fiistof.v’ay next. Enquire on the pre • JOHN ELLWANGDR. Lansingburglij.Jan. 17, 1846. P l i R S U A N T T O A N O R D E R eopiesati person, o for every sura o ften dollars, eight copies will ba forwarded, that a remittance of filty dollars will com^ - i T ^ 'J J ^ S T S f p e r s . t h r o u g o u t t h e ; several States and Territories, who will give a single insertion of this advertisement, with this note aiinexedand send one ot their papers to th's oiEce with the adf ertisement marked theirin, shall receive the Weekly h, b e - sw it b tofoto I d cuiiA I Dck ot h u \ l!ii A BOOK. FOR EVERY PROTESTANT THE HISTORY OF ROMANISM, From tfs earliest origin to the present ttme,bythr Rev. John Dowling, A. M. B'l endid 8vo. volume o: •rinlert in large type, and iav^ot July ne ■ember, 1S46. inly, on or befo e ti Hated the %tti day S10NEY D, SMITI |N0TICE is HEREBY GIVEN, IHAT iny wife, Elizabeth Ann, left niy __ bed and board withmt any just cause or irovocation, oiior about tiie 10th day ot August, 1845, and I hereby forbid all persons iarboring or trusting her o n my account for I wilt pay no debts oi lier contracting after E.M . STEPHENSON. 1 , March 2d ld46 II Uie .l ost accri'dited ill as Eng isn. Roman lul ma* I idjoir- t /E ;:S: SvV. N E W S ! NEWSS 11 NEW S !! HE following News Papers will be died t o ihose who wish for them i supplied t o those who wis! ^ day, week, month or year, o Iw e s t terms lor cash. |ew Y o t \ Daily, Sun, per week, do ilerald do do Tnbune dc do ^iews do 10 .,.. i^ l i l do Express do ■rby D aily Whig do 13} Ifeek ly Lansingburgh Gazette, 4 do Democrat 4 inthly Juvenile Pearl, 2 do Golden Kule 3 leekly Boston Notion, per week 4 do do Yankee do 4 Ido do DhcleSara do 4 do New YorkSun do 4 do do News, do 6} [do do Penny Magazine do 3_ do do Mirror do 61 Ido do Golden Buie,lOOFdo 61^ Ido do Sunday Mercury, 6} Ido do Sunday Tijp^es 61 Ido ' do' Sunday A tlas 61 dp do Herald 61 do do Tribune '61 do Philadelphia Saturday Courier, 61 Ido de N eal’s G azette, 6 | Ido do Saturday Post, 6_1 4o Boston Pilot, 61 do do Saturday Emporium 61 do do Freeman’s Jourual 61 do do Organ S- of T. 3 Ido do Recobite Recorder 3 do do Thompson’s note B ep. 61 |do do Expiess 61 do Boston Livinff Age, 12 radon Illustrated News 16} Ido PictorialTim es, J8| [do Punch » l3 t r Ot''er papers will be furnished when lied for, by J. H . VAN BENTHUYSEN, lewspaper and Periodical dealers No, 266, ate Street, Lansingburgh. r.T b X r t P ... .. der, being tl. uiioeJ authorities, Latin as well as Eng i ‘ .liolic us well as i'lotestant, inc udmga iig the former Baronius, RaynahluS, Bel- larnaine, Sarpi, Sta A s a work o f reference, the •‘H istorvef Romanism” will at once commend itself to the notice o f a,I, as of the highest value; especially indispensable to the library ol the theological student, and those entrusted with the defence o f the great and cardinal points of religious faith. At a period like the present, when the phases of the religious world have become so multiform that the simplicity of Divine truth seems all but threatened with extinction by the mists ot error; the appearance of such a work cannot fail o f proving singularly opportune ; and this consideration acquiring additional fores at the present juncture; as it respects thr the above work, t whom a very liberal pei centage will be allowed. Address E. WALKER, 114 Pulton st. NewYork. TH E AMERICAN PENNY MAG­ AZINE AND FAMILY NEWSPAPER. Edited hy Theodore Dwight, Jr. ! ; & *Vhite 1 J v | U E . 845. m ceil ' S i ■ property andefFedts of said firm, consis- Kr?y 500 Parlor and Cooking Stoves ol the ■leiebrated Railway, Improved Empire.and Mmpraved Stuart patterns and the Au ■Fight and common Pa* lor patterns ; f quantity of old andnew Castings and a large quantity o: Stove Pipe and Stove trim m in g s , and Russia and Amer Watches; 1 Buggy Wags itoves,, together with the patterns belong. piiSic3| DREAMS BEFORE MARRIRGE. I dreamed that 1 was a milk-white steed, And I bore ray lovo away, To a Beau ti All isle, all crown’d with ^oweni, And that shone in endless day i! 1 dreeint thqt I was a fairy queen, And lived in fairy land; And I dreanied my love was the braveit knight. In all my elfin band. I dreamed that I., was a beauteous flower. And grew in a garden fair And I dreamed my love Was a gentle syiph, That tended me wi th care 7 il dreamed thel 1 was a nightingale, Snug in the greenwood tree; And I told to my love my plaintive tale; And heesme and sang with me, I dreamed that 1 was a violet. That shunned the glare o f day. And I dreamed my love was a drop of dew. That in my bosom fay. ----- ------------ W orship withobt F s a b . . Approach not (he altar With gloom in thy sou l; Nor let tby feet falter From terror’s control 1 God loves not the sadness Q f fear and mistrust; Oh, serve him with gladness, leatle, the Just. ^ Mrs. Osgood. Clergyi lence o f the Ro- ection, lhe 'ill still chance a joyous offspring will sur­ round and grace the parent tree, like ivy twining ai ' ' seathed oak. T H E ARABIAN CAMEL, OR DROMEDARy.-Ca»»eIwZ)ro/ne(Za. cd. it in a manner suit \ ' in which it is The Genth G E T MARRIED. ADVICE BY DOW, JE. Young man ! if you have arrived at the right point in life'for it, let every ither consideration give Way to that of more service, td'O, t first imagine. She She you may lagine. She can “smoothe your linen and your cafes,” for you —mend youf trowSers, and perchance your manners—sweeten your sour moments as well as your tea and cof­ fee for you—ruQle, perhaps, you shirt bosom, but not your temper ; and in­ lead of sowing the seeds of sorrow in ath she will sew buttons d plii^t happiness i sad of harrow-teeth in your bosom. 3S—rand if you are too confounded your path your shirts, and stead of hari subscribers receiving il by mail, an4 paying potatoes for yOUr dinner ; for her love iveftrttstity,\l?oohIynyar^^^^^^ When a woman loves, she loves, ith a double-disstilled devotednesis; id,when she hates, she hates high pressure principle, Her love is IS deep as the ocean, as strong as the otherVaces within^lO^ m^les ; clothcs. oelve ’a'’sixth gratis. The first half yearly with a double-disstilled devotednes '■ss — nrlll T a 'he'work w\ifl forma volume of 832 pages as deep as the ocean, as strong as tl luajly. ^ ,,,11 hempen haltar, and as immutable ------------------------------------ — jealousy, and even ioth to p art, like < !iy strong then it lingers, as if twilight at 6 r ’Va¥Benihuyssn& West” i8\^^^^^ ried by all means. ‘A^l the excuses urgh, January 10,18,46. and eifiployitieilt, you are not able to ffi ie of the CommT8.ioners for Loan.II^T' support a wife, depend upon it you are certain monies o f the Uuiied States > noi capable of supporting VOUrselt.-^- forth# county of Jiensseiaer^^^ , oar ' Therefore SO much the more need of jahijingburgli manufactu! My ffien ofV** al 1« Lemember that I live and die a self- an awful thing to anufacturedold-maid. My ffiend-^get married while you while 'ung ; and then when age shall fail and wither the flow- 9 of affection, t leaves o f connubi- ives o f coni be green, and per- offspring will ■ace the parent tree, lu ind adorning the timt 1 am freezing!' iumble, yet gifted one I sigh not to fond heartss whichich encircle luitable to the coun- found, and to the isters! O, siste : wh ihing land c ime. Many are the souls whosi warm affections have been congealei by the frigid air. Its splendor is won derous, but delusive as the glitUevinj ice-frost; for all above, around am beneath is cold—freezing cold. ... ■■■ . ....... An Irishman.-^A young lady, of much personal beaut}’, escorted thro* the streets of the city, by a fashiona­ ble gallant, passed a building where >rk. At this T it enables them t< pass safely over the vakt and trackles wastes of Arabia and Northern Afric; in a very wonderful way. These trav ellers are often many da^s in the des ert without finding a spring of water. If, then, the patient Camel liad not some unseen means of support,it would lerish under its heavy load. It has bur stoinachs; and in one o f these the animal can store up a quantity of r consideration give Way to tl of get ting married. 'Don’t think of do­ ing anything else. ,^cep poking about among the pbbish bf the world till 1 have stirred up a gem worth po sing, in the shape b f a wife. Nei think of delaying the m a tter; fc. you kno.w that delay* are dangerous, hunger surprisingly well, and is satis- A good wife Is tjie nibst constant and with a few dates o r beans when faithful companion yoii can possibly its regular meals cannot be had. Its have while ^rforming the journey of lift, - ^ todch to her. S'-* lbi^,than mal can store ^ a quantity < water before it sets off on its journey;: and when this water is wanted; tlie I^amel can make use of it to>refresh it- lelf and moisten its food. It bears. regular meals cannot be had broad and tough feet are suited to the! soft sand; as they may be spread out: when necessary. When the hot sands are blown up 6y the wind, the crea­ ture can close its nostrils, and is thus :dd a greatreat dealeal off pain andnd injury.jt lary, spare a g d o pain a in The Arabian Qamel, or Dromed: has a single hump; this aniinal been employed from the earliest times as a beast of burden. The Dromeda- rav measures from five high. It is kindly tre; spangled robes; gal but their voices were strange, and their breath fell like ice upon her cheek. B stars looked down upon her with ihes of r athwart ick her H onesty . —A hoy, whose honesty is ihore to bei reconinnended'fhfih; hl3 ingenuity, once carried some butter to a merchant io a country villiige to exr change for goods. The butter havi ng a very beautiful appearance, and the merchant being desirous of procuring such for his own use, invited the boy to bring him all his mother had 1b spare. “1 think,” said live boy, “she can’t spare ony more, for she said she ;Wouldii’t have spared this, only a rat fell into the cream, and did not like to use It herself.” , \ P oor F ellows !—“A printev and an editor,’ says the NewYork Ledger o f the 4th ihst., “were yesterday seen ning at full speed through Broad- % uUering the most heart-rending agony! :y over her, seeining to mbcl '. All about her was the land o f dreams; but what was its brightness to her 1 Faintly arose the last cry o f the liry: “ Sisters! O, sisters ti liome. Hut! leave the ! was snatched sudden gush of the masons were at moment her sun-shade from her hand by a si wind. H e r fashionable escort ted to take the trouble to recover it but instantly, an Irishman dropped his hod and pusued the flying favorite.— On returning it to the’lady he compla­ cently remarked. “ If ye had only been as strong as ye are handsome,ye would never have let it go.” The young lady, with infinitive delight, re­ plied she ‘^knew not which to thank him for most, the service rendered, or the compliment bestowed,” to which imply answered: “ Your 1: lepromply ai ;hip m aybe at no pains at all S'wate smile has paid me for lady- that T he V oice . —Voice is one of the striking evidences of the Creator’s its. How wonderful is it that 'e to seven feet mtle and teachable when iicatcJ. What a hard-harted person must that be who would ilUuse any dumb animail, especially one whose services have been so long and willingly given to man 1 ■ FROZEN FA How wonderful is it that so millions of persons should exist, 1 noone voice should exactly scmble another. To our finite idi it appears reasonable' that the satne organs should produce the same sound; It is thus in other animals—in birds and in music; but for man’s conven­ ience and increase of pleasure, it is otherwise: the great and beneficent Creator, in his labor for our comfort and happiness,ippiness, has notot overlookedverlool the has n o sound of a voice. Of all the vari lions o f which the human voice! is cap- able, perhr\\ •* =-------------—raiel i, perhaps it is never so g the ear as when venting itself in The utterance of THE FROZEN FA IRY. A band of faries, making a long tour by moonlight, came suddenly up­ on the borders o f a northern forest. Alternate storms of snow and rain had fallen, and left the trees robed in garments of virgin whiteness. The tuli moon shining brilliantly upon the thick branches, and casting slanting shadows through the dim aisles of the wopd,festooned with icicles and paved „ .:.L ----------r /• _ . . pathy. The utterance of gratitude is down the grass. He came upon them pleasing when we may have been so suddenly, and found them all lying happy as to have il in our power to down under an-apple tree. “ Well!” served. jounly of Rensselaer. '.“ ith e •\« « « ' ■\TOTICE is hereby given that the J repeat, young , . . *■ Octo- your affections upon ’?.“ n not distribute them crumb ore so muc ition; for in union, t onion, there is strength. < I, as well as in Get married, m a n ! Concentrate ion one object, and hot distribute them c by crumb, by them from' persons desiring a among a hoist of Sarahs, Janes, Marys, anenctirabered real estqte and who Susans, OliveS, ElizaS; Amelias, Au- with gems of frost, made the scene one of dazzling splendor. The fairies folded their rainbow-colored wings, and gazed in mute wonder, for never had they beheld aught so gorgeous. But when the night blast swept over them, they shuddered, and bethought them of the warm light of their own bright halls. As they were departing, one of the faries o f the band came and bowed ifore the queen, murmuring— thou ?” said the fairy so- the suppliant with dwell in this beautiful place, gracious queen /” was the quest. low’ bel “ A boon 1” “What wilt isday for the space of three weeks, for the purpose of reaeiving’interest due onmortga- Loan Comni>soi°\drs for Rons. Co. I^tice s blanks just printed and for t at this office. The trial of TirreL for the [ S e r o f Miss Bickford in Boston, is i y in progress. There appears but leidoubti from the testimony, that L. RANSOM , the village of L a n s in g b u r g h , Hereturns thanks 'to the citizens for the liberal patron (wed up- lold.ghltefingil Tlien be it so. Farewell f And they sped lightly down the valley. • The fairv, rejoiced in her r is ca leful to in sym- ititude is e most hea •ped alBloc I what had Tuiinii _ way, uttering cries. They si and were as them. They stated that each had ten dollars, and that Mr. Hitclicock, of the American Museum, hearing the fact, iched six strong men l ■iosities.” fact, to secure despal P ower of lMAomATiON.-“Carlyle,’’ says a cotemporary, tells the story of hicli haunted a house in- ■I ghost which haunted a house in- Scotland, occupied by credulous peo­ ple, but which, on investigation, prov­ ed to be a rusty old meat jack i door, which, in its creaking, jerki 'lutions, gave forth tone tile imagination was hap-hap-ha; ig, jerking cv- which a fer- 'iLn ions, gave fi tile imagination twisted into--“once 1 lappy ; now I’m meeser- W e never saw but one ghost, and that was the' ghost of a ' died and did not “ ’Tw a s terrible ghost in Hamlet 3 ghlKM, illlU sinner who did not pay for his paper, rible to look upon”—the ilet was not it circum­ stance. E specially for t h e 'WoMEN.-The following anecdote is susceptible o f ap^ plication in so many eiuarters that we jjlve it for the especial benefit of oiir •fiit^ Sthwe<^^‘ is said of a the Southwest, who sat up nights and a day. looking on the game of double dummy at whist, that when ! of the players happened ve that he must be a j teur of the game, he ansvvei did not know one card from another. And what in the world havi lat ama* ■ that he been lookii ling on at c d a day 1” r game for two Iked Ihe aston- ;d player. ■Oh,” said he, “/ have nothing to go home to hut my ttifeJ’ E xplicit .— “'Well, Susan, wlmt do think now about all married ladies “Why, I think there thatat is,, thanan there is being happy?' are more aint th is th that aint, as to that, any how A Smart Boy. —“Now, children,” said a school-master, “remi i have told you. All the afflicts tlie world, aroi that Eve stole an appi with Adam.” “Gosh f exclaimed a tow-headed urchin, “what a pity it hadn’t been our Sal. She’s such a stiiigey critter,that whenever she steals an apple, she eats the whole o’nt herself.” I ja z i n e s s . —One fiery day a farmer vent forth to his mowing, where he lad hired half a dozer lember what misery that from the fact and divided it w-headed lappy as to have il in our power t lonfei a favor on another, but froi it we would oft times escape; the tone of gladness may intrude in our mel­ ancholy moments, and increase, in­ stead o f lighten our sorrows; the voice of praise may even pain, for we fear it to be flattery, or feel it to be unde- The utterance of pity may where it is intended to heal, of sympathy must make its way to the heart. There is something in nature which seeks a coirespond­ ing feeling, let that be either o f joy c he indigent farmer, “I ’ll give an half a dollar to the laziest fe.low among ye !” All jumped to their feet,to claim the donation, but one man, who laid still. “Ah!” said the farmer, “that fellow has won the money.’-’ To which Indolence replied, ’’Wont you put it in liiy pocki replied, ;ket ?” The value of a thing is known b y what it lakes to preserve it, as well as vhathat it originallyriginally cost.ost. Thehe by w it o c T cost of holiness w.ns the blood of Christ,and °XL >e preserved by eternal vig- and holds himsel thy sisters i iy to cheer you ^iien be it - - r ....... - - o f sped lightij omebody to scour up your whole life, 'The fairv, rejoiced in her new and ind whatever linen you possess, in splendid lot, danced gaily under the 1 of Sunday-go-to-meeting ■— =— ------ - -------- Young wom in! I need not tell you look out for your husband, for 1 are fixii »w that you 'learning forest roof, and sang many a rich coral among the boughs which id not tell you arched over her like a je welled cano- AFB OF M an . —How transient is the life of man ! To-day he is in his glory—full of health and buoyant of spirits. To-morrow he is cut down and the cold clod is his bed. Yet, we are looking to the future and forming new schemes, as if life a ere immor­ tal and all men would be swept from the stage of life before ourselves .How afiectirigly true is the remark of other': “A man is thirtv years old fore he has any settled thought of his fortune ; it is not completed before fifty; he falls a building in his old age, andffies by the time his house is in a idition to be painted and glazed.” lUs is man ; thus is life. He only is wise, who, with an eye to the tuture, enjoys the present, and holds himself in readiness to depart whenever the man- kite goes forth : “ This night thy soul ihall be required of thee.” T he T bbee 'W ishes . The young men went to a new ho­ tel at the termination of a new rail- ad and called for dinner. After they liad satisfied themselves; one of the number proposed that each should make a wish, and the one which should be vond the other two should be e go bevond the other two should be e x ­ cused from his pa rt of the reckoning. The first said, “ 1 wish the railroad, on both sides, was stuck full of needles, sides, was and that there w a s a « each needle, and each should! work a whole dav seaintress for ! camstress lakingsacks. w ork a whole day making sacks, and ail the sacks should be filled with iagles, and they should all belong ' contrivances. to catch one; and are as nEturally on i-aiion to the watch as a cat is for a mouse.— sweet throi d in your ear, if you gut lon| ^ge bestowed up­ on hitn heretofore, and tendersto all gen­ tlemen who may favor him with t call,the asBurance that no efforts ahall be wanting on hia part to give them satistaction. Constable’s Sales F p R S A E E AT TH IS OFFICE. lut long ere the moon waned, her voice faltered; and her old eagles, '■Thi’ (liidi She had fol igile form v me, and mi became th a t her J , B u t one word in your ear, if you please. Don’t bait your hook ■with the artificial fly o f beauty} if you do, [angu the chances are ten to one that you fragH catch a gudgeon—some silly fool of a cijme, and might fish that isn’t worth his weight in savr- ^ir which prevaded about dust. Array the inner lady with the |y g),e yielded to the -=— beautiful garments of virtue, modesty, last sank benumbs truth; and unsophisticated love ; arid wreath. Oh 1 how she you will dispose of yourself quicker, tJe the arms o f one of her sisters, and to much bcctter a d y a n t^c than the silvery fountaina and perenni- Uen fiTr'a e piercing c< ibfed upon a Snowy for a sunnier the chill Slow- .old, and! ftot bear the cli lulher. Sim U p to SqwinB SiKBs’.-r-*‘Good eve­ ning, Mr. Blythe, will you take some supper with u s t’’ “ Thank you, sir, I’ve been up to Squire Sikes’, sir Squire Sikea was very glad to see i ;sir~Squire Sikes and I were always ery good friends, sir—I always tho’i good deal of Squire Sikes, sir—yes, ir—I thank you, sir—I don’t care if 1 ido, sir.” yister Moll calls me ‘Bub’--brother les-i Sam calls me ‘Will’—mother calls me ‘Sonny’r—but dad laughs, and says I gbt to be called‘BiU,’of rights.” Th e second said, “I wish the depot should be cleared out and then stuffed full of fine thin paper all written over with instruments making over your golvl to me.” ‘And I wish,” said ihe last, “your -wishes were both fulfilled, and that you might doth die with joy and make me your heir.” '•ThexJ are not the best pair .''—A Hoosier on a Western steannboat.when the passengers went to bed, lad down in his berth with his boots on., T h e steward seeing this,walked up and po­ litely-said— “Sir, you have tain down with your boots oil.” Mr. Hoosier calinly raised his head, and looking down at his boots, innq-i cently replied— . \Oh 1 it won’t hurt thom---they arc not the best pair.”

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