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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, January 18, 1845, Image 1

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fby ^4^ l ' I S GU DEMOGRAt, 3'lied every Wed* day, in the village of Lansing- burgh:, ISensselaer €b., N. Y. ‘l/E R liiS —Two Dollars per annum,: payable iiaff yearly, iiif a piper diseontinaed: u ntil all af- rearages are paid. A failare 1 1 notify a discontiniratice insidered as a n e w engagem ent, immiuiications, sent by mail, post paid. iDC?” Y eadv Advertise men ts inserted a t reasonabie ratef. w ill be All commiuiieat Urust be post paid. J ( ) O F EV E R Y DESCEIPTION, NEATLY AND EXPEDITIOT.'StV EXEGO:rEl- AT TIMS OFFICE. Ebeiiez’>r C. ick VV. .‘\ti tire list wiM unit lesiaiiuwa <ei WiUiaiii Akin, deoeused. Edward A . Nmi'llandlhe ffew V o rnbila Ins iraaue and Ti-usl Ooi«i»:in/. -BERU-KE THE ELL O K. I Master’s Lilii W ILLIAM J. LAMB, O F F IC E CORNER O F STA T E AND RICHAED-STREETS, UP^STAIRS. EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. birdpitchr d : wino^ibe^ wU S g W of the church ypeaebe.'d on -the Bible directly between I the bauds of the ckrgyriian- It was merely a natural peciM'rcnce:, but how beaiuifiil die picwire. T h e re stood the messenger of God, with face mrd heaven pleading heaven’s bleS- tbe Bible before him LA N S IN G B U R G H , N. Y., SATERDAY, JAN, 38, IS-lA. P i i i l S l i N G , D r u « 5 S d M e d i c i t i e s . D i L - -I I F F s . V , \ i i M > l i C s , Grocers' Artichs, ^c. Scc. i^-c. f B U . b ’ObV l.Ju ,A1 I . brutgist, Niv. ij. btaui b'H'eu-r, LrhMi.gLiuitli laa lor sale:, W Uoltsule i.i d IteUil, Ai iitga Is, Oiltund I ss. Lemon, On ISerguinotH, Oil aiiu isss 1 ei perni. Old Aliiiuiuls, (. ii .aid i,s-. VVinteiw. Oil t. ligi. iiiiiii, Oil -jiKl t.ss- iSdssafjas, IN CM a : - - ----- -- - - : icr s . luolio', i K iVrrow root, qua A i«i A< ua I' orli 'Aniimoiiy, >v V). ii«' of adiJC’iee of t'io Couo u - ... Jt Oiiana-Jry. in tiis above eritllled c uiso‘ be .rai ' data iiie tUird‘ ay ,.f July, one lliuiisl \ comity of .t,8iiss.'lae , on llis I I tli day oiSvfi * \ l3 nbei lijst. at O o'o'looa nooii.oi Uia day the pre ius 3s de icrib.'d in slid'decretal ord'-r VIZ : “ All I lie oni: equal u'iclivitled'I wen iein fart of all tliat Mrlaiii tract |i'ec‘ or p.iirsei ot la J, sit .iate. fyi a,' and being m tlic town of Greenbuslr, '’iiuiuy of Rensseiaer iin,l S titsof .fe-v V'ork InmndeUanl de.scnbedus foiow3, viz: Bcif'ti 111 g at the j inclion o East street and danition street as lari out on lie origiaa arip nadefor VVilliain Viltiii. Titm Gi ) J nan an 1 Jo.in Dickenson, ivlit,; Wiiert iried in the olfine ■ f a lit New V'ork: llieni 3 mill side o f I’ar.it on sli-eei of llii h i.i.n W of tli>- r/d i - .tate ot easterly on toe to tin a i'tti-‘as. c >r,ier of llie h i.in l< of tli>^ rilllgD of Gieeil .itsilj Ur’lliie sun li -rly alo.ii; thela-i Is o f ! •rn.diiH li. V mil Misse.a, r m l FriJiriea vV. A,.iiii to t ie reir m' M.uli.iiii'- stru.n liKs; t.ienie ■v.isteidy to '..iH s I il ' C,, f th e n OB'S 1 ;.scrlt»r!;l on tile rn p a b e v re- fe.T,! I o: tnieiiie ii.irilierty .if mg li e ea-l •lile if iasl ureil toi lie n..r,t!i side oi F.mr'.ii Ureet: ta mie: westerly to F irst alley; Ihencei nertlierly witii First al 1 y to Eiglilli street; tnenee emlerly to sheet : taencenorth- ••rly on the east-nde of Knsl slrret, to Hie place of b-e rinniii r. AisjOii * eqnil iind.vid ed , wantiet I oart, of sixty lots '.ying on b till sides o( t.ii fa- II '!• s tnrniiike, north oi ilio oiife. of A1 il-cnek, wliioli siid lots lire lain oat on th r aforesaid iii i|) and are nil nbered i s s : P mik 1 , dot, I'liliiss yulp. B iu' I ilhs, I mss mil Ul iie, 1 uper, rilled letter and loolseup, I'lnit lit (I, I aimcea, S' Feui l i,iir,f Pills, 1 ces’ dot Ueatis’ do. , raiidret,' ’s P'.nsteis, WoMs’ Swaims' ,ey, am T a rt^, ’ am.ilibri Soap, jiiiilk, Luujp. do. prep il in balls, do. lied, J d- ride of Lime, l„v,!s, do, Sbevmaiis' pocr J.LSMii, . inans’ omite Flowers, I ini< \aneers Preston s Smelling do. Browns’ PuliP.oii.iry itals.l ov fiv r«isan, i. Re, ds .sive Sntil.n ate, Piilmoriary BaWnm lirome Veiiov., Liw.wo t, Mrs. ( .1 1 . Green, biir'iiers, ; iveiine IV. per, Pe ise’s I niidy, G liooiie VV I'.er, Pnm ce itonc, Jilby's (J ir iiiiistivo. Paints Oillevs PaiiiE.<lraclor<,inii ksilver, iCpaom Salts, Q..assia Wood, F.m-ry, Qninne, lo.x r.iel Lemons, Ilostn, JO. B-111111011110, Kocvieile Salts. o. liiglaiis, It 'SC 1 II k, do. Ci'coiaj, Rotten f lone, do. T irax.icim, Riuibnrb oot, do. Ilyo-c.amus, Spts. \ lire, do. Vaienaii, Snirar Lead, do. Rlu-i, Sw. el Oil, naniomiie r nib. Vnimoi Giiocolate, VVr.! I'bank th i autlni ot the followitis for | her spinled l.nes. In a no e tlirni, she itay s they were suggestec Hicit'ent of an industrious wi od-sawyer’s re|fly to a man wlio told niin his work “ iss l.anl • V's, il is I ard. toibe sure, but it is liawler to do nolbiiig,’ was his answer.- Middlesex Standard Ho, ye who ni tiu- Auol strike i;|ie LABOR, ol strike i:|ie soitnoltng b'ow, v fiom the bin n ine iron’s bi 'j'he spaiks fly Inle nriewiriiifi Anti fire’s . Oh, ivliile ye Ail'd MVta nrwwirlncio the li.unrfier’s ring, And fire’s .iiiten-r r ylnw,— 'iile ye feel 'tis hiiixi tu loll siv tat I lie'long day llirougl), ,Kt rut iiiber it is lunder still To have no work lo do. :i. ve who till the stivbliorn soil, Whose hard bnnds g.iid'e the plough, deem the I’inve still dings to earth 'r(.m 0 den lime till now, Bill ulnie \ c feel ’tis I ard to toil And labor all d.iy throiigh, Reiiiember it is liarder still To have no work to do. Ho, ye w in plough the sea’s blue field- VVbo ride'he resiles.s wave, Bineath whose go lout vessel's keel There i- n yawning grave, Around whose bulk the wintry winds Like fields of fury nive-T— Oh, while VC feel 'tis hard lo toil And 'iibor long hoars tlirough, Reiiit mher it is harder sliU To have no work lo do. ” ” “3 LAHGeABBE STORY, 'd 'by the The following is a laughable account of the misfortunes that hefel an Ameri­ can gentleman upon a visit to a lady in Faria to whoin he boro letters of intro- duciipii. After rein ing a number of iiidiicrous and amusing mistakes upon Iris entrance into the presence oftlie/la- dy, he thus proceeds: The ordiiiary routine of a French dinner eoiriint'iiced. A regular series of servants appeiired each instant at el- how.--,. iiiviiing ns to partake of a llrous- aiid dufii-K'ut kinds .of wine, iindi-r -iring''ol nuijii-a u-l,ic)i I no more uiir diMS’ood llinn I understood their conipo- -iiioti, or they (lid iny gauche?ies. Re- -oliite 10 ivvoit! al furilier opiiorluniiies ror di.-.|)laying niy prf^doininani trait, 1 viu-iiiost obstin iie sileti On mv return to tlii chanced to be again s by whom I had: §( eaiing with the most devoted -appli- in, till iny fair neighbor, tired with ■ay t,.i'itmniiy and her own, at length herself began a conversation by eneptir- lug lio'v I was pleased' with the opera. I was just rising a morse! of potato to my mouth, and in order to reply as quickly as possible, I hastily thrust it in, intending lo swallow it hastily.— j Ileaven.s ! It was as hot as a burniiig Id I do? The lady’s Ilo, ye upon who--e The hei-ric glou W liose mental toil lillilliiil- i vG7» tDKtys>v n^ .7i> *sHviMity f\v ». 7 5 ’ D-t'C»u. y-tr-t ini.(7i)_Hevoii\t'-loiir -n)O) e'ubi.v.ulii. yjnuber Sails, ae.!'.! y i aevoir v-loiir, - e' (rite 'i'.'3ly-t -I (-iJ) ii'.Gu.v nine, (!l )ii ii ly 1 I r 1 lb) ■)')> lk. 1.1 Ire, ) (.1!)) ii.iiaiy ri ne ( I I ’>) 0.1 - Il I'l lr-> i .1 111 till ei> ( ! lij cue bun d. - aiiJfii- (liJijo ’H rniu i -d .iiiJ two.' (U)i) one b.ui I'l-l vi.J one. (S) etaht (-Ji Iv o ty OT, !))< liitvm .! 1 (.\>7 fi!trsi'v-‘i C'i3) - c.y i.v I ;; ' l] silty 111 fc [liV] s XI bV-.[;;] ■•I'Cty -I'v [7 I ) a\VTty.[7 i] s,-vf-iii oil, C77J i.veiilv seven, R7-1 seveiitv Pi!;h ,_7Dj ,3-van'v iiini>. t«ll ei<rhtv o-’e. [-7 e. gbtviHVin, [IS] eialiMi iuirht.[!)) n,i,ei, •f)'] niir-ty iw 1 , and |.VI>1tifty six .Vf- oil! .‘il.i if na Imil !.l t ivnti n li jinrt ol lot ii-Mi'i T.-i..£31 j 1 '.v-'uty I'l ir, I’JoJ twenty riv jyi'iir » of t').j n i'lijl of tlie Mill- or.- cb)rR.iii l . And :ils > bui'iq-i\! u .- k H v do t v,-iukn;i |u r ‘. of .i.l tb.‘ vni.d and lots of . 1 . S-ii t •lu’iy i''ti-.i-3i iiiii-f lill r 'O t!in !.,■■■, I ' i 1 '.b ■ M 1 Ji-i I -IV »r.b -'w »• .1 1 II ■ 1 in :s il i • ».t -1 Hill til-' cil,- Ilf Vlnn\v b'lmnlt-; u- jows viz : li-oni'iini on tlie W’c-ile ly -i-e sni'' il-ii,ui Adc 11 s lui r, nril'P nr.ii o\l riyer,it.i peiti ut l.he 'or!i-ea.,t i:n'-n^' til-links I'' ’ h.'lat- .3-iba D- -'. ■’louiv f q lir.', rn nniii g til Slice w-ster'v nlonjr : a lii,, of Hie kin h „ ru,.. „,n<| I1.,.|,v to Ih ■ we.-u, r, s d ! iit'sa.,1 1-i Ui-1: Uience soiifberly nli-iig : (I tl-e I lire- .inri|...i ,| ,t a nup l.ilely mad. bv Crm-tV.i-i Vilon, nr ,.jor forsnid Wi Ipi-ti Vikin ti> tif! eimtiprly point ol ibesni. Island! t . | ‘n.-e >aslerkv an.l nortberlv ii.ont tliB imr in')f Slid stand lo the pt.ice ol h.. g.ii'ikng. T!j.i ivijfle of tlip iib-ive de.eerit'ei pr'iiiii's eont a b i i o n e hundred and tivenlv live .i-res ofl.inl, be the sun > more or less’ tov.iiber wi'.h tiie |ire-eniplion rigbl tir tlu land iml-'rivaler opp isdelo ml theufnre.s.-.j, lots, piec-'s Hii'i pirceh ^1 1 ir! ami a) tfu rirht. title an 1 .'stno of llie par y of Uie Rrs part of in iind t'l any iiml all the l.•lnds oc' ii pie.I 01 intqiiil'',! tu b ' f.ir iiriv and a! t r streets and li|ovB In;.t out upon any part of the p.-emi,-es herphynoiiveved: re=ervieg n nd excepting:, bowev-er out o f the lands first a- bove described, two acr»9 o lam lying in th.e r^iir of Vl'ichaiiie atreet lot D’>d ndjiicpi 1 tlicrete, hsii-tofir- BO'd by said Willian Ai- 3tin vi'b rlieapinr',enan\e>s..nd nil tlippelale htl- and inlereat o fihe soul party ot the first P'lrt I'lerein- .T'llv |S4't DEVMdt:! GVE-H-SEV M-ister in Cbnup-’ (C>r.<i.:5i S Srf.vpv,. Siol l.i- Comnlaium rioapr. aroui! ■JO iai'le 11 Oil, e, or llyd ' 'injp'ass, .;'d,Lii i ..lid . -Ji-y pD.ttik, •''»! i -If (nk, .1. 1.1 .1 k ■: I. , blue, ■ijiilii. -a tp. .lilies’ I'liudcra, la-]i [3 .lek, o^. Bl .<-k .yUWO'i.'!, ,i.is\e[| Oil, ■ iiiseed Oil Ro'l •Uist'ir.l, ' -1 i<.'ne...iu, rjdiitie, 'I ulder, XritntPl'i-, Btnicb. Soiii'. common bar Riiiiir. liili and ypllnw Si.ii|i, Cii.-tile, i S 'i.iifP.Kiiie & coars K'l'rninceti, ti.ll .VlIlP bu|ipr I'lirb. Soda, ttppri, Caiui'y lie“i Sill .A 1111111 .iii ic, 'driodato Siir?n|-!Ui.'lii Kooti And half ill W ho abor for Chtmipinns of :) fpvcrt d clieeks iw is bright; irs out the day night. for the souls tmipinns o f t n i i I a n d r i g h t , Alibiitioh v e feel vour toil is hard, El ■ ■ ■ ■iion.s ■ with this glo view aider still (1 1'iij‘Pi, ’risliMo.'s.Sp'S lilt iiliorn, 'I WHIP. VV ,„il ill) lleinp, R c m e m l i e r it is ha To have no work lo do. Ho, all who labor—all who strive !— Y p wii Id a lolly po \ er, Du with your might, do with your Fill pvt-ry g u l d e n h o u r ! T h e ghirio Is j ' li v il e o p to do . Is miiti s most n. ble dower. O h , to your h i n h i i g h l and yoiirselvcF; To t o u r onii souls he t r u e .' w e a n , wreii-lipd life is tlieirs. W h o liavc iio woik to do. lerit’c, saving otrered to R.'.e pa'per, to hide .God’s chosen embiein upc t-he cauliflower, s I idu rf any one chance herald clasping them loth as he in seeking for bis own hat to look into' WLal wonder ‘ him, around er.enify clasp- utifcrl iiud together vnd sym‘- nian. The peopleeople —iih ” ‘- lod^a- carry it any longef In my ba nd, having Word ofOod was before the p w first tbfciwn a nvorsel of paper, to hide .God’s chosen emblem upon, and G liptl dial dov< hem both as he pray.i Wiial w is it if a superstitious I feeling ran through the house as the .' drawingroom, I people walched diat dove--.the cfnbletiri eaied by the lady df innocence and purity and tbe divims t I'be t a lile. Oil rer.'ation was restiinedfnnd vve vVert lie midst of au anima.iedi disenssion, n a huge spider was seen running ‘‘Take it ofT—‘ake it off,” slie ejacu­ lated in a terrified voice. I wits always afraid of spiders,; so, avoid toiKihiiig him with my hand, 1 caught my pocket baud kerchief from iiiy potket, and chipped it at once upon the miscre.int, \vho was alfead.y mount­ ing over her lemp'e with rapid strides. Gracious heavens! I had forgoiied the now iplaste canlifliiwer, wliid er face like n emollient, poultice lider, tind blindin; I dieu i” exclaitneu VYhai could i fixed upc ipoa me, waiting a r a. But my mouth VV flame. I rolled the buriii eves were ply to her q ues' inn. in flame. I re hiiher and thither. morsel hiiher and thither, rocking my In ad from side lOfide ; while my eye.-,which invfilnntiirily I hacb fixed on her, were strained from their sockets. She re­ garded my grimaces, of the cause of which she was ignorant, with an . of amusement and surprise, laugh no.v when I th over her r,-;;i-ly killing the spider, tind blinding iiii eye df the lady-'—while little stream­ lets of soft biuier glided gently doit her neck and bosom “ Mtin dieu! Moi the a.-loiii-'hed f.iir. “ Mon d eu !’’ was re-echoed from ev­ ery perscn’s mouth. ’‘Have you cut your hand ?’’inquired “ No! no!—the spider—monsieur is killing the spider.” “ VVhiit a quantity of entrails/” ejac­ ulated an astonished Frenchinan,uncon­ sciously to himself. Well might he he astonished; ihe pression o which I cc innocence and purity and tl , •spirit itself-r-sianding on the Bible .and i.looking geally down oh them . Beaut.ly fu} bird, It centred for a lime the affee- t.'oiis of all on it ; and he who could have injured it there, would have in­ jured 'hundreds of beans at the same time. The ;presence of its tiny feet was no s.icrilege there, for the expression o f its soft eye was innocence and love,—- ThO'clergyman feeling tiie presence o! the bird, and fearing il might distract the attention o f his hearers, gently pas.s- ed his hand over his bible. The dove undisturbed, merely bopped over il on the cushion, where it sat till prayer Was' ended. l t t ‘-enroso and sailed away. In former limes the dov.e would have been regarded as a spivilual visitant from the iinforseen. world, sent on a spe­ cial mission in annver to pi'ayei, and a- ■.vakem'd feelings of a'.ve and revircnce. To US it was only a iiaiural but unus­ ual oo.cufrenee, awakening simply the smiimeiit of beauty. It was a new and accidental figure introduced suddenly into a beaiiiilul picture, giving greater liarinony and porfectijn to what was deemed perfect before. There was no religion in it, but it was full of beauty- spray of the execrable vegetable bad spattered hep dress from head to foot. For my-elf, the moment the accident occurred, I had mechanically reiurnrd p in.y handkerchief to my pocket pf contents remained, ‘'AVhai a monster must it have been,’ mg lad \, as she helped to “ Monsieur is ill!” at length she obseivcd a ytiung la d j, as she helped to gently and in an anxious lone inquired; '’el'eve my viniim from her cruel silua- ( cotiici bear no mare. Mv tnoutii was ; ^ should thii)!{ il had • ' • — '■ been living on cauliflower/' , open, (J it to I At that n ■d the iinpe hurnino with iiiioitrabh- ahandiiiiinig V ■ r I ■. b 11. <'<»,’i ; 1 LO. .<*r 1- uiii \’ji t'j liJii. W i Fi Jill Red, Vfriiii 1 OJi5 f hliT^se (In VcjMliFrisK, Vuilj?, all sizes, \\ S d I p I'lei rh V. I'okv, B.j.Illusion, lo ’ - pbWM 1 r.'K' PS, \'a.n.sli fin. (io Mot’.i I's Mpfl‘o‘r.f'8, Pu j.d's S'jii fa, {‘.ri'liu ( If.V*' Ijfi 'I Aot II A f jip *'•. .W ho I O'f'iMiie T i i e m i g h t o f w o r d s . his grciii STSlISlI ,V,oS3C-.'. r il. B • OiV'.\ 1 . ..L ,y-( o , tia'-ing tins J > (lav miik I' i ;in iFsig- niHiif ol liieii' prop rly no.I Pll'o.'U to tlio uii.lprs srued, in trust ..r 111 '- bpopfii of oredilor.s. nil pe-soiisi low. iig rli-m in.ls ,ag-iinst siul irnii ar>' i-nqiie.-lffl to prosent tiic samo, iinf nil . c sons iml iit Mil to snul linn an' -o iieplMcl lo iioikf imine- niate puj-inent lo the u-i(lersigiied viilliout t'arilier notice. (U pMi'soiia tiro I'orlj dilou to settle any ae- uiili till' aliove nu.oerl cone rii; willi Ihe iiiitlers (Tiirtl. •any persoi exrepl Ilie nnrlers iriir .-il’UU rki-: P. V a .N aCil FASHiONA BLR M ILLINARY. No. 73331 Stalo Street. m ’T !S . II M t l 'T «is-i-,..s to inform iT * . !,iJirs ,if L:i'isili!;fa'ir..ii iirifl vii-ijii'i ) lura .that oil.' ins 'ipe:,o | a n. w Mi imarv Esiah clea Ht 2'U St tliton-ls I o 'lurry bt.ui'ilies- S !• titp siie.'t, on the bush iriil BS'-oi Lansinjibiirgl , .Vov. 7 l-ijl. rij''1 ll .LA il O.VI jiilorni Ills Irienils niitl V jC - tlie pul) ic gi'iit'iiil.y t .t Ilf low is pn-piiri-J lo p.'rform ni, im iit-u saar.i o,|peiii I lions on tlie I eolii,b )il. or tlieii I), uol j ui.u - .... a.ion. Part eii a- )iiti i.iK II iii to ig iiiKDiUlii-' Cario'.N 'I'cfl l. wi i (rplr arsi'sling llif progress oj dfc v, uml But iho bull! tli:u ill hii.i illness givf-th tilings and birds, .1 hveih nd the gimy of liis words ? W i'h li e pifi of life were given I'lir l.is unerniu'e tme and loud, Soiiieil.i.ig of ihe file (if heaven And the thunder . f i-oe cloud. In hi.- voice u ere 1:'.( Of ifie s orni-will W ith the foiiniiiii Ai.C the 11 And ilie niiiriruir of the breaking Of ilie liilliov.s on the sliore. W i l l i he whirlw nils h a r s h a w a k i n g III the foresi dark and hoar. e h n ‘ Ihe ni.shing 111 - winds o't r tie .-t ns, naiii’.- p.-ncefiil gushing isic of the breeze : .-word ! tM-.iii'tiies- cs ]. Kei'ps a ijt'n..riil BS'-ortmem ot I’lHcfi 1, c3i:ra'.Vj,aail ^ilk bonne.is, of the latest fii.-ihions: Bonn.'tta'C *t the sliorte ■1 .ime.li renaired and iriniined, nstRotire- fiieh-8iis I'orfriinii pBrietifpr] liand, v VI mbsc ooniniPhd. VVa i'eol, an'tippr.-nlleei bnsitie-s. Apply ns above. LaasitiirVir.i.li, .May 24, l in her shop a 3 the Alillina'y '.L^N'GLIBli lilON.^—Anrietican Rolled Wa- Doneinher'G. IdM. otirl am! a Court of Oyer and prm iiicr,,iind(;icnfral .1a I Delivery w .UT k . .. held at the Court H'ouse.in t'ie city of Troy in .jnd forDieeounty ol' Rensselaer on tlie tth iMonday (132;> ot A pril next and the Jiiroi B w ho •re to serve lo r ib f trial oe’lFsiies in the same eourtK ivilfiie drawn pmimaat to the directions ot tlieslatulent lliia oiHeeon the Rthday, Health and:good hiiprior are handmaids of happiness, i tli,.|-el)V lirsesUiig the progress oJ dec v, ui r nderifi}i Uieni uselul lor imn.y yc-'s.. Mineial I eetli iiiiieited upon 'lie nos -- ces oiiaiil.. lentis Afiopenitioij.s hotli in iilir.fi ami inserting Teeth, warranted to give n in- plete satisi'.icti. n Ofllcea lew doors icutlj oi'lie VV.itt'ivliet Bank. West Troy, .Vluy IJ. C. KOSSITER, A.renf. cor. ot River and Sli.te sis , Trc June, lB4;i. i\ w Y o l k u n d M n n tieul Steumhoai F^via f '/G'\* pieces. at Ilie saine time, u.itil faiti.ei n.,i;ce Cabin, through to 6.'t. .loliiis, PO {Jteerage, rlo do On Calzin, to ^ • The boats ol this line are built of .ron, in I he most niibstiiii tial niunrier, witli wntei tight bulliheods. and provided with Ir n cis 8 l.ile-Bonts. As there is no eshipmeiil, groat despnicl. end saietv are given tolrem liL All freiglit. I'aggase, &o. at Iherisk of the owners lliorc ol. unless oilierwise agreed upon. Freight insured at very low rales. For freight or p assage, having handsome. ccororno.-Iations, apply on board, or to W'oul-8 arc Wi'iipniis 1 e'lc\. ti Shaipcr ihiiii ilie liiiule-.-wc Strnng iicii'n>i ;l,c evil-tlo. r Willi the server of the Lord ! By the words of Irtitli and lerrof Are the works of w rong revealed ; So the o d and cheriicd Error To the Weak and True shall yield. V Olds have shaken the foiiiidniions Of old empires wide and sirurtg, And cast down the kirig-i and iiaiicns From the'hroiies ol pride and wrong. h arnest words for Frerdoni spoken Make ihe blind And lie might of E ’en tlie fel ers inispnk id hondnian brave. Olds lintli broken of ihe Slave ! W.nrd> ha ve fiUt d the goldi n png. Of ilie Poet’s dcatlilCss rlnine W h irh like iron hath linkei Of the world from lime Words litivekept in thrilling sti.ry Ali.'d 'd the ages jk e p tii All the wondeifnl and Irii.e, L iia.-e gaim red up the glory Of the Old World for the New. W’ords are messengers between i With all irn'h and greatness fri So the w isiioin horn wi! ii.i-tb, bun •eatness fraught; 1 the w isiioin horn within ns Coiii.i-tb, hurrying fiom il'ought. the tongue were dm ih forever. Silence uere not proud and .strong; L(.ve were like ahiiried river— So were Eloquence and Song. Old but,sweeter was the story If men ca-t avvay I'lie sword, And forget the evi' glory '1 hat the tongues of men no.tord ! ........ ............. jy. Y. Tribune, AL. 'ter, to Ml.'8 in t h e f \lilt I opeiH d it and (HU diO|qiL-d t h e iiifernnl I ’ 0 |qiL-d the iiiferi Not the sM'.ghte.'t i Iv the 111 most, brand upon my plat, teridci'cy to ri!ibiliiy rufik-i I arable politeness of the lady. She suoihingly coruioied with me on my mis. fortune, then gradually led the conver- aiion to a variety of topics, till the magic influence that true alw.iys cxerci.-et,! began my own biiind .•rs. GiaduaMy himicd less painfully, and I could join in conversation without the fear iliai e- neni 1 felt some one touch and on turning, 1 saw my conipan- ri ivho had come wi'h me. “ L.iok at your pa'.-talc exerting loliieness 'get even ly 'Cheeks the fear ilun very -.void I iiiiered shared the hue the aciiou I a tempted ; 1 even ventin’- I'd to hope, nay to congrauil-ite myself, that the cata ogue of calamities was compioied for the day. “Let no man call himself happy he- fui'e d tiuli, ’ said Solon, and he said wisely. The Ides of March were not yet over. B< f.jre ns .stood a dish of i'aiiliflo.wer, nicely done in but er. This I natmally enmigh took for a custard pudding,w hicii it sufiic,,enily resembled. Eiilorniiia ely my vocabuhiry was n( \ el extensive enough fo embrace ail ll technic,ililies of tlie table,and vvhen mj fa ir tifiglibor ieqnired if 1 was fond o chorfluer,\ verily took it to be theFiciici lor cu.-ilaid pudding, and so higti wa itiy pam 'g u ’if of il, that niy plate wa bomitifully laden with it. Alas, on< enough ■ mouthful iny ll us ion- W ond lo henvHI that the elmfiaeT liaii vanished with It. B.U that leimiiii- ) d bodily, and as 1 gazed de.-poiidiug y on the large muss iliat loomed almost liirgc and burr art died within ft'ss iiiy mistake, all ady half isaster I had oons,” he whis- dead with the 0 confusion caused, 1 cast my hue dress,and saw It of my in the fa- out the eyes upon my once whit, at a glance the horrible e.xterii lilemnin. I had been silting t.il pocket, and had crushed quid butter, and the soft,paste like veg- eialile which had bedaubed and dripp­ ed down I hern, till it seemed ns il ic were nc.Hinlly' dissolving my pantalooi Darling froi A resolution lia.sLiccn introduced m- the House of Repicsentntivcs, solo alter the Consiitntion tlial “ n.i person shaJI he hereafter eligible to the office of I ’K(!.>-ident ol th.c United Stales, wlm .hall have been prei ihc said office, and \ cep ted the vuineor exercised wars there' f. sly elected .shall have a T i i c D ifference . — A young lady being asked the difference between 'ho hypo and dumps, icplied: ‘-A ig lady has the hypo when she feels .she was just going tobe married, and the dumps When she-feels asi! she between centre ed down lly' dissolving my par from the spot, ! sprang lolhe place where 1 had left nry hat ; but be­ fore I could reach il, a sudden storm of wrath was heard at the door.. “iSacre! hele! sacre!” the r in the first sylable being made lo roll like a walch- mah’s rattle, mingled with another epi­ thet and name that an angry French­ man never spares, was hea-d liiigini like a fierce tempest without the doors Suddenly there was a pause, a gurgliiii sound, as of one swallowing iuvolunta- ril\— and ihestorm of wrath again broke out vvilh redoubled fury. I seized my h It and opened the doi r, and the whole matter was at once explained ; we had exchanged hats— and there he stood, the soft c.iiilifiowef gushing down his cheeks, blinding his ej mouth, h.iir, musla.’lios, i ker.-i. Never sha 1 I forget that specta- I’L'. There he stood astride, like the Colossus, and stooping gently forward, larire muss that loom.-U almost (''* e.V«'s foicib'y closed, liisiarms droop- aiid burniiig as Vesuviu--, my |'f'R o''t honi his h-nly and dripping cau- Ashuuied to con- I ''f*.®'\’''': ^^’“ er from every pore. young h as if.sht I t is said that half Cairo and Suez, Egypt, of the dc.sert, there is a shanty tccpl by a Yankee, who sells eofTee, lohaccu and a variety o f other Yankee com- I--!anJ the nd females ought o r oiigl.t not to Ije nJlcwed to sit together in the .s,ime pew at churclvia- exciting a g reat deal of cbntmversy- T.'tc Practice i f B e lling onElectior, —Judge IJuclian, in charging the grand Jury of Munroe county , N, Y- ma.'e an c’xccllGnt suggestion to wit:- “T liat that body makti a p resentment, st is as a nuisance, and call o : Ashamed lo con'- and butler from every pore, im- mistake, although 1 coidd as , I st-md mi longer ; but retaining his tilv’havc .swallow-sd an equal qnan- ^ jumped of soft soap, 1 struggled inunfu ly on « ‘‘fi^^cie. and arrived safely home list ihe mountainous heap at its base I resolving th.it, to- my la f s t it, in the In a portion of Long 1 ie.stion whelher males am ‘ . and a variety ( Ij- forts t o travelk qiie.stior St a practice so demoralizing to ihe peopic and so full ofdartger to the p iiy of our institutions. Logislalurn te pass severe lavvsagain- io demoralizing to t full ofdartgt 111 [ions, A gentleman, hearing lliat a lady o f his iicquaiiilancc wanted a servant to' take eluirgo ofa hitle girl, (about sev­ en years (i^f a g e ) recomniendcd one,- saying, ‘’She is a nvu ' I ow and has lately Inst a n only child.” Upon which lh'& child reitiaiked ; ’‘Pray, mamnitF, do net iiave iu'r because, perhaps, she may lose me t')o. The ice in tire Connecticut itiveV •broke »ip with a great freshet on Ghrisl-- my mouth 1 could wii n>y sioiiiai llOUgll K It slopping to taste ii. But icii soon brgti.i intelligibly e- inlimaie its inleniioii to admit of this nuscous stra M a u i u k u .— fri Boston, by Ri Portt r, ti itrangerbeneoth oof, if not even expelling lh.it which .(I gained an unwelcome admi.-sion. Tlie SCI ioti.stk'ss of the task J Imd un- di'riakeii, and .hi; resolution nece.-siiy e.u’cute it, had given uu eiiruestms.s id lapidity to my excriiuiis which ap- pt'li'.e cvuliinut have insj ired, whe.i my p'ali', having got soniewhai over tlu .'dge of lbII table, upon my leaning for- ivartl tilled lip, and down slid the di.s- gusiiiig mass into niy lap. i\iy haiid- liordiii f, 'iiiublr to bear so weighty a load, bent under in. its turn, and a great portion of it landed safely iiuny lwi.— The plate righted itself—as 1 raised my poison and saw as I glanced my eye a- rouml the lable tha' no one hiid'iio'iiced my disaster, I inwardly coiigraiulated niyscif fiat the nauseeus deception was so happily dirposed of. Resol ved liot to be di'itcied, 1 instantly rolled:my hand- keicliief toge her, with its reirininitig S'rcelci-, Mr, John L M argaret Fisher. V’lien statesmen speak and poet ’I’lit viltueg 01 pure vat.-r— weeks Soutlie of ihe vi let in rred a fe w >i;e of the From the New York Observer. A B E A U riF U L INCIDEN'>'. Tlie following incident occt eeks since in a village of Soutlioin counties of our slate.. It •arm Sabbath afternoon,arid thed-oors village church were thrown open in the balmy air from the fields, without. 'The congregation had assem­ bled; and while the minister was read­ ing the first him a dove entered the irew ing I him a dove entered the door iilking up the main aisl Such a visitor drew of coiin But the choir iieiciiiei toge tier, wiiii its reinuinit contents,, and whipped it into tny puck- Ive dinner table was at length deser­ ted for the drawing room, whbrb cofi’ee land liquor were sijrved round:. Mean­ time I had sought out w h a U coDsic)er°d a safe hiditig pl-icn for my hat,beheath ,a cbnir in the dining room, for I dare not Sai attention. But the choir arose to sing,he seemed stariied, and lifting him­ self on hi.i wings, alighleci tu the stove pipe above him, where he sal bending his glossy neck and turninghis head .so as to catch the harmony as it swelled through the temple of God. 'Whether it was the chorus of voices or the full toned notes of the organ t him, I ciirifiot tell; but lie picture of earnest attenik sic ceased. W aiting a moment as if to lie.ir the slrairi commence again, liestiir- ted from his perch and sailed to the top of the organ, where he furled his pinion and sat and looked on the liudience,— He is distinguished f and fervor of his inv: stood with bis hands around the Bible | ten Fa n which lay clasped before him, humbly cajitiVated the pe.rfeci T iie B ar - in R otiischilp . — Thcr Hi 'naire iia'l been overtaken in thtt street by a shower, and; no hackney coa 'i presenting itseif, sleirpcd into an innubtis which was jiassiiig. Arrived- opposite the Exchange, he made a. sign fo the conductor to stop,- aliglvtcd sign fo (he cond aii<l was xvalkiiig t-owards the temple of golf), ab.sorhcd in thefinacial dpcr,i- tionfidf the day. ‘'Stop,’’crierl the ctm- irds the lacial opcr.i ■rierl the cW paid your fare3’ ired the Baron, search in his pocket IC miforttrnafely eih- pty—a fact 'vh'ch i-.eoni annoimced.---Nc» liiinibug, fareciii-,” said the condoGtor; ‘’yon must fo-i k over, and be sliarp a- bout it loo, (hr I can’t wait hci'e all day.’’ “I ain sorry I have mi sous,but - here is niy card, and— cto!; ''yoii have not paid y \Oh! I forgot.,” ans' iintl cnnii'.l'jticcd a s which finivcd to be miforttrnafe a fact \vlrch i-.e 1 mi sot Illy card, and— Tlie < diiclor threw b.ack the card, and shortthe Bar'll i’.s apology with a icy of oaths. ’''Insolent fellow I ani- ilm B'lro’i lie iiothschild !’’ “ Oonnai-r pas—I want my six s o u s !” T h e bat,’, kcr firi niN an 1 at the same linric arinis- etl drew frnin his: po(;kel book' a coij- pon of 50,000, fraiKis govermiicnt five per cent suxk.'i, and, handing,it to his perrccut'ir drniaiuled the charge, .Iti-sf at. rlvs fiionicnf A friend cam e I'v and. gi-fiitiy to the rfilief-ofthe v i ; 8 asto! - pookt'ted, and ( 1 n m >rso. madilfci id Baroi) that if he vyas rcial- rnoney, h e , vyoulitl; with itor paid the.

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