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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, February 07, 1844, Image 4

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K inform hi>-pal runs and frieml s p ii|iuri’(l ill iMMiufacture oilher Looking,-, liiat-Si P.iiiia.t and Pictm e b'lainea-m e very variety i;t' b I j ’I o . He has in ills employ, n ofiii.iiu lidiii New York, a first rale work- in.lo make every kind of i)igo|Gitri Praiires. lie also continues the H eiise ainJ Sign; I’aintingiiUitingi Glazing,lazing, andnd Paperai H.ynging bus- G a r ess, Ordcis,promptly ex'ecuicd. A share of public pafrenage is respoet- uily solicited, ! H i ? term s aro cheaper Lansiugburgh,,AagL-8'ages', than the chesipcst .. . it, is^aS. a s 5 ! ^ £ ir approved o edit .as low with a number ^JSsndre d'oords of wood might be spared'from; the^ifarm, on ili« uVe^} mises is abpuf t,ivo,, Jiiindretl Jbearing. apple w a U r a r theT b u s e - 'a a ^ ed. Said farm inustand will lie sold, ■ ti er liavinor innirnri hie 4i»n1th. hiVfl; 4' tm o n l ' hio°i['iTah‘iia^^ oomJvarIcUes® th o r n Qar'lls Whileliall, T.oj;anrf ja^idPrivet kng.ish . n eet briar f o r t i ^ t r t t 'r n V ; ^ ; ‘‘ nTa^ Apply t o d O S E P H ^ L ^ L ^ <>r Any d : l r » o S ^ or to STEPHEN iiOlJTON, , . Troynd a Albany to New York, Bosteh,^ Cbiigressand th ird St, Troy. <=\. have them Plniadelphla, and any piaoe on -heW eiteria , icr, and at •' A, » P’tiiAtrici ed. Said farm inustan d w ill lie sold, the.ow-' I,nI,» i...,dfbr Thirty_ dpllars per .acreV' '■’•jirsiiS\ f I - ..lisfls W O S J E O B . ■ PECK. ^ ^tate Agncoltnraf l i S S ' - ereai!> o f Tartar ■ i # ” VU.l„FUl..n tlie efle,cfs°of oalotne-i -'on the leetli [ and restoring ihom to perfect,; M K S f i L S ; hiive opeufd:* a Also by different persons ,t!irpugli6ut fi'“ '®y Wi a all times keep a fiilhand entire HiEW OODS. Braziletto t aniwood e«i!> of T ar fustic, t uba s s j s t f i L * » , r s . £s ot Burgiuiiont Fustic, Cartiiagena «5 £s of Lemon Maritabo Flo Camomile Logwood Gamp’e Gnseng Logwood St Uom Gum Arabic juogwood 11 end’s ! S.“ S U e . JSSSSji’t t l . ■ Gum Copal, scraped Nicaraugua, Core ' Gum Benjamin Nicaraugua, Hatch f Gum Senegal Nicaraugua, Lima ...ffi; nu]irT i® T r ^ H . LAR'JOM informs h is friends an i \ M » the public generally., th a t he is now preservation. Pnrticuiar attention paid to cleansing and filling carious Teeth with gold, thereby arsesting the progress o t decay, am ; rendering Them useful lor many years.— i Mineial T eeth inaerted u,-on the most reas- ! enable terms. All operations both in filling ; and inserting Teeth, warranted to give com- Balm of Columbia iMadder French l)o do dry never try it. Kemember this always. Och:eyellow, dry Ochre ground in < Cultivator, a “i s : , ' . S ' y Y j Z . ' 0 1 N £ R . S ' S l i C S S C H s s S g,rpose keeping on hand a general assorfe •J5.> ifo n n BOOKS AND STATIONER Y, ticnubi’ic <ren- comprising a great variety otJhbies, .. .igrcss-K t., lie would r ^ i r i i thanks to the cilizei lliia village aiiil vicinity,fur the liberal; ___ roiiago they ilfave heretofore extended to him, and liojpjjby a strict Evtlentionlo-busi- ness, and apyoinpt execution of work on- A'.i assortmenl of SrATiovanY Letter and Toplsonp paper, a great variety of qualities; ehamkd and embossed cards, tcc. ^^Vilha general assortment ' a practjciil b uilior, be doubts n o t his,ability Ao e.xociiie all Jobs in a\sCy!e satisfactory to the employer,,'and in a superior workm an­ like m a n n e r .: A share nr public palroimEO is solicited. J J e ip a!so.a and u ill luniish (lesi ons, aiul d:afi plans o building.'f, fpSsucii a s may desiro liis £(i*vi- L a n s ingbu^li, A iS I ilieciiizpi le.ilberal palroi ngn bestowed tip-' on him baroUi.^ofe, and tondeislo all gbii- llonien who iririWavor him wiiii a calljlhc assurance thatlTO pfforis eiinll no Wanting op his port to gwe.lhcin satislaci ion. ^N. II. PaU ic^ftr iitlcnlion will be paid cutting anil dreein g hair, in the best ai Also, R a z o rs put in compli lo'^rder. .Tiini', 18dS',‘. ; Troy Agricultural W A R E - H O U S E , At 437 River-Street (Nearly opposite the Northern Hotel. r^tONSTANTLY supplied w ith alldesc'rip- v_/' tions of approved farming implements and machines at prices to suit the times.— Among wliic i a re, Minor & Horton’s celebrated Pre­ mium Plows ; l-ivingsloHCounty Plows ; inclarr.T County Plows ; Starbuck's. &c »&c. gsf.s'i/.ihai\' Drill Barrows, Hedge Sheep Shears, Horse & ITand Ralios,Manure k iJay ForJes, Fanning: Mills, Steel and Iron Siiovels Churns, and Sjiades, Cheese Pre.Tses, Spinning VVheoJs, Com iSheJiers) Cheese iV Wash Tid s, Ro'tt Cutlers, Pads, Straw Cutters, Pine CednrWare, Cradles an*i Scythes, 6^'c. Al&o., a fresh and choice a&sor Imciit ot Garden Seeds, by the pound or iu srnalleb :quun titles. HBNRY WARREN, 4‘37 River^st, H E l V n y W A K I 5 E A ’, Manufacturer of Miner’s Palei Pumps, for wells and cisterns— quality iiiiproved and p>ices Sacktle, Haraess k d rruak Masei’, 004 s t a t r I I t r e e I ’, LANSlNGBi),R-GH, The immense number < f these Pumps in US&, and the uni cciebrity which they have obtained where they are best known, arc now d emed suflicacut reference. ICr As a caution ;jn regard to similar kinds of Pumps in clrcufalion which Jiave h o t ihy label upon Ihein, tiiepipe and wooden parts of which being made of VVhilewoodp^r. 1 »> ■ ¥ f l t ■] Vkeabjvke ariicb?, in ' M anufactures all ik e a teke ariidf?, in (lie most fashiohabie strife,anfftiurau’ic maniior; all of which he oflefs to tlie .-.public on Uio mosk rcasbnabTer^tcrmsj for Caih. lJu is determined th a t « ! s work sliall not be sfif- passeil bv any E S ^ blishm entin this - f e t : M p S ! S £ S - “ ' Harness,'8tt. &c., fCarnageTrim i) „ W ilitoty-EguipagiylnBde to. order, also're­ pairing done a t sboftest notice, AII o rders promptly atttfntled to, and thankfully rcceiv- E^nsingburghj AligOst 10, T843, L . H a n s o m . B a r b e r A N H H A IR D liH H b E R , At his new Shop, near the Lansiiig- burgh Book Store, would be happy to receive tire calls of his numerous friends. Razors put in eomplcle order. t'.;- companv us |(.1I< iavp : up'on all premium ^'Jlef in To e’e mi i I ip TUiiiay of August ifidii. ho BU '1 of one : c.r tentiupoii ail notefciii force 111 Mieiiu ou) oi Jti.ic }c4bj ivvo pt rce.Jii; upo:. n.jfes in iofcoon the tlth day of July lh4:i; iwoper c env upon i.)I iioie.s ui forci ----- *'*- t^nd day of July •i.l notes Jij lufce 1*^13, one per fcui. Such aBsesrnen I p aro reqt tlia ofneo of tshoc(AnpUny, ?^8th day otCctober next. one p' r cent; aiid upon he 1st day|ol Wepteirtber to b« paid a r before the By order of ihebireplom . M. L. I'H j LEY, Senroli<ry. Job rriming cxecnicd at llilfe office. Onondag.T ( Wrigin’.s S red i’ced deluK]ueiits and deficiencies in the said teg- imelil, to consist of three members, viz : Capt. Ijfiwis Derrick, as President ibcreof, Etisiun Abraham Biilson, and Ensign *.Vm. ‘^ ') ? r a c : n n ': ; ^ n o : , n v e n o o n eiithday of Oclulier next at the house of John Lamb, in the town and village o fLar- singbiirgh, a t 1 o’clock, P. M .and adjoin from time to tim e and place as shall becon: W hite P in ' e , HEART-sTUPf, tree from pa and b^jing boiled imd well Battirated in a r einous cdinposUiou, is warrsnied iu every j e - l d K s t a 1 > l isli« d P a s s s t g c J ^ r a c E . For Odhin, second Cabin, and Steerage Passengers, from Qreat Britain and ireluVj- No. 6 i f-oulh Street, NeW yorh. rV ^ H Ei subscriber com JL tihues to make em gagements in; this city for 1 assages from 'Liverpool, .W4es, wliom tlieir friends in this country may wish- send for The\ ships comprisiof This line ..ail e v ery‘week, they are all of first -elaf, give'n by llioin to promote tlie oomlort of ( ho r s n h e Directors l.av-e dceiaieU an assess- PASSAGE can be guaranteed. The fare JB merit upon ihe piemiuni notes held by from Eiverpool to New Y drais fiow conside :ianv us T o II oavp : up'on al! premium rably reduced. Drafts to any amount to a s. rably reduced. Drafts to any amount to a s. sist .11 preparing for the voyage, are given at this office, pa,able tliroughout the United Kingdom. Applications from persons resl i.o the cruntry, (postpaid,) will be Ck'lolNcSM^^nM^’b ^ X ^ n S joiial Je tei firm wilt be liquidated by the undosiitgned, ei South si., one door eftst of >V»11 st., '^Tu'ho IB-I” o“.' Ehildrenmake it grow rapidly, or on those who have lost the hair from any cause. A h Sp Brown ter\ i S z l K ' Nufgalls, Blue Alep oil Pepp“enifint Venitian i Opium 'i'urkey Vermillion .rsaparilla Hond Cha’k luni,( irsapearilaVniz Cliulk, rubbish X s A S M I S l W C S S Positively cured, and a ll shrivelled muscles :Srthe\lndirTe?e7a^b.i\E‘llx^^^ andBone L in im e n t- b u tn e v e r w ithout Ihe. ofComstock J-Co. on it. Boardmaii & Gray’s P ia n o F o r te s . '■ I ''t l 12 a ttention of the public is respect- X fully call. d to the following le'lcr f.-om Hut distinguished vocalist, Air. Henry Rus sell, wlio has recently returned from Burjpe whioli with a nuinffer o flei rharacter received from other celebrated vo- lalisls and pianists, show conclusively, in one of pianos made in this and other cou; ries, the Grand Action Piano Forte, manufactured by ourselves, in the langua; one decidedly better for sustainiiig lli • roice,” Manufactured ' b o a ROMAN J- GRAY, I (i North Pearl, st. Albany ite g i m e n U i l O r tlers, Brunswick, May SOth, 1843. W N pursuance of the power vested in me by Chaplet 10, of the 1st Part of the Revised Statutes of this Slate, I George f C l i e i i m a t i s i u a n d a l l ..03 2 Riyer-st. June[1843. ________________________ June[1843. DEBiTI5§(r. K - . s . . s © » o o a i » i A k i E » ' siaiitk 11'll., f t , Rooms No. II F o u r th 'S ire c f , iieaily u services- The best incorruptible; pearanoe to be :p .-rlectiy natural. Also: ciccayetl portions remov'ed from de­ cayed teeth arid tln-ir cavities filled with gold or fin which will prevent further de­ cay through life. Thereputation for dfnial skill which llic Buhscriter sustains in this city, renders it u n . necessary for him to say that every operition will be perlormed in the most satisfactory N. B; Terms reasonable and all operations warranted. Troy, June, 1843. are wholly prevented, or governed if the a t ­ tack has come on, if you use the only true H a y ’s Liniment,from Gomsiook 4-Co- All sores and every thiiigri-ievedby it that ad­ mits of an outward application, it acts like a charm. Use it. Horses that have M l n s h o n e , S p a v i n ^ a n d W indgalls, e n tirely cured b y Root’s Speci. fic; and Foundered horses entirely cured by Roots* Founder O intment. Mar this al Bailey’s M agical SALV E.—The most extraordinary remedy forr allll newew orr old Biir-siir-s andnd ■ever invented fo a n o old B a ! ^ h t t t h o u ^ T d r ' l t Old a l? t l in ten minutes, ana no failure. It will cure Lin’s spread plasters A better and more nice and useful article made. Ail should wear them ever \vn<3 i: sgularly. Lin’s temperance ■ .11 others for cleansing the system an d ih e h u fill' State of Now Yi.rtf, dt, iicroiiy it a Court Martial for the Irialof all uonts and deficiencies in the said teg- 2ii-id ReginiMH. T l ' P E Reduced Prices. Slates Tviieaml Stereotype Foumiry, corner of Nassau an*’ Ann streets, New York, can be had a t T wenty I' eu ce :: t , keouition from Old prices. The undersigned respeclbilly inform Patrons of the Type and Stereotype Foun- , formerly known a s diimes Conners, and 2 rocQiilly as Conner an public in,genera', that the; execute Orders for t-'rames ink. and every other arti. le iiccessa- NEW PRICES, prr pound. oi n i-mi ^ ^ ^ r e i l MiniCn 54 do Minion llrevier do Jlrevier liourgeois 40 ■ :s per pound. 108 cents ■ • ■■ artioles .iiaiiuraHured at^^the' same reduced p to order on being lur- be^Sepeiided^ upon. -Tefeous who for their ffiends, may lely that every atleiiliori will be given by Ihoin to promote tlie o.jmtort of (bo Ne ,v articles got up I iiislied with patterns. The typo cast a t this f in the style of Pace and itJfifeade, parlieiilafly ndii] vioetfi; Newspaper Printing. All kinds orStereoiiping JAM E S CONNER & SON. N. B. Such Newspapers as will copy the, above three times, will be cniitled to,pay in Type, on making a bill of four times the a- mount of'tlie three inserlir-- Chestnut Posts- [ A A c h e s t n u t eOSTS from f ubs'cHFer, No, Lansingburgh, May 30. J843. Ju s tice s 81(1)1^9 f o r sai'e a t thiaoffiae, thus'F] Doctor O. C. Lin. w effectually cure sick iieadache, either ffnithe Nerves or Billious. Hundreds o o iiesare using it with great joy. D r . h i i ’s E l i x i i ’jOt* H e a d i tennination to the surface. Colds, Coug pains in the bones, hoarseness, and Droi'sy iie quickly cured by it. Know tins by trv c'oi-na»—The French Plaster is India Hair Dye Colours the hair any shade you wisli, bu* (vili n o t color the skin a f s a p a r i l l a „ Comstock's Compound Exlrnct- There n otlier prepa-ation o f Sarsaparilla tliatci xccod or equal this. Ifjou are si toek's. you will find it super; s. I t does no trequire pulling Q. | ! ujciint, 103 R h e tX 'T r o ^ 1 B U m S ye & Hoyle, Chainplain ,t /. Durham, ^ do. Point.. The undersigned respeotiully solirtit a eoit^ iRuince of past lavcr.s, and pledge them- le'verta.do all business entrusted to them J-.N, F a r e ffieduced. b S iF r n n t ti U l t B o o k J 3 ii iu e i 0 . 216 River-st., Troy. Over the FranM in Book S tore-Young N - w YoTh a n d . B o n t r ^ l ^ ^ o a t - and H a r t’s, ^form e rly Z . C h irk’s.) L ine. ■ C u t, Slice Axle him,him, foror thehe lastast fouloul years,ears, respeclfuilyespeclliiily in-- f t l f y r in forms the citizens o f Lansingburgh auu its ’•'-''lityvicinity ,, tlHithe-Hsthe- remains-emains- att thh ee tl r a t eld a well kiiowR.sland, and would inform t l i t , . wlio are subscribers to Graham’s Magazine. L.-idy-s Book, Lady’s Coinp.,nion, Parlour Ooiiipaiiiqn, or any other of the popular periodicals o f Ihe day, that they can have them done up in various .stjlgs oflnridiiig, and a t prices to suit tlie times. Music Books bound m appropriate style o f binding. Scrap Books and Herbariums made short notice to order. Blank Books in general use kept Constant­ ly on hand or manufactured to order and K H r o “;i\ e ;.Y o ? k ^ Gentlemen.’s Libraries NEW VOLUME Oh’ G O O D E Y ’S L A D Y S BO O K , , 1H43. To commence with July, Original Paintings by the first .Mas iers of the Art—Original Des signs—Originaligns—Original Matter s . We offer as follows:— 1 copy Laiiyftifiaok and 1 ntre-tableOi ....................... n it: ll: intre-tabli the kina th a t lias ever origrnated in U hl country and, of course came from the office oftlie Lady’s Book, fioni whence all other designs and ideas were '.pied. We luve now - r hand ten original P a int­ ings, by tlie m o st celebrated artists of the T d d ross, L. A. GODEY, Publisher’s Hall, Pliiladelpnia. ■ra, £'H;i It is the lirst of ■ \ON Steamboat ■■ inlermediatfi pkeos, Hattudayr- MRvfiOtb, a f ...... at Ihe same .time. Until f.itli.ei n.,t;oe Crthin, to Burlington, tJ 50 E n g ] H>T*^^»ll'^'Pad--'and provided with l-'r..n - ^ Mo-al the b ot, unless otherwise agreed insured at very loiv rales. For ireiglit or pissape, having linndsc cor. ol River .and State sts ,.TK>y. hall days, and no F?SK,.,ri;i.“k. ,:ind Itarilan t'ana' — __ iTlirongli in tw » and a- t anshipm-'\' ’mo n bb oo ta i o n S f c m l L ,ine. One oftlie stoaniers of lliis Line will leave- >r Philadelpliia twice a week until further s d s S e i i i i l S i per-w ill t ; - Hi^fn'aavifficagir'by 1 ping by this rou le, ns it is'.he cheapest most e.vpcditioiis node of transportation ever' ofT.-red to tlie public. T c ’ S Packe* .tgencies E . i a - I S Friiiteis’ & Binders L c s c c i j o u s c . Nos. 20 ami 31 GOLD Street New York. ’ rrinting I’ress Maciuno iiiul _B. A a n i'lactory, inconsequence ol tlie aiitliiion of new and improved luucltinury cto:Tiieir work,, and the reduction in the cost others. I t does no trequire I>r. Lin’s ^ elestia) 0 f C ' l i m A po-I'.ivc-cim-for t i l l - ) . . i i a m i all v.v lermil .-.ditu's—\M inli'!i;.il ir\il:iiie».u ■ ;to the surlai i-by irn lion wilh tliis Haim so in coughs, sVvilL dor sf.ie liiroal, Ugli ness o i l lie chest, tins Balin applied or rtaiinel will relieve and cure at once. Fresli wound! or old sores are rajiidly cun ^ D v . M a v i l i a i a i u t U j ’ si E x p O tlo r n tU , Will prevent or cure all ingipieril consumi: tinii, Cough*! and Colds taken in lime, am is a dvlighifui remedy. Remember Ihe nain latiJ get* fyoinstocii’s. li oIInius l o c k ’s V e r n i i l tig'c iiy Comstock & Co*.^, New Yoir'lt. T o o th Drops. K L INE’S—cure effec- Entcred according to act of Congress inth< year 184-J, by Corastock & Co , in tlit Clerk’^ office of tlie southern district t to winch they' beg leave to refer. This tslalilislmienl is under the ne-sonal superinlendciict olR iehardM . Hoe lind Rob­ ert lion, and they assure tlipir Iriends and t IP public generaliy that iiotivilbsl.-uidiiig the o r . I ri'iluclioii in prices, all art clos imiiiii 1.1111.roil by tins “siaoltslimont .shill l..iu tl;'- liigli u p iiavw;> wine;: tliey have ...ii.o...t.. «,...iuiii..o. 1.1 iv.ifi also he tlu-ir constant endeavor to inm -ove the qii.-iliiy ol llu-in in ever p.irlioiiiu T iny fiat ter them- selves, also, that vlie r ild Irienos .vUl not o 'I j continue their tavr is. bul that I’riniers’ generally will appiocia e their endeavors to iurmsli the very b e s tar,ides at barely remu- Orders iron any pat t of the country for all articles used by Printers or Bindfer.s, intlu- d n .g’rypo, Ink, Pape-, &c. will be executed with the greatest care and promptitude, and on the liesltcrins. Jobbing work and jopairing will he done at the lowesl possible pri. ea, -with every at- tentionand expedition. N. B All articles manufactured by this lablishnieht will he stamped IL HOE &, so that person s from abroad may not be ipbsed upon with spurious articles, made imitation if theirs. Prin ters of newspapers who will publish this tinvertiseinent vith this note, three times before the 1st o f July next, and send rno oftheir papers to us, ivillbe entitled to the payment ol their bill on buying four times tlie amount. ibelieve them. iie sure yoii call for our articles, onU nc I pu* off with any aioriQB^ th a t othersur$ I good. Have these or none, should e your motto—and these never can be true d (genuine without our names to them. All these articles to be had wholesale and retail SCliOOL BOOKS, School Rew.'irtis, 'Toy Books and otlier arti- e'es pertaining to Schools. From an experi­ ence o f several years in the i~ ’ ‘ ‘ ing, we oan supply goodd in our line a t whole- sale^or retail as loWas can be bought m a onH o f ud E. R u PARMELEE t^l’nggietfLanflingburgh. Con»t«U|e’s Blank)! for sale her A Genera] assortment of Blanks on •3 halM at this office. •\iv lorwarti proinpUy lo*\ p;::ffi:;i.ce. lirMol, Ner'wicli, :sx ; . ’jrar\\'”'\ Richmond, oi any oilier place, as direct- fiT S I’ S, i Newport, New Ltn( alto receive ooiisigmiier.ts ofar c • any port upau the Cciials or Lakes, S i s ' Ihe T rustees of t he village ol L a n - .linghurgli for the lit teetion and t-oiivictiiiii, (if the incendiary who enubed the fire in this villa-.'C- on the nijrht o f '.bo.ad o f June i iist. “joriN b'!^-’'^AKfirpie6ideiit. WiiTini- Ciiipmaii, Gierk. Laiimiigbiicgb. .bine 5, ir \ XANffiNGBURGFI ACADEMY. ’ |1 'H E .Suuimcr iierni oi'Uii;,- liistiun'orn Gnmi'o'''?:::'?'’' msistant'TeaC' M-iy Mr D. T. Gi-inno'i--engaged as- ossistant'reaciier m the Jlalu Depuiiment' The patronage of the public is renewedly The patronage of the public aiid respectfully snlicited. Lahsihg burgh, Me “t. 1334 ^ H I S d a j m g\iSi’T£ a i . SSSlIr C . K 11::- \ f . U l S ' o . v . V . d . I :: \'*■’*” f :: AS'\ J v. s::L. 12 dozen Cloth and Velvet G»p», aasorlfld N. B. All o f the above have bees cafefVilly ~ 'oted and putcliased, so that they cannot a s s i s t I _____ B.

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