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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, February 14, 1846, Image 1

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Mor tgage sole, I |TfHEREAS, Galvin L. Ward and yoii't I did on the first day of October, eighteen hun« feaii, ; dred and forty two, execute under their reepec- 3 if ........... .. ................... ...... .................... L l H S U K i l l R f i H S M S C R t T . WILLIAM J. LAMB, OFFICE GOENEB OF STATE AND EICHAKD-STREETS,, UP^STAIRS. EDITOR AND PR0PEIETOE, VOL. IX. LANSINGBDRGH, N. Y.,SATURPAY FEBEDARY 14 1846. NO. 4. THE' li B i i f T ! HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE. may truly be said, t'hai no one has ever been so successful in com­ pounding a medicine, which has d i. e so m nciitorelieve the'haman family, to rob disease o fitsterrors, and restore theinvalid ________ _ . to Healthandoom icrt, as the inventor to give a fair test otits power ain The Galvanic Rings have dong L----- --- with perfect success in ail cases of RHEUMATISM, acute or chronic apply- ing to the head, face or Umbs; Gout. Tic- n V Kn a V i A . a d.ia c h r i S e ’S i ‘4SH S i t e t e r s r . f i ' S s ' . t i ' S ; 'X LIST OF LETTERS, EM A lNiNG in the Post Office at j.eingbiirgli, December 31, 1845. bli-^ Iw n .Miss M Leonard Miss Vei 'Old, M'ss S A Lockwood Josepli ^^nms Mrs R H Lemon Mist Mar; tin Mrs M E Lansing A viliibald Mrs Sophia McKelsey 1 ikon Mr Th. :ra': „ Compound; , .......elsey David itttwell Wm ^umin John » r iSsSi S S ‘So« Pa son Stephen Hagen Patrick House J C SiSr- ... . ewey P P SiiambA more Wm 3 Sawyer Al()Ji©u» ler Oeiia Striker Samuel t e r » ^ Jlytte 2 v;’allaco James v ^.lefield Ml ses A 4 t'. puilipre ii.’i .!o!m aM rs E liri W eaver Mch. las ‘ “ ■ ■ Wlifcler .Mrs. Mar; K!-“- rison Uunnah J ■mandy Miss C f e i i krn'jolm D gan Mary •on Liyman can Joseph T Mrs . ane oi d similar cnaracier. The first is an exlrant from an editoi ial ----------- - which appearedon the a4th of June in the discover} * _____ Albany Daily CitUer.— Stanley Sm ith, Eeq. ands o f the best leslii^on*— !E/sr.sirsu..‘‘i”a iK With legard to* their eflScacv w t can -ptffl*--'\'\ ■«» WonlmpRH o fvoice.Pal say thaltw i der ournotic screen themIroiii t h e l a ^ ol>,tholaW, one of the im posters who puts outthe deuce to caution the public against -i , JSBiSBin ot Wi'lti t.lierry'^haE had t^evmpw- ................ .. E^T 1 VI^ for the above Syrup ot Wild Cherry, which is doing so b. And,pure base r ----- - Sway1»?,”;J^hldh is m e oniy oi.euu...,.---------- . .......... jffered as a sample o f hundreds by a regular physician, and arose from ma* i simiUr character. nyyears close attention to the Practice of THE EXPATRIATED. ;[ feom M otherwell ’ s poems .] No bird is singing, In cloud or on tree. No eye is Reaming, Glad welcome to me; The forest is tuneless. Its brown leaves fast fall^— Changed and withered, they fleet. Like hollow friends all. No door is thrown open. No banquet is spread, No hand smoothes the pillow. For the Wanderer's head; But the eye of distrust. Sternly measures his way. And glad are the cold lips, That wish him—good-day. Good-day!—I atn grateful. For such gentle prayer. Though scant be the cost. Of that morsel of air; Will it clothe, will it feed me. Or rest my worn frame, Rood day ! wholesome diet, A proud heart To tame. inbert Mr,-- idaayaav .farm’afncK i rsona CRllingfor any ofthrso letters jstedtOBiiy they arc adver hey arc advcrii«cH. S. D. SMITH, P. M. ' S S f : Now the sun dusks his glories, Below the blue sea. And no star its splendor, Deems worthy to me; The path I must travel. Grows dark as my fate. And nature, like roan, can Wax savage in hate. My country ! my country. Though step-dame thou be. Yet my heart in its anguish. Cleaves fondly to thee; Still in fancy it lingers. By mountain and steam. And thy name is the spirit. That rules its wild dream. This heart loved thee tritely, ; When iUed-ftn to glory; :j Thy proud chivalry. And O ! it gained much from. Thy prodigal hand,— The freedom to break in. The streager’s cold land. ted with the society. Or if he dies, his widow can claim the amount promised as her due. This is according to the express language of Argus himself in reference to Odd Fellowship in his sec­ ond number. “ The widow of a worthy brother,\ says he, “is reported to the lodge to receive what is her just due in the right of her deceased husband.\— Again, speaking of an afflicted member, he says, “This afflicted but worthy bro­ ther, receives as a matter of right of charity, his weekly benefits.” Now, if neither the Worthy brother nor his widow receive benefits as a matter of icharity but as a matter of right, and what is their “just due,” I should like to know who does receive of charity, or on whom is charity bestowed? Where are its objects 1 It must be rather a .itrange charitable institution which dispenses its favors only on those persons who have claims on it on the principles of justice, and from which none receive any thing only what is their “just due.\ This must be strange charity, and the must indeed be “ odd” from other peopi who call it charily. Perhaps the fabu­ lous being of antiquity with his hundred eyes can see charity here, but the “ Old Watchman” must confess that his sight is so dim he cannot see any thing like charity here. •Does a Fire insurance company le- , DON’T FRET. Of all disagreeable persons, Habi­ tual F retters are the most so. You never can do anything that will please them. If they should ever be found to laugh over a good joke, o r a thrill at the recital of some noble deed, should for a wonder, run through their frame they will not commend the no­ ble soul that did the act. But let the same person camvnit a triyial er- ror, and they will hear from the fret- /There Jane, 1 told you would spill the water 1 W h at did you get the jpail so full far ?” And the next time if Jane should fetch the pail half full, it will be,—“There Jane, you havn’l got half enough .gll the tea-kittle i You never do anything right. Yoa are to lazy to bring water enough Sudhagoodfor nothing huzzy I never did see!” Poor woman. She scarcely draws a pleasent breath from morning till night; and even in her sleep, a fretful word will come out accasionally. She never can keep any “help.” But what is worse than all, her children, under the influnce ofher example, are apt to grow up selfish and bad tem­ pered. “Tom,” says the man, “Why didn’t you shut the gate when you go through it, You always leave the bars down or the door or gate open ! But Tom, on the whole, was a preetty careful boy, yet one day seeing farmer Fret­ ful coming towards him, he resolved that he would do right that time, so he shut the gate tight. But it happen­ ed that the farnaer \ wanted to go through it. Therefore he cries out, “Tom your’e always shutting the gate when a person wants to use i t ! You ’ ’ ’ rofil! Apla- _____ I' lre insurance company be- wucn « , stow a charity when it pays the insured are more trouble than profit in case of fire, the amount for which he* gue on such heedless fellows. =d? And does the debtor be- A child is to bo pitied ihiat ; was insured ? And does the debtor be­ stow a charity when he meets the claims of his creditor according to his contract? Why not, if Odd Fellowship bestows a charity when it meets the claims of itsi members ? I .can see no difibrence in this respect, between the operations of this Association and the operations of a Mutual Fire Insurance Company. ApA lO T i c i r r S HEREBY (ilVEN. !U1AT an application will be niaJo lo tl.e JL-tgrslalurc of the .Slate ol w Yo k, tlijxr nextsesfion lor tla-suriTy an.l estab- hn.ent of a imblic higbw.iy nr lurt.pikr I'd, to lun Uiroiipli pari.=; ol the luwiih ol losicu and i'll'slow n in Ibe couniy oi nsselaer, rni tlie beet c.-roinid and ro. te m the bridge in Hoosick aernss the I loo.^ici; er called llie r a(;le Hrnlcp.i i 'In- .McAdani npike road iu Pittstowii at or ctnv V. a tie- rth\s Inn, or at a short d istaicc nesl troni I, and for the appoint ns nl tentrcce.ve,! “ . ..... FOR TRE LANSINGBURGH DEMOCRAT. r e m a r k s ON ODD-FELLOWSHIP Addresst ’ - E bis - w h at h(B RhAsaid an \tile seize a ffln which I have ^ p ted, cbmes out A child is to be pitted th fall in the care of fretful persons; so is a man or woman. One fret ter is enough to mar the peace of any family. Perhaps the only cure for a habitual / fretter is that recommended to a wife ^ who quarrelled with her husbai'-fs^ She was told to hold some^^Ttn^,]S- ■ nothing ‘aooy seo ld ^ out. Let m |tw , when inciii third article “Their object is to spread the blessings of cAarity,”—“the citadel of morality, philanthropy, and ofutide extended char- •-a-.tt « (f\<TAtVkP.T on In a formerr articlerticle I promisedised too no*o-L Uo reviewview thehe pamphlet,mphlet, saysays “OddFel-OddFel- In a forme a I prom t n q re t pa s “ tice Odd Fellowship in reference to its getting before the church ano- • ing a charitable institution. W hat-1.. . ------- a world so cannot but - ----- - ^ ^ • son who is worthy to be called a man. There is an unspeakable pleasure in re- when inclfned td/speok. tumbler ;and fill the mouth wltlr water. It will work likd^ ffle M e s s t f is the appearance of Charity, in a — f u llof misery as is this world, cannot but commend itself toevery per- do Tribune do 12 1-2 do Mews do 121-2 do Express do 12 1-2 oy Daily w in g do 12J eekly Lanningburgh Gazette, 4 do Democrat 4 itliiy Juvenile Pearl, 2 do Golden Rule .'i eekly Boston Notion, per week 4 lo do Yankee do 4 In do Uncle Sam do 4 !W York Sun do t i _ __ I nai mnnilTOrn. lo do Packi-. - - - lo do News, do 6^ lo do Penny Magazine do 3 lo do Mirror do lo do Golden Rule,100Fdo 6J lo do Parmer and Mechanic 6 | lo do Sunday Mercury, fij lo do Sunday Times lo do Sunday Atlas fij lo do Herald e | do Tribune 6 | Plilladelphia' Saturday Courier, 6J 1 de Neal's Gazette, 6j do Saturday Post, 6 | „ Boston Py<>,t, c Pittsfield Moss. Cataract o o New York Rambler, 2 Ip do Suiurday Cmpofitun oj o do Illustrated Magazine 6 | ‘ do Patriot 4 do Freemen's Jonriial bj do Organ S. o f T. 3 do Recbbite Recorder ■' do Thompson’s note Rep. 6 i » do Express , H o Boston Living Age, 12 idon lUuBtrated News 1 ° | Pictorial Times, Wilmervnd Smith-'\’ ----- eavtng me reauei jxpen-e of trying uU the moBleffioa- where in i counterfeit! lu v-.uiioes. A ll w./.- — )se places are w o r thless qnar^ter. or^$6 Greek and S .‘S V \ b u i E ‘ta r e ° p ..i.M . ble specimen of charityX Ipreuching. Now why this everlasting pleach, w charity in reference to Odd Fellowship, ^ when its own advocates declare that it bestows no charity, neither on its mem­ bers nor on their widows, but only pays what is their just dues ? I really hope lar as \ juu x * . appear a benevolent institution so far it must commend itself to the favorabfe notice of Christians, and so far it should be regarded as an auxiliary and hand­ maid to religion. It is doubtless m view of its being a charitable institution that lined that the pious Christian will not suffer himself to be decoyed into a union with Odd Fellowship under the idea of its being a charitable institution. If chari­ ty consists in liberality to the poor,' or helping such as are needy , it is very evi­ dent that but a small portion of the funds of Odd Fellows ever reach the tirely eradicate the evil which will be the most astonishing water cure ever yet put on record ,—Poughkeepsie Telegraph. Dull Preachers.-T^om& ministers are so intolerably dull, that one can I hardly keep himself ayrake under their preaching. W e once heard a man preach, who made such long pauses between his words, that a gentleman remarked, there was sufficient time to strike up a tune on the organ. It is seldom that a man falls asleep, while listening to an animated discourse; but sometimes it will happen, as in a case - Methodist divine. Observin'- _ ______ lUllUS Oi \JU\X X'VtixJwo - ------------- it has gained its most specious argu- objects of charity, I believe the and its friends, from among the largest portion of them is otherwise dis­ posed of. Or if charity consists in giv­ ing to - ------- - “ hlr-b thfiV S ta te A g r ic u ltu r a l depot . mmission mems, ai— pious part of community. But where is its charity ? Let us an­ alyze it a moment. A company of men enter into a voluntary association, in which every one must pay an equal ^o- portion of money to raise a fund. Out of this fund all necessary expenses are to be paid, and the remainder is to be appropriated to the benefit of the mem­ bers when certain circumstances shall mire it. In prosecuting the business cannot _ . . then I contend there is no c rgest portion of them )sed of. Or if charil, persons a gratuity which they t claim on the principles of justice, ..nntenri thpTe is DO chdritV in several of his congregation noddiRg, he exclaimed, a t the top of his lungs, “F ire! fire ! fire!” «\Vhere.?—wherer’ exclaimed several of his audience, ris­ ing in their seats. “In hell!” replied the preacher, as he continued his dis­ course. ------ ----------- . -WHERE SHALL I SPEND ETEHNITV. ;ard, and )f justice, A ladv had written on a ci tharity in placed it on the top of an hot T to their •i®*' fiarden house the follow own oeciarauuiia, ivo liicuawv.'S receive nothing only what iss theii'righteii'ri;^ and their just due. A n O ld W^ atchman . Od4 Fellowship, for according to their own declarations, its members receive at i th A n O ld W atchman . ------ A Falfier's Advice.~C o l George houBtsand aJl other ineurabie property, against loss or Damage by Fire, at the most reasona- ble rates. Also, the usual risks taken upon of its mem’bers fall sick, they shall re- be considered a legacy to the nation. tvhpther thev be licb or poor, thel “1 recommend to my sons, from my )ui’ glass in her garden house the following sim­ ple verse from the poems of J. Clare was when the flowers in their high­ est glory.— To think of Summers to come, That I am not to see. To thinK a weed is yet lo bloom From dust that 1 shall be ; The next morning she found tlie ...flowing lines in pencil, on the back of the card;—Well would it be if all \of four dollars per week for dll the orders forthesame _____ _ _________ _ _ appropriated for L. RANSOM, their funeral expense, and a certain a- ^ H n l v ' £ p ? » ths Times, 12 I.nnainshiirsli. lUnC lS4d. J n l new shop iu the village of Laitsingburgh Hereturns thanke Now who does mount to llteii: not see that in case of their sickness or death, this amount can be claimed as a ...»nl*6 due,-adueinm any instances for value .be citizens for . for no doubt many men pay \ S ' r \ u “ ir. f.»r .lm « .h« ...oun. » y e.e.a» w „„ i.na«r.l« .H,S«\; . 0 1 ; «nd whor. it i, 0 , 10 . ™ . . . , * . mao tlemen who may favor him with a cafl,thc jj as a due by virtue of the own experience m me, w happiness of independence and a pri-, vate station to the trouble and vexa­ tions of public business, but if either their own inclinations, or the nt cessity of the time, should engage them in public affairs, Icharge them.on a fath­ er’s blessing: nevhr to let tlm motive o f ^ private interest or ambition induce n-om the surfuc them to betray, nor the terrors lu ^ j^ f c o a L poverty and disgrace, or of death, to] ----- deter them from asserting the liber v The L. following lines in peni of the card;— Well wouiu .. ■ would ponder upon the question, in view of, and make preparations an unknown stale ofexistance; ‘•To think when heaven and earth And times and seasons o,er. When all that Can die shall be dead, That 1 must die no more; Oh, where will then my portion I e 1 Where shall I s ^ d etebsitt V’ 2 3 = A li ving frog was lately found deter them irom assenn.s | rights to which themsolvcs were born. | i.sL ianisrn,- ffered in New Orlea who can run fifteei cl Q half; Ii'leans irso of $1,000 3 to any [ miles in XI

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